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Mohali school gets power after 12 years
Kulwinder Sangha
Our Correspondent

Mohali, September 17
It was a red letter day for Government Elementary School in Phase V here when it was provided with a power connection after 12 years and that, too, after private bodies pooled in to collect donations for improving facilities at the institution.

It is a case of shocking indifference of the Education Department authorities to the plight of tiny tots studying in a school located not far away from the Punjab Civil Secretariat in Chandigarh.

The power connection was inaugurated here today by Dr Naresh Kumar, Vice-President, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., who was the chief guest at the function.

Mr Albel Singh Shyan, one of the organisers of the function, said the power connection for the building could be got with the help of Dr Naresh Kumar. Twelve fans had also been donated to the school, apart from getting the building whitewashed and doors and windows painted. Mr S.K. Behal, Liasion Manager, Ranbaxy, was the special guest on the occasion.

Mr Shyan said the Municipal Council had also approved a budget of Rs 1.19 lakh for giving a facelift to the building, which was in a state of neglect.

Mr Shyan said the school, which was started on May 18, 1992, had the post of five teachers. But at present only two teachers were running the school and out of which one remained busy with administrative work most of the time. He demanded that the remaining three teachers should be posted back to the school.

Woolen jerseys were donated to the students by Mr Sikandar Singh and saplings were also planted on the occasion.



PUSU makes a show of strength
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
It was an enthusiastic crowd of activists of the Panjab University Students Union (PUSU) that painted the campus red here today. It was their first rally after the election date for the Panjab University Campus Students Council (PUCSC) was announced.

After assessing the strength in the rallies organised by rival organisations, PUSU, through its impressive rally today, tried to drive home the point that it had the largest support base on the campus.

With red stickers on T-shirts and all over the cars and two-wheelers, the meandering cavalcade passed through the various blocks twice over.

The jeeps and cars were over-loaded with more and more activists wanting to get in for a round of the campus. With honking cars, revved-up bikes, sprightly youngsters and banners, the rally, which lasted for nearly two hours, was followed by a posse of cops. Gate No. I was closed till the rally went around the campus.

The presidential candidate of PUSU, Rajwinder Singh Lucky, flanked by supporters raising slogans, stood waving out to students in a jeep and appealed for votes with folded hands. Unmindful of the heat, those around him raised slogans to keep the enthusiasm level up.

He said that the alliance between SOPU, HAS, HPSU and the NSUI was only an arrangement of convenience. “They themselves have admitted that their agenda is to wipe out PUSU. If that is the case, how are they going to serve the interests of the students?” he asked.

Meanwhile, all students’ organisations have put up their tents at various places on the campus, most of them concentrated around Gate No. 1. Campaigning is in full swing with emphasis on personal contact.

While the departments were the focus of today’s campaigning, over the next two days, PUSU, SOPU and the ABVP will hold meetings in hostels and adopt a similar approach for campaigning.



HSA splits
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The Haryana Students’ Association (HSA) split on the issue of extending support to the Students Organisation of Panjab University(SOPU) here today. Addressing a press conference, the group led by the chairman, Dharmender Balhara, said that Vikas Rathee, the candidate for the post of general secretary in the SOPU-HSA-HPSA-NSUI alliance, had defected from the party for personal gains. 

He claimed that Vikas Rathee and the founder chairman of HSA, Chand Singh Madan, were no longer a part of HSA since they had extended support to SOPU, their main opposition party.

“We have almost all office-bearers of HSA with us while those two have no support from the activists as well. Rathee didn’t even bother to consult us on the alliance and no party meeting was held before the decision was taken. To counter them, our party secretary, Parvesh, will oppose Rathee in the election. We will field our candidate only for the post of General Secretary while extending support to a like-minded party for other seats,” he stated. The president of Panjab University Students’ Association (PUSA), Pradeep Rarh, has extended support to this faction of HSA

Meanwhile, Madan emphasized that Balhara was not even a student of university. “He has no business to interfere in party matters. They are the defectors and must accept that. If they have so much support from the students, why don’t they float their own organization,” he challenged.



College poll on September 24
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The direct elections to the students council in city colleges would be held on September 24. A communication in this regard was today forwarded to the principals of the colleges. The Dean, Students Welfare, Panjab University, today forwarded a letter of the UT Home Secretary announcing the date of holding the direct elections.

A set of guidelines to conduct the elections has also been forwarded by the DSW to the college principals. Help of the police authorities would be sought in maintaining law and order said principals of different colleges. In some colleges, the alliances between different students bodies were being finalised.Back


Material for Senate poll dispatched
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
Election material for the graduate constituency of the Senate, Panjab University, was dispatched by the authorities, here today. The 1200-strong staff, assigned outstation duties, too, left by special buses arranged by the university. The students visiting the various branches with queries and problems were turned away since the staff concerned was not available to attend to them. The branches wore a deserted look, the offices were devoid of the usual hustle and bustle.

Work in various branches suffered with most of the staff leaving in the morning while the remaining staff was sent by afternoon. The elections of the graduate constituency are to be held on September 19. While the staff on out-station duty would join work a day later, they would be “off work” once the counting of votes begins at 4 pm on September 21. This would mean that staff would be busy with elections till the final results are out on September 25.

Earlier in the day, while the bus going to Delhi left as per schedule, staff on duty in Punjab had to cool its heels in the scorching sun with the election material since the bus could not be arranged on time. Though they were scheduled to leave before noon, they left late in the afternoon.

“The university has not arranged a bus for us. They are still in the process of putting one at our disposal. The authorities were fully aware that the material and staff were to go today. Why didn’t they arrange for the same on time? This amount to mismanagement,” an employee said. 



Parties’ pockets, freshers’ fun
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Illustration by Sandeep Joshi Chandigarh, September 17
It’s election time at Panjab University and the freshers are having a ball. The cynosure of all eyes, they are being courted by students’ organisations, which are going all out to woo them and impress them. Whether it is through movies, outings or parties, these freshers are king as evening descends, even though the mornings belong to the day scholars.

While all organisations make a beeline for hostels as the sun sets, Hostel No. 7 has a special place on the itinerary of presidential candidates. This is one hostel, packed to capacity, housing only new comers on the campus, and they are the obvious choice of the students’ organisations. Be it the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the Students’ Organisation of Panjab university (SOPU) or the Panjab University Students’ Union (PUSU), they all agree that this chunk of voters will decide their fate. It is this belief that prompts them to pamper these youngsters in more ways than one.

Be it parties at Kaimbwala, where liquor flows freely, or a subtler approach of attracting the freshers by organising an outing or taking them to movies, the mission is to reach the PUCSU chair by hook or by crook. And, the freshers are making hay while the election sun is shining, basking in the glory of their new-found status.

Each party claims to have made an impression on these young minds by taking up their causes. Every group maintains that the votes from Hostel No. 7 are theirs, not because they have been lured by offers, but because of their “work” on student-related issues over the months. To put their stamp on “their voters” in the hostel, the organisations have already launched a sticker war, painting the doors in red, green and orange.

The ABVP candidate, formerly president of PUSU (Shellay), took them out for movies on a couple of occasions to establish a rapport. Recently, under the ABVP banner, he organised a dharna to protest against the lack of facilities in the hostel to show he cared in spite of having his hands being full with planning campaigning strategies.

PUSU, too, has in the past few days visited this hostel over and over, holding meetings. “This hostel is the residence of students of the University Institute of Engineering and Technology and of the five-year law course. Most of the UIET students are influenced by their seniors,” says Mohit Sareen.

“We wield tremendous influence with the seniors and keep taking up their problems with the authorities. For this, their votes are ours,” he adds.

SOPU, too, has been “targeting” these hostellers and giving them special treatment. Ranjit Singh Raju, president, however, is quick to add, “They will vote us to the PUCSC because we have been by their side ever since they reached the campus. Also, we are laying special emphasis on this particular hostel because seniors already have their loyalties defined. It is the lot of fresh faces that will make the difference in the final count,” he asserts.



CBI search at CTU Directorate
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
A CBI team today carried out searches in the Directorate of the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) in the Industrial Area and Depot Number 3 in Daddu Majra.

The searches continued till late in the evening. The CBI team was led by DSP Karnail Singh. Till the last information came, the CBI team had not been able to find any clinching evidence to confirm that there was any misappropriation or evasion of tax.

The CBI team also reportedly went the Depot Number 3 of the CTU in Daddu Majra.

The complainant had told the CBI that certain persons in the CTU were not depositing stamp duty needed on bonds deposited with the CTU. The complainant had alleged that suspected elements were only depositing a part of the stamp duty with the exchequer and were pocketing rest of it.



Teacher booked, transferred
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
To save itself embarrassment, the UT Education department has transferred a math lecturer from Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 37, to Government Model Senior secondary School, Sector 23.

The father of a girl student in the Sector 37 school in a complaint had alleged that the teacher, Mr Vijay Kumar, had “misbehaved” with his daughter and spoken of “irrelevant” things. In a complaint to the Education Secretary about a month ago, he had alleged that the department had failed to take action against the teacher.

The teacher was transferred yesterday after the Chandigarh Police registered a case under Section 354 of the IPC for “intending to outrage modesty of a woman”.

Earlier, a departmental inquiry had been marked. Two principals were appointed to inquire into the matter. The Principal of the Sector 37 school, Ms Suman Sharma, had also submitted her inquiry report to the department. But the teacher was transferred only yesterday, after the police registered a case against him.

The father of the girl had lodged a complaint with the police. A police official at Sector 39 police station said that the teacher would soon be arrested. 



Nanotechnology centre at CSIO soon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
A process has been set in motion to put Chandigarh-based Central Scientific Research Organisation (CSIO) on the world map of nanotechnology, covering a new frontier of science dealing with virtually every aspect of human life.

Although a formal approval is yet to come through, there are enough indications that the Government of India has given the green signal to the establishment of a world-class nanotechnology centre at the CSIO complex.

according to Dr R. P. Bajpai, Director of the CSIO:"I am happy to say that we have the full support of the Union Minister of State for Science and Technology, Mr Kapil Sibal, who incidentally was brought up and education in Chandigarh.

" Initially, we have asked for a sum of Rs 50 crore," said Mr Bajpai in an interview here today.

The site for the proposed centre has been selected. "It will be right next to the main building of the CSIO. It will be either pentagonal or circular in design and equipped with the latest research facilities in the field of nanotechnology", he says.

Tthe CSIO has already achieved many a breakthroughs in the field of nanotechnology for which international patents have also been filed.

The CSIO is broadly working in four areas , DNAnano wire (electronic components, processors, sensors and actuators, understanding life processes at the molecular level), bioMEMS (micro-analytical kits for clinical, environmental, defence, security, food industry applications), biomolecular motors (molecular electronic switches and targeted drug delivery systems ), nanotube (targeted drug delivery and biosensors) and stem cell.

These devices will find applications in electronics, life sciences, medicine, space, defence, bio-warfare and security. Thus, development of technology based on DNA, Bio-MEMS, molecular motors and carbon nanotube is of immense importance, says Dr Bajpai.

He points out that the technological revolution during the last half century was dominated and driven by unprecedented progress and growth in semiconductor devices.

The semiconductor devices are approaching their limit in terms of miniaturisation and performance. Thus, it is obvious to look for entirely new concepts for developing miniaturised devices with higher precision, performance and reliability through nanotechnology.

The nanotechnology has thrown unlimited opportunities for development of nano and molecular devices and in the past few years tremendous efforts have been made by developed countries towards commercial realisation of nano-science and nanotechnology.

The self-assembly processes in biological systems are well-established and has been perfected by nature in millions of years.

Interest in self-assembly biological processes for engineering applications is of recent interest and there are few groups in the world working in this area.

Fabricating or synthesising working nano or molecular devices using the biological self-assembly process is also challenging because it is difficult to predict in which way the self-assembly process will proceed.

This is due to extremely high sensitivity of these self-assembly processes to environmental and experimental conditions. Thus, the best way is to directly utilise a large number of molecular devices working in the living systems for engineering applications by interface with non-biological materials and devices.

These hybrid devices will have higher performance and perfection as molecular devices. At the same time, these molecular devices can be isolated from the living system or synthesised in simple molecular biology laboratory without large investments required for the semiconductor industry.

The CSIO's research strategy is to use life processes and materials perfected by nature for bio-engineering to develop devices which can improve the quality of human life.

The group is taking the multi-disciplinary integrated approach to various projects to understand physical and biological processes at the molecular level for designing devices out of DNA as a nanowire, Bio-MEMS for disease diagnosis, biomolecular motors for high-speed,high-density electronic switching & targeted drug delivery.



Max Mueller Bhavan to take German to smaller cities
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The German Embassy in India is planning to launch a concerted campaign to improve the prospects of German in the provinces across India.

Concerned with the meagre enrollment of students in the MA German course being offered by universities, the authorities at Max Mueller Bhavan, Delhi, are looking for collaborations to establish German as a preferred foreign language in major cities, besides metros.

For a start, the German Embassy is focusing on Chandigarh which has a growing demand for the language but not enough infrastructural support to sustain it.

On an official visit to the city today, Mr Eberhard Weller, Head of the Languages Department, South Asia, and Deputy Director, Max Mueller Bhavan, said the German cultural organisation was keen on building capacities insofar as the language was concerned.

"It is strange to learn that although German was established in the Indian universities several years ago, there are just 120 students pursuing MA in German.By contras, we have 10,000 students at Max Mueller Bhavan in Delhi. Recently it was decided that IT students pursuing a certificate course at Max Mueller Bhavan would get 50 % refund on their course fee," he informed.

He xpressed concern that the MA German course at Panjab University, Chandigarh, had just four students against .

The focus is ,thus, on building capacities at the institutional level. Citing the example of Alliance Francaise in Chandigarh which gets 2,500 students annually, Mr Weller said that institutions catered better to the needs of students looking for empowerment in a foreign language.

"Whereas the universities lay emphasis on the literature of foreign languages, institutions teach the functional aspects of the same. Their focus is on building the language as an effective tool for communication. That explains heavy enrollment in institutions like Max Mueller Bhavan and Alliance Francaise, vis-à-vis universities," he said.

In fact, Max Mueller Bhavan was open to collaboration with Alliance Francaise in Chandigarh where German was being taught over the weekends for the past five years. Mr Weller explained.

"We have never competed with French. We believe that as India goes global, the demand for all European languages will further increase. There is a great demand for foreign language professionals in outsourcing units across India. That is why we are moving out of metros and focusing on provinces."

The shortage of trained teachers continues to be the greatest problem . Mr Weller said Max Mueller Bhavan was planning to intensify capacity-building measures like workshops and seminars to make up for the shortfall of teachers.

"knowledge of English alone is not enough these days. Each European language is emerging powerfully in the global scenario," said Mr Weller, who will visit Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, to see how the language can be strengthened there.



Controversy on red lights may end soon
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The controversy generated by orders directing over 150 top cops and bureaucrats to remove beacon lights from atop their vehicles — in accordance with a Punjab Government notification — may soon die down. A meeting for discussing the issue is likely to be held soon.

The sources in Punjab Government say that the meeting is likely to be held within a week or so between Punjab Chief Secretary, Additional Director-General of Police — in charge of security — and Principal Secretary (Transport).

The issuance of a fresh notification regarding the use of red lights, in accordance with the directions earlier issued by the Punjab and Haryana High Court, is expected to be discussed by the officers.

The sources add that the meeting is being arranged in the light of directions issued by Mr Justice Swatanter Kumar of the High Court. Taking up the traffic regulation and pollution control case, Mr Justice Kumar on Wednesday had asked authorities belonging to Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh to allow only official vehicles of designated authorities to affix red lights.

The notification had come under severe criticism as it had “left out” certain categories of high-ranking police officers, besides senior bureaucrats. Even the ADGPs were not authorised to use the blinkers.

Taking a serious view of the issue, senior Punjab Police officers had reportedly recommended amendments in the notification to include ADGPs in the list of eligible officers. 



Top award for IMTECH Deputy Director
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) has added another feather to its cap with the Deputy Director, Dr Girish Sahni, bagging the prestigious Raxbaxy Research Award for the year 2003 in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Dr Sahni has been awarded for his pioneer research leading to the development of innovative clot-buster drugs, which has brought heart attack treatment within the reach of the common man.

An IMTECH team had developed the recombinant version of commonly used clot-buster drug streptokinase, which is being marketed by Chennai-based company Shasun India Drugs and Chemicals.

He shares the award with Dr Bansi Lal, president and Head of Research, Quest Institute of Life Sciences, Nicholas Piramal India Limited, Mumbai.

The award will be presented by the President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, at New Delhi on October 8.

When contacted, Dr Sahni attributed his award to his associates and team members, who worked under the leadership of the Director, Dr Amit Ghosh. "It is an award for the IMTECH and high-class research and facilities at the institute", Dr Sahni said.

Dr Sahni said that the clot-specific streptokinase, which will revolutionise heartcare in the world, particularlydeveloping countries, was ready for its international launch early next year.

With the launch of this drug heart attack treatment would become more advanced and there would not be any damage to other parts of the body.

Dr Ghosh said it was a matter of pride that IMTECH had developed as a premier national laboratory under the aegis of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR). 



Bull dies in police custody
Bipin Bhardwaj

Dera Bassi, September 17
After remaining tethered for over 12 days in a shed adjacent to the Ghaggar Railway station, a healthy bull died under mysterious circumstances in Mubarikpur village, about 2 km from here, early this morning. The bull was one of the 465 heads of cattle, which were seized by the police from a cattle transporter while he was taking them to Howrah in a train on September 5.

Though the bulls were kept under the police vigil and the Deputy Commissioner had directed the Animal and Husbandry Department of Punjab to provide medicare on a regular basis, yet a healthy bull died barely 500 yards from the Mubarikpur police post in the wee hours this morning.

The police and veterinary staff lifted the animal carcass with the help of a tractor. A team of veterinary doctors headed by Dr Jaspal Singh, presently posted at Dhakauli village, conducted a post-mortem on the animal to confirm the cause of death.

The veterinary doctors at the spot told to the Tribune that the animal died of respiratory and other lungs related problems as its tongue was exposed and frost-like substance had oozed out from its mouth. The penal of doctors at the site revealed that the Station House Officer, Dera Bassi, Mr Amarjit Singh Ghuman, informed them about the death of the animal and called them to conduct the post-mortem.

The police personnel deployed to guard the herd claimed that the bull died of a snake bite.

Health of the rest of the animals has also started deteriorating since the bulls have been tethered with ropes passing through their nostrils. The animals had been tied to hooks at different places adjacent to the Ghaggar Railway station leaving inadequate space for them to move around.

Since the oxen were in police custody and the local administration had decided to arrange fodder for them itself. The Sub Divisional Magistrate, Dera Bassi, had asked the Block Development and Panchayat Officer (BDPO) to procure fodder for the herd.

The administration, later, had to change its decision following objections raised by about 50 men of transporter Sher Khan. Presently, the bulls were being fed by the transporters’men, revealed Mr Malwinder Singh, the BDPO of Dera Bassi.

A majority of the bulls, which were kept in a temporary shed, were today taken out of it as knee-deep water had accumulated in it.

Meanwhile, waiting for Sher Khan’s release, about 50 cattle transporters have been camping at the Ghaggar railway station. They claimed that they were being pulled into a debt trap following huge expenditure on fodder and on their own meal.

Nearly 50 vehicles full of fodder and 12 water tankers were being purchased for the bulls daily. Proper veterinary medicare was necessary to the bulls so that they could fetch them good money in a cattle fair in Bihar, claimed a transporter.

Mr Manmohan Kumar Sharma, DSP, Dera Bassi, was not available for comments. 



PDS to be expanded, says Union minister
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 18
The Union Government has decided to expand the public distribution system(PDS) with the addition of 50 lakh more families in the Anthodya scheme. The Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution System, Dr Akhilesh Prashad Singh, said this here today.

Addressing a press conference here, the minister urged the state governments to finalise the names of the beneficiaries immediately and issue them rations cards so that the necessary financial allocations could be made for them.

Ruling out the advancement of the date of paddy procurement from October 1, the minister felt that the nominal hike in the minimum support price(MSP) was "inadequate". He, however, ruled out any bonus to farmers.

He said the government would consider the request of the Punjab Government on drought conditions in certain parts.

The minister said the Johl committee report on the diversification of agriculture in Punjab was under the consideration of the government.

In line with UPA's common minimum programme, the government was committed to 4 per cent agricultural growth rate in three years.

The national spokesman for the RJD, Mr Mati-ur-Rehman,blamed the Narinder Modi Government for the Godhra incident saying that the the bogies were burnt from inside the compartments.

Only the RJD, under the leadership of Mr Laloo Parsad Yadav, could defeat the communal force led by the BJP, Mr Rehman, said adding that the party would contest the Maharastra Assembly poll.



Syndicate to take up courier company payment issue
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
Besides taking up the issue of appointments of professors and readers of the Law Department of Panjab University, the Syndicate will decide on the release of payment to be made to the courier company roped in to deliver roll numbers of the university examinations.

His payment of Rs 77,850 was withheld after the university found out that the courier company advertised on cable that students can collect their roll numbers and charged Rs 28 each for the same from the students.

Departing from the earlier convention of not confirming promotion made under the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS), the Syndicate will give its nod to introduce such confirmations from the date the Senate approves these.

An item specifying that government permission would not be sought in case of self-financing courses is also on the agenda while a new hostel for ST students is also likely to get the go-ahead since the university has already received grants for it.

The university has got full possession of the Dingle Lodge in Shimla, a property over which it has partial possession, following a court order. An item pertaining to this has also been placed on the agenda.

The Syndicate will also decide whether or not to exempt Ms Sunita Dogra from the condition of two years of work experience, mandatory for seeking admission to the B.Ed. correspondence course. Ms Dogra is handicapped and writes with her feet.



2 hurt in bus-car collision
Our Correspondent

Lalru, September 17
Two youths were injured when their car had a head-on collision with a Haryana Roadways bus on the busy Kalka-Ambala highway in Jharmari village today.

The car (HR-10C-3838) occupants — Ajit and Vinod — sustained injuries and were rushed to the Civil Hospital, Dera Bassi. Two other occupants of the car, however, escaped unhurt.

According to sources, the car occupants were on their way to Chandigarh from Panipat to meet a friend in Panjab University. The police has started investigating the matter after impounding the vehicles.



Ex-services league poll on Oct 16
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The triennial election of the Indian Ex-Services League, Chandigarh, will take place on October 16 at Giani Gurmukh Singh Bhavan, Sector 24-C, here, according to an announcement by Major Prem Singh (retd), secretary of the league.

The last date for filing nominations is October 2, the scrutiny will take place on October 6 and the last date for withdrawals is October 8.



Man injured by bull dies
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
A person injured by a bull succumbed to his injuries at the PGI, here on Thursday. The 65-year-old retired Municipal Corporation employee, Nakli Ram, was injured on August 29, when he was hit by a bull at Daddu Majra.

He received injuries in his abdomen. He died at the PGI yesterday.



Man killed in road mishap near HMT
Tribune Reporters

Panchkula, September 17
An unidentified man was killed after he was hit by a vehicle on the Panchkula- Kalka National Highway, near HMT, Pinjore, last night. The body was found by a commuter in the wee hours today. The victim had received injuries on his head and chest.

According to the police he appeared to be about 30 years old, and was about five feet and two inches tall.

Booked: The Raipur Rani police has booked Neel Kamal, his father Surjit Chand, mother Maya Devi and younger brother on charges of harassing Sudesh Kumari for bringing insufficient dowry at the time of marriage.

Cops hurt: Two cops were injured when their PCR motor cycle collided with another mobike they were chasing in Sector 6 this evening. Three helmetless youths were triple riding the mobike and were being chased by the cops for rash driving and violating traffic rules. The cops—Manjit Singh and Barkha Ram, both Constables in the Sector 7 police post were on routine round of Sector 7, when they spotted the three youth, later identified as Ashish, Surinder and Satish. The policemen signalled the youth to stop, but they ignored the cops and sped away towards Sector 6.

Constable Manjit and Barkha Ram, chased them and the two motor cycles collided near Police Headquarters in Sector 6. All five persons were injured, and a Police Control Room jeep was called to rush them to the hospital. The police has booked the errant youth on charges of rash and negligent driving, and other traffic violations.


Arrested: The police today arrested Raj Kumar Sethi, who had deserted his wife and decamped with her jewellery, cash and other valuables from the house in Sector 70 here.

The SP, Mr Rakesh Agarwal, told Chandigarh Tribune that the suspect was arrested by team of local police officials from Gurgaon and was being brought back to the town. The police team was likely to reach Mohali late at night. The SP said the suspect would be questioned tomorrow. An FIR was lodged on the complaint of his wife. 



Two houses burgled
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, September 17
Two houses were burgled in the city in the past 24 hours, the city police said today. Atar Singh, a resident of Milk Colony, Dhanas, has filed a complaint in Sector 11 police station that Ravinder Singh, a resident of the same locality, had stolen Rs 5000 from his residence on September 16. A case of theft has been registered against the suspect.

In another incident, Kapil, a resident of Mohala Jatanwala, Manimajra, reported to the police that golden jewellery was stolen from his residence on Thursday evening. A case of theft has been registered.

Gambling: The city police arrested three persons for gambling at a public place yesterday. The suspects Ravinder, Dalip Kumar and Bunti- all residents of Kumhar Colony, Sector 25, were arrested from the same locality. The police found Rs. 770 on him and registered a case under the Gambling Act against them in Sector 11 police station.

Dowry: Ms. Narinder Pal Kaur, a resident of village Bajheri, Ropar district has filed a complaint against her husband Surinder Singh and in-laws, all residents of Sector 35.She has alleged in her complaint that she was being harassed to bring more dowry. She was reportedly married on October 1, 2000.

A case has been registered under section 406 and 498-A of the IPC against the suspects in Sector 36 police station .

Liquor seized: The local police has arrested Partap Singh Rawat, a resident of village Kajheri for carrying liquor yesterday.

The police seized 20 quarters of Hero whisky from his possession. A case under the Excise Act has been registered in Sector 36 police station.

Drugs seized: The city police arrested Seema, a resident of Sector 25, on Thursday for possessing 2 grams of smack from Sector 38-A. A case under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act has been registered in Sector 39 police station.

Vehicle thefts: Rahul, a resident of Sector 12-A reported to the police that his Maruti car (CH-01-D-0158) was stolen yesterday from Sector 9 market, near Madya Marg. A case under Section 379 of the IPC has been registered in Sector 3 police station.

In another incident, Mr Girish Chander Chopra, a resident of Sector 20-D filed a complaint that his scooter (CH-01-P-9411) was stolen from Sector 22 market on Thursday. A case of theft has been registered in Sector 17 police station.

Truck driver gives cops the slip: A truck driver gave a slip to a Chandigarh police cop who was accompanying him to the police station, yesterday. According to the police, the State Transport Authority officer impounded a truck (HR-38-3539) at a picket, which was found plying without proper documents. A constable, Ramesh Kumar, was entrusted with the task of taking the truck to the Sector 34, police station. En route the police station, at the Sector 42-43-52-53 round about, the truck driver asked the Constable to get down from the truck to make way for a man sitting beside him to get off the vehicle. When the Constable got off the vehicle the truck driver sped away leaving the constable behind. A case under Section 317 has been registered in Sector 36, police station.

Accident victim identified: The man who was killed yesterday in an accident involving a truck and a three-wheeler, was identified today as Raj Kumar, a resident of house 2022/2 Sector 37-C. He was the driver of the three-wheeler.



Panchkula cable operator booked
Our Correspondent

Zirakpur, September 17
Residents and cable operators of Zirakpur and surrounding areas today staged a protest in front of the Lohgarh police post. They were protesting against the police for not registering an FIR against persons related to a Panchkula-based cable operator who allegedly attacked two employees of Guru Nanak Cable Network, Zirakpur, on Wednesday.

Following the protest, the police has registered a case against Dilbag Singh Nian, owner of Panchkula Cable System, and eight others, including Anjum, Manyank Bansal, Sonu, Jaipal and Ajay Mal, under Sections 452, 323, 427, 148 and 149 of the IPC.

The employees of Guru Nanak Cable Network were injured when a gang of armed men allegedly attacked them.



One held on fraud charge
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, September 17
The police yesterday arrested Surinder Singh, a resident of Dera Jagadhari village, for cheating a resident of Dera Bassi of Rs 1.5 lakh. According to Mr Manmohan Kumar Sharma, DSP of Dera Bassi, Surinder Singh was arrested on the complaint of Mr Om Prakash, while his accomplice, Salim was still at large.

In his complaint, Mr Om Prakash had alleged that Surinder and Salim had lured him by saying they would double his money in a short span of time. They demanded Rs 1 lakh from him and assured him that the amount would be doubled. The duo handed over 15 wads of Rs 10,000 each to the complainant later.

Mr Om Prakash said he was shocked after finding that the wads contained plain paper packed between two real notes. 



Overture of love: lawyer booked
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
A 26-year-old reader of a lawyer was arrested today for allegedly holding a woman reader physically and conveying to her that that he loved her.

Navpreet Chopra, a reader of a lawyer P.S. Bhuller, was arrested on the statement of the woman who alleged that the man held her in his chamber in the evening. The woman also alleged that the man also said, “I love you.” and made some lecherous remarks.

The incident took place in the chamber of Mr Bhullar in District Court. The man was booked under Section 354 of the IPC for allegedly using criminal force on a woman with an intent to outrage her modesty.



Exhibition opened

Chandigarh, September 18
A three-day exhibition, “Style-2004”, opened at Sector 22 here on Friday. Exhibitors from New Delhi and other parts of the country are displaying finest designed and stylish products, including jewellery, casual and formal range of Indian and Western outfits, bed linen, table mats, napkins, gift packing items. OC


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