Terrorism: Idea of joint fight worth trying

Apropos of H.K. Dua's article "In search of peace: How about a joint fight against terrorism" (Sept 13), his suggestion for joint fight against terrorism is indeed worthy of consideration by the rulers of both countries. I feel it is essentially based on the ancient wisdom of making thief guard the treasure as a best bet against theft.

The moot point is whether Pakistan would allow this to happen, given its virulent antagonism against the very idea of a secular, multi-faceted India. Though the peace train is inching forward at snail's pace, a slight scrubbing of the surface makes it clear that Pakistan is under intense US pressure to sort out the mess it has created. Pakistan has long mastered the art of hypocrisy and the façade of current talks with India is just a ploy to befool the international community.

This apart, the people of both countries — racially, culturally and socially —belong to the same stock and are victims of an unnatural division. India must deploy exceptional persuasive skills and shrewd diplomacy to end the terror menace and the idea of joint fight against terrorism, as mooted by Mr Dua in his column, can be a major step forward.

SATPAL SHARMA, Ferozepur Cantonment


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The proposition that India and Pakistan should jointly fight against terrorism, which is their common enemy, is laudable indeed. Though incomprehensible at first, this novel thought may well be the harbinger of peace in our troubled sub-continent. It's worth giving it a try.

After all, didn't some of the world's most significant events such as the removal of the Berlin Wall and consequent merger of the two Germanys and similar re-unification of North and South Vietnam as well as numerous other acts of rapprochement among nations in different parts of the globe emanate from a simple, original and an innovative idea such as this?

Hence peace parleys should continue which will pave the way for restoration of normalcy and good neighbourly relations between us.

Brig GOVIND SINGH KHIMTA (retd), Shimla


The very birth of Pakistan triggered the Kashmir problem. It is feared that it will last till Pakistan survives. Pakistan is obstinately maintaining that her claim to Jammu and Kashmir is absolute. This basic mindset has gone no change though much water has flown across the Jhelum and the Chenab. This is the main hurdle in finding a solution to the problem.

Moreover, the Pakistani military junta or maimed democratic governments have been using the Kashmir issue as the fulcrum for their anti-India tirade. Besides the two wars, the Nawaj Sharief-Musharraf combine enacted the bloody show in Kargil, surpassing all limits of treachery. That too when efforts for normalisation of relations between the two countries were peaking up.

Terrorism, coupled with fundamentalism, has attained serious dimensions beyond the control of its progenitor, i.e. Pakistan. Shedding myopic vision, we should see the stark reality and convert the LoC into an international border embarking upon an era of mutual co-existence and lasting peace between India and Pakistan.

KARNAIL SINGH, Shahpur Kandi


In his article "In search of peace: How about a joint fight against terrorism" (Sept 13), H.K. Dua suggested a two-track approach for tackling the twin problem of Kashmir and terrorism. I would like to add that besides the efforts of the government and NGOs, common people should also visit both countries. This will go a long way in assuaging the bitterness of Partition and subsequent wars.

The people of both countries, especially those in the two Punjabi states of India and Pakistan, who were like Siamese twins before separation, should join together for the collective prosperity of both countries. I endorse Mr Dua's suggestion that both countries should jointly fight against terrorism for restoring peace in the region.

Dr DEVINDER SINGH, Advocate, Amritsar


Mr Dua is right in suggesting Pakistan's rulers to adopt a true policy to eradicate terrorism and change their attitude towards Jammu and Kashmir. They should help curb the anti-Indian activities in that state.

If India and Pakistan are firm and rigid on their postures, we cannot resolve Kashmir and other related problems. Pakistan's leaders would do well to remember that they will never succeed in their attempt to take Kashmir by force. Nor will India give away Kashmir to Pakistan at any cost.

NIVEDITA, Kartarpur


The decision to start bus service between Amritsar and Lahore soon is a welcome move by the governments of Pakistan and India. This will certainly strengthen the cultural bonds between the people of both countries and pave way for bringing peace in the sub-continent.

One hapes the respective governments would ease the visa and other superficial restrictions hampering the free movement. This will help end cross-border terrorism to a great extent. Dr Manmohan Singh and President Pervez Musharraf deserve appreciation.


Rail link sought

I would like to bring to the attention of Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav that there is no direct rail service between Amritsar and Chandigarh. Even though both cities are important cities of Punjab, people have to travel by bus for about six hours to travel between these cities. The journey is very tiring and time consuming.

I request the authorities concerned to consider starting a direct rail service from Amritsar to Chandigarh and back.


Quintessence of religion

Apropos of Robert Burton's remarks "One religion is as true as another" ("Thought for the day", Aug 31), religion is the spiritual attitude of pious people, who believe in and worship God and love fellow beings irrespective of their caste and creed. Guru Gobind Singh said: Maanas kee zaat sabhai ek hee paihchaan bo (know you all that the caste of mankind is one).

In fact, every true religion preaches love, mercy, justice and tolerance and is, therefore, "always man's greatest necessity, for without it life is meaningless and absurd". The fanatic votaries of one belief, who kill the innocent followers of another faith in the name of religion, do not deserve to be called ashraf-ul-makhlooqaat (the most eminent of created beings). They are irreligiously religious, rather ruthless minions of Satan.



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