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Students’ council sworn in
Tribune News Service

Representatives of various departments take oath at the Panjab University Campus Student Council’s oath ceremony at English auditorium
Representatives of various departments take oath at the Panjab University Campus Student Council’s oath ceremony at English auditorium on Thursday. — A Tribune photograph

Chandigarh, October 7
Camaraderie scored over the rivalry between the Panjab University Students’ Union (PUSU) and the Students’ Union of Panjab University (SOPU) at a swearing-in ceremony of the Panjab University Campus Students’ Council (PUCSC) held at the English auditorium Panjab University, here today.

Office-bearers of the PUSU and the SOPU reaffirmed their commitment to extend support to each other in the council and work for the welfare of the students. While proclaiming support the authorities and each other, they were unanimous on striving to maintain discipline and work towards uplifting the academic standard of the university.

The Dean Student Welfare (Women), Dr Meenakshi Malhotra, administered the oath first to the council president Rajwinder Singh Lucky and then to vice-president Ankita Thakur, secretary Vikas Rathee and joint secretary Gurmukh Singh.

While they along with the four executive members of the council were administered oath individually, all department representatives were asked to rise in their seats for the ceremony. This, however, turned out to be nothing less that an incomprehensible mumbling by nearly 70 department representatives.

Later, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof K.N. Pathak, while addressing the council members hoped that the new council would keep the campus peaceful and adhere to rules and regulations while improving its academic environment.

Taking an opportunity to present a united front, Lucky said when he had taken over as the president of the PUSU, he had said he would work in coordination with other parties. “Now is the chance for me to prove myself and I will do it successfully,” he added. The secretary and joint secretary followed suit and maintained that the council would function smoothly despite the fact that there were two opposite camps occupying the office.

The office-bearers of the council were offered ladoos by Professor Pathak and later taken to the council’s office where they were assigned their seats.



Beating up of student: teacher suspended
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
In the case of beating up of three boys of Saraswati Public School, Dhanas, by a maths teacher, Sanjeev, the school management today suspended him.

The Principal of the school, Mr Vijay Krishan, said a thorough inquiry would be conducted into the matter.

Meanwhile, the parents of the three boys, who were victim of corporal punishment at the hands of the maths teacher, today said they were willing to send their children to the school provided such an incident did not take place in the future.

Talking to mediapersons, the parents said they wanted an assurance from the school Principal that their children would not be treated in the same manner in the future.

Shocked by the behaviour of the teacher, the students did not attend their classes today. The maths teacher, Sanjeev, allegedly beat up the students with sticks yesterday. The students had complained that their tutor beat them up in a fit of anger as they had started taking tuition from another teacher outside the school.

Mr Narinder Singh, father of Navjot, said they would meet the principal on the issue.

Two of the victims, Class X students of the school, Navjot Singh and Harish Sharma, claimed a total of 11 boys in the class had been beaten up by the teacher. The students complained that teacher had been resorting to such type of behaviour in the past also.

When mediapersons confronted the Principal, Mr Vijay Krishan on the issue, he initially denied that the teacher had beaten up the boys. After the maths teacher was quizzed and the principal was again confronted, he said he would inquire into the matter and announced to suspend him.

He claimed that after the last month’s incident of slapping of some girl students by their classmates at the instance of their teacher, he had strictly banned corporal punishment.



Bureaucrats act like overlords: MP, Mayor
Adviser, DC feel embarrassed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, Lok Sabha MP from Chandigarh, today criticised the bureaucracy in the UT and said it needed to change its mindset towards the people and their representatives.

Participating in a discussion at a two-day Conference on “Panchayati Raj in Union Territories and Panchayati Raj Jurisprudence” which began here today with Union Minister for Petroleum and Panchayati Raj, Mani Shankar Aiyer, in the chair to finalise an action plan for strengthening panchayati raj system and also to ensure its effective implementation in the country, Mr Bansal said that the administration should be in the hands of the elected representatives and the bureaucracy should assist them. Instead, what had happened was that bureaucrats had started behaving like overlords.

“Did we get Independence from the British to swap white sahibs with brown sahibs?” he asked as Mr Lalit Sharma, Adviser to the Administrator, UT, Mr M.P. Singh, Commissioner of Chandigarh, Municipal Corporation and Mr Arun Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh, stared at him.

Mr Bansal also produced a circular issued by the District Development Panchayat Officer (D.D.P.O.) directing that no member of panchayat samiti should approach him direct and threatening action against them if there was non-compliance. “What kind of attitude is this?” he asked the Union Minister.

Mrs Kamlesh, Mayor of Chandigarh, also criticised the bureaucracy and said it did not take the representatives seriously. “Some time ago, we had forwarded to the Administration a proposal for empowering elected representatives to write the Annual Confidential Reports (ACR’s) of officers of the municipal corporation on the Punjab pattern. Instead of according approval, the Administration sent the proposal back to the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation for comments. “How can an officer favour a proposal which empowers a politician to judge him? she asked. “This kind of attitude is very demoralising for the elected representatives”, said 

Later, the Adviser and the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation were seen in an animated discussion with Mr Bansal when the conference rose for lunch.



Aiyar favours ‘mini-assemblies’ in UTs
Tribune News service

Chandigarh, October 7
Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar, Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Panchayati Raj, has said that the creation of “mini-assemblies” in Union Territories like Chandigarh could be one way of meeting the popular aspirations of the people to acquire a say in the administration of the UT.

Interacting with TNS on the sidelines of the two-day Round Table Conference on the “Panchayati Raj in Union Territories and Panchayati Raj Jurisprudence” which began here today, the minister said: “We need to recognise that the space for public opinion in the Union Territories vis-à-vis the states is rather limited.

Although the UTs elected MPs and sent them to Delhi, there were no MLA’s who could function at the local level and attend to the day to day problems of the people.

Hence, the gap between the people and the administration”.

He said that the Congress poll manifesto provided for the creation of mini-assemblies in UTs. But this promise did not find mention in the common minimum programme of the ruling coalition at the Centre.

“Therefore, I will have to talk to other partners and see what is their reaction to the suggestion.”

Later, speaking at the conference, he said that the Panchayati Raj system in the Union Territories (UTs) and the states was the same in the country except that the Union Territories were directly administered by the Union Government and in their case there was a provision in the constitution for certain modifications through the Presidential Orders.

The minister said that the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) of the UTs should be a role model for the state governments. He said that the complaints under the PRI systems were being addressed through the Round Table Conferences and the fourth Round Table Conference at Chandigarh should also try to find the substance in such allegations in UTs and suggest remedial measures to the government to formulate its policy.

Mr S. Regupathy, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs in his address gave details about the system in different seven Union Territories of the country and mentioned that the Ministry of Home Affairs would convene a meeting of the elected representatives and the administrators of the UTs shortly to discuss their problems.

Earlier, in his welcome address Mr Lalit Sharma, Adviser to the Administrator, UT, Chandigarh, welcomed the participants of the conference in Chandigarh and provided details of the Panchayati Raj system of the City Beautiful.

Prof Ram Kapse, Lt-Governor, Andaman Nicobar Islands, informed the members that the money had reached them under the present scheme but the activity mapping was yet not complete and both needed to be matched simultaneously.

Mr Mohan S. Delkar, M.P. Lok Sabha from Dadra & Nagar Haveli, mentioned that there should be elected bodies in all the UTs and more powers should be given to the elected representatives of the PRIs.

Mr Manoranjan Bhakta, M.P. Andaman Nicobar Islands, mentioned that there were difficulties at the local level and the providing of one junior engineer to each panchayat might help in better implementation of the PRI system.

Dr P.P. Koya, M.P. from Lakshadweep, Mr Arun Mathur, Administrator, Daman, Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Mrs Tarunaben L. Patel, President-cum-Chief Councilor, District Panchayat, Daman & Diu, Mr G. Kurma Rao, Up Adhyaksh, Zila Parishad, Port Blair and Mr U.C.K. Thangal, President-cum-Chief Councilor, District Panchayat, Lakshadweep, also made presentations.



Aiyar defends order on Savarkar plaque
Tribune News service

Chandigarh, October 7
Union Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar today defended his order for the removal of a plaque on Veer Savarkar at Cellular Jail, Port Blair, and said that as long as he remained the Chairman of the Indian Oil Foundation, the plaque would not be put back there.

In a talk with mediapersons, he said the plaque was being maintained by the Indian Oil Foundation and therefore, as its chief, he had every right to have it removed.

He also made it clear that there was no question of apologising to anyone for ordering the removal of the plaque.

“Why should I apologise? If anyone has to apologise, it is those who were responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi”.



GCM: Prosecution declines to question witness
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
The prosecution as well as defence today declined the opportunity to question Pangunni Shashi, an assistant posted in the Ministry of Defence, at the General Court Martial (GCM) trying Col Anil Sahgal for professional impropriety in the tehelka case.

The GCM re-assembled at Chandimandir after remaining adjourned for about a month.

Shashi was summoned as a prosecution witness. He is considered important as he is said to be the first person to be allegedly tapped by operatives from tehelka.com for gaining access to senior officers and obtain Defence Ministry documents for carrying out its sting operation to expose corruption in defence deals.

Shashi, along with politicians and bureaucrats allegedly involved in the scam now face prosecution by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

"We did not examine him as we feared that he would turn hostile during his deposition before the court and tendered him to the defence for cross-examination," prosecution counsel Arvind Moudgil later said. The defence did not cross-examine him.

Shashi had been posted under Colonel Sahgal as the assistant in the Ordnance Services Directorate of the Master General of Ordnance's Branch at Army Headquarters during the period when tehelka carried out its sting operation.

One of the charges against Colonel Sahgal states that on September 5, 2000, he had improperly instructed Shashi to hand over official documents to Samuel Mathews, a representative of West End, consequent of which he handed over the documents.

Shashi, who has reportedly been exonerated in a departmental inquiry conducted against him, is also alleged to have arranged meetings between some army officers and journalists from tehelka.com posing as arms dealers.

He also allegedly demanded Rs 5 lakh from the fictitious arms dealers, saying that it was to be channeled up the hierarchy and was reportedly caught on video tape shot through hidden cameras accepting money.

During questioning by the court, Shashi said that he came to know Samuel Mathews, a journalist from tehelka.com, through family friends.

He said that Mathews came to meet him several times at his residence as well as outside his office. He also stated that during his tenure, no clearance was sought from the Military Intelligence to meet representatives of foreign firms.

Nor was he aware of any incident of any officer accepting money for arms dealers.

The court, however, declined to offer him immunity from prosecution if any statement given by him before the court was self-incriminating.

In this regard, the court did not compel him to answer a question pertaining to his visit to Hotel Park, where call girls were allegedly used by tehelka.com to entertain officers.

Questions by the court will continue tomorrow.



More intake of red meat causes colon cancer,
says expert

Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Dr David L. Carr-Locke
Dr David L.

Chandigarh, October 7
"Americans are paying a heavy price for the increased intake of red meat and reduction in fibre in their food.

There seems a direct relation between the incidence of colon cancer and this 'westernised' diet. We have seen that wherever there is greater consumption of red meat, the incidence of cancer of the large intestine is much higher."

This was stated by Dr David L Carr-Locke, Director of Endoscopy, Brigham And Women's Hospital, Boston, who was visiting PGIMER, here today, after attending a conference of the Gastroenterology Society in Jaipur.

Since the instance of colon cancer is high, a screening programme for colonoscopy for everybody over 50 years of age is provided for free of cost.

"The cost is borne by the insurance company. This way we can detect the beginning of cancer at a very early stage and check it before it gets out of hand, thus reducing the cost of treating it considerably.

And, it's working very well, benefitting a lot of people. Such screening programmes should be started to deal with all cancers to detect them, at an early stage," Dr Locke stated.

He said while colon cancer was common in the West, cancer of the foodpipe and the gall bladder were more common in the northern part of India.

"While the reasons for the same are not known, it is an established fact that gall stones also contribute to cancer of the gall bladder," he said.

While acute pancreatitis ails Americans due to their drinking habits and is aggravated by the presence of gall stones, Indians are afflicted by Chronic Pancreatitis due to over-consumption of alcohol.

"However, Kerala and other coastal areas are in the grip of tropical pancreatitis which could be genetic.

From the traditional treatment method of surgery, we have graduated to using endoscopy to remove stones from the pancreas and drain the fluid," he explained.

Showering lavish praise on the PGIMER by terming it as a "beacon of what's best in India" as far as medical education and research is concerned, he, however, said that it was sad that hospitals did not have a lot of finances at their disposal to deal with the rush.



Six held for immoral trafficking
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 7
The police today busted a flesh trade racket by arresting six key members, including three girls from Industrial Area, Phase I. The CIA Staff headed by Inspector Mukesh Kumar on a tip-off sent head constable Jagdish to have a deal with the above persons around 7 pm. They all came in a Palio car in the Industrial Area. The deal was struck for Rs 2000 with a 24-year old girl from Sirsa and Rs 5000 with another girl from Assam. The moment an advance of Rs 500 was handed over, the CIA staff held all six persons and booked them under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act.

The gang used to operate through mobile phones and four sets were also recovered at the spot.The kingpin of the gang Seema was earlier wanted in another flesh case racket case booked on September 4 in Panchkula. The boys nabbed were, Rajesh, Amandeep alias Munna and Om Prakash.



PSEB seeks permission to cut connection of SDM’s office
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 7
Officials of the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) here have sought permission from the higher authorities to cut the power connections of government establishments, including the office of the SDM and the Civil Hospital for not clearing the dues which ran into lakhs of rupees.

It is learnt that the office of the Additional Superintending Engineer here had written a letter to the Superintending Engineer (SE) in this regard. The office of the Superintending Engineer had sent a letter to the Chief Engineer seeking permission for cutting the connections of a number of government establishments

The PSEB had issued notices to defaulters on May 10 asking them to clear their dues within 15 days. But these notices were not taken seriously by them. Notices had also been issued in July but failed to get the desired response. As such the PSEB had to approach higher authorities for seeking permission as power connections of government offices could not be cut without getting the required permission.

A sum of Rs 10, 69, 018 was outstanding with the Punjab State Tubewell Corporations and Rs 5, 58, 712 with the local Civil Hospital. The office of the SDM, located in the old PUDA building in Phase I, owed a sum of Rs 79,300 to the PSEB while the police station in Phase VIII owed a Rs 79,628. A sum of Rs 42,455 was outstanding with the Officers Mess at the Commando Complex in Phase XI while two public health tubewells in Phase I and Shahimajra village owed Rs 72,956. Similarly, government dispensaries in Phases III B1, V and IX owed Rs 14,226, Rs 1,466 and Rs 7,890, respectively.

Mr S.S. Bassi, Chief Engineer (South) said today that he was not aware whether a letter from Mohali PSEB officials seeking permission to cut power connections of government establishments had been received. He said he would look into the matter and approach the Chairman of the PSEB in this regard. He said his office would also like to bring the issue of outstanding payments to the notice of the Chief Secretary, Punjab.



Relatives allege foul play in carpenter’s death
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 7
Mystery shrouds the death of a 35-year-old carpenter in Raipur Rani late last evening. Relatives of the victim allege that he was murdered by his employer over a monetary dispute.

Since the local police did not take any action against the guilty, Raj Kumar’s employer, angry relatives of the victim today blocked the Panchkula-Naraingarh national highway, at Raipur Rani for over one and a half hours. Led by the father of victim, Faqir Chand, the agitators demanded action against the employer, Mr Jeewan Sharma, who is a manager at a poultry farm.

The DSP Headquarters, Mr Desh Bandhu, rushed to Raipur Rani, and it was only after his assurances that the dharna was lifted and the traffic on the highway restored. The body was brought to General Hospital here, and a post mortem was conducted. The three-member panel of doctors, who conducted the post-mortem examination, reportedly did not find any external injury marks on the body. They have, however, sent the viscera for chemical and pathological examination. Meanwhile, the police has started investigations and Mr Sharma has been rounded up for questioning.

Talking to TNS, Mr Faqir Chand, father of the victim, said his son was a carpenter and was hired by Mr Sharma, for woodwork at his house three months ago. “He had not been paid his dues for one month, and was disturbed over this. He came home for lunch yesterday and said he would ask Jeewan to pay up immediately,” he alleged.

Mr Faqir Chand alleged that last evening, two other labourers employed at Mr Sharma’s house brought the victim to a private doctor, who declared him dead. The victim was then taken to the Raipur Rani hospital, where some people recognised him and informed his parents. He further alleged that they had found some marks on the neck of his son.



Fake 5-rupee coins in circulation
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
Beware while accepting the coin of Rs 5 denomination. It could be a fake one. Earlier, there have been reports regarding the circulation of fake notes of Rs 500 and even Rs 1,000 in the country. Coins of Rs 5 denomination seem to be a latest addition to this list of fake currency.

Such fake coins have the national emblem on both the sides. But these have complete resemblance with real Rs 5 coin. These seems to have been minted by coupling two 50 paise coins. If accepted in bulk, no one can differentiate the real one from the fake one. Usually, people never properly look at such coins and pocket these after a casual glance. But next time when you accept such a coin, have a careful look on its both sides.



Police intensifies patrolling
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 7
Police patrolling has been intensified near banks by the police here. This has been done keeping in view a recent case of snatching of cash which had been withdrawn from a bank.

A sum of Rs 50,000 was snatched from a resident of Sector 68 here when he was going back after withdrawing the cash from a bank in Phase VII on October 5.

Mr Harpreet Singh, DSP, said he had asked the SHOs and beat officers to go to banks and request the security guards and bank authorities to create awareness about safe transportation of cash among their customers.

He said he would hold a meeting personally also in this regard.



Baby girl sent to SOS village
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, October 7
Abandoned one-and-a-half years old girl that was found wrapped in a piece of cloth in fields of Devi Nagar village on Wednesday morning was today sent to the SOS children village, this afternoon.

However, a large number of slum dwellers from Ram Darbar in Chandigarh, after recognising the girl from her photographs published in the Chandigarh Tribune, today morning reached the Dera Bassi police station and visited the station house officer Mr AS Ghuman.

Mr Ghuman, SHO of Dera Bassi, said that the men claimed that the girl’s parents reside in Indira Awas colony in Ramar Darbar in Chandigarh. They also claimed that the girl’s mother had died some months ago and her father had remarried.

To locate the girl’s parents, the SHO also sent a head constable along with people to Ram Darbar but he found the hutment locked. The police later sent the girl to the Children village in Rajpura.



Chetna yatra by Kashyap Rajputs
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
A "chetna yatra" started under the banner of the Kashyap Rajput Sabha from Hardwar on September 26 reached here this evening. It came via Patiala to city beautiful. The "yatra" is being held to spread the message of Mahan Rishi Baba Kaluji.

Mr Baljit Singh, President of the Sabha, said that the " yatra" would return to Hardwar tomorrow and terminate there on October 23. He said that there was a large number of Kashyap Rajputs in this region. A need was felt to create awakening among them regarding the teachings of Baba Kaluji. Mr Labh Ram Lamba, Mr Ahsok Kumar and other leaders of the local Kashyap Rajput Sabha received the yatra at Zirakpur today.



Safai karamcharis found absent
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
The drive by the Sanitation Committee of the Municipal Corporation to check safai karamcharis deployed in different parts of the city continued for the third day, here today. Sectors 17 and 11 were inspected and most of the leaders of the safai karamchari union were found absent from duty.

Chairman of the sanitation Committee, Chander Mukhi Sharma, and officials of the Health Department, inspected the duty register and marked the union leaders absent in the register.

In Sector 17, of a total of 76 safai karamcharis, six were absent while nine were on leave. In Sector 11, 15 of the 23 sweepers were present while one was on leave. The safai karamcharis in these sectors complained that most of the leaders were marked present in the register even though they were not performing their duty.



Bijli Sabhas receive 658 complaints
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 7
The bijli sabhas organised by Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN), to redress complaints have evoked a good response. As many as 658 consumers have placed complaints before the Superintending engineers in these sabhas.

An official said that the Nigam officers decided 252 consumer complaints on the spot. These complaints were regarding incorrect bills and wrong meter readings. The complaints regarding instalations of new transformers, removal of wires and broken poles, release of new connections and replacement of defective cables were referred to concerned Subdivisional Officers, for prompt action.

The spokesman further said that the Nigam would maintain proper record of each and every complaint made by consumers in the bijli sabhas. It has also been decided to allot a complaint number to the complainant for further pursuance.



1 held for paying for fuel in fake currency
Our Correspondent

Zirakpur, October 7
A charlatan, Rajinder Kumar from Barnana, while trying to cheat a patrol pump employee by paying him in fake currency notes after getting fuel, landed behind bars here, late last night. However, his accomplice managed to give a slip to the policemen posted at the Zirakpur traffic light point.

The incident occurred when two car-borne youths after getting fuel at Parmar petrol pump paid in fake currency notes to petrol pump employees and tried to speed away. The vigilant employees found the currency notes fake and they chased the car.

Noticing the noise and chasing employees of the filling station, the police personnel posted at the intersection of the Chandigarh-Ambala and the Panchkula-Patiala highways blocked the roads with the help of barricades and got hold of a car occupant. While the police personnel were catching hold of one youth, the other escaped.

Mr Manmohan Kumar Sharma, DSP of Dera Bassi, said that during questioning, Rajinder disclosed that he used to carry fake notes from Patiala and circulate these in this part of the region. The police has also seized a sum of Rs 9,500 in fake currency notes form him.

Meanwhile, the police has also impounded the car and further investigations are on.

Mr Manmohan Kumar Sharma, DSP of Dera Bassi, said Rajinder Kumar had been residing in rented accommodation in Sector 34-D, Chandigarh, and was involved in the fake currency racket for the past couple of months. The police has also recovered Rs 5,700 in fake currency notes from Rajinder.

After getting some clues after questioning Rajinder Kumar, the police laid a trap and arrested Surjit Singh, an accomplice of the suspect, from Patiala, this afternoon.



1 killed as Sumo rams into truck
Our Correspondent

Zirakpur, October 7
One person was killed and another seriously injured after a Tata Sumo in which they were travelling rammed into a stationary truck on the Chandigarh-Zirakpur-Patiala highway in Nabha Sahib village, 2 km from here today.

The Sumo (HP-02-8617) which was going towards Patiala rammed into a truck (HP-07-5977), near an octroi post on the highway leaving Mr Avtar Singh of Nagrota Surian in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, dead on the spot.

The Sumo driver Mr Raj Kumar of Shahpur in Kangra district who sustained serious injuries, was also taken to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

The truck loaded with cement, was parked in front of the octroi post along the highway to pay octroi when the mishap took place about 1.30 am. The police has sent the body to the Civil Hospital, Rajpura, for a post-mortem examination after impounding the vehicle. A case under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC has been registered against the driver at Lohgarh police post.


The police has arrested an auto-thief from Gohati, who had stolen an Indica car from a marriage palace located on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway in Bhabhat village near here, on Tuesday.

According to the police, Krishan Kumar, a resident of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, was using the stolen car with a ‘fake’ registration number (WB-02S-2813) in Gohati when the police arrested him. On questioning Krishan Kumar disclosed the actual registration number (CH-03P-6484) of the car.

The Dera Bassi police has also impounded the car. A case under Sections 379, 411and 465 of the IPC has been registered against him.



Man held for forging principal’s signatures
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 7
The Chandigarh police has arrested a self-styled Ph.D. in missile technology allegedly for forging signatures of a principal of a government school here on examination forms of 29 private students of a Manimajra school.

The signatures were allegedly forged to allow these private students to take middle standard examination of the UT Education Board. According to the police, Dr Ranjit Singh, a resident of Sector 32, met Mr S.S. Brar, Principal of National Pride Model School, near Kila in Manimajra a week ago. He allegedly told Mr Brar that he would get the application forms attested from a school and charge Rs. 20 per form. He further told Mr Brar that he would deposit the money charged for the job in the Parents Teacher Association fund of a School. Believing him the principal handed over 29 application forms to the accused.

Meanwhile, Ranjit, the accused, allegedly attested the application forms by using fake seals and forging signatures of Mr R.S. Goraya, principal of the Government Senior Secondary School, Sector 46. When Mr Brar got the application forms he got suspicious about the authenticity of the signatures as he also knew Mr Goraya personally. He contacted Mr Goraya only to find out if the signatures on the forms were that of him.

Feeling cheated, he reported the matter to the Registrar Examination, DPI Schools Chandigarh. After an inquiry Mr Chanchal Singh, Assistant Registrar, found the signatures forged. He then apprised Registrar Ms Preetpal Kaur about the affair. It was also found out that the forms were signed with green ink, which Mr Goraya said he never does. Ms Preetpal Kaur filed a complaint with the police against the accused and later the police arrested the accused. A case under sections 420, 468, 471 and 474 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered in Sector 3, police station.

The police further said that they were investigating the certificates of the accused also as he claims to be Ph.D. The police said that he was only a matriculate. Ranjit Singh is living with his brother and sister-in-law in Sector 32. He belongs to Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh and gives private tuitions in the city, said the police.



2 held, 20 cycles recovered
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
The Chandigarh police today claimed to have busted a gang of cycle thieves who are suspected to have stolen scores of bicycles.

Twenty cycles have been recovered from Santosh Kumar of Shiv Colony in Bad Majra and 12 from Chander Shekhar of Colony number 5.

These cycles were lifted from market of southern sectors apart from few from Sector 15. The cycles were recovered from two separate abandoned jhuggis in Bad Majra and Colony Number 5.

They were arrested near the Badheri Chowk when police got information that these persons were allegedly involved in cycle theft.

The 32 cycles were stolen during the last four months, the police said.

The police is collecting information as to how many cases of cycle theft have been registered across the city.

They are suspected to have stolen more than 100 cycles from the city alone, the sources said.

Santosh and Chander Shekhar were living in Colony Number 5 and are suspected to be operating as a gang. Both of them are from Unnao District in Uttar Pradesh. A large number of cycles have been stolen from parks of the city.


Payal, (23) a woman of Sector 39 got injured today, when a speeding car hit her scooter on Sector 38-39 dividing road. She was taken to the PGI. She received head injuries and her condition is stated to be serious. She was wearing helmet at the time of accident.

According to the police, the driver of the Indica car (CH03-S-2934) sped away from the spot. The police said that the speed of the car was so high that after hitting the scooter the driver could not control the vehicle and it rammed into the divider on the road.

The police has impounded the vehicle and registered a case under section 337 of the Indian Penal Code in Sector 39, police station.


Neelam Rathi, Lecturer Government College for Girls, Sector 11 reported to the police that her bag containing Rs 3500, one mobile phone, three ATM cards, a driving license and a registration certificate was stolen from her classroom. A case under Section 380 of the IPC has been registered in Sector 11, police station.

The local police registered a case of theft of Electricity pole on a complaint made by SDO, electricity officer, municipal committee, Chandigarh that an electricity pole was stolen from near Sector 43-44 small chowk. A case of theft has been registered at Sector 36, police station.

Vehicle theft

Karanvir Singh of Sector 34 filed a complaint that his Maruti car was stolen from Football Ground Sector 17, yesterday. A case under section 379 of the IPC has been registered in sector 17, police station.

Rajinder Singh of phase 2, Mohali reported to the police that his Bullet motorcycle (CH-03-E-3754) was stolen from outside stadium Sector 42, yesterday. Abhimanu of Sector 43 reported to the police that his scooter (CH-01-W-7004) was also stolen from the same place. Two cases of theft have been registered at Sector 36, police station.


Ram Dulari of Indira colony, Manimajra filed a complaint to the police that Kamlesh and Bhura of the same locality allegedly attacked her on September 30. She got injured in the attack and was admitted to the hospital. A case under sections 323, 325 and 34 of the IPC has been registered in the Manimajra police station. No arrests have been so far made in this case.



Bus passenger drugged, looted
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 7
Devinder, (27) was allegedly drugged and looted by some persons near Zirakpur this evening. He was brought to the General Hospital here, and is still unconscious.

The victim was travelling in a bus from Ghaziabad to Panchkula. As the bus stopped at Zirakpur, he got down, and five of his co- passengers offered him tea. After drinking the tea laced with sedatives, Devinder starting losing consciousness.

The five persons then took away his belongings, and left him unconscious on the road.

A passer- by saw him and informed the police, and also asked for his address. His family lives in Sector 15 here was informed, and he was brought to the hospital.



Mystery shrouds youth’s death
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 7
An unidentified youth in his early twenties died under mysterious circumstances at GMCH, Sector 32, today minutes after collapsing near a gas godown on a road stretch between Darua and Makhanmajra villages.

The man, complained of stomach ache before he collapsed before an STD shop asking for water. The STD operator called up the police which took him to the GMCH where he died within five minutes, the police said.

The policemen who took him to the hospital said that the man was murmuring “Panipat” while being taken to the hospital.

The police said he is suspected to have taken some pills as his mouth was not smelling of liquor. The police said that when they found him in the under garments, they started looking for his cloths. The cloths were found in a nearby slushy area. His shoes were also found buried in the slush, the police said.


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