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Woman kills her two children, commits suicide
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 10
Minor domestic dispute took a terrible turn in New Anandpuri colony here late last night when a woman allegedly hanged her two children to death and later committed suicide in a similar fashion after being upset over a fresh quarrel with her real sister married in the same family.

The bodies of Santosh Kumari (35) and her son Rahul (6) and Neha (2) were found in a room by Ashok Kumar, husband of Santosh. A suicide note found near her body stated that she was ending her life after killing her children as she could not bear the pain of daily quarrels with her own sister any long.

The incident has sent shock waves in the region with the relatives unable to come to the terms with the woman’s action. A relative, wishing not to be identified, said her parents had hoped that both sisters married in the same family would live happily with each other but no one had thought in their wildest dream that fate would take such a tragic turn.

SHO Salem Tabri Arvind Puri said the woman seemed to be in some strong fit of anger as she first hanged the two children to death and then hanged herself. He said she must have spent sometime in the activity but still persisted with the process. He said a case of abetment to suicide has been registered against the deceased woman’s sister Kavita and her husband Sajjan Kumar. Both were absconding, the police said.

Mr Puri said the investigations so far had revealed that Santosh had played a major role in the marriage of her younger sister with her devar (brother-in-law) Sajjan Kumar. However, both sisters had fallen out after the marriage. They began to quarrel daily for one reason or the other.

As per the police investigations, both the women had fought yesterday evening over their right to use a stereo kept in their common drawing room. Santosh took the stereo to her room and both had a bitter quarrel over the issue.

After the fight, Santosh locked herself in the room. When her husband Ashok, an employee with a local hosiery, returned late in the evening he was shocked at the sight of the bodies.

The sisters belong to Haryana. Their parents had been informed about the incident and were on their way. The police said it had recovered the suicide note and registered a case.



Pulse polio drive evokes good response
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 10
First round of pulse polio campaign under the National Polio Eradication Programme evoked enthusiastic response as the health administration claimed that more than 5 lakh children in the age group of 0-5 years were immunised in the district here today.

Civil Surgeon Dr Rajinder Kaur, who went round a large number of polio booths in different city areas during the day, informed that the health administration had taken all steps to ensure complete coverage to the children below 5 years, both in the urban and rural areas of the district in a bid to guard them against the crippling disease. She said the reports received from other sub divisional headquarters and sector heads in rural areas also indicated that the polio drive had achieved the desired objective. At many places, the health workers had reached out to the door steps of the people to motivate them for administration of polio drops to their children at the nearest polio booth.

The Health Department, in collaboration with a large number of educational, social, religious and other voluntary bodies had set up 900 booths in the city and other towns and another 1200 in the rural areas of the district. In addition, 66 mobile teams were deployed to cover the slums and underdeveloped localities in the district and around 100 check posts were established to provide polio drops to eligible children travelling in trains, buses and other transport vehicles.

The civil surgeon said that during past few days, an intensive awareness campaign had been launched all over the district to motivate the people to bring eligible children to the special polio booths for immunisation. Special banners and mottos had been displayed at strategic places in towns and the villages.

More than 800 eligible children were given polio drops at a number of booths set up for this purpose by Rameshwar Welfare trust, in collaboration with the district health authorities at several places in the city. The main camp, organised at Rameshwar Public School was inaugurated by Mr Amit Khurana.

The staff and students of Government Senior Secondary School at Cinema Road organised a pulse polio camp in which team of health workers from Civil Hospital administered polio drops to hundreds of children.

The NSS volunteers of SDP Senior Secondary School at Hazoori Road under the guidance of Mr Balraj Bhasin, president of the managing committee and Mr Ashok Verma, principal of the school, set up 15 polio booths in different localities where more than 1600 children were given polio drops.

Nearly 300 children were administered polio drops at a pulse polio camp organised by Civil Defence Incident Control Officers at Dera Kalsian here today. 



2000 kids given polio drops

Amloh, April 10
Two thousand children from 0-5 years of age were given polio drops at 10 booths and in a mobile van here today. Booth number five and 10 were organised by Mr Som Nath Lutava, President and Manohar Lal Verma General Secretary the Manav Bhalai Manch. Senior Medical Officer Dr Tirath Ram Goel and Medical Officer Mahesh Jindal supervised the arrangements. They said 3,000 children would be covered in three days. Teams will move from door to door in the next two days. OC



Tension in village over dharamshala
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 10
Tension prevails at Hargobindpura village in Ludhiana district following a clash between two groups claiming possession of a dharamshala.
The Dehlon police has registered an case under Sections 323, 341 and 34 of the IPC against four persons reportedly supported by the village sarpanch.

Accusing the police of acting under political pressure, village sarpanch Manjit Kaur alleged that a group of persons had assaulted her but the police registered a case against her husband and three others.

Earlier, Gurcharan Singh had complained to the police that Palwinder Singh Bitta, husband of Manjit Kaur; Kuldeep Singh; Amrik Singh and Dr Avinash had attacked him while he was passing through a street on Thursday.

The dispute arose on the issue of possession of the dharamshala, the keys to which had been handed over to Palwinder Singh by Lekh Raj, former in charge of the dharamshala.

Manjit Kaur, on the other hand, accused the police of acting under pressure of some Congress leaders. She alleged that some persons led by Gurcharan Singh had misbehaved with her when she had gone to the dharamshala to allow Sukhwinder Kaur, a sewing trainer of the Block Development Department, to open a free training school there.

She alleged that Gurcharan Singh and his father Joginder Singh beat her up following which she had to be admitted to the Civil Hospital.

“The matter was reported to the in charge of Latala police chowki but he instead of initiating action against the suspects chose to book my husband and his supporters,” claimed Manjit Kaur.

The police denied the charges and maintained that action would be taken on the basis of a transparent investigation.



Banks recover Rs 5.5 cr at lok adalat
Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 10
Banks made hay at the first-ever national lok adalat recovering Rs 5.5 crore from over 600 loan defaulters without filing recovery suits in regular courts today.
Loan defaulters got concession on the interest incurred from banks with the persuasion of Judicial Officers heading the Bench and members of the adalat.

A number of defaulters cleared their arrears in cash.

As many as 18 Benches were constituted to hear pre-litigative cases pertaining to banks and loanees. It is the highest number of Benches to have been constituted for a single nature of cases, out of the total 52 Benches at today’s lok adalat.

With the settlement of disputes, banks have been saved from spending huge amounts on litigation. It usually takes years for a case to reach a logical conclusion.

Similarly, loan defaulters too have been saved from contesting their cases in the court.

“It was heartening to see a number of loan defaulters contacting banks to get their disputes settled after the receipt of summons from the lok adalat,” said Assistant General Manager of Central Bank of India J.S.Arora.

“Bank managers had earlier requested them to settle their accounts but they were not forthcoming. In many cases, defaulters deposited the balance loan amount with the branches of the banks concerned,” he said.

Harish Kumar, a loan defaulter whose dispute with a bank was settled today, said: “Due to slump in my business, I could not pay back the installments for one year. When I had sufficient money to clear the loan amount, banks got adamant on charging exorbitant interest. But after the intervention of the Judicial Officer at the lok adalat, they waived off the interest, as I was ready to pay back the amount on the spot. It was a moment of joy for me.”



Fire destroys wheat crop on 13 acres
Our Correspondent

Khamano, April 10
Nearly about 13 acre of standing wheat crop was destroyed, when a fire broke out at Badla village near here. The fire was taken under control after a struggle of three hours by villagers with the help of tractors and some assistance by fire brigade.

According to information available the fire broke out at 2pm, suddenly when Bihari labourer were cooking their meal at a nearby tubewell. A villager on seeing the fire informed the villagers through announcement from the village Gurudwara the people of the village came out with tractors and started ploughing the fields to stop the fire from going away. DSP Khamnao Balwant Singh and SHO also reached the scene and took part in rescue operations. The fire engine was also pressed in service. 



Passing Thru

AGK Nair
Mr AGK Nair is Director, Pearl Institute of Fashion, New Delhi. He was in Ludhiana for the launching of Sportking Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT)

What made you to come to Ludhiana?

The idea behind the setting up of the Sportking Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) is of the group itself. We are providing the affiliation with cooperation and assistance in terms of faculty, admission and certification.

Will the project have a successful take off?

Definitely. There was a need for some good fashion technology institute in the region itself. A large number of international brands produced from here and others are fabricated here. But not a training institute to provide professional manpower. Sportking stepped in and we came forward with support.

What prospects will the students have in SIFT?

We want to assure that the institute will be one of “the best” in the country and would patterned on the Pearl model only. The students here will have a lot of on-the-job training as big industrial houses of international repute are here. Students will be given outside exposure as well. The students of SIFT will have widespread job market here and outside the country.

— Vimal Sumbly



Ludhiana Calling

Ludhiana is “famous” for offering duplicate CDs, household items and industrial products. It is a common joke here that Ludhianvis can copy any item and make it better than the original of any thing manufactured outside. By a strange quirk of the fate the city now boasts of having the maximum number of duplicates of cricket and film stars. The moment a cricket player shines on field and emerges as the new star on horizon, one or the other duplicate springs up in the city. It started with Tendulkar, Sehwag, Govinda, Irfan and now even a lookalike of Mohinder Singh Dhoni (Ravi Verma) has been spotted here. All these duplicates make hay while the real star shines. They serve as cheap alternatives to the star for modeling and have their own appeal among the public.

No solution

The government has failed to provide adequate transport facilities to the common man. Though several government aided corporations are plying buses apart from the scores of private transport companies, people still do not get vacant seats in the buses and have to travel on the roof. This is not only pathetic but is also dangerous to the life of these commuters. The danger becomes more serious in the city as a number of overhead hoardings are quite low and can cause some tragedy. The solution is not to increase the height of the hoarding or to stop people forcibly from travelling on the roof but to introduce more buses so that that no one needs to travel dangerously.

Montek’s gesture

The students of local Arya College for boys were expecting Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of India, to address them on their annual convocation. But they were disappointed lot when he could not make it due to some pre-occupancy. But their disappointment, however, turned into a pleasant surprise when his wife, a noted economist, Dr (Ms) Ishar Judge Ahluwalia, stood up to address them. She had with her an apology from Mr Ahluwalia himself. When she read out the beautiful words stating that his absence was not in his control and asked for forgiving him, the auditorium of the college reverberated with applause. Her words that he was looking forward to keeping his promise to the students were somewhere lost in the overflow of emotions in the form of the applause.

Disappointing mangoes

April has just begun and mangoes have already started flooding the market. Though these mangoes in the market are a delight for the eyes, but they are quite a disappointment when it comes to taste. Though some city vendors had been selling Alphonsos throughout the year, yet the mango lovers were waiting to enjoy the natural taste of seasonal fruits. They were however, disappointed when the fruit tasted poor. Vendors revealed that the mango farmers had witnessed a bumper crop this year which had arrived in the market quite early. It has forced fruit vendors to use artificial means to ripen them. The chemicals used ripen the fruit make it attractive from outside, but a big disappointment inside!

Tippler’s Principle

Tipplers have unique methods of consuming liquor. They will never admit that the liquor is bad but would always harp on their principles that they take only two pegs daily, or they enjoy bacchus with family member s only, or they eat a lot so that ill-effects of the spirits are minimised. Some are so fond of the liquor that they have to take it at any place they can find. The other day, A Punjab Police cop was getting his beard trimmed at a barber’s shop. He quietly took out a small liquor bottle, a glass and some snacks. He was stopped by the barber who insisted that his principles do not allow anybody consuming liquor in the shop. The cop retorted that the barber should respect his principles too, as he always takes his own glass and snacks wherever he goes and consumes liquor in that only.

Mobile companies

Though a large number of mobile companies have mushroomed in the country and doing roaring business, they have failed to provide basic services to the travellers. One still cannot reach the police control room, fire brigade and ambulance service number from any mobile phones. The company owners and managers have been assuring that something would be done but the promises have not been fulfilled. — Sentinel



Cong flays BJP, SAD for opposing VAT
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 10
The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) has charged the BJP and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leadership with attempts to draw political mileage from the value added tax (VAT) introduced in the state from April 1.

Addressing a party workers meeting here today, the PPCC secretary, Mr Parminder Mehta, ridiculed the opposition parties for raising hue and cry over the new tax regime. He said both the BJP and Akali leaders had maintained silence when the BJP-led government in Centre had initiated steps for the introduction of VAT in Haryana and certain other states. Now that the Congress government had decided to give effect to the more efficient taxation system, these parties were provoking members and trade and industry against VAT to gain cheap popularity.

Speakers at the meeting, while taking stock of the effects of VAT on the prices of essential commodities and other items of daily use, urged the government to launch an educational campaign to dispel the apprehensions of trade and industry about the new tax regime and to ensure that the officials did not cause any harassment to the businessmen in its implementation.

The Congress leaders also called upon the government to make sure that the prices of fertilisers, other farm inputs, medicines and petroleum products were not affected as a result of the introduction of VAT in the state.

The ruling party functionaries made an appeal to the business community not to be misled by politically motivated propaganda of opposition parties and to lend their cooperation in implementing VAT smoothly.

The government had already taken necessary steps to make a thorough review of the provisions of VAT and the act would be suitably amended in consultation with the representative bodies of the affected parties, they observed.

Mr Balbir Singh Billa, Mr Goldy Sabharwal, Mr Nek Chand, Mr Abbas Mohammed, Mr Rehman Hussain and Mr Arun Bedi attended the meeting.



Section added to FIR in acid-attack case
Our Correspondent

Khanna, April 10
The local police has again added a fresh section of the IPC to an FIR against the acid-attack accused, who had injured a girl by pouring acid on her on the eve of Holi. The police did so after getting a report from Christian Medical College and Hospital in Ludhiana.

On March 25, a youth, Karan Maheshwari, attacked a girl, Seema Sharma, resident of Shivuri Mohalla, with acid when she refused to play Holi with him. The girl suffered 20 per cent burn injuries and was admitted to the local Civil Hospital from where she was referred to CMC Hospital.

The police had registered a case under Sections 307 and 34 of the IPC against Karan, his brother Sunny and two other unidentified youths at city police station. But later, the police added Section 325 to the FIR after deleting Sections 307 and 34 of the IPC. The accused was arrested and later released on bail. The other three accused were discharged from the case after conducting an inquiry.

Yesterday, the police received a medico-legal report from Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, in which the doctor had said the injuries were due to a chemical and grievous in nature. Following the report, the police added Section 326 of the IPC to the FIR against Karan Maheshwari.

The SHO, city police station, Mr Waji Singh said the police was conducting raids to arrest the accused.



Setback for peace marchers
Pak denies permission to hold march
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 10
Thirty-five peace marchers who left the city for their onward journey were disappointed today to learn that the Pakistan Government had refused them the permission to hold a march in that country.

The Pakistan Government has decided to grant city-specific visas to the marchers, which they maintain will not serve the purpose.

Led by the Maggasasay Award winner Sandeep Pandey, the peace marchers hoped that the Pakistan Government would grant them the required permission. “Otherwise it will not serve any purpose as we want to convey the message of peace, which could be best conveyed through march only,” Mr Pandey pointed out.

It was learnt that the Pakistan Government had earlier decided to grant the marchers the permission to hold a peace march there. But following intelligence reports, the authorities there decided against it.

It was learnt from colleagues of the marchers across the border that the government there was apprehensive of the Left leaning of the marchers.

While authorities did not have any reservation against the peace march as such, they feared that it could further complicate the existing situation there. Lest the peace marchers encourage other opposition groups there, the government there decided against granting permission for the march.

However, the marchers have decided to continue their journey as all of them have been granted visa for visiting different cities.

They said the Prime Minister of Pakistan had invited them during their last visit in March. They regretted that the Pakistan Government had backed out of its commitment.

They said they had great expectations from the march, which would be first of its kind — starting from one country and concluding in another — in the Indian subcontinent.

“It is an effort to bring the people of the two countries closer to each other and this effort needs to be supported and encouraged,” Mr Pandey said, while hoping that the marchers would get permission for holding the march in Pakistan.

The marchers are likely to cross over to Pakistan at Wagah border on April 16.



No clue to missing 5 of family

Khamano, April 10
No clue has been found about the whereabouts of the five members of the family of sarpanch of nearby Jatana Ucha village even after 48 hours they had gone missing under mysterious circumstances, Their motor cycle was recovered from the bank of Bhakara Canal near Salora village and Pathreri Jattan in Ropar District.

According to information Jarnail Singh, his wife and their three children had gone to his in-laws at Morinda on a motor cycle at about 11 AM yesterday, but they did not reach there but their motor cycle was spotted near Pathreri village by a person who informed the Ropar police about the motor cycle. When the Ropar police recovered the motor cycle, they came to know about the owner of motor cycle and informed the father of Jarnail Singh, Kesar Singh who is sarpanch of the village Jatana Ucha and they started search for their family members with the help of villagers but their whereabouts are not known yet. Jarnail Singh was running a shop in the village and belongs to the Dalit family. When Ropar police was contacted they confirmed the recovery of motor cycle but said that no clue was found as yet. When mediapersons visited the house of Jarnail Singh, several villagers were present there and were praying for safe return of the missing persons. OC



Play on AIDS awareness held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 10
The Rang Manch Rang Nagri yesterday staged a play ‘Aakhri Alfaz’ having the theme of AIDs awareness at the Balraaj Sahni Hall, Punjabi Bhawan Ludhiana.

The play was written by the workers of Rang Manch Rang Nagri and directed by Tarlochan Singh and Pardeep Joshi. The play gave the message regarding the reasons and consequences of AIDS in a very effective and interesting manner.

Tarlochan, Amanjit Kaur, Jagdev, Aditya, Anurag, Jagdip, Parminder, Hardeep, Amrit and Harpreet were the main characters in the play. Dr S N Sewak in his speech praised the effort and called it service to humanity. Ms Satish Gulati form Chetna Parkashan also praised the play and requested for some more shows at different places.

Mr Janmeja Johal, Parmajit Pammi, Dr Guriqbal Singh and Kuldeepak were also present on the occasion. 



Woman’s body found near rail track
Our Correspondent

Khanna, April 10
An unidentified middle-aged migrant woman was found dead near the railway track at Samrala level crossing here today.
According to information, some railway workers noticed the body lying near the track in the morning.

They informed the railway police, which reached the spot and took the body to the local Civil Hospital for a post-mortem examination. The police said the death was apparently caused by a fall from the train.



Scooterist crushed to death
Our Correspondent

Khanna, April 10
An unidentified scooterist was killed after he was hit by a truck last night.
According to information, the man was coming from Mandi Gobindgarh on a scooter. When he reached the Gaib Di Pulli, a vehicle hit the scooter flipping it to the other side of the median. A truck coming from the opposite direction crushed the man, killing him on the spot. The body was sent to the local Civil Hospital for a post-mortem examination.


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