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Woman, son found murdered
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
An aged woman and her son were found murdered in Gobind Nagar near Mundian on Ludhiana-Chandigarh road today morning.
Personal enmity appeared to be the motive behind the twin murders. The assailants had clubbed the heads of the victims with a wooden household implement and also pierced the noses of the victims with a screw driver. The murderers had also sprinkled red chilli powder on the wounds of the deceased. mutilated the bodies.

The police later found traces of chilli powder and the blood-laced wooden implement from the spot.

The deceased—septuagenarian Balwant Kaur and her son Mohinder Singh (45)—used to live in a rented house in the colony after Mohinder got divorced from his Uttaranchal-based wife four years ago. Mohinder Singh was a broker.

Gurbachan Singh, a nephew of Mohinder, who used to work with him had come to his house in the morning. He got suspicious when no one opened the door. After trying for some time, he along with the house owner, and neighbhours scaled a wall and entered a room in the house.

Gurbachan told the police that he almost fainted at the ghastly sight. His uncle was lying semi-naked in a pool of blood on the floor of the house while his mother’s body was lying close-by.

Blood was seen splattered all over the floor and on the walls too.

Though the room had been ransacked, the police has ruled out robbery as the motive behind the gruesome murders. Inspector Dharampal Singh, SHO, Division No 7 police station, said the accused seemed to have deliberately strewn the clothes all around to mislead the police.

He claimed that Mohinder Singh was facing financial crisis, ‘‘He had actually borrowed Rs 500 from a neighbhour last evening only. Further, the assailants had not taken a pair of watches that were found in the room.’’

The police has found a number of fingerprints from the spot. It was suspected that two or more persons had committed the murders. The police also found signs of some resistance by the deceased.

Mohinder Singh was a habitual drinker and had consumed alcohol last night too. The police would question his estranged wife, relatives and some business associates to solve the case.



Children, women more prone to depression
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 9
Depression is not only affecting adult males but more and more children as well as women are also suffering from the problem, which can be cured easily.
In children, depression is defined as an illness in which there is persistent low feeling which interferes with their ability to function.

According to Dr Paramjit Singh Khurana, consultant psychiatrist and drug de-addiction specialist at Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, around five per cent of children and adolescents suffer from depression at any given point of time. Generally, children under stress, those who experience loss, or those having attention, learning, conduct or anxiety disorders, were at a higher risk. The problem also ran in families.

‘‘The behaviour of a depressed child or teenager may differ from the behaviour of depressed adults. The parents should therefore be vigilant about the signs of depression among youngsters which manifest in the form of frequent sadness, despair, decreased interest in activities, failure to enjoy one’s favourite activities, persistent boredom, low energy, low self-esteem, guilt complex, extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure, irritability, anger or hostility, difficulty with relationship, physical ailments, poor performance in studies, frequent absence from school, poor concentration, change in eating, sleep patterns, tendency to run away from home, suicidal or self-destructive behaviour."

Dr Khurana pointed out that depressed children tended to spend most of the time alone.

Those in a relatively higher age group might be hooked on to drugs as a way to feel better. ‘‘At times, children or adolescents, who cause trouble at home or school may actually be suffering from depression without knowing it. Only when asked pointedly do these children sometimes admit that they are unhappy or sad.’’

Emphasizing the need for early diagnosis and medical treatment of depressed children, Dr Khurana asserted that this condition required professional help. Comprehensive treatment often included both individual and family therapy. It might also need the use of anti-depressants.

Another prominent city-based psychiatrist Dr Rajeev Gupta of Manas Psychology and De-addiction Centre observed that depression was fast rising among women and the unfortunate part was that most of them remained undiagnosed and untreated.

According to Dr Gupta important and frequent social, biological and hormonal changes in women, made them highly vulnerable to emotional problems like anxiety, tension, depression and psychosomatic ailments. ‘‘Pregnancies, abortions and menopause are among important triggers in their lives.’’ He said those women who regularly did yoga, meditation and exercise, were better equipped to handle day-to-day stresses and low moods.

Dr Gupta informed that common symptoms of depression among women were sadness, sleep disturbance, non-specific body ache, loss of appetite, fatigue, negative thinking, irritability, anger and suicidal tendencies. When these changes were persistent and affected one’s functioning, psychiatric assistance should be sought without any loss of time, he added.



Three farmers, bank officials booked for fraud
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 9
Ignoring the stay orders passed by the Additional District Judge (Senior) Sangrur, three farmers of Rohira village got a mortgage deed registered in respect of 15 bighas of land and secured Kisan credit cards worth Rs 1 lakh on the basis of fake documents with the alleged connivance of certain officials of Punjab National Bank, Kanganwal.

Acting on the directions of the Senior Superintendent of Police, Sangrur, and on the basis of a report submitted by the SDM, Malerkotla, through the Deputy Commissioner , Sangrur, the local police has registered a case under Sections 420, 465, 467, 468, 471 and 120-B of the IPC against them , including certain bank officials.

A perusal of records showed that Nasir Khan, Ajhar Khan and Yaseen Khan of Rohira in alleged connivance with some officials of Punjab National Bank at Kanganwal village had secured Kisan credit cards worth Rs 1 lakh on the basis of fake revenue documents.

After conducting an inquiry, Dr Indu , SDM, Malerkotla submitted a report to the Deputy Commissioner, Sangrur, who asked the Senior Superintendent of Police , Sangrur, to register a case.

The SSP, Mr Harinder Singh Chahil deputed Mr Rachhpal Singh , DSP , Malerkotla , and verified the facts and directed the local police to register a case.

Investigations had revealed that the farmers had ignored the stay orders passed by the Additional District Judge (Senior), Sangrur, in connection with a piece of land on the basis of which they had procured Kisan credit cards worth Rs 1 lakh. Nasir Khan had obtained a credit card worth Rs 50,000 and Yaseen and Ajhar had jointly availed themselves of similar credit facility of the same amount.

The revenue patwari had denied issuing “farads” on the basis of which the then Branch Manager Hari Om had sanctioned the loan on recommendation of then Field Officer Harmesh Pal.

The investigation officer had observed that the bank officials should have searched the revenue records regarding the title of the land.

Mr Rachhpal Singh corroborated the facts mentioned in the report and directed Mr Harjinder Singh, SHO Sadar, to register the case. No arrest has yet been made. 



AISAD working for third alternative
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
The All-India Shiromani Akali Dal (AISAD) is working towards a third political alternative to the Congress and the SAD. The third alternative is likely to be announced on December 14 to mark the 85th anniversary of the SAD.

Stating this here today, the president of the AISAD, Mr Jaswant Singh Mann, claimed that both the Congress and the SAD had outlived their relevance in the context of national and state politics and both had misruled and misgoverned the state. He said even the Akali-BJP alliance had failed to resolve pending issues and action on the Nanavati Commission report had yet to be seriously taken up.

Mr Mann said the AISAD would be aligning with the Bahujan Samaj Party, the CPI and the CPM, besides other splinter groups to forge a “formidable alliance” which could get majority in the 2007 Assembly poll. He also gave the names of some senior Akali leaders, including a few from the SAD like Mr Manjit Singh Calcutta and Mr Mal Singh Ghuman, who were likely to be associated with the third alternative.

Other leaders to be associated with the alternative include Mr Sucha Singh Chhotepur, Mr Darshan Singh Issapur, Mr Ravi Inder Singh, Mr Prem Singh Chandumajra, Mr Inderjeet Singh Zira, Mr Kabul Singh (a former SGPC president), Mr Baldev Singh Mann, Mr Kuldeep Singh Wadala and Mr Paramjit Singh Sarna. He said although there were some ideological differences with the Akali Dal (Amritsar) president, Mr Simranjit Singh Maan, but he was likely to join the alternative at a later stage.

Listing the party programme, he said the main agenda would be to seek “reunion of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India to bring it back to pre-1947 status”. He said if it happened, India would be a superpower. This would create a balance between the majority and the minority. Besides, India and Pakistan would save at least Rs 25,000 crore which they spend on defence budget and it could be utilised for other welfare schemes.

He said the party would bring transparency and accountability in the working of the SGPC.

The district president of the party, Mr Pupinder Singh Grewal, was also present at the press conference.



Ludhiana Calling

Short Messaging Service (SMS) seems to be the best way of communicating one’s feelings. No matter the occasion is sad or happy, people make it a subject. The massive earthquake which took several lives was again used as a theme for SMS, ranging from spiritual, religious to funny. Some messages are:

“Lo aa gaya bhoochal, kar di usne dhamaal. Umeed hai aapne uska lutf uthaya hoga. Jitna anand hamne uthaya, utna maza aapko bhi aaya hoga. Happy bhoochal day.”

“Darna mat yeh bhukamp nahin tha, yeh to bhagwan ka mobile double vibration mode par laga hua tha.”

“Kyun, hila diya na!”

“Earth was in vibrating mode and the God gave a missed call. Remember this is just a missed call.”

Festival season: Festival season is here. Like other artisans, potters are also busy in producing esthetic pieces. Well, no one is complaining, it’s a matter to be happy! (see photo)

Routine exhibitions: The beginning of Navratras marks the onset of the festival season too. The city has been flooded with discount sales and also a lot of exhibitions. However, much to the disappointment of residents as most of these exhibitions fail to offer anything new and innovative. All that they turn out to be are promotional exercises offering products in electronics, food, furniture and clothes that are already easily available in the market. People only keep wishing they had more to look forward to during this time of the year.

Bad roads: While giving permission for the digging of roads, for whatever purposes, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation seems to be giving little thought to the inconvenience the exercise causes to the public. Particularly in these days, one can witness massive digging going on both sides of roads in areas like Maya Nagar and Sarabha Nagar. Such roads make it difficult for people to pass by and also make these areas accident prone. Worse is when even streetlights fail to function, adding to the risk. Could the corporation be a bit cautious and considerate towards the residents?

— Sentinel



Civic body fails to solve Sewerage problem
Our Correspondent

Khanna, October 9
Even after spending crores of rupees to solve the sewerage problem in the city the problem of sewerage water disposal has made the life of residents miserable . The residents of different areas of the city are making regular appeals to the Municipal authorities and other concerned officers. But nothing has been done so far

In the past two years the council had spent more than Rs seven crores but the residents have not yet got any relief. Residents alleged that the council was under debt. The council had got Rs 33 crores passed for two sewerage and one water supply projects.

The council had begun a project worth Rs 8.52 crores to solve the sewerage problem. when the project was prepared, the Punjab Sewerage Board had said that with the completion of this project the sewerage problem of the city would be solved. But till date Rs 5.5 crores have been spent, but the city residents are still facing problem.

In the project it was planned that a disposal would be constructed near Rasulra village. The project, which was to be completed is still in the pipeline.

For two other projects, the council got loans sanctioned worth Rs 24 crores. It was to lay sewerage lines in the outer parts of the city and to change the damaged lines in the inner parts and for laying drinking water supply lines. Major amount for the completion of the project was to be borrowed from HUDCO, which had transferred an amount to the councils account. But the council used Rs 1 crore elsewhere. The work for laying sewerage lines was started in the areas of Krishna Nagar , Gulmohar Nagar Guru Angad Dev Nagar and in many other localities. These new sewerage lines are not sufficient to meet the increased quantity of the sewerage water. Rainwater stands still in areas like Shamshan Ghat Road, Octroi Post Number five, Samadhi Road, Narotam Nagar road, Gulmohar Nagar , Krishna Nagar and Guru Angad Dev Nagar.

The residents alleged that the council was not providing basic facilities to residents. They also alleged that the council authorities were not concerned with their problems .

Opposition councilors and other political parties had also registered their protests. The seven opposition Councilors of the city and another belonging to ruling Congress party had sat on a chain fast strike from April 4th to 15th April.

MrVijay Sharma, a leader of the Opposition councilors, alleged that the council authorities had misused the fund raised for the disposal scheme, which had worsened the condition.

Mr Najar Singh, Executive officer of the Municipal council, Khanna, told the Ludhiana Tribune that the work at Rasulra to Jargari was under way. After the completion of this rising main the problem would be solved . He said that the council had got a loan of Rs 1 crore from the Bank of Maharashtra for the construction of slug carriage. He claimed that the sewerage problem of the city may be solved with in three months.



Lok Bhalai Party to take up farmers’ cause
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
‘‘The Lok Bhalai Party was not only committed to take up the cause of the farmers but would also strive to provide a better deal to the Punjabi youth stranded on foreign shores besides ensuring that girls who marry abroad are not harassed on any account,’’ says Balwant Singh Ramoowalia, party chief and a member of the National Minorities Educational Institutes Commission, who was addressing an impressive meeting to mobilize workers for the state Assembly elections.

He expressed gratitude to the people of state for their wholehearted support to the programme and policies of the party and said they would continue to do so.

Talking to TNS, the former MP said all self-employed people, businessmen, traders, kisans, labourers, government, and non-government employees, students, etc were feeling distressed and frustrated for which, the party felt, the prevalent corruption, political bankruptcy and other malpractices were responsible. People do not know whom to trust after being at the receiving end of mis-governance for the past 57 years, he said amid slogan-raising by the audience.

‘‘The party also feels that the established political parties were using money and muscle power and were also misusing religion to deprive Punjabis of a better and clean society, he added.

Mr Ramoowalia called upon the people to think about the reasons for the increase in the criminalisation of politics over the past 15 years.

He demanded the setting up of fast-track special courts for dispensing speedy justice to the young Punjabi girls who had fallen prey to fraudulent NRI grooms, and Punjabi youths who had been defrauded and looted by shady travel agents.

The party further demanded a legal provision through which the victimised married girls would get the right to immovable and moveable property of her in-laws for her future sustenance and that special police cells should be set up to register FIRs against the parents and other family members of the fraudulent grooms.

Mr Ramoowalia also expressed concern over the rapid fall in ground water level and urged the government to come out with a white paper on this.

He assured the audience of his continued struggle for the welfare of kisans, Dalits, backward classes, NRIs, RMPs, ex-servicemen, traders, petty shopkeepers, students, youths, unemployed people and those connected with self-generating employment.



Infusing life into lumps
D.B. Chopra

Ludhiana, October 9
Soon after coming from school to her house in Chander Nagar, Priyanka (7), granddaughter of a potter, takes to painting various types of “diyas” and other earthenware.
These days she is extremely busy in painting hundreds of assorted “diyas”, piggy banks and so on. So are the other dozen-odd members of the joint family headed by Panna Lal whose two sons, their wives and children live under the same roof. The whole family is working around 18 hours a day for making items for Divali.

Panna Lal has shifted the workshop to the roof of his house where work is being carried out simultaneously on a number of items. While two women are dipping dried earthen “diyas” with curved handles in a white-clay solution to give them a distinct look, one of his sons is varnishing dancing clay dolls with the help of spray gun. The other son is busy with other chores, ferrying various items up and down. Panna Lal keeps a close watch on all proceedings while busy with his craft of infusing life into ugly lumps of clay on his mechanised potter’s wheel.

The variety of coloured “diyas” Panna Lal is preparing is quite mind-boggling.

Panna Lal says he has already got a number of orders from wholesalers and retailers and he can afford to employ outside labour. But he cannot think of any expansion at this juncture because of paucity of space. Rooms in the house have been turned into stores with goods ready for dispatch.

But in spite of all the rush at the moment, it is a hand-to-mouth situation for the family.

Panna Lal rues the rising cost of clay and other inputs. An item has to pass several hands before it is ready. The wholesalers do not pay the “real” price for his various works but he is carrying on with the business in the larger interest of the family.

“If I stop all this, my sons would have to beg for menial jobs outside,” reasons the potter.



Pensioners plan rallies
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 9
Mr B.R. Kaushal, chairman, Punjab Pensioners Confederation, rued that the poll promises made by the Congress during the elections had not been fulfilled in the past three and a half years.

The Congress had promised that after coming to power it would grant house rent allowance equal to 25 per cent of the basic pension or Rs 500 per month, enhancement of ceilings on hospitalisation expenses .

Mr Kaushal said the confederation had decided to start rallies and demonstrations at district headquarters in a phased manner. The rallies would start from Amritsar district in this month.



Pensioners express shock over quake deaths
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 9
The Government Pensioners' Association expresses its deep shock and grief over the deaths and devastation caused by earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir as well as Pakistan.

The association called upon all social service organisations, religious institutions, government employees, students and the media to come forward to extend monetary aid to the victims for their early rehabilitation.

The association advised the citizens to spend less on Dasehra, Diwali and other festivities and thus save money for this cause. The association will also collect funds from its members and send the money to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.Back



Mayor inaugurates road repair
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
The Mayor of the local municipal corporation, Mr Nahar Singh Gill, today formally inaugurated the re-conditioning and widening of the roads in Sarabha Nagar Block-I.
The Mayor, along with councillor Ms Amrit Varsha Rampal, started the re-conditioning and widening of the roads in the area by laying a foundation stone.

Ms Rampal said more than Rs 35 lakhs would be spent on the widening and reconditioning of the roads. Last month, sodium street lights were installed in Sarabha Nagar, Jagjeet Nagar and Gurdev Nagar besides a tubewell near Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana.

Ms Rampal also gave ration to 65 needy women which was arranged by the Ludhiana Young Samaj Seva Sang. Mr Gill who was chief guest on this occasion praised the social work done by the members.



4 booked for allegedly duping ex- Inspector
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 9
The local police has registered a case against at least four persons including a former municipal councilor under Section 420, 379, 467, 468, 471, 120 B of the IPC for allegedly duping a former police Inspector.

Ram Asra, son of Hukam Chand Dhir of Alamgir district, Ludhiana, an attorney, Kishori Lal son of Budh Ram, a retired police Inspector of Ahmedgarh and now a resident of Lakshami Bagh Dhakie Pathankot complained to the local police that Ram Kumar Verma son of Lal Chand Verma and Nirmala Devi wife of Ram Kumar Verma, ward number 13, Kashmiri Lal, son of Som Nath, ward number 3, alongwith Birbal Khan, son of Nizam Din , Kishori Lal Verma former councillor had duped him with the connivance of employees of the Municipal Council by illegally transacting sale deed of property situated at Railway road here.

According to statement recorded by the police Ram Kumar Verma and Nirmala Devi sold the said property to Kashmiri Lal of ward number 3, on the basis of documents prepared in connivance with the employees of the Municipal Council. Mr Kishori Lal Verma, and Birbal Khan had identified the sellers.

The property was further sold to Jarnail Singh of Baurhai village, Mohan Singh and Chuni Lal at various stages. At present H.K. Verma and C.K. Verma are in possession of property.

Finding a prima facie case in the complaint the local police registered an FIR against the accused. No arrest has yet been made.


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