Fuel from the moon a novel idea

It seems the destructive Cold War between the world powers of yesteryears has taken a constructive form and that is good for mankind. This time it has acquired the shape of a race to tap the energy of the future—helium-3, a perfect non-polluting fuel which is in abundance on the moon. Its atoms reached through the outward flow of solar winds for over five billion years. It is estimated to be 500 million tonnes, a mind-boggling quantity.

To meet the ever-increasing energy demand, we are exploiting the fossil fuels which are responsible for global warming. Some non-polluting sources have been exploited, but much of the energy demand is still met by burning oil, gas, wood and coal which are expected to be exhausted as the earth is not going to support the growing energy needs of humans beyond this century. So, scientists have rightly fixed their eyes on the moon as a future source of energy supply.

Russia and the US are planning to mine helium-3, present in abundance in lunar soil. Hats off to this novel idea. Governments across the globe must support the scientific fraternity in its endeavour to make human life worth living in this hostile universe. India should also join this race to undo the disadvantage we have been facing with regard to crude oil.


ARVIND DHUMAL, Advocate, Jalandhar

Search for Saraswati

Dr A.R. Chaudhri, a geologist at Kurukshetra University, has stated (Feb 1) that the water sample oozing out of the Kalayat Paleo channel is sweet to taste as compared to the brackish water of the tank of the Kapil Muni Temple in the ancient town of Kalayat in Kaithal district. On the basis of this phenomenon and an analysis of the archaeological excavations at Aadi Badri in Kurukshetra, he has concluded that the Kalayat Paleo channel is an aquifer of the lost Saraswati river.

This is questionable. The Dr V.S. Wakankar report has identified the river’s course from Aadi Badri upto Marot, and the Saraswati is ultimately considered to have been lost in the Thar Desert. Therefore, any study made at only one spot cannot be taken as final.

During the drilling operations of the ONGC’s Jawalamukhi project in HP, at a depth of around 6000 mts, it was observed that the circulating drilling fluid temperature had suddenly fallen by 12 C, revealing that the drill had penetrated into a sub-surface water channel. This may well be the Saraswati, and the ONGC has taken up a research project on this.


former ONGC Project Manager, Jawalamukhi project, Chandigarh

Organ donation

Permanent organ transplant is being carried out at about 200 health institutions all over the globe. In India, every year about two lakh persons die due to the failure of liver, heart and kidney. But the programme on permanent organ transplant in our country is not being carried out enthusiastically.

A number of persons who are declared brain-dead due to road accidents or due to a disease are admitted to hospitals. But rarely do the relatives of such patients agree to donate the organs of these brain-dead persons due to ignorance and old religious taboos. There is need to create awareness about organ donation in the country.

In Hoshiarpur, a number of social activists have already taken up the cause of blood and eye donation. The Indian Medical Association and Bhai Ghanayia Ji Charitable Blood Bank personnel associated with the government-run blood banks in Hoshiarpur district and the eye donors’ association are working very hard to make Hoshiarpur a district of blood and eye donors.

Now a group of social activists has joined hands to form the Bhai Ghanayia Ji Ang Dann Society with its head office at Bhai Ghanayia Ji Charitable Blood Bank, Model Town, Hoshiarpur. The purpose of the society is to create awareness among the people about organ donation and to urge the Central government to bring about legislation under which health institutions will be permitted to take the organs for donation from the patients declared brain-dead.

DR AJAY BAGGA, Hoshiarpur

IIMs’ global plans

It is heartening to see that the Indian Institutes of Managements (IIIMs) have established themselves among the world’s best management institutes. But now they are trying to open branches abroad.

How many top class institutes do this? I have not heard of institutes of repute having any branch outside their countries. It is the horse which comes to the well and not the well that goes to the horse.

It would be more prestigious for the IIMs to attract students from abroad. This will not only earn more foreign exchange for the country but businesses abroad will also get an Indian input. This way the IIMs will serve the country better.


Encourage sportsmen

Two gubernatorial vacancies have arisen following the resignation of Bihar Governor Buta Singh and Andhra Pradesh Governor Sushil Kumar Shinde’s appointment as Union Power Minister. Sports and culture have all along been neglected. The two areas will get a boost if the President and the Prime Minister appoint distinguished persons in these fields as Governors.



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