Need to tackle terror with a firm hand

It is very sad that terrorists have struck again in Mumbai causing hardship and destruction. Nearly 200 people were killed and about 500 injured in the serial blasts. Terrorist attacks have increased in recent times. It is the government’s duty to provide security and safety to the people.

The Prime Minister, the Union Home Minister and other leaders have been making the same statements that they will face the terrorists bravely and that we will not be cowed down by terrorist attacks. However, is this the way to control terrorism? Pakistan is aiding the terrorists in all possible ways. Terrorists have come across the border and would not have succeeded in their nefarious designs without Pakistan’s overt and tacit support.

The Prime Minister and others in the government should perform their duties sincerely and diligently. Speeches alone are not enough to combat terrorism. Nor mere condemnation of the killings will balm and heal the sufferings of those who have lost their near and dear ones in the serial blasts. Terrorism must be tackled with a firm hand.

S.P. SHARMA, Mumbai



Seven serial blasts in just 11 minutes in Mumbai’s fast local trains and five grenade attacks in Srinagar were most unfortunate. But the way Mumbai has bounced back to life the very next day shows the resilience and courage of its people. Hopefully, the Centre and the states will now try to grapple with the scourge all along the terror trail and not end up again with hollow brave words.

The spate of terrorism is a well planned low cost war unleashed against India. It is quite pathetic to see the ongoing peace parleys, bus service and cultural exchanges while we are being bled through different organisations sheltered so openly in its backyard.

If the world has to survive, the war against terror has to be fought jointly targeting the roots rather than small outfits operating under changing pseudonyms. Terrorism is entirely a new anti-humanity cult and as such no communal labels be attached to it.



The serial bomb blasts in Mumbai trains are tragic. Those found guilty must be punished because the attack has taken the life of 200 people and injured many more. On the same day there were five grenade blasts in Srinagar also. Apparently, because of the intelligence failure, terrorists are able to plan the high level attacks in two major cities of India. We must view the tragedy as a challenge and step up our war on terror.

I would like to add that the spirit and resilience of Mumbaikars are really appreciable because despite the critical situation, they did not lose the courage and helped sufferers without waiting for the government aid.



This refers to the editorial “Black Tuesday” (July 12). The Prime Minister said that it was a desperate attempt by the terrorists to derail the peace-process. He said terrorists would not be allowed to succeed; those behind the attack will not be allowed to get away; and the forces of terrorism will be defeated...

These are meaningless words when terrorists are playing hit-and-run at their will and even the Prime Minister could hold a meeting in Srinagar only under the shadow of the gun and the terrorists carried out blasts in the vicinity.

On assuming power, the UPA government did what no other government in the world might have done in these times. It repealed the anti-terror law POTA brought by the previous government in pursuance of the UN Security Council post-9/11 resolution 1373 which had asked member-states to enact effective laws against terrorism.

The much trumpeted “peace-process” is nothing but a mirage. The Hurriyat has no control over Pakistan-based terrorist outfits. Any agreement with the Hurriyat cannot silence the guns of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Hizb-ul-Muzahideen et al. The government should rise above politics, put stringent anti-terror laws in place and take hard-hitting ground action to make the perpetrators of terror, within and outside, pay the price for their crime against humanity.

M.C. JOSHI, Lucknow

Not by birth alone

There is a mad race among India’s politicians to promote their sons and daughters as if the country’s billion people are a bunch of nincompoops and India is a family concern.

The Congress, the BJP, the SP, the DMK and most others are guilty of this undemocratic practice. Sycophants in every political party make it look like a “do or die” issue. While the Congress sycophants cannot think beyond Rahul Gandhi, the BJP ones had started seeing in Rahul Mahajan the hope for India. It is a different matter that events overtook the sycophants’ plans. The SP’s Akhilesh Yadav and the DMK’s Stalin are not far behind.

R.J. KHURANA, Bhopal

No setback to space research

Though the failure of the INSAT-4C and the Agni III missile tests is unfortunate, advanced research in the nation’s space programme and defence preparedness must continue. There is no reason to feel disheartened. Such failures are an integral part of the programme. Big nations like the USA  and Russia have marched ahead to achieve great successes despite initial failures.

We as Indians should feel proud of the fact that we are living in a great democracy where the media is free, independent, vibrant and well-respected and the failures are not hidden from the public domain.

This is very much unlike many Asian nations which report only the successes and not their failures. Let us consider our failures as a stepping stone to success.

M.K. BAJAJ, Gurgaon



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