Those bad bosses
Deepika Gurdev
The Devil Wears Prada
by Lauren Weisberger. Anchor Books
 Pages 432. $8.
Last night I woke up with a start. In my nightmare, there was a certain Miranda Priestly screaming ‘Ahn-dre-ah’. Never mind that I’m not Ahn-dre-ah — small mercies, as they say.

Love in the time of terrorism
Harsh Desai
The Good Life
by Jay McInerney
Alfred A Knopf. Pages 353. $25
Jay McInerney, the man who wrote so vividly about Bolivian marching powder (a form of cocaine so powerful that you feel that troops are marching in your head), is back with yet another book. He described the party scene and life in New York where people live as if there is no tomorrow.

The genesis of khayal
Rachna Singh
The Lost World of Hindustani Music
by Kumar Prasad Mukherji. Penguin Books. Pages 354. Rs 395.
Music has often been described as ibadat or prayer by devotees of this art. Riyaz (practice with devotion) and talim (learning from a guru) were important parts of this musical tradition, whose flashes can still be seen in the Harivallabh Sammelan every December in Jalandhar. However, in today’s world of quick-fix Indian Idol, this tradition has become pass`E9.

The man, the mission
Passarola Rising
by Azhar Abidi. Penguin Viking. Pages 244. Rs 350.
The history of aviation has fascinated generations. The first attempts at flying with balloon or crude gliders have been a matter of curiosity. Though we have succeeded in crossing the sound barrier, yet the past continues to intrigue.

End is near indeed
Priyanka Singh
The Revenge of Gaia
by James Lovelock. Penguin. Pages 177. £ 11.99
Our future is like that of passengers on a small pleasure boat sailing quietly above the Niagara Falls, not knowing that the engines are about to fail.

Signs & signatures
Critic as moral visionary
Darshan Singh Maini
AS a rule, critics are seldom taken into account when the theme is the work of a great novelist, poet or essayist. They are considered secondary to the proceedings. However, now and then, a critic becomes a lawgiver, and a creative writer in his own right.

Shelley’s India link
Even though famous for his Ode To the West Wind, (If winter comes`85can spring be far behind), Percy Byshe Shelley has an Indian connection too.

Date with ghosts of history
It was indeed a heady cocktail: myths, history and memories blended to create a memorable evening celebrating historian Shahid Amin’s fine book on the Chauri-Chaura incident that forced Mahatma Gandhi to suspend the non-cooperation movement against the British rule.

King’s "dream" auctioned
More than 10,000 books and manuscripts from the estate of Martin Luther King, Jr., many in the handwriting of the crusader for justice and non-violence, were put under the hammer last month.

Books received

Great stories from pastmasters

Randeep Wadehra
The Illustrated Premchand selected short stories
translated by David Rubin OUP. Pages: vi+90. Rs. 195

Children’s Tagore
edited by Sukanta Chaudhuri
OUP. Pages: viii+121. Rs. 105

The Second Oxford India Illustrated Corbett
Pages: viii+197. Rs 295