Rat race to go nuclear must stop

HK. Dua’s article, Tremors from the blast: North Korea cocks a snook at the world (Oct 11) was timely and informative. In the absence of an effective world body to control the nuclear activities of the nations, the planet earth is under strain. After Iran, Iraq, Israel and Pakistan, North Korea has joined the group demonstrating the nuclear prowess.

The rat race to go nuclear must stop. Otherwise, it will spell disaster. These nations are not following the NPT rules and thus, these newly acquired atomic energy capabilities are not meant for peaceful purposes. For them, nuclear power means amassing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to serve warning to the border and other nations.

The WMDs produced by these nations can pass into the hands of dreaded organisations like Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorist outfits. The UN must come out with definite safeguards against the use of nuclear weapons for destructive purposes and rein in the nations defying the accepted norms.



A nuclear North Korea will not only alter the strategic balance of power in the region, but also seriously affect the efforts towards an anti-proliferation global regime. Unfortunate though, this must be seen in the light of the reported American intimidation of North Korea and the US threat of a regime change in North Korea.

More important, North Korea undertook the long-anticipated nuclear test after duly informing the world community. Earlier, it was a member of the NPT, but it withdrew from the treaty and the rest is history. With this test, South Korea may opt for its own nuclear weapons. Japan may be forced to go nuclear, reversing its decades-old policy of non-militarisation.


The writer rightly says that a military strike against North Korea is unlikely at least for sometime. The UN has imposed sanctions. Let’s see what is North Korea’s next move.

The US, of course, will take North Korea very seriously because its pride is hurt. But it cannot change the regime in North Korea by force. The US bit dust in Vietnam. The USSR suffered Waterloo in Afghanistan. History always repeats itself, if ignored.


It is unfortunate that North Korea has joined the nuclear race. As the Us has termed it, the North Korean nuclear test is provocative. It amounts to blackmail also. The nuclear test also marks an unholy alliance between North Korea and Pakistan. Therefore, India must be on guard always. Our leaders should carefully choose between friends and foes.
Prof P.K. GUPTA, Bathinda


The US invaded Iraq and toppled its government on the pretext that it possessed WMDs. There is, however, no trace of WMDs. The US is in the habit of invading nations like Afghanistan, Bosnia, Serbia and Iraq. Should not Uncle Sam be tried in the International Court of Justice, The Hague, for committing atrocities on innocent people in the world?

If the US sincerely wants non-proliferation, it must take severe action against Pakistan. The world is unsafe today due to the US’ nefarious  activities. The Taliban and Osama bin Laden were initially helped, aided and  nurtured by the US in Afghanistan against the Soviets. Now it wants to  control the monster created by the US itself. The US should put an end to its  double standard and hypocrisy as the global champion of democracy, human rights, freedom and dignity.
S.P. SHARMA, Mumbai

Newspapers’ role

The people’s thoughts collectively reflect a nation’s psychology and determine their enthusiasm to actualise their capabilities. For many, newspaper remains their morning cup of tea.

However, how many of us feel happy after reading the headlines? Dissemination of news should not be the only aim of a newspaper because it affects the psychology of the masses, forms an opinion and builds a nation.

All the developments, success stories on administration, education, agriculture, industry, business and so on, politics accepted as a prosperous term, beliefs inspired by realism and events that would bring positive thoughts among the readers must be made readable on the first page itself. Once there is content in people’s heart, mind and soul, and they are assured of good events, they would be able to strongly take up the problems of society and nation as a whole and would act as ideal citizens.
AKANKSHA CHAUDHARY, Student, Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi

ESI bonus hike

The government has decided to raise the ESI ceiling limit from Rs 7,500 to Rs 10,000 recently, but the bonus ceiling limit has not been enhanced accordingly. I urge the government to raise the bonus coverage limit from Rs 3,500 to Rs 10,000 retrospectively to give Diwali bonaza to all workers irrespective of their entitlement to bonus. The ceiling on bonus must go.


Appoint selected lecturers 

About 390 lecturers were selected by the Punjab Public Service Commission for Government Colleges in February-March, 2002. But later, the Punjab government cancelled the selections. This was subsequently challenged in the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

The state government has failed to produce any specific reason/proof of irregularities committed in making the selections. Therefore, the government should withdraw the cancellation order and issue appointment letters to the selected lecturers.

Prof SANJEEV KUMAR, DAV College, Hoshiarpur



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