It felt so right. It still does
Love at first sight… sounds a bit too cute, but is true at times, at least was for Karan & Ganimat Sood
We met for the first time in December 2001 at the Panjab University. Ganimat was a masters’ student and I was a speaker for a seminar. She was bubbly and charming, but firm and assertive. I had just returned from England with a masters’ degree. She was also my sister’s best friend.

Way to her Heart
The shortest possible route to a woman’s heart is to buy her the piece of jewellery she had always longed for. And this is the time to pick it up, for as Valentine’s Day approaches, the market gets bigger and better.

Photo: Vinay MalikLove, actually
Valentine’s is not just for the young. Residents past their prime too are picking up gifts to rejuvenate their relationships, says Saurabh Malik
Contagious love-virus is in the air. And catching the infection are not just teenyboppers but also the not-so-young! Also expressing their emotions in the love season of 2007 are married couples advanced in life, brought together by love, parents or even circumstances several decades ago. Sometimes perturbed, mostly glad, they are tightening the knot by gifting presents on Valentine’s.

Crazy kiya re…
Saurabh Malik
This Valentine’s there is a gift for every budget. The market is flooded with gifts starting for as little as Rs 25 and the sky is the limit. No mean feat picking up a gift this time!
If you are not too good at deciding, you better not go Valentine’s shopping on your own. The variety of gifts available this year is sure to bamboozle even the seasoned shopper!

soaring spirits

Famous bartender from UK, Danny Undhammar, chills out during Seagram’s Passport Seven City Tour at Hotel Taj in Chandigarh on Saturday.
Famous bartender from UK, Danny Undhammar, chills out during Seagram’s Passport Seven City Tour at Hotel Taj in Chandigarh on Saturday. — Photo by Parvesh Chauhan

Choco Love
You have said it with flowers. Longing to pen down your own book of love, you have even scribbled amorous messages on greeting cards. Now allow soft love molded into chocolates melting all the way into your pal’s heart on St Valentine’s Day.

No limits
This Valentine’s there is a gift for every budget. The market is flooded with gifts beginning at Rs 25 and the sky is the limit. For starters, check out the friendship bands. Priced at an affordable Rs 25, these are a rage among school kids. Soft toys, another good option, are available in the range of Rs 100 to 4,000. Choose from teddy bears of various shapes, sizes and colours.

Gem of a gift
Smriti Sharma

It’s the day of love— to express one’s feeling, to reinforce one’s faith in a relationship, to show someone what his or her presence in life means. Yes, it’s St Valentine’s Day.

Say it with cards
Shivani Thapa

As the love fest knocks your door on 14 February and everyone looks around for that very special way to express feelings for the one who means the most, cards still do what the quivering lips fail to say. To help you again this Valentine the market is deluged with a wide range of beautiful cards. Anything between Rs 20 to 900 no one is complaining when it comes to picking up the right words.

Fragrances of LOVE

Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden: Rs 2450, 100 ml
Available at Ebony 

Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea
Rs 2550, 100 ml
Available at Ebony

Burberry Tender
Burberry Tender Touch: Rs 3700, 100 ml
Available at Ebony
Provocative Woman
Provocative Woman: Rs 3250, 125 ml Available at Ebony

Be Indian, look Indian
Smriti Sharma
“Indian look is in, so flaunt it anywhere around the globe,” is designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed’s advice for you. The designer having showcased his collection at four fashion weeks including two Lakme India Fashion weeks, says, “Born to a Hindu mother and a Muslim father, I wanted to retain both the second names, is how he explains his identity. Nevertheless his list of achievements doesn’t just end there. 

Sajna hai mujhe….
Anuradha Shukla

Sajna sajana time is here for both men and women as Valentines Day is fast approaching. Ready to woo the one they love, the city women are making a bee-line for the beauty packages and discounts offered by major beauty parlours. In store are hair spa treatments, chocolate facials that come with special gift hampers for the boyfriends or husbands.

Makeover Mantra
Smriti Sharma

Tune into any of the FM stations and the most pleasing voice greets you. Ever wonder who is behind these fast racy lines and how they manage to pull up that spontaneity, always hitting out at the pulse of the audience. All this certainly coaxes one to think how the Radio Jockeys (RJs) look like in real life.

Write to Renee
Balance is the key
I am a 32-year-old, in a serious relationship with a man for the past 10 years. We have had this ‘on and off’ relationship as he had been posted to different places in his career situation. I have been trying to get this man to marry me for the past five years but he always find some excuse. I am willing to wait but for how long. How should I make him take a decision?