Statues need security not city !
Deepkamal Kaur
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, August 14
“He is dead and buried now, though; let him rest, let him rot. Let his vices be forgotten, but his virtues be remembered; it will not infringe much upon any man's time.”

This quotation from the book Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain mirrors the general belief of society. But, there are some elements in the society who believe otherwise. It is because of these reasons that some legends, even though no more in this world, have to guarded, in the form of statue. That’s exactly what is happening in Jalandhar for the past four months.

The story began on May 14, hardly 13 days after the installation of former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh statute. President of SAD (Amritsar) Simranjit Singh Mann and chief of SAD (Zafarwal) Wasan Singh Zafarwal allegedly tried to disgrace the statue by hanging a portrait of Beant’s assassin around his neck at the prominent BMC Chowk. Following the incident, the district police has put its men for round the clock vigil at the site. Mann even demanded removal of the statue blaming Beant Singh for killing Sikhs during his tenure.

While Mann still remains in judicial custody on charges of sedition, the district police too continues to keep the statues protected by deploying its personnel at both the sites.

Not just Beant Singh’s statute, even the massive replica of Dr B.R. Ambedkar at the Nakodar Chowk in Jalandhar had been given a security cover. The policemen have been camping in the tent put up within the circumference of the roundabout, which has on the contrary resulted in spoiling the beauty of the structure. SP headquarters Satinder Singh, said, “We do not want an incident of the sort to re-occur. Security has been deployed and it will remain in place as general precaution.”

In fact, the Beant Singh’s statue has been in a controversy even before it was unveiled. While the municipal corporation Jalandhar had erected the statue in the last week of December 2006, it could not be unveiled by leaders of the previous Congress government owing to imposition of code of conduct.

Even after the elections were over, the local authorities took it too long to plan the event. The statue, which had since then been wrapped in a jute cloth was uncovered by some mischievous persons one night.

The statue was then wrapped in a white cloth on the orders of the administration. Beant Singh’s daughter, Gurkanwal Kaur, former minister, too had expressed her annoyance over the issue. Later in a ceremony held on May 1, leader of the opposition, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, formally inaugurated the statue.

Dr Ambedkar’s statue in Jalandhar was probably also given a cover owing to an incident of desecration of the Dalit icon by defacing it in November last year. A statue of the architect of the constitution had also been found damaged a few weeks later at Allahabad.

Regarding such incidents, Dr Satish Kapoor, a historian and principal of Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar, said, “Statues tend to become idols once they are placed at any intersection. Any mischief that results in an insult of the statue, therefore, becomes a major issue. Such an incident has to be checked or it could lead to flaring up of tempers as has been happening earlier. A public awakening needs to be created on the issue. Even Bible preaches respect of the dead.”

Kuldeep Singh Oberoi, an Akali councillor in Jalandhar, opined, “Statues should be erected only after much consideration for they have to be preserved and guarded later. The city has a number of statues of martyrs, political leaders and freedom fighters but most of these remain covered with banners, hoardings and buntings at the time of any occasion which too causes their insult.”

Interestingly, the city has a number of statues erected at its roundabouts and intersections including those of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Kirti Chakra awardee Major Raman Dada and Bhagat Singh but these are not being guarded as these have not remained in any controversy ever since their installation.



Art comes alive at Virsa Vihar exhib
Aparna Banerji
Tribune News Service

The event was a total feast for art lovers.
The event was a total feast for art lovers. — A Tribune photograph

Jalandhar, August 14
“A fine, cool shower on a dry monsoon day” is what the three-day exhibition held in the Virsa Vihar complex, might be termed as. To a city where the layman’s perception of fine arts or paintings has been ridden with clichés - ranging from posters of popular gods and deities to the regular, ill-attempted portraits of famous actors and celebrities displayed outside the street-side painter’s shop - this exhibition, arranged by ArtDot, has come like a whiff of fresh air for the art lovers.

The exhibition which started on August 12, was inaugurated by Purnima Beri, deputy managing director, Leader Valves Ltd. She said the effort to bring many artists together for the first time in Jalandhar was highly laudable.

The exhibition represented thoughts, abstractions, landscapes and women in their hoards of avatars as ballet dancing damsels (in the bronze sculptures of Basudeb Biswas) to a part of an old duo (in Rohini Sood’s painting). From the traditional to the contemporary, everything was explored. Different art forms from realistic to abstract and figurative to the stylised were on display. Veteran artists like the national awardee Basudeb Biswas and Dr Surjit Kaur put up their works on display.

Channi G.S. Takulia, office secretary of Virsa Vihar, was highly satisfied with the exhibition. He has already planned future exhibitions at Virsa Vihar. Biswas, whose sculptures and a painting were exhibited, said his upbringing in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands had much to do with the way he perceived and presented art. "Nobody sits idle there as we do in the cities. There is a lot of work and movement in the lives of people there. I have been largely inspired by that. It may be a dancing girl,” he said, talking about his sculptures. Indeed a closer look at the sculpture of a dancing girl with her dress flowing and full of life, drove the point home. An enthusiastic girl came to him for tips for her painting on a popular god, which she wanted to send for the nationals, his immediate answer was a “no”. “I shredded my painting from the sides to make it look raw and different. Nobody accepts clichés there (at the national level). If you want to be successful nationally you need to think out of the box,” was his valuable piece of advice.

Dr Surit Kaur, retired HoD, APJ College of Fine Arts, was very happy with the exhibition. “Painting is a medium of learning about yourself and your surroundings. It is a self search,” she said. Among the lesser known artists, senior model school teacher Sukhwinder Singh’s work was appreciated. His charcoal and ink “landscapes” were lauded by art lovers.

The compositions of Pawan, Gaekwad Ramdas Rimpy Parmar and Suruchi were appreciated. Sarojini Sarda, PCS, was the guest of honour on the last day of the exhibition on Tuesday.



Jalandhar boy bags Punjab chess title
Deepkamal Kaur
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, August 14
A class VI student of MGN Public School, Aakarshan Gupta, has done the city proud by winning the under-11 chess championship organised by the Punjab State Chess Association in Amritsar last week.

Aakarshan claims to have defeated a three-time state champion. He also won all five rounds in the final match. He has now cleared his way to enter the national tournament to be held at Kozikode from October 26 to November 1.

The budding chess champion has been preparing wholeheartedly to give his best at the event. From regularly going through magazines like Chessmate and playing chess using CDs and softwares, he has been trying to test himself in various situations to improve his game.

Dr Avinash Gupta, his father, said proudly, “I and my son started playing chess about one and a half years back. He learnt the basic rules from me and within a week, he started defeating me. From then on, I could never win the game.”“Then he participated in a few events in the school and won prizes. It was then that I realised his talent and started taking him for the events held at the district level. I even took him for coaching to a chess player Amit Sharma. After his coach left for the UK a few months back, he started taking training from Shival Jethi, another chess player,” said his father.

But Aakarshan is not just into chess. “He is a good tabla and harmonium player as well. He is studious and has never scored less than 95 per cent marks. In fact, he does everything with full concentration and tries to do it with perfection,” Gupta was all praise for his son.



Aradhaya ‘search baby of the year’

Kids were judged on parameters like health, growth
Kids were judged on parameters like health, growth.

Jalandhar, August 14
Aradhaya Dhir was adjudged the “Search baby of the year 2007” at a function organised by Shivam Fertility and IVF Centre. More than 250 children took part in the event. Most of the children who participated in the contest were born with test-tube baby technique.

A panel of judges took a test of children on the activities like growth and health, general activities and special qualities of the children. The panel chose the most talented, healthy and smart child as the “Search baby of the year 2007”.

Aradhaya put up a song and dance performance.

In other contests, Jasgun got the first position among the children in the age group of up to six months, Kakhi in the age group of up to 12 months and Abhimanyu Rathur in the age group of up to two years. Aradhaya was first among the children in the age group of three to four years. — TNS



Punjabi tadka to spice up phoren flicks
Parwinder Blaggan
Tribune News Service

Punjabi dubbed Hollywood films are making waves in city markets
Punjabi dubbed Hollywood films are making waves in city markets.

Jalandhar, August 14
Have you seen the movie “Chotu Da Kammal” and “Kake Da Khadaka”. The answer is certainly negative. But, actually you have watched it, not once but innumerable times with a possibility of these movies being your favourite ones. Shocking but true, the real names of these movies are “Home Alone” and “Baby’s Day Out” respectively.

With the recent spurt of Hindi dubbed Hollywood flicks in the market, those indulging in piracy have gone a step further giving it a regional angle. Dubbed in Punjabi language, the market is flooded with these kinds of pirated movies.

All you have to remember is the original name of the movie and ask the shopkeeper for its availability. For instance “Blue Streak” is known as “Bhola Te Mirza”, “Beverly Hill Cop” is now “Ladoo Khate Wale” and our neighborhood Spidey “Spiderman” is “Makadi Wala Banda”, “Shanghai Nights” is “Bhatt and Bhatti”, “Mr and Mrs Smith” is “Mr and Mrs Sharma” and “Mouse Hunt” is “Chuhe Da Khadaka.”

According to the CD shop owners, these movies, even though being sold openly in Punjab, are actually dubbed in Pakistan and the Punjabi used in the movies is the one spoken in Pakistan.

In the city these movies can be fetched from Phagwara gate area where these are being sold at Rs 20 per DVD including a set of four or five dubbed movies.

“There is a great demand for such movies. Every day we get three to four customers who want to purchase these movies not to forget a number of others who take them on rental basis,” said a shop-owner selling these movies.

Shahi, owner of Ruby Shahi Video Parlour, said, “In India people are really crazy about Hollywood flicks, but due to the language barrier people hesitate buying or borrowing English movies.” Hindi dubbing has helped a lot in increasing the sales of such movies. “When viewers are getting their favourite movies dubbed in their mother tongue then why wouldn’t they see it,” he added.



Young World
Japanese punch, chocolate nutties: Khana Khazana goes exotic
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, August 14
To help students learn table manners and know about a wide array of cuisines, Eklavya School organised a three-day event Khana Khazana. On the first day the children brought snacks and desserts of their own choice and shared the food items with each other. Day two saw kids making different diahes like bhelpuri, stuffed kulche, chocolate nutties, sandwiches and salad under the guidance of their teachers. The theme for the last day was regional food. The middle-section students prepared Japanese punch on burner. The kids were also taught various table manners, including proper use of fork and knife. They were also given tips to help their family members in cooking.

Teej celebrated

Teej was celebrated at CT Public School with great traditional fervour. The staff and the stduents performed skits, Punjabi songs and giddha. Decked up in colourful attires, the staff made merry. The programme concluded with a lunch. Girl students of Lovely Professional University celebrated Teej with gaiety at their hostel. The girls, who hail from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were seen adorning traditional outfits and accessories including parandas, bangles, jewellery and juttis. The campus was decorated with swings. The girls sang folk songs, bolian and performed gidha. Students enjoyed special dishes, including malpura, kheer, pakoras, karah and gur wale rice. Harman was crowned Punjab di mutiar. Raman won the prize for henna contest.

Seminar on drugs

DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology in association with Bharat Vikas Parishad organised a blood donation camp and a seminar on ‘Drug de-addiction’. SSP Arpit Shukla advised the students to adopt good life style, dietary habits, meditation and yoga.

Blood camp

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya organised a blood donation camp to celebrate the 60th Independence Day. Three teachers, including the principal Dr Rita Bawa and 79 students donated blood. The donors were given CDs of patriotic songs sung by A.R. Rehman. MLA K.D. Bhandari was the chief guest.

Science exhib

Students from Police DAV Public School participated in a zonal level science exhibition organised by CBSE at Springdales School, Amritsar on Friday and won in two categories --- educational technology and mathematical modeling, and industry and environment. The team comprising Mehak Chuahan and Vineeta Singh Sagardeep would now take part in the national round to be held in New Delhi. As many as 290 exhibits from 184 schools were screened during the competition.

Fun activity

Tiny tots of Euro Kids, Rama Mandi, along with their teachers enjoyed a trip to a toy shop at Model Town. Shashi Gupta, director, said the activity left the children thrilled. He said the pre-school followed a special technique of learning.

Art of living

A team from ‘Art of living’ organised a seminar for the students and staff at Kanya Maha Vidyalaya. Instructor Saloni shared gave tips to participants to fight stress. Later, students also held an interaction with the instructor to find out solutions to their individual problems. 



Nation’s map on cardamon 
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, August 14
A designer with a cassette company, this youth has a passion for creating miniature art pieces.

Coinciding with the Independence Day falling tomorrow, Vijay Momi has come up with a patriotic theme. He has designed the map of India on a piece of cardamom. The map has been painted in saffron, white and green colours.

A resident of Phillaur, Momi has earlier attempted other miniature art works including, tricolour, portrait of Subhash Chander Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Golden Temple on rice grains. He had even paint flags of 24 countries on almond nut.

Recently, when Taj Mahal was in news for being re-polled as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, he had painted the monument on a rice grain.

His art piece depicting flags of Pakistan and India and carrying a message, “We all are one”, had even got a commendation from former President of India, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, almost three years back.

He had also won an appreciation from CM Parkash Singh Badal during his previous tenure when he had printed his name on a horse hair. 



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