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Whither national pride?
The Kila Raipur games have a reputation of being the rural Olympics of India, but not a single Indian flag could be spotted in the arena. Ironically, the national flags of other countries could be seen on the last day of the sports festival.
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Kila Raipur, February 10
Controversies surrounding the Tricolour made organisers to stay away from the National Flag. The Kila Raipur games have a reputation of being the rural Olympics of India, but not a single Indian flag could be spotted in the arena. Ironically, the national flags of other countries could be seen on the last day of the rural sports festival.

While the flags of other countries were adding grace to the occasion, the absence of the Tricolour was stark. The prime reason was the controversies surrounding the Tricolour which restrained organisers from using it.

According to one of the organisers, a lot of formalities have to be followed in order to hoist the Tricolour. “Surely, I love my country, but nowadays the Tricolour has became the centre of controversies. First, we have to hoist the flag every morning and then have a flag-lowering ceremony every day. If the Tricolour happens to fall on the ground, a problem could arise. So, we decided to say no to the National Flag this time in order to conduct hassle-free games.

“It is not that we do not love our country or the Tricolour. It is imprinted on our hearts,” said another organiser.



Where custodians are barely into sports
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Kila Raipur, February 10
Though Kila Raipur games, also called Rural Olympics, have played a vital role in the promotion of sports in the region, they have failed to inspire inhabitants of the village to take to sports. The youth of the village have been staying away from sports for long.

In fact, the village has not produced a single sportsperson in recent times even as it has its own hockey academy.

Not even a single girl from the village has taken part in the games. Village youths, except from taking part in hockey, haven’t shown interest in the games either.

Consequently, the sports festival, which depicts the true culture of rural Punjab, does not have its true representative.

Lack of infrastructure and dearth of career opportunities in sports are cited to be the reason behind the downfall of sports at the village.

Parents, who once used to encourage their children to take part in sports, are now keeping them away from sports, for their is no future.

While the village offers some facilities for boys, it offers none for girls. “I want to play basketball and when I asked my father he rebuffed the idea and told me that I should not talk about sports again and concentrate on studies,” said Sukhjinder Kaur, a village girl.

Rural games organiser Sukhvir Grewal said they had seen a rapid deterioration of standard of sports in the state. “How can we revive sports in villages without providing them with basic facilities?” he says.



Increase in prices of steel
Construction to get costlier
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
Construction activity has received a blow, thanks to the increase in costs by 15 per cent to 20 per cent within the last 10 days.

Due to an increase in steel rates, builders are finding it tough to complete their contracts on agreed rates and at the same time, clients, too, are suffering as several contractors have put construction on hold.

Attributing the situation to a steep rise in the rates of structure steel by local steel producers, builders said construction could become costlier in the coming days if the prices were not controlled.

At present, the affect is being seen with regard to industrial and commercial complexes, but building houses could become costlier.

“Within the last 10 days, the rates of steel have increased from Rs 29,000 per metric tonne to Rs 38,000, which has become a major problem for us. We are unable to continue with the construction of commercial and industrial buildings as we have taken up contracts on previous rates,” said H.S. Virdi, a contractor and vice-president of the Ludhiana Builders Association.

According to builders, had the price fluctuation been minor, they would have made adjustments. “The increase is significant and adding to our costs in a major way,” they said. In case of clients who were agreeing to pay for additional costs, the activity was continuing, but with a large number of people insisting on the completion of construction at the previously agreed rates, work had come to a halt, they added.

Local builders who procure most of their material from Mandi Gobindgarh, warned of major sluggishness in construction if steel manufacturers did not control the prices.

They said availability of steel had also been affected after the price rise and it was making things tough. “Local steel manufacturers also effected a hike soon after the leading steel producers increased rates. We are facing shortage of steel which is adding to our problems,” they said.

The builders have decided to join steel consuming industries in their protest against the steel rates from tomorrow. 



Master Plan
Councillors in hurry to get their areas designated commercial
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
With the MC constituting a committee to prepare a master plan, almost all councillors seem to be in a race to get their areas designated as commercial areas. As land is being sold for a skyrocketing price in the city, especially in the commercial area, councillors are trying hard to include places in their wards.

The councillors and other leaders are using their clout to get areas included and those of the opposite party are saying that if their area cannot be termed commercial, it should be declared for mixed land use.

One of the members of the committee told The Tribune on the condition of anonymity that they were receiving requests from local leaders. “People are so scared of the sealing drive in New Delhi that they fear such a situation may arise in the city also. So, we are trying to please everybody,” he said.

Residents had got the message that they would not be able to change the land use if the master plan was in place. They had a feeling that after the Delhi court, the Punjab and Haryana High Court could also ensure that no residential area had commercial activity, he said, adding that, “The leaders have decided to have a mixed land use for such areas.”

Senior deputy mayor Parveen Bansal said this was the catchline that they were following in the master plan. “If a resident has used his house as a commercial outlet, what sin has his neighbour committed? We have no right to refuse him to do so. We are looking for a middle path,” he said.



In Basta
Reason behind murder not known in four years
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, February 10
Four years after a resident of Chapra village in Ludhiana district had accused his in-laws of allegedly murdering his father, the police is yet to reach a conclusion about the reason behind the murder.

With the complainant and his wife having agreed for a divorce, the case seems to be buried in basta.

The body of Bhan Singh, a “beldar” at Khanpur, was found lying near Nawan Pind on the Ghudani-Chapra road on August 28, 2003.

The police investigations had revealed that he had been killed with his own axe, which he used to carry for his defence. A deep cut near the ear suggested that the fatal stroke had been very powerful.

Though the Payal police had registered a murder case on the statement of the deceased’s son Chamkaur Singh, it was yet to ascertain the cause of rivalry.

Chamkaur Singh had accused his in-laws of killing his father as according to him Bhan Singh had levelled allegations against his (Chamkaur’s) wife publicly and the accused wanted to teach him a lesson.

As the investigating team could not find enough evidence against the suspects, it could not produce them in court. The complainant had sought the intervention of various other agencies, including the Punjab Human Right Commission.

The case took a turn when Chamkaur’s wife filed a case against him and he was directed to pay her Rs 1,500 as sustenance allowance.

Chamkaur, who was working at a private hospital, impressed upon village leaders to persuade his wife for a divorce.

Sources revealed that the warring parties, complainant and the suspects had arrived on a compromise.

Investigations by the Ludhiana Tribune revealed that the investigating team had started suspecting the integrity of the complainant from the very beginning. Investigation had revealed that the victim had been supportive of his daughter-in-law and the police could not digest the theory that her parents would take such a step.

The investigating team has started working on the theory that the complainant might have involved his in-laws with the intention to get rid of his wife.



DSP to inquire unsolved exposed cases
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
The Ludhiana Tribune series on unsolved crime cases carried in the weekly “In Basta” column has evoked response from the police department with the city SSP ordering reinvestigation or relook into undetected murder cases where the victims were identified.

The SSP has deputed DSP rank officers to find out the loopholes in the investigations conducted so far and re-examine different theories for solving crime.

Though the police has been taking note of unsolved cases reported in the column on weekly basis, the SSP held a meeting last evening in which these incidents lying unsolved for years were specially taken up.

Instead of leaving it to the SHO of the detective wing, the SSP has deputed different DSPs for different cases.

SSP R.K. Jaiswal said heinous crimes like the murder cases of Ritika and Kiran Dhawan, and Madhopuri double murder case apart from the two rape and murder cases occurring in Sarabha Nagar police station area were high on the police agenda of re-investigating the unsolved and forgotten cases.

Most of these were declared untraced due to want of evidence. Ludhiana Tribune had been carrying the series since July last year. Scores of unsolved murder, robbery and fraud cases, including the infamous Ludhiana kidney racket, were highlighted.

Relatives of victims have been hoping against hope that the police would bring out the cases from the dusty files and punish those who had taken away some near and dear one from them.



V-Day bug bites rural youth
Tribune News Service

Kila Raipur, February 10
For those who think celebrating Valentine’s Day is the domain of urban youth alone then think again. For, the rural youth are all geared up to express their feeling on February 14.

Village youngsters are excited as their urban counterparts for the day. Youngsters in groups were seen discussing how to go about celebrating the day and expressing their feelings to their beloved. While they felt the same way about the day just as any ordinary urban youth, they had a little difficulty pronouncing Valentine’s Day.

However, like most urban youth, even they didn’t know much about the origin of the day or about Saint Valentine.

This, thanks to information technology revolution and intrusion of western culture in rural Punjab.

“I have purchased some CDs with romantic songs at throwaway prices from a stall. I will gift these along with roses to my girlfriend on this day,” said a youth, bragging in front of his friends. Another youth joins in: “Even I have bought a latest Chinese mobile phone for my beloved.”



Construction of flats in park
Residents oppose LIT’s move
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
The federation of park management committees has criticised the move of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) to convert a children’s park into a concrete jungle in Sant Ishar Singh Nagar under the optimum land use policy of the state government.

In a statement issued here today, S.S. Chana, president of federation, said it was shocking that the LIT was snatching a green belt from the residents to earn money.

‘‘This is a very shameful exercise. How can they even think of such an idea? I will talk to the representatives of the welfare society of the area. We will oppose the move tooth and nail,” Chana said.

The LIT has chalked out a plan to construct apartments in the park in the area to generate resources. Meanwhile, residents of Janta Nagar on the Gill Road have also demanded a park in their area.

Sher Singh, an office-bearer of the environmental and welfare society, said the city had been developed in such a way that there was no place to go for a walk. A park was needed in that area as well.

He said a green belt could be developed from the railway line to the Gill Road along with grain market and from the railway line to the Gill Canal Bridge. The area has been encroached upon by knick knack sellers. ‘‘If this place is developed into a park, we will have some place to breathe,’’ said Sher Singh.

He added that he would take up the matter in the municipal corporation’s meeting tomorrow.



Library to come up with Canadian aid
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
Ventura Custom Homes, Winnipeg, Canada, has decided to construct Saint Mother Teressa Memorial Library at Bhanohar village, near Ludhiana.

An NRI from the village, Kuljit Singh Bhattal, who has been associated with the project, said 2.5 acre had been provided by the gram panchayat for the project, which will cost Rs 40 lakh.

He said the construction expenses for the library would be paid by the Canadian firm.

“The library will provide a place for women and young girls to develop their minds, body and spirit through sharing ideas and knowledge and participating in physical activity,” said Bhattal, adding that the vice chancellor of Winnipeg University Liyod Exworthy had announced the construction of the library on December 23 during a meeting with representatives of the Sikh Society of Manitoba in Canada. He added that residents of the village, welcoming the decision, had offered them the land on which library was to be constructed.

The construction work was already under way and the project would be completed in the next two years.

Ventura Custom Homes had agreed to provide donations in installments to the Sikh Society of Manitoba, which will look after the project.

The library will have collection of books on a wide range of topics, gymnasium for girls, computers and Internet facility, etc.

The library will be affiliated with the University of Winnipeg, Canada.

“We also plan to organise cultural exchange programmes and study tours at a later stage,” said Bhattal.

Tejinder Singh, a villager, said it was a good gesture. The library would be dedicated to young girls who would have a place to share their ideas and knowledge, connect themselves with current affairs, obtain computer training and participate in educational seminars.

These opportunities would encourage young women to participate in politics, sports and other community projects. “At least somebody thought of bringing new technology to this small village,” he said.



Immigration agents target Kila Raipur arena
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Kila Raipur, February 10
Rural sports melas are the latest haunts of immigration agents. Such agents had a field day at the Kila Raipur sports festival. They could be seen distributing visiting cards and advertising their services.

The agents find the innocent rural youths a soft target. While in the urban areas, the police is keeping a watch on immigration agents, they are not being monitored in rural areas.

“I entered the Kila Raipur stadium to watch rural olympics and was handed over a pamphlet. Being a sports venue, I thought it must be related to some sports event but was shocked to see that it was about an immigration service. Why should travel agents advertise their services at such a fair?” Rajinder Singh, a resident of Lalton Kalan village, asked.

Harjinder Singh, a resident of Jodha village, said, “I had never come across such advertising in sports events, but these days you attend a sports function in rural areas and you can spot several agents.”

Residents feel caution needs to be observed before permitting such people to promote their services in order to save youths from getting duped.

“Chances of agents duping people cannot be ruled out. Strict monitoring should be undertaken,” Gurmeet Singh Sodhi, a teacher from Ludhiana, said.



150th anniversary of Kuka Movement
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
A state-level function to mark the 193rd Parkash Utsav would be organised at Bhaini Sahib, headquarters of Namdhari Darbar tomorrow, as a part of a year-long celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of the Kuka Movement launched by Namdhari Satguru Ram Singh Ji in 1857.

Parkash Singh Badal will preside over the function. Cabinet ministers and senior SAD-BJP leaders will also take part in it.

Deputy commissioner Sumer Singh Gurjar in a meeting held at mini secretariat directed the district heads of the departments concerned to make elaborate arrangements for the function.

He asked the enforcement officer of the municipal council, Sahnewal, to ensure proper cleanliness around Bhaini Sahib. He also told PWD officers to carry out minor repair of roads linking the venue at Bhaini Sahib.



Residents against six-laning of road
Our Correspondent

Khamano, February 10
Residents are up in arms against the proposed six-laning of the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road that would pass through this town. Few days ago a NHAI team visited Khamano to chalk out plan for widening this highway.

People became panicky after they came to know that about 100-foot land on both sides would be taken up for widening the road. According to them, shopkeepers and those residing in buildings nearby would suffer a huge loss.

People had conveyed their resentment to the NHAI team. About 1,000 shops and 500 houses would have to be razed if the road is widened, they added. They suggested a bypass instead.

NHAI team heard their arguments and assured people that their sentiments would be conveyed to the higher authorities. Harbhinder Singh, president, Khamano nagar panchayat, Janak Raj Singh Upaal, Dr Jagdeep Rana, Kirpal Singh, president, Gurdwara Committee, Khamano, Jathedar Gian Chand and a few other shopkeepers had threatened to launch struggle if their demand was not considered.

Meanwhile, Samrala MLA Jagjivan Singh Khirnian and former MLA Amrik Singh Dhillon assure that they would take up this matter with higher authorities. 



Don’t ignore children: SSP tells public
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, February 10
Terming unconcern of parents toward their wards, as a major reason behind youth falling prey to addiction, Sangrur SSP Arun Pal Singh called upon residents of area to pay more attention towards their families. He said this during a police- public meeting organized at Malikpur village near here yesterday.

“After we started living in single family system, children started feeling ignored as parents don’t have time to interact with them. Feeling ignored, they (children) tried to find solace in their peer group and fell prey to addiction,” Arun Pal Singh said alleging that a section of bankrupt businessmen had succeeded in generating their clientage among school and college-going students.

Terming addiction to be ‘nourishing broth’ for other social evils and petty crime, the SSP said parents in general and mothers in particular, should ensure that their wards did not get disappointed in family atmosphere. “As a parent it becomes our social responsibility to make our children realize that we felt concerned about them and that they were our real wealth.

He urged office-bearers of a few social, constitutional and political organisations to cooperate with the police for identifying anti-social elements. “Unfortunately, a few politicians have been shielding anti-social elements for meager political gains. 



Former PAU scientist takes pride in treating sick
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
Physically-challenged, poor and sick people lying on the footpaths and crying for help in the industrial capital of Punjab is not an uncommon sight. In a city with sizeable migrant population, a large number of people continue to live in slums, that too, in unhygienic conditions with nobody to listen to their woes. 

The conditions in which these poor people live lead to malnutrition, disability and infectious diseases.

Sunita (30) and Banti (32), both migrants, suffering from the advance stage of tuberculosis are unable to walk.

Their families living in shanties on the Pakhowal road don’t even get enough food to fill their stomach. So they could not even think getting themselves treated.

For such people getting free treatment from hospitals under the DOT scheme is also painstaking as those who can’t even walk even, can not afford to daily commute to the hospital on a rickshaw.

For many such people “Guru Amar Das Apahij Ashram” a charitable trust, founded by former Punjab Agricultural University scientist Dr Naurang Singh Mangat tries to help them in its own way.

Dr Mangat spotted these women while he was going from one labour colony to another for helping the destitutes, lepers, physically challenged and others.

On seeing them, he immediately got them examined by a doctor. “The Trust will bear the cost of their treatment. Although their condition is alarming but I hope that it will improve,”Dr Mangat said. 



Despite mishaps, admn fails to cut trees
Mahesh Sharma

Karamsar (Rara Sahib), February 10
Eighteen months have passed since six persons, including four children, were killed in an accident that took place in this village after a truck in which they were travelling on a narrow road fell into a canal. 

Sixty-four eucalyptus trees which had narrowed down the road, pose a threat to those commuting on these roads, while the authorities continue to look other side.

People of the area got angry when a land cruiser jeep fell into canal reportedly due to narrow road. But all occupants, including Jagteshwar Preet Singh Nikri, son of former Chief Minister, PEPSU, Gian Singh Rara Wale, were rescued by a police team.

Accusing the administration of not bothering about commuters’ plight, the residents alleged that officials of the canal department, civil administration and the forest department had been blaming each other for non-compliance of orders of then (August 2006) deputy commissioner of Ludhiana who had assured to get the eucalyptus trees cut.

“The administration instead of ordering the authorities of the forest department to get the trees cut, chose to put up a notice on a board that bars the entry of the heavy vehicle in the area,” Karnail Singh of Maksoodra village rued.

The tragedy that took place in August 2006 claimed six lives. This was followed by chain of mishaps that could have been averted had the bureaucratic wrangling not come in the way of felling of these trees that caused the accident.

The issue was also highlighted by The Tribune on numerous occasions, both before and after the major tragedy, but the authorities failed to take action in this regard.

This stretch virtually becomes a death trap during night as trees are not visible. Even the reflectors had been put on the spot.

On the e day of tragedy, Army officials, heading rescue operation, had also expressed disappointment over the issue.

Office-bearers of a few social and religious organizations, led by organizers of Gurdwara Karamsar, had urged the authorities to get the road widened, but to no avail.

Though no case was registered in connection, the circle officer has apprised higher authorities of the situation.

“As all occupants were rescued and the owner of jeep did not want action against any one, we did not register a case. However, I have apprised my seniors of reason behind the mishap, that could have claimed human lives,” DSP Brar said. 



Club urges govt to improve power supply
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
Irked with poor power situation in the state, Knitwear Club,in a letter to Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, urged the government to improve power supply by commissioning power generating units and outsourcing electricity.

Members of the club said power situation was deteriorating each day making it tough to meet time schedules of foreign and domestic buyers resulting in huge losses to the knitwear industry.

“The industry is already weathering various storms like non-receipt of VAT refund, exorbitant hike in electricity bills, unreasonably higher rate of interest on loans, poorly fed units due to depleted working capital, tough completion from neighbouring states enjoying generous benefits and locational disadvantage. Erratic power supply has further aggravated things for us,” said Vinod K. Thapar, president of the club.



Facilitation charges

This is in reference to the news published on February 4 in which Punjab policemen have been authorised to charge “facilitation” charges from general public for rendering certain “services”. On reading the news one cannot help wonder if the DGP is aware of the fact that policemen have already been charging people for passport verification and similar services. Policemen charge up to Rs 500 for a single verification. So by fixing Rs 100 for passport verification, the DGP has indeed done people a big favour.

Satvir Singh, 



Two chain snatchers arrested
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 10
The two youth, who were arrested a few months ago and released on bail from Central Jail, had once again been caught for snatching chains and purse from a girl near the old courts complex. SP (Detective) Gurpreet Singh said the two youths, Rohit Kumar and Deepak Mahajan, were caught and a mobile phone, gold chain and a few other valuables were seized from them.

Money in cooler: Two teenagers had allegedly stolen Rs 5 lakh from a shop in the AC market on October 28 night last year. Kotwali SHO Nirmal Singh said one of the accused, Amit Kumar, had been arrested whereas hunt is on to arrest the second one. The accused had kept the stolen amount in an abandoned cooler in the market only. The police has recovered over Rs 3 lakh from the accused.


Seven booked: Ajinder Singh of Ramgarh Sivian, Gurcharan Singh, Karam Singh, Darshan Singh, Pritam Singh, Sarbjit Singh and Baljit Singh of Chhajjawal have been booked under Sections 420, 465, 467, 468, 471,120B of the IPC for defrauding Hazura Singh of Chhajjawal four years ago. They conspired and grabbed the Hazura Singh’s land by forging agreement papers. When Hazura came to know about it he lodged a complaints against them on August 2007.



Biz Word
Lenovo opens outlet
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
Lenovo India has opened its exclusive retail outlet. The company said retail activities would be managed and run by its business associates IDM Solutions.

“This is the first Lenovo Concept store where people would be able to experience the latest models in laptops, desktops, printers and accessories. Visitors can have a real time experience of softwares too,” the company said.



Kids display dance skills
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 10
A Basant Panchmi dance competition, “Ayee Basant-Pala Udant”, was held at Love Dale here today. A solo dance competition was held to screen children for the annual function. Folk dance teacher from DAV School joined by another one assessed their performance.

The participants gave performances on popular film songs. Children also performed Salsa on “Aankhon mein teri”.

Out of 100 participants, 10 were selected to take part in the annual function to be held in March.



5.80 lakh children given polio drops
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, February 10
Children below five years were administered polio drops here today. According to health department officials, at least 5.80 lakh children were given the drops in the district. About 2,118 polio booths were set up by the department in Ludhiana and nearby areas.

Civil surgeon Dr Yashpal Sharma said in addition to large number of booths, 78 mobile teams and 104 transit teams administered polio drops to children between 0 and 5 years. These teams visited slums, bus stands and railway stations to administer the drops.

“Those left will be administered drops during the door-to-door survey in next two days,” Dr Singla said.

Samrala: Polio drops were administered among children living in nearby Manupur villages under the supervision of Manupur primary health centre SMO Dr Raghubir Singh.

Mandi Ahmedgarh: AT least 50,000 children were administered polio drops at nearly 250 booths set up in the local town and surrounding villages of Sangrur and Ludhiana districts. According to Dr K.C. Goel, district health officer, Sangrur, at least 50,000 children were administered polio vaccine at 250 booths at Ahmedgarh, Malerkotla and surrounding villages. Over 1, 90,000 children in Sangrur district and 60,000 beneficiaries in Malerkotla subdivision were identified by the health authorities.

The vaccine was also administered at booths set up at a few villages falling in Ludhiana district, including Chhapar, Ghungrana, Latala, and Barudni.

Students of MGMN Senior Secondary School and members of local unit of the Rotary Club helped the officials of the civil hospital in organizing camps today. Special teams were constituted to administer vaccine to children travelling with their parents.



Jarnail, Jaspreet fastest runners
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, February 10
Jarnail Singh of Jakhlan and Jaspreet Kaur of Malerkotla emerged fastest runners at annual sports fair, which concluded at Kanganwal, near here, yesterday. PWD minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa gave away prizes to winners, while Dhuri MLA Iqbal Singh Choondhan was the chief guest.

Dhindsa called upon office-bearers of social and religious organisations of the area to impress upon the youth to take to sports.

According to club president Kuldeep Singh, over 500 athletes and players took part in various events during the fair.

Jaladiwal emerged kabaddi winners in the one village open category, while Jhaneri finished runners-up. Thirty-four teams took part.

In 62 kg category (32 teams), Jaladiwal and Kakrala teams bagged first two prizes.

Buani remained winners in 57 kg category (34 teams) and Bathan came runners-up.

In 52 kg category, Sheron village team came first, while Jogimajra finished second.

Kalsian and Naudharani teams won first two positions in volleyball shooting contest. As many as 18 teams participated in this event.

Athletics results: 100m (men): Jarnial Singh (Jakhlan) 1, Manpreet (Sunam) 2; 100m, 200m and 400m (women): Jaspreet Kaur (Malerkotla) 1, Rajbir Kaur (Ludhiana) 2; 200m (men): Sonu (Goh village) 1, Manpreet (Sunam) 2; 400m (men): Paramjit Singh (Khanna) 1, Gagan Deep Singh (Sunam) 2; 800m (men): Paramjit Singh (Khanna) 1, Satnam Singh (Mastuaana) 2; 1,500m (men): Ravideep Singh (Fatehgarh Sahib) 1, Paramjit Singh (Khanna) 2; 1,500m (women): Rajdeep Kaur (Ludhiana) 1, Gurjot Kaur (Ludhiana) 2; shot put (men): Gurvir Singh (Chhana) 1, Amrinder Singh (Maherna Kalana) 2; shot put (women): Hardeep Kaur (Jalaldiwal) 1, Jaspreet Kaur (Malerkotla) 2; long jump (men) Jarnail Singh (Jakhlan) 1, Gagandeep Singh (Sunam) 2; long jump (women): Jaspreet Kaur (Malerkotla) 1, Sukhjit Kaur (Ludhiana) 2.



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