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Couple next door killed NRI 
Robbery the main motive: Police
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
Greed of gold and cash had allegedly led a couple to brutally murder their next door neighbour NRI Jasmer Singh in his house at Gurmail Park colony, Tibba Road, on the April 26 night. He was stabbed 39 times after being tied to a bed.

The NRI, who had retired from Ford Company as a worker with the Assembly Line unit, seemed to have done in for his habit of boasting a lot about his wealth. He used to make lofty claims about his heavy weight jewellery and lakhs of rupees stacked in his locker.

SP-Detective Gurpreet Singh and SP- City III Sajjan Singh Cheema stated in a press conference this afternoon that the couple, Kamaljit Singh, 35, and his wife Manjit Kaur, 32, had killed the NRI for his money.

The couple dreamt of making over Rs 10 lakh from the murderous loot but much to their disappointment, they could find 14 tola gold jewellery, 46 pounds, two mobile phone and VCD player, all worth about Rs 2 lakh only.

The police officials said though initially it was suspected the NRI was killed due to some illicit relationship, investigation revealed he was done in for robbery only.

The accused Kamaljit Singh belonged to Hatholi village near Phagwara. He makes plastic products parts. An investigation team of CIA in charge Gurbans Singh Bains and SHO Basti Jodhewal Balwinder Singh found that the accused couple had the best chance to visit the house of the NRI.

They used to frequent it quite often but still could not spot the open house and murdered the man inside. Eventually, it was after 24 hours that the body was found when relatives of the deceased came to inquire why he was not in touch with anyone for a day.

The police said the NRI was living alone ever since his son had flown back. He too was scheduled to return to England on April 30. He had come to India to solemnise the marriage of his youngest son. Both his sons work in London.

The officials said the accused claimed that this was their first crime. They first gave sleeping tablets to the NRI in a drink. The indisposed victim was tied to the bed after which Kamaljit stabbed him a number of times.

The police said the accused had revealed the NRI had woken up at being stabbed. At this, the woman stuffed him with a pillow. In order to avoid leaving finger prints on the crime scene, the accused wore a pair of socks. The socks were left behind in the kitchen.

The accused hid the gold jewellery and the mobile phones of the deceased under the ground in their house. They told cops they had read in the newspapers that cop trace the mobile phones.



City reels under water crisis
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
Power cuts during morning hours are forcing many residents to go without water during the peak hours even as the municipal corporation is claiming that there was no scarcity of drinking water.

Residents from many areas claimed that every morning they had to go without water between 7 and 8 a.m. as there was no power supply during this time.

‘‘As soon as there was a power cut, there was no water. Otherwise the water is supplied till 9 a.m. but for us it means it is till 7 a.m. only, ’’ said a resident of Sarabha Nagar.

She added that at times there was a power cut in the evening and then there was no evening water supply. Some days ago, the MC had written to the PSEB authorities not to impose power cuts during water supply hours. The PSEB has not relented till date.

Meanwhile, residents of several areas are reeling under water shortage due to a snag in tubewells. Residents of Krishna Nagar in ward number 53 said they were suffering from water shortage for the past many days as a tubewell had developed a defect.

They said despite repeated complaints, nobody was repairing the tubewell. Gurpreet Singh Bassi, area councillor, said he had already got the estimate prepared for the tubewell. Only the work order was to be released. He was waiting for the next meeting of F&CC to discuss the matter so that the problem was over.

Residents of Ghati Mohalla said they too were suffering from the similar problem. There was no water as the tubewell supplying to them was faulty.

It was dug and left as it is. The repair work is yet to be carried.

‘‘In this weather, we are suffering from water scarcity. Though the MC claims that due to the interlinking of tubewells, there was no dearth of water, we are getting drops from the taps, ’’ said a resident.

Sham Sunder Malhotra, area councillor, said they had started repairing the tubewell today itself. He added that the work of repair started and soon the residents would get good water supply.



Crop in 20 acres burnt
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
Ripened wheat crop in approximately 20 acres of land was gutted in Kakka village on the Jagirpur road, near here, today afternoon. Bhag Singh and Hari Singh, village farmers, lost their entire produce in approximately 10 acres each.

Hari Singh said: "We were sitting under the shade of a tree in a neighbouring farm when around 1.30 pm, a fellow farmer, witnessed a fire in my fields. We called the fire brigade, however, the entire crop in the affected area was burnt within less than 10 minutes".

He said: " Out of my 11 acres of land holding, I have lost my produce in 10 acres. I hope the government comes to our help immediately".



Consumer Forum
Courier firm to pay Rs 10,000
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 30
The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has ordered the DTDC courier company to pay Rs 10,000 to an agrrieved consumer for its “deficient services”.

The courier company failed to deliver a parcel in the US even after more than one year.

The orders were passed by the president of the forum, J S Chawla, and its member Daljit Singh Bakshi while deciding the complaint filed by H S Gill, chief manager of Allahabad Bank, Clock Tower branch, here.

The complainant had submitted before the forum that he wanted to send a parcel to his son Navjot Singh Gill, in the US. So, he placed an order before the courier company for sending the parcel in Feburary 2007. He paid Rs 1,500 as charges. The parcel contained clothes and spectacles.

He was assured by the courier company that the parcel would be delivered at the destination within a week. But the parcel did not reach his son in the US within the prescribed period. When the parcel did not reach there, he approached the company officials and enquired about the non-delivery. He was advised to wait for another week.

Again he went there on March 15, 2007, for making enquiries but the courier company officials failed to redress the problem. First they tried to linger on in the matter but later flately refused to even hear him, added the complainant.

Then he served a legal notice to the courier company but to no effect. Even after being summoned by the consumer forum, the courier company officials failed to contest the case. After appreciating the evidence on record, the consumer forum found that there was clear-cut deficiency on the part of the company, as it failed to deliver the goods booked. 



FIR against councillor’s wife
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
The opening of office of a patwari in Government School, Gobind Nagar, at the behest of municipal councillor Gupreet Singh Gogi has stirred up a controversy with the school authorities lodging an FIR against his wife for trespassing and misbehaving with the school principal.

Agitated at the FIR, Gogi, along with number of Congress leaders led by ex-MLA Malkit Singh Dakha, submitted a memorandum to the deputy commissioner Sumer Singh Gurjar for his intervention into the matter and cancellation of the case.

Gogi claimed the patwarkhana was shifted to a room of the school on the demand of area residents. Residents had to travel several kms to the office of the patwari situated near Vardhman factory. Gogi said he had got constructed a number of rooms in the school through donations.

He said the patwarkhana was being opened in one room of the school. The school principal was willing for the office but surprisingly, she lodged a false FIR last night with the Division No 5 police station.

He also alleged a local MLA was instrumental in getting the FIR registered.



Number game costs transport dept dear
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
Revenue to the tune of lakhs is being lost by the State Transport Department. Thanks to the politicians, bureaucrats and other influential people, who pressure the authorities concerned to let their "near and dear ones" retain the same old special numbers on their vehicles. Though, no registration number from old series under the Motor Vehicle Act 1939 can be allotted to any vehicle, still the practice continues.

According to reliable sources, the number-savvy residents in the district are continuing with the same old numbers on the vehicles. The vehicles of many of these owners are the latest but they bear same old numbers, some of them are even as old as 10 years.

One of the clerks with the District Transport Department (DTO) here said they were often pressured by the "well-connected" people for retaining the same number.

"We refuse to entertain them and adhere to the Motor Vehicle Act. But situation at sub-divisional levels is not alike. Some officers, who have been given the registration powers, bow to the pressure-tactics", he said, adding that a nominal amount (only the registration) was paid by these owners to carry on with the same number. He further added that department was losing lakhs of rupees for allowing owners to retain old numbers.

There is no dearth of number-savvy people in Ludhiana, who would not mind paying even up to Rs 4 lakh to get a VIP number. In the recent months, district transport department has generated revenue to the tune of Rs 30 lakh during the auction of special numbers.

An industrialist disclosed that he had changed two vehicles but the number remained same. "I am not number-savvy person but I believe that because of this lucky number, my cars never met with any accident", he claimed.



New team at helm of CMCH
Governing body scraps privatisation policy
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 30
Christian Medical College and Hospital, after having been in the eye of the storm over privatisation of several departments and allegations of financial irregularities by the then top brass, today got a completely new team of top administrators.
Dr Abraham G. Thomas
Dr Abraham G. Thomas  
Dr Rajinder Giani
Dr Rajinder Giani

At the same time, the governing body of the institution, which deliberated over many crucial issues till late evening yesterday, also scrapped the policy of private participation.

Dr Rajinder Giani, who had taken over as president of the CMC governing body after the ouster of Bishop Joel V. Mal on March 14, 2009, will also head the CMC Ludhiana Society. Noted plastic surgeon Dr Abraham G. Thomas will be the new director with Dr Kim Mammen, Dr Kamal Masih and Dr V.P. Singh as deputy director, medical superintendent and deputy medical superintendent, respectively.

Dr Sunil Singh has been appointed interim principal of the medical college, along with Dr Sheila Das, Dr Tejinder Singh and Dr M.K. Mam, who have been retained as vice-principals.

In a major policy shift, the governing body of CMCH scrapped the proposed Wockhardt Heart Hospital and Regional Cancer Centre projects which were to be set up with private participation.

In fact, these two projects had evoked widespread resentment among CMC employees and an extended agitation led by the CMC Sangharsh Samiti, which culminated in the unceremonial exit of the top administration, including the president of the governing body, the director of the institution and his entire team of senior officials.

A 6-member fact-finding committee, set up during the last meeting of governing body on March 14, had submitted its report yesterday without specifically indicting anybody. The committee had sought some more time to complete an inquiry into certain land deals and other financial transactions. The committee has now been directed to submit its final report within next three weeks.

On the basis of interim report of the fact-finding committee, the governing body decided to retain a Delhi-based firm of chartered accountants which will conduct a thorough probe into alleged financial bunglings to dig out the truth.

Apprehending trouble at the hands of activists of sangharsh samiti and supporters of ousted management, the police had made adequate security arrangements all through yesterday and this afternoon when meetings of the governing body and then again of the CMC Society were being held in the CMC complex. Traffic movement on the road leading to CMC was restricted and supporters of both warring groups were kept at a safe distance from each other.



At The Crossroads
Mankind in quest for something remarkable

There is no other way for a writer to celebrate his birthday, even if it is the 80th ,except by presenting another book to the readers. Something that happened tentatively 50 years ago, when the first book came into existence, has now taken the form of a many-layered parchment. It is not the result of a plan well-executed as such thing had never been in existence.

Like the doddery steps of a toddler, shaky at first and then steady, a writer in the making is unsure of the receptivity of his creative work. The applause that ensues, when the child is successful in balancing itself on its feet, is like the reassuring review of the first book. No one knows, least of all child, when the steps take the form of a brisk walk. Likewise the writer is unaware, in the days to come, of the milestones he has left behind.

William Shakespeare said-“When in the chronicle of wasted time.” John Keats exclaimed-“Much have I travell'd in the realm of gold/And many goodly states and kingdoms seen.” Robert Browning remarked -“Grow old along with me!/The best is yet to be.” Time perhaps is like a stream that meanders through thick and thin to reach the river of eternity. The mystics sometimes visualise the stream in a bubble or the stream as a bubble.

The symphony of life continues to reverberate in the corridors of time. In fact there is neither a beginning nor an end in the scheme of things. It is always a renewal of the things past or continuity from end to end. W.H. Auden was not sure when he wanted to confide in the readers his innermost 

The winds must come from somewhere when they blow,

There must be reasons why the leaves decay;

Time will say nothing but I told you so.

Mankind is ever in quest of something remarkable. Individuals, on their part, are like islands that exist in an ocean where the waves are striking against the shores relentlessly. Indeed there is the meeting of the minds but generally the minds move about in their own orbits. At the end of the day, reappraisal has to be made. What happens when one finds that his best is not considered good enough. Such a realisation is indeed disturbing but at the same time it is comforting as the burden of uncertainty is lifted off the mind.

Now at this phase of existence, there seems to be no turning back. At times, however, the mind spins new plots to replace the older ones. It occurs that certain acts of omission and commission in the past could have been avoided if the path had not been replete with stumbling blocks. These reveries of wishful thinking delight the heart while putting a balm on the bruises. But then realisation ensues that the bent of the mind had cast the die long ago. No amount of ingenuity and dexterity could help, even if such an effort could have been possible.

To me life is a mirror in which are reflected many splendid images. This moving spectacle keeps humanity on its toes in the hope of the revelation of a marvellous panorama. But the pageant, while it delights the heart, casts a gloom occasionally. The mind that seeks the colours of a rainbow must be ready for the dark clouds of nothingness. But, as has been said earlier, there is a continuity from end to end.

N.S. Tasneem



Pension Issue
Sandhu’s statement uncalled for: PAUTA
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
The Punjab Agricultural University Teachers’ Association (PAUTA) and the Non-Teaching Employees Union of the PAU at a meeting held here today criticised finance commissioner (Development) R.S.Sandhu’s statement on the financial crises and pension issue plaguing the university.

Terming the statement to be “kiddish” and “uncalled-for”, the members said the government was shrugging-off its shoulder from the present situation. Senior vice-president, Non-Teaching Employees Union, Lakhwinder Singh Sandhu, said the pension was not university’s internal matter and the government had to take its full responsibility.

“After the Pay Commission recommendations and taking government representatives into confidence, the pension scheme was implemented in 1991. The university is being funded by the state government, which must take the responsibility of pensioners as well”, he added.



Fish farmers’ meet at GADVASU
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
Monthly meeting of the Innovative Fish Farmer’s Association (IFFA), Guru Angad Dev Veterinary Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) was held at the fisheries unit here today. A large number of fish farmers from different districts of Punjab attended the meeting. Dean, College of Fisheries, Kamaldeep Kaur and assistant physiologist (reproduction) Meera D. Ansal answered the questions put forward by the farmers.

Farmers doing fish farming in village ponds were provided the required know how for maintaining optimum water quality in the ponds for higher productivity. Periodic replacement of water, regular use of lime and disinfectants like potassium permanganate, frequent aeration and excess nutrient extraction by duckweed culture was suggested to reduce the excess organic (nutrient) load from the ponds, which is basically responsible for oxygen depletion and production of toxic gases like Carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and sulphur dioxide and hence poor growth of fish or mortality in severe conditions.

As these ponds receive household and animal waste from the dairy farms, its water quality was deteriorating day-by-day. Practically no interest was shown by the residents and village panchayats to clean these ponds. Being a potential source for aquaculture, these ponds were required to be managed scientifically not only for fish production but also for marinating healthy environment and need to be addressed at village level.

Fellowship for scientist

Professor and head, department of veterinary microbiology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Hari Mohan Saxena, has been elected a fellow of the World Innovation Foundation (WIF). About 3,000 scientists, including more than 100 Nobel Laureates, are its members.



UK makes changes in immigration services
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
A seminar was organised here today by the representatives of an overseas study and immigration consultant company, Teamgate English Institute of UK, a member of international immigration club, USA.

Interacting with mediapersons, British solicitor B.S.Mondair said the British government had made many positive changes in the immigration services during the last one year. He said the future of students was bright in the UK as the government was providing many benefits to them. He said the skilled workers would benefit highly under the new British immigration rules.

He said all the visa categories were going to be changed. There would be only five bands (tiers). Tier 1 was for highly skilled workers while 2 would be for skilled workers who had a specific job. Tier 3 was for limited or quota number of low-skilled workers to fill temporary gaps in the labour market. Students came in the Tier 4 category while Tier 5 was for youth mobility and temporary workers (holiday workers). Tier 1 was not introduced in India and all other bands would slowly be brought in this year.



Staging of plays to mark Labour Day
Our Correspondent

Doraha, April 30
The Punjab Lok Cultural Manch, under the direction of renowned artiste and dramatist Gursharan Singh (Bhai Manna Singh), will celebrate Labour Day that falls tomorrow at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana.

On this occasion, a play directed by Sompal Heera entitled “Ik See Heer” by Sirjana Art Group, Raikot and Doraha, will be performed by artistes including Prof Sompal Heera, Kawal Dhillon Jagroop Singh, Narinder, Shimpi, Karnail Bhatti, etc. Apart from this, a play by Harkesh Chowdary entitled “Jine Lahore Nahin Vekhia”, a play by Anita entitled “Kuch Karo Yaro”, a play by Hansa Singh entitled “Sparks”, plays produced and directed by Gursharan Singh and Ajmer Singh Aulakh will also be presented.

Most of the plays, especially organised on this day, tend to present the pulls and pressures that the labour class has to undergo in subjugation of their employers. Alongside, a message of positive improvement in their position through a general social awakening is also the theme of most of  these plays.



Decomposed body found
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
A badly decomposed body of an unidentified man was found from an abandoned under-construction house in Sector 40, Urban Estate, here last night. The police said it seemed someone had murdered him elsewhere and dumped the body here.

The police was awaiting the post-mortem report to ascertain the cause of the death.

Liquor seized

Meanwhile, a report from Mandi Ahmedgarh said that a police party led by Gurmel Singh, SHO, Bhundri booked Baz Singh of Kulghairan village under the Excise Act for allegedly carrying illicit liquor. As many as 6,180 ml of liquor was seized from him. 



Team to prepare report on MC projects
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
A team from the National Institute for Urban Areas (NIUA) visited the city today to prepare a progress report on the projects being run by the municipal corporation under the National Urban Renewal Mission.

Led by B.K. Dhar, HUDCO chair professor, NIUA, the team held a meeting with officials of the MC including commissioner Vikas Partap and discussed slum upgradation and sewerage schemes being undertaken under the mission.

They also discussed the double-entry system, earmarking of funds for basic services for poor in the budget, user charges, property tax, building bylaws and the rain-harvesting system.

The commissioner said the MC had already prepared a software of double-entry system and it would be fully functional by the next year. 



Sedha for concessions to theatre
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 30
Accusing successive governments of ignoring the interests of redeemers of cultural heritage of the state who have been producing documentaries, serials and theatre events, Yog Raj Sedha, an artiste-turned-producer and office-bearer of the Punjabi Films and TV Producers Association has called upon organisers of various cultural organisations to impress upon the government to rescue the Punjabi film and theatre entrepreneurs by announcing special concessions.

At the same time, Sedha pleaded that the producers should not compromise with quality at any cost.

While talking to The Tribune after interacting with local artistes, Sedha maintained that “defective policies” of the successive state and Union governments had endangered the existence of Punjabi film industry and theatre.

“While the Punjabi theatre has already lost favour with art lovers, the Punjabi film industry will collapse if drastic steps were not taken to revive the declining trend,” said Sedha, ruing that the government, instead of announcing special facilities, had treated them (Punjabi producers) on a par with multi-star movie producers.

Recollecting his experiences, Sedha claimed that he, along with other founder-members of the Punjab Rang Manch and Punjabi Kala Manch, had been organising workshops for imparting fundamental training to youngsters in various parts of Punjab and abroad. But, unfortunately, people have lost interest in this art.

“The trend has brought us at a stage where performers and viewers have become conspicuous by their absence. The trend has resulted in a situation where even organisers of Ram Lila have to engage professional artistes and viewers are to be allured on various pretexts,” said Sedha. 



Kidney patient looks for help
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 30
The dreams of Jasbir Singh (19) to have a productive and purposeful life like all other boys his age were shattered when he fell victim to the life-threatening condition of kidney failure about two years back.

The disease not only changed his life for the worse, but also drained all the limited financial resources of the family which went toward life- sustaining twice-a-week dialysis since then.

The failing health of Jasbir, a resident of Basti Jodhewal locality in the city, forced him to quit his small-time job with the result that his father, Daljit Singh, a street vendor, has been finding it difficult to support a family of four members while at the same time spending money for the treatment of his son.

The doctors in the urology department of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, where Jasbir is admitted now, have advised the patient to go for kidney transplant. Preliminary tests for this purpose have already been conducted on both Jasbir and his father, who has offered to donate his kidney to save the life of his son.

According to the doctors at the DMCH, the estimated expenditure on kidney transplant and follow-up treatment will be around Rs 3 lakh which is beyond the limited means of the patient and his family.

Jasbir, as also his family, is now looking toward kind-hearted people of the region for financial assistance for the kidney transplant which seems to be the only ray of hope for the young boy.

Although some donations have started pouring in, but the DMCH management has once again issued an appeal to the kind-hearted people and philanthropists to chip in with financial help for Jasbir.

Those willing to extend a helping hand to the family can send their donations to Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana with "Treatment of Jasbir Singh, CR No 114456 written on the back side of cheques, drafts or on covering letter, or else could contact office of the medical superintendent (Phone 0161-4687504) or PR office (Phone 0161-4687514, (M) 094178-06606).



Erratic power cuts

A few days ago chairman of the Punjab State Electricity Board, Patiala, Y.S. Ratra had promised comfortable summer with no power cuts. On the contrary, residents are forced to face unscheduled power cuts with mercury already crossing 42 degree Celsius. Schoolchildren as well as housewives are the worst sufferers despite directions/ guidelines not to impose morning cuts, same is still doing on. I would request PSEB to get the unscheduled scrapped.

Ravi Chander Garg, Ludhiana

Readers are invited to mail letters (not more than 200 words) at "ludhiana@tribunemail.com" or post the same to The Tribune, 1, 2 Improvement Trust Building, Badaur House, Clock Tower, Ludhiana.



Move to check steel prices buoys up industry
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 30
The industry in general and the engineering industry in particular have hailed the steps taken by the Union Government to contain the steep rise in prices of iron and steel while expressing confidence that the move will yield the desired results.

The Federation of Punjab Small Industries Associations (FOPSIA) president, V.P. Chopra, said even though considerably belated, the imposition of export duty on semi-finished steel products and cut in basic customs duty on iron and steel products, is a step in the right direction. The government should have acted much earlier as the small-scale sector had been wrung dry of its liquidity due to an unwarranted hike in prices of iron and steel material over a long period.

Chopra further said that the economy of small-scale sector of industry using iron and steel as basic raw material had been shattered. "It is regrettable that the government chose to ignore the hue and cry raised by the industry and failed to check the ever- rising prices of essential raw material."

He urged the government to look into the “cartelisation” by main producers and put in place a regulatory mechanism for determination of prices of iron and steel as had been done in the case of pharmaceutical sector.

The United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association also welcomed the measures initiated by the government to rein in inflation and keep the prices of iron and steel under check. Inderjit Singh Pardhan, senior vice-president, and Pradeep Wadhawan, secretary of the association, said that slapping export duty on semi-finished steel products and abolition of counter-vailing duty were bound to make the material cheaper. They asked the main producers like SAIL, Tata, RINL, Essar Steel and Jindal not to increase the prices of iron and steel in the interest of the industry.



Biz Word
TVS launches new bike
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 30
TVS Motor Company organised a "Flame Rally" in the city to launch its new 125 cc motorcycle TVS Flame here today. The rally was flagged off by Gurkirat Singh, director, Gulzar TVS. Rahul Wadhwa, sales manager of the TVS, was also present.

He claimed that the new bike was the best in the 125 cc segment that offered 3 valve CCVTI technology with on road mileage indicator for optimum fuel consumption. "For the first time, a two-litre glove box has been provided within the fuel tank to safeguard the valuable items. The bike offers self-start and alloy wheels as standard features with disc brake as an option."

Wadhwa invited potential buyers of motorcycles to take a test drive of TVS Flame at their nearest TVS dealership to have a feel of the latest technological marvel. The motorcycle has an ex-show room price tag of Rs 45,990 in the state of Punjab.



PU BA Courses
Merge Punjabi papers, demand teachers
Lovleen Bains

Sahnewal, April 30
Most of the educationists and students have demanded a single paper for the compulsory subject Punjabi for the B.A.courses conducted by Panjab University as against the system of taking A and B papers which they term as sheer wastage of money, time and resources.

The students who appeared in the paper-B of compulsory Punjabi said there were two papers of 45 marks each, which has always sounded very irrational to them. “If paper-A requires not more than an hour to be completed, paper -B can easily be finished within half an hour. We don’t understand the rational behind putting two papers when a single paper can easily suffice. Moreover, the syllabus is also not much,rather it seems to be an unnecessary prolonging and wastage of time” they added.

A student of Punjabi said, “I never study before compulsory Punjab paper- B as there is nothing much to go through .Conducting two papers makes no positive sense .Moreover, framing a single paper of Punjabi can save our energies as one can devout more time to other papers and finish the examination early”.

According to a centre superintendent of a local college, students who appear in Punjabi compulsory papers are the most relaxed ones. But, they get uneasy after an hour. As a large number of students take exam at one go, those taking other exams are disturbed as these students tend to leave the hall much before time. “It would be a wise step on the part of the university if these two papers are merged thus saving a lot of expenses incurred on stationary, deployment of staff for setting, conduct and evaluation along with the wastage of time and energy”, he added.

While talking to one of the heads of the Punjabi department of a college, it was analysed that there is no good in continuing with what originally is being followed.

“Two papers for Punjabi are not required. Just a single paper can suffice as the prescribed syllabus can be easily covered in a single paper”, the head opined.

Even at the evaluation centre, the job of the evaluators for this particular subject is not much as a 45 mark paper requires less time as compared to a full-fledged paper of 90 marks.

Former principal Tasem Bahia said there wasn’t any harm if two papers were reduced to one as Punjabi being the mother tongue requires less effort and time to be brought home to the students as compared to a foreign language. “Moreover, as both English and Punjabi papers are of one credit and there are no parts for compulsory English paper, compulsory Punjabi paper should also be single carrying 90 marks. Only two-credit papers of 180 marks are divided into A and B parts. So there is no fun in dividing a single credit paper as is being followed in the case of compulsory Punjabi”, the educationists added.



ICFAI holds placement drive
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
Students of GGNIVS appeared in an interview organised by the ICFAI on the college premises here today. Branch manager Sukhpreet Singh and event manager Kirandeep Singh interviewed the students.

Later, Sukhpreet Singh gave a presentation on the importance of certification courses along with degree courses. He added that freshers were in great demand so they must do something productive and should have excellent communication skills and confidence level. At least 30 students pursuing their management studies and computer sciences under MBA, BBA and MSC attended the presentation.

Coordinator Manjit Singh Chhabra said such interviews would help students in gaining confidence and seek good jobs in the best organisations. “So we will continuously try to conduct such interviews in the near future”, he added.

Director Kuldeep Singh said the main objective of holding such interviews was to encourage students to excel.



From School
Talent-hunt  contest at GMT school
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 30
A talent hunt competition was organised by GMT Public School here today. At least 50 students took part in the competition. Students showed their talent in dancing, singing, fancy dress and tabla playing.

Director Kashmir Singh Thind, principal Amarjeet Dhaliwal and coordinator Meenu Tangri, Shalini Dhir were present on the occasion. Principal Dhaliwal distributed prizes among students. 



Chahal case adjourned till May 22
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 30
A fast-track court headed by Manjinder Singh, additional sessions judge, has adjourned the attempt to murder and land- grab case involving BIS Chahal, former media adviser to ex-CM Capt Amarinder Singh till May 22.

The additional public prosecutor today filed the reply to the application filed by one of the accused in this case, Kartar Singh Garewal, seeking discharge from the case. He had pleaded that he along with other family members was falsely implicated due to political rivalry.

Whereas, the public prosecutor had submitted that it was not a case of discharge. It was claimed in the reply that the proseuction was having sufficient evidence against the accused persons.

Apart from Chahal, all other accused were also present before the court. It may be mentioned that Chahal along with his relatives was booked on June 10, 2007, on the charges of allegedly attempting to grab the land of a person at Daad village after launching a murderous attack. 



Symposium on knee replacement
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 30
The department of orthopaedics at SPS Apollo hospital here will organise an international symposium on recent advances in knee- replacement surgery on May 3. Giving this information here today, Dr Harpreet S. Gill, senior consultant in orthopaedics and organiser of the symposium, stated that the event would be attended by orthopaedic surgeons from several states in northern India.

One of the leading knee-replacement surgeons of the world, Dr J.L. Briard from France, will be the guest faculty. The French orthopaedic surgeon has pioneered the mobile-bearing knee replacement surgery technique now being followed worldwide. The symposium will include a live surgery for the delegates and lectures from experienced faculty. Knee-replacement surgery has gained universal acceptance for restoring the functions of walking, activities of daily living, and light recreational activities in patients disabled by arthritis, Dr Gill added.



Power-20 cricket squad announced
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Member of Punjab Power-20 cricket team selected to take part in the National Power-20 Cricket Championship.
Member of Punjab Power-20 cricket team selected to take part in the National Power-20 Cricket Championship. — A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, April 30
The week-long training camp that was conducted at Punjab Agricultural University concluded here recently. A 17 member Punjab State Power-20 cricket team has been announced. Punjab State Power-20 Cricket Association president,Manjit Singh, while releasing the names of the players said the selected players would represent Punjab in the National Power-20 Cricket Championship to be held from May 2 to 5 at Nagpur.

The names of the selected players are Joga Singh, Rajit Kumar, Piyush Sukhjit, Yogesh Gupta, Harpreet Singh, Amrik Singh, Amritpal Singh, Davinder Singh, Harpreet Singh, Sandeep, Charanpreet, Gurdip Singh, Jatinder Singh, Shalu Rathore, Hardeep Singh and Kashish Tiwari.

Anil Kumar and Jagdev Singh Sidhu will accompany the squad as a coach and a manager, respectively.



Shivangi, Himani advance into semis
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, April 30
Shivangi along with Himani More and Charvee Saxena recorded victories in their respective quarterfinal matches to advance into the last four stage of the annual PAU AITA Total Tennis Talent Series Tournament being organised at Punjab Agricultural University here yesterday.

In the girls u-12 years category, Shivangi trounced Shweta 6-0, 6-1 while Himani overpowered Pukhraj Gill 6-3, 6-2 and Charvee Saxena got the better of Rajni Berry 6-3, 6-1 to secure their berths in semifinals.

In the pre-quarterfinals (boys u-12), Dheeranshu outplayed Param 6-4, 6-2; Santbir defeated Aseem Verma 6-3, 6-3; Fatehdeep overwhelmed Kabir Bhatia 6-0, 6-1; Rohan beat Devang Mehra 6-1, 6-3; Ankush Arora outnumbered Tegbir Singh 6-1, 6-3; Arush Sood outclassed Amartya 6-1, 6-2 and Karandeep fought a pitched battle against Akhil Bansal and eventually romped home victorious 3-6, 6-3 and 6-2.

In the boy's u-14 years section, Arush Sood pipped Devang Mehta 6-0, 6-1; Ankush proved too good for Ravjit Singh 6-0, 6-1; Fatehdeep Singh outclassed Siren 6-0, 6-1; Ajay Singh drubbed Suresh Seth 6-1, 6-0; Rajat Sindhu beat Kushan Nath 6-1, 6-2 and Rahul Singh blanked Kawaljot Singh 6-0, 6-0 to secure their places in the quarterfinals.



Ludhiana Academy lads champions
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, April 30
Ludhiana Academy in the boy's section while Gurdaspur district in the girl's section emerged champions in the 59th Junior Punjab State Basketball Meet held at Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, which concluded on Monday.

In the boy's section, Ludhiana Academy players wrapped up all three league encounters to secure six points and romped home victors to bag the title. In the last league fixture, Ludhiana Academy cagers drubbed Mansa 64-32 to stamp their superiority.

Mansa district won two matches and lost one to finish runners up while Amritsar, in a cliff hanger, outnumbered Faridkot 63-62 to secure third position. Faridkot district lost all their three encounters and had to content with fourth position.

In the girl's section, Gurdaspur district pipped Ludhiana 71-60 to win all their three matches to come out as champions. Ludhiana eves with two wins and one loss finished second while Amritsar district and Ropar district secured third and fourth position, respectively.

DGP-cum-director, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, and president, Punjab Basketball Association, Rajdeep Singh Gill gave away prizes to the winners.



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