L E T T E R S    T O    T H E    E D I T O R

We need to step up vigilance

The bomb blasts in Jaipur that killed over 60 people and injured several others is continuation of the militants’ cowardly acts. The place and time of choosing for the attacks clearly indicate the terrorists targeting human densities to cause maximum damage and panic. Religious places are being targeted to ignite communal violence. We need to remain guarded. The international agencies at all levels must be well coordinated to forewarn and thwart militant designs. This is particularly important in view of an unstable neighbour which is having a serious problem with its leadership.

Our security forces must be maintained at a high state of operational preparedness and motivated. They are the backbone of the nation.

MADHU R.D. SINGH, Army School, Ambala Cantonment



Terrorists have once again succeeded in their nefarious mission in Jaipur. They succeed time and again because they have a choice of place, time and means for their mission in complete secrecy. A defender can never be victorious. Victory demands a well-planned and determined attack on the enemy and fight till the finish.

Terrorists will carry on bleeding the innocent people till their camps and cells are functioning. Half-hearted and knee-jerk reactions after the damage won’t do. We need to think ways to tackle the terrorist menace with a firm hand.

Lt-Col H.S. GUR (retd), Hisar


Every time the terrorists strike, the government just sheds crocodile tears. Instead of enacting a strong anti-terrorist law, the government is sitting idle which is nothing but giving them a license to kill even more. Why is the government not enacting tough anti-terrorist laws? For fear of votes?

The porous Indo-Bangladesh border lets Pakistanis and Bangladeshis cross over to India and our politicians are helping them to get voter’s identity cards and passports. This has made the situation out of control.



Unless we become vigilant and don’t seal our borders airtight the terror attacks would continue unabated. Surely, this is not the time for running trains and buses to our neighbouring countries which are apparently facilitating movement of the terrorists. We must install video cameras at all likely targets like railway stations, airports, malls, street junctions, religious places and even in buses and trains.

There is need for much better intelligence inputs and strengthening our police forces which work under tremendous physical and political pressure. All Indians of Indian origin must get proper identity cards unlike the shoddy voter’s identity cards. The services of retired defence people can be utilised to beef up internal security at vantage points.

Air Cmde RAGHUBIR SINGH (retd), Pune


It’s shocking and shameful that the investigation agencies and politicians alike point the finger of suspicion to HUJI, Laskahr-e-Toiba etc. without even commencing their research just because the pattern reflects some similar erstwhile episodes in the past.

Isn’t it possible that certain other groups like the Naxalites or right-wing Hindu outfits are behind this and try to reproduce the pattern so that all fingers point to the so-called Islamic extremists? The Nanded bomb blast is a classic example of this. Such statements can definitely be expected from our politicians and biased media who are trigger-happy when it comes to one community.

At any rate, the investigation agencies should refrain from making irresponsible statements to support which they have no solid facts excepting the sick pretext of an established pattern.



The way these serial blasts are taking place in the country makes one feel wary about one’s own life. The terrorists strike at will and at any place they want as they have done in Jaipur, Rajasthan and kill so many innocent people. We should tighten our belts to check their nefarious designs.

The defence mechanism of the country fails every time except they blame one another after the blasts. No precautions are taken before hand. It is only after the blast that these politicians and bureaucrats come into action. At times one gets the feeling they all are hand in hand with the terrorists and destroying the very fabric of the nation.

Why don’t they put their heads together to eliminate these monsters who are killing their own country men at will?

KRISHNA R. PATEL, Narsinghpur (MP)

Curb lawlessness in Punjab

It is a matter of concern that the most prosperous and civilised state like Punjab is going through a phase of lawlessness as witnessed during the local government elections. The petty politicians were openly brandishing weapons to scare away their opponents and supporters. Some policemen even connived with these people to rig the polls.

It reminds me of a British Judge Richard Mawrey’s comments in 2005 while quashing the results of local (British) polls, citing widespread fraud and rigging. In response to the administration’s statement that the voting system was functioning properly, he said, “Anybody who has sat through the case I have just tried and listened to evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a Banana Republic would find this statement surprising.” Are we Punjabis heading for a Banana Republic or even worse?




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