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Protecting young IAS, IPS officers

The article “Uncivil services” (May 25) by R.K. Raghavan is a challenge to all right-thinking, progressive and democratic forces to protect the young IAS and IPS officers who sincerely and honestly want to serve the public.

An intelligent, sincere and ambitious officer feels disgusted when he finds undue and illegal pressures from capricious politicians and “thugs” of all hues. Those officers who can’t sell their conscience prefer to quit the service. Those who dare to resist always remain thorns in the eyes of  the vested interests.

Those who submit to the system controlled by unscrupulous elements become puppets in the hands of the power-wielders. A demonic nexus develops between politicians and bureaucrats.

An action plan is needed to correct the situation. The training of young officers should be a combination of professionalism and humanism. They must learn to tackle undue and illegal pressures. They must win over the hearts of the people through their humane and people-friendly approach.

Many in society, political parties and the government will come forward to stand by them against the corrupt forces. An officer should learn to use the media and other good and progressive forces in favour of a people-friendly administration.

I agree with the contention that it is good to have a civil servant who is honest and cares for the poor and the needy in place of someone who  may be brilliant but shows indifference towards the downtrodden.


HC order

The Punjab and Haryana High Court’s order reinstating the 31 judicial officers is surprising, particularly in view of the context elaborated in the news report. It is hoped that the court will not allow any question to be raised over the appropriateness of the order and will let the people know, through the media, the logic and the details that have guided the reversal of its own committee’s recommendations.

This will reinforce the people’s trust in the judiciary and also reaffirm the supremacy of the people in the democratic republic, that is India.


Coalition in jeopardy

I agree with the views expressed in the article “Coalition in jeopardy: No one seems to love Zardari” by Sushant Sareen (May 24). I endorse the writer’s contention that the battle today in Pakistan is for snatching power from the establishment and placing it in the hands of the popular political forces without observing constitutional proprieties.

The days of the Army Chief dismissing an elected government are over, as was manifested during the mass upsurge against the removal of the judges by an illegal order of an illegal President during an illegal Emergency. No step forward is without a risk, while stagnation is sure death.


An asset, not a burden

Senior citizens in our country are looked upon as a burden and a liability. It is quite ironical that children do not take care of their elders when alive, but after their death every year “shradhs” are observed.

How easily one forgets that she/he is to meet the same fate sooner or later. The aged give everything at their command to make children happy but how easily the kids forget sacrifices made by their parents.

The Supreme Court of India deserves praise for directing the insurance authority to frame guidelines on policies so that Senior Citizens do not get a raw deal.

In the sixties and the seventies one requires more of health care due to the ageing process but inhuman insurance companies simply reject them.I appeal to all, including the government, the judiciary, the media and especially the younger generation to take care of the aged because elders are an asset.

Dr NARESH RAJ, Patiala


Police helpless

Terrorism is spreading like a wild fire. Kashmir political leaders like Maulvi Umar Farooq and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed have been crying from the rooftops for human rights of terrorists, demoralising our security forces.

Under the present circumstances the police is helpless as there is no stringent anti-terror law to deal with them and get them exemplary punishment.

What a sorry state of affairs that terrorists after having planted 13 bombs in Jaipur had the courage to send an email to all major TV channels the very next day warning the government.

It is time that the Central Government and the Congress party in particular wake up in national interest keeping in view the country is above politics without caring for vote bank, otherwise the whole country would be engulfed by terrorism.


Pensioners’ woes

Big bosses of the defence and the police have pleaded their cases for a pay parity with IAS officers. Poor pensioners, due to their old age, have no collective voice and depend upon the government only. There are a few points I wish the government to consider.

The Sixth Pay Commission has recommended an incentive for pensioners to be given at the age of 80-85 and 90. Normally most of the people die at the age of 70-75. So they cannot avail this facility. The government may kindly bring down the slabs to the age of 70, 75, 80, and so on. At present the government gives a medical allowance @ Rs 100 a month, which is meager. The government should enhance it to Rs 1,000 a month.

GURBACHAN SINGH, Dhanoa (Hoshiarpur)

Terror outfits

Both the United Jehad Council (JUC) and Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) are rabidly anti-India outfits. They are responsible for the terrorist attacks in India. Close to the ISI, they receive weapons, training and funds. When the Indo-Pak peace talks were in progress last week, these outfits had warned the Pakistan government to refrain from having any understanding on Kashmir with the Government of India and threatened to wage a “war in Islamabad and Lahore” if there is any “retreat” on the Kashmir issue.

While proceeding with the peace talks, India will have to factor in the fallout of this threat on the peace process and ask the Pakistan government how they intend to tackle them.

R.J. KHURANA, Bhopal



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