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Nar Singh Murder Case
Two migrant labourers arrested
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
The city police today claimed to have solved the Nar Singh murder case with the arrest of the two accused. Nar Singh, an employee of Raghuv Industries, was murdered on May 31, for reporting the theft committed by the accused to the industry owners.

The accused, Guddu Tewari, a migrant labourer from Chapra (Bihar) and Mathura from Amethi (Uttar Pradesh) were arrested by the CIA- 2 police at police barricade near the Gyaspura Chowk.

According to the CIA-2 police, the alleged criminals and the victim used to work at Raghav Industries, near Gyasoura Stadium.

The alleged accused used to steal cycle parts from the factory and sell it further in the market. Nar Singh informed the owner of the factory about the theft. Taking strict action, the owner expelled both accused from the service.

The accused were, since then, looking for an opportunity to settle score with the Nar Singh. They hatched a plan to murder the victim.

On the night of May 31 Mathura persuaded Nar Singh to accompany him to a liquor shop for a drink. When the victim reached near Raghav Industries, the other accused, Guddu, who was already waiting for him attacked Nar Singh with sharp-edged weapons. Nar Singh died on the spot and the accused threw his body outside the factory so that factory owner could come under suspicion. 



Industrialist kills pregnant wife
Addicted to drugs; tries to pass it as suicide
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
An industrialist, allegedly hooked to drugs, strangled his wife just six months after their marriage, in their house 74-B, Model Town Extension, last night. The woman was four months pregnant.

Sukhdeep Singh, who runs Adarsh International, an automobile parts manufacturing unit, has been booked and arrested under Section 304-B of the IPC for allegedly murdering his wife, Aman Preet Kaur.

The exact motive of the crime was yet to be established. The girl’s father Gurcharan Singh, a builder and resident of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, said his daughter had told one of her sisters yesterday only that she was not happy with the marriage.

The police said the man either killed her for dowry or in a fit of rage over some domestic dispute or might be that the woman was trying to prevent him from taking drugs.

The police has also found smack, intoxicating capsules and a few injections from his car. The accused was desperate for drugs even in police custody. He even begged mediapersons for drugs.

The police said the accused strangled her last late night but later tried to pass it off as a suicide. The murder came to notice at midnight when he called Aman Preet’s parents to tell them their daughter was sick.

Agitated girl’s relatives, later, vent their ire at a Class IV employee in the civil hospital, suspecting him to be a relative of the accused.

The hospital remained tense for several hours with supporters of the beaten-up employee roaming around with sticks to take revenge.

Charanjit Singh and Jagjit Singh, cousins of Aman Preet, said she seemed to be living happily till last evening when she called her sister and narrated how she was suffering at the hands of her husband who happens to be a drug addict.

“We had never thought that within few hours of the telephone call, she would be found dead.” said Charanjit.

He said Aman had further told that her husband had taken away her phone accusing her of sharing her personal life with her parents. Her husband used to beat her up even on the slightest suspicion that she had made phone calls in his absence.

She had not told about this to her parents earlier as she didn’t want to give them tension. Besides this, she said, Aman hoped that their relationship would improve gradually. 



Dealers told to sell premium fuel
Resent move; not to lift supplies on Wednesdays
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
Oil companies have asked petroleum dealers to ensure that 40 per cent of the total fuel sold by them should fall under the premium category. Resenting the move, dealers have decided not to lift any supplies on Wednesdays.

“They have imposed this new condition on us under which they are forcing us to sell premium fuel. Practically, it is not possible for us to do so as the sale of fuel is mainly dependent on customers’ demand. However, oil companies are insisting that when a customer comes to a pump, we should ask him to purchase the premium, more expensive, variant,” said J.P. Khanna, president, Petroleum Dealers Association, here today.

A large number of dealers returned without taking any supplies from depots today when they were asked to buy higher quantities of premium products, added Khanna.

At least 150 petroleum dealers from across the state gathered here to discuss the “newly-imposed condition”.

Post announcement of the hike by the government, oil distributing companies affected another Re 1 increase in case of premium fuels, thereby widening the price gap between normal and premium varieties.

Demand for premium varieties of the diesel and petrol in the state, said dealers, was much lower compared to the normal variants.

Dealers also condemned oil companies for “arbitrarily” putting supplies to a halt as and when they wished so. “On the day the hike was announced, for instance, oil depots shutdown around noon. It is totally unfair,” said dealers.

Irate dealers have also asked oil companies to increase the commission on premium products from the presently existing Rs 1,200 per kcal to Rs 1,400.

“If the oil companies are making efforts to earn higher revenues by selling more premium fuel, they ought to pass on the benefit to us as well.”

After the panic like situation that existed prior to the hike, the scenario at petrol stations has been quite dismal. Even as demand has started returning to normal, dealers said a reduction of at least 35 per cent happened on a daily basis as the initial response. 



Funds Crunch
Office of Civil Surgeon unsafe
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 8
Contradictory to its claims of working on “employee-friendly” policies, the state government has failed to provide sufficient funds to the Public Works Department (PWD), thereby endangering the lives of staff working in the “unsafe” buildings at the Civil Surgeon office in Ludhiana.

The PWD had declared the offices in the Civil Surgeon office complex as unsafe almost eight years ago but nothing has been done to renovate it till date.

This complex was constructed prior to the Independence, as can be gauged by an old signboard that reads “Sahib Bahadur Civil Surgeon”.

However, in official records, the office board dates back to the year 1966.

The staff working at this office feel let down due to the lackadaisical attitude of authorities concerned. A senior employee of this office stated that this building poses a constant threat to the lives of those working here.

“Despite repeated reminders, the PWD has done nothing to ensure safety of the employees working here,” he remarked.

Quarters where families of Class IV employees PWD declared it unsafe eight years ago;still reeling under funds crunch.

live, are in the bad shape as the walls and roofs have developed cracks beyond repair. PWD officials informed that it was impossible for them to repair these buildings and added that reconstructing the building was the only answer to the problem.

Similarly, the laboratory building used for testing samples, too, craves for attention. Water leakage during the rainy season results in dampness that has further weakened the walls. PWD XEN, Ashok Goyal, when contacted said the delay in renovation of the unsafe residential and official buildings at the Civil Surgeon office had been caused due to the funds crunch. “The department had made an estimate of Rs 3.5 lakh for the CMO’s residence alone as it is the only building in the entire complex that can be repaired. Others buildings can’t be repaired as these have different roof levels and are in dilapidated condition.”

The SDO concerned has already been asked to give fresh estimate, the XEN added.



Recarpeting of Gill road stopped
Contractor was not using sensor paver; had employed minors
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
Gill Road recarpeting project worth Rs 5.5 crores has came under a scanner even before the work could start here today.

It was stopped amidst allegations that the contractor was not using a sensor paver that helps in laying a quality road. Instead, he was using an ordinary one on the road.

Within a few hours after the work was started, senior deputy mayor, Parveen Bansal, reached the spot only to find that the existing road was not cleaned properly and a layer of coal tar was spread on it. Moreover, the contractor had employed minors as labourers.

Bansal said as per the fresh specifications for the contractors to lay roads in the city, sensor paver was to be used for laying the road. The sensor ensured the required amount of premix and bitumen for leveling a specific part of the road.

‘‘The motive behind having fresh terms and conditions for the road projects was to lay the state-of-the-art roads to set an example in the city. But, our motive has been defeated. I will take up the matter with commissioner Vikas Partap. It is shameful that he has employed child labour on a government project, ’’ he said. However, soon after he raised an objection, the child labourers were shooed away from the spot.

He added that as per the terms and conditions of allotment of project, the contractor was required to have two vibrator rollers and four road rollers. Bansal said he was shocked at the fact that a few MC officials were present on the spot when the work began. Nobody objected. ‘‘When I spoke to the superintendent engineer, he said sensor paver was not viable on this road.”

Sources said a sensor was installed at the cost of Rs 6 lakh on an ordinary paver to lay a perfectly levelled road.



SDM’s reader held for taking bribe
Our Correspondent

Khamano, May 7
The Vigilance Bureau today raided the office of SDM here and arrested reader Baldev Singh while he was accepting a bribe of Rs 5,000 for reopening a case.

A Fatehgarh Sahib bureau’s team led DSP Jaspal Singh arrested the reader, Baldev Singh, while he was accepting the bribe from Harbhajan Singh of Gaggarwal near here. The reader had demanded Rs 10,000 in an intqal case and was receiving the first installment when he was arrested. The complainant had handed over the currency notes provided by vigilance official to Baldev Singh. A case has been registered against the accused.



TVS to launch Wimbledon collection 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
TVS motor company has signed an agreement with the All-England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) as the official licensee for Wimbledon tournaments. As a part of this association, TVS will bring out two limited edition scooters, which are inspired by the contemporary and sporty image of “the spirit of Wimbledon”, the company stated in a press note issued here.

The TVS Scooty-Wimbledon collection, namely, Wimbledon Class and Wimbledon Xtreme, will be launched to coincide with the Wimbledon season, beginning June.

“The TVS Scooty-Wimbledon Collection, comprising 10,000 scooters is being brought out as a tribute to women with sporty attitude. Buyers of this collection will get a complementary Scooty-Wimbledon sweatshirt and a sporty sling bag. Being a limited edition, the Wimbledon collection will retail at a premium of Rs 1,599 over regular colours,”said S.Srinivas, GM (Marketing), TVS Motor Company.



Fissures within industry over pollution issue
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
Electroplating units are irked over being blamed for creating pollution in Budda Nullah. The blames that come from industry representatives have caused ire among these unit owners.

The unit owners have condemned chairman of Small Industries Board in Punjab for his statement on pollution created by electroplating units, indicating fissures within the local industry as industrial boards have been formed by the government to give a voice to industry’s issues.

Condemning their own representative, Inderjit Singh Pardhan, president of the Ludhiana Electroplaters Association, Joginder Kumar, said at a press conference today, “We strongly condemn the statement issued by him in front of the Chief Minister that the electroplating industry is not on the right path while the dyeing units are on the right path.

“The chairman stated that maximum effluent of electroplating units foe to Budda Nullah, which is contrary to facts. The fact of the matter is that the dyeing effluent goes to the nullah directly.”

Explaining the issue further, Kumar said as per the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), the effluent of electroplating units was 4.1 MLD a month of which 1.7 MLD was treated by the common effluent treatment plant. Over 1 MLD effluent comes from large-scale units and the balance 1.4 MLD belongs to unidentified units or the ones not getting their effluent treated through CETP.

Irked owners of electroplating units have now urged the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to hold meetings concerning them with their representatives only.

The electroplating industry also urged the PPCB to monitor 138 dyeing units that have installed treatment plants and check if the same are functioning properly or not.



Farmers opt for direct sowing of paddy
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 7
Swayed by the success stories of peasants adopting direct sowing of paddy during the past two years, a large number of farmers living in this area have started adopting the technique adopted by Gurinder Singh, an electrical engineer and farmer of Kalarh village near here. Irrigation expenses have reduced further with the designing of a new drill this year.

The head of the agronomy branch, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Dr Ujjagar Singh Walia, while acknowledging this invention, stated that the department might undertake organised research after finding solution to a few drawbacks.

“Though we have observed advantages of direct sowing over the transplant cultivation, we can not institutionalise the method until problems of weed growth and fall in germination rates are solved,” argued Dr Walia.

He stressed on need that the designing of a drill would help regulate pouring of seeds at an optimum depth.

Observations by The Tribune revealed that a few farmers of the area had started sowing paddy seeds directly with a drill specially designed by Gurvinder Singh.

Contrary to practice of first preparing seedlings of paddy and then transplanting them in standing water by migrants labourers, Gurinder had tried and succeeded in growing paddy crop by directly sowing soaked rice seeds in the reasonably wet soil.

According to Gurinder, the procedure would save about Rs 2,500 per acre that is normally spent on puddling and transplantation. The amount spent on weed control is compensated by the reduction in vegetative phase of the crop.

“While PUSA 44, cultivated with traditional method takes about 165 days to mature, varieties sown by this method ripe within 115 days. Besides saving energy and money, it provided us span of about two months to sow some other short duration crop in the fields,” argued Gurinder.

As the ratio of ridges to sown area has been improved, soil bed gets exposed to the sunlight and air. This will help curtail the irrigation cost.

Davinder Singh of Sihar and Sukhpal Singh of Saharan Majra village are among other farmers who have decided to adopt the technique.



Remove ban on rice, wheat export: Farmers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
Farmers in the region are all geared up to start sowing of paddy from May 10. The trend, this year, seems to be on sowing of Basmati again. Speculations are rife that this season, the area of paddy will considerably increase from current 35 lakh hectares. In that case, there were chances of glut of Basmati in the region. The worried farmers have started pressurising the government for removal of ongoing ban on export of rice and wheat in the country.

Talking to The Tribune, president of the Bharti Kisan Union (Rajewal) Balbir Singh Rajewal informed that on this issue they were seeking an appointment with Sharad Pawar, Union minister of agriculture, Government of India, in near future.

He said last year farmers gained a lot from Basmati. They earned anything between Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000 per acre. “Seeing last year’s profit, majority of farmers are keen on sowing Basmati this year too. It is expected that production area would also considerably increase. The government will not be able to manage if there is a glut of Basmati in the country.

“The bumper wheat crop is an example that country has moved from food deficit to food surplus status. Now, the Indian government must remove the ban on export of rice and wheat,” said Rajewal adding that government had gained huge profit to the tune of Rs 2,700 crore from wheat production. “But it is unfortunate that profits were never passed-on to the farmers of Punjab,” he complained.

He further added that in Vietnam, which is one of the highest paddy production countries, the entire produce has been damaged.

“Other than Arabian countries, now countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia and Phillipines will look up to India for getting rice. We are hopeful of getting bumper rice crop, so export must be initiated,” said Rajewal. In addition to it, Rajewal demanded MSP of Rs 3,000 per quintal on Basmati.



Agro institute inaugurated
Our Correspondent

Doraha, June 7
“In the era of inflation, youngsters should be encouraged to become self-employed professionals. With increasing population, it becomes difficult for any ruling government to create employment opportunities for youngsters.”

This was stated by Satpal Gosain, deputy speaker, Punjab government, at the inaugural function of Lee Bee International Beekeeping and Agro Institute built up on GT Road, Doraha, by India’s largest exporter of honey, Kashmir Apiaries Exports, here today.

Alongside, a three-day camp is being conducted by the institute, which is being attended by beekeepers from India and abroad. Dr N.S. Tomar, director, Punjab and UT, Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Central Government of India, who was the resource person on the occasion, while addressing the potential beekeepers viewed that beekeeping was a very profitable business.

He assured that central and state government was making every effort to support this profession apart from framing policies for its commendable promotion.

Jagjit Singh Kapoor, managing director of the company, admitted that the profession of bee keeping was not very profitable when they first initiated it 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, the beekeeping trainees appreciated the company’s efforts to promote awareness and technical know-how. Trainees felt that government should also make efforts to promote this profession so that it can become a profitable business for the people. 



Dairy Farming: GADVASU to start new courses
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
For further development of dairy industry, there is a need of technically qualified staff. Majority of milk plants, both private and co-operative sectors, do not have properly trained and qualified work force to manage different cadres.

This has been one of the major impediments in the growth of the dairy sector. Senior and technical managers, technical supervisors, middle-level supervisors and a large work force of dairy plant workers were required in the country to run about 700 milk plants in the country.

Keeping this in mind, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) has initiated a lot of new programmes, some of which will start from current academic session.

Dr O.P. Parmar, director of extension education, GADVASU, talking to The Tribune said private institutes should initiate such courses as well so that there was no dearth of qualified staff in dairy industry.

He said the programmes would emphasise on thorough training and maintenance of dairy plant machinery. “The varsity has established a College of Dairy Science and Technology and is going to start Btech (dairy technology) programme from the ensuing academic session,” informed Dr Parmar adding that other diploma courses would also be started in near future.

“Private sector can also play a vital role in dairy education particularly diploma and apprenticeship programmes by collaborating with milk industry for exhaustive practical training of entry point workers. They will not only produce quality work force for these plants but will also help in employment generation for the rural youth,” said Dr Parmar.

BTech course of 4 years’ duration offered to Class XII students at GADVASU from current session, was a programme for the development of highly professional dairy specialists through value-based education and training.



Book on Manak released
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
‘Eh Hai Kuldip Manak’, a book depicting the life and singing career of renowned Punjabi singer Kuldip Manak was released today at a function in Punjabi Bhawan.

Authored by Ali Rajpura, the book was released by Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation’s chairman, Jagdev Singh Jassowal. Jassowal said, “Manak is a name reckoned with Punjabi singing who has inspired a large number of new genre singers.”

President of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur International Manch, Krishan Kumar Bawa, while presiding the function said Manak’s songs were an asset to the society. They not only depict culture but also carry a message.

Manak has maximum fans amongst NRI Punjabis who relate to situational expressions in his songs.

Amongst others present on the occasion were, Ali Rajpura, Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation’s general secretary Gurbhajan Gill and Inderjit Hassanpuri.



Govt assures aid for hockey tourney 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
The sate government finally woke up from its slumber to salvage the pride of Hockey Olympians Prabhjot Singh, Deepak Thakur and Chandigarh Dynamos captian Rajpal Singh, who yesterday auctioned their jerseys to raise fund for organising the 6th Dharam Singh Memorial Hockey Tournament.

After a brief meeting with the international trio here this evening, the minister for local bodies, Manoranjan Kalia, assured full financial support to the players for organising the tournament.

As many as eight teams will participate in this tournament, which includes ONGC, BPCL, Indian Oil, Namdhari XI, CISF, RCF, Indian Air force and Rock rovers, Chandigarh.

The tournament will be played from June 8 to 12 at the Sector 18 Astro Turf Hockey Stadium, Chandigarh.

The players who have so far raised Rs 2.3 lakh through auction needed approximately Rs 3 lakh more for the tournament.

“Roughly Rs 4 to 5 lakh is spend on such a big tournament. Though we had raised enough money through auctioning but it was not enough for the tournament. We thank the state government for supporting us when we needed it the most,” said Rajpal Singh.

Commenting on auctioning of jerseys he said, “Our motive was to hurt the sentiments of those in power, we did not cry for help like babies. Yes, our behaviour was little childish, but there was no other way to raise funds.”

Manoranjan Kalia said it showed the sorry state of our national sport. “This is the time to introspect the factor that actually led to the debacle of our national sport. The Indian hockey team which used to win Olympic Gold could not even qualify for the Olympics,” he said.

He further added, “I will talk to the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to make sure that funds could be provided to the players on regular basis to organise tournaments.”

Olympian Prabhjot Singh, while interaction with The Tribune justified the auctioning. He said, “If the players of other sports and film actors can raise funds by auctioning their clothes, then why can’t the hockey players raise fund by auctioning their jerseys. We have fetched good amount by auctioning out jerseys. We also thank the state government for supporting us as we were falling short of money.”



Twenty20 Cricket: 36 probables selected
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 7
The Ludhiana District Twenty20 Cricket Association (LDTCA) conducted trials for selecting probables (u-16) for the forthcoming Punjab State Inter-District Shaheed Udham Singh Cricket Tournament to be held in Amritsar from the first week of July.

President of the association, Amarvir Singh, informed that these probables would attend the coaching and training camp at the Government Institute of Chemistry and Knitting Technology, Rishi Nagar, prior to the selection of district team for taking part in the state tournament.

The names of the probables are Jeevanjot, Sonu Kumar, Vishal, Manoj, Mohit Chopra, Ravi, Nikhil Sethi, Khushal Sharma, Rishav, Ankit Sharma, Sachin Abhishek, Sarvjot Sehgal, Angad Sehgal, Ankit Kohli, Bharat, Simran, Ashkaran, Nikhil, Deepak, Hartaj Ghuman, Rajat, Harman, Adarshpreet, Sunny, Jaspreet, Ankit Deewakar, Raghav Likhi, Ranbir Likhi, Abhishek, Sahil, Mandeep, Ishan Bhagat, Rohit Kumar, Shivam Rama, Nishkarsh and Avneet Chhabra.



Cricket trials today
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 7
Trials to select the Ludhiana district cricket team for boys (u-19) will be held here on the Arya College ground on June 8 at 4 pm, said, Naresh Marwaha, joint secretary of the Ludhiana District Cricket Association.

Boys born on or after September 1, 1989, are eligible to take part in these trials. The selected players will represent Ludhiana in the Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament for the Dhruve Pandove Trophy to be organised by the Punjab Cricket Association at different venues from July 20 onwards.



Olympian gives tip to budding cricketers
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 7
Trainees of the Nursery of Cricket, Centre of Excellence, being run here on the Punjab Agricultural University campus had a great session today as former hockey Olympian Hardeep Singh Grewal interacted with them and gave useful tips, which would definitely help them to improve their performance.

These upcoming cricketers, attending a summer conditioning camp, were told about improving endurance, agility besides other basics so that they could transform their abilities into a winning proportion.

Hardeep appreciated the organisers of the centre for providing quality facilities to the trainees and advised the young cricketers to utilise these opportunities to the optimum.

“My son, a product of this center, has been performing well in England where he is playing cricket in junior section,” he revealed.

The organisers expressed gratitude towards Hardeep Singh for sparing time to visit the centre and motivating the aspiring cricketers and also felicitated him with mementoes. 



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