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Left stand on nuclear deal unacceptable

I read H.K. DUA’s front-page editorial, “India must not go back on nuclear deal” (June 20). Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not a politician like other political leaders who are interested only for their political party and not for the country. Whatever action he takes will be in the interest of the country.

The nuclear deal signed in 2005, if not complied with during his tenure as Prime Minister, will bring discredit to the UPA government. All political parties should support the Prime Minister and make sure that the deal is complied with even if the CPM/Left parties do not support the government on the agreement.

The Left parties are not interested in the betterment of the country. They are interested only in the welfare of their members like those in the Shiv Sena. Thus, the Prime Minister should not bother about the CPM’s rigid stand on the issue. The deal should be operationalised expeditiously.

Col B.S. GHUMAN (retd), Chandigarh



Enough is enough. The Congress must now end its honeymoon with the Left and go ahead with the deal in national interest. Any stumbling block in the way of the nation’s progress must be removed forthwith.

Obsolete theories and politics responsible for the crumbling down of the mighty communist citadels must be an eye-opener for all of us. No interest is superior to national interest.

The tainted and irresponsible politicians can go to any length to satisfy their lust to remain in power. The short-sighted politicians have made the socio-economic and political situation in the country so complicated that it is very difficult for one to rectify it. We are at the crossroads from where retreat is as difficult as advance. A significant majority of our elected leaders have only one-point agenda — ‘Save the dynasty’, come what may.

The corrupt, the inefficient and the irresponsible administration has failed to provide any solace to Aam admi. The poor, law-abiding citizens feel cheated, insecure, frightened and helpless in their motherland. Isn’t the situation alarming?

MEHAR CHAND, Bagli Kalan (Ludhiana)


Mr Dua has cautioned the UPA government at the right time when the US Congress is due to meet next month. India is facing a huge power shortage and a lot of fuel is required for the power plants. Oil and coal are available for a limited period, but oil prices are rising everyday.

The Prime Minister should stick to his words and operationalise the agreement. Nuclear deal is the need of the hour and there can be no two opinions about it irrespective of the Left parties’ threat to withdraw support to the UPA government.

O.P. GARG, Patiala


The front-page editorial is very apt. There is no doubt that the nuclear deal is very important for India’s development, particularly when crude oil prices have already taken a heavy toll of our resources.

For its survival, the UPA government is dependent on the Left parties which are obsessed with their aversion to American supremacy and have taken a very rigid stand on the issue. Unfortunately, the BJP’s stand is also irrational and unprincipled. Formation of a national government can bring the saner elements of all political parties together which will surely safeguard the national interest.

Lt-Col H.S. GUR (retd), Hisar


At this critical juncture, when the OPEC nations are exploiting the helplessness of oil importing nations to the hilt, it is very essential for India to go for alternative sources of energy. In most parts of India, we do not have enough of wind to produce energy economically.

Solar energy needs a lot of space and it is very expensive at present. Coal with 35 per cent efficiency is a highly polluting and least efficient source of energy. Our potential for hydel power is limited. It is the patriotic and moral duty of the Left parties to stand behind the government in its quest for nuclear energy. Under similar circumstances, Communist China would have jumped on such a deal.

China understands that half of its manufacturing industry will fold up, if America refuses to buy its products. Most of China’s modern industry is based on import of American sophisticated technology. But our own Communists are bent on taking us into the 19th century. Let us hope India unites on this issue.


Roadblock to justice

Incidents of rape and custodial deaths are becoming too frequent despite measures to cover all forms of sexual abuse under the definition of rape, enhancement of punishment and making the trial time-bound. The solution to curb the incidents of the two offences lies in making a change in the procedural law.

Our criminal law is based on the assumption that everybody is innocent until proved guilty. And the onus of proving the accused guilty is on the prosecution. In the case of the two particular offences, this principle is a roadblock in the way to justice.

In the case of rape, the prosecutrix is the sole witness to the happening with her while in the case of custodial deaths, circumstances are such that it is well-nigh impossible to prove the commission of the offence.

Thus, what is needed is an amendment in the Indian Evidence Act on the pattern of Section 113-A which was added in 1983 to shift the burden of proof on the accused in the case of dowry death. Where the medico-legal report suggests the commission of rape or unnatural death while in custody, the onus of proving himself innocent should shift to the accused. This small step will go a long way in curbing the incidents of the two offences and improving the conviction rate.

V.S. CHAUDHRI, IAS (retd), Karnal



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