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City torn between Centre and administration
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The recent queries by the union ministry of home affairs (MHA) on the issue of low land compensation to UT landowners, amending the bylaws and competency in changing the rules is nothing new in the corridors of the UT secretariat here. And it’s unlikely that the fresh salvo will change things.

Being the controlling ministry, the MHA keeps asking questions on various contentious issues and the administration has been replying to the same. But nothing concrete comes out of it due to strange administrative structure that governs the UT.

This willy-nilly has created an impression that the Centre is least interested in providing the city with a better administrative setup that can ensure the Chandigarh administration to be more responsive and sensitive to the aspirations of people.

Least interested in what concerns the city, the dying democratic temper in local governance or ad hoc culture in the development of the city is only a matter of record for the Delhi-based babus in the union ministry of home affairs.

The difference between the local administration and the Centre over the selection of bureaucrats for posting with the former has only added to the chaos. Minister of state for finance Pawan Kumar Bansal, who also happens to be the local member of parliament (MP), says the UT without a legislature has a strange situation.

“As an MP, I have no powers regarding the governance and the Centre has delegated powers to the Administrator. I respect the democratic setup, but the governance should be responsive and sensitive to people’s aspirations.”

UT officials admit that in the present system of hierarchy, the UT Administrator has the final word.

For the past two years, the issue of ad hoc culture has been reaching the ears of the Centre.

Apart from the local member of parliament highlighting certain issues, local residents and non-political inhibitors have approached the Centre on issues ranging from land acquisitions to illegal conversion policy to alleged “disfiguring” Le Corbusier’s master plan with regards to the development of the city.

Last year, a group of eminent citizens had met Congress president Sonia Gandhi seeking her intervention to put an end to the haphazard development in the city and on it’s periphery.

The group comprising eight prominent city residents had sought setting up of a regional urban planning authority on the lines of the National Capital Region Board for promoting coordinated development of the area surrounding Chandigarh.

They had sought that the Government of India should direct the Chandigarh administration to refrain from changing the existing land use and carefully drafted zoning regulations and building by-laws, such as permitting high-rise buildings or apartments in sectors meant for low-rise development that define the distinct open and green character of Chandigarh.

The proposed Urban Arts Commission (which was probably the outcome of the residents meeting with Sonia Gandhi) has been on papers for over a year now and the bill has not been presented in Parliament. It is yet to be seen when things start moving in the right direction.



I am powerless, says Bansal
Landowners should be stakeholders on equity-participation basis
Tribune News Service

Union minister of state for finance and local MP Pawan Kumar Bansal has off and on raised vital issues concerning the city. Only recently, he had complained to the Prime Minister that the UT administration was paying low land compensation to the city farmers while giving “undue” concessions to rich industrialists. Though he claims that all’s well between him and UT administrator General S.F. Roudrigues, their love-hate relationship is no secret.

Excerpts from an interview

Why do local issues related to union territory of Chandigarh remain unaddressed?

The city is a UT without a legislature. Going by the administrative structure, there is total delegation of authority to the administrator. As an MP, I have no powers to govern the city. I respect the democratic setup and can only raise voice of the people in the Parliament or at other forums. Even the issues concerning Chandigarh raised by me are routed through the union ministry of home affairs (MHA).

Who is responsible for the present state of affairs in the city?

I would also share this responsibility. In the present system, the Government of India has delegated most of the powers to the administration. Not only for issues concerning Chandigarh, but other UTs as well, the Centre has little time. Such issues are never discussed at the Centre. Rather these have to be dealt by the non-elected local setup of the Chandigarh administration. The local functions are not performed properly and any advice given is termed as vested interest.

Why have you not been able to do anything despite being a minister of state for finance and an MP?

As a minister, I have been doing my bit to get increased budget sanctions for the UT. Though no official from the UT was present during the presenting of the budget, I was in touch with UT officials regarding financial matters. As an MP, it is my duty and responsibility to fight for issues concerning the city. If someone feels that it is not my duty, he is wrong.

Why is it alleged in the official circles that you do not take up the matters at Delhi?

Things should be seen in the right perspective. I take strong objections to the allegation. I am a local person and development of the city has been my concern ever since I became an MP. In the given system of the city governance, I have a limited role. When I write something, it is routed to the administration through the MHA. The MHA sends back the reply of the administration to me. This is how the system works.

What is the latest on the land acquisition issue?

Time has changed. I feel landowners should be stakeholders on the equity participation basis. Besides, all oustees should be rehabilitated. It was strange that people were getting much less than the rate at which land deals had to be registered with the government. I have written to the Prime Minister on the issue.



Govt school teachers double up as clerks
G.S. Paul
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
If you think teachers’ job is just to teach children, then you may be wrong. For, if the teacher happens to be from government schools in the city, he/she may well be doing everything else except teaching.

In a sad reflection of the state of government schools, teachers have to double up as clerks and bear the extra responsibility of managing various school funds, fee collections and even sorting out staff salary.

Reason: There is an acute shortage of clerical staff in these schools. No wonder why it is having an adverse impact on the quality of education being imparted in these schools.

This is evident from the fact that the latest survey report conceived by the National University of Educational planning and Administration (NUEPA) has placed Chandigarh in the fourth place for session 2006-07, slipping from the third place (2005-06) in upper primary wing.

The report is based on a survey of 178 schools of the city and was released by the ministry of human resource development recently.

A section of teachers, preferring anonymity, complained that the additional charge of collection of funds has been telling upon their efficiency to certain extent and has disrupted their academic schedule.

DPI (S) S.K. Setia admitted that it was a grave issue but efforts were being made to streamline the system. “We are on the verge of finalising 45 new recruitments pertaining to accounts clerks, lab assistants and librarians.”

At one school, the physics teacher looks after all school correspondence to the administration.

“I have to do it and deliver it to the DPI (S) office in school hours only. I hardly ever take my classes,” said the teacher.

“We haven’t had a clerk in our school since 2005 and we have no choice but to ask our teacher to do the job. To top it all, there are 10 posts of JBT teacher still to be filled in my school. Those five who are on the job have been put up for doing bookkeeping jobs or collecting or depositing funds and fee,” said principal of another school.

A JBT teacher at another school apprehended that teachers of their school may not get their salary from next month, as she had decided not to yield to the compulsion of distributing teachers’ salaries.

However, a mathematics teacher of a school rued that she had to maintain the pupil ledger accounts, audit accounts and fee collection at the cost of her classes.

The school is already short of one teacher each in mathematics, arts, music, Punjabi and PTI. “Two posts of mathematics as well as nursery teacher in the school have been lying vacant for the past few years,” rued the principal.

A proposal was mooted by the administration sometime ago to create non-teaching posts of clerk, “ayaas” and class IV employees but was refused by the union ministry of human resource development. The administration had been advised to manage these non-teaching posts through “internal adjustments”.

The DPI (S) confirmed that on August 12, guest faculty interviews for 506 posts were being conducted to meet the shortage of teachers in schools. “For the first time, we have skipped the written and viva test. The selection will be based purely on merit. Written test and interview sessions were often time consuming and didn’t necessarily yield fair results.”



NHAI project chief gets notice for Act violation
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 9
The NHAI project director has been issued a show-cause notice for violating the Periphery Control Act, 1952, by erecting a two-room structure having an unauthorised access to National Highway 73.

District town planner (enforcement), Panchkula, issued a notice to NHAI project director Lieut-Col K.P. Sharma for carrying out the construction at his farm at Nada village.

Lieut-Colonel Sharma, who owns a farm in his name in the forest area of Nada village, near the town, has constructed two rooms with a tin roof. The rooms are being used as animal shed and to store fodder.

The DTP has, however, objected to the construction and asked the owner to stop it immediately.

The DTP said: “According to the Punjab New Capital (Periphery) Control Act, 1952, no one can erect or re-erect any building or lay out any means of access to a road within 10 miles on all sides from the outer boundary of the Union Territory of Chandigarh”.

Under the Act, the offence is punishable with a term, which may extend up to two years.

Sharma said he had not violated any rules and a reply had already been submitted to the authorities.

Incidentally, the notice to Sharma was issued on July 29, just a week after he told the district administration that the NHAI had no proposal of widening the Pinjore-Kalka road.


Sim bought to make hoax call: Police
Mandeep Puri
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Investigation by the UT police into the bomb hoax call made on Wednesday that claimed to blow up district courts complex revealed that the caller had purchased the sim card a few days ago and made only one call to the police control room (PCR) from that number.

Police officials claim that the caller, Ram Raghu,had intentionally purchased the sim card to make the bomb hoax call.

The resident of Sector 52 had purchased an Airtel sim card (9878677914) three days before he made a call to the PCR. The hoax call was the first and only call made by the caller using the number.

Though, the reason behind making the call is not known yet, the police is suspecting something fishy. Even though, the PCR has received a number of hoax calls in the recent past, this is the first case where the caller had made a call from his cell phone. Raghu gave a photocopy of his ration card as the identity proof while purchasing the sim card. The number being a prepaid was not verified before the sim card got activated.

Talking to The Tribune, Baldev Singh, in charge of the Sector 61 police post, said: “We have raided a couple of places, but could not trace the whereabouts of the caller. The address mentioned in the ration card was wrong.” 



Another hoax
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
A hoax bomb call at Government Multi-Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, this morning, kept the police on its toes for about two hours. The police control room received information around 11 am that an abandoned bag was lying inside the emergency. A dog squad and bomb disposal squad upon checking the premises found nothing.



PU Senate Poll
Many surprises in nomination list
Smriti Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Panjab University’s (PU) senate election scene is hotting up as the first phase of elections draws near. Election to six seats of senate from various faculties is scheduled for August 27. The nomination list sprung many a surprise after the last date for filling the forms, which was August 7. This is the first phase of polling and the results will declared on the same day.

From the combined faculty, Ashok Goyal and Deepak Manmohan are contesting, whereas from the language faculty, Dr Keshav Malhotra and Akshay Kumar are contesting.

From the Arts faculty, N.K. Ojha and A.K. Saihjpal are contesting while G.K. Chatrath and S.S. Virdi are contesting from the faculty of medical sciences. Interestingly, both Chatrath and Virdi belong to the same group and have filed nominations and if no body withdraws, it is going to be a keenly-contested seat in the faculty of medical sciences.

Perhaps the most shocking omission from the list was the name of former MP and sitting senator, Satya Pal Jain. Though it was believed that Jain would find a place as candidate from the law faculty, it seems the BJP has overlooked the claim of his candidature and has preferred to allocate the seat to its president of Punjab state, Rajinder Bhandari.

His absence from the list becomes all the more startling especially when the parliamentary elections are around the corner and Jain is a claimant for Chandigarh’s lone parliamentary seat as well. Many in the university and the BJP circles have raised their eyebrows upon the selection of the candidate by the party.

On the other hand, Suresh Tandon is believed to be a covering candidate for Rajinder Bhandari. And if sources are to be believed, he is certain to withdraw his candidature. The other candidate fielded by the BJP is Dr A.K. Sahijpal from the Arts faculty.

Also if the election observers over the years are to be believed, Dr Keshav, Naval Kishore and Ashok Goyal are emerging as strong contenders with an edge over their rivals. Ashok Goyal, despite belonging to minority group in the present senate, surprisingly seems to be having an upper hand over his rival.

The last date for withdrawals in these faculties is August 18.



PG accommodation helping govt: Residents’ body
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 9
The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) should listen to PG owners and involve them while making a policy in this regard, said members of the newly formed Mohali Residents and PG Owners Welfare Association here today.

Association members said at a press conference that a lot of one-sided propaganda was going on against PG owners for the past many months who were, in fact, helping the government in the education sphere by providing accommodation to students with all facilities at affordable prices.

M.S. Khangura, president of the association, said their body would be meeting the chief administrator of GMADA to give a representation. He said that PG owners were concerned about the problems of the residents of the town and were against hooliganism created by PGs.

Most PG owners had framed rules and regulations to maintain discipline and also provided lists of the occupants to the police. Keeping PGs was a residential activity as occupants were kept as tenants as per the existing law and it was not a commercial activity.

He said there were more than 1,000 PG owners who were accommodating more than 30,000 PGs. Most of them were students or low-income employees. The PG system had given employment to more than 10,000 people.

Both GMADA and the municipal council had different opinion regarding the PG system, which had led to a lot of confusion. While GMADA was asking for the registration of PGs, the civic body was demanding a closure of the system.

The association demanded that if the authorities concerned were going to stop the functioning of PG system from residential areas then GMADA should allot land to a society where PG hostels could be constructed.



Parking contractor at Sukhna slapped Rs 3,500 fine
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The parking contractor of Sukhna Lake was today issued a challan of Rs 3,500 for overcharging vehicle owners and misbehaving with them.

The contractor was also challaned for not providing proper uniform to its employees.

On getting complaint about a brawl between a vehicle owner and parking employees, city mayor Pardeep Chabbra visited the place of incident and fined the contractor.

He found that the parking attendant was charging Rs 3 for helmet and Rs 10 for four-wheelers like Sumo and Innova instead of Re 1 per helmet and Rs 5 for four-wheeler as per the parking norms.

Even the parking staff was not in proper uniform and a number of vehicle owners even complained of misbehaviour by the employees.

Chabbra said a special meeting of all parking contractors would be called on Monday to warn them to follow the guidelines.

He added that they were planning to execute the CCTV plan in Sectors 35 and 17 on trial basis soon.

Recently, challans have been issued to a number of contractors in the city who were found violating the terms and conditions framed by the municipal corporation.

The violations include overcharging, inadequate and underage staff without proper uniform, accommodating more vehicles than the space and haphazard parking.



16-yr-old boy electrocuted in Ram Darbar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Kanahiya Lal, a 16-year-old boy, was electrocuted after he came in contact with a live wire near a ground in Ram Darbar, here late evening.

According to sources, the incident took place around 10 pm when the victim was on his way to the market. His hand accidentally touched the live wire, resulting in the electrocution.

According to eyewitnesses, the boy was trapped as soon as he came in contact with the naked wire.

The boy’s father came to his rescue but failed to save his life. He was taken to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, where the doctors declared him brought dead.

The victim was a student of class VIII at a government school in Ram Darbar. Though the police was informed about the incident at 10.15 pm, it reached the scene an hour late i.e. around 11.20 pm.

The residents alleged negligence on part of the electricity department behind the incident.

No case was registered till the filing of the report.



Bitta’s escort vehicle hits Innova
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Chairman of the All-India Anti-Terrorist Front Maninder Singh Bitta’s escort vehicle met with a minor accident on the roundabout of Sectors 36, 37, 24 and 23 here this morning.

According to sources, Bitta’s escort gypsy (DL-3C-Z-9318) collided with an Innova (CH-03-W-2516) near the roundabout. The gypsy was heading towards Sector 36 when the collision took place.

However, no case was registered as both parties reached a compromise.



Book on self-care in pregnancy out
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
“Earlier, elderly ladies in joint families used to guide women who became pregnant for the first time about maternity/child care and shared their experiences regarding various aspects of motherhood. With the breakdown of the joint family system, there is usually no one in the family to guide the women on these issues,” said Avinash Rana during a book release function at the PGI here today.

The title “Garbhavastha Mein Aam Beemarion Ka Gharelu Ilaz Aur Navjaat Shishu Ki Dekhbhal” was developed by Avinash Rana, nursing lecturer, National Institute of Nursing Education, PGI, under the guidance of Dr Vanita Suri, Dr Indarjit Walia and Dr Amarjit Singh. She used this manual for PhD thesis work.

To check the utility of this book, she had conducted a study on two groups. One group called “Intervention group” in which face-to-face interaction-based training was imparted to a group of women who become pregnant for the first time. A copy of the manual was also given to them. However, the second group of women called “control group” were only given the manual.

The training was given on identification of danger signs, and on self-care during pregnancy, what to do when labor pains start, how to prepare for labor, what to do in labor room and how to take care of the new born. Both groups found that the manual was very useful for them. Their self-care practices improved substantially after the intervention. The manual and training removed many of their doubts related to maternity.

This manual has now been published as a booklet (Rs 80) by Century Publications Delhi. It is proposed to use this booklet in routine ANC clinics in the department of obstetrics & gynaecology, PGI. Dr Amarjeet Singh of the community medicine department said we were also planning to distribute this book to the BPL families free of cost. 



Bank branch inaugurated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Minister of state for finance Pawan Kumar Bansal inaugurated the branch of Oriental Bank of Commerce at new industrial area at Ram Darbar, Phase II, here today.

A credit camp was also organised for distribution of small loans to applicants from minority community, women and other beneficiaries below poverty line.



City girl all set for Bollywood flick
Sandeep Rana

Chandigarh, August 9
After Yamini Sharma, Taniya Abrhol (Chak De India fame), Mita Vasisht (Kyunki Saas.. fame) it’s the turn of the next city girl Harsimran Kaur to make a big name in the Bollywood. At present, she is pursuing her B.A IT, II year from Dev Samaj College, Sector 45 and has been recently selected for a lead role in a movie, “Life is nothing but a game” which is being directed by Aryan Kapoor who has worked with Ekta Kapoor and in a Bollywood movie “Khushboo” earlier. This is his second self-directed movie after “Khude Ke Ashu.”

In the auditions about 500 candidates had come with a hope in their eyes to be a film star but only 15 could make it and Harsimran was one among them who would be playing a lead role in the flick.

This bubbly girl has already won many accolades at the school level. “I have been participating in various dances and acting competitions since my school days as it has been my dream to be an actress since my childhood,” said Harsimran.



Save ‘apni mandi’

tHE concept of apni mandi was introduced to develop direct relations between the producers and the consumers so that the consumers’ interests were safeguarded and the producers were also benefited.

It was planned that only vegetables and fruits were to be sold in the market and perhaps it was called Sabzi Mandi, but sadly the concept has miserably failed.

In every mandi there are large numbers of outsiders who sell all sorts of products, including groceries, confectionaries, plastic goods, garments, etc.

These shopkeepers mislead the public and also don’t pay any tax to the government. Besides, there are several other infirmities in the market like no proper displaying of the rates. During rainy season the paper pasted on the board is washed out and during night it is invisible. The authorities concerned must check these loopholes in the system and must try to safeguard the system.

S.K. khosla, Chandigarh

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



Workshop on fresco, wall paintings at GCA
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, August 9
To impart the practical knowledge of Fresco and other wall painting techniques, a workshop on Jaipur fresco is being organised from August 6 to 14 at Government College of Arts, Sector 10.

Prof. Bhawani Shankar Sharma, a prominent artist from Jaipur has come to the City College of Arts for the workshop. Nearly 53 students of B.F.A and M.F.A are participating in the workshop.

This event aims at providing first hand information to the budding artists of the college. “This workshop has been organised in our college for the first time and this is because of J.P sir who has coordinated the whole workshop and it is turning out to be a great learning experience for all of us,” said Shelly, a student of the Arts College.



Student alleges ragging, 4 suspended
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
A first year student of Dr Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Sector 42, alleged harassment by his seniors.

Delhi-based Rahul Malhotra had submitted a complaint with the Sector 36 police station about the incident. His parents came down to the city to take him back after receiving an SMS from Rahul in this connection.

According to sources, the parents asked the institute management for full fee refund, which it reportedly was a bit reluctant to. Later both the parties reached a compromise when the management promised to refund the amount on Monday.

Principal of the institute Naveen Kumar told that the high drama was created as the parents of the student were insisting on his migration to their Delhi, which they refused. “When we told them that this cannot be done they created much hue and cry. Moreover, we had received numerous complaints against Rahul from the hostel warden. He was caught red handed while drinking in the company of senior students at number of occasions,” he added.

The principal told that when the ragging issue was brought to his notice he immediately suspended all four students of third year.



An exhibition with message
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 9
Creativity of students in its various facets was beautifully depicted at the two-day annual exhibition, Xpressions’08, organised at manav mangal SMART SCHOOL here today.

The whole atmosphere of the school seemed to be engulfed with the ingenious initiatives of the students, teachers and parents. ‘Aquatica!’ set up by the nursery class made the water world come to life. Disneyland was another major attraction for one and all with the flying Alladin and Jasmine against the backdrop of the Agrabah Castle. Two futuristic rooms, one on robotics and the other on ‘Mars… Beyond Earth’ gave an idea about the future of humankind.

As the UN had declared 2008 as the International Year of Sanitation, the science exhibits, apart from experiments and working models, had one room dedicated to waste management. A special message of saving the girl child was portrayed in a unique manner with the room titled ‘Disappearing Daughters’, with astounding facts and figures of female foeticide. ‘Aaya sawan jhoom ke’ illustrated the festivity and gaiety of the celebration of monsoon, with girls enjoying on the swings, applying heena, and relishing the special Punjabi food.

Director of the school Sanjay Sardana said though such events were time consuming and required elaborate planning, it was the best way to showcase the creativity, innovativeness and teamwork of the staff and students.



Students put up painting expo
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 9
Mohali, which is an important town of the state and will become a world-class city, should have art galleries to promote culture of the area.

This was stated by cooperation minister Captain Kanwaljit Singh after inaugurating an exhibition of paintings organised at Artizen Art Gallery in Phase XI here today. He said this kind of exposure would help students gain confidence and it was a novel idea to promote the work of new artistes. It would also promote art, he added.

The exhibition has been put up by 12 students of MA II (fine arts) of Government College, Phase VI. As many as 32 pieces of art are on display. The students have worked on various themes like mother and child, harmony, rhythm, festivals and landscapes. The exhibition will remain open till August 20.

Principal of the college Roop Aulakh thanked the minister for announcing a grant of Rs 2.5 lakh for the college. She also thanked the owner of the art gallery for providing the premises free of cost to the students for the exhibition. 



Rakhi celebrations at Doon
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 9
Rakhi festival was observed by the students of Doon Public School here today. The students of classes between III to IX tied rakhis in the festive spirit on the ocassion. All the students from abroad under the International exchange programme also participated in the festive celebrations.



Youth gets life term for murder
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 9
Additional district and sessions judge Sanjeev Jindal sentenced Manish Puri, a cable operator of Sector 11, to life imprisonment for murdering a 24-year-old youth, Varun Nath, of Dhakoli in Zirakpur here today. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on the convict.

The judge, however, acquitted four others — Deepak, Sandeep, Imran Ahmed and Arshad Ahmed, all residents of Panchkula — in the case.

The incident took place on the intervening night of September 18 and 19, 2006 when Varun, a son of former merchant navy officer Dinesh Nath, accompanied by his friends Devinder, Varun Sharma of Sector 15, Kamaljit Kaur, alias Chinki, from Bathinda, and Minazh, a Kashmiri girl, stopped to buy beer from a liquor vend in Sector 5.

A group of boys emerged out of the liquor vend after consuming liquor.

Seeing girls in the car, the youths passed obscene remarks, which led a scuffle between both groups.

During the scuffle, empty soda and beer bottles were used and Varun received three deep stab wounds in the abdomen, while his friends Varun Sharma and Devinder were also injured.

Deepak and Imran of the other group were also admitted to the General Hospital, Sector 6, with deep wounds.



Posts of Technician Grade III
CAT stays selection of candidates in railways
Swati Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has stayed the selection of candidates to the posts of technician grade III in Northern Railway on the plea of eight applicants.

Kundan Kumar along with seven others had challenged the orders of cancellation of selection made earlier, wherein 39 candidates were selected. Thereafter, another circular was issued by the department requesting the candidates to fill the same posts by changing the criteria.

The applicants stated that they were appointed as helper in the pay scale of Rs 2,650-Rs 4,000 in 1985.

Thereafter, the eight applicants received notice for filling 15 posts of technician in the pay scale of Rs 3,050-Rs 4,590.

Since the applicants were eligible having three years of service as on September 30, 2007, they applied to take the written test against 25 per cent talented quota. Subsequently, the written test was conducted in which all applicants appeared. Interestingly, before holding the final written test, the official concerned imparted training to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe category candidates.

The result of the test was declared on April 28, 2008 in which 39 candidates qualified and the applicants were among them.

As per the railway board order dated August 7, 2003 there is no provision of interview once the result of the written test is declared.

However, the general manager (S Engr) cancelled the result though it was declared by general manager (D) selection.

After the cancellation of the result, the deputy chief engineer again issued a circular on July 8, 2008 for filling the same posts by changing the earlier criteria and enlarging the zone of consideration, meaning thereby that those not eligible in 2007 were also called for selection now at the cost of applicants who had already appeared and qualified.

CAT has stayed on the selection.



District Courts
Fake signatures on passport
Accused seeks bail
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Nigerian Otkhine David applied for bail in the court of judicial magistrate first class (JMIC) Rajinder Pal Singh here today. The court adjourned hearing on the bail application until Monday.

He was arrested by the police as his passport and visa bore false signatures and fake stamps of the foreign registration office (FRO).

It was alleged by the prosecution that since 2001, David never reported to the FRO in Patiala. Furthermore, all entries on his passport for grant of extension to stay in India after June 28, 2002, bore fake signatures and stamps of the FRO office.

CONVICTED: Additional district and sessions judge R.S. Attri today sentenced Kuldeep Singh to imprisonment of 20 days for possessing contraband. According to the prosecution, Kuldeep was arrested from Mani Majra in December 2005 on suspicion. Upon searching his belongings, the police recovered the contraband.



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