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Dussehra celebrated with gaiety
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
Dusshera, Vijay Divas, was celebrated in the city with religious fervour today. Depicting the triumph of good over the evil, the effigy of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbkaran were consigned to flames in various parts of the city. While at some places there were three effigies whereas at other there was Ravana’s effigy.

At Daresi ground, where the main Dusshera mela of the city is organised, only Ravana’s effigy was put up. The effigies of Kumbkaran and Meghnath were burnt the previous day. People from the entire city and periphery today visited the Daresi ground to witness the crumbling of Ravana in the evening.

The last episode of the Ramlila was held minutes before burning the effigy. The artistes were seen enacting the scene in which Lord Rama kills Ravana. After the scene crackers were burnt and fire balloons blown.

Ishaq Ahmed lit the effigy of Ravana at Daresi ground. Ahmed from Muzzafarnagar was in the city since last month to prepare the effigies of Ravana, Kumbkaran and Meghnath. “Though it is a general practice to put crackers in the effigies but we deterred from the same,” added Ahmed.

“Dussehra is the festival I wait for. Apart form seeing the burning effigies the other thing I love about this festival are the sweet dishes that we have in the evening”, adds Tanisha, a 10-year-old girl.

Grand Dussehra celebrations were held at Rajgarh Estates also. Kids enjoyed the exclusive mela, which included puppet and magic shows. Delicious food was especially catered from Delhi. The main attraction was the Ramlila, which was staged by artistes from Mathura.

Apart from Daresi, effigies of Ravana were burnt at Urban Estate, Jamalpur, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Sarabha Nagar, Aggar Nagar, Model Town etc. Urban Estate Ram Lila Dussehra Committee’s general secretary Shiv Gupta said Dussehra was celebrated with great pomp and show at Urban Estate, Dugri, Phase II, sabzi mandi ground where Sat Pal Gosain, deputy speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, was the chief guest.


Dussehra Celebrations
Terror keeps kids away
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
Till a few years ago, Dussehra was celebrated all over India with full festive fervour and spirit. People, especially children, dressed in their festive best, used to crowd the venue of Dussehra celebrations to witness Ramlila followed by the burning of Ravana and his kin’s effigies.

However, the recent incidents of violence in the country, including a series of bomb blasts in Delhi and the stampede at Jodhpur temple, have left such an indelible mark on people’s psyche that they are scared to go to crowded places so much so that many are even afraid be part of Dussehra celebrations.

An interaction with of a cross-section of the society across the city brought the startling fact to light that not only adults, but even children as young as eight are so frightened by the incidents that many have refused to go the nearby Dussehra grounds to watch Ravana and his kin go up in flames. Instead, many have decided to remain home and have a quiet celebration.

Harpreet (10), a student of Sacred Heart Convent, Sarabha Nagar, said, “Earlier, every year I used to go to Daresi ground to watch Ravana go up in flames, but this time I have decided to make a Ravana at home and celebrate Dussehra with family and friends. What if like Delhi a bomb blast takes place in the crowded ground?”

Eleven-year-old Archita said it is safer to celebrate Dussehra at home with friends instead of going to overcrowded places. “Bomb blast, clashes and stampedes at such places are common. Moreover, in such rush, hardly anything is visible. We will watch Dussehra on TV instead of going out,” she said.

Parents of nine-year-old Siddharth said their child was scared to go to watch Ramlila in the nearby Dussehra ground for the fear of bomb blast. “We were shocked when he said it was safer to remain home at such occasions instead of going to crowded places and endanger one’s life,” said Veena, Siddharth’s mother.

Confirming that children were deeply affected by violent incidents at public places, Paramjit Kaur, principal, BCM Arya Public School, said, “It is true that incidents of violence have left a mark on children’s psyche and they are apprehensive to venture out in rush. Many children have decided this year to watch Ravana going up in flames on TV.”

Dr Sonam, psychologist at Apollo Hospital, said, “Incidents of violence and their fear among kids have more to do with what parents think and tell them. Media only worsens the situation.”

She added, “Parents tend to overprotect children and instil in them a fear against certain issues, people and places. They should, in fact, talk to kids and explain them the positive and negative aspects of every action instead of scaring them.”



Crackers sound victory of good over evil
Our Correspondent

Punjab Samaj Sewak Sangh and Bhartiya Valmiki Adi Dharam Samaj members defy the ritual of burning Ravana’s effigy and worship mahatama Ravana on Dussehra. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 9
The town and surrounding villages today boomed with the sounds of exploding crackers marking the conquest of good over evil.

Effigies of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhakarna were burnt at MGMN Senior Secondary School and Grain Market here, and at Dehlon, Payal, Malaudh, Kup and Barundi villages.

In the evening, the roads were full of people making their way to these venues. The roads leading to the venues were lined with vendors selling bows and arrows and other items.

A function organised by the Ram Lila Club at MGMN Senior Secondary School was presided over by municipal council president Usha Sood, while former minister Abdul Gaffar was the chief guest. MLA Dhuri Iqbal Singh Jhoondan presided over the function at Grain Market.

Executive magistrate Manjit Singh and SHO city Harinder Singh supervised arrangements.

The Ram Lila and Dasehra Committee and Punjab Mahavir Dal led by councillor Bimal Sharma organised a wrestling competition on the occasion.

Various episodes from the Ramayana were enacted at the MGMN Senior Secondary School and the Grain Market last night.

Women and girls presented green oat leaves to their brothers as a symbol of prosperity.

The organisers also arranged processions and parbhat pheris in the town.



Gambling picks up in city
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
For Ludhianvis the festival of lights, Diwali, means much more than just festivity. Right from a poor labourer to the rich and famous, everyone wants to try their luck and get rich. Though the festival is 20 days away, gamblers have started organising “sittings” and the city seems to be turning into a gamblers’ den slowly.

For professional gamblers it is the “peak season”, ametuers feel this time comes just once a year while several others “do it for fun and not for money”. Reasons may be many, but gambling is not new to Ludhiana.

Although gambling is a criminal offence, the police apparently takes a soft stance towards the “influential” during the festival days.

It may not be due to any connivance but an understanding that gambling during festival days becomes a part of the celebrations. However, public gambling is not allowed anywhere in the city. The city police claims to have arrested several gamblers during the recent days.

A leading businessman, who tries his luck at cards during Diwali season every year, told The Tribune that last year, he was able to make “quick” money. “I won around Rs 16 lakh last year. No other business will give you such good returns in just 20-25 days. We are all from well-off families and try to be fair in making payments. Though stakes are not very high, as this is just the beginning. Once it reaches its peak, lakhs or may be crores of rupees are exchanged in a day,” he said.

A large number of people have started organising get-together/parties at their places to gamble.

In city clubs, including family and ladies’ clubs, stakes may run into several lakh rupees.

A woman belonging to a leading industrial family admitted that she enjoyed playing cards with her friends and acquaintances.

She said she was member of most of the leading clubs in the city. “But I never go to the club except festive season. I try my hands at cards. No one in the family stops me for playing cards, as I am not a regular gambler,” she added.

At several family clubs, there are no separate tables for men and women. Both play on same tables, however, the number of women players is small as compared to men. But in exclusive ladies’ clubs, it is “all-women” gambling.

An official with the district administration, on the condition of anonymity, said the police as well as bureaucrats were aware of the “gambling fever” that gripped the city residents every year.

“But how can we stop them? Counters and not the money is exchanged on tables. Secondly, many officials and their better-halves are part of these sittings and parties hosted by influential persons. Even if fine is imposed on players, the amount will be peanuts for those exchanging money worth lakhs of rupees each day,” he added.



Where Ravana is revered
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
“Bowing down before the intellect of Ravana is what the Vedas preach.” This newfound belief of some organisations was corroborated following his worship on the occasion of Dussehra today.

Punjab Samaj Sewak Sangh and Bhartiya Valmiki Adi Dharam Samaj had organised a function wherein Ravana was referred to as Mahatama and was worshiped by the organisation members.

Sangh president Acharya Arun Sidhu said: “The ritual of burning the effigy of Ravana is against the teachings of Ramayana wherein Lord Rama had asked Vibhishan to perform ceremonial last rites of Ravana. Moreover, it was the victory of good over evil and not to demean all the good deeds and intellect of Lankapati Ravana.”

The organisations will approach the state government to put a ban on burning of the effigy of Ravana on Dussehra as done in various parts of India. The organisations also plan to approach the Supreme Court.

Accrediting renowned author L.R. Bali, who gave a detailed account of Ravana’s life and achievements in his book Mahatama Ravana, members of the Bhartiya Valmiki Adi Dharam Samaj stated that the practice of setting ablaze the effigies of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran was uncalled for.

“Keeping in mind the need to say no crackers further confirms our belief that this practice should be altered with something more constructive and positive,” asserted Samaj members.

“It is the need of the hour to inculcate the feeling of generosity and optimism in the new generation, which can be best done by replacing the effigy burning ceremony with simple ceremony emphasising on the victory of good over evil. A sound and light show involving school and college students will be a better option to celebrate Dussehra,” stated the organisation heads.



Finally, cops decide to vacate encroached sites
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
The local police department, which has encroached upon various sites of the municipal corporation, finally seems to have decided to vacate it.

According to information, the department has requested the municipal corporation to transfer some of the encroached sites to the former. Besides, the encroached public parks, too, would be handed over to the corporation if it gives an alternate site to the police within the same jurisdiction.

Talking to The Tribune, SSP R.K. Jaiswal said: “The police stations on the corporation’s land are quite old. So we have requested it to transfer the ownership of a few of these sites to us.” He added that the police was ready to vacate the public parks encroached upon by it provided the corporation gives enough space so that they could construct a building within the same jurisdictions.

He said the department had enough funds for constructing the building and once the ownership was transferred they would surrender the encroached sites.

Interestingly, there are 11 sites in various parts of the city where the police has either set up a police station or a police posts. These include police stations at Model Town, Haibowal and police posts at Sunder Nagar, Sherpur, Janak Puri, Kocchar market, Tajpur, Miller Ganj and Atam Park.

Out of all encroached sites, six are public parks, which could not be transferred, whereas five of them could be considered.

Sources said the corporation was examining the proposal and some internal work was left after which it would be sent to the municipal house for consideration.

If the 75-member house, passes the resolution the sites would be transferred to the police department.

Senior town planner B.S. Brar revealed that the corporation had received an official request from the police for purchasing the land. But the decision on it was yet to be taken. The matter would soon be sorted out, he added.



Sangat Darshan
Tough time for CM as infighting resurfaces
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
Infighting between SAD leaders has taken an ugly turn with most of them preparing their men to put up embarrassing complaints pertaining to rival’s areas in front of the Chief Minister during his sangat darshan programme that starts from here tomorrow.

Many leaders were making the utmost use of the opportunity to embarrass their rival leaders to settle a score with them. Sources said while the party’s rank and file was preparing to appease the Chief Minister during the programme, fissures within SAD were all set to play a spoilsport.

The rival leaders are learnt to have identified several residents, who would vociferously raise such issues. They are being backed by leaders and their workers to put in their best and raise their voices against pending public works.

A senior SAD leader while praying anonymity said it was a sad state of affairs that the leaders were stooping to such a low. ‘‘I have also received such reports. I am going to take up the matter with senior leadership if the allegations are proved in the sangat darshan,’’ he added.

The differences among a few leaders were quite known in the city as well as party high command. The Chief Minister had himself intervened and asked the fighting leaders to exercise restrain.



Firing: Lawyers want foolproof security
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
The lawyers have expressed dissatisfaction with the security arrangements made by the police at the judicial complex after the firing incident. Sense of insecurity prevails among the lawyers and the litigants and they want foolproof security arrangements for the complex on permanent basis.

They described the present security arrangements as mere eyewash. During a visit to judicial complex on Wednesday, The Tribune reporter found commandos deployed in different corners of the complex.

Parupkar Singh Ghuman, president, District Bar Association, says that the city has the largest district-level Bar with 2,800 lawyers as its members and there are 34 courts, including eight Sessions courts. More than 10,000 litigants visit the court complex daily.

In the absence of regulated entry point into the complex, many anti-social elements gain enter into the complex, which pose threat to the law and order inside the premises.



Functioning of agricultural agency discussed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
Punjab Agricultural Management & Extension Training Institute (PAMETI), Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) campus, organised a three-day workshop on “Operationalisation of Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) and Strategic Research and Extension Plan (SREP)” recently.

The workshop was conducted with the objective of providing the know-how regarding the functioning of ATMA and the SREP for the newly enrolled districts under the reforms in agricultural extension scheme.

Dr S.P.S. Brar, director, PAMETI, inaugurated the workshop and spoke on various details regarding the scheme. He also informed the participants about the fund utilisation mechanism by ATMA known as “Cafeteria” in technical jargon. He said, “There is lot of flexibility in the scheme and a bottom-up approach unlike the traditional extension system in which top-down targets are set. The field functionaries or extension functionaries or even the rural stakeholders involved in farming and allied activities can submit a project as per requirement of the area and can have funding from the government.”

Elaborating the workshop module, he said the broader aspects under ATMA include group approach, gender related issues, participatory approach and public private partnership.

During the technical session, Vishal Khullar of PAMETI said, “Since land holding is getting smaller with each passing generation, group approach is the solution even to adopt new technology.”

Dr Gurbhajan Gill, editor (Punjabi) at PAU, told the importance and need of the success stories. He said one such story can motivate hundreds of farmers, but it should be developed on authentic grounds to avoid the readers getting any false hope and illusions.



‘Kavita Di Ibaarat’ released
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 9
The Punjabi Writers Association, Rampur, in association with the Central Punjabi Writers Association, organised a book release ceremony of a poetry volume, “Kavita Di Ibaarat”, authored by Gagan Deep Sharma, at Rampur village.

The function, arranged at the Canal Rest House, Rampur, was inaugurated by renowned writer Prof N.S. Tasneem yesterday. Dr M.S. Grewal, principal, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib, was the chief guest of the occasion.

Dr Amarjit Grewal, Surinder Rampuri, Prof Anoop Singh Virk, president, Central Punjabi Writers Association, Dr Sukhdev Singh, general secretary, Punjabi Sahit Academy and Sukhjit, senior vice-president, Punjabi Sahit Academy, were present at the occasion.

In his inaugural address, Tasneem placed Gagan Deep Sharma among the third generation of poet laureates from Rampur, whom he stressed has numerous potential up his sleeves. He observed that the poetry of “Kavita Di Ibaarat” comes straight from a sincere heart.

Dr Charandeep Singh, in his paper entitled “Kaal-yukt masleyaan te kaal-mukt jazbeyaan di shayari - Kavita Di Ibaarat”, said the book brings forth the relationship between life and poetry. He added that the book was full of rhythmic integration of thoughts. Dr Gulzar Mohammad Goria in his paper mentioned that Sharma’s poetry travels from self to the universe and deliberates on the current socio-economic issues.

Gurdial Dalal talked about the overall issues raised by the book. A paper sent by Sukhminder Rampuri from Canada was presented by Jasvir Jhajj. Dr Gulzar Pandher said the book answers the questions raised by the fast-moving life of present times.

Amarjit Kaur, lecturer in English, GNN College, Doraha, presented her paper about the book and also recited the translated version of Gagan’s poem “Mildi Gildi Rahin”. The translation was entitled “Be in touch”. Harnek Rampuri, Jagtar Sekha and Prof Baldeep, too, emphasised that the whole book was based on sound ideology.

Dr Sukhdev Singh, in his address, laid stress on the changing dimensions of poetry and believed that Sharma understands these changes pretty well. He added that not only has the poet done justice with the tradition of Punjabi poetry, but also added new dimensions to the traditional poetry. Sukhjeet and Prof Anoop Virk understood that Sharma had written poetry in the language of poetry.

In his presidential address, prominent critic of Punjabi, Dr Amarjit Singh Grewal emphasised that this book marked the beginning of a new chapter not merely for the poetry of Rampur, but also for the overall poetry of Punjabi.

Dr M.S. Grewal, Biba Kulwant, Dalbir Ludhianvi, Pritam Pandher, Kirandeep Kaur, Satish Gulati, Gurnam Bawa, Dr Harpreet Singh, Harcharan Mangat, and Dr R.K. Lekhi also took part in the discussion.

In the second session of the function, more than fifty poets from all over Punjab recited their poems.



Rajguru Nagar
Villagers sore over blocking of road
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 9
Upset over blocking of 50-foot main road in “C” block of Rajguru Nagar by the Residents Welfare Society, a posh colony developed by Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT), residents of three villages — Threekay colony, Threekay village and New Rajguru Nagar — located around the colony have threatened to launch an agitation if the blockade was not removed by October 10.

As a result of putting up of an iron gate on a public street, an unlawful act under relevant laws, over 20,000 people living in the villages have been denied access to the road network leading to Ferozepur Road, a state highway, Punjab Agricultural University and other private and government offices in the area.

The affected villagers had met the deputy commissioner on September 22 demanding removal of the barricade through a memorandum, copies of which were also submitted to the LIT administrator and the SSP.

Later, representatives of village panchayats had approached trust engineer R.K. Garg, who visited the site and assured people of removing the gate soon.

The residents were told that the welfare society of the colony had sought some time for removal of the gate at its own level.

The villagers had also complained that in the course of carrying out repairs of various roads in Rajguru Nagar, the trust authorities had constructed around 10 steep humps in “C” block, which had led to road accidents in the recent past causing injuries to road users.

Several villagers lamented that with the access to the main road barred, people of the villages, including a large number of PAU teachers and employees, were forced to use the 16-foot passage that was in a state of disrepair and did not have streetlights.

Garg told The Tribune that the gate on the main road had been erected in violation of the rules and the welfare society had been directed to remove it. “If the gate is not removed by the end of this week, the LIT will remove it,” he added.



Man accuses doc of wrong medication
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
Shamsher Singh (22), a resident of Satguru Nagar, Shimlapuri, has accused a doctor of Pahwa hospital for administering wrong medicine to him thereby costing him his hand.

The man and his family have lodged a written complaint to the Punjab Chief minister, state health minister, Ludhiana deputy commissioner, Ludhiana civil surgeon, IMA, against Surinder Singh.

A carpenter by profession, Shamsher Singh following a stabbing pain in his left arm went to Pahwa hospital on September 5. He consulted Surinder Singh (orthopaedician), who immediately admitted me. Thereafter Shamsher was administered glucose in his right arm. On September 8, he was given an injection in the right arm, which caused unbearable pain and the hand started turning yellow.

Accusing the hospital staff of negligence Nanak Singh said: “I immediately called the attending nurses who dipped his right hand in hot water causing severe burns. The condition of the hand deteriorated as it started stiffening and I called for the doctor who came after an hour and asked me to take him to a good hospital.”

The doctor when contacted said he does not remember the case in particular adding that he would only be able to say something after going through the patient’s record.

However, IMA district president Arun Mitra said the association had already convened a meeting over the complaint. “We are waiting to get a version from Surinder Singh and if he is found guilty the association would not hesitate to take necessary action against him. Also, the association would be more than willing to help the man with requisite compensation as it is a question of his right hand and livelihood, “ Mitra went on to add. Shamsher was taken to CMCH from where doctors referred him to DMCH. He was operated upon in order to save his life. But, they will have to amputate his right hand at the earliest.

“I am still unable to come out of the shock as within a span of five days I have not only lost my right hand but my livelihood as well. The doctor and the attending staff should be taken to task as they have no right to play with the lives of people,” rued Shamsher.



Diabetic eye care launched
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, October 9
Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Hospital here launched “Diabetic Retinopathy Initiative” to mark the “World Sight Day” yesterday. The programme would be run under the guidance of Dr Brijinder Singh Rana, chief consultant at the hospital, with the patronage of Mohinder Singh Bakshi, chairman of the managing committee, and active support from social organisations like Rotary Club, Society for Sight and Lions Club.

The main aim of this programme is to educate and make people aware about the eye problems caused by diabetes.

World Sight Day

City hospitals and Punarjot Eye Bank, Ludhiana, celebrated World Sight Day today. A large number of patients suffering from eye problems were examined at special camps.

Dr Ramesh, director of Punarjot Eye Bank Society, announced a programme, VISION 2020, to commemorate the day adding that the society has already commenced right to sight with help of international agencies, central and state governments, NGOs and private practitioners.

Department of ophthalmology, Christian Medical College and Hospital also celebrated World Sight Day in collaboration with Orbis International.

A special free eye camp was organised in the department of ophthalmology in which 328 patients were screened and 59 were selected for free operations. Medicines were provided free of cost.

600 examined

SAHNEWAL: At least 600 patients were examined during an eye and dental check-up camp organised by the Human Rights Protection Mission in Government Middle School at Shankar village.

The camp was organised yesterday as a part of the 101st birth anniversary celebrations of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. G.S. Bajwa of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and Vineet Ghulati, dental surgeon, along with their team examined the patients.



Pioneer in transplant surgery to visit DMCH
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
Sir Peter Morris, one of the pioneers in transplant surgery, will visit the DMCH here to take part in the 19th annual conference of the Indian Society of Organ Transplant. Dr Morris is emeritus professor of surgery and chairman of department of surgery at University of Oxford.

Professor and head of urology and head of transplant unit, DMCH, Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh said Dr Morris’s professional scientific career revolved around transplantation and transplantation biology especially in immune response to histocompatibility antigen and it suppression.

His contributions include first description of cytotoxic antibodies in man after kidney transplantation and definition of autoantibodies in potential recipients of transplants, induction of tolerance to allografts in experimental models and role of matching for HLA in kidney transplantation.

In addition, he has made contributions to the knowledge of association between HLA and disease, as well as playing a major part in early anthropological studies of HLA around Pacific Rim, said Dr Aulakh. His current interests are devoted to improving the quality of evidence available in clinical organ donation.

The doctor is accredited with prestigious Lister Medal, the Medawar Prize, the Hunterian Medal, Pioneer award of American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

In 1996, he received knighthood from Queen of England for services to medicine and in 2004 he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia for services to medical science.



‘Sanjhi’ dying a slow death
Rakesh Gupta

Mullanpur Dakha, October 9
“Sanjhi”, a popular ritual among the rural folk in Punjab, is dying a slow death. The ritual involves women, especially girls, creating a replica of Goddess “Sanjhi” with mud and decorating it with colours on the wall of the house.

Mud is collected from the dry area of the village pond. Along with “Sanjhi”, the replica of her maid Ghuddu and Barota are also made. The mural is embellished with images of stars, moon, trees, sun, etc.

Cow dung is applied to the wall to cleanse the area. The “Sanjhi” (which means ‘shared by all’) is decorated with paint and Goddess Sanjhi is adorned with bangles, necklace, bindi, etc.

The “Sanjhi” is created on the last “Shradh” (“amavas”) and is worshiped on all Navratras during evening.

After Navratras, the “Sanjhi” is removed from the wall and immersed in the village pond on Dussehra evening.

“Sanjhi” is also known to be a ritual to worship Goddess Luxmi.

One such “Sanjhi” was created at Gahour village by Amarjit Kaur, Daljit Kaur, Ramandeep Kaur, Bakshveer Kaur, Hardeep Kaur, Palwinder Kaur, Tejinder Kaur and other girls.

Gurjit Kaur, a village elder, says Sanjhi is worshiped and lamps of ghee are lit. Arti and “Sanjhi” are sung followed by distribution of sweetmeats as parshad.

She, however, laments that the ritual is losing its charm and slowly vanishing.



Vet varsity to host toxicology conference
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
The department of veterinary pharmacology and toxicology in College of Veterinary Science at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) will host the 28th annual conference of Society of Toxicology (STOX), India, and an International Symposium on the theme “Monitoring and Modulating Global Resources of Environmental and Food Contaminant: Nature versus Chemicals” from October 16-18.

The conference is aimed to bring all scientists working in different areas of toxicology and allied disciplines on one platform for scientific deliberations addressing different aspects of the field. It will offer an opportunity for the participants to interact with eminent toxicologists of India and abroad. There will be nine technical sessions with special focus on challenging issues related to environmental toxicology, food and drug toxicology, metal and pesticide toxicology, industrial and occupational toxicology, developmental and reproductive toxicology, aquatic and plant toxicology, toxicogenomics, good laboratory practices (GLP) and in vitro toxicology.



From Schools & Colleges
Bal Bharti holds book fair
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
A two-day book fair was organised at Bal Bharti Public School. The purpose for organising the fair was to encourage children to read good books as they are not only the source of knowledge, but entertainment as well.

The books in the exhibition were categorised into four sections. There were informative books for parents and teachers as well. Further division was done on the basis of various categories like “early learning”, “study skills”, “story books” and a separate Hindi section.

The main attraction were books on art, craft, hobbies, colouring, origami, collage making and story books.


The Shaheed Memorial Sewa Society honoured academically bright students and bestowed on them the title of “Punjab de Lal” during a seminar held at Punjab Bhawan here yesterday. Addressing the gathering, principal M.R. Mehta said those nations progressed the youth of which was educated. Besides the students of various schools and colleges, president of Youth Club Sanjeev Kumar, president of Muskaan Art International Subhash Jain, president of Manav International Society Manav Jain, and principal of Sargoda Khalsa Senior Secondary School Kamaljeet Kaur were also present.



Power official gives tips on energy saving
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, October 9
Power shortage in the state would be covered within three years with the functioning of three thermal plants at Talwandi Sabo, Giddar Baha and Rajpura. Member (distribution), Punjab State Electricity Board, H.S. Barar, told this to the mediapersons at the end of the ‘Power Conservation Seminar’ at Gobindgarh Public School here yesterday.

More than Rs 100 crore have been recovered during power theft raids which have brought fruitful results as the billing has grown by fear of raids, asserted Barar.

Barar distributed prizes to Navleen Kaur of GPS and Albert from Sacred Heart School, who got first and second positions, respectively. Novdeep Khera and Sipla Jain were jointly placed in the third position in their presentation on power conservation tips. As many as seven schools participated in the competition and all participants were given certificates.

Tips on energy saving and replacing bulbs and tubes with CFL lamps were also given. Superintendent engineer G.S. Virdi gave vote of thanks. Principal of the school Bahadur Singh was honoured for extending his cooperation for this noble cause.



Idol of Durga immersed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
After nine days of worshiping, the idol of Goddess Durga was today immersed into water. In the morning, after Daksmi Pooja, married women of the Bengali community gathered and applied ‘sindoor’ on the forehead of the idol of Goddess Durga. Later they applied it on each other’s forehead.

Parsad of curd and ‘khoya’ was distributed among all present.

In the afternoon, after the ‘sindoor’ ceremony, the idols of Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartike were immersed in the water at Doraha. Darpan visarjan was held before taking the idols for the final ceremony. After covering a distance of 22 km the idols were finally immersed into the canal at Doraha.

On returning, the Bengalis sprinkled the water taken from the canal, where the idols were immersed, into their houses for purification. In the evening Dijoya Sammelan was held in which small children took blessings from their elders while all others hugged each other.



Scribe bereaved
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 9
Surjit Kaur, mother of Gurinder Singh, senior staffer of Daily Ajit, passed away here early this morning. She was 80. Her funeral will take place at the Civil Lines cremation grounds, behind Arya College, Ludhiana, at 11 am tomorrow.



Hindu body burns Amar’s effigy
Our Correspondent

Activists of the Rashtriya Hindu Manch burn effigy of SP general secretary Amar Singh in Ludhiana on Thursday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, October 9
Terming Amar Singh, general secretary of Samajwadi Party (SP), as “Ravana” of modern age, activists of the Rashtriya Hindu Manch (RHM) held an angry demonstration at Dandi Swami Chowk here today and also burnt his effigy.

The members of the Hindu body were protesting against the remarks of the SP leader over the police encounter in Jamia Nagar in Delhi.

Led by RHM president Pawan Sharma and general secretary O.P. Tripathi, the protesters raised slogans against Amar Singh, charging him with treason and extending support to the terrorist outfits which were working to destabilise the nation.



Inter-District Football Meet
Ludhiana lads in super league
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, October 9
Hosts Ludhiana and Mahilpur Academy registered wins in the u-14 section to advance into the super league phase of the 54th Punjab Schools Inter-District Football Tournament for boys, being organised by the Punjab Education Department simultaneously at Guru Nanak Stadium and Punjab Agricultural University , here today. Besides, Mianwind, Amritsar, and Gurdaspur too recorded victories to join the two in the super league.

Mahilpur Academy faced little challenge from Moga beating them 3-0, while Ludhiana overpowered Nawanshahr 3-1.

Mianwind, Amritsar, got the better of Amritsar district 2-0, while Gurdaspur scored an easy 5-0 win over Patiala to secure their berths in the super league.

Later in the day, the first match played in super league between Mianwind, Amritsar, and Gurdaspur ended in a draw as both the teams failed to score.

In the u-19 section, Achharwal Academy along with Hoshiarpur, Dalbir Academy of Patiala and Mahilpur Academy came out triumphant in their respective matches to enter the super league.

Achharwal Academy proved their supremacy over Amritsar and recorded a 5-0 win; Hoshiarpur managed to prevail over Jalandhar 2-0; Dalbir Academy of Patiala defeated Ludhiana 5-0; and Mahilpur Academy blanked Nawanshahr 5-0.

In super league, Dalbir Academy, Patiala, survived anxious moments before romping home victors 1-0 against Hoshiarpur.

District Football Association, Ludhiana, president Shivtar Singh Bajwa along with association joint secretary Kanwar Jatinder Singh, assistant education officer (sports) Rupinder Singh Ravi, Ajit Pal Singh, Gurmit Singh Sodhi, Jagroop Singh and Dapinder Singh were among others who witnessed the matches today.



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