Headhunters’ Delight
This may be the right time to shift your goals and polish up skills you have acquired. Improve your hiring quotient and effectively manage your present career in the uncertain job market. Here’s how…
THE economic downturn is now really beginning to bite. The recent lay-offs, cuts in salary and downsizing of companies have sent shivers down the spines of everyone. Seeing hundreds of Jet Airways employees fighting to retain their jobs has made thousands wonder when they might get the pink slip. Jobs and careers, which only a few weeks ago seemed to be on the upswing, are suddenly coming crashing down.

Sandeep Joshi

Sir, everyone liked your idea that we should work as a team in office.

Mr Right or Wrong?
As candidates fudge particulars with aplomb, background screening poses a gigantic challenge for recruiters
AN immaculate employment and personal record, the right qualifications and a pleasing personality — every headhunter’s dream come true. But not any more. Hundreds of candidates across the country are trying to fake it to land their dream job. Discrepancies vary from concealing information about criminal records, being sacked from the previous organisation or simply fudging educational qualifications.

Caution: Handle with care
Troublemakers are omnipresent. Give them a patient hearing & see all your troubles vanish
NO organisation is free from troublemakers, late- comers, work-shirkers and time-killers. To find faults with them only aggravates the problem. As they say, “If you fight with thorns, you’ll be pricked. If you handle them with care, you’ll get lovely roses!”

Avoid herd mentality
Don’t go in for an MBA because everybody is doing so. It is worth it only if you know what you can gain out of it
Tips from those who have been there, done that
A GOOD to excellent MBA would cost you two years of your life and around Rs 7-8 lakh in India while that in a good foreign university about $100,000 of your life savings. This, on top of the two years’ worth of income you would forgo pursuing the pinnacle of education, as some might view the MBA.

Career Hotline
The world at your feet
Q. Can you please tell me something about footwear manufacturing technology? What is the eligibility for this? What is the duration of this course? Please name some good institutions and their fees.

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