If sons inherit political privileges, can daughters be far behind? That seems to be the mantra of the forthcoming general election in India. Vimla Patil on how the new brigade of daughters of leaders of several parties is marching ahead
THE great Indian election game is on. Obviously, the bigger picture is riveting the attention of the media and the people of India. As never before, the political scenario in New Delhi and around the states of India is changing.

The maternal mortality rate (MMR) in Orissa’s Kalahandi district is 364 per 100,000 live births as against the state’s 358. The main reasons are early marriage, low intake of vitamins during pregnancy and poverty. The young mothers find a solution to their problems at public hearings, where health service providers are held accountable, says Manipadma Jena
EVER since she gave birth to a stillborn boy, Sajana Sabar (20) has not spoken a word. A resident of Uchalla village in Golamunda block of Kalahandi district in Orissa, Sajana lives 75 km away from the nearest hospital.

Art attack

Lottie and Adam Smith pose for a portrait by Five, an African elephant, at West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, central England

The iron pillar that won’t rust
T. Simharajan on this hand-forged block of iron from India’s past that continues to remain rust-free even 16 centuries after its making
OR the last 1600 years, the rustless wonder called the Iron Pillar of India, near the Qutub Minar at Mehrauli in Delhi, continues to baffle contemporary scientists, who cannot determine the method of manufacture, which prevented the iron from rusting for these last 16 centuries.

Land of the midnight sun
Full of contrasts, Finland offers an interesting platter of unique natural phenomena, adventure sports and fairytale settings, writes Gyan Marwah
INLAND, the land of many seasons, attracts tourists from all over the world, as it is full of surprises. It is also called the land of midnight sun, as the sun keeps shining all through the night as well for a few weeks around midsummer, in the northern part of the country.

Hot as hareesa
This rare mutton delicacy from the Valley is availble only in winters,
writes Ehsan Fazili

Known for its scenic beauty, Kashmir also has a unique cuisine and offers a variety of dishes for different seasons of the year. A special mutton preparation, hareesa, is a dish for the Kashmir elite and is prepared mainly in the capital Srinagar. This dish is normally cooked during the winter months from December to March. It came to the Valley from Iran over six centuries ago with the advent of Islam.

Hooray for Hollywood
Cash counters in tinseltown are ringing high despite the gloomy economic times,
says Stephen Foley

ecession, what recession? Well you might ask, if only you were a Hollywood executive. Business is booming at the box office this year — not just in spite of the gloomy economic times but perhaps because of them.

Brand Bebo
Kareena Kapoor tells Subhash K Jha that it is both flattering and scary to be in the power list
O position in the film industry is permanent, says Kareena Kapoor who has replaced Aishwarya Rai in Filmfare’s power list. The actress says the position is comes with a lot of responsibilities. Kareena, who was seen in last year’s hit Golmaal Returns, admits the power comes not just from the movies, but also from the products that one endorses.

Simplicity was his hallmark
M. L. Dhawan on Shakti Samanta, one of the most successful filmmakers of Hindi cinema, who died recently
Shakti Samanta, who died recently, came to Mumbai to become an actor. He learnt the art of making films by assisting directors like Gian Mukherjee, Satish Nigam, Phani Majumdar etc. He directed his first feature film Bahu in 1955.


TELEVISIONGritty adventurer

Food talk: Join the Jackfruit Brigade
by Pushpesh Pant

rights.htm: Safe LIFTS
by Pushpa Girimaji

by Ervell E. Menezes

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Sole stories
by Jaspal Bhatti


Spirit of adventure
Rumina Sethi
A Princess’s Pilgrimage: Nawab Sikandar Begum’s “A Pilgrimage to Mecca”
Ed. Siobhan Lambert-Hurley.
Women Unlimited.
Pages 180. Rs 350.

Books received:

Journey through time, cultures and cuisines
Roopinder Singh
Indian Takeaway
Hardeep Singh Kohli
Pages 285. Rs 295.

Bard’s First Folio
Arthur Wainwright narrates the story of the first edition of Shakespeare’s works on the occasion of 445th birth anniversary of the great dramatist on April 23
Shakespeare’s birthday is traditionally celebrated on April 23, as he was born on the St George’s Day in 1564. In this context it is interesting to consider the saga of the first edition of his published works dated 1623, which are known as Shakespeare’s First Folio and cost as much as Rs 30 crore a copy in international rare book auctions.

Tribute to grandmother
Aradhika Sharma
Maudiegirl and the von Bloss Kitchen
by Carl Muller.
Penguin Books.
Pages 387. Rs 299.

Creativity and connectivity
T.P. Sreenivasan
Foreign Service officers, by definition, are people with a flair for words, whether in print or in speech. They also have the opportunity to have a variety of extraordinary experiences worthy of sharing. No wonder, therefore, many of them turn writers of imagination and talent.

‘It is a book about myself in India’
M. G. Vassanji talks to Pankaj K. Singh about A Place Within and himself
HE author of six acclaimed novels and two collections of short stories, M.G. Vassanji, the Toronto-based novelist of Indian descent, was born in Kenya and raised in Tanzania. He went to university in the United States, at MIT and the University of Pennsylvania.

‘I have not stopped writing’
Nobel literature laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez has denied reports that he had stopped writing, Colombia’s El Tiempo newspaper reported.

back of the book
Motivation and Incentives in Government Organizations—Mantra for Success
by Mohanish Verma.
Arya Publishing House.
Pages 184. Rs 450.