L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S

Loan from HUDCO
MC willing to ‘surrender’ Rs 200-cr property
Jyotika Sood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Following in the footsteps of the SAD-BJP government of mortgaging and selling property for undertaking development works, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation is ready to “surrender” its property worth crores to take Rs 200 crore loan from HUDCO.

While Municipal Commissioner AK Sinha and Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura have given consent for mortgaging 7.33 acres at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar and the resolution in this regard would be presented before the Municipal Corporation House on Friday, a few senior officials feel that the civic body had a better deal than this.

Talking to The Tribune, a senior officer said, “It’s a site that has great potential. The land prices at present in the area is around Rs 75,000 per square yard. Since the area is in a long stretch it could be used for preparing multi-storied commercial building or shop-cum-office (SCO) the way we have in Chandigarh. The 7.33 acre stretch is around 80 to 100-foot wide and if the corporation sells this land by constructing SCO’s we can earn more revenue. Its more profitable deal than Rs 200 crore HUDCO loan, which we would be getting. Besides, everybody knows that it’s generally not possible for the local governments to get their property back as ups and downs are often witnessed.”

He suggested that with the help of LIT or GLADA, the corporation could invest on construction cost and than sell these SCOs to banks, firms etc presenting example before other civic bodies in Punjab.

The resolution number 13 concerning Rs 200 crore HUDCO loan in the agenda circulated among the municipal councillors states that if the loan is taken the corporation would be paying Rs 2 to Rs 3 crore every three months and finally after 15 years the loan would be repaid.

The money is being taken on the pretext of undertaking works like water supply and sewerage where Rs 85 crore would be spent. Similarly, Rs 10 crore each from the amount would be used for Lakkar Bridge, Campa Cola Chowk flyover and Pakhowal Indoor stadium. Apart from it Rs 50 crore would be spent on multi-storied parking, traffic lights and other small projects. Rs 30 crore would be spent on RUB near Shastri Nagar level crossing.

Commenting on it, Congress councillor HS Brar said: “In fact, even I am of the same opinion that the corporation should explore opportunities for its vacant land, rather than planning to sell or mortgaging it. The corporation needs to be innovative experimenting with new ideas, rather than resorting to easy solution.”


Rising Prices
Paying guests feel the heat
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Inflation has adversely hit paying guests living in the city as facilities offered to them in their “home-away-from-home” have suffered a major setback in the wake of rising prices.

Major problem being faced by most of the paying guests in the city is the continually deteriorating quality as well as quantity of food and stringent restrictions on the use of power, water and the LPG, among others.

As it is, finding a decent paying guest accommodation in the city is a big problem even as it is home to hundreds of outsiders who come here for various reasons ranging from studies to jobs. Firstly, because the city is quite low on the number of paying guest accommodations. Secondly, the limited numbers of such establishments that are there, exploit the tenants due to the absence of a check on their activities.

And, with rising prices, the standard of facilities offered to the tenants, has witnessed a sharp decline in the recent past.

About a year ago, for Rs 2,500 to Rs 2,800, a room on sharing basis used to be available to paying guests in various such establishments in the city. Three good quality and clean meals, comprising chapattis, rice, dal, seasonal vegetable and curd, with no restriction on the serving, was included in the rent along with other facilities like washing of clothes, sweeping and cleaning of the room etc.

However, as prices of essential commodities have spiraled, so have the rents of paying guests accommodations. Promises remain but facilities have altered. Now, for Rs 3,200-4,500, one can get a room on sharing basis with three to eight persons.

And though promise of providing three meals a day is in place, most items displayed on the menu are found missing. Dal with chapattis is all one gets for meals in paying guests accommodations, that too, in meager quantities.

Smriti, another paying guest in the city, added that there were restrictions on the usage of water and electricity as well. “We get just one bucket of water to bathe and another to wash our clothes, in spite of the high rents we pay,” she said.

Meanwhile, the owners of paying guests accommodations in the city have their own tale to tell. They say when the prices of everything from vegetables, flour, pulses, rice to power and water are so high, they are hard pressed to cut on the facilities to run their business.



26/11: Cops on alert 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
As the first anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks is approaching, the city police is gearing itself up to prevent any untoward incidents, learning from the past experiences.

For this purpose, it has devised a special plan to safeguard the shopping malls and other vital installations of the city by preparing the maps of important buildings.

According to the plan, the police department has been directed to chalk out a plan to get immediate access inside the popular buildings to neutralise the enemy, in case of any attack.

But, the directions by top officials have further intensified problems for the cops as they are finding themselves helpless in arranging the maps and other details about the buildings in a limited time.

The cops lament that the time given to them is very short and they fear that the building owners would not cooperate with them.

“Elaborate security arrangements have been made in the wake of the first anniversary of 26/11 terror attacks that took place in Mumbai. We just received direction and are deciding upon the plan of action. However, we are planning to conduct a drill in couple of days and would enter a mall and check the location,” said, SSP Dr SS Gill.

He said quick reaction teams would execute their mock drill. The city police constituted the teams soon after 26/11 attacks last year. These police personnel underwent grilling physical training in order to prepare themselves for any kind of eventuality.

Further, these teams were under scanner for enrolling pot-bellied cops nearing retirement. Though at the time of it inception, it was promised that highly mechanised weapons would be given to them, but despite, repeated assurances nothing has been done so far.

Meanwhile, the police has intensified security at several prominent public places which witness the most number of the visitors.

A few cops expressed their resentment and termed it as an unnecessary exercise.

The problem is that number of police personnel is less and with the added burden of protecting the important installations would them under more stress, said a lower rung cop.

“We need a specialised police like the NSG to tackle such situations. We are human not machines, even the machines need rest but for us there is not respite,” said a cop.



Potable Water: MC, health dept at loggerheads
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Once again the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation and the Health Department are at loggerheads over the issue of potable water. This time it’s before the National Human Right Commission (NHRC).

According to information, following a complaint lodged by city resident Devinder Kumar Jaggi, both Municipal Corporation and the Health Department had collected water samples. While samples collected by health official failed portability test, those collected by the corporation were declared potable.

Talking to The Tribune Jaggi said:” The samples collected by the district health officer from my residence on October 30 reveals that coliform organisms are present at 15/100 ml and faecal coliform and E.coli were detected. The authorities recommended that water is unfit for drinking. However, samples collected on October 1 and 9 by the corporation declares it as fit for drinking.”

Jaggi added that officials of the municipal corporation never visited his house in October for collecting samples thus raising fingers against the officials concerned who submitted a misleading report to the NHRC. “When they didn’t take any samples, how could they prepare the report of my residence,” he questioned. Even municipal councillor Shyam Sunder Malhotra backed the civic body despite the fact that he had received several complaints in the ward about muddy and stinking water being supplied to homes.

The information collected by Jaggi under the Right to Information Act (RTI) reveals that between January 1, 2009, and August 30, 2009, the health department collected 377 samples for portability test and out of the total 205 were declared unfit.

However, contradicting Health department’s claim, the reply submitted by Municipal Commissioner AK Sinha to the NHRC states “The water supplied to the area was found fit for drinking purpose and the residents of this locality were also satisfied.”

Alleging manipulation of samples by the civic body, Jaggi said: “The reply filed by the civic body reveals that the water sample are collected on day today at the zonal level by the junior engineers under supervision of XENs concerned. Now, if it’s true, they should have provided with details about checking of samples collected daily. Besides, the civic body that doesn’t have own a laboratory, than do they go to the PAU daily to inspect their samples.” He added that taking plea that since the PAU laboratory had tested the MC samples fit for drinking, the complaint should be disposed off.

While the final decision of the NHRC on the complaint is yet to come, one fails to understand how long the officials would take residents for ride in connivance with municipal councillors who are playing with lives of people for their vote bank.



Wedding Season
Rates of poultry products skyrocket
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Due to increase in demand and ongoing wedding season, the rates of non-vegetarian products like eggs, chicken, mutton and fish have increased up to 20 per cent in the past one month. The experts in the field said every year during this time, rates were generally increased but this season, the hike was more as compared to the previous years.

Talking to The Tribune, KS Sidhu, president, Fish Farmers’ Association, said the rates of all varieties of fish had increased. “Rohu”, “Morak” and “Katla” were being sold for anything between Rs 40 to Rs 50. Boneless “Malli” was available in the wholesale market for about Rs 350 per kg whereas “Sol” was being sold for as high as Rs 500 per kg.

“”Rohu”, “Morak” and “Katla” is consumed mostly by the migrants but good varieties like “Malli” and “Sol” remain favourite among Punjabis. In most of the marriages, only these varieties are served in bulk quantities. Seeing the huge demand, rates had to be increased”, Sidhu added.

Harjeet Singh, a poultry farmer at Lopon village, said the rates of chicken and eggs had also increased in the past 15 to 20 days. The wholesale rates of the broiler were Rs 130 to Rs 140 per kg whereas mutton had reached up to Rs 170 to Rs 180 per kg.

“The rates of eggs have also been increased. Majority of the poultry farmers are selling a tray of 100 eggs for about Rs 315 to Rs 330. In retail market, the prices further increased between Rs 5 to Rs 10 per dozen. These days, the consumption of non-vegetarian products is on the higher side, so the rates automatically go up. For another two to three months, the rates are not expected to come down”, said Harjeet Singh.



Man posing as I-T officer nabbed
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
The city police said it had arrested a man masquerading to be an income tax department official who had attempted to dupe a hosiery trader here today. The man, identified as Sanjeev Aggarwal, a resident of division no 3 area, who claimed to be a senior auditor-investigations of the IT department, was nabbed following a complaint by the trader, Attar Singh.

According to the police, the suspect had even procured a fake identity card to deceive people.

Investigating officer Shamsher Singh, who apprehended Aggarwal following a raid, said the latter had approached Attar, who runs his business at Karimpura chowk, few days ago. Aggarwal reportedly told the trader that, being an income tax officer, he had “good contacts” with banks and could arrange a loan for him.

According to the cops, Aggarwal told Attar he would charge Rs 10,000 to arrange the loan and even left his visiting card at the latter’s office.

Following Aggarwal’s visit Attar narrated the entire episode to the police, who then laid a trap and arrested the suspect.

Aggarwal was later produced in court, which sent him to two days’ police remand.



Pay Scales
PAU staff to intensify protest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Employees of Punjab Agricultural University have threatened to begin a massive protest in case the authorities fail to pay salaries as per the revised pay scales.

Harbans Singh Mundi, newly elected president of PAU Employees’ Union, said the authorities and the government had been given time till tomorrow to resolve the salary issue, failing which, the employees would take to a massive protest.

“We will hold a gate rally outside the Thapar Hall on November 26 protesting against the apathetical attitude of the authorities,” said Mundi, adding that the protest would continue till the employees’ long-pending demand would be met.

The union had issued a letter regarding the same to the Vice-Chancellor on November 20. They demanded the salaries for November to be paid in accordance with the revised pay scales within the stipulated time frame else the protest would be intensified.



Workshop for MEd students
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, November 24
A one-day workshop was organised at BCM College of Education, Ludhiana, recently.Dr Kuldip Puri, Reader, Panjab University, Chandigarh, was the resource person.

He focused mainly on “How to write a research proposal”. Dr Puri discussed the details and importance of writing the research proposal in a planned and coherent manner.

In the first session, the resource person threw light on the theoretical aspect and relevance of the topic.

In the second session, queries of the MEd students were taken up by the expert. This was followed by a group discussion.

In the final and concluding session, Dr Kuldip examined the research proposals prepared by the students. All MEd students ensured their active participation in the workshop.

Principal Dr Khushvinder Kumar extended a vote of thanks towards the culmination of the workshop.



Food processing can increase income of farmers: Expert
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Farmers can increase their income many times by adding value through processing of food, Dr SK Nanda, project coordinator (PHT), Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) said at the inaugural function of training on "Post Harvest Technology for Rural Catchments" for farmers. The function was sponsored by the Agricultural Technology Management Association (ATMA), Taran Taran.

The five-day training programme will cover subjects of grading and milling of grains, milling technology for pulses, preparation of snacks food, processing of onion/ ginger, technology for making green chili powder, soyabean processing and storage and processing of other crops.

Speaking on the occasion, Nanda said from the same crop one can earn more by processing it. He said the same food was sold in the market at a high cost after value was added through processing.

"Farmers should sell products instead of producing," he advised. CIPHET head, transfer of technology (ToT) Dr Deepak Raj Rai said they would also call experts from other institutions during the training programme to further enhance the knowledge of farmers and assured that CIPHET would be providing them with all kinds of help.

On the occasion, the farmers shared their views regarding areas of agriculture they wanted to improve in.

Most of them showed interest in knowing more about soybean processing, bee keeping, storage and cultivation of mushroom. They were given a presentation regarding mandate of CIPHET and various works undertaken by the institution since its inception.

Dr Sangeeta Chopra, senior scientist, CIPHET, coordinated the talk. As many as 20 farmers from Taran Taran district are participating in the training. 



Placement drive at RIMT
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, November 24
True to its tradition, RIMT continues to live to its reputation of being the ideal place to learn and grow. Once again RIMT was in the thick of activities as BTES visited its campus at Mandi Gobindgarh for conducting the interviews for final placements of MCA students.

This is the second visit of the company with in a period of one month. Earlier last month, in its first visit, this organisation had the hired students from MBA batch.

BEBO Technologies is the leading IT software solution provider. This company offers outstanding services in the area of software development, quality assurance and support. The visiting BTES team was of four members, including HR manager Arminder Singh, business development manager Rajat Nair and Manjit Kaur sr. testing engineer.

The BTES team conducted several rounds for screening the candidates and short listed 30 students. The short listed candidates will undergo the training at the company office at IT Park, Chandigarh, for six months.

Later, the visiting team applauded the tireless efforts being made by chairman Hukum Chand Bansal to uplift the standard of education across the region and also congratulated BS Bhatia for his contribution in imparting management education in the region.



Martyrdom day observed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Marking Guru Teg Bahadur martyrdom day, religious functions were held in all gurdwaras of the city.Shabad kirtan was held in all city gurdwaras to mark the day.

Hymns depicting the sacrifice made by Guru Teg Bahadur were sung throughout the day. Langar was also served from the community kitchen.

He symbolised the triumph of good over evil and his martyrdom, unique in the history of mankind, inspired many Sikhs to lay down their lives for the noble cause and moral values.

Guru Teg Bahadur was also a versatile poet.



Garbage, encroachments greet visitors to RMS office
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 24
People visiting the Railway Mail Service (RMS) office at the railway station in the city are greeted to encroachments at the entry point, haphazardly parked vehicles causing obstruction, heaps of garbage and unbearable stink.

At times, the area is choked with smoke if the garbage is put on fire, the routine mode of disposal of waste for the contractual sanitation staff working at the railway station.

Hundreds of people visit the RMS office till late in the evening to avail services like posting of letters, getting speed-post articles, registered letters and parcels booked after the other post offices in the city close down.

“It is a pain in the neck to avail the postal services at the RMS because of unsanitary conditions and garbage littered all around right in front of the main building. The stench emanated is unbearable and it is worse if the garbage is put on fire," rues Niranjan Singh, a resident of the old city and a frequent visitor to the RMS office.

Passing the buck is what the Railways and the postal department indulge in like all other government departments found lacking in maintenance and upkeep of the premises.

Senior railway officials say even as the RMS is located within the railway station complex, its maintenance, including sanitation, is the sole responsibility of the postal department.

Requesting anonymity, one of the RMS officials told Ludhiana Tribune that the garbage and waste is dumped by the safai workers of the sanitation contractor engaged by the Railways.

"We have approached senior railway officials, but to no avail. The sanitation staff does not listen to our requests and the vacant site in front of the RMS building, which is also adjacent to a railway building, continues to be used as a dumping ground for garbage and waste material,” an RMS official lamented.

Senior officials of the RMS division, including the senior superintendent and assistant superintendent were not available for comments. 



Banker gets Chevron Award
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Indian-origin Hargobind Mahindra, a masters in business administration and farm scientist, who got an attracted job in a coveted bank of New Zealand, has been awarded the Chevron Award in a glittering function held at Gold Coast in Australia.

He has been awarded in recognition of his efficiency and performance in banking. The award to the outstanding bankers in New Zealand is given in a special ceremony held in Australia every year. 



Youth killed as tractor falls into bore well
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, November 24
One person was killed after a tractor he was driving fell into a bore well here last evening.The deceased has been identified as Gursharan Singh (25) of Braich village. He was working in his fields when he lost control over the tractor and it fell into the bore well dug in the fields.

Some youths reached the spot and fished out Gursharan Singh from the bore well. He was taken to the Jagraon civil hospital where doctors declared him bought dead. 



Singla is Cong’ s urban cell Chief
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, November 24
President of the state unit of the Youth Congress and Lok Sabha member Ravneet Singh Bittu appointed Mittul Singla as the state president of the Urban Development Cell of the youth wing.

PPCC secretary handed over the letter signed by office secretary Parminder Singh to Singla Harinder Singh Bhambri and treasurer Joginderpal Singla at a function held here.

Municipal councillor Gurmeet Singh Mander, Youth Congress leader Randhir Singh Happy, Deepak Shapla, Balwinder Singh and Youth Congress workers were present on the occasion. Mittul said the ward-level committees would be formed for strengthening the party.



71-yr-old PhD recipient dead 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
A few days after receiving a PhD degree at the age of 71, Gurcharan Singh Muhay breathed his last after a brief illness.His last rites were performed today at the Model Town Extension crematorium. Only this month, Muhay had received his PhD degree from Guru Nanak Dev University. In spite of his poor health, Muhay went to Amritsar to receive the degree.

Muhay began his research for the degree on the topic ‘universal consciousness in Granth Sahib: A philosophical study’ in 2002 and completed it last year. He has earlier worked with the All-India Radio and was its principal chief information officer in 1984. Muhay has penned several books as well.



A writer with true grit
Manav Ghuman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Only few days after receiving the PhD degree at the age of 71, writer and journalist Gurcharan Singh Muhay breathed his last here last night at a hospital here after his condition deteriorated following a prolonged illness. He was cremated today and his funeral was attended by people from all walks of life.

Muhay had received his doctorate from Guru Nanak Dev University only this month. In spite of his poor health he had been busy in his research and travelled all the way to Amritsar to receive the degree and hold it in his hands on stage. Though his health took a turn for the worse after he returned he had no regrets about making the trip.

Muhay began his research for the degree on the topic ‘universal consciousness in Granth Sahib: A philosophical study’ in 2002 and completed it last year. He had earlier worked with All India Radio as its principal chief information officer in 1984. He authored ten books all of which were well received. It was his sheer determination and courage to fight ill health that led Muhay to achieve success in life. Apart from writing books Muhay was proficient in homeopathy as well.

"He once suffered from cancer but treated himself with homeopathic medicines," his son said. In an interview to The Tribune Muhay had said: "I’m happy and have no grudges or regrets." And he died a contented man.



Man run over by Sumo
Our Correspondent

Raikot, November 24
A man was killed last evening when a Sumo jeep ran over him. The deceased was identified as Karamchand Gupta, president of the management committee of local Sarv Hitkari School, had come from Ludhiana along with his wife Parveen Gupta to attend a marriage at Mehak Resorts here.

After parking his scooter on the other side of road, when he was crossing the road to enter the resort, a Sumo ran over him and he suffered serious head injuries. He was then taken to a nearby private hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Parveen, however, had a narrow escape. The Raikot police has booked the unidentified Tata Sumo and its driver on the statement of Parveen under Sections 279, 337, 304A of the IPC. 



Psychotropic medicines seized, 1 held
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, November 24
Jinderpal Singh of Heran village was arrested while he was on his way to sell psychotropic medicines to addicts. In charge of the Hathoor police post and his counterpart in the Chowkiman police post arrested the accused after intercepting his car (PB 10 BB 8005) at a naka laid on the drain bridge of the Kular village.

Jinderpal’s brother owns Punjab Medical Store at Chowkiman. On searching the vehicle police recovered 466 capsules of various trade names and 1,500 tablets and five bottles of cough syrups.

Both accused have been booked under the NDPS Act and impounded the car.



One booked for abetting suicide 
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, November 24
A man has been booked for abetting his wife to commit suicide. The woman, later, died of burn injuries. Darshan Singh, the accused, a resident of Baddowal village, is an auto-rickshaw driver by profession. After being disowned by the family he had started living in a rented accommodation at Birmi village with Manjit Kaur, alias Rani, the victim, for the past two months.

Manjit Kaur originally hails from Butari village near Delhon. She got married to Baljinder Singh of Barewal village near Ludhiana in 1994 and had three children. Baljinder Singh said about four months ago she had left their house and fled with someone else and since then they had no information of her.

She ran out of her house and was found to engulfed in flames by neighbours. Though a few eyewitnesses claimed that she had stated that Darshan Singh, who poured petrol on her, burned her. SHO Humbran, however, said in a statement given to the police she had stated that she burnt herself as she was fed up of the relationship with Darshan Singh who used to frequently beat her up on one pretext or the other. A case has been registered.



Punjab Games for Women
Gurdaspur gymnasts hog limelight
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

An athlete participates in the long-jump event on the second day of the Women Sports Festival in Ludhiana on Tuesday.
An athlete participates in the long-jump event on the second day of the Women Sports Festival in Ludhiana on Tuesday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, November 24
Gurdaspur gymnasts stole the show and bagged gold by winning the team championship pocketing 213.95 points in the Punjab State Games for Women held at Guru Nanak Stadium here today. Patiala won the silver medal by getting 191.90 points whereas Amritsar got the bronze medal with 156.05 points.

Ludhiana swimmers dominated the pool by clinching the gold in 4x100 m relay. Sangrur won the silver medal whereas Patiala got the bronze medal. Top seed Jalandhar will clash with Ludhiana and Patiala will lock horns with Sangrur in the badminton semifinal tomorrow. Earlier in the day, Jalandhar outplayed Ferozepur 2-0 in straight sets, Ludhiana defeated Amritsar by 2-0, Sangrur outclassed SBS Nagar 2-0.


Discus throw

Amanpreet Kaur (JAL) Winner 44.85m.

Priyanka (MKT) Runners-up 41.50m.

Gurbinder Kaur (S.A.S.NGR)

Third Place 39.59m.

3000 Mtr.

Navjoban Kaur (HSP) Winner 10:01.59m

Mandeep Kaur (FGS) Runners-up 10:54.17m.

Loveleen Kaur (S.A.S NGR)

Third place 11:21.48M


(400 Mtr. Freestyle)

Shubh karman (LDH) Winner 5:47.61m

Arshpreet Kaur (LDH) Runners-up 5:48.63m

Richansha (SANG) Third place 6:08.63m

(200 m back stroke)

Suhapanpreet Kaur (LDH) Winner 2:55.24m

Azalpreet Kaur (SANG) Runners-up 3:07.35m

Richansha (SANG) Third place 3:17.92m

(200 m breast stoke)

Arpanjeet Kaur (SANG) Winner 3:22.02m

Anisha (JAL) Runners-up 3:24.94m

Kudratjot (RPR) Third place 3:29.73m

(200 m freestyle)

Shubh Karman (LDH) Winner 2:43.40m

Arshpreet Kaur (LDH) Runners-up 2:46.11m

Alisha (PTA) Third place 2:53.71m

Volleyball (1st round)

Mukatsar bt Hoshiarpur 25-16, 25-11

Jalandhar bt Gurdaspur 5-6, 25-15

Amritsar bt Bathinda 25-5, 25-8

Sangrur bt SAS Nagar 26-24, 25-9

Ludhiana bt Tarn Taran 25-8, 25-6

Patiala bt Fatehgarh Sahib 25-14, 25-11

Barnala bt Mansa 25-7, 25-11

Moga bt Kapurthala 25-14, 25-11


Sangrur bt SBS Nagar 54-22

Amritsar bt Kapurthala 54-27

Ferozepur bt Gurdaspur 38-20

Ludhiana bt Tarn Taran 26-14

Table Tennis

Ferozepur bt Moga 3-0

Ludhiana bt SBS Nagar 3-0

Amritsar bt Ferozepur 3-1


Ferozepur bt Tarn Taran 11 points

Hoshiarpur bt Gurdaspur 9 points

Mansa bt Fatehgarh Sahib 11 points

Sangrur bt SBS Nagar 14 points

Patiala bt Bathinda 10 points

Ludhiana bt Moga 15 points

Jalandhar bt Ferozepur 6 points

Handball (quarterfinals):

Roop Nagar bt Amritsar 34-32

Jalandhar bt Faridkot 24-09

Tarn Taran bt Patiala 14-01

Ludhiana bt Hoshiarpur 17-04

Basketball (quarterfinals):

Amritsar bt Kapurthala 62-60

Patiala bt Roop Nagar 43-38

Jalandhar bt Mansa 63-27

Ludhiana bt Faridkot 79-23

Hockey (1st round)

Bathinda bt Patiala 1-0 goal

Gurdaspur bt Mansa 4-0 goals

Ludhiana bt Fatehgarh Sahib 8-0 goals

Tarn Taran bt Mukatsar 4-0 goals

Moga bt Barnala 2-1 goals

Kapurthala bt Bathinda 7-0 goals

Tarn Taran bt Jalandhar 1-0 goal

Ludhiana bt Gurdaspur 2-0 goals

Athletics (200 mtr.)

Simarjit kaur (jal) winner 25.61 sec.

Deepti (sang) Runners-up 25.05 sec.

Harpal Kaur (sang) Third place 26.36 sec.

Long jump

Sikhsha (sang) winner 5.45 mtr.

Bhoomika Thakur (gsp) runners up 5-31 mtr.

Ramandeep (ldh) third place 5.02 mtr.

4x100 m relay

Sangrur winner 50.31 sec.

Jalandhar runners-up 51.23 sec.

Ludhiana third place 52.o2 sec.

Shot put

Gurbarinder Kaur (asr) winner 13.36 mtr.

Luvneet Kaur (sang) Runners-up 12.29 mtr.

Baljit Kaur (sang) third place 12.13 mtr.



New sports policy soon: Sukhbir Badal
Sportspersons excelling in Olympics to get Rs 2 cr prize money
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal said yesterday that the state would implement it new sports policy by next month after incorporating the mandatory suggestions of the experts.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the Punjab State Women Game that began here yesterday, Badal said the new policy was aimed at hunting and nurturing genuine sports talent in the state, particularly in the rural areas.

Giving the broad outline of the policy, Badal said the new policy would focus on filtering quality players from the quantity players so that they could be further provided with specialised training to the medal prospects enabling them to win medals for the country, doing the state proud.

The Deputy Chief Minister said the new policy-new innovative cash award scheme, for the players right from the block-level tournament to the Olympic-level tournament, with a graded award scheme, to motivate the players to excel. He announced that any player winning gold in Olympics would be given Rs 2 crore as prize money with Rs 1 crore and Rs 50 lakh rewards for silver and bronze medallists.

The Deputy Chief Minister said the proposed policy was concentrating on developing sports infrastructure in the villages, maintaining the existing infrastructure and improving the district-level infrastructure to the international level. He said Rs 1 lakh grant had already been given to 1,233 villages of the state. He said the sports infrastructure in Punjab had not kept pace with the new development in sports arena and players due to outdated training methods.

Reiterating the commitment of the SAD-BJP government to provide world-class facilities to the medal prospects, he said, if required, the services of foreign coaches would also be availed in the interest of players. He said the new policy had provision to work out a programme to revamp the sports wings programme, so that players being produced by these wings should become a proud asset of the country. Badal said to encourage sportspersons he had issued directions to every department to fill the backlog of 3 per cent quota in jobs for them, at the earliest and send compliance report to the sports departments.



Tribune Impact
500 beddings arranged for players
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 24
The sports department swung into action following a report of poor bedding arrangements provided to the players participating in the Women Sport Festival being organised at Guru Nanak Stadium and Punjab Agriculture University (PAU).

It is learnt that the sports department officials went around the city to arrange bedding for nearly 1,600 players participating in the four-day festival.

But, so far the department could arrange only 300 blankets, as there is severe shortage of beddings in the market due to the marriage season.

"We came to know that the players staying in the school were given blankets by the sports department officials following reports that they had to sleep on the floor, but what about us. We have to again sleep on the floor tonight as well," said players staying at the Government College for Women.

The players were seen frantically calling their parents and asking them to send quilts where they were staying. The coaches also came to the aid of players and provided them extra bedsheets and blankets from their home.

Hazari Sharma, Deputy Director, Sports, said, "Around 500 beddings have been arranged for the players and we are in process to arrange the remaining beddings. Due to the marriage season there is acute shortage of quilts and that was the reason why we could not arrange the required quilts."

Medical staff missing

The medical staff was not present. The paramedics, who were frequenting the stadium yesterday, during the time of Deputy Chief Minister's visit, were no where to be seen in the stadium and the PAU hockey ground today. The hockey players complained that the player who sustained injuries remained unattended due to the absence of paramedical staff. However, the sports department claimed that all the paramedical staff was present on the spot



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