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Woman, two daughters murdered in cold blood
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ashok Kumar (left) with the police;
Ashok Kumar (left) with the police;Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, December 28
A woman and her two daughters were stabbed to death in cold blood under mysterious circumstances near the railway track at the Civil City in the Chander Nagar area around last midnight.

The incident came to light early this morning when bystanders saw the bodies of the three victims, belonging to a poor family, and raised the alarm.

The victims were identified as Simran (28) and her daughter Divya, alias Komal (8), and Puja (5), residents of Kurali in Karnal.

Simran was stabbed a number of times on her right leg and neck. The necks of the children were slit. The trio had bled profusely before death.

The exact time of death could not be ascertained yet. The police could say something only after the post-mortem examination.

Simran and her husband Ashok Kumar, along with their daughters, were on a visit to her parents’ house at the Saroop Nagar in Salem Tabri.

She was here to invite her parents to the wedding of Ashok’s cousin brother. She came to the city on Saturday evening.

The police claimed that the crime might have been committed by two or three armed assailants. All three bodies were lying doubled up. Their clothes were intact.

The bodies were lying closely. The two knives used for the murder were lying covered with blood near the bodies. One of the knives was broken.

Ashok said she, along with her daughters, went to the market around 7:30 pm last evening to buy sweets, but did not return home.

“We were looking for her last night and before we could file a missing person report with the police, they were found dead on the other side of the railway track,” he said.

Though he claimed that she was wearing gold earrings before leaving home, those were not found on the body.

SP (City I) Harsh Bansal ruled out the possibility of snatching. He said the murder was committed in
cold blood.

Two knives were used. While one knife was broken while killing, the other was used to kill the daughters.

The police was keeping all options open. It was probing the possibility of personal enmity and illicit relations.

It also took the suicide angle into consideration. The bodies were taken to the civil hospital for post-mortem examination.

Varied statements of the victims’ relatives and husband left the investigating authorities confused.

Ashok said she had left her in-laws’ house at Karnal twice in the past, but returned after visiting her parents’ house at Ludhiana.

Simran’s mother Usha Rani expressed faith in her son-in-law, who worked as a cycle mechanic in Karnal.

Ashok was an able husband and a responsible father, she said. He was more like a son to them and they had no complaints from him, she added.

A pall of gloom descended on Simran’s paternal house. Her cousin said Simran’s married life was smooth and they never heard of any quarrel between the couple.

“Why did she go to the other side of the railway track is still a mystery to me,” said the cousin Rani, weeping profusely.

The family was celebrating Puja’s birthday. Puja demanded potato chips from her mother. She died on her birthday, holding a packet of chips in her hands.

Unanswered questions

The police was trying to find out why Simran took her daughters to the secluded Civil City area near the Chander Nagar as the Salem Tabri market was situated on the opposite side of it.

Simran’s shawl was lying 100m from the spot, which was evidence that the trio tried to run from the spot.

No one noticed their screams, which was intriguing. A senior police official, terming the incident as suicide, said the recovery of the knife from the spot was evidence that it was a suicide case.

He said before killing herself, Simran might have killed her daughters. He raised a finger on the possible involvement of relatives and husband in the murder. It took days and even weeks to identify a victim, but in this case, relatives informed the police about the murder, which raised doubts, said a police official.



Cops shrug responsibility
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 28
The police and the railway authorities were seen shrugging responsibility to register a murder case today.The Haibowal police claimed that the murder took place near the railway track and so, it was the responsibility of the railway police to register a case.

GRP officers went a step further and brought the inch tape to measure if the area was under their jurisdiction.

The railway police blamed the Haibowal police for taking the body near railway track so that it did not have to register a case and investigate the matter.

The railway police claimed that the victims were murdered in agricultural fields and the Haibowal police, in order to shrug responsibility, took the bodies near the track.

In the mean time, a cop of the Salem Tabri area was thanking God that the murder did not take place in the area under their jurisdiction.

The dispute between the railway police and the Haibowal police was settled following the arrival of SP (City I) Harsh Bansal, who ordered the Haibowal police to register a murder case and start a probe.

There was confusion, but everything was settled and the Haibowal police started an investigation after filing a case, he said.



Two former employees held for jewellery theft
Tribune News Service

Ravi Verma (left) and Sandeep Verma
Ravi Verma (left) and Sandeep Verma

Ludhiana, December 28
The city police cracked the high-profile jewellery theft case and nabbed two former employees along with stolen gold ornaments weighing 15 kg, worth Rs 2.5 crore, and Rs 3 lakh in cash.

According to the police, Sandeep Verma and Ravi Verma, residents of the Santokh Nagar in Salem Tabri, who were former employees of the Forever jewellery showroom, committed the theft. They were nabbed from an under-construction house owned by Ravi at the Noorwala road around 6 am this morning.

The police said both the accused were experts in the jewellery trade and were going to dismantle the gold ornaments by melting it to eliminate the proof of theft. Before they could dismantle the gold ornaments, they were nabbed by the police.

Addressing a press conference, SSP SS Gill said it was a planned theft and they conspiracy to steal the ornaments was hatched a few months ago. “Sandeep Verma, being an old employee at the jewellery shop, was in possession of another set of keys,” said the SSP.

He further said the Forever jewellery showroom took business rights from the Rewa Company a few months ago and during the time of signing the memorandum of understanding, the sets of keys were exchanged between the two companies’ officials.

As Sandeep was a trusted man of the company, one set of keys remained in his possession and was not handed over.

The SSP said he would write a letter to the company authorities for their negligence, which led to the theft, the costliest theft at a jewellery showroom so far.

“I want their explanation on this matter. How can they be so casual about business and gold ornaments worth crores,” he added. Ravi and Sandeep joined the company in 2008. According to the police, the accused wanted to become instantly rich and were not satisfied with their present position.

The police said they hatched the conspiracy a few months ago and according to a plan, first Ravi resigned from the job while Sandeep resigned on December 11.

They made a reconnaissance of the showroom twice on December 20 and 24 and in their third bid yesterday, they found no one manning the showroom.

The SSP said Ravi went inside the showroom with the set of keys while Sandeep monitored the situation sitting outside.

On entering the showroom, he switched off the electricity supply, went straight towards the locker and took 15 kg of gold ornaments and Rs 3 lakh in cash.

After committing the theft, they parted. While Sandeep headed to Amritsar, Ravi remained at the spot and started cooperating with the police in the investigation.

Sources said the police put the mobile phones of all suspected employees on tracking, after which it was found that Ravi was also involved with Sandeep.

Ravi informed Sandeep that the police was suspecting him, following which both of them planned to meet at the under-construction house to dismantle the gold.

The police laid a trap, nabbed the two accused red-handed and took the gold and cash in their possession.



Mohharam observed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 28
Mohharam was today observed in the city. A special congregation was organised at Jama Masjid here.The function was presided over by Shahi Imam of Punjab. Shahi Imam, in his message to the devotees, said the day is observed with religious fervour throughout the world by the Muslim community.

"On this day, last Nabi Hazrat Mohd lost his life. No one can forget his sacrifice towards the religion. He is alive in our hearts and will be remembered by every Muslim," he added. The need of the hour is that everyone should follow the path shown by Hazrat Hussain.

Besides, each Muslim should spend money today, as those who spend money on this day would earn double money throughout the year, he said.



City Concerns
City held to ransom

Ludhiana witnessed violence for two consecutive days recently. On the first day, it was a mob frenzy by migrants and on the next, the police opened fire on agitators protesting against the organisation of a religious congregation.

The city residents suffered and their life was disrupted as the administration imposed curfew in different parts. They had to confine themselves to their houses under the shadow of fear.

Since it was the wedding season, the joy of holding a function for families having a marriage was marred. The violence caused a fear psychosis in people’s minds.

Can we afford to resort to such violence? Could the incidents be averted? Who could be held responsible for holding the city for ransom?

The Ludhiana Tribune wants to know your opinion on the issue. Readers can send in their views on the issue and the possible solutions.

Responses, in not more than 200 words, can be e-mailed to ludhiana [email protected] or sent to our city office at Bhadaur House, Ludhiana.



People turn to homoeopath
Gurdeep Singh Mann
Tribune News Service

Khanna, December 28
Panic over four deaths here due to swine flu has led to a large number of residents, including women and children, thronging a homoeopathic clinic to get free medicines to keep swine flu at bay.

The homoeopathic doctor at the clinic has claimed that anyone coming in contact with a person having swine flu can remain unaffected.

While the homoeopathic doctor claims to be offering medicine for the H1N1 virus free of cost, the district health authorities say no such medicine exists in the market.

District health officials say the homoeopathic doctor may be using the swine flu medicine as a way to popularise himself.

The homoeopathic doctor has told the Ludhiana Tribune over telephone that he has given free medicines as a precautionary measure for swine flu to nearly 2,000 patients in Khanna so far.

“I give this medicine just between 4 pm and 6 pm and already, 300 persons have visited my clinic to take medicines free of cost,” he says.

Senior Medical Officer Dr Balwinder Kailsi says he is not aware of anyone selling medicine for swine flu here and there is no such medicine available in the market.



‘Rising prices threat to labourers’
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, December 28
The 26th two-day national conference of the Farm Labours Union yesterday concluded here at Blossom Palace.

The conference was inaugurated by the national general secretary of the organisation and MP Vijaya Raghwan.

Before conference, a rally was taken out here at Municipal Park. Raghwan said the biggest problem faced by the labourers was the rising prices. He said 80 crore citizens of India were trying to sustain themselves at an income of less than Rs 20 per day and the government was still not serious on the issue of rising prices.

Though the government has accepted the problem, still no concrete steps have been taken to control the rising prices. Raghwan, Rajya Sabha MP from Kerala, compared the efforts of the Left parties with those of the governments of northern states of the country. He said the NERGA imposed under the Left parties pressure was not implemented properly. He said labourers in Punjab were paid at Rs 120 per day for 30 days, whereas the salary was Rs 180 per day and rice is given to the BPL at Rs 2 per kg as compared to Rs 14 by the Central government, erstwhile.

Sunit Chopra, joint secretary of the organisation, said people of Punjab were now resorting to suicide instead for fighting against the state government for their rights. He said: “We should fight the incapable state government with the same spirit as we fought with the British. The condition of the labourers is that of a beggar now.”

It was resolved in the rally that efforts should be made to tackle rising prices, goods of daily needs should be given to people belonging to the BPL at village level and NERGA be implemented to fulfill the motive of the enactment of the Act.

Bhoop Chand Channo, state president of the organisation warned if their demands were not met soon, they would initiate a stir to avail their rights from January. Gurchetan Singh Bassi, president of the Punjab Kisan Sabha, extended support to the union.

A large number of dignitaries and members of the organisation were also present. Also, on the concluding day the state body was reconstituted and the new team of the organisation was elected.

Commissioner Roop Chand Channo will now be Punjab president while Gursher Singh will be state general secretary, senior vice-president will be Ram Singh Noorpuri, vice-presidents will be Vasdev, Jasmer Singh, Gurcharan Singh Arora, Sita Ram and Shiv Charan, joint secretaries Surinder Singh, Avtar Chand, Pal Singh, Kalicharan Kaushik, Satpal Banur and chashier will be Parkash Kaler.



PAU Notes
Workshops, training programmes from Jan 11
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 28
A number of programmes, including workshops and training programmes are scheduled for January 2010 at PAU.

According to sources, fifth workshop on "Creation and Dissemination of Knowledge" will be organised at PAU from January 11-13.

The workshop is being held by International Management Institute, New Delhi, and PAU intimated Dr SK Mann, Dean, postgraduate studies.

A workshop on “Relevance of co-operative movement in Punjab” will be organised at PAU on January 20, said Dr Mann.

Dr IS Dhaliwal, head, department of farm machinery and power engineering, said the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, department of agriculture and co-operation, Government of India, in collaboration with the department of farm machinery and power engineering will organise a “Tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturers’ meet” at PAU from January 16-17, wherein delegates from different machinery manufacturers will participate.

Vocational courses

College of Home Science at PAU will organise vocational courses for youth under ACA plan scheme 2009-10 in collaboration with the department of employment generation and training, Punjab.

Dean, College of Home Science, Dr Neelam Grewal said a one-month course on “Food processing and preservation” would start on January 1.

The course is a free training for unemployed youth (boys and girls) of 18-35 years, she added.



Parents cautioned against drugs
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 28
Efforts to curb drug menace among the youth have failed to yield desired results. Office-bearers and activists of the various religious organisations have contributed a lot in creating awareness on the consequences of social evils.

This was stated by Prof Kirpal Singh Badungar, former president of the Shri Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC).

While talking to the Ludhiana Tribune after addressing a function organised by the SAD, Prof Badungar regretted that majority of parents had stopped taking interest in giving moral education to their children.

Voluminous syllabi, accompanied with non-teaching duties of teachers also deprived the school-going students of their right to receive guidance from their teachers.

Appreciating the initiative taken by the police in involving social and religious organisations in crusade launched against the drug menace, Prof Badungar claimed the projects launched were yet to yield results.

Cautioning residents, Badungar urged them to prefer inculcating good habits among their wards. "It’s time we understand that properties will be of no use if we won’t not save the lives of our children," said Badungar.

Earlier, Badungar distributed woollens and shoes among the needy students.

Jagdev Singh Ghaloti, secretary of the Shri Sukhmani Sewa Society, Jagwant Singh, SVP SAD district Sangrur, Gurdial Singh and Chanan Ram Chaudhary were all present.



From Schools & Colleges
Annual day function at Darshan Academy
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 28
Darshan Academy celebrated its annual day and prize distribution function here yesterday with fervour.MP Sukhdev Singh Libra was the chief guest. Isher Singh Meharban, MLA, and GB Singh (MD, Oster Group of Industries) were guests of honour.

The theme of the function was “United and Unique.” Different items like dance, songs, plays, giddha and bhangra were presented.

A message of peace and harmony was given out through various cultural items. Members of the school management Jaswant Singh, HD Sama, GD Jalota, and Balbir Singh welcomed the guests. Principal Shiv Dutt Kalia congratulated the students for their performance.

Training programme

An advanced coaches' training programme, which started at Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, on December 23, concluded here yesterday. The programme was held in collaboration with Special Oylmpics Bharat, Punjab, and hosted by the district Special Olympics Association, Ludhiana. As many as 55 coaches from Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh participated. There were four national-level trainers from the national office.

NSS camp

A seven-day NSS camp, organised by the NSS unit of Malwa College, Bondli (Samrala), was inaugurated by Balbir Singh Rajewal, president of the college managing committee.

Rajewal urged the volunteers to work sincerely for spreading awareness on evils like drug addiction and female foeticide. Special emphasis was laid on starting a tree plantation drive and environmental degradation by college principal Jagmohan Singh.

Blood donation camp and lectures on AIDS and drug addiction will also be part of the camp.



Woollens distributed among students
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, December 28
The family of councillor Saroop Kaur, along with his son Captain Sukhjit Singh Hara, a Congress activist yesterday came forward in the noble endeavour of providing woollens to the needy students of various primary schools and aanganwaris in and around Sahnewal.

Needy students of government schools, elementary schools, aanganwaris of Nandpur village, two primary schools of Pawa Khagat village and primary schools of Sahnewal town and village were distributed sweaters.

The aim was to accord help to the deprived section of the society from the unfavourable weather conditions and also spread awareness regarding the deadly use of various drugs and intoxicants that have flooded the markets these days.

The campaign was inaugurated by MP Sukhdev Singh Libra, who appreciated the efforts of the family.

Hara said everyone in the society should understand the pain of the weaker sections of the society.

More social organisations and workers should join the campaign to provide assistance in cash and kind to the needy children, who due to financial constraints lack opportunities, he added.



Prof Sharma to chair session at Orlando
Our Correspondent

Doraha, December 28
Prof Gagan Deep Sharma, co-ordinator, department of management studies at Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib, will chair an academic session of the “International applied business research conference” to be organised at Orlando, Florida.

Mohan Singh Malhans, superintendent (establishment) at the College, said the conference, being organised by the Clute Institute, would be held from January 4 to 6.

Besides, Prof Sharma will also present his research paper entitled: “Coping-up with the Global Economic Recession: A study of the USA, UK, India and China”. The paper talks about the relationship between “gap between two recessions” and “duration of the second recession”. Further, the paper, also comparatively, analyse the stimulus packages announced by the USA, UK, India and China to cope-up with the ongoing economic recession.

The paper has been concluded on the final note that while the packages announced by the USA are company-centric, the ones announced by the other four economies under study are economy-centric.



Farmers’ orientation camp concludes 
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 28
Peasants of the area vowed to adopt dedication to profession, devotion, determination, discipline, responsibility, planning, agricultural implements and marketing as eight essential elements of agriculture in their lives.The oath was taken in response to a call given by experts from the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Khanna, on the conclusion of an orientation camp organised at Aluna Pallah village, Payal, near here recently. Dr H K Sharma was the chief guest. 

The camp was presided over by Dr Kuldeep Singh Atma. Tej Parkash Singh Kotli, Payal MLA, was guest of honour.

According to Jagrup Singh Grewal, convener of the event, agricultural scientists and experts from the ATMA had called upon the farmers from nearby villages to adopt required elements in their lives to be successful peasants in modern era.

Instead of sticking to the old saying "Dabb ke wah te rajj ke Khah", farmers should have scientific temper to survive in the profession.

Speakers, including Dr Harmel Singh, vegetable development officer, Dr Kuldeep Singh Atma and Mohinder Singh Grewal highlighted on crop diversification in modern agriculture. They suggested that farmers should grow short duration cash crops for higher profits. Garlic, onion and other crops yielding condiments could be grown during cushion periods, they added.

The speakers held that diversification of crops would help in conservation of water.

Harjit Singh, Paramjit Singh Paut and Talminder Singh appealed farmers to adopt dairy farm as a side business, as it would provide them an extra income on daily basis.

Former sarpanch Karam Singh, Malwinder Singh Laddi and Jasbir Singh interacted with scientists.



Traffic cops need to change approach

The hit-and-trial approach that bigwigs in the traffic police are resorting to in a bid to tackle the chaos which prevails on city roads will not yield the desired result.With the number of vehicles and the volume of traffic increasing every day in the city, what is needed is an indepth study by some traffic consultants and the strict enforcement of one-way traffic on those sections where traffic flow is hindered due to inadequate road width or encroachments.

The flip-flop over the one-way traffic rule recently given effect at the Ghumar Mandi should serve a lesson to those responsible for traffic management and enforcement.

Another traffic bottleneck which needs immediate attention and strict measures is the stretch from the Domoria Bridge to the Y-junction of the Old Subzi Mandi and the Deepak Cinema.

About the commercial area in the old city, the less said the better because the problem seems to be beyond solution.

For blacks only

An astrologer’s advice is something even the educated do not dare to ignore, even going to the extent of being selfish.

A woman who had been told by an astrologer to feed a black cow green grass finally spotted a herd of cattle near a garbage dump after a lot of running around.

Wasting no time, she spotted a black cow and tried to feed it, but the cow seemed disinterested and walked away.

A white cow from the herd, unable to resist the temptation, approached her to get a share from the grass, only to be shooed away as the woman wanted to go by her astrologer’s advice rather than feed the cow.

What English!

Every evening brings a deluge of press notes at every newspaper office. Every such press note carries a story and in fact, much more than that.

The language of the press note, the style of writing, the signature of the authority concerned, the event it mentions, the paper on which it is written or typed and the envelope it comes in; everything has an interesting story.

It is the press notes from some schools which invariably take the cake when it comes to giving out more than is intended.

“The childrens were taken on the seaside to see the fishes swim magnificently”, “Very many little Santa Clauses were dancing on the stage” and “The function was started with the traditional lightening” are just a few examples of the kind of English used in such press notes.

Such press notes cause laughter in the first instance, but set a logical brain thinking about the standard of education at these schools. Perhaps English-medium schools need to review their English!

Dessert toil

A city is known by the people who reside there. The character of the city is the character of its citizens.

Ludhiana is an industrial city and is awake till midnight while it this not the case with the royal city of Patiala.

One who has been born and brought up in a city like Ludhiana feels surprised to see that there is no night life in Patiala.

A couple decided to celebrate Christmas at Patiala, but to their utter surprise, all major stores and eateries were found closed at 11 pm.

A couple searching for ice-cream, and that too, on the night of Christmas, had a tough time and were moving from one road to another.

At last, lights were on at a cafe and workers were sweeping the floors. The couple quickly entered the cafe and ordered a frappe for themselves.

The taste of the frappe after the hard toil was something different and the couple enjoyed their dessert on Christmas.


The situation of those who pose questions during serious talks and seminars just to make their presence felt becomes embarrassing at times.

Claiming to be a senior reporter of North India covering the science beat, a reporter had to be on the backfoot many times when his arguments were countered tactfully at a recent seminar.

A young scientist had to cut a sorry figure when he insisted that only degree holders in science subjects should be allowed to promote scientific temper through reports.

He could not put forward any idea when he was asked whether a crime reporter should first become a criminal to be successful with his beat.

His condition was more embarrassing when he could not explain the wearing of a number of stones and specially prepared rings in fingers he pointing at each speaker.

Contributed by Kuldip Bhatia, Anshu Seth, Charu Chhibber, Manav Mander and Mahesh Sharma



Foundation to promote scientific temper
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 28
The Global Punjab Foundation is promoting scientific temper and universal brotherhood among Indians in general and Punjabis in particular. Besides organising seminars, the foundation will arrange workshops for media workers for scientific reporting.

Dr Harjinder Singh Walia, chairman of the foundation and former head of department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Punjabi University, Patiala, said the organisation would focus on promoting scientific temper and universal brotherhood among Indians at globally.

Regretting that more members of the elite society, besides less educated Punjabis was falling prey to communal philosophy, superstitions, etc. Dr Walia held that media could play an important role to carry forward the scientific knowledge and concepts to the common man so as to develop scientific temper and resulting universal brotherhood.

Referring to the decision taken during the ninth Indian Science Communication Congress, organised recently by the Krishan Kanta Open University, Guhati, Dr Walia said delegates from various states had agreed to his notion that scientific temper could be best inculcated by respecting religious sentiments of members of various communities.

Rejecting the concept of deputing only scientists for scientific reporting, Dr Walia maintained that anybody desirous of working for the noble cause could be trained to promote scientific temper. He announced that the foundation would arrange special workshops for journalists, besides organising seminars in the coming year.

"We want to make sure that by the end of 2010, scientific temper and universal brotherhood becomes a part of lifestyle of Indians in general and Punjabis in particular," said Dr Walia.



Sonu Kakkar performs in city
Tribune New Service

Ludhiana, December 28
Ludhianavis danced to the songs of Bollywood playback singer Sonu Kakkar during an event organised here yesterday.

The singer was in the city to perform under the aegis of the Indian Bachat Shopping Festival, which was organised to promote shopping tourism in India.

The show was sponsored by the Ganpati Jewellers and the Avon Cycles. Such shows were being organised to promote the Indian Bachat Shopping Festival.



Wish list 2010
Using theatre to curb drug menace
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 28
The year 2009 has been unproductive in terms of theatre activity in Punjab as the extreme summer is not conducive for outdoor performances, says Nirmal Rishi, theatre artiste and film actor from Ludhiana.

There is no provision for an indoor stage, where the theatre groups can perform without paying hefty fee in the form of rentals, she says.

A lot of time and effort is wasted in finding sponsors for shows at private auditoriums, which can be utilised in staging good productions with support from the government.

Q: What are your achievements? Are you satisfied with your accomplishments?

A: An artiste is never content with accomplishments, but undoubtedly, my roles in Punjabi films ‘Akhiyan Udeekdiyan’ and ‘Punjaban’ and Hindi film ‘Woman from the East’ were fruitful for me as an actor. The successful staging of the play ‘Mirch Masala’ and a couple of videos on social issues concerning Punjab were received well.

Q: In your capacity as a senior artiste, what milestones have you set for yourself for the year 2010?

A: I have made an effort to unite registered theatre groups in Punjab on a common platform, which will approach the state government to give equal grants to every group instead of giving grants to a single group. The collaboration of registered theatre groups has also decided to identify young boys and girls in villages and involve them in various theatrical pursuits so as to take them away from drugs. A lot of time and energy is absorbed in theatrical activity, which in turn, steers the free minds towards optimism. All boys and girls working in my group are teetotallers.

Q: Your plans for your theatre group ‘Alive Artists’ in the New Year?

A: I aim to train school and college students and other amateur talented artistes under the aegis of ‘Alive Artists’ in the coming year. Workshops will be followed by their performances to motivate them to carry on with their theatre activity even at the individual level. Meaningful plays, including ‘Savi’ and ‘Maan Meinu Marin Na’ and adaptations will be staged after every two months by group artistes and new artistes undergoing training.



Three killed in accident
Gurdeep Singh Mann
Tribune News Service

Samrala, December 28
Three persons from Abohar, including a six-year-old boy, were killed and three others received injuries in an accident late last night.

The car they were travelling in collided with a tractor-trolley near the Neelon village. The deceased were identified as Savita, his six-year-old son Divanshu and Kuki.

Savita’s husband Akashdeep was driving the Esteem car. He received injuries in the accident and was undergoing treatment at the DMCH in Ludhiana.

Others who received injuries were identified as Rakesh Chugh, brother-in-law of Akashdeep, Bittu and Garbhit, three-year-old son of Akashdeep.

Police officials said the family members were on their way from Naina Devi to Abohar. They paid obeisance at Naina Devi and were on their way back around 11 pm.

They left for the religious place a day before the accident and decided to stay at Ludhiana last night.

As soon as they neared Neelon village, an unidentified tractor-trolley reportedly loaded with sugarcane collided with the car from the rear side. Either the driver failed to notice the tractor-trolley loaded with sugarcane or the tractor-trolley could have turned towards the car all of a sudden, said the police.

Efforts were on to trace the tractor-trolley with the help of residents. While Bittu was a property dealer, Akashdeep was financier and Rakesh owner of a motorcycle showroom at a village near Abohar. Police officials said a case was registered in this connection. The bodies were handed over to the family members of the deceased after post-mortem examination.

A number of similar accidents had taken place during night hours near the Neelon village during the past few months.

Residents said the number of accidents had increased manifold due to fog and reckless driving of heavy vehicles at night.



Jammu rout Lucknow Academy
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, December 28
Thanks to the fine batting by Shubham and Supreet who scored 116 and 66 runs, respectively, Mayank Goswami Academy, Jammu, routed Star Cricket Academy, Lucknow, by 324 runs on the third day of the First Invitation Cricket Cup Tournament (U-19) being organised by the Ludhiana District Cricket Association at MGM Public School, Dugri, here today.

Opting to bat first after winning the toss, Mayank Goswami Academy, Jammu, scored a total of 392 runs in 39.4 overs.

Their inning revolved around Shubham (116), Supreet (66), Rohan (41), Ateeb (58) and Manik (27).

For Star Cricket Academy, Lucknow, Manu scalped three victims for 78 runs while Shavinder chipped in with two wickets for 23 runs and Sonu grabbed two wickets for 52 runs.

Chasing the target, Lucknow's innings folded at 68 runs in 16 overs. Only one batsman Gaurav could reach double figure of 13 runs.

For winners, Rohan claimed four wickets for 11 runs, while Partap captured two wickets for one run and Rafique took two for 14.



BVM Atheletics Meet
Kitchlu Nagar branch dominate on Day I
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, December 28
Students of Bharitya Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Kitchlu Nagar branch, dominated the proceedings on the opening day of the Bhartiya Vidya Mandir Schools Inter-Branch Athletics Meet at BVM School, Kitchlu Nagar, here today.

Padma Shree awardee, Pargat Singh, director, sports, Punjab, inaugurated the meet in which students drawn from four BVM branches, including Kitchlu Nagar, Udham Singh Nagar, Chandigarh road and Dugri struggled for top honours.

MM Vyas, OP Sabharwal, M Bhamba, trustees of BVM Schools, along with principals of all four branches, teachers and Baljeet Singh Gill, director sports, BVM schools, were present.


Boys U-19

100m race- 1st Vishal Bector of Kitchlu Nagar, 2nd Pankaj of Kitchlu Nagar and 3rd Pankaj Kumar of Kitchlu Nagar; High jump

1st Nitin Kumar of Udham Singh Nagar, 2nd Rahul of Kitchlu Nagar and 3rd Dhruv Gupta of Kitchlu Nagar.

Boys U-17

400m race- 1st Pankaj Rajput of Kitchlu Nagar, 2nd Prabhjot Singh of Udham Singh Nagar and 3rd Aditya of Kitchlu Nagar

800m race- 1st Madhav Puri of Udham Singh Nagar, 2nd Prince Verma of Kitchlu Nagar and 3rd Sanchit Popli of Kitchlu Nagar

1500m race- 1st Bhupesh of Kitchlu Nagar, 2nd Sahil of Kitchlu Nagar and 3rd Rahul Pajni of Udham Singh Nagar

4x100m relay race- 1st Kitchlu Nagar, 2nd Udham Singh Nagar and 3rd Chandigarh road branch.

Boys U-14

400m race- Deepanshu of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Lakhay Chandan of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Shubhneet Singh of Dugri branch 3

600m race- Deepanshu of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Chaitanya Jaitley of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Lakshay Chandan of Kitchlu Nagar 3

High jump- Aayush of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Sahil of Udham Singh Nagar 2 and Manmeet Singh of Chandigarh Road branch 3; Skipping race- Ronit Goel of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Kevin Arora of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Achintya of Kitchlu Nagar 3.

Boys U-9

400m race- Lakhveer Singh of Dugri branch 1, Prabhjot Singh of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Gubahar of Chandigarh Road 3

Sack race- Prabhjot Singh of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Sahil Chopra of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Shivam Sharda of Kitchlu Nagar 3

400m race- Partap Singh of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Karanpreet Singh of Dugri branch 2 and Sanchit Kasana of Kitchlu Nagar 3

Sack race- Sanchit of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Jaideep Sethi of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Raviyanshu Rana of Chandigarh road branch 3.

Girls U-17

400m race- Anmol Puri of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Lalima Bajaj of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Ankita Sharma of Kitchlu Nagar 3

800m race- Urmila Gautam of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Anmol Puri of Uhdam Singh Nagar 2 and Ankita Sharma of Kitchlu Nagar 3

1500m race- Anmol of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Urmila Gautam of Udham Singh Nagar 2 and Ankita Sharma of Kitchlu Nagar 3

Shot put- Pallavi Verma of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Bhawna of Chandigarh road 2 and Kajal Vohra of Kitchlu Nagar 3; Discus throw- Mehak Joshi of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Kajal Vohra of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Suchi Arora of Chandigarh road 3; High jump- Urmila Gautam of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Geetanjali of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Ritu Rani of Chandigarh road 3

4x100m relay race- Kitchlu Nagar 1, Udham Singh Nagar 2 and Dugri 3.

Girls u-19: 400m race- Ganga Gautam of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Diksha of Udham Singh Nagar 2 and Bharti of Kitchlu Nagar 3

800m race- Ganga Gautam of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Bharti of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Riya of Udham Singh Nagar 3

1500m race- Ganga Gautam of Udham Singh Nagar 1, Mehak of Udham Singh Nagar 2 and Shifa of Udham Singh Nagar 3; Shot put- Priya of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Loveleen of Udham Singh Nagar 2 and Sona of Kitchlu Nagar 3; Discus throw- Priya of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Sona of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Palak of Kitchlu Nagar 3.

Girls U-9

400m race- Kamaljit Kaur of Dugri 1, Sapna Purohit of Dugri 2 and Sahib Kaur of Chandigarh road 3

Sack race- Navdeep Kaur of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Drishti of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Muskan of Kitchlu Nagar 3

Girls U-11

400m race- Shaina puri of Kitchlu Nagar1, Amitoj of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Niharika of Udham Singh Nagar 3

Shot put- Diksha Arora of Kitchlu Nagar 1, Deepali Tayal of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Pralipta of Chandigarh Road 3

Sack race- Pralipta of Chandigarh road 1, Yogita Arora of Kitchlu Nagar 2 and Ritika of Udham Singh Nagar 3.



National Games
Rs 50 lakh for training Punjab players
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, December 28
The state government has allocated Rs 50 lakh for coaching and training of Punjab players for National Games.

This was informed by the Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal during the inaugural ceremony of the 60th Pearls Senior Basketball Championship at the Guru Nanak Sports Complex.

"We have increased the amount for sports by 30 per cent every year since the last three years in our annual budget. This is a small jump for a state like Punjab," he added.

Manpreet Singh, former national basketball player, said the government was committed to uplift the standard of sports in the state. The minister also showed interest in the game, as he watched the match between Punjab and Karnataka.



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