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Punish those behind 26/11 Mumbai attack

The editorial, “Crimes of Headley, Rana” (Jan 18) assumes significance so far as action against the perpetrators of heinous crime of 26/11 Mumbai attacks is concerned. The US let India down by not sharing information prior to the 26/11 and repeated it by not allowing the interrogation of both criminals convicted for plotting the same in league with their mentors in Pakistan.

India supplied dossiers, many times, but inaction by the Pakistan Government is a proof of either their inability to take action or their own intrigue. Notwithstanding the fact that it itself is bearing the brunt of terrorists which it spawned and nurtured against India.

Estranged relations between the two neighbouring countries can be mended for mutual benefit, if the said criminals are punished immediately. The world is watching the duplicity of both the US and Pakistan.


Basu’s legacy

The editorial “Jyoti Basu: a tall leader: Victim of a ‘historic’ blunder” (Jan 18) was balanced and has brought out Jyoti Basu’s achievements and failures. He was practical and pragmatic.

The prophecy of political analysts that without his stewardship, the CPM will become weak may prove to be correct only temporarily. If the Congress can survive after Jawaharlal Nehru the disciplined and cadre-based CPM too can. The success and influence of a party depends more on its policies and strategies than on an individual. Nobody is indispensable.

Regarding the much-touted “historic blunder”, well the CPM by not agreeing to his heading a multi-party government at the Centre, in fact spared Basu the ignominy of collaborating and compromising with the power brokers. He would have proved a feeble Prime Minister.

Anyway, what set him apart was that he was unassuming, untainted and never considered himself first among equals.

HEMA, Langeri, Hoshiarpur


The veteran Marxist leader Jyoti Basu has left behind a rich legacy. However, today, it is not only the communists who think of the poor. Other national parties too have the welfare of the poor in mind.

The CPM should work to become a national party. This is possible only if it sheds its rigid stance, set notions and anti-US rhetoric. It must adopt a more flexible attitude and think with a wider perspective. The party should play a larger role in nation building with talented, selfless and committed workers at its disposal.

MADHU RD SINGH, Ambala Cantt

Holidays rain

Mr Parkash Singh Badal has a passion for declaring holidays on the most frivolous pretext. He is more keen on declaring holidays rather than finding ways to improve the health of the state’s economy. But what really hurts is that he has no heart to visualise the discomforts and problems such acts bring to the common man. We all know that nothing moves without the permission from the government departments.

Imagine the plight of the people who in this biting winter travel from places like Ferozepur, Amritsar and Bhatinda to reach the department concerned at Chandigarh on time, only to be informed after reaching that a holiday has been declared. 

What is shocking is that ruling partner BJP protests vociferously if any of their powers are curtailed. But they are silent on matters directly related with governance.


Demat degrees

The Centre’s decision to make available online in the electronic format all educational degrees and certificates from the school to the university level is laudable. It would go a long way in checking the racket of fake degrees.


Wily politician

One does not need to be a political pundit to infer why Amar Singh resigned from the SP posts (“Importance of being Amar Singh” by Devi Cherian, Jan 18). He always likes to be near powers that be for promoting and protecting his political and business interests. With the SP out of power in UP and having no clout at the Centre, Amar Singh does not find any purpose in sticking to it. Self-serving and opportunistic leaders are wont to desert the sinking ship. 

Not entirely unexpectedly, Amar Singh is now defending NCP President Sharad Pawar on the price rise issue and praising Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi just to ingratiate himself with them. Wisely enough, so far they have not responded to his overtures and sweet talk. They have already enough wheeler-dealers in their parties to deal with.

One finds Amar Singh more in the company of businessmen, industrialists and film personalities than of the common man. This is denting the pro-poor image of the SP. If party President Mulayam Singh, who himself is not free from the blame of promoting dynastic politics, cares to redeem the party, he should welcome Amar Singh’s exit as good riddance. The kiss and make-up policy will no longer benefit Mulayam Singh in any manner.  

If Amar Singh does not agree with the policies and programmes of Mulayam Singh, why did he not resign from the party itself? Obviously, he wants to be expelled from it in order to retain his Rajya Sabha membership. To our politicians, perquisites and privileges that go with the constitutional posts are more important than morals and principles. Amar Singh is not an exception.



Governors’ appointment

It is indeed quite strange that Mr Shivraj Patil who utterly failed as the Union Home Minister and had to be shown the door has been appointed the Governor of Punjab with additional charge of the UT Chandigarh Administrator. (News report, “Patil to be Punjab Guv”, Jan 17).

The Governor is the chancellor of all the universities in the state and by virtue of being in this chair enjoys authority and power. He can be instrumental in making or breaking a state government at the behest of the Centre. Obviously then, well-qualified persons of repute who have outstanding and significant achievements to their credit should be appointed governors. It is all the more necessary when the present day legislators, parliamentarians, ministers, chief ministers and even union ministers are not adequately qualified and a sizeable number of them have a criminal background.

The procedure for appointment of governors should be well-defined and the Opposition as well as the chief minister of the state must be consulted before appointing them.

Dr R K SHARMA, Faridabad

Punish the corrupt

Lately, certain elements in the judiciary, army, police, bureaucracy and the state legislatures have been in the news for reasons not so edifying. Almost every institution is slipping into the abyss of corruption with little or no light at the end of the tunnel.

Transparency is the answer to the fast spreading malaise. Those who try to exploit the loopholes in the law of the land and claim exemption from scrutiny or interpret laws and rules to suit their pursuit of self-aggrandisement must be exposed. Punishment for the corrupt should be very harsh.  


Rising prices

Despite mounting pressure from the people and the Opposition, the government has been unable to mitigate the effects of inflation. Further more, the Agriculture Minister’s statement on sugar prices depicts frustration and apathy. When it comes to inflation, the UPA could learn a lesson from its predecessors.


Suicidal stress

The sudden surge in cases of suicides among adolescents is a matter of concern. Students are unduly stressed under a system that values only the best. Burdened with a plethora of problems, they find themselves a misfit in society and opt for this extreme desperate act.

The real culprits are undoubtedly teachers, parents and society. We have unrealistic expectations from children without assessing their intrinsic abilities.

An ideal school is the one which focuses on the harmonious development of its students and provides a study-friendly atmosphere. Spare the rod and spoil the child is a thing of past. Corporal punishment breeds only disregard and rebellion. We must feel the pulse of the student and assess his or her area of interest. Films such as Black and Taare Zameen Par have shown that even special children can do wonders, provided they are treated with love and affection.

We must try our best to sort out the emotional and the psychological problems of our students. Studies should become a passion and not a problem for students.




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