OFf the shelf
Tatya: A legendary hero
Reviewed by V. N. Datta
Tatya Topeís Operation Red Lotus
by Prag Tope.
Pages 893. Rs 595.
THIS is an extraordinary book, an unusual and different one in tone and method from the general run of studies published on what the historians have called the Sepoy Mutiny, revolt, rebellion, or the War of Indian Independence.

Events that changed the course of history
Reviewed by Belu Maheshwari
A Tale of Two Revolts: India 1857 and the American Civil War
by Rajmohan Gandhi.
Pages 402. Rs 599.

ROM the oeuvre of Rajmohan Gandhi, this book tells the tale of two events of perennial interest in history. Both were mired in blood and gore, and were contemporaneous separated only by a few years. The written word is the source material. Letters, poems, diaries, and newspaper reports by the British and Americans have been used to authenticate the events.

Exploring linguistic philosophy
Reviewed by Ashok Vohra
Bhartrhari: Language, Thought and Reality
Ed. Mithilesh Chaturvedi.
Motilal Banarsidas.
Pages xxv+615. Rs 1,595.
IN his Philosophy of History, Hegel mistakenly believed that "Hindoo principles" are polar in character. Because of their polarity which vacillates between "pure self-renouncing ideality, and that (phenomenal) variety which goes to the opposite extreme of sensuousness, it is evident that nothing but abstract thought and imagination can be developed".

Many shades of life
Reviewed by Ashok Kumar Yadav
You Say itís not True
by Harsh Desai. 
Full Circle.
Pages 64. Rs 125.

HIS book, an anthology of 47 short poems, derives its title You Say itís not True from a poem with the identical name. The book deals with a variety of themes as diverse as Mumbai, night, love, friends, marriage, prayers, and so on.

Power of yoga
Reviewed by Jagpreet Luthra
Sanatan Kriya: 51 Miracles Ö and a Haunting 
by Yogi Ashwini.
Dhyan Foundation.
Pages 180. Rs 500.
In our ensnarement with the inventions of modern science and technology that promise to erase the boundaries of time and space, have we forgotten that there are no boundaries except those that we create with our limited five senses? That there is a limitless world of gyan that can only be experienced by the grace of the guru is something even we, in India, have forgotten.

Colonialism and caste chronicles
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
In Pursuit of Ambedkar 
by Bhagwan Das (translation: Isha).
Pages 87. Rs 175.

  • Victoria Gowramma
    by C.P. Belliappa.
    Rupa & Co.
     Pages xv+234. Rs 295.

  • Ama: A Story of the Slave Trade
    by Manu Herbstein.
    Bookmann India.
    Pages 374. Rs 395.

In letter and in spirit
K. Natwar Singhís book Yours Sincerely is a compilation of letters. Excerpts...

On an eternal journey
Nonika Singh
REAMS remain for the rest of your life. Art would die if dreams were to disappear". So, at 73, internationally acclaimed artist Gulam Mohammed Sheikh not only continues to dream but also breathes new life into his dreams, translating them into powerful works.