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And so shone the tricity stars
CBSE Class XII: Garima tops tricity; Anam in medical
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
The Central Board of Secondary Education announced its class XII results today. Though the overall percentage and the highest scores were way less than the last year’s, it brought success to many, though at a price. Success did not come for free for toppers in the tricity who gave up their first love, be it for sports or other hobbies, to excel in academics.

Tushar Dogra, scoring 96.2 per cent in non-medical stream, quit his passion for soccer and cricket before deciding to bury himself in the books while pursuing his dream for entering an engineering college. He gave up sports after entering class XI.

“I was active in sports till my matriculation. Under the guidance of my parents, I always knew that securing good marks in class XII and getting admission in a reputed engineering college was not possible without hard work. I did miss my games. However, the result has more than compensated for all my other losses.”

Dashank, who shares his percentage with Tushar, was the best debater in class X.

Dashank gave up his love for playing with words and instead took up the challenge with equations, tables, formulas and chemical reactions.

“I often got a thrill at debate sessions. However, these cost me a lot of time and energy, which I could not afford once I took up my studies seriously.”

Anam Sidiqui, who has topped in medical stream with 96 per cent, left her passion for extracurricular activities, particularly debating and quiz. The reason was his dream to have the title ‘Dr’ prefixed to her name.

The other two toppers - Garima Kaushal (96.4 per cent) in commerce and Saloni Singh (95 per cent) in humanities - said they were comparatively relaxed during their preparations for the examinations.

“I am a state-level footballer. Though commerce, like science, too needs extra attention, the pressure is comparatively less. I am waiting to go back to the fields when I begin my new classes,” beams Garima.

Saloni Singh, the arts topper, said paintbrush and canvas were her passion and she would soon be immersed in the activity that she loved the most.



Toppers’ Take

Kick of success

Garima Kaushal (96.4 pc; comm; Carmel Convent)

I will be going for my CA examination but am undecided on my final choice for profession. I have been doing so many things in my life. A focus helps get the desired results. Besides seeing joy in the eyes of parents, media glare makes it a bit flattering.

Love for ‘Dr’ tag

Anam Sidiqui (96 pc; KV-47; medical)

“To secure well in any field, especially medical, you have to love it. My success mantra was consistency. It is not efforts of a day or two but two years that have borne fruit. I have a passion to be addressed as a doctor

IIT dreams

Tushar Dogra (96.2 pc non-medical; SD School-32)

“In spite of people calling engineering a dry profession, I always dreamt of seeing myself in the engineer’s shoes. An engineer epitomizes a creator whose every act affects millions

Strive for best

Dashank Arora (96.2 pc; non-medical)

“I will appear for an engineering entrance examination soon but I want to excel in the field of advanced physics. Skills in mathematics come naturally to me but its physics where my heart lies. Smart work is the most workable success mantra.

Choice matters

Saloni Singh (95 pc; arts; DAV, Panchkula)

My careful choice of subjects has paid off in a big way. Many of my schoolmates chose one subject or another just to complete the combinations. I chose what interested me and could be scoring. I dream to be an animator.



ICSE Class X
Boys outshine girls at YPS
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 19
Boys have bagged all three top positions at Yadavindra Public School (YPS) in the ISCE (Class X), the results of which were declared today. Agam Singh Bedi, who topped YPS, made his school and parents proud by securing 96.5 per cent marks. Feeling on top of the world, Agam, who was surrounded by journalists after the declaration of the result, said he was expecting 95 per cent marks, but was a little apprehensive about the results, as some factors were beyond one’s control. Agam, whose parents are doctors, said he wanted to join an IIT for his graduation and later become an IAS official. He said he did not take any tuitions for his Class X examinations and depended solely on self study.

Dr GS Bedi, father of Agam, said his son used to put in a lot of hard work and had been maintaining his top rank over the past four-five years. He said his wife, Dr Ravneet Kaur, an associate professor at Government Medical College, Sector 32, Chandigarh, remained in constant touch with the child and kept supervising his studies. He said Agam had scored 100 per cent marks in computer studies. Saloni Goel of Little Flower Convent School, Sector 14, with 96.28 per cent marks has secured the second position, while Aanchal Verma of St Kabir Public School, Sector 26, Chandigarh, has bagged the third position.

There were 55,760 candidates in Class XII, while 1,12,820 Class X students took the exams held in March. While 98.29 per cent girls cleared the Class X exam, 98.25 per cent boys crossed the hurdle. In Delhi and NCR, girls outperformed boys in both exams. The pass percentage of the girls in Class X was 98.77 per cent against 97.95 of boys. Western region recorded better results this year with 99.6 per cent students clearing the exam in Class X followed by the students of southern region securing a pass rate of 99.44.



Some toppers study smartly
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
With ISC (class XII) results being declared today, students of Yadavindra Public School (YPS) have done the school proud by getting first three positions in tricity in various streams.

Aanchal Balaik, who wishes to pursue civil services as a career, has topped humanities by securing an aggregate of 92.6 per cent marks.

A passionate cricketer, Aanchal claimed it was love for the subject that did wonders for her. “Most people consider arts inferior to other streams. They think it’s the last resort. I have always been an excellent student and still chose arts because it not only gives you an opportunity to chisel your creativity but also ushers you into the world of imagination,” she feels.

Her passion for studies finds partners in Simran Aulakh and Ravina Nain who have both scored 89.6 per cent marks each in medical and non-medical streams, respectively.

“It feels great to be at this position and the only thing that I can identify as my success mantra is consistency,” say Simran as Ravina. “You have to be focused not only in your goal but even studies. The trick is not burying yourself behind books but doing smart study.”

Commerce topper Jasika Saluja from St Xaviers, Chandigarh, seems to share the same mantra. Having secured 95 per cent marks, Jasika claims that management comes naturally to her.



Govt schools outshine private ones
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class XII results have caused celebrations at government schools here, which have, after a long time, witnessed better results than private schools.

While government schools have got an overall pass percentage of about 79.93 per cent, private schools have managed 77.6 per cent.

“I congratulate all teachers and students on this success. They have proved that high fees and swanky classrooms do not ensure good results. It is the effort of teachers,” commented Ram Niwas, Education Secretary.

Some senior officials of the education department attributed this success to migration of private school students to government schools. As compared to last year, the pass percentage registered an increase of about 0.74 per cent.

Rumani of the science stream at GMSSS-35 topped among government schools with 95.8 per cent.

Himanshu Gupta of GMSSS-16 topped in commerce by securing 93.8 per cent. Kamil Kanwar Pal Singh Bhullar of the same school bagged the first position in humanities by securing 91.8 per cent.

Non-model schools’ joy

Non-model schools have recorded an increase in pass percentage by about 5 per cent, with GMSSS, Mani Majra, outperforming all other schools.



Saloni tops in humanities
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 19
Girls in the city outperformed boys in Class XII Central Board of School Examination (CBSE). In humanities stream, Saloni Singh of DAV Senior Secondary School has topped the exams in the tricity with 95 per cent, while Mohini of Bhawan Vidyalaya, Sector 15, has secured first position in the commerce stream with 92.4 per cent marks. Similarly in the non-medical stream, Surbhi has secured first position with 94.6 per cent. In medical stream, Jyoti Malik got first position in medical stream with 85.2 per cent.

Himani of DAV Senior Secondary School secured first position in her school in the commerce stream by securing 94 per cent marks, while Nidhi got first position in non-medical stream with 91.8 per cent.

Ashish Gupta of Hansraj Public School, Sector 6, for 92.4 per cent, while Tanushree Batola got 90 per cent marks. Dhruv of Bhawan Vidyalaya got first position in medical stream with 83.4 per cent.

14 per cent of the total number of students got 80 per cent or above marks.

Sugandha Kundu of Satluj Public School got 91 per cent marks, while Surkhab Anjum got 99 per cent marks in fine arts. Satluj Public School, Bhawan Vidyalaya and DAV Senior Secondary School, Sector 8, DC Model School and Hansraj Public School have got hundred per cent results.



Classroom focus topper’s mantra
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 19
Saloni Goel of Little Flower Convent School, Sector 14, with 96.28 per cent marks has secured first position in the district in Class X examinations of the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE).

She attributed her success to the regular studies and concentration in the classroom said she never missed her classes and didn’t attend any tuition to support her studies. She had not thought even in her dreams that she would top the exams in the school leave aside the tricity. She said she would pursue commerce stream and wanted to work in multinational company.

With the top two slots under their belt, girls swept the district in Class X results declared by ICSE today. It was a field day for all the three schools affiliated to the board scoring 100 per cent result.

Besides Saloni, Anchal Gupta and Rishab Goyal got 95.42 and 95.1 per cent, respectively. Saloni also stood second in the tricity in the Class X examinations. A total of 28 students of the school scored more than 90 per cent.

Tarun Gulati of St Xavier’s High School, Panchkula, has topped in the school scoring 95 per cent. Besides him, about seven students have scored more than 90 per cent marks. Maneet with 87.1 per cent stood first in Saupin’s School.



Anjali shines in Mohali
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 19
Anjali, a student of Gian Jyoti Public School, has topped in Mohali in the Class XII examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the result of which was declared today.

Anjali who stood first by securing 95.8 per cent marks in the commerce stream said she was more than happy with her performance. Wanting to become a chartered accountant, Anjali said she had a great liking for mathematics. She said she used to put in about 10 hours of study daily during the examination times. It was her hard work that paid off, as she did not take any tuitions.

Amanjot Kaur, another student of Gian Jyoti Public School, has stood second in Mohali by getting 94.6 per cent marks in the non-medical stream, followed by Ishaan Wadhwa, who secured the third position in the town by securing 93.2 per cent marks in the non-medical stream. Navneet Kaur and Ravinder Kaur of the same school have secured the second and third position in the commerce and non-medical streams by scoring 93 per cent and 92.4 per cent marks, respectively.

In the medical stream, Kritarth of Lawrence Public Senior Secondary School, secured 92 per cent marks and stood first in Mohali, followed by Manisha of DAV Public Senior Secondary School and Navdeep Kaur Dehal of Sant Isher Singh Public School who got 90.4 per cent and 89.8 per cent marks, respectively.

Gurmehar of Lawrence Public Senior Secondary School stood first in the humanities stream by securing 88.4 per cent marks, followed by Sukhmani Sandhu of St Soldier International Convent School, who got 82.8 per cent marks.


Fulfilling her mom’s last wish
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Rumani Singla
Rumani Singla

Chandigarh, May 19
“I want you to create a name for yourself. The purpose of my life will be fulfilled,” were the words of Rumani Singla’s mother which resounded in her ears today when she secured 95.8 per cent in the CBSE Class XII (non-medical) examination results.

Rumani lost her mother on May 16, which was also her birthday. Wiping her tears while talking to the Chandigarh Tribune, the topper in the non-medical stream among government schools in the tricity said, “Today, when I have scored well in my examination, for which my mother too burnt the midnight lamp, my joy is wrapped in tears of her memory. I am happy because I have in a way fulfilled my mother’s last wish. Sadly, she is not there to celebrate it with me. Before dying, she called me and asked me to make her proud. I have done that,” says Rumani.

Daughter of a civil engineer, Rumani grew up playing with maps of roads and bridges. “I had grown up seeing my father working on things like roads, which affect so many people. Every time I would hear a news item about a bridge or building collapsing, I would always pledge to be a skilled civil engineer,” added Rumani.

The girl followed her dream passionately until her world came crashing down on her birthday. “Everything looked just an illusion when I lost my mother. I had no interest in anything, but my father pulled me through it so that I could chase her last wish. My result is an ode to my mother, who made me what I am,” concluded Rumani, hugging her father.



Poor vision no deterrent
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Zinia Kaur
Zinia Kaur

Chandigarh, May 19
Though her vision may not be like many others, but her goal has always been clear in front of her. Zinia Kaur, suffering from albinism, a congenital disorder characterised by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to the absence of or defect in an enzyme involved in the production of melanin, has come out victorious by beating all odds and securing 84 per cent marks in Class XII.

The disease, more than anything else, renders unclear vision to the patient, but it has not deterred Zinia in any way.

“If you ask me, it is not difficult because that is how it has been since my birth. I love studies and while many people may presume my studies to be difficult, it the most enjoyable part of my life,” says the enthusiastic girl. Zinia had fared well in Class X and wished to continue her success story for her life and gain fame.



Defying economic hardship
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
He has grown up seeing Sachin Tendulkar and wishes to be like him some day. Born in the house of a labourer, life has never been kind to Anurag, but he has always been victorious.

A national-level cricketer, Anurag has not only proved his mettle on the field, but also in studies. In the Class XII results, he has secured an aggregate of around 86 per cent in arts.

A student of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Anurag has battled all odds. “Nothing is more important in our family than two square meals a day, but I know my place. Whenever I see my father toiling for me, I strive harder. I think that this success is its fruit,” he beams.

Anurag hass a partner in this spirit in his schoolmate Ajit, whose father is also a labourer. Ajit has scored 86.6 per cent in science. He considers his education the key to achieving his dream of buying a big car for his father.

“People ask me my goal in life. I tell them that some day, I will have a chauffeur-driven car for my father and people will salute him. This result is my first step towards it,” says Ajit. Things may be slightly better for students like Monika, daughter of a laboratory attendant at the same school.

She says, “My father always supports me, which is my strength. Whenever I see him toiling at the school, I vow to make a position for myself in life.”

A similar spirit is shown by Pratima of GMSSS-35, daughter of a Class IV employee at the YPS in Mohali. She has done him proud by securing 92.4 per cent in commerce in Class XII.



A very able pupil
Sanjay Bumbroo
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 19
Proving her detractors wrong, Shweta Arora of DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 8, scored 80 per cent marks in the class XII examination, results of which were declared by the Central Board of Secondary Education today.

Suffering from around 50 per cent disability, Shweta recalls how various schools in the city refused her admission. “A cervical nerve damaged during infancy had hampered my physical capabilities but the school authorities considered it as the main reason for denying me admission to their schools,” says Shweta.

“Everyone thought I was a liability and refused to admit me as I needed help to walk. I was hurt but did not lose heart and finally approached DAV School. The school authorities took me under their wing. I did not let them down,” adds Shweta.

The teachers gave more attention toward her studies and overall well-being. They encouraged her to work hard and set an example for others. “They instilled confidence in me and it brought dividends,” she says.

Shweta, who belongs to a business family, attributes her success to her parents. Aspiring to become a civil servant, she says: “My teachers and friends stood by me and did not let me stumble. I studied hard and got a good score.”

School principal Santosh Bhandari says Shweta is an apostle of strength and has been completely focussed on achieving her goal. “We admitted her as every child has the right to education and it was our utmost duty to help such students so that they become self-sufficient.”


A stitch in time
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
For Ritu, a student of GMSSS, Sector 33, it’s her marksheet bearing a score of 75 per cent in CBSE class XII examination that will be the most valuable belonging. Though this girl may not have made it to the conventional category of toppers, she has fought against all odds to achieve her share of success.

“My father is a small-time roadside tailor and mother a housewife. I come from a family where two square meals mean much more than anything. I have seen worse conditions and it was then that my teacher told me that I could only overcome these by getting educated and that’s how I began,” says Ritu.

Given to the poor financial condition of the family Ritu, takes private tuitions and considers her father her inspiration.

“I come back from school and take tuitions. A half of my day goes into it. Then I study myself. I cannot afford to take coaching classes but will clear my entrance examination for sure and become a computer engineer,” she adds, while showing her piggy bank in which she saves money for a computer.


CBI probe into mega projects back on track
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
The ghost of the controversial ‘mega’ projects continues to haunt former UT administration officials who were associated with them. Close on the heels of several top officials being questioned by a home affairs ministry inquiry officer on their role in allotting land to certain firms in the IT Park here, the CBI has reportedly made some progress in its investigations into two of the projects -Film City and Amusement Park.

While the role of the officials involved in allotment of land for these two mega projects is already under the scanner of various agencies, the CBI appears to have stepped up its probe into these projects. With agency sleuths reportedly “questioning” two former senior UT officials, former tourism director Vivek Atray and ex-finance secretary SK Sandhu in connection with these projects, the investigation is back on track.

In January this year the CBI’s anticorruption branch had registered two preliminary inquiries to look into allegations of serious irregularities, including those highlighted in the Central Vigilance Commission inquiry report, in the award of two mega projects by the UT administration. Interestingly, the latter scrapped the Film City project last November.

However, the “preliminary inquiry registration report” contains only allegations. “The suspects are presumed to be innocent till proven guilty and are entitled to a fair inquiry,” it was highlighted.

Both the Film City and Amusement Park projects, which were considered to be the brainchild of former UT administrator SF Rodrigues, had kicked up a storm with allegations of large-scale irregularities flying thick in the face of the administration. The controversy over land allotment to the mega projects had even led to a slugfest between Rodrigues and his adviser Pradip Mehra.

Mehra, commenting on Parsvnath’s request to opt out from the Film City project, had recommended a probe by a central agency into the project, contending that the benchmark figure of Rs 175 crore was “grossly undervalued.”

Sources said the allegations contained in the preliminary inquiries would be verified by the CBI by crossexamining officials involved in the land allotment. This is only a preliminary stage and various aspects of the cases will have to be examined to fix responsibility of any official, the sources added.



GMCH doc’s reappointment set to kick up a row
Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
The recent move by the Government Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32 to reappoint Dr Balbir Singh in the anatomy department after he retired as professor on April 30 this year threatens to snowball into a major controversy with some doctors planning to knock the doors of UT administrator Shivraj Patil. The doctors have alleged the facts pertaining to the case have been “twisted” to facilitate his return.

According to sources, Balbir’s case for reappointment has been allegedly moved on the wrong premise that there is no professor in the anatomy department and hence his continuation is necessary. When contacted GMCH director principal Dr Raj Bahadur confirmed the case for Balbir’s reemployment was moved since there was no professor in the department.

Bahadur told The Tribune, “There’s nothing wrong in seeking continuation of services of an experienced person when there is no professor to replace him”.

On the face of it Bahadur’s argument sounds very plausible and the UT administration too seems to have fallen for it. It has moved the file for Balbir’s reappointment for clearance to the administrator.

UT special health secretary Ajoy Sharma said since the medical college had no other alternative the administration had forwarded the case for Balbir’s reappointment to Patil. “In case the file is approved he (Balbir) will be appointed on contract and will continue till a regular appointment is made by the UPSC,” Sharma added.

However, the situation on the ground appears to be contrary to the facts spelt out in the case as Kanchan Kapoor is working in GMCH’s anatomy department as a professor since her promotion to the post in November 1, 2006. Earlier she had been working in the department as a reader since January 1, 2003.

The sources claimed this fact had been hidden to strengthen Balbir’s case. However, Bahadur defended the move on the grounds that Kapoor, who is presently acting as the head of the anatomy department, is a “redesignated” professor and not a regular one.

Interestingly, after Balbir’s retirement, the anatomy department has one professor (Dr Kapoor), one reader/associate professor (Dr Mahesh Kumar Sharma) and two assistant professors (Dr Avinesh Abhay and Dr Anshu Sharma), which, according to Medical Council of India (MCI) norms, is sufficient for a department with strength of 50 students.

As for the argument of "redesignated” professors, it will be worthwhile to mention there are two such faculty members working as professor and head of the community medicine and dental departments.

Even the MCI had voiced no objections on the issue of “redesignated” professors during its inspection last year. At that time Dr Sudheer (orthopaedics), Dr BR Sharma (forensic medicine), Dr GP Thami (dermatology), Dr Savita Basu (blood transfusion) and Dr Satinder Gomber (anesthesia) were working as “redesignated” professors.

It’s a non-issue, says Balbir

When contacted, Balbir Singh in a candid admission agreed that as per MCI norms GMCH’s anatomy department had all the requisite staff even after his retirement. Contrary to director principal Raj Bahadur’s attempts to cloud the facts by raising the issue of “redesignated” professors, he said this was a “non-issue”. “They would eventually become professors once the posts are cleared by the UPSC”, he added.



Educators learn to tackle hyperactive children
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 19
An orientation programme on ‘Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder’ (ADHD) was organised for the educators of Small Wonder School and Smart Wonders School today. Well-known psychiatrist from Fortis, Dr Simi Waraich, was invited to shed light on the disorder.

Explaining the ADHD behaviour and various causes behind it, Dr Waraich asked the educators to find the reason and added that early intervention which can go a long way in correcting the disorder. Dr Waraich gave them some valuable tips on how they could tackle the attention deficit disorder among children. It was an interactive session where the educators together with the expert tried to find out innovative solution to the problem.

Speaking about various ways to call attention of the children in the classrooms, Dr Waraich said the instructions to children should be brief and repetitive. There should not be too much at a time as otherwise the children tend to lose track of what was being said in the class, she suggested.

On tackling children with hyperactivity, Dr Waraich said it was very important to teach hyperactive children to take time out, which helps in diverting the attention from the problem situations.

Underlying the importance of reward, Dr Waraich said praise could work wonders where even punishment or reprimand fails. She stressed on appreciating even the slightest achievement of the children with attention deficit disorder in order to wrest their attention.

She also exhorted the educators to be firm and keep up the promises made to the children. Citing irregular routine/schedule as one of the main reasons of the problem, Dr Simi laid emphasis on spending quality time with them.

Principal-cum-academic director of Smart Wonder School Dr R. Walia thanked the resource person for enlightening the educators and equipping them to tackle the children with the disorder.

Dr Walia exhorted the educators to supplement their teaching with innovative methods so as to wrest the attention of the students and sustain it. He expressed hope that the knowledge gained during the programme would go a long way in benefiting the educators as well as children.



Metro to spread wings
Smriti Sharma Vasudeva
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
The much-touted Metro rail will now run beyond the pre-decided points in the tricity in the first phase if all goes as demanded by the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana.

Both the states have demanded an extension of the route of the Metro and are willing to give both land and expenses involved. This came out at a meeting on the Metro rail project, attended by the chief administrator of GMADA (Greater Mohali Area Development Authority) and chief administrator of HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority), UT chief engineer, municipal corporation chief engineer and UT finance secretary.

In the first phase, there are supposed to be three corridors and two main stations. The first corridor was to connect Sarangpur to Mani Majra. The second from Dadu Majra to Transport Chowk via Industrial Area I to II. The third corridor was to extend from Sector 10 to Sector 52.

Now, Punjab has demanded that the first corridor should be extended till Mullanpur instead of Sarangpur and the third corridor should be extended upto Sector 62. Similarly, Haryana has also demanded that in the first phase, the corridor should be extended till Sector 21, Panchkula.

According to sources, the demand comes from Punjab in the wake of upcoming Urban Estate being conceptualised by GMADA, which will spread over 600 km and therefore require connectivity in the first phase.

Finance secretary Sanjay Kumar said: “We have no problem as long as the land and funds are provided by the states. We will take this with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) which will submit a detailed project report in five months.”

The UT administration had recently decided to have metro stations in all densely populated areas of the city. The UT administration had asked the DMRC to have metro stops at the most thickly populated sectors, including sectors 9, 22, 34, 35, 17 and 43 along with Mani Majra and Dadu Majra. Metro stations will be established at Sector 17 and 43.



Protest against NHAI for razing dargah
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 19
Hundreds of protestors raised slogans against the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) for demolishing Peer Baba dargah on National Highway 22 here today. The ‘sewadar’ of the dargah alleged that the structure was razed in the wee hours today without any prior notice by the NHAI authorities.

Sources claim that the dargah, which had encroached on the land of the Haryana Urban Development Authority, was shifted a little from the pavement but not demolished for fear of hurting religious sentiments.

The structure, which was situated near the dividing road of Sector 12-A and the industrial area was demolished due to the ongoing work of four laning of NH-22.

However, senior officials at NHAI said that the illegal structure was razed as it was posing an obstruction in the construction process.



Fire breaks out at BSNL exchange
Property worth lakhs damaged
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 19
A fire broke out in the customer service centre at the BSNL exchange building in Phase IV here this morning damaging property worth lakhs of rupees .

The fire was noticed around 7 am, after which the fire brigade was informed. Two fire engines reached the spot and brought the flames under control.

It is suspected that the fire was caused by a short circuit. The false ceiling of the centre fell after the fire broke out. Computers, electrical equipment, furniture and office records were damaged in the fire. However, the cash-chest, which also contained recharge cards was saved.

An official of the telephone exchange said that the services at the customer centre were likely to be restored at the earliest.



Bomb shell recovered

A police official shows the bomb shell that was recovered from a garbage treatment plant in Chandigarh on Wednesday. Tribune photo: S Chandan

Chandigarh, May 19
A bomb shell was recovered from a heap at the Dadu Majra garbage processing plant here this afternoon.

The police recorded a daily diary report.

The SHO of the Sector 11 police station, inspector Sukhpal Rana, said the police received information in this regard around 12:30 pm.

Some employees working at the plant spotted a bomb-like object during segregation of waste.

A police team, along with a bomb disposal squad, reached the spot.

The SHO said it was a bomb shell and they buried it in a pit, covered by sand bags.

Army officials were informed about the incident. — TNS



PU not to approve non-accredited college courses
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
In one of the two crucial decisions taken at its meeting today, the Panjab University syndicate agreed the varsity would not accord recognition to courses of any college till they are accredited by apex bodies like the All India Council of Technical Education and the National Council of Technical Education.

On another issue the syndicate members decided to release the roll numbers of BEd and MEd (bachelor/master of education) students in nine colleges in Punjab, which were held up due to nonpayment of dues by these colleges. As these colleges did not have regular principals PU had slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 per month effective from the date when there was no regular principal. A sympathetic view was taken of students and roll numbers released since their examinations are scheduled to begin from

Thursday, May 20. However, their exam results will be withheld till the respective colleges pay the dues.

On the issue of the release of BPEd (bachelor of physical education) degrees (4-year course) to students of DAV College, Sector 10, the syndicate resolved to accept the Ashok Goyal committee report’s recommendations. The college could not manage an NCTE approval in last three years despite the first batch even passing out. The vice chancellor was authorised to take action in the case.

The committee had also identified loopholes in coordination among various departments of PU’s administrative block.

Additionally, the university’s casual attitude in consenting to provisional affiliation acted as a catalyst in aggravating problems for students, whose fate is still uncertain as the decision to award degrees is pending.



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