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Sacred Heart girls clinch top spots
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Students of Sacred Heart Convent School students secured the top positions in the commerce, medical, nonmedical and humanities streams of the Class 12 CBSE examinations, the results of which were declared today. However, in the commerce and nonmedical streams they had to share the top slot with students of BCM Arya Model School, Shastri Nagar and DAV School, BRS Nagar.

Inderjot Kaur Brar and Jannat of Sacred Heart Convent School along with Priyanka of DAV School secured the top position in commerce, tying at 95.4 per cent marks. In the nonmedical stream Ashima Gupta of Sacred Heart shared the top slot with Manroop Singh Grewal and Sonaal Bhanot of BCM Arya Model School.

In the medical stream Akriti Gupta emerged the topper, secured the top position with 95.2 per cent marks. In humanities Ankita ranked first with 94.4 percent marks.

Visibly elated over the results, Sister Chantal, principal of Sacred Heart Convent School, said, "They (results) were on the expected lines. Our students have worked hard, burning the midnight oil, to reach the top." Crediting the school’s teachers for the success, she said the latter “had done a brilliant job”.

"It’s very encouraging and reflect the kind of education this institution is imparting to students. I feel proud all the toppers this year are from our school," Sr Chantal said.


Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
“I knew I could do it and I did it,” were the words of Jaswinder Singh, who is suffering from cerebral palsy, after he learnt that he had scored 78.4 per cent in the Class XII (non-medical) examination conducted by the CBSE, the result of which was declared today.

Fighting all odds and speculation, he was thrilled at his achievement. It was not easy though. “I required extra effort to sit on a chair for six hours every night before the examination, but I was determined,” he said.

Since he could not write properly, he had to opt for a writer. “I would have performed better had I written the exam myself,” Jaswinder said.

“I faced a lot of difficulty. I had to first explain the theorems to him and then calculate the formulae and dictate these to him. Due to poor coordination, there were several mistakes,” he said.

Two years ago he surprised everyone by scoring 84 per cent in the Class X CBSE exams.

“I was inclined towards the non-medical stream, but was apprehensive,” he said.

Praising Paramjit Kaur, principal of BCM Arya Model School, Shastri Nagar, he said: “She has been very supportive. At one point, I thought of giving up the stream, but she constantly encouraged me.”

Jaswinder is the son of Dr RS Sodhi, medical superintendent at Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, and Dr Neelam, a social activist, and hopes to become a computer engineer.

He gives his mother the credit for his success. “I owe it to my mother. She is my inspiration. She has been the driving force that kept me going,” he added.



Girls outdo boys yet again
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Though the percentage of marks secured by the toppers of in the class 12 CBSE examinations came down by about 2 per cent this year as compared to 97.3 last year, girl students dominated the performance in the district once again.

Except for three boys it was the female students that shone in the exams. Many school principals and teachers besides others had even ‘predicted’ beforehand that girls would do better than the boys.

Sister Chantel, principal of Sacred Heart Convent Senior Secondary School, Sarabha Nagar, told The Tribune the school’s administration and staff of school had no doubts over the girls’ aptitude. "It’s not that boys are not intelligent but girls are apparently more hard working, dedicated and consistent. They are also perceived to be more serious in their studies than boys and this is what works in their favour", she said.

This year's proud toppers in the class 12 exam, including Inderjot Kaur Brar (with 95.4 per cent marks), Jannat (95.5), Akriti Gupta (95.2), Ankita (94.4) and Ashima Gupta - all students of Sacred Heart -have not just brought laurels to their parents and schools but to society at large.

"It’s just the mind-set of society. We may have brought changes in society but there are people who still consider girls as burden. I think girls themselves have given the answers to all of them. All they need is love, care and proper guidance and then there is no limit", said Pappo Abnash Singh, a ‘social activist’ in the city.

Meanwhile, the boys who shared top positions with girls include Abhishek Arora (commerce) and Manroop Singh and Sonaal (nonmedical). Their parents were on cloud nine when they learnt about their sons’ achievement. Said Bimal Kumar, Abhishek’s father: “My son dreams big and by the grace of God all his dreams have come true. He wants to get admission to one of the most prestigious colleges in New Delhi. I call on all parents to encourage their wards to fulfill their dreams”.



Sat Paul Mittal School girl tops ICSE exam in city
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Nyamat Chadha, a student of Sat Paul Mittal School, secured the top position in the class 10 ICSE examinations in the city with an overall score of 96.4 per cent marks. She scored 94 per cent in English, 90 in science, 96 in environmental education and 97 each in social studies and computer applications.

Meanwhile, Jujhar Singh and Jaisal Brar topped in mathematics with 99 per cent marks. Daughter of an industrialist, Rohit Chadha, she believes self-study is the key to her success. "She didn’t attend any extra class and used to study what was taught in her school," said her mother.

Said Nyamat: "Just stay focused in what you’re doing, be honest in your work and success will follow you."

Expressing delight over her achievement DB Sharma, director of Sat Paul Mittal School, said: “It was the combined effort of students and teachers which ultimately played a pivotal role in students achieving such excellent results”.



No shortcut to success, say toppers
Mohit Khanna/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Belonging to a family of doctors Akriti Gupta, the Sacred Heart Convent School student who emerged the topper in the class 12 CBSE examinations in the medical stream with 95.2 per cent marks, aspires to be a doctor like her parents.

The news of their daughter topping the medical stream in the city came as a pleasant surprise for them. Akriti’s mother, Dr Anupama Gupta, a dermatologist, and father, Dr Dinesh Gupta, were both thrilled with joy.

Said Anupama: "We knew she would do well in the exam as she studied hard and used to stay awake late at night."

Elated at her achievement, Dinesh said: “Due to my busy schedule I wasn’t able to monitor my daughter's studies properly. However. I had full faith in her and knew she would do well in the exams”.

Akriti gave credit for her success to her teachers. “Hard work and determination is the success ‘mantra’ behind my performance”, she remarked.

Other than studies she loves the Bharat Natyam dance form.

On the other hand Ankita, who topped the humanities stream securing 94.6 per cent marks, says she wants to join the civil services to serve the country.

Sharing her success story with The Tribune, she stated: "I broke the news to my parents and they were overjoyed with my achievement, as scoring over 94.6 per cent marks in humanities isn’t easy. I used to study for about eight hours a day and devoted the time according to the subjects. I also used to do revision and read the lessons thoroughly”.

The daughter of Parneet Kaur, a lecturer at Guru Nanak Girls College, she lost her father when she was a child. She said always wanted to make her mother proud of her.

Ankita loves economics and is looking forward to study the subject further, "Economics is my favorite subject and I want to pursue my higher studies for an economics (honours) degree, after I which I intend to appear for the civil services exams”.

In the Internet age when the reading habit is on the wane she is the odd one out and loves reading books.

Commerce: Inderjot Kaur Brar and Jannat, Sacred Heart Convent School, and Priyanka, DAV Public School (95.4%) (bracketed toppers): Best friends, Inderjot and Jannat have

topped the city in the commerce stream with 95.4 per cent. “We would study together for two-three hours and we were also were serious in class,” they say.

Priyanka, DAV Public School (95.4%): “It feels special to be at the top of the ladder,” she says. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her result.

Non-medical: Manroop Singh Grewal and Sonaal Bhanot, BCM School, Shastri Nagar; Aashima Gupta, Sacred Heart Convent School (94.4%): Aashima says it was due to hard work and perseverance that she managed to score well.

“I worked very hard and studied for around 10 hours daily. I was expecting very good marks.”

She said she owed it to her parents and teachers. “Just believe in yourself and what you have studied,” she adds.

Manroop Singh Grewal, BCM School: Manroop says: “I worked hard, but never thought I would top in the city.”

He said he owed his success to his teachers and parents. “I am very easygoing and used to study for around four hours a day. No matter what happens, never study under stress,” he says.

Sonaal Bhanot of BCM School: “My relatives started jumping with joy after the news broke that I topped the city. I used to study around seven hours everyday and I used to revise whatever was taught in class.



No checks on chemists peddling habit-forming drugs
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
The cancer of drug trafficking by a mafia operating in the city has spread its tentacles not only in Punjab but also surrounding states. Narcotic substances worth crores of rupees are sold without proper sale or purchase records from Pindi Street, the local wholesale market for medicines.

The state health & family welfare department’s laxity in curbing illegal and questionable business practices employed by the ‘wholesale chemists and distributors’ thriving in this market has encouraged them to openly infringe almost every provision of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act.

Terming the periodic searches by drug control officials as a farce, MS Gill, who heads a city-based NGO stated: "The raids conducted by drug inspectors are an eyewash as the actual culprits are never punished”.

He said his organisation had sought some details from district drug inspector Rajesh Suri under the Right to Information Act on the chemists against whom his department had recently initiated action. “However the relevant information was not provided. The details given were inappropriate and incomplete. Hence we’re now filing a case against the department in the state RTI Commission," Gill added.

Another retail chemist, who accused drug control officials as the state health & family welfare department of "facilitating" the drug mafia in Ludhiana, said: "It’s the retail chemists who are highlighted for seizure of limited bottles of cough syrups and limited number of tablets. However, the wholesalers operating in the Pindi Street market who sell ‘schedule H’ drugs worth lakhs of rupees every day are seldom questioned”.

According to sources, a truck carrying boxes Carisoma tablets, used as a muscle relaxant that comes under ‘schedule H’ drugs, was cleared from the Shambhu police barrier in Rajpura four days ago. The truck driver, who did not have the sale/purchase records, somehow managed to get the truck to Ludhiana by paying a bribe of Rs 2 lakh at the barrier.

Interestingly, in a recent raid carried out on Pindi Street in which the sale and purchase records of three wholesale chemists were found to be incomplete, the drug inspector gave them three days’ time to produce proper records. This happened despite the official knowing fully well that the shopkeepers would have enough time to fabricate the invoices.

Most of these wholesale chemists are selling habit forming drugs without valid sale and purchase records, which is proof enough they are acting as suppliers of these drugs to addicts.

Tikka Dalip Singh, president of the Ludhiana wholesale chemists association, said: “The habit forming drugs are coming to the city because pharmaceutical firms aggressively market make them. There should be restrictions on sale of such drugs. It’s not the chemists who are at fault but the government’s policies that have aggravated the problem. Also, nobody is selling any medicine without bills in the Pindi Street market”.

‘Action against drugstores soon’

When contacted district drug inspector Rajesh Suri said his department would soon take action against the erring wholesale chemists operating in the city’s Pindi Street market. “No one will be allowed to sell any medicines without proper bills”, he added.



Demolition drive at Dugri
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
During another demolition drive at Dugri, officials and workers of the building branch, along with police personnel, demolished several extended portions of houses and business establishments here today. The drive began in the morning from the Preet Cinema road. Illegal structures along both sides of the road were demolished. Rehris and extension counters were removed with the help of three JCB machines under the supervision of the ATP, Dr SS Bindra.

Tarlochan Singh, a shopkeeper, said it was a good step since it would rid the city of illegal structures. “We should encourage the drive as traffic chaos on all roads cause a lot of inconvenience to the public,” he said.



Mayawati’s effigy burnt
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
The Bharatiya Balmiki Samaj (Bharat) today burnt the effigy of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati at the Mini Secretariat here today.

Activists of the Bharatiya Balmiki Samaj Morcha burn an effigy of UP Chief Minister Mayawati at the Mini Secretariat in Ludhiana on Wednesday
Activists of the Bharatiya Balmiki Samaj Morcha burn an effigy of UP Chief Minister Mayawati at the Mini Secretariat in Ludhiana on Wednesday. A Tribune photograph

In a release issued here today, state president Arun Kumar Vaid said the “messiah of Dalits”, Mayawati, was exploiting the Dalit community in UP. He said even after 63 years of Independence, Dalits were being subjected to torture. Vaid said that Bahujans no longer remained on the priority list of Mayawati as Dalits were not being allowed to visit several religious places in Mathura.

“A Dalit girl was raped while in another incident a Dalit boy was badly beaten up by persons belonging to the upper class. Several such incidents of atrocities on Dalits took place at various other places, including Bulandshehr and Aligarh, but Mayawati became a mute spectator,” said Vaid.



Rise in Accidents
Not enough traffic cops on Samrala road
Gurdeep Singh Mann
Tribune News Service

Samrala, May 19
Ill-equipped traffic cops, engineering faults and poor driving skills are leading to a number of accidents on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road. Three major accidents were reported on this stretch near Samrala this month, wherein eight persons lost their lives.

Traffic police in charge of Samrala Ram Partap said the number of accidents increased due to lack of driving skills and engineering faults on roads. “Commuters coming from Machhiwara (towards Khanna) fail to notice the lights if a truck is parked ahead of them and the vehicle collides with other vehicles near the chowk,” he said.

There are only five traffic cops, including the in charge, deployed to look after an area of nearly 35 km in and around Samrala city. Paramvir, a commuter, said hardly a cop was deployed after evening at busy intersections and accident-prone areas. “Commuters are not challaned for rash driving, drunk driving and high beam at night,” area residents claimed.

Balwinder Singh Billu, a truck driver, said even during the day, there was chaos on these roads due to the increasing number of vehicles. Many people have lost their lives in accidents near Hedon and Chahlan villages, which are the most accident-prone areas on this road.

The residents said encroachments by roadside vendors also led to chaos. Shopkeepers said the installation of lights on the main chowk had caused more problems as long queues of vehicles choked Machhiwara, Khanna and Ludhiana-Chandigarh roads.

Harman Sidhu of a Chandigarh-based NGO, Arrivesafe, said cases of drunk and rash driving must be curbed by the cops. “The maximum number of cops should be deployed late in the evening. Commuters on two-wheelers are more at risk during night as SUVs hit them and speed away,” he said.

He added that lack of medical facilities also added to the rise of fatal accidents in the area. Traffic police officials must issue challans in the evening to reduce the number of accidents.



Software upgrade hits bank transactions
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Customers of Axis Bank are having a tough time as transactions have come to a halt for the past two days. The work for software upgradation is going on in the bank due to which the systems have either gone very slow or have become non-functional. One of the customers of the bank said it was the second day today that he had come to the bank to get his FD renewed, but failed to do so.

"Their computers are not working due to which they are unable to issue the receipt slips and work has come to a halt," he said. An official of the bank said on the condition of anonymity that the work had been going very slow since yesterday and it might take another two-three days.

"We are getting the software upgraded due to which the problem is being faced," he added. B Singh, another customer, said he had visited the bank yesterday, too, but no work could be undertaken due to some internal problem in the systems. Jaswinder Singh, bank branch manager, however, denied that work was getting affected and said transactions were being conducted as normal.

"Some problem was faced on Monday, but now everything is normal. There might have been an individual case," he said.



Poor deprived of optional vaccination
Can’t afford costly shots in private hospitals
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
The non-availability of optional vaccination in public health sector has added to the woes of the economically weaker sections as they can't afford to get their children up to the age of five years vaccinated in private hospitals.

Children are getting vaccinated against DPT, polio, BCG, measles and Hepatitis B under the national immunisation programme at government hospitals, health centres and dispensaries, but they are deprived of the latest vaccines that are administered for prevention against a large number of diseases.

Unlike private hospitals, where doctors administer improved injectable polio vaccine and painless DPT, government hospitals are still administering oral polio and old DPT vaccines.

The children born in the upper middle class and affluent families get vaccinated against chicken pox, Hepatitis A, pneumonia, influenza and various other diseases. But the underprivileged can't afford to pay the price of these vaccines varying between Rs 1,000 and Rs 4,000. The latest optional vaccination is against cervical cancer, which is administered after the age of nine years.

Stressing the need for preventive vaccines in the public health sector, a senior doctor said the Central government had tied up with Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), which would provide pneumococal, the preventive vaccine against pneumonia, to India from 2011.

Dr Rajinder Ghulati, a paediatrician, said H influenza type B vaccine was important for children as it could bring down 4 per cent deaths in children less than five years of age.

However, when asked about the success rate of optional vaccines, he said it varied from vaccine to vaccine, but the vaccines were not 100 per cent effective. These played a significant role in curtailing the severity of the problem, he added.

Commission game?

A doctor from the government sector termed the optional vaccines as nothing more than a "commission game". He said the success rate of prevention against the respective diseases was very less. "Parents going to private practitioners have no option but to accede to the paediatrician’s advice who have made lengthy vaccination schedules to be followed till the age of five years. Some doctors have even included some advanced imported vaccines and have not even undergone clinical trials in India," the doctor added.



These brave hearts make parents proud
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Every thalassaemic child, who is undergoing treatment at DMCH and is fighting against all odds, is indeed a “brave heart”.

Supported by the trained nurses and team of doctors, the children in the thalassaemic ward confidently come forward for every transfusion followed by routine investigations by specialists from cardiology, endocrinology, psychology and dentistry departments.

Majority of these children, born with thalassaemic major, were diagnosed in their infancy and have to live it for the rest of their lives as there are a few who can afford to undergo bone marrow transplant, the only cure for the disease.

Gurpreet Singh (14), a resident of Jalandhar, who studies in Class IX, is another example of an intelligent child taking his studies and illness in his stride. “I have done well till now but now I feel tired after strenuous activity. Also I have to undergo blood transfusions thrice a month,” he added.

Least deterred by his deteriorating health, Gurpreet feels that he should live the life to its “fullest”. “The hospital staff, doctors and my parents have given me a reason to think and be positive,” he adds

Replacing the “dual trouble” of their parents into “twin ecstasy” Harnoor and Prabhnoor, the twins from Dhandra village, have done extremely well in academics. “I silently cry for my sons but they are the biggest support for each other which is the only consolation for my worries,” said their mother.

The thalassaemic adults registered with the Punjab Thalassaemic Welfare Society are also undergoing treatment at the centre.

Having undergone blood transfusions for the past 21 years, Anshu Chopra has learnt to live with his disease and is now looking for a good placement. “I have done my 10+2 in humanities and wants to earn for my family as my father has already spent enough on my treatment. But it will only be possible if the government gives special consideration to the thalassaemics in terms of government jobs,” Anshu said.

State-of-art facilities

Dr Praveen C Sobti, pediatrician, said the daycare centre for thalassaemic kids is managed by the pediatrics department, wherein the patients get state-of-art facilities for which the credit goes to the city philanthropists and the hospital management. It is my appeal to the people to get themselves tested for thalassaemic before getting married so as to prevent their children against the disease.

NGO gives life support

Accrediting Salaam Zindagi, the city-based NGO, which donates blood for such children, Tilak Raj, father of a thalassaemic child, termed the NGO’s work as the “life support” for every child in the ward. Our expenses for blood that is transfused are reduced to half, as it’s the NGO, which donates blood.



World Hepatitis Day
200 patients given free consultation
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
More than 200 patients were provided free consultation at the hepatitis awareness camp organised at Deepak Hospital, Sarabha Nagar, on the World Hepatitis Day today.

Dr Dinesh Gupta, liver and gastro diseases specialist, provided free testing for the Hepatitis B and C. Liver diseases are common, potentially dangerous and preventable and treatable, the doctor said while interacting with the people.

“Liver diseases are becoming common these days. Alcohol, viruses, drugs and toxins are main causes for the rise in liver diseases like cirrhosis and liver cancer," the doctor said.

Many liver diseases usually remain asymptomatic in early stage and by the time these are diagnosed, liver had already got damaged. To keep the liver healthy, one should restrict alcohol consumption, take healthy diet, do regular exercise, undergo regular blood tests and visit your doctor, liver specialist at an early sign of liver disease, Dr Gupta added.



From Schools
Teachers updated with new CBSE pattern
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Meenu Goswami, principal, BBP School, Delhi, yesterday conducted an orientation programme at Bal Bharati Public School. An expert in Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), Goswami was there in the school under the programme launched by the CBSE.

She updated the teachers about the grading system for evaluation, which has been divided into formative and summative assessments. The summative assessment will evaluate a student's academic learning, whereas, the formative assessments will focus on the overall development of the student, including his/her performance in fine arts, sports and interaction within the class and outside.

She inspired the teachers to use innovative class room techniques, which could enhance and encourage the active participation of students.

Pool party

Tiny tots of Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School, cooled their heels at the "Pool Party" organised on the school premises.

Dressed in their swimsuits, they hopped, skipped and jumped into the pool to beat the heat of the summer sun.

The little angels, after the party, dressed in light summer clothes vied for the title of "Summer Prince and Princess."

Director and founder Principal Avinash Kaur Walia crowned the deserving candidates with the Summer Prince and Summer Princess title.In LKG Red, Gaurav Sharma was adjudged as the Summer Prince and the title for Summer princess went to Sanjoy. Harshdeep and Yukti won the titles in LKG Green followed by Nikhil Gupta and Sneha Mehta in LKG Pink. The titles of Summer Prince and princess went to Gursharan and Vanipreet in UKG Red and to Atul and Sneh in UKG Green. In UKG Pink, Yashkaran Singh and Kiriti Jain were declared winners.

Teachers accredited

With seven students getting place in the merit list of the middle school examination conducted by Punjab School Education Board, the management of Harsh Vidya Mandir has accredited the school teachers for having made it possible. A large number of students have secured good marks in subjects like science, mathematics, English and Punjabi.



Dakha gets Rs 2.5 lakh grant
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, May 19
MP Manish Tewari handed over a grant of Rs 2.5 lakh to Dakha village sarpanch recently. This was the second part of Rs 5 lakh grant sanctioned by Tewari from his quota. Rest of the amount was handed over to the sarpanch a few months ago.

Tewari said the central government was committed for developing the rural Punjab as well. He said there were numerous schemes for providing employment to the rural people beside the development projects of the village.



Anti-corruption society constitutes unit
Our Correspondent

Raikot, May 19
The Anti-Crime Prevention and Community Oriented Policing Society constituted its unit of the Sudhar block recently. Working to fight the menace of bribery and other social evils, its national president Varinder Singh Sant said awareness among the rural masses against these evils was a must. He said they would contact educational institutions of the area and raise awareness among students by conducting seminars and public meetings.

Bir Singh Malak, vice-president of the Ludhiana rural unit, and Sukhwinder Singh Leel, secretary of the youth wing of the society, discussed the objectives and future plans of the society.

At a meeting held on Sunday, Satwant Singh was elected block president, Parminder Singh general secretary, Rajinder Singh secretary of the society, while Gagandeep Singh Dhillon, Lakhwinder Singh, Rajwinder Singh and Pawandeep Singh were elected executive members.



PWD staff condemn govt’s policies
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
The district unit of Punjab PWD Employees Union has condemned the state government for its "anti-employee" policies. The Punjab State Employee Union, in a meeting held on the premises of PWD office said that the state government was dilly-dallying the long pending demands of government employees, semi-government employees and pensioners for the past three-years and due to this "callous" attitude, there was great resentment among employees.

Addressing the gathering, district president Darshan Kumar Zalif said in their election manifesto, the SAD-BJP government had made several promises for the welfare of the employees but their actions were entirely "anti-people" and "anti-employees". Employees demanded that the annual promotional percentage should be increased from present 3 per cent to 5 per cent. 



11 needy girls married off
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, May 19
In continuation of its series of organising marriages of needy girls, the local Nishkam Kirtan Sewa Society solemnised the marriage of 11 girls at Dussehra ground here.

District police chief Gurpreet Singh Gill and DSP Daljit Singh Rana attended the ceremony.

Society chief Karamjit Singh Bittoo said the society had so far solemnised the marriage of 129 girls besides opening sewing centres in villages to impact free training to girls and distributing tricycles among physically challenged persons. Society vice-president Ravinder Singh Ravi, secretary Som Dutt Sharma, press secretary Ashok Chopra and others attended the wedding.



3 booked for manhandling girls
Our Correspondent

Raikot, May 19
The Raikot police yesterday registered a case against three youths for allegedly manhandled girls and driver of a mini-bus, belonging to Rishab Spinning Mills, Jodhan, on May 16.

As per the information, the girls and the driver of the bus in their statement had accused that around a dozen youths had tried to stop the bus. They had also accused the youths of molesting them.

However, the alert bus driver, Kuldeep Singh, managed to turn the bus towards Jhorran village. The youths broke the windowpanes of the bus there and also beat up the driver at Pheruranin village.

When the girls locked the bus from inside, the youth broke open the door and started misbehaving with them.

By that time some villagers gathered at the spot and the youths fled. 



1 held with illicit liquor

Khanna: The police has arrested a resident of Kishanpura village with 15 bottles of illicit liquor. The accused has been identified as Shyam Kumar. A case has been registered against the accused under various sections of the Excise Act.


The police has arrested one Amit Lal for indulging in gambling near Karnail Singh road in Khanna. The police has also recovered Rs 890 from his possession.



Rs 3 lakh stolen from car
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Unidentified persons smashed rear windscreen of a parked car and decamped with a bag containing Rs 3 lakh at the Hero Chowk here today.

The incident took place when an iron dealer, Gagandeep Singh of Janta Nagar, was returning home. His Lancer car broke down on the way. He parked the car and went to call a mechanic.

When he returned after 15 minutes, he found the windscreen broken and the bag containing cash missing.



4 convicted of trespass, assault
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 19
Judicial Magistrate PS Kaleka has convicted four persons of a family on the charges of criminal trespass into a shop of their neighbour, Shankar Soni of Janakpuri, and attacking him. All have been ordered to undergo a sentence of two years each.

Those convicted are Naresh Kumar, his wife Kiran Bala, and his brothers Mukesh Kumar and Ramesh Kumar of Janakpuri. The proceedings against another accused, Om Parkash, were scrapped since he had died during the pendency of the case.

The judge held that the prosecution had proved its version. A fine of Rs 2,000 each was also imposed on the accused.

A case under Sections 452, 323, 506, 427, 148 and 149 of the IPC had been registered against the accused in 2005 on the statement of the victim.

The complainant had stated that the accused entered his shop after abusing him. The shop was part of their house. The accused wanted him to depose in their favour in a case between them and the PSEB. When he and his brother refused, the accused attacked and injured them. They also threatened to kill them, the complainant had stated.



Hockey meet in Prithipal Singh’s memory from today
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, May 19
The Jarkhar Hockey Academy in association with the Ludhiana Sportsmen Welfare Association will organise a hockey tournament for sub-junior boys in the memory of legendry hockey figure and first Padma Shree awardee Prithipal Singh at Mata Sahib Kaur Hockey Stadium, Jarkhar, near here, from May 20 to 25.

Ludhiana Sportsmen Welfare Association chairman Amrik Singh Minhas and Jarkhar Hockey Academy chief organiser Jagroop Singh Jarkhar said eight teams - Mehta Gurukul Academy of Doraha, Randhir Academy of Dhamot, Grewal Hockey Academy of Kila Raipur, Sports Wing of Sudhar, Malwa Hockey of Ludhiana, Jarkhar Academy, Jagtar XI of Jarkhar and Government High School, Ghawadi - would be seen in action during the tournament.

Besides, a six-a-side tournament in the senior section (above 35 years) would also be conducted in which four teams - Sunday Morning Club of Ludhiana, Friends Club of Doraha, Gill Sports Club of Dhamot and Lakhbir Grewal Club of Jarkhar - would take part. Matches would be played on league-cum-knockout basis, they added.

The inaugural match will be played between Grewal Hockey Academy, Kila Raipur, and Mehta Gurukul Academy, Doraha, at 7 am.

MLA Darshan Singh Shivalik will inaugurate the tournament on May 20.

Charanjeet Kaur, wife of former Olympian Prithipal Singh, and his daughter Jaspreet Kaur will be the guests of honour at the inaugural function. They will be honoured on the occasion, added Jagroop Singh.

Former DGP Rajdeep Singh Gill, president of the Basketball Federation of India, and sports director, Punjab, Pargat Singh along with a galaxy of sports personalities will be present during the course of the six-day tournament.



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