High designs
Ashima Sehajpal

Young designers are set to showcase their collections at Anukama 10, the annual show of NIIFT

Shreya Kishore
Shreya Kishore

Azad Bihari, a student of Northern Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, has a story to tell. Two years ago, when he was part of the Special Task Force in Jharkhand, 16 of his colleagues lost their lives in an attack by naxalites at Bokaro steel plant. "I felt as if I had been blessed with another life, which I will not waste without telling people about their sacrifice." And Azad exactly did that on Wednesday at the announcement of 'Anukama 10', the annual design collection show of students of NIIFT.

Azad talks about his collection titled, Peace Riders, which is dedicated to those brave soldiers. The biking costumes look like they have been made in rexin or leather, but cotton is the base fabric that has been used with patchwork.

Azad finishes his story with a request: "Please keep the focus on our collection rather than on the models who will walk the ramp." Something we inevitably end up doing!

But we really can't afford to ignore models of the likes of Amanpreet Wahi, Tina Chatwal, Sahiba Singh or for that matter, Miss India Earth, Shreya Kishore. So, while keeping the focus on the collections, we checked out the models' take on these creations by students. Praise flowed in first from Amanpreet Wahi, "Like any professional and experienced designer, all students have kept in mind the 'wearability' factor." She feels that the couture line meant only for the ramp or display windows have been replaced by very practical designs.

Tina Chatwal observes that equal importance has been gives to the silhouette, cut and finishing of the costumes. "The only difference between a JJ Vallaya or Rohit Bal collection vis-à-vis student designers used to be the detailed finishing. Now, any creation by students has all these attributes as well."

Besides Azad Bihari, they were all praise for Sushant Abrol, whose collection reflects the brighter side of a sad woman. Sushant's creation is a black dress stitched in the form of Venetian blinds that open up to bright yellow colour after the strings attached are pulled. For Shreya Kishore, "It's exciting to do student shows as they come up with the most innovative ideas, which mirror the mindset of youth." Armaan Randhawa's collection, Dostana, is inspired by gay relationships and stands for freedom of sexual orientation. Preeti Mann has her designs based on nature. The print of birds was first developed on computer before being duplicated on the cloth.

Albeit the costumes do miss at times on the fitting part, Amanpreet, who has walked the ramp for students of four institutes in the past one month, doesn't mind, "There have been instances when I got bruises after wearing ill-fitted costumes or clothes made of hard material. But then we realise that students have put in real hardwork; their dedication makes us co operate as much as we can."

Sahiba Singh too has seen zippers fly off or stitches going lose while trying students' creations. "So what? I give them the leverage of these shortcomings and prefer to look at the bigger picture. They take creativity to a new level. And it's not just designs, but also experiments with fabrics and accessories. Established designers, on the other hand, might not feel very confident while doing stuff different from what they are known for." And the common message from rest of the models present there …"All the best future biggies!"

(The fashion show will be held at the Tagore Theatre on June 3)


For the record
Neha Walia

The proud Limca book record holders

Hear this out…ever got a haircut in less than 50 seconds (Oh! what luxury in our 24/7 packed schedules) or attended a wedding where the 'baraat' has 65 dogs, each of a different breed? (No, we are not talking metaphorically).

Lets simplify things…how about passing eight kites through a needle eye or have three rooms full of promotional gifts (Okay, this we can pass of as consumer interest activity). If you go through the Limca book of records and the Global book of records, these would be some of the achievements of our 'city-wallas', 10 of whom came together to share them with us on Wednesday.

And what a mix of records we had. Dr Devinder Pal Singh Sehgal, an assistant director with Punjab forensic department, slipping kites measuring 1.54x1.65 mm through a needle eye; a couple encouraging blood donation movement by donating 64 times (their two children following suit by doing so 56 times) and Narendar Pal Singh having a collection of over 11 lakh currency notes ending with the number 786.

Apart from their feat, they share a passion for what they do - 'live life differently'. "We have a collection of over 84,000 promotional gifts, including a pen, a cycle to a dinner set worth Rs 8,000. It's almost been three decades since we started collecting them. We have been featured in the Limca book for seven times before this," say brothers Vishav and Vishal Gupta.

Similarly, for Rajendra Bagga, the record runs through three generations, "Since 1961, our family has been playing the role of Lord Rama in Ramlila. It was passed on to me by my father and after playing the role for 25 consecutive years, my son has taken over the responsibility," says Rajendra. Guess the family has earned enough spirituality for another seven generations to come!

Some records bordered on the frivolous like Sonu, a city pet shop owner, throwing a lavish buffet for his privileged 'baraatis' (dogs remember) or Naved Ahmed, a stylist who uses candle fire and broken glass pieces to chop hair. And his client list includes Gurdas Maan and Katrina Kaif.

Other were the humble lot; like Balwant Singh and his wife who have till date donated 50 kg of their blood to Red Cross and PGI. Arun Soni, a teacher and author, has published 58 books on computers over the last 12 years, which are being sold internationally.

Proud, yes. Satisfied, no. Ask them what next and they reply - Guinness book of world records. Well, records become routine for some!


Virtual you

With the cyber world fast becoming an extension of us, people are getting more and more conscious of their online identities

Today when one is as active (or even more) online as in real life, one's reputation in cyber world matters a lot. A recent survey by Pew Research Centre's Internet & American Life Project, the number of people who track information about Internet identities has gone up from 47 per cent in 2006 to 57 per cent.

People back home are as conscious about their online identities. A word with some city folks confirms the same.

"I am even more conscious of my online image because the reach of our virtual identity is much larger," says Sargun Nakhni, a mass communication student from SD College-32. "Recently, I applied for internship in 90.4 Radio Community and quick came the query if I am on Facebook. I am sure they are going to check it all before they consider me for internship," she shares.

With over 300 friends on Facebook, Sargun checks twice before she posts anything online. "My profile as well as pictures are strictly for my friends. The rest can only see my profile picture and except for close friends, no one can post anything on my profile. The only way one can reach me is through messages in the inbox," she says, confident about privacy issues.

For Purnesh Dev Nikhanj, a second-year student at Chandigarh College of Architecture-12, online identity did not matter two years back, but has assumed importance now. "When I started Orkuting, online projection was different from the real one. Most of my friends did that," he says. But now with an expanded friend and family circle online, Purnesh is wary of what he posts online. "If it's the general thought, it goes to everyone, but some specific messages only friends can see," he adds.

Monika Mittal, a lawyer from Sector 21, got a rude shock when she Googled her profile a year back. "I just put my name and there I was - all information was correct but pictures were not mine. Thankfully, that site had the option of deleting profiles and I promptly did that," she shares. Ever since, Monika makes it a point to regularly search her name online.

"Despite this, I am active in the cyber world because it offers a lot. Actually, I met many of my classmates on Facebook some 25 years later," she says. "I am glad that Facebook is taking measures to strengthen privacy, otherwise at times complete strangers get access to one's account," shares Monika, who is a faithful follower of Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter.

Shiney Mittal, software engineer with Infosys, is very conscious of her online image. "I regularly check how my profile appears to anyone who visits me on social networking sites," she shares.

Shiney makes sure that no random person can access anything more than her name and hometown on any of these sites. "For obvious reasons, I do not share my pictures online," she says. "But there is a flip side as well. One of my childhood friend wanted to get in touch but since I do not give access to everyone, it took him some time before he could reach me," she smiles. Still, Shiney suggests that one should make the most of the security settings that most sites offer. "You don't want your profile details to end up with some shady person," she warns.


Mind that sun
Kartika & Himani

The next time you buy a sunscreen, check out the Sun Protection Factor

Scorching heat, dry skin, wrinkles, sunburns, premature ageing`85any solutions at hand? Of course, there are numerous. But, one needs to pick the best and here are a few tips on how to go about doing that.

Most people are understandably confused as far making a choice on sunscreens is concerned - Lotus, Lakme, Avon, Neutrogena, Biotique, Vichy, Mary Kay, Nature's Essence, Organic, Ranbaxy, Ponds, Ayur, Olay the list of brands available in the market is endless.

And add to this the individual specifications of each brand - matte effect, natural ingredients, instant protection, ultra-light clean feel, water proof, advance UVA-shield, anti UVA-UVB - one sure has to deal with a lot!

It doesn't end here though. Catchy offers like 25 per cent extra or Ek Ke Saath Ek free makes the task even more complicated. In this entire chaos, one lands up buying stuff without proper knowledge of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Explains Dr Ashima, dermatologist from the city, "SPF is one of the measuring factors for skin against UV rays. And the ingredients to look for in any sunscreen are avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone. While the former provides protection against UV-A rays, oxybenzone is a shield against UV-B rays. These elements are a must in any sunscreen."

She further explains the SPF for different skin types. "Lighter sunscreens should be used for kids below two years. For routine and sensitive skins, the SPF should range from 40 to 50, and for over-sensitive skin it should be 50.

She adds that any sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun and should be re-applied after every three hours.

And what's her take on face washes and creams that claim to contain sunscreens? "Face washes should be used according to skin types and not according to what is being claimed by various companies." About homemade sunscreens, she opines that these have little or no effect.

Bond Wagon
Growing together
(Harleen and GS Chani)

Relationship: Husband wife

Time together: 30 years

Same-to-same: We both do not believe in trivialities; see life straight in the eye and are restless to constantly engage in fresh ideas.

Yet different: We are blessed with different sensibilities. While I am comfortable with words, Chani has amazing visual aptitude. – Harleen

I am quite flamboyant but she is the opposite. Slow and steady, she gains a lot without even mentioning once. – GS Chani

Unforgettable moments: Our trip to the US and Canada in 1985 when Chani was on Fulbright fellowship. The resources were meagre and he worked out the economy class flights even as we travelled through entire US. That trip stretched to almost three months and was sourced by writing papers and giving lectures. It was just awesome. – Harleen

Though our work takes us around the world, the trip to Uttarakhand four years back was just fabulous. – GS Chani

Funny takes: How we got into matrimony was interesting. We knew each other. Harleen was steeped in communistic idealism and I was into street theatre. Someone in our extended family told me that she wanted to marry me and said the same to her from my side. Knowing that someone like Harleen is keen on me gave me such a high! Later, of course, we decided to get married. – GS Chani

Something Special: We love to read together, especially when children join us in reciting Kabir early in the mornings. – GS Chani

We believe in continuity of dialogue and complement each other personalities. – Harleen

Twists and turns: We were pretty much settled in life. I was teaching at Film Institute, Pune, when one day Harleen saw me return dejected after work. I said I was fed up with job. And though we had two kids, she took the decision and I quit the comfortable job. She was sure that something good would come out of it. And that belief made us the wanderers that we are till now! - GS Chani

Although we belong to very orthodox families, we have lived on our own terms. We have fought with our siblings to procure freedom of expression for the kids in the family.

– Harleen

Lucky charm: Whatever Harleen desires comes true. - GS Chani

I believe in laws of attraction; if you want something it will come to you. – Harleen

(Presently, Harleen is running a resource centre with CEVA (Centre for Education and Voluntary Action while GS Chani is into filmmaking)

— As told to Mona

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Science of marriage

A study on divorce classifies marriages into five types

A new book has once again enlivened debate over marriage and marital life. A 30-year study on divorce in the US, by E. Mavis Hetherington, identifies five types of marriages, says the book entitled For Better (For Worse): The Science of a Good Marriage.

The cohesive marriage and the traditional marriage were most likely to be stable over time.

However, Hetherington identified three styles of marriage - the pursuer-distancer, the disengaged marriage and the operatic marriage - that put couples at high risk for divorce, writes author Tara Parker-Pope. The cohesive/individuated marriage had the second lowest divorce rate.

According to Hetherington: "The marriage functions as a refuge the husband and wife return to at the end of the day for renewal, support, affection, and companionship." Surprisingly, a traditional marriage, which recognises the male breadwinner/female homemaker roles, had the lowest divorce rate .

The success of a traditional marriage means both partners are happy with their role, perform it well and feel respected by the other partner. In pursuer/distancer marriages, Hetherington found that in 80 per cent of cases, the pursuer is a woman. She is keen to confront and discuss problems. The man typically is the one to withdraw, avoid confrontation, and assume the 'distancer' role. Eventually, the distancer gets tired of the nagging and loses his cool. The pursuer also gets fed up and withdraws into herself.

Contrastingly, disengaged marriages unite two self-sufficient individuals, "who fear or don't need intimacy to achieve a sense of well-being". Disengaged couples don't argue a lot; they don't need each other on a daily basis.The problem lies in the fact that partners in these marriages would have pretty much led the same life even if they were single: they lack mutual affection and support.

By contrast, the operatic marriage is characterised by dramatic highs and lows. Here the pair is emotionally volatile and quarrelling often ends in bed. Hetherington says people in operatic marriages reported the highest level of sexual satisfaction among all of the marriage types .Often these relationships end when one partner, typically the husband, decides the passion isn't worth the constant conflict. — ANI

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Renee Writes
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Heal thyself

I am 32-year-old single woman, and suffering from severe emotional problems. I lost my father about two years back and ever since I have not been able to recover from the shock. This has affected my behaviour towards everyone around. My friends seem to be avoiding me and my colleagues at work are also rude and unreasonable. My work is affected and my boss has just called me to warn me that if I continue like this any longer they will not require my services. I do not seem to be able to pull myself out of the situation. Please help.

Sheela Mishra, Dehradun

Dear girl, it seems you have just decided to be miserable. No one can help you to come out of your situation unless you decide to do so. You seem to be wallowing in self pity and are getting sucked deeper into it as you are allowing it to take over your life completely. It is very important that you share your misery with a friend at least someone you rely on, this way once you have a catharsis you will be able to move out of it. You have to do the healing work yourself. Once you have got in touch with your own inner self you will be able to move out of it. Please see to it that you keep your job situation going. Once out of work life can be rather uncomfortable, not only emotionally by also financially. So make an affirmation ‘I have the capacity to move on with life’ and life will once again be good to you.

Take charge

I am a 35-year-old dentist and have started my own small private practice with another guy who studied with me. Until now our clinic was picking up well. Recently my friend decided we should hire a nice girl to deal with our clients. I was very happy with the idea thinking business will do better. Then I saw he has hired this friend of his who is an extremely unattractive woman. I feel it is more detrimental to our business as she is shoddy and unkempt, has no social graces and is not very polite either. I don't want her but I can't hurt my colleague's feelings. How do I deal with this?

Sunil Malhotra, Patiala

Please learn to stand up for yourself. Remember it is your life and you should not accept decisions that are making you feel miserable. After all when we run a business it is also to generate some income at a normally ethical level. If any employee is not conducive to the interest of your work please do not allow them to be there. Gently but firmly put the message across to your fellow colleague that may be a more pleasant person at the reception would be a better deal. Be a little tactful. In future please hire people with a joint decision.

Change yourself

I am 32-year-old married man. I have a daughter and very attractive wife. I have an extremely jealous nature. I work as a computer engineer and have to spend a lot of time at work. I rush home in the evening insecure of not finding her home. I am disturbed all the time. If I do not find her at home then I get abusive when I see her later in the evening. I feel bad later on but for that moment I cannot control my temper. Now I am worried that she might leave me. I love her very much and cannot bear to be without her. How do I deal with this situation? Please advise.

Gaurav Shrivastava, Panchkula

You are only reflecting your of own level of insecurity by behaving the way you are. Perhaps as a child you were competing for the love and affection of your parents with your siblings. So now you want all their attention and love to be focused on you. Please do not suffocate her in the relationship, as love is not about being possessive it is about allowing the person to feel free. Control your anger. Doing yoga and meditation can do this. Once the mind is calm it can think with more clarity also it is more capable of behaving in the right manner. Fear is actually a lack of trust in oneself. Trust in the power inside of you and have faith that your wife loves you and will not leave you. Once you reach out to her with love , she will also reach out to you with love.

Get animated
Jasmine Singh

Krishna Desai
Krishna Desai

Pogo channel set to roll out two new series - Kumbh Karan and Krish, Trish & Baltiboy

Guess which career has many takers after cricket and Bollywood? Animation`85and no prizes for guessing! Whether it is our Indian Hanuman, Roadside Romeo or the loved Shrek, animation indeed is the new buzzword.

Falling in line with the same, Pogo rolls out two new series - Kumbh Karan and Krish, Trish & Baltiboy - with a marked 'Indianness' to it. Says Krishna Desai, director programming, South Asia, Turner International India Private Limited, "Turner has been leading the industry in the creation and development of original animation by nurturing Indian intellectual property, partnering with upcoming studios to create hits such as Chhota Bheem, and working with production houses regionally to create contemporary animation legends akin to Tom & Jerry. As a natural progression, and as part of our Desi Toons roll out, we have now brought in Kumbh Karan on Pogo. The kids would definitely enjoy journeying to 'Ajab Gajabpur' as much as they do travelling to Dholakpur."

Krishna is in-charge of the planning for Indian kids as well as their families and is responsible for the growth, competitive strategy and complementary programming across India's top two kids' channels - Cartoon Network and Pogo - along with Cartoon Network, Pakistan. Adds Krishna, "Indian animation industry is sky-rocketing, and these two shows have an audience base with kids as well as adults. Kumbh Karan is the brainchild of Turner's original production team with the animation produced by Mumbai-based Cornershop."

"Doubling the humour, action and imagination for kids on Sunday morning is our other exciting animated movie Krish, Trish & Baltiboy' produced by the Children's Film Society. This movie is a treasure trove of stories steeped in Indian folklore, and conveyed in a completely fresh style. It provides a great opportunity for both kids and parents to enjoy. Turner's rich, Indian animation library to 40 local titles," he informs.

Play on

Sony India expands its Walkman MP3 player collection with the launch of Walkman W & B series. Advancing its revolutionary design, the new W series is now water resistant and washable. Sporting a new metallic look, B series offers a more intuitive user experience with booming bass that will resonate with young music lovers.

According to Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India "Walkman is a high growth category for Sony India which has seen more than double growth in volumes in FY09. In the walkman category, we are looking to clock 30 per cent market share by selling 3 lakh units by end of FY10"

Suitable for use in active sports, Walkman W series is now water resistant and washable, allowing the player to be used in rainy conditions and even cleaned under running water afterwards. Similar to its predecessor, it features a unique wire-free, ergonomic design for comfortable fit and convenient music playback while exercising. In addition, the W series is equipped with a unique music navigation interface for quick music browsing. When the ZAPPIN TM feature is activated, the main chorus of each song is played, allowing users to easily scan through their music library, whether on multiple playlists and folders to find the song they want to hear.

The NWZ-W250 offers up to 11 hours of playback time with a full charge of 90 minutes, providing definitive convenience and freedom for users to move around while listening to their favorite tunes. Users who are frequently on-the-go will also benefit from the W series' Quick Charge function which allows the Walkman to play up to 90 minutes of music with a short 3 minutes charging time. Extremely light at 43gms and available in three vibrant colours, the compact, foldable W series is trendy and portable for active use. On top of it, users can transfer music files with a simple 'drag and drop` function. — TNS

Cool it!

GE Appliances has come out with nine different models of split ACs, which will be available to consumers from Wednesday at leading multi-brand outlets in the region. GE Appliances has appointed Delhi-based Shelka Marketing Private Limited as its distributor for the Northern Region.

According to Ranjan Damodar, General Manager and Managing Director, GE Appliances, Asia, "For more than 100 years, GE Appliances has been recognised by consumers around the world for innovation, quality and energy efficiency. It is exciting to bring that record of success to such a vibrant and growing country. We introduce a wide selection of split ACs for consumers looking for style, innovation, reliability and quality."

GE air-conditioners offer energy-efficient products that meet international standards of quality, reliability and innovation. Built to last, the GE range of 5-star and 3-star ACs have been engineered to meet the exacting standards of Indian consumers. With some of the best energy efficiency ratios in their categories, advanced air-purification system and a range of smart features, the split air-conditioners will help consumers experience the comfort of world-class products.

The split ACs have several compelling features, including high energy efficiency ratio leading to higher savings, low running current, which means lower chances of short circuit failures, intelligent de-humidification, a 'health' button on the remote that activates a series of healthy functions and a range of smart features like 'I Feel', Auto-clean, 4 way Swing, Auto-restart, Jet Cool, Intelligent De-humidification etc. — TNS

Power packed

Riding high on the success of 100cc Discover DTS-Si and to strengthen its presence in the commuter segment, Bajaj Auto launches the new Discover 150 motorbike.

With the promise of 'More Excitement per Litre', this new model is all set to thrill riders with its exciting features as well as good mileage.

The Discover 150 is the first bike in the 'Commuter Sports' segment that offers the utility of a commuter bike combined with the performance, style and features of a sports bike.

The new and powerful 150cc 13 PS DTS-i engine not only delivers outstanding power and pickup at the slightest twist of the wrist, but also ensures excellent on-road mileage of 65 kmpl - equal to most other 100 cc bikes.

The new Discover 150cc has also been loaded with exciting premium features such as five speed gear-box for superior performance, electric start as a standard for quick hassle free starting, Nitrox suspension for highest level of comfort even on rough roads et al.

According to Sanjay Saraswat, GM (sales and service planning), Bajaj Auto, "The Discover 100 has become one of the largest selling models in the motorcycle market with current volumes averaging 75,000 per month. With the new Discover 150, we are instilling fresh momentum and adding riding excitement to the overall Discover portfolio."

Discover 150 is priced at Rs 46,850 (ex-showroom price, Punjab) and will be launched in a phased manner across the country. — TNS

Many facets

Parvin Dabas
Parvin Dabas

Actor Parvin Dabas is set for multitasking — he has turned producer by launching the movie Sahi Dhande Galat Bande under his own banner Very Fishy Films. He will also direct and act in it.

"I ventured into production because I wish to make films that I believe in and something that people would love to come and watch," Parvin, who impressed with his performance in Monsoon Wedding and Khosla Ka Ghosla, he said. Asked why did he keep his plans under wraps, Parvin said: "I don’t like to talk about things before they are done. Although the production house was launched with the start of the film. We were waiting for the right time to make an official announcement." Sahi Dhande Galat Bande, an action comedy with a political twist, revolves around a gang of four guys. In his directorial debut, Parvin will act too and he has also roped in Anupam Kher, Vansh Bharadwaj of Heavens on Earth fame, and newcomers Kuldeep, Ashish Nair and Tina Desai.

The post-production work on the film is almost complete and Parvin plans to release the film by the end of the year. "We plan to take the film to the Toronto Film Festival but its too early to talk about it. We first have to submit it to the officials and they have to accept," he added. — IANS

Facing the heat

Hollywood star Jessica Alba felt alienated on the sets of new thriller The Killer Inside Me as the cast and crew refused to talk to her over the gory make-up. The Sin City star, who plays a woman who is beaten beyond recognition by a psychotic killer, played by Casey Affleck, admitted her co-workers avoided her before she filmed the graphic scene because her make-up was so disturbing.

"(The shoot) was a couple of days. I was (emotionally) a complete mess. It was hot, and the latex (make-up) was hot. Nobody would talk to me; it made people around me really uncomfortable," said Alba.

But the 29-year-old actress has defended the violent moment, insisting it reveals her character’s true nature. "It’s the scene that tells you the most about her. She didn’t hit back, she didn’t fight, she just let him do it. There’s no hands in the air, no blocking it. It’s a really disturbing movie, a really disturbing character - but it’s supposed to be.

"It’s supposed to be awful... I felt she had a death wish, because she was always egging him on and provoking him. She finally found a man who was man enough to go through with it," Alba said. — PTI

Britney’s bad behaviour

Pop star Britney Spears had a public fight with her boyfriend Jason Trawick in Los Angeles. “Britney was rude to the waitress and then started arguing with Jason, saying she’d had enough. He was trying to calm her down but she wasn’t in the mood,” nypost.com reported quoting a source.

“They had been sitting down for dinner but just over 30 minutes into the meal, Britney decided she wanted to leave,” the source added. The Toxic hitmaker was fuming as she left the hotel while Trawick was trying to mellow her down. “She headed out of a back door of the hotel, with Jason following and still trying to calm her down. She looked furious,” the source said. — IANS

Still wondering!

Hollywood star Johnny Depp says he struggled with nightmares while he was shooting for Alice In Wonderland. The 46-year-old actor admits creating such an oddball character as the ‘Mad Hatter’ left his mind buzzing at the end of the day and dark thoughts would haunt his sleep.

“I had hideous dreams. But I have a tendency to have somewhat dark dreams. I can’t remember any of them specifically that affected me during the filming, but I don’t think it had to do with the filming at all,” Depp said.

“But I did have a dream once that Alan Hale, the skipper of Gilligan’s Island, chased me through the streets of Hollywood,” the actor added. Alan Hale was an American movie and television actor, best known for his role as Skipper (Jonas Grumby) on the popular sitcom Gilligan’s Island. — PTI

No labels

Shrek star Antonio Banderas doesn’t consider himself a sex symbol. “I don’t believe it. Come on!” a publication quoted Banderas as saying during an interview at a Beverly Hills hotel. “When you get to my age and look in the mirror, how can you think that? “I don’t believe in those labels. There are a lot more guys more handsome than me. All that stuff is just a game.”

Banderas, who turns 50 this year, came back as Puss-in-Boots for his latest animation flick Shrek Forever After. Puss is getting his own spin-off franchise, with work on the Puss in Boots animated film underway and a release date slated for November next year. “It is a slightly different style to Shrek,” Banderas reveals about the movie. He added: “It is like a spaghetti western. It is almost like a Quentin Tarantino movie. It’s fun and kind of emotional. ” — ANI

Bat an eyelid

Turn heads with just one flutter of your long eyelashes as Avon launches its new 'SuperExtend Mascara' that thickens and defines your eyelashes giving you a perfect look. Super Extend Mascara makes your eyelashes look 55 per cent longer with each stroke. Its water proof formula makes it an apt choice for summers.

The magic of 55 per cent lengthening effect is created with the revolutionary brush, which is loaded with stretch fibres and its innovative clean coat formula lengthens eyelashes with a sleek, shiny finish. The unique super smooth & super-separating molded brush coaxes every lash for a precise and clean-lash-look.

Now go the extra mile with lashes that you always longed for. Grab this product for just Rs 385 and get those dramatic eyes with those long, super defined eyelashes this summer! — TNS

Miss you, baby!

Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl says she is missing her newly adopted daughter while working away from home for her upcoming movie Life As We Know It.

The actress adopted Naleigh last September. “I was working with these gorgeous little triplets who play my children, (and) I was feeling bad as I was spending more time with them than with my own kid. And that broke my heart,” the actress said.

The romantic comedy also stars Josh Duhamel. — IANS

Cook ‘n’ make up

Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt donned the chef’s hat to woo his wife Manyata, who was upset with him for speeding his car on the Mumbai-Pune Express highway. “Tonight I am the chef at home. Cooking some mutton for my wife. Making up for morning,” Sanjay posted on his Twitter page Monday. After cooking the dinner, he posted, “Mission accomplished. Dinner served.” The actor was driving around his Audi A8 at a high speed. — IANS


Age, a bar

Karan Johar Ace filmmaker Karan Johar, 38, is bogged down by his physical problems and feels he is no longer "the young filmmaker" as most people address him as. "First round of physiotherapy, signs of ageing, first the grey hair and now the bad back. No longer the ’ filmmaker," Karan posted on Twitter.

Karan, who made films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and My Name Is Khan, has been in New York for a long time to find inspiration for his next project. He even celebrated his birthday there on Wednesday. — IANS


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