Single chance

Notwithstanding the hue and cry that actress Khushboo’s comments on the subject evoked, premarital intimacy and one-night stands are finding many takers in urban India, writes Shoma A. Chatterji

ARE you a virgin?" was the first question Preity Zinta asked Shah Rukh Khan in Dil Se, when the two met on arrangement by their respective families before finalising a marriage between them.

Tree treat
Lieut-Gen Baljit Singh (retd) on Sita-Asoka and golden tabebuia, or the tree of gold, the two incredibly beautiful blossoming trees
OR about two weeks each year when the month of March leads on to April, I witness Kilmer’s charismatic epigraph in full play as two species of trees come into their peak-blooms, almost simultaneously. While one species is indigenous to India, the other was originally grown in South America.

Sound logic
Steve Connor finds out why distress calls from the wild are the secret of a good horror film
T is probably the most scary scene in cinematic history. The shower curtain is drawn back and actress Janet Leigh lets out a spine-chilling scream that warps into a frenzied cacophony of staccato music as she confronts an unseen, dagger-wielding madman.

Striking gold with tulsi
Women of Azamgarh district in UP have improved their financial status by growing tulsi for Organic India, an MNC. In return, the firm has given them medical facilities and provided education to their children, reports Tarannum
HIS story dates back to 1998, when some women of the impoverished district of Azamgarh in UP decided to change the way farming was done in their villages, and in the process build better lives for themselves and their families. Most of these women were wives of migrant labourers, who had left their land and families behind in search of more sustainable employment elsewhere.

Veil of style
The designer burqa, made of chiffon or georgette, is here to stay,
says Banalata Bipani
HE last 10 years — since the 9/11 disaster in the US — have been years of tribulation and success for fashion maestros trying to rejuvenate the burqa. There was a time when burqas were of one piece, and all white, with the portion covering the head elaborately done up. But these have gone out of fashion, and the two-piece burqa is in vogue now.

The Indian Venice
Made up of over 900 km of inter-connected waterways, rivers, lakes and inlets, the backwaters of Kerala offer a perfect blend of beauty and tranquillity, write Hugh and Colleen Gantzer
Drifting on the backwaters is a very special experience. So are the backwaters: slow, flowing, jade-green, webs of rivers and canals`85 most of them winding between banks of overhanging, whispering palms `85 lakes and estuaries. They have given us some of the most effortless, leisurely holidays we have ever experienced.

The ‘garbage girl’ of Himachal
Vishal Gulati
VERY morning, along with a handful of volunteers, including some foreigners, British national Jodie Underhill sets out to collect non-biodegradable waste dumped carelessly in the mountains surrounding McLeodganj, the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile in Himachal Pradesh.

Political dramas on screen
As Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti stirs the hornet’s nest by borrowing heavily from the Indian political scenario, M. L. Dhawan checks out how the lives of political leaders and incidents of national importance have inspired many a filmmaker
Politicians and political dramas never fail to entice audience as well as filmmakers. A peep into the lives of political leaders and incidents of national importance has been the theme for many a filmmaker. Leading political stalwarts and the prevailing political issues have often prompted filmmakers to return to the subject time and again, the refrain being, ‘There is so much left unsaid.’

Chocolate boy to desi Corleone
As a ruthless manipulator in Raajneeti, Ranbir Kapoor has won accolades, writes Robin Bansal
E is being dubbed as the true Kapoor scion post- Raajneeti. After playing a chocolate boy, a spoilt brat and a salesman, Ranbir Kapoor has now stunned all as the ruthless manipulator a la Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Audiences and critics are applauding his role as Samar Pratap Singh in Prakash Jha’s dark political thriller that is inspired by the Mahabharata. "Ranbir is fabulous in Raajneeti...


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