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Two cops suspended for thrashing driver
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
The Raikot police today suspended two cops for allegedly thrashing the driver of District Food Supply Controller Rakesh Bhaskar. The cops have been identified as Joraver Singh and Keval Singh, both constables.

The incident took place on Thursday evening when Avtar Singh, driver of Rakesh Bhaskar, was allegedly thrashed by the cops following an argument at a check post near Raikot.

The District Food Supply Controller had visited Raikot to check the food samples. Sources said Avtar was reportedly returning to the city, to take some documents from Bhaskar’s house, when he was stopped at a police check post.

According to the driver, he told the cops about the emergency and requested them to let him go. Avtar alleged that instead of allowing him to leave, the cops stopped him and asked him to show the documents for installing blue bacon atop the vehicle.

The police sources said this led to an argument following which the cops allegedly thrashed the driver, who reportedly fell unconscious. The cops impounded the vehicle and parked it in front of the Raikot police station.

When the driver failed to return, Bhaskar decided to visit the house to fetch the documents. The police sources said Bhaskar spotted his driver lying on the road and reportedly rushed him to hospital.

Bhaskar immediately brought the matter to the notice of senior police officials who expressed regret over the incident and suspended the two cops who had reportedly thrashed the driver.


MC builds, demolishes, only to build again
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

A portion of the new divider that is coming up
A portion of the new divider that is coming up. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, July 3
An existing divider in the Shivpuri main market is being demolished to make way for another divider which would be slightly higher. Eyebrows are being raised by residents on public money being wasted on “unnecessary works”. Whether it is an attempt at beautification or wastage of public money only the municipal corporation or the councillor concerned can tell.

The divider was constructed a few years ago during the Congress regime and certain Akali leaders had opposed it. But now, those very leaders are demolishing the divider to replace it with another one.

Sanjeev Kumar, a resident, alleged that the councillor of Ward No. 23 was not putting funds to good use. “This is wastage of public money. Some other development work could have been undertaken. The old divider has developed cracks, which could have been mended easily," he stated.

Another resident Gurdial Singh complained that debris of the old divider was still lying on the congested road, which was inconveniencing passersby. "Special bricks are being used to give it a new look, but wastage of public funds should be avoided," he said.

Ajit Singh Dhillon, councillor, said the old divider was in a bad shape and had developed a lot of cracks. People had broken it at several places and these could not be repaired. "We had to construct a new one," he said.



When nights are a nightmare
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
Frequent outages in addition to scheduled power cuts have become a nightmare for domestic consumers in rural as well as urban areas of Ludhiana. The Powercom is imposing three to four-hour cuts on the domestic sector, but consumers are suffering more on account of unattended complaints.

Contrary to the claims of Powercom, the nodal complaint centre at Janta Nagar has failed to deal with queries of people. The call centre set up at the centre, which caters to five major

districts of the state and has consumer-friendly software, is unable to address queries.

“The staff at the call centre does not know about the reason behind the suspended power supply. They do not even give a complaint number, leaving consumers to grapple with the problem at their own level even in the wee hours,” SD Sharma, a resident of Civil Lines, stated.

Sukhminder, a resident of Durgapuri, said power supply was disrupted at 11 pm and the complaint centre had no satisfactory reply. “My mother is not well and her condition deteriorated as fans also stopped working after the inverter battery was exhausted. I tried calling the SDO, but he did not respond to the call,” he said, adding that power supply in the area had not been restored even after 10 hours.

Powercom had promised eight-hour regular power supply to farmers for paddy transplantation, but it has failed to do so. Around 35 villages falling under Raikot and Roomi sub divisions are the worst affected as conductors are damaged and have not been replaced since 1970. Farmers have suffered due to continuous outages of 15-17 hours. Besides, villages have to bear additional power cuts imposed from the 220kv Jagraon power grid to avoid breakdowns caused by overloading of transformers.
I admit that they are having problems with the nodal complaint centre as we have outsourced it to a private company. Due to inadequate salaries, there is staff shortage. The area XENs and SDOs would be instructed to attend to the complaints of consumers.

— PS Gill, chief engineer, Powercom, Ludhiana



Salesman cheats jeweller, customers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
A salesman at a jewellery store allegedly committed fraud of Rs 7.5 lakh by selling substandard gold to customers. The matter came to light last evening when buyers created a scene outside the jewellery store located on the College Road.

The police registered a case against Sandeep Kumar following the complaint of Vivek Dhir, owner of the jewellery store, that the accused had embezzled nearly 40 tolas of gold. The SHO, Maninder Bedi, said the accused used to commit fraud during the making of ornaments.

Dhir said his suspicion rose when customers started complaining about the quality of gold.

Buyers alleged that the salesman sold them gold chains, saying that these were 24 carat, but they later learnt that these were for 18 carat only. Some buyers said the chains weighed less.

“He told me that my chain weighed around two tolas, but when I got it checked from another jeweller, it weighed barely a tola,” a customer stated.

The accused is on the run.



‘Serial killer’ out to get dogs
Shivani Bhakoo/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
Dogs, especially pups, are being “killed” by some mentally disturbed persons near Hambran road. Residents have raised concern over cruelty against animals who are being killed brutally.

The first incident took place on June 22 when some passersby found the carcass of a dog on a vacant plot. “Pups are now being killed. The body of a pup was found yesterday with its neck slit. Earlier, eyes of a pup had been gouged out. It is a barbaric act,” said Saurabh Sharma, who visits the upcoming Sai Temple, in the vicinity of which the dogs are found killed.

So far, six dogs have been killed. Ashok Kareer, another devotee, said this was being done in vacant plots near the temple itself. “The area is isolated and construction is under way at several places. We suspect that the dogs are being killed by someone who is mentally disturbed. We had questioned some labourers, but nobody has been able to provide any information,” he stated.

Ajay Jain, president of the People for Animals, said: “It is shocking. No one has approached us so far. We will seek police help.”



Pedalling for equality, justice
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
“If Gandhi were alive today, he would have been in jail standing along tribesmen and supporting their cause,” felt human rights activists Himanshu Kumar from Dantewada, Chhattisgarh.
Dantewara’s Himanshu Kumar (right), who is on a tour of India on a bicycle, reached Ludhiana on Saturday
Dantewara’s Himanshu Kumar (right), who is on a tour of India on a bicycle, reached Ludhiana on Saturday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Himanshu (45), who is on a tour of Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra on a bicycle, reached the city today.

Supporting the cause of tribesmen, Himanshu, whose father Prakash Kumar was part of the Quit India Movement, said the sacrifices of freedom fighters had gone waste as democracy had failed to live up to the expectations of people.

“Democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people but it had now been limited to only few. Only those in power are enjoying while others are suffering at their hands,” he lamented.

Himanshu ran an ashram at Dantewada to restore the faith of tribesmen in peace and justice. He had been working towards women empowerment, education and community health. However, his ashram was razed by the authorities recently.

“The government is selling farmland to corporates, razing their structures for development but a country cannot progress by making its own citizens unhappy.”

Many of his projects were in collaboration with UNICEF and government. “I do not support the Naxalite movement. All I want is to work for the cause of tribesmen,” he adds.

“Economic justice should be given to all. Those is power should think beyond luxurious living. People should gear up and work towards making the country a happier place,” he added.

Democracy is the solution to every problem but it should be practiced in its true spirit, he said.

“As Gandhi said weaker section will be taken care of in the democracy but in reality it is not practised in the real sense of the word,” he added.

In his message to the masses, he said equality and justice were the key to success of any community and nation at large.



Extortion in name of cops
Woman complains against youth leader
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, July 3
Sukhwinder Kaur of Agwar Mai Jeena area has accused a youth leader of the SAD of extorting the money. The youth has been identified as Varinderpal Singh, alias Pali of ward No. 17, who claims himself to be a youth leader of the SAD and a close associate Kamaljit Singh Malla (son of former Jagraon MLA Bhag Singh Malla). Sukhwinder alleged that the youth had extorted a huge amount from her in the name of settling her case in the Jagraon city police station. Pali has contested the last election of the local municipal council from the SAD ticket.

In her complaint to SSP Ludhiana (Rural), Harinder Singh Chahal, Sukhwinder Kaur alleged that a few persons had lodged frivolous complaints against her for the recovery of money at the police station. Meanwhile, Pali approached her and offered to file complaints pending her for a consideration to be paid to the SHO Jagraon city and his reader. He demanded Rs 10,000 from her. He even threatened to implicate her in some case if the amount is not paid to them (Policemen). Afraid of the police, she paid the amount to him but even after that the policemen did not stop bothering her.

She told the SSP that Pali was now threatening her. When contacted, Varinder Singh Pali pleaded innocence. He said he himself would lodge a complaint against the woman who was trying to blackmail him.

The SSP, however, maintained that the contents of the complaint lodged by Sukhwinder Kaur was being probed and if anybody is found guilty in extorting money from her in the name of police, he would not be spared. The sources, however, revealed that the local SAD leaders are trying their best to hush up the case and save Pali. The sources also revealed that Pali was trying to instigate certain persons to lodge a complaint against Sukhwinder Kaur to prove himself not guilty.



Rising Prices
Shops to remain closed on July 5
Tribune Reporters

Doraha, July 3
The local traders’ union has decided to put up their shutters in support of the All-India bandh call given by the Opposition on July 5. Pritam Singh Jaggi, senior vice-president, All traders’ union, said the union would stage a bandh against the price rise of the petroleum products and the LPG.

“It has become difficult for the common man to make even both ends meet. The poor men, reeling under the pressure of inflation, are either forced to end up their lives abruptly or keep on pulling one way or the other”, he added.

The union members blamed the present government, which has failed to find any concrete solution to the existing economic and political crisis. They urged the leaders to unite and form a common front to fight for their goals and objectives. “The common man has been facing unprecedented price rise in the country. He cannot simply exist in such telling conditions. There is no check on the price rise, as the decisions are taken in the most arbitrary manner, without giving least consideration to the majority section of society who shall be adversely affected and that too in a big way”, said Jandeep Kaushal.

Meanwhile, the state unit of the SAD’s beopar wing has decided to support the call for the All-India bandh on July 5 against the increasing prices of the petroleum products. Madan Lal Bagga, president of the Punjab unit of the wing, criticised the government for increasing the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene.

“Traders are already passing through the bad phase and now the increasing prices have further added to their woes. In addition to this the prices of essential commodities are also skyrocketing. We will be observing complete bandh on July 5,” added Bagga.



RBI should support small units: Chamber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
The base rate system, which aims at introducing transparency in lending operations, has replaced the existing BPLR from July 1. Under this new system, the borrowers will be charged interest rates over the base rate depending on the credit profile. The final lending rate shall be determined by the overall costs of the bank, including cost of deposits, administrative costs, profit margins and cost of parking funds with the RBI in the form of the cash, reserve ratio and SLR.

The RBI has introduced the new lending rate system or the base rate to ensure that large borrowers don’t bargain for cheaper rates from banks thereby distorting their asset liability management. Following these norms, the practice by the banks to lend money to blue chip corporate houses below published base rate will come to halt. This base rate regime is unlikely to upset credit demand and hurt profitability and margins of the banks.

The existence and growth of the micro, small and medium enterprise is a salient component of the industrial structure in India. This sector is one of the vital cogs in this India’s wheels of progress. The contribution of this sector in export market is more than 40 per cent. In the present economic scenario, the competition and risk weightage among small and large industrial units is same. MSMEs provide adequate collateral and thus their borrowings are quite safe for the banks.

Under this new system, MSMEs will no longer have to subsidize the prime corporate borrowers in charging differential rate of interest, as hitherto was the practice with the banks. The range between the best rate and the highest rate of interest of banks is likely to narrow down considerably. Moreover, this will reduce the gap in prime lending rates of public and private sector banks.

In order to achieve the purpose of transparency, it is strongly urged that the RBI should announce special incentive in the form of interest subvention for the MSME Sector. This support is indeed required to beat the challenge and maintain growth trajectory and enable the MSME sector to survive in local and global markets in the present hostile economic scenario,” said Avtar Singh, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings.”



School fever grips students
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, July 3
For most of the kids, the fun is over. With summer vacations coming to an end, children could be seen wearing a solemn look. With a majority of schools re-opening on Monday, parents have heaved a sigh of relief.

“I am worried, as I did not touch my books even once during the summer break and now have no idea from where to begin. My homework, too, is incomplete,” said a worried kid.

“There were no worries, no tensions, no hustle and bustle in the morning. I really enjoyed watching movies, having breakfast at will and roaming around with friends,” said another student.

“Oh! Back to the pavilion once again! I really enjoyed my holidays, as I had finished my homework on time. I visited my grandparents. What a fun it was. There were no restrictions,” said another kid.

“Some schools have stopped giving assignments and holiday homework. It is not a good practice, as it can make their mind nothing less than a devil’s workshop,” said mother of a student.

“Even we as teachers find it difficult to begin with, but once the routine is set, who has the time to think about the past,”opined a school teacher.



‘Print Yatra’ flagged off
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
The Offset Printers’ Association launched a “Print Yatra” today. The yatra will cover the length and breadth of the entire region to spread the message of brotherhood and to mobilise the fellow printers to visit the “Biggest Print Event of the Year” in Ludhiana on October 23, 24 and 25.

Kamal Chopra, general secretary of the association, said the purpose of the yatra was not only the promotion of “PrintArt 2010”-the biggest event of the year in India, but to invite the printers to work jointly for the development of the trade and industry and to form associations.

Chopra said printing was the second biggest industry in the world, but due to the lack of education and introvert habits, it remained an unorganised sector in India.

Though printing press exists in 5,161 towns and 602 districts in India, the actual number of printing units and families dependent upon this trade is not practically known.

“The yatra aims at educating entrepreneurs engaged in the trade and understanding latest developments and regulations. We are inviting traders to form associations to have better networking throughout the region,” Chopra added.

The “Print Yatra” was flagged off by KushL Jain, vice-president of the association. He said, “Our mission is clear and constructive for the overall development of the small and micro industry of India.”

Parvesh Jagga, PRO of the association, said, the yatra would reach Hoshiarpur this afternoon and from there it would move to Gurdaspur and Pathankot.

“On July 4, the yatra will leave for Jammu. In the first leg, we are going to cover four cities then in the second leg, we will visit Himachal Pardesh. Thereafter, we are planning to visit Haryana, Chandigarh and the remaining parts of Punjab. Considering it a social cause, the association would bear the expenses, Jagga said.



Truck union chief’s post
SAD factions cross swords
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 3
The control of the Truck Operators’ Union at Jandali has become a bone of contention between two factions of the SAD, both claiming support of Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, secretary general of the party.

While union president Himat Singh Jandali, claiming majority in the organisation, has sought continuation in the chair, the faction led by Balwinder Singh Jandali has impressed upon the administration to hold election by secret ballot.

Denying any political pressure, Rajesh Nehra, executive magistrate, said election to the post would be held within a fortnight. Only legitimate members of the union would be allowed to enter the premises of the union on the election day, claimed Nehra.

Investigations revealed that two factions of the SAD were at loggerheads over the control of the union.

Supporters of Himat Singh Jandali, a confidant of Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, were on their heels to enable Jandali retain control of the organisation. On the other hand, supporters of Balwinder Singh, an NRI, had been impressing upon the administration to hold the election to the post through secret ballot.

Sources in the party said Dhindsa, who did not want to offend any of the factions, had been trying to evade embarrassment by bridging the gap between them. However, both groups remained adamant on the issue. It is learnt that Dhindsa had asked both the groups to test their strength in the election.

Ahmedgarh Market Committee chairman Amrik Singh Jandali is also supporting Balwinder Singh.

Election to the president’s post has remained a burning issue among activists and leaders of the party in regime at any time.



From Schools and Colleges

Summer camp ends

Ludhiana: A power pack of dance, masti and fun was held by Ecstasy, a dance studio. Various activities like meditation, art and craft, hip-hop and Bollywood dances were held during the summer camp which concluded yesterday.

Experts imparted training to participants for one month. The summer camp was a brilliant and successful event for all participants as well as experts.


Middlesex University, London, will be offering spot assessment and admissions for its September intake at BetterThink, Sarabha Nagar centre, on July 5. Representatives of the university will be available for counselling at BetterThink between 12 noon and 2 pm.

The university offers under-graduate and postgraduate courses in many disciplines, including business, computing, IT, hospitality, travel and tourism among others.



Ex-sarpanch accused of embezzling pension funds
Our Correspondent

Raikot, July 3
Certain pensioners of Brahampur village, near here, have accused the husband of village sarpanch of usurping their pension funds sent by the central government in connivance with his wife.

The villagers, between the age group of 60 to 80 years, said they had regularly been receiving the pension of the Punjab government.

However, the pension issued by the central government under the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme was not reaching them ever since the distribution of pension was handed over to the sarpanch, they alleged.

Earlier, the pension was directly deposited into the accounts of the beneficiaries.

The aggrieved pensioners, including Harbans Kaur, Maya, Laajwanti, Jangir Kaur, Ismail Khan, Surjit Kaur, Surjit Singh and others, said whenever they asked former sarpanch Ranjit Singh, alias Rana, the husband of sarpanch Karamjit Kaur, about their pension, they were told that the pension from the central government had not arrived.

They alleged that Ranjit was handling the day-to-day affairs of the village.

When the complainants approached the children development project officer, Pakhowal — the pension was routed by the official — to their utter dismay they learned that pension was being forwarded regularly to the sarpanch.

Investigations revealed that there were 27 pensioners in the village and only those who were close to the former sarpanch were getting the pension regularly.

When Rana realised that villagers had learned the truth, he got three demand drafts made from the Burundi branch of Punjab and Sindh Bank in favour of the district social security officer (DSSO), Ludhiana, and returned the pension.

He paid Rs 15,000 through DD No. 196772 (issued on June 14), Rs 8,200 through DD No. 196776 (June 19) and Rs 1,200 through DD No. 196793 (June 28).

The villagers claimed that though seven aides of the former sarpanch were getting pension, the beneficiaries belonging to the opposite party were not getting it, as he was not completing the formalities for its release.

Pakhowal CDPO Harjinder Kaur confirmed that the former sarpanch had embezzled pension funds and said a detailed report had been sent to higher officials, who have forwarded it to the district development panchayat officer, Ludhiana, seeking appropriate action.

She said the former sarpanch was deliberately not completing the requisite formalities of villagers to make them eligible for pension.

She even accused the former sarpanch of receiving pensions of persons who were already dead.

Ranjit Singh, however, denied the allegations of embezzlement of pension funds. He, however, said he had returned the pension of those applicants who had never approached him for pension.

He had no answer to the reason why pensioners were getting regular state pension but not the one sent by the central government.

He said they never announced the arrival of pension through the village public address system (gurdwara or temple).

Balbir Singh, member of the district advisory committee, social security, and village resident, has sought stringent action against the sarpanch and her husband.



Tewari raps govt for lack of amenities
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
Member of Parliament and national spokesperson for the All-India Congress Committee Manish Tewari today lambasted the state government for its failure to provide amenities to urban people.

It was unfortunate that a city like Ludhiana, which provides so much revenue to the state, had potholed roads, shortage of water and electricity, he said.

Speaking at a function of the Model Gram Charitable Trust organised by local councillor and trust chairman Bharat Bhushan Ashu, Tewari said the government, even in the fourth year of its term, had not fulfilled a single promise. “Where is the metro and where is the round-the-clock electricity?” Instead, he added, there were round-the-clock power cuts.

Referring to the deteriorating condition of the roads in the city, he said the government seemed to have left people to their own fate.

It was difficult to drive or walk along such roads that posed threat to the lives of people.

He asked the government to spare a thought for the problems of the people also.

Tewari gave Rs 5 lakh to the trust from his MP local area development fund.

Those who attended the function included Pawan Dewan, Satish Sharma Showman, Sushil Malhotra, Bhupinder Singh, Harish Dua, Harmeet Bagga, Monu Bassi, Damandeep Sharma and Sunil Sharma.



Dental fortnight at Civil Hospital
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 3
“With an increase in the number of tobacco users, oral cancers are on the rise,” said Dr Pradeep Sharma, dental surgeon, Civil Hospital, Ludhiana.

Under the ongoing dental fortnight at the Civil Hospital, Dr Sharma urged tobacco users to give up the bad habit.

The habit of keeping quid in one particular place of the oral cavity over a prolonged span of time results in pre-cancerous lesions or sometimes even direct cancers.

The doctor said the kind of abuse over a period of 10 years or so invariably resulted in cancer in most of the susceptible patients.

Like tobacco, alcohol can also cause cancer.

Chronic nutritional deficiencies associated with the use of alcohol, direct irritation of the oral mucosa, dehydrating effect of alcohol, its action as solvent of carcinogens in smokers and associated changes in gut flora also cause cancers.

Pipe or beedi smoking introduces one additional factor-direct heat.

Human Papi lloma virus, 16 and 18 infection also cause oral and cervical cancers.

Dr Sharma added that patients would be examined and treated for oral cancers during the dental fortnight. Also, they would be educated against the ill-effects of tobacco chewing, the doctor said.



Illegal Colony
Seven booked for selling plots
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, July 3
The local police on the recommendations of the GLADA’s chief administrator has booked seven persons, including a women for carving out an illegal colony at Dakha village. GLADA took this decision on the basis of an inquiry conducted by Karnail Singh, Assistant Engineer, vide memo No. 4179F/453/2010 dated May 31, 2010.

Those booked under Sections 420 of the IPC and 2(1), 3(1), 5(1). 6, 9, 14(1), 15, 18, 21, 26 of the Punjab Apartment and Property Act 1995 are Kudrat Deep Singh of Tharike village, Nachhatar Lal of BRS Nagar, Neelam Rani and Resham Jit Singh of Rajguru Nagar, Pardeep Kumar of Ludhiana, Dheeraj Kumar and Gopal Singh of Dakha.

These accused had carved out an illegal colony at Dakha village in 1996 and sold the plots to a large number of people on the basis of tall promises of providing the state-of-art facilities.

Instead of providing these facilities, the developers started selling the parks of the colony besides encroaching upon the roads. Irritated buyers were left with no alternative other than lodging a complaint with the Chief Administrator of GLADA.

Kishan Dev, in charge of the economic offence wing of the Jagraon police, also conducted an inquiry in this case.

He had also indicted the accused under various sections for carving out an illegal colony.

Mullanpur Dakha happens to be a satellite town of Ludhiana and is hardly 10 km away from Westend Mall, the end point of Ludhiana on the Ferozepur Road. Besides being so close to Ludhiana it is a peaceful area.

Ludhianvis have the passion of buying plots in this area for constructing houses here.

Dozens of new colonies, including Vipul World, Golf Link Colony and Royal Farms are coming up in the periphery of Mullanpur Dakha. Many of the developers of these colonies are multinational companies who promise to provide state-of- the-art facilities to the buyers.

A few small players, taking advantage of the on-going development work in the area, are selling plots in the unauthorised colonies to unsuspecting customers.

Last year, Royal Farms, one of the colonies on the Ferozepur Road towards Jagraon, had also carved out an illegal colony. GLADA immediately swung into action and placed a board warning people that the colony was illegal.

But, till then, the owners had sold most of the plots. No case was registered against the offenders though the owners of the colony had defaced the board and covered it with a gunny bag.



2 killed in accidents
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, July 3
A person died after a Chevrolet Tavera (DL-14B-4848), which he was driving collided with a truck (RJ-12-GA-0471) near the Tajpur Chowk. The impact of the collusion was such that Tersem Singh, driver of Tavera, and two of its occupants, Ramesh Kumar and Ashim Kumar of Punan village near Fetehabad in Haryana, sustained serious injuries. They were taken to a local hospital. From there, the doctors referred them to DMC&H, Ludhiana. Here Tersem Singh succumbed to his injuries.

A case under sections 304A, 279, 337, 338 and 427 of the IPC has been registered against the truck driver.

In another incident, a 50-year-old man was ran over by an unidentified vehicle on the Kacha Malak road crossing. He died on the spot.

A case has been registered against the driver under Sections 304A and 427 of the IPC.



In-laws held for murder

Phillaur, July 3
The police has arrested four persons for murdering Mandeep Kaur, a resident of Ramgarhia Mohalla in Goraya.

Those arrested under Section 302, IPC, are Mandeep’s husband Rajwinder Singh, mother-in-law Kuldip Kaur, father-in-law Santokh Singh and sister-in-law Paramjit Kaur. Mandeep was found strangulated in her-in-laws house. The in-laws had tried to present it as a suicide case. — OC



Man killed in mishap
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, July 3
A villager died on the spot and three others sustained injuries when a speeding vehicle hit their scooter near Garrha village yesterday evening.

The deceased has been identified as Meena. Kamaljit, Anju and Inderjit are among those who sustained injuries. They were admitted to a local civil hospital. A case has been registered in this regard.



Four held with 174-gm cocaine

Ludhiana, July 3
The Jamalpur police nabbed four persons and recovered 174-gm cocaine worth Rs 17 lakh from their possession.

The accused have been identified as Surinder Kumar, Dilshad, Brajesh Sharma and Gerish, all from Uttar Pradesh.

Besides, the police also seized 28-kg poppy husk from them. ADCP Harjinder Singh said the accused used to sell cocaine and poppy husk to migrant labourers.

The police said the accused were planning to sell the contraband to some industrialists. — TNS



Gang of thieves busted; three held
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 3
The Dehlon police has arrested three members of a gang involved in theft and snatching of food grain from godowns and rice shellers.

A scooter, suspected to be stolen from a nearby town, was also recovered from their possession.

The accused were identified as Shabir Khan, a local resident and the kingpin, Harinder Kumar of Gorakhpur (UP) and Sonu of Khanpur village in Ludhiana district.

Monu, Sonu’s brother, however, fled under the cover of darkness.

A police team led by SHO Harvinder Singh Cheema arrested the three from Jagera bridge when they were trying to leave the area yesterday.

The accused admitted to having stolen rice bags from some rice shellers of the area, including Shri Agar Agro Industries on the Jagera road.



Camp for budding cricketers
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, July 3
The Ludhiana District Cricket Association (LDCA) has arranged a specialised coaching camp for the upcoming cricketers in the age group of 14-19 years. Former star bowlers, along with wicket keeper and instructor from NIS, Patiala, has been invited to the camp to impart training and coaching to a bunch of young budding cricketers.
A players practises during a camp at MGM Public School, Dugri,
A players practises during a camp at MGM Public School, Dugri, on Saturday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

The nine-day camp began at MGM Public School in Dugri here today.

Around 25 talented cricketers are participating in the camp. The camp would conclude on July 11.

Bharti Vij, former left-arm spinner, and the second highest wicket taker in the domestic cricket after Rajinder Goel, interacted with players.

The session lasted for over four hours.

Bharti, who played a pivot role in Punjab’s win during the Ranji Trophy Tournament in 1993, gave some useful tips to boys on how to grip a ball while bowling and how to face the spinners properly.

Naveen Sharma, an instructor with the NIS, Patiala, will visit the camp tomorrow to share his knowledge and experience with the campers, while Arun Sharma, who holds the record of having maximum victims behind the stumps and selector, Punjab, will highlight the importance of a wicket keeper in the game.

During the course of this camp, Harvinder Singh, former test speedster, will impart coaching on fast bowling. Tejeshwar Singh (trainer) and Charanjit Bhangu (coach) from the LDCA are assisting the trainers.



Block-level games from July 10
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, July 3
The block-level games for under-16 boys and girls will be held from July 10 to 15 at different venues across the state. These games are being conducted under the government’s plan to promote sports at the grassroots under the Panchayat Yuva Khel and Krida Abhiyaan (PYKKA).

This was stated by assistant director, sports Punjab, Sohal Lal Lotey who chaired a meeting of sports officials at Guru Nanak Stadium, here today.

Competitions in volleyball, football, kabaddi, handball, kho-kho, wrestling and hockey will be organised during these games.

Jagir Singh Nahar, district sports officer, Ludhiana, Jaspal Singh, senior football coach, Sukhdev Singh Pannu and Sanjeev Sharma, athletics coaches, Teja Singh Dhaliwal, general secretary, Punjab Basketball Association, along with office-bearers of different sports associations were present.



Jajbir upsets Sagar
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, July 3
The qualifying rounds of the HTA-AITA Men and Women Tournament-2010 commenced today at the Harvest Tennis Academy.

Jajbir Singh of the Harvest Tennis Academy beat Sagar Manjanna from Karnataka 9-2 in the second round. Ravinder Singh defeated Hardeep Singh Sandhu 9-3.

Final qualifying matches will be played tomorrow.

Results: Second round: Kshitij Kamal (Dli) b Amaninder Singh (Pb) 9-0; Mandeep Kumar (Chd) b M Kumar; P Nitesh (Kar) b Harpreet Singh Sidhu (Pb) 9-7; Rithvik Anand (TN) b Deepak Thapar (Pb) 9-6; Pranshu Barthwal (UP) b Jagtar Singh 9-2; Digvijay Mehta (HP) b Sarathlal MS 9-5; Smarth Sharma (Pb) b Ritesh Dubey (WB) 9-7; Garry Singh Amor (Chd) b Gurwinder Singh (Pb) 9-1; Maninder Singh (Har) b Jagdeep Singh (Pb) 9-7; Rathindra Kakati b Arjun Bhalla 9-0; Digvijay Singh Naruka (Chd) b Sahil Bindal (Har) 9-0; Ishtpreet Singh (Pb) b Tushar Jaitly (Pb); Surya Pavan (AP) b Azharjeet Singh Basra (Pb) 9-0; Sachin Patil (Pb) b Jasdeep Singh (Pb) 9-3; C Bhargav (AP) b Harsimranjeet Singh (Pb) 9-2; Vishwanath Savadi (Kar) b LN Rishiyogi (TN) 9-0; Archit Jain (Dli) b Veera Vasanth Venkatesh (Kar) 9-3; Manav Dhawan (Pb) b Krishna Swamy (Kar) 9-0; Ravinder Singh b Hardeep Singh Sandhu (Pb) 9-3; Harry Jindal (Pb) b Anurag (Pb) 9-1; Anshuman Dutta (Asm) b Rashein Samuel (Kar) 9-8 (7-3); Suraj Beniwal (Har) b Navpuneet Singh (Pb) 9-0; Gaurav b Nasir Malik (Chd) 9-6; Prashantha Priyadarshi (UP) b Chinmay Handa (Dli) 9-8(7-5); Dhruv Goel (Dli) b Chirag Kohli (Pb) 9-1; Amardeep Singh Jaglan (Har) b Shikhar Gaddh (Har) 9-5; Rohit Jain (Dli) b Rishi Dabrai (Kar) 9-0; M Lohani Murtaza (TN) b Anirudh Patel 9-5; Jajbir Singh b Sagar Manjanna (Kar) 9-2; V Pranav (Kar) b Kapil Sharma (Chd) 9-1; Rishab Dev (Pb) b Sohrab Kunwar 9-5 and Dipanshu Garg (Har) b Ishan Kakkar (Pb) 9-4.

Third round: Rithvik Anand (TN) b P Nitesh (Kar) 9-2; Garry Singh Amor (Chd) b Smarth Sharma (Pb) 9-0 and Digvijay Singh Naruka (Chd) b Ishtpreet Singh (Pb) 9-0.



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