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Extortionists make hay in city markets
Politicians patronise small-time gangs
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The yesterday's incident that took place in Jawahar Nagar Camp, where a septuagenarian was brutally attacked after he refused to give away a slice of meat to alleged extortionists, has brought to focus several such rackets flourishing in downtown markets of the city.

While the extortionists run their racket openly, the police continues to be silent buckling under pressure from several local leaders. It was not the first time when a resident had to face the ire of the extortionists. Several such cases go unnoticed and in a majority of the incidents, no FIR was registered and disputes settled in the police station.

The problem also persists in Shimlapuri, Abdullapur Basti, Dhuri Line and surrounding area, Ghora Colony, Shahi Mohalla, Tibba Road, Field Gunj, Amar Pura, Chawni Mohalla, Jodhewal Basti and major part of Haibowal, which is facing a threat from small-time gangs of unemployed youths who extort money from vendors and shopkeepers in these areas.

A majority of the youths who are into extortion (hafta) are chronic drug addicts and school dropouts.

For politicians such youths are like an asset and readily available manpower. The leaders do not hesitate to patronise such youths.

Though the police and non- governmental organisations (NGOs) try to bring these youths into the mainstream by organising de-addiction camps, society does not acept them and they again join the world of crime.

Meanwhile, the police has booked the accused, Raja and Rocky, under Sections 452 and 324 of the IPC for house trespassing and assaulting the victim.

Residents protest

Probably, after a decade residents protested against the extortionists. Earlier, it was during the time of Nirdosh Dhand, a moneylender who was sentenced to life imprisonment in a murder case, that people staged a dharna against his criminal activities.


Industrial projects await environmental clearance
Assessment authority rendered non-functional
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
Nearly four-dozen industrial projects are awaiting environmental clearance for the last quite some time due to non-functioning of the Punjab State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA).

The ‘B’ category projects require environmental clearance from SEIAA that has been rendered non-functional after three of its members resigned. The State Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) chairman has also resigned, rendering it non-functional. Surprisingly, the resignations of these officials have been accepted without their replacements.

Entrepreneurs rue that they are suffering huge losses due to non-clearance of their projects. They said the survey conducted an independent body showed that agriculture sector was the main culprit for environmental afflictions in Punjab.

Concerned over the plight of industrialists, president of the Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Punjab) PD Sharma had written a letter to the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, urging him to expedite the environmental clearance of project pending with SEIAA. In reply to the letter, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has advised the state government to send a proposal in this regard.

Ram Parkash Sareen, whose industrial project is awaiting environmental clearance, said he had made huge investment in his project and was suffering losses. "It is not my fault, but I am suffering due to the negligence of the department. It becomes the duty of the government to make necessary appointments so that the industrialists do not suffer," he said.

Alleging that the authorities concerned of bias, GS Kahlon, president of the Ludhiana Motor Parts Association, said: "Pesticides are sprayed in nine rounds whereas five are required and this often leads to insecticide resistance and fluctuations in

insect population. Indiscriminate use of pesticides leads to contamination of soil, surface and groundwater. The residual concentrations of pesticides in fooditems is alarming, but still no such environmental clearance is required for agriculture.”

“Shockingly, high amounts of uranium and other heavy metals have been detected in some areas of Punjab when hair samples of 149 children and a few adults at Baba Farid Centre for special children in Faridkot were sent for test in Germany. It was suspected that they were suffering from mental retardation because of arsenic exposure. The test reports have revealed that 87 per cent of children below 12 years and 82 per cent beyond that age have higher level of uranium. It is understood that indiscriminate use of pesticides and fertilisers are responsible for this sorry state of affairs,” he added.

"It is high time that the government changes its environmental policy. The economic growth is suffering due to environmental constraints," added Sharma.

Agri sector tops pollution chart

Though the general industry is responsible for ‘minimum’ pollution, it is subjected to stringent conditions. The sector-wise Green House Gas Emissions (GHGE) in 2007 indicates that the general industry was responsible for only 8.7 per cent for pollution whereas the agriculture sector was responsible for 17.6 per cent pollution. Similarly, electricity generation accounted for 37.8 per cent pollution, transport 7.5 per cent, cement 6.8 per cent and residential sector 7.2 per cent.



Health dept oblivious of gastro, jaundice deaths
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The ignorance of the department of health and family welfare over the two deaths in Barewal village following gastroenteritis and jaundice in the past one week speaks volumes about the "casual" attitude of the department officials in maintaining the records.

Ram Prasad (26) suffered from diarrhoea and was admitted in the nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with jaundice. Thereafter, he was referred to the DMCH where he died after a week.

Another minor boy from Fatehpur locality in the same village lost his life to gastroenteritis following the "outbreak" on Friday evening.

The boy was among the dozen of people in the locality who fell sick after drinking contaminated water.

Ironically, the district health department despite having organised a special camp in the affected area, is oblivious of the deaths. The Tribune reporter having visited the area today contacted the district health officer (DHO) Dr DS Kochar to get the confirmation about the deaths but he expressed ignorance.

The DHO stated,"The problem lies with the attitude of the private hospitals as they fail to intimate us about the deaths despite the fact that they have been instructed to do so."

He said the authorities of the private hospitals that have failed to give the details of the deaths caused by seasonal diseases would be made answerable for their actions.

At the same time Mithu, father of Ram Prasad lamenting the death of his young son, said, "Despite having spent Rs 50,000 on his treatment, I could not save my young son and the responsibility lies with the administration as his problem started with contaminated water."

He further stated that some parts in Barewal village do not get potable water and many times the water supply remains suspended for days.

The leakage of sewage water into the pipelines supplying potable water is a frequent problem in the area but the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has failed to redress it till date, said Prem Nath and his wife Raj, residents of Barewal village.

Barewal worst-hit

Barewal village is the new name in the list of localities of Ludhiana which have been worst affected with gastroenteritis. The health department has confirmed 90 cases of gastroenteritis in the city and has been grappling with the disease in areas including New Kundanpuri, Tajpur Road, Tibba Road, Salem Tabri, New Madhopuri and Sherpur Chowk 



Victims of domestic violence dial 1098
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
If you are a victim of domestic violence, dial 1098 and register your complaint with the police helpline.

With the launch of a women helpline, the city police has put an end to the long-pending demand of residents of an exclusive helpline for women.

A woman cop has been deployed to attend the call at the helpline. She would be given the task of on-the-spot redressal of complaint. In case of domestic violence, a woman cop of police station concerned would rush to the spot to help the victim. For this, five women cops have been deployed in every police station.

The Additional Commissioner Police (ACP) of the respective division would personally look into the matter of domestic violence.

The helpline would also redress the complaints of senior citizens. Currently, the helpline facility is available on BSNL.

Police Commissioner Ishwar Singh said the helpline was on a trail run and the facility would be operational in four days. Not only the domestic violence cases, the helpline would provide timely police assistance to the victims of eve-teasing.

Besides, a free legal aid panel would be available in the women cell and a senior police official would be deputed to assist the victim of domestic violence.



Dog bite incidents on the rise
No supply of anti-rabies vaccine from govt
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
In yet another horrific incident of a feral dog turning man-eater, Sadhna, a three-year-old girl from Fatehpur village near Laddowal, was grievously bitten on the head, eye and face by a stray dog on Friday evening.

Gandhi and Soni were working in the fields when they heard their daughter shrieking as she was being attacked by the dog while asleep in the farmhouse.

The girl was immediately rushed to the Civil Hospital, where she was given treatment in the emergency ward.

"When I recall that moment of seeing my daughter's face, I become numb with fear. It was such a dreadful moment when I had to snatch her from the dog's mouth who also tried to bite me. But I gathered courage to drive him out of the house," said Soni, the girl's mother.

Interestingly, the Civil Hospital, where the parents rushed the child, was out of stock of anti-rabbies vaccines. A local NGO (Nikhil Trust), thankfully, came to

their rescue by providing them an anti-rabbies vaccine. Shocking as it may sound, the Punjab department of health and family welfare has failed to supply the vaccine in the past two years.

This is not the sole such case of dog bites being reported in both rural and urban hospitals in Ludhiana district.

The increase in dog bite cases is directly proportion to the increase in the stray dog population in Ludhiana district. But the apathetic attitude of the concerned departments is evident from the fact that neither has there been a foolproof policy to check the growth of stray dogs nor has there been supply of anti-rabies vaccine at the civil hospitals and health centres in the past two years.

As a result, patients seeking treatment in civil hospitals and health centres are being forced to buy expensive "human immunoglobins" from outside. These single-shot vaccines cost between Rs 4000 and Rs 5000, which is clearly beyond the reach of the poor and underprivileged.

No Vaccines

When contacted, Senior Medical Officer Dr US Sooch confirmed that there was no government supply of the anti-rabies vaccine in civil hospitals and health centres in the district. But he said he had no jursidiction over the purchase and supply of these life-saving vaccines.



Soft drinks or health hazard?
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
As opposed to their promotion as thirst-quenching agents, the soft drinks have been termed as the causative factors for multiple health hazards, including hyperactivity, obesity, type 2 diabetes, dental cavities and even osteoporosis.

The recent studies conducted in the Europe and US point towards the presence of caffeine, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate and aspartame in diet sodas which is "carcinogenic". The amount of aspartame in one can of diet soda produces an excessive amount of the carcinogen formaldehyde in the body.

Dr Pradeep Sharma, a dental surgeon at the Ludhiana Civil Hospital, in his recent presentation during a dental conference pointed towards the acidic nature of soft drinks which, if consumed over a long period of time, erode the tooth enamel. "It has been established in the clinical studies done on school children that soft drinks were the main cause of caries. It has also been suggested that the teeth should not be brushed soon after consuming soft drinks as the presence of acid results in further erosion to the teeth," observed Dr Sharma.

The paediatricians feel that the consumption of soft drinks should be discouraged among children, as they get addicted to caffeine which is an essential ingredient in 99 per cent of the sodas. It has been observed that some children get addicted to soda drinks to the extent that they cannot have their meals without them.

Said Dr Rajinder Gulati, executive board member of the India Academy of Paediatrics (IAP):"It is shocking that some kids consume up to 1000 ml of cola/soda in one day, which not only affects their health but also their mental health. The IAP is planning to put forth a proposal to the the HRD Ministry to discourage the use of soft drinks in educational institutions, specially schools," Dr Gulati said.

Also, caffeine causes increased excretion of calcium from the body, thereby harming the density of bones. As a result, the bones become brittle and children/adults become prone to fractures.

Sodium benzoate has been identified as the possible cause behind the DNA damage and hyperactivity, which has increased manifold in children addicted to soft drinks.



Menace shows no signs of let-up
Shivani Bhakoo/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
In the absence of dog shelters, anti-rabies vaccines with the health authorities, coupled with the slow process of sterilisation of stray dogs, these animals continue to rule the roost in the city. Though the civic body claims to be making all-out efforts to curb their ever-increasing population like engaging a private company for sterilisation, going by the pace, it seems it will take too long to check the menace.

According to a survey conducted by the Animal Welfare Board, a few years ago, there were about 18,000 stray dogs within the city limits. But sources in the Municipal Corporation maintain that the population of stray dogs could be anywhere between 35,000-40,000. Be it on the outskirts of city, congested roads, markets or posh and interior localities, the dogs roam freely, posing a threat to humans.

Doggie-Lane, the company hired for dogs’ sterilisation in the city, has been able to sterilise just 530 dogs in the past two months. Dr Himmat Singh Grewal, associated with the project, said:"We cannot just rush through the sterilisation process. A lot many factors are there, which need to be monitored while performing surgeries. In this humid weather, dogs get infected very easily. We have to take a lot of precautions." Dr Grewal added that while the sterilisation of male dogs could be conducted in the humid weather, for female dogs, doctors need to wait for the right season. "In females, incisions have to be long. There are more chances of infection. So we are waiting for the right time. These days, we are performing surgery on just four-five dogs daily," he said.

Meanwhile, fearing danger from stray dogs, residents have started beating these brutally. There are open wounds or injury marks on dogs roaming the streets, roads and market places. "What else we can do? They create a lot of nuisance. The other day, a stray dog attacked one of my customers, who had come to purchase mangoes. And I had to throw stones at it to save the customer," said Mehnga Ram, a fruit vendor at Field Ganj.

It is ironical that several NGOs/social organisations are getting grants for running their animal "shelters", but just 12-15 dogs are kept in these in order to continue to get the grants. Dr Charanjit Singh Uppal, Medical Officer, MC, said the authorities were aware of the problem. "To speed up our work, we are going to hold a meeting on this issue within three-four days," he said.

530 dogs sterilised

Doggie-Lane, the company hired for dogs’ sterilisation in the city, has been able to sterilise just 530 dogs in the past two months. Dr Himmat Singh Grewal, associated with the project, said:"We cannot just rush through the sterilisation process. A lot many factors are there, which need to be monitored while performing surgeries



New signages to grace city
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
Finding way to various localities, educational and medical institutions, commercial centres, etc inside the city as also directions to neighbouring towns, state and national highways while going out will become much easier once the ambitious signage project of the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) is in place.

Estimated to cost Rs 4 crore, the project envisages putting up 131 signposts of varying dimensions all over the city -- on national and state highways, internal roads, busy intersections and most of the localities of the city while also covering all eight entry and exit points to the city.

At present, the municipal corporation has put up signboards on some of the major roads, especially the entry and exit points, which help visitors find their destination. Under the GLADA signage project, the existing signboards will also be re-painted, renovated or replaced depending on their condition.

"The proposed signage system will cover almost the entire network of main and secondary roads and provide directions to important localities, government offices, utilities, educational institutions, hospitals, commercial hubs while also guiding the incoming and outgoing traffic to and fro other towns," an official of the engineering wing of GLADA told The Tribune.

The project, which is in the initial stages, will make binding provisions upon the execution agency for the maintenance of the signposts for a certain period depending on the life of the sheet on which directions are printed. "The average life of the sheet is seven to eight years, but it normally lasts for around 10 years. The execution agency will be asked to provide a bank guarantee, making them liable for proper maintenance, repair or replacement of these in case these get damaged or uprooted before the stipulated period," the official informed.

A consultant agency, hired by GLADA to identify roads and other spots where these have to be put up, has already finalised its detailed project report and submitted the same for execution.



Orders to form anti-ragging panel
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
Following the Supreme Court directions on ragging, the district administration today passed an order calling for the formation of an anti-ragging committee headed by the district magistrate.

The decision was announced during a meeting chaired by Assistant Commissioner (general), Ludhiana, JK Jain.

Giving details, Jain said: "Every college in the district will be required to be a member of this anti-ragging committee. Besides, each institute will also have a committee on similar lines at the college-level, besides an anti-ragging squad."

He added that all the members should be within the management of the college and no outsider should be made the member of the committee.

Jain said the ragging-prone areas, including hostels, would be identified by each college and special attention would be paid to them so as to ensure ragging-free environment in colleges.

"In case the member colleges require any assistance, they can contact the police department's control room at 98158-00251," Jain disclosed.

The Deputy Commissioner said that all colleges in the district have to adhere to the new directions from the current academic session.



MC demolishes ‘illegal’ building
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The building branch of the municipal corporation today demolished an "illegal" building opposite Prince Hostel, Zone D.
An illegal building being razed by municipal corporation in Ludhiana on Tuesday
An illegal building being razed by municipal corporation in Ludhiana on Tuesday. A Tribune photograph

The team was led by SS Bindra, Assistant Town Planner, Zone D. According to sources, the building was constructed near Malerkotla House. In 2008, a writ was filed against the "illegal" building by a local resident Steven Soni.

Another resident, Parveen Jindal, too, had filed the complaint and said: "We got the orders and demolished non-compoundable area of the house, which included front stairs, walls etc".

Another illegal construction was demolished by the team on Jassian road near Haibowal today.

In yet another incident at a crossing near Chander Nagar, a building was sealed by the department officials. "The defaulter had left front-parking at the time of plan approval, but now he had covered that area. We couldn’t remove it due to electricity wires, but the building has been sealed,” said Bindra.



2 youths consume insecticide, 1 dead
Our Correspondent

Nangal Khurad (Ludhiana), August 3
The Dehlon police has initiated probe into an incident in which two youths had reportedly attempted suicide by consuming some poisonous substance last evening.

While one of the youths was declared brought dead a Ludhiana hospital, the other is struggling for life at a private hospital here. Though the exact reason behind the incident is yet to be ascertained, it is suspected that the youths were disappointed over the cold response from girls they were inclined towards.

Sandeep Singh (23) and his friend Jatinder Pal Singh (20) allegedly consumed celphos with a cold drink at a tubewell room situated on outskirts of the village last evening.

Sandeep was shifted to a private hospital immediately and doctors put him on life support system. Jatinder Pal, who had slept in his room, was rescued only after Sandeep told doctors that he was not alone to consume the insecticide. He (Jatinder Pal) was declared brought dead at a hospital at Ludhiana. A visibly disorientated Sandeep Singh said they tried to commit suicide since their life was a burden. Though they had left their houses at about 1 pm yesterday, no one saw them during the day. Things were normal in both families till afternoon and nothing unusual was observed in behaviour of the boys. Rather, Sandeep had worked in his fields for many hours on the fateful day.

Gurmeet Kaur, mother of Sandeep, told that his (Sandeep’s) attitude towards his parents was not worth appreciating. The family had declared to disown him after he fell in a bad company earlier. It was only after the intervention of some relatives that his father Sukhdev Singh allowed him live in the family. Jatinder Pal was the only male member in his family. His father, an electricity board employee, had died long time ago. Out of meager earnings from land cultivation and pension drawn by his widow mother, Jatinder used to be spent most of it.

Police sources said the duo had talked to a girl before and after consuming the poison. The mother of the deceased, however, maintained that her son had consumed some expired medicine by mistake and nobody was responsible for the incident.



Dairy training ends at vet varsity
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The 15-day dairy farming training course for farmers of Punjab and neighbouring states was concluded at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana.

Dr HK Verma, course director, professor-cum-head, department of the veterinary and animal husbandry extension education, in his concluding lecture, interacted with farmers and dealt with their queries here today.

He revealed that after the basic training one can opt for commercial-level training organised by the university or can get hands-on training on other aspects like training programme organised by the dairy development department and animal husbandry department of Punjab.

A total of 46 farmers from Punjab, Haryana and neighbouring states, including three women farmers enrolled for current training.

Dr Kulbir Singh Sandhu, director, extension education, GADVASU, informed that the university was organising such training on regular basis viz dairy farming, poultry farming, piggery farming etc as per demand.

Dr RS Sahota, course co-ordinator of the training, advised farmers and discussed in detail the importance and future of dairy farming.

He further revealed that utmost care was taken to chose the topic for this training so that farmers could get a broader view of dairy farming like breeds, feed and feeding, management, conservation of fodder, diseases and their control, value addition etc.

During the training a special lecture was held on role of banking in livestock sector by DDM Nabard Nalin Rai to provide practical knowledge to trainees.



Teej celebrated with fervour

Doraha, August 3
Teej was celebrated with fervour at Doraha Public School here yesterday. The School campus wore effective look with flowers, colours and strings. A colourful cultural programme was presented by schoolchildren. The programme began with Shabad Gaayan, highlighting the importance and impact of Saawan.

Rajesh Chandran, co-ordinator of "My Revolution" enlightened the students about Saawan celebrations in various parts of the country. Tiny tots of classes 1st and 2nd stole the show with their vibrant performance of giddha. Electrifying performances like “Dholna” and “Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke” were other items which won applaud from one and all. — OC



Open darbar

LUDHIANA: An open darbar was held at SDP Senior Secondary School. The aim was to develop students’ personalities by solving their problems related to school and education.During the session, students' queries on yoga, karate, cleanliness and discipline were answered.

They were also told about a free dispensary, which is operating at Naulakha Garden. Questions regarding medical check-up of students were also answered. — TNS



Vandalism, violence against docs
City hospitals to adopt new security system
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
To tackle the growing incidents of violence against doctors followed by vandalism in hospitals, the Ludhiana chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has planned to hire “Common Hospital Security Agency”.

The IMA is hiring the services of a private limited hospital security agency, registered under the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005.

The company has well-trained security personnel to suit the requirements of the nature of duty.

Dr Narotam Dewan, president, IMA (Ludhiana), said the incidents of hooliganism in city hospitals had become a matter of concern. "Despite the fact that the state government has implemented the Act against this violence against doctors, some unruly elements from mob target the medical fraternity in private hospitals, which is why we are opting for the in-house security through an agency," said Dr Dewan.

All big hospitals of the city have their own security departments, but most of the small hospitals and nursing homes in the city had no security to safeguard their buildings and staff. Thus, the IMA (Ludhiana) has come up with the idea of introducing Common Hospital Security Agency.

Dr Hardeep Singh, honorary secretary of the IMA (Ludhiana), referred to the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations to ensure the safety of health facilities.

Dr Satish Naurhia, president of the Hospital and Nursing Home Association, has also endorsed this decision and all members of the association will become part of this security system. 



Gang of snatchers busted, 4 held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
With the arrest of four youths, the city police has claimed to have busted a gang of snatchers, who had spread panic in Salem Tabri and the surrounding areas.

The accused, identified as Jimmy of Jodhewal, Manoj Sharma of Haibowal, Sunny of Jassiya road and Chand Parkash of Varinder Nagar, were nabbed following a trap near Janakpuri late last night. While four accused were apprehended, two of their accomplices, identified as Mohit and Happy, managed to give police the slip. The police has recovered five gold chains from their possession.

According to ACP Paramjit Singh Pannu, all the arrested youths were school dropouts and chronic drug addicts. The accused belong to humble families and entered in the world of crime after their families reportedly refused to bear the expenses.

After remaining unemployed, the youths hooked on drugs and started snatchings to generate money.

Modus operandi

The gang used to target women, elders and physically challenged who could not pose resistance. The gang members used to ride on three bikes. While those on the first bike used to survey the area, the accused riding the second bike used to commit the snatching, while the third motorcycle was used for cover.

Recent strikes

July 16: Snatched chain of a woman near Jalandhar bypass.

July 18: Snatched chain of Nirmaljit Kaur from Punjabi Bag Colony.

June 30: Snatched chain of woman from Sandhu Nagar area.

June 30: Snatched chain of Anita after barging into her house in Kehar Singh Nagar.

June 23: Snatched chain of woman from Vishnu Puri area.



PO nabbed, six vehicles recovered
Tribune News Service

The proclaimed offender,
The proclaimed offender, Vikas Goel. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, August 3
The city police arrested a proclaimed offender (PO) and recovered six stolen vehicles from his possession late last night. The accused has been identified as Vikas Goel, a resident of Haibowal, who was on the run since April 2008 in connection of a fraud case.

The accused along with his accomplices took cars from the residents on the pretext of hiring.

The accused further used to sell these vehicles by making fake documents.

Vikas was nabbed during a security check form a bridge located in Balloke late last night, while his accomplice, identified as Pawandeep, alias Raja, managed to flee.

During interrogation, the accused told the police the location where the stolen vehicles were kept.



Industrialist convicted in cheque-bounce case
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
Disposing of an 11-year-old cheque-bounce case, the court of Judicial Magistrate Vipindeep Kaur has convicted an industrialist, Onkar Singh, owner of Onkar Agro Industries, Talwan Road, Phillaur. Pronouncing the orders, the court sentenced him to one-year imprisonment, a fine of ` 2,000 and ` 5,000 as litigation expenses.

The orders were pronounced while deciding the complaint filed by Vinod Dawar of Atam Plastic works, Mohindra Enclave, Ludhiana.

The complainant had submitted before the court that on February 6, 1999, he was approached by the accused for purchasing battery cell covers. He placed the order and handed over the cheque for ` 40,000.

Few days later, he supplied the goods and presented the cheque for collection to the banker. But the cheque was dishonoured for want of sufficient funds in the account. A legal notice was served on the accused but he failed to make the payment, he added.

However, the accused pleaded innocence. He said that he was not dealing with batteries in any manner. So, the question of purchasing the battery cell covers does not arise.

In order to prove his assertion, he also examined three witnesses.

However, after appreciating the evidence on record, the court observed that the accused could not explain as to how the cheque reached in the hands of the complainant and he never denied his signatures on the cheque.

All this shows that the cheque was issued in discharge of liability. Hence the accused stands convicted.



Darshan Academy start on a winning note
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 3
Hosts Darshan Academy, Ludhiana, began their campaign on a positive note recording victory in all age groups, including boys and girls in the Ludhiana Sahodaya East Table Tennis Tournament being held here today.

In championship (u-14), Darshan Academy got the better of Garden Valley International School, Machhiwara, whom they blanked 3-0, while Ryan International School, Ludhiana, scripted an identical win (3-0) over Gobindgarh Public School to book their berths in the final.

In the first semifinal, Sharandeep outplayed Harmanpreet 11-7 each to put Darshan Academy into the lead, while Harnoor pipped Nishant in straight sets 11-1, 11-8 to consolidate the lead (2-0). In the third match, Harnoor defeated Hardik 11-7, 11-6 to help his team to wrap up the issue 3-0.

In the second semifinal, Ryan International School went ahead as Mandeep, after some hiccups, managed to overpower his rival, Anmoldeep whom he outnumbered 11-7, 3-11 and 11-6.

They increased the lead through Jasjot who edgedpast Anubhav 11-6, 11-5, while Tanishq of Ryan International School beat Gurkirat 11-6 and 11-8 which saw them advance into the title clash match.

In the boys’ U-16, Guru Nanak Public School beat CS International School 3-0, while Darshan Academy survived a scare before romping home 3-2 against Ryan International School to setup the title clash.

In the boys’ U-19 section, Darshan Academy registered victory to move ahead along with Ryan International School to enter into the last four stages.

In the quarterfinal, Darshan Academy defeated Saffron City School 3-0 and Ryan International School ousted CS International School 3-0.

In the girls’ section also, Darshan Academy students performed well and made it to the final in the U-14 and 19 categories.

In the U-14 category, Darshan Academy scored an easy 3-0 win and Gobindgarh Public School outplayed Ryan International School 3-1 to enter the final.

In the girls’ U-19, Darshan Academy proved too good for Guru Nanak Public School as they came out triumphant 3-0, while Ryan International School beat Tagore International School in a similar fashion (3-0) to storm into the final.

Earlier, BL Hira inaugurated the tournament in which teams from 13 schools are taking part. Principal of Darshan Academy (retd) Lt. Col (Dr) RK Sharma, along with faculty and a large number of students were present.



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