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Now, GMCH in dock
Accident victim dies for want of ventilator,
wife accuses hospital of negligence
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
A 28-year-old truck driver survived a fatal accident but lost his life allegedly due to the negligence of doctors and paramedical staff at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, today.

Sukhwinder Singh died due to non-availability of a ventilator at the GMCH, alleged Amarjit Kaur, wife of the deceased. Sukhwinder was recuperating after being operated upon for abdominal injuries when his condition suddenly deteriorated and he immediately required a ventilator, said Amarjeet Kaur. However, the hospital staff expressed helplessness in arranging the machine, she alleged.

“My husband died as he was not given timely medical care. The apathetic attitude of doctors and paramedical staff added to our woes,” alleged the victim’s wife.

The bed of the patient in the ward was not in a proper condition and staff told her that no oxygen cylinder or ventilator was available, she alleged. “The staff was busy in making personal calls on phone when I was requesting them to take care of my husband,” alleged Amarjeet.

Sukhwinder, a resident of Kapurthala district, was injured when his truck collided with a tanker at Ambala Cantonment on the intervening night of September 2 and 3. He was brought to the GMCH with severe injuries and a surgery was conducted upon him yesterday. Today morning, his condition deteriorated and the paramedical staff at the hospital said he needed a ventilator.

Doc denies allegations

Denying allegations, Dr Usha Dalal, who conducted the surgery on Sukhwinder, said the patient was brought in a critical condition on September 3 morning with two major perforations. “The surgery was conducted upon him at 10 am and as there was no space in the emergency ward. He was shifted to male surgical ward after the surgery. On Saturday, he developed some respiratory complication and a call was given to the intensive care unit to shift him. But he died before he could be taken there, said Dr Dalal.

Bulbul case

It was on July 21 when a newborn had died due to negligence at another government hospital in the city. Bulbul was forced to move during labour pains at Government Multi-Speciality Hospital to different counters at the hospital when she delivered the baby in the OPD. The newborn’s head hit the floor resulting in death.



Govt departments default on water bills, MC helpless
Owe Rs 5.75 crore to civic body
Continue to get water
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is yet to recover Rs 5.75 crore as pending water charges from 126 government departments in the city. Though the civic body has disconnected water connections of the defaulter departments, they are managing their affairs by installing tubewells.

MC records reveal that there are 126 government departments on the defaulters’ list out of which 63 are of the Chandigarh administration. These departments owe MC over Rs 1 lakh each. Topping the list are the departments of UT administration that owe MC over Rs 4 crore.

From the last more than four years, all the divisions of UT horticulture department are not depositing their water bills and pending amount has now gone up to more than Rs 64 lakh for each division.

Interestingly, when the MC disconnected water meters of green belts, the UT authorities installed fresh tubewells. Similarly other departments, including the Registration and Licensing Authority, Punjab Press, Punjab Treasury and Punjab Government Police Barrack, whose water connections had been disconnected for not paying bills, are now getting water from the nearby buildings.

Expressing helplessness, MC superintendent engineer (public health) RK Goyal said except disconnecting water meters, the MC has no power to act against defaulter departments. He said for the last two years, they had been taking up the matter with the UT Adviser, but to no avail.



Beant Singh Memorial
UT pays for Punjab’s delay
Forced to shell out Rs 2.44 cr more
Smriti Sharma Vasudeva
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
The prestigious Beant Singh Memorial and Centre for Performing and Visual Arts at Sector 42, Chandigarh, that has been hanging fire for almost a decade now is proving to be a white elephant for the Chandigarh administration.

Sample this: The Chandigarh administration was forced to pay Rs 2.44 crore over and above the cost of the first phase of the project to a contractor undertaking construction at the site as the Punjab government failed to release the committed share for the project.

The unavoidable expenditure of Rs 2.44 crore pointed in the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) audit not only weighed heavily on the UT but the work at the site was also held up from May 2003 to July 2005.

The cost of the project as agreed upon between the executive committee of the Beant Singh Memorial Society and a Delhi-based contractual agency that was executed in 1999 for Rs 7.74 crores. However, the delay in payment as per a clause of the agreement resulted in an unnecessary expenditure to the tune of Rs 2.44 crores.

The audit report also mentions that had the society, which constitutes officials of the UT administration and the Punjab government, made the payment in time, the extra expenditure could have been avoided.

The startling revelation was made in a reply to an RTI query filed in the office of the Accountant General by a city resident, RK Garg. As per the clause 3.4 of the contract agreement, the time limit was the essence of the agreement. Further, as per the clause 12.1.1 of the agreement, it was agreed upon that if the work was stopped for a period of 90 days and if the owner failed to pay to the contractor on time, the contractor may, upon 30 additional days, sent notice to the owner, stop work or terminate the agreement. The agency invoked the provisions of this clause after the society failed to make the payment to the contractor.

At the time of the termination of the contract, the approximate work amounting to Rs 7.14 crore had been completed by the agency against the total agreement amount of Rs 7.74 crore. Also, as per the status of the work evaluated by the UT chief engineer in 2004, around 92.25 per cent work was completed when the contractor abandoned the work.

Later, when the remaining work amounting to Rs 60 lakh was allotted to another contractor, the cost escalated to Rs 3.04 crore due to increase in cost of construction and delay of more than five years and eight months for the completion of the Phase I of the project.



Utilising students’ council budget next challenge
Neha Miglani
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
Having spent lakhs on campaigning for students’ council elections this year, the winning contestants will now have Rs 15 lakh at their disposal for student welfare. While some student bodies claim to have spent Rs 8-9 lakh on council elections, others boast of being given Rs 10-12 lakh by their parent political party. Now, it’s time for the candidates to utilise the students’ council funds.

University officials suspect that the presence of four candidates of different parties in the council this year could cause hindrance in making the optimum use of the funds and even organising the student activities this year.

In an exceptional case, the 2009 Panjab University Campus Student Council (PUCSC) managed to utilise the fund completely. Otherwise, it is unable to make use of the funds each year. After organising activities like trips and cultural activities, the surplus fund is transferred to the university’s amalgamated fund. “Only the president has the power to sign the cheques to avail funds. Efforts were also made last year to provide this privilege to the general secretary to bring more accountability, but to no avail. The surplus fund is left each year and the demarcations have been made for trips and other activities,” said former general secretary of the students’ council Deepika Thakur.

“The council is empowered to utilise Rs 15 lakh and there is a break-up of each activity to be undertaken by the council members. The Vice-Chancellor had announced Rs 5 lakh more for an academic event about which we have no clue whether the amount has been added. Last year, we hosted an academic convention, Vimarsh, and we utilised the funds of ‘Jhankar’ to bear the cost,” said former council president Amit Bhaita.



Teacher, a paid instructor for some
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News service

Chandigarh, September 4
Though the Teacher’s Day was celebrated with fervour in city schools, it seems to have lost its relevance with the evident deterioration in teacher-student relationship.

Recent incidents of students slapping or bashing up their teachers have overshadowed all celebrations, leaving one pondering over the plight of issue.

“When we were young, we always idolised our teachers and their profession. Though all of them were strict, we shared a silent bond of mutual respect and trust. It seems to be a thing of bygone days now as after 20 years of teaching, today I have to think twice before taking any disciplinary action against a student,” said Sunita Rani, a teacher in one of the city government schools.

According to experts, the key reason behind such incidents is the changing psychology of today’s students.

“Children today are materialistic. The old concept of a mentor has vanished from the upbringing of students who consider teachers nothing more the paid instructors. Students today have inflated egos and cannot take an advice in good spirits. The key role to solve the issue can only be played by parents who need to inculcate values like respect in them right from the tender age,” says Aradhana Sharma, head of the department of psychology, DAV, Sector 10.

According to Madhu Bahal, principal, KBDAV, even teachers have made their own set of mistakes that have deteriorated things.

“To command respect one has to be ideal. In schools where teachers come to blows in staff rooms, what can one expect. A teacher has to become a mentor to gain students’ trust and respect. Teachers need to rework their relationship with students to solve problems,” she added.



Vice-Chancellors’ Conference
Politicians manipulating everything: Pahadia
Says he felt he has become a ‘signing machine’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
“There is a dire need for the education sector to move in tandem with the country,” were the opening remarks of Jagannath Pahadia, Governor of Haryana, while inaugurating the two-day North Zone Vice-Chancellors’ Conference being hosted by Panjab University, Chandigarh, in collaboration with the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) here today.

Amidst controversial remarks on the political set-up of the country and influence that politicians exert, Pahadia added ever since he took over as the Haryana Governor, he felt he was just a “signing machine”. In a conference with the theme “Expanding horizons of higher education: Challenges”, he did not skip the opportunity to add that everything in the social set-up was being manipulated by politicians.

He indirectly quoted an example from his state. He said he was invited to attend a ceremony to honour teachers on the eve of Teacher’s Day. He said he knew that certain good teacher did not get the honour, while certain politically well-connected candidates did.

He expressed concern at the prevailing education system that did not guarantee job. He also enjoined upon the gathering of vice-chancellors, deans and chairpersons to ensure that along with education, the students were also taught to value their cultural heritage. He said there should be uniformity in the education system all over the country. Vacant posts of teachers, lack of infrastructure, commercialisation of education, lack of vocational education were some of the lacunae responsible for the dismal state of affairs at state-level educational institutions, he said.

Beena Shah, secretary general, AIU, elaborated on the theme of the conference. Shah cited statistics to illustrate the plan of action required to give boost to the higher education sector.

GK Chadha, CEO, South Asian University, addressed the issue of higher education against the backdrop of world scenario. “We need to put our education system into a “vision and research” mode rather than one that focuses on degree-oriented approach,” Chadha said.

Welcoming the vice-chancellors of over 50 universities in the region, RC Sobti, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, urged the delegates to address the elemental question: “Are we actually educating or merely giving education?”

Sobti underlined the need to bring in expansion in the higher education sector in tenor with the developed world so that India can create world-class human infrastructure. He also referred to the responsibility of the decision makers to make education system an inclusive one so that those who were on the margin could have access to opportunity structures for capacity building.



Land Acquisition
17 yrs on, complainants to get compensation
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
More than 17 years after the award was announced for the acquisition of land in Mani Majra, UT residents will finally be compensated for it. Acting on an appeal filed by Dr AK Sinha and another appellant, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed: “Taking note of the facts of the case, the respondent is directed to deposit the compensation amount along with other statutory benefits with the Collector. Appellants, if so advised, may withdraw the same.”

In their appeal placed before the Bench of Justice Jasbir Singh and Justice Augustine George Masih, the appellants, through counsel Anand Chhibbar, contended that neither compensation was paid, nor amount was deposited with the Collector, even though it was mandatory under the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

The writ petition was initially dismissed on December 19, 2006, with the observation that the petitioners had challenged the acquisition proceedings after the award was announced on February 5, 1993. Elaborating on the legal proposition, the court had asserted that it had been held that after the award is announced, the writ petition was not maintainable.

The Letters Patent Appeal against the judgment was dismissed as withdrawn. The review application, too, was dismissed on August 22, 2008. Thereafter, an appeal was filed before the Division Bench.

During the proceedings, UT counsel Rajesh Garg said the calculation sheet had been supplied to the appellants and the administration was willing to pay the compensation, if so ordered.

Chhibbar argued that the appellants were not interested in getting the payment. The acquisition could not be sustained due to the existence of a legal flaw. The4 compensation was neither paid earlier nor deposited with the competent court, he said.

Disposing of the appeal, the Bench asserted: “Be that as it may, so far as challenge to the acquisition of land of the appellants is concerned, it has become final. The appeal filed by the appellants was dismissed as withdrawn. Thereafter, a review application was also dismissed. When notice of motion was issued on merits, an appeal was virtually dismissed. However, notice was issued only with regard to payment of compensation. At this stage, acquisition cannot be set aside under the circumstances.”



Tips given on setting up of neonatal units
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
A two-day national-level workshop on “How to set up a good neonatal unit” started at the PGI here today. There were two panel discussions, which gave the delegates an opportunity to ask questions about various issues in the setting up and maintaining a newborn unit.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) in the developed countries perform better than ours because they are planned, organised, streamlined in their functioning. It is hoped that the workshop will serve as an impetus to establishing equally efficient and well-organised newborn units all across the country, said current head of the newborn unit at the PGI, Dr Praveen Kumar.

The newborn unit of the PGI is one of the oldest in the country. It has been at the forefront of the newborn care revolution in India and started the country’s first ever super-speciality training programme in neonatology.

Besides, the workshop will deal with accreditation of newborn units, the architecture and physical infrastructure of neonatal ICUs, training and retaining the right kind of nursing and medical manpower, selecting the best equipments, maintaining the finances of a newborn unit, standardising patient data management, making standard treatment protocols, tackling medico-legal issues, establishing follow-up services, family centred newborn care, safety issues, quality assurance and prevention of epidemics in newborn units.

Prof Anil Narang, former head of the newborn unit at the PGI and head of the newborn unit at Chaitanya Hospital talked about the concept of regionalisation of neonatal care.

He emphasised the need for an efficient referral system with three levels of neonatal units, including level 1 (normal newborn nursery), level 2 (special care newborn nursery) and level 3 (intensive care nursery). He spoke about the standards that each level of newborn nursery was expected to meet.

Surinder Sawhney, an architect, talked about the architecture and physical infrastructure of a newborn nursery. He said the success of the design of a neonatal ICU depends on efficient process flows, detailed space programme and anticipation of future needs, appropriate interior finishes to optimise function and space, appropriate technology inputs and measures to control infections.

Dr Umesh Vaidya, chief neonatologist at KEM Hospital, Pune, provided a detailed description of the medical and nursing staffing pattern and the training requirements of the staff.

He cautioned the delegates that the intensive care of newborn babies was physically, mentally and emotionally demanding and may lead to a condition called “burn out” among nursing and medical staff.



Sufi singer spells musical magic
SD Sharma

Chandigarh, September 4
“The essence of all virtues is humility and Sufi spiritual awareness imbues a person with divine humility and he sees one in all and all in one.” A strong audience of 1,200 youngsters from the region was treated to a sermonised musical recital by Delhi-based Sufi singer Sidharath Mohan at a concert veritably titled “Sufi Strings” at Tagore Theatre here today.

The musical extravaganza, jointly organised by the World Alliance for Youth Empowerment (WAYE) and BGGI Sangrur, assumed special significance in view of the socio-cultural content and involvement of the youth for eradication of social evils, pollution and promote mutual harmony through the Art of Living movement.

Amidst lofty applause, Sidharath commenced the programme with an invocatory “Ganesh Vandna-Ganpati Bappa Morya” before enrapturing them with a Sufi composition “Mere naina” and a soulful song “Nahiyarva Sain ki nagri”. He doled out popular Sufi numbers like “Nitt khair manga”, “Tu mane ya na maane dildara” and more, concluding the dynamic performance with “Aavin Baba Naanka.

Sidharath, with his vocal brilliance, modulation of voice suiting to the lyrical intent of a song and adroit mastery over Spanish guitar established instant rapport with young audience mostly students and made them to dance in ecstasy. Sumit on octopad and Jajwinder Singh on dholak provided admirable accompaniment.

Earlier, WAYE regional head Ramnik Bansal exhorted the youth to take up responsibility of saving mother earth from the clutches of global warming simply by adapting to such food habits which could help stop global warming.

The Latest album of Sidharth Mohan titled “Sufi Strings” was also released on the occasion.



Rotation of enforcement staff
Implementation just on paper
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
Babus in the Chandigarh municipal corporation do not believe in implementing their own orders. Even after two years of MC Commissioner Roshan Sunkaria’s orders to rotate the enforcement staff every three months, a little has been done.

Records of the corporation showed that out of seven enforcement inspectors posted in the wing, three were transferred in 2006 from the engineering department and one of them was a junior assistant, two employees were shifted from medical office in 2008 and one was appointed on a contractual basis in 2007. Nine regular inspectors were posted on non-cadre posts in various departments by the authorities.

But till date they have not been reverted in the enforcement department.

At present, there are two sanctioned posts for inspectors and 20 posts for sub-inspectors in the enforcement department. Out of these, 16 have been filled by the authorities and eight are filled by employees from different wings. Recently, MC Mayor Anu Chatrath had sent a letter to MC Commissioner to bring back the cadre employees of the enforcement department but till date no action has been taken by the authorities.

Two years ago in a special meeting chaired by MC Commissioner Roshan Sunkaria, the problem of illegal squatters and encroachers was discussed. In the meeting, officials said encroachments in the city were due to the nexus between vendors and enforcement staff. It was decided that a format would be prepared by the enforcement department to keep a check on staff.



Mohali civil hospital to have more facilities
Our Correspondent

Mohali, September 4
The Mohali Civil Hospital is being given a facelift for the convenience of patients even as certain facilities to be added are being delayed as the extended block has so far not been handed over to the hospital authorities.

A major renovation work, which started about a month ago, is still in progress and would take another month or so to get completed. Parts of the building are being pulled down to house the OPD wing in one part of the hospital which earlier laid scattered here and there and patients faced difficulties in locating the rooms of the doctors they had to consult. These OPDs will now be in an area close of the SMO’s office.

The hospital is being given tiled flooring which will give it a much cleaner look. The corridor is being provided ceiling fans where chairs will be put up for patients to sit and wait for their turn. The emergency wing, which has now been made air-conditioned, is also being renovated. The hospital has got a new ambulance as the earlier one remained out of order most of the time.

A 10-bedded drug de-addiction centre and dialysis unit will start functioning from the extended block of the Civil Hospital.

The areas for both these facilities have been identified but are not becoming functional as the new building has so far not been handed over to the hospital authorities even when it had been assured that the extended block would be handed over on August 31.

Though new facilities are being added, the hospital faces staff shortage. Demand for more doctors and paramedics have been sent to the higher authorities. The hospital will now need more than 50 doctors. About 22 doctors are working at present.

The hospital will have to upgrade its computer system as well. Problems are faced by patients at the registration counter as computer software is outdated which adversely affects performance.



Traffic rules violations go unabated
Rajiv Bhatia

A vehicle takes the wrong side on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway in Zirakpur. Tribune photo: Nitin Mittal

Zirakpur, September 4
Despite 481 challans issued by the traffic police, motorists continue to violate traffic rules here. The challans were issued to helmet-less riders, those who had left vehicles at “no parking” zones, for wrong entry, driving without wearing seat belts, and driving without documents.

Zirakpur traffic in charge Devinder Singh stated that traffic cops had been deployed at all major intersections to check violations. The main importance of the drive, he said, was to keep a special check on underage riders.

Giving details of the challans, sources in the traffic police said more than 192 riders were challaned for not wearing helmet while driving. Another 45 were found driving without seatbelts.

About 46 vehicles were challaned for violating the “no-parking” restrictions and wrong entry. Thirty five motorists were challaned for triple riding. Forty one overloaded auto-rickshaws were challaned. However, only 13 vehicles were impounded.

Manpreet Singh, a resident of Zirakpur, says: “Most of the time youngsters are violating traffic rules and it is a serious matter.” He said the traffic police should call the parents of violators and asked them to keep vigil on their children.

Traffic in charge says, “We are planning to call a meeting with school principals and parents to solve traffic violation problem.” Awareness camps would be organised in schools in coming days, he adds.



Mohsina Kidwai visits AICC meet venue at Mohali
Tribune News Service

Mohali, September 4
Mohsina Kidwai, general secretary of the All-India Congress Committee (AICC), today said the elections to the post of president of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) would be held on September 17 and nomination process for the same would begin on September 12.

On a visit to the city to review arrangements being made for the mini-session of the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) scheduled for September 27 at Mohali, Mohsina Kidwai, who is also in charge of the Punjab affairs of the party, expressed satisfaction after visiting the Dasehra ground at Phase 8 here. Kidwai was briefed about the preparations by Kharar MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu, who has been made convener of the session.

On being asked about complaints of Punjab Congress leaders getting their wives and children enrolled as delegates, she said she had not received any complaint in that regard so far.

She said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party general secretary Rahul Gandhi and other senior leaders of the party would be taking part in the session in which party delegates and leaders from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir would also be coming. Around 6,800 delegates were expected to participate in the session.



5 suspected of dengue in Mohali
Our Correspondent

Mohali, September 4
Five persons, suspected to be suffering from dengue fever, were reported at different hospitals in Mohali today. While three of them have been admitted to Fortis Hospital, two were being taken care of in the Mohali Civil Hospital.

Dr Jai Singh, district health officer, said those admitted to the civil hospital include Jatinder Singh (26), a resident of Adarsh Colony, Balongi, and Gautam (36) of Mohali village.

Those admitted to Fortis Hospital are Jagneet Singh and Ramneet Singh, both residents of Phase III-A and Manjit Kaur (66) from Phase III B 2.

The health official rapid test conducted on these patients has shown them to be positive, but the confirmatory report was still awaited. It will be available in two days. He added that a container survey was being done in the affected areas.



Demolition drive by GMADA
Tribune News Service

Demolition drive in progress near Jagatpura village on Saturday. A Tribune photograph

Mohali, September 4
The enforcement staff of Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) carried out a demolition drive near Jagatpura village here today. The demolition drive was carried out for the second consecutive day to remove illegal kiosks used to sell meat and poultry.

According to sources, a few days ago, Air Force authorities had written to the district administration to remove kiosks, as the meat shops were attracting birds.

Being located near the landing strip at the Air Force station, birds posed a threat to the aircrafts. SDM RPS Walia said strict orders had been passed to remove the encroachments.



Owe you everything teacher

Chandigarh: GGDSD College, Sector 32, celebrated the Teacher’s Day today. While addressing all teachers, principal AC Vaid said, “We have all gathered here on this auspicious day with a purpose to introspect our performance and potential.” He urged teachers of his institution to be truthful to the profession and “justify the very attractive salaries that they are now earning.”

Mount Carmel

The Teacher’s Day was celebrated at Mount Carmel School, Sector 47-B, today. Students from classes KG to X participated in various competitions. Colouring contest, solo dance, English poetry recitation, calligraphy, mask making, tattoo making, rangoli, mehandi designing and English debate were held.

Bhavan Vidyalaya

With great enthusiasm and fervour, the Teacher’s Day was celebrated at Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh. A host of activities were held to mark the day.Staff of the school was greeted by schoolchildren with cards and flowers. Students paid tributes to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Students highlighted the importance of teachers in shaping up their lives.

Government College-20

The Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great fervour at Government College of Education, Sector 20. A cultural show was presented in which students expressed their views, sang and danced cheerfully. Competitions were held for teachers. These celebrations were followed by a one-day NSS camp.

Government Model High School

The Teacher’s day was celebrated at Government Model High School, Sector 36. Students and teachers greeted each other with cards and flowers. Students performed a skit on a teacher’s contribution as a nation builder. Rakesh Sood, headmaster of the school, congratulated students and teachers.

Guru Nanak Public School

Guru Nanak Public School celebrated the Teacher’s day with great zeal and fervour.

Principal Gurnam K Grewal emphasised on the role of a teacher as a guide, a motivator and a counsellor and urged students to imbibe good qualities. The whole school witnessed scintillating performances of the school’s band.

Divya Public School

The Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at Divya Public School, Sector 44-D. Various activities like poem recitation, quotation writing and article writing were held. A slideshow on tireless efforts and persistent hard labour of founder of the school Rattan Singh in establishing the school was presented.

Mohali: The Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm, fun and frolic at Golden Bells Public School, Sector 77, Mohali.

Students of Class X were dressed as their favourite teachers and took classes. They highlighted the importance of the day. They presented a colourful fiesta. Songs, dances and bhangra were performed. Chairman of the school Col CS Bawa (retd) advised teachers to uphold the noble values attached to the esteemed teaching profession. He also advised students to emulate teachers as their role models.

Sri Sukhmani International School

At Sri Sukhmani International School, the day was celebrated with fun and frolic. Students welcomed teachers by applying ‘tilak’ and ‘tying mauli’. The function commenced with the lighting of lamp by chief guests Prof Avtar Singh and director Kanwaljeet Kaur.

St Soldier School

At St Soldier School, the day began with a morning assembly, where seven teachers were awarded for their achievement during the session 2009-2010. Narinder Kaur and Manjeet Rai were honoured as ‘Best House Wardens’. Narinder Kaur and Arwinder Bajwa received awards for best classes X and XII results, respectively.

Gian Jyoti

The Teacher’s Day was celebrated at Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology, Phase II, Mohali. Students gave cards, flowers and gifts to their teachers.

JS Bedi, chairman of GJ-IMT, lit the lamp and spoke on the role played by teachers. He lauded the role of teachers in building up the character of students. He said Dr Radhakrishnan had devoted his life to the teaching profession.


The day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at AKSIPS-65 . A special assembly was conducted, where rich tributes were paid to Dr Radha

Krishnan. Dandia and bhangra added zing and colour to the programme.

Gurukul Vidyapeeth

To acknowledge the role of mentors in society, Gurukul Vidyapeeth celebrated the Teacher’s Day on its Mohali campus. The management, staff and students of various institutes were present on the occasion to celebrate the birthday of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, also the former President of India .

Dr SM Kant, director, Youth Welfare, Punjab University, and Chandigarh, graced the occasion as chief guest. Dr Kant stressed on the importance of value-based education for making a better society and also the role of teachers in providing quality education. He also encouraged students to join teaching as a profession not by chance but by choice. Manmohan Kumar Garg, CEO, Gurukul Vidyapeeth, said in the rapidly changing and interdependent world, teachers not only had to ensure that students acquired solid skills in basic subjects, but also became responsible citizens.

Teachers honoured

Veteran teachers honoured in Panchkula on Saturday. A Tribune photograph

Panchkula: Veteran educationists were felicitated on the eve of Teacher’s Day. A function was organised by the Forum of Senior Citizens in Education at the Atam Auditorium of Shri Jainendra Gurukul, Sector 1, here today.

S Khurana, GS Sardana, RK Jain, Karan Singh, Deputy DEO, Panchkula, (retd) and VK Jain, secretary, Gurukul, were among those honoured by the forum. Besides, eminent educationists from the city, including Sudha Babbar, Sunita Nain, Santosh Sharma, Renu Madan and Adarsh Gupta and students who topped in the district, were also honoured on the occasion. The forum’s publication-“The Forum on Move” and ‘Smriti-ke-Path Par’, a book written by Usha Kumar were also released on the occasion. Padam Shri KL Zakir, secretary, Haryana Urdu Akademi, lauded the services rendered by the forum. Students of Shri Jainendra Public School presented a cultural show on the occasion.

Government College

A talent show was organised at Government College, Sector 1, to mark the Teachers’ Day. Prizes sponsored by Kurukeshtra University were given to the winning students. Dr RC Goyal, principal, presiding over the function and appreciated the efforts and participation of students.

St Xavier’s High School

Students of the St Xavier’s High School presented a well choreographed dance to mark the Teachers’ Day. Principal George Shear spoke on the role of teachers as well as students in enhancing student-teacher relationship.

Bhavan Vidyalaya

The Teacher’s Day was celebrated with fervour and passion by students and staff of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 15, here today. The day began with performances by all four houses followed by awards given by students in their own style to teachers. Principal Shashi Banerjee thanked students.



Post poll, egos clash on campus
Neha Miglani
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 4
A day after declaration of the poll results, rival quarters today designed a “trouble-creating” strategy for the incumbent council members. With joint secretary of the PU student council Subhash Chander suddenly switching party from Indian National Students Organisation (INSO) to Haryana Students Association (HSA) last night, the new council is now a multi-party dominion.

All four-office bearers of Panjab University Campus Students Council (PUCSC) hail from four different student organisations and the year ahead could be a tough one for student politics on the campus.

Switching party


The act of changing party has landed joint secretary Subhash Chander in controversy. INSO leader Deepika Thakur said, “Winning candidates are being threatened. Subhash feared that INSO had nobody who would indulge in violence to save him from the rivals.”

H SA version

Varun Malik of the H SA said, “There was no pressure on Subhash and he himself went to the Dean Student Welfare on Friday at 11pm to give his confirmation in written.”

To add to the woes of the Dean Student Welfare office, which maintains a balance between the council members, the crucial post of general secretary has fallen in the kitty of Student Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU) and Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

SOPU can now disrupt plans of president Gurindervir Singh Aulakh of Panjab University Students Union (PUSU), who is a first year student of University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET).

“There is nothing that the opposition can do, since the post of president is crucial, which was won by our party. Even if there is friction between the members, we will continue to do work, which was being done even when we were not in power,” said PUSU leader Simranjit Singh Dhillon.

SOPU leaders on the other hand were confident of ‘not letting PUSU’ and the council function smoothly.

“We have been working hard, be it the first job fair or the teachers evaluation. The only thing that we did not do was publishing our achievements and this is exactly what the rivals did. The alignment of the council this year is such that it is impossible to create an atmosphere to work,” said SOPU leader and former council president, Amit Bhatia.

Certain girls involved with a prominent student party in girls hostel number 1 today made an attempt to pressurise the winning vice-president candidate from INSO, Vibha, by leaving an envious note outside her room.



Law Course
KU ends govt college’s dreams
Sanjay Bumbroo/TNS

Panchkula, September 4
To start law course at Government College in Sector 1 here has hit the roadblock, as Kurukshetra University (KU) has not approved the same. The two-member committee headed by Dr VK Razdan, which had visited the college campus on July 17 to assess the feasibility to start the law course, in its report to KU had stated that college lacks basic infrastructure as per the norms laid by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

The college had not separate complex to run the three-year LLB course, the committee report added. It is important to mention that two-members Dr VK Razdan and Dr RP Sharma visited the college campus. After the inspection the committee submitted its report to the university and the same would be sent to the BCI.

Confirming the new development RC Goel, principal of the Government College, said he had tried his best to start the law course, but the college didn’t had expansion capacity as the complex was covered by road from three sides.

He suggested that the law college could be started at the Government College for Girls in Sector 14, as there were only 800 girl students there, who could be transferred to their college.

VK Bansal, patron Shivalik Vikas Manch, said he would take up the matter with Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Human Resources, to change the norms for starting the law courses here.

He said there was no point spending money worth crores in setting up a law college where only 180 students could get admission.



It’s time to pay back
3 city teachers to get national award
Tribune News service

Chandigarh, September 4
For them, teaching came as a noble passion and after investing several years, they are to get their due finally. Three city teachers Sartul Singh, Government Primary School, Mani Majra, Dr Laita Nandel, DAV Model School, Sector 15, and Dharamvir Singh Jaglan, GMSSS, Sector 26, have been chosen for the national awards to be conferred on them in New Delhi on September 5.

“I joined teaching in 1971 and after 31 years I feel duly satisfied with what I have got. I teach primary classes and that is the time when you lay foundation of a good and promising student. Of course, this award means a lot, but I get more satisfaction when I see my pupils excelling in various fields. Selfless encouragement is key to my success,” said Sartul Singh.

“I have been teaching for the past 17 years and every single day has come as a fresh award. I have always emphasised on chiselling the best in students rather than gearing them up for any rat race. Constant communication and faith is what has made my passion my best credit,” said Dr Lalita Nandel.

“Physical education has never got its due importance, but this award has surely given me a true satisfaction. I started my journey in 1990 and it has been utterly satisfying. I myself was too fond of games but whenever I found people stopping their kids from playing, I strengthened my pledge of being a sports teacher,” said Dharamvir Singh.



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