Committed parliamentarian
Reviewed by V. Eshwar Anand
Keeping The Faith: Memoirs of a Parliamentarian
By Somnath Chatterjee.
Pages 397. Rs 499.

IT is not always easy for a celebrity to do memoirs, recapitulating his career in public life over a span of four decades. The writer, an outstanding parliamentarian, has done a splendid job. A Barrister, Somnath Chatterjee’s entry into politics was as sudden as his decision not to contest the 2009 Lok Sabha elections and thus giving a break to his 38-year innings in Parliament.


No flavour to savour
Reviewed by Rachna Singh
Sex in Cinema: A History of Female Sexuality in Indian Films
By Fareed Kazmi.
Pages 375. Rs 395.
THE title of Fareed Kazmi’s book Sex in Cinema is somewhat misleading. The book offers neither titillation nor an analysis of cinematic images of carnality that the title suggests. Instead, it attempts to unravel the academic implications of the concept of Western feminism in the context of Bollywood cinema.

Love story with a twist
Reviewed by Aditi Garg
Hostel Room 131
By R. Raj Rao
Penguin Books.
Pages 228. Rs 250.

T is said love is blind. It transcends barriers of age, religion, caste, colour and apparently, even sex. When love is chemistry and sex is a physical expression of the same, it can just as well happen between two consenting adults of the same gender. Matters of heart refuse to be bound by conventional rules. One stricken by it is impervious to all reason.

In pursuit of sustainability
Reviewed by D. S. Cheema
Education for Sustainable Development: Challenges, Strategies and Practices in a Globalising World
Eds Anastasia Nikolopoulou, Taisha Abraham, Farid Mirbagheri.
Sage Publications.
Pages 232. Rs 795.

n Agenda 21 was the first international document that identified education as an essential tool for achieving sustainable development and highlighted the areas of action for education. Education for sustainable development has assumed significance in the recent past, especially since UN General Assembly declared 2005-14, the UN decade of education for sustainable development.

Coexisting creatively
Humra Quraishi
New Delhi-based German writer Roswitha Joshi talks of her new book, Indian Dreams, and being in India
oswitha Joshi has that passion to write. The latest is this novel Indian Dreams (UBSPD). And though this is not the first time I am writing about her in the context of her books, but then, each time I see her equipped with oodles of enthusiasm and that intensity to write further on. Perhaps, this alone explains that want, that need to write and offload more and much more.

Game for civility!
Kiran Bedi co-authors a book on civic sense ahead of the CWG
oVED by the 'not so good' image of civic sense of Indians among foreigners, India's first woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi has brought out suggestions for laymen to improve their civic behaviour ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Back of the book
Climbers, clues and chronicles
Stageplay: The Journey of An Actor
By Sushma Seth.
Amaryllis. Rs 350.

  • No Way Down
    By Graham Bowley.
    Penguin. Rs 499.

  • Bottom of the Heap
    By Reeti Gadekar.
    HarperCollins-India. Rs 250.

  • The Golden Gandhi Statue from America
    By Subimal Misra.
    Harper-Perennial. Rs 199.

  • Invisible Forgotten Sufferers: The Plight of Widows Around The World
    By Vijay Dutt.
    Konark Publishing House. Rs 600.

  • Yaraana: Gay Writings from South Asia
    Edited by Hoshang Merchant.
    Penguin. Rs 350.