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A grim day in the city
Young woman’s charred body found
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

The hand (coloured with heena) of the victim.
The hand (coloured with heena) of the victim. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, October 26
The colour of henna on her palms is still fresh but no one knows whose wife, daughter, sister or mother she was. Was she married or not remains a mystery, but the charred remains of the unidentified woman thought to be in her mid 20s have created panic in the city’s Kirti Nagar locality.

The incident came to light when Raj Kumar, a resident of nearby Moti Nagar, raised an alarm after noticing the partially burnt corpse of what appeared to be a woman early today morning. According to him the body was lying in a vacant plot near the municipal corporation's water tank in Kirti Nagar.

Except some parts of the hands and legs, the entire body was charred. The police suspect the woman was murdered and then her body was burnt to eliminate any physical evidence.

A large quantity of kerosene was used to burn the body. Residents of the locality said they thought someone had set the huge pile of garbage littered in the area on fire. However, the police officer investigating the case said they did not notice any outsider visiting the area.

The condition of the skin of the hands and legs indicated the woman might have been killed last night. The cops reached the conclusion she was killed before being set on fire from the fact that the victim might have possibly screamed. Area residents gave credence to the police’s theory and claimed they did not hear any screams.

The police has also spotted bloodstains near the body, which it said indicated the victim suffered a fatal wound.

Assistant police commissioner Bhupinder Singh, who arrived at the scene after the charred body was discovered, said the suspect or suspects behind the murder was likely to be someone residing in the vicinity and who must have been familiar with the area.

“Soon after the woman’s remains were found the division no 7 police station SHO flashed a message to all police stations in the state, asking them to send details about any girl or woman reported missing recently. The CID was also informed about the matter.

The police visited the colonies located in the vicinity and questioned residents about any woman disappearing lately.

"The victim was 5 foot 2 inches tall and had a dark complexion. We’ll conduct a DNA test on the woman’s body. If need be we’ll also conduct a facial reconstruction of the victim," said Bhupinder.

Meanwhile, the police has filed a case under section 302 of the IPC and begun investigations.




Scissors left in woman after surgery
Kin accuse CMCH of negligence
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

The X-Ray shows a pair of scissors left in the woman’s abdomen by a team of surgeons at Ludhiana.
The X-Ray shows a pair of scissors left in the woman’s abdomen by a team of surgeons at Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, October 26
High drama was witnessed at the city’s Christian Medical College & Hospital after attendants accompanying a female patient who was operated upon recently staged protest against members of the operating room staff for reportedly leaving a pair of scissors in her abdomen.

Alleging "negligence" on the part the hospital staff, the patient’s husband and his relatives demanded immediate termination of the operating room team of doctors/staff nurses.

Renu, 28, a resident of Hoshiarpur, underwent surgery for an entopic pregnancy surgery at the hospital on October 3 and remained in postoperative care for 15 days. Thereafter, having been pronounced fit, she was discharged from the hospital. However, even three weeks after the surgery she experienced discomfort and acute pain in her abdomen.

Accompanied by her husband, Bhanu, she went to CMCH on October 25 for a checkup. The attending doctor asked them to get an x-ray and ultrasound scan conducted on Renu. Much to the shock of the patient and her husband, the x-ray report said there was a pair of scissors in the abdomen, about which the operating doctor had apparently forgotten during the surgery.

Bhanu, who runs a medical store in Hoshiarpur, said: "We’d not have protested had the surgeon and the doctors concerned admitted their mistake. But it was shocking when the hospital staff tried to take away the x-ray and scan reports instead of readmitting my wife and taking care of the problem. Despite having promised further treatment the hospital officials didn’t even admitted my wife”.

The patient and his wife were waiting in the reception for the hospital to provide them a room till the filing of this report.

However, referring to the matter, a senior physician at the hospital claimed the “unfortunate incident” occurred after a pregnant doctor who was assisting the operating team, fainted during the surgery.

Staff suspended

CMCH medical superintendent Dr Kanwal Masih said the team of surgeons, doctors and nurses involved in the operation was put under suspension. "An inquiry panel of experts has been set up and will thoroughly investigate the matter and then submit a detailed report on the matter. "We’ll be very fair in dealing with the case as the hospital has always stood by the patients coming here for treatment," he added. 




Two abandoned sisters rescued
Tribune News Service

The abandoned sister who were adopted by the SGB Children’s Home in Talwandi Dham near Ludhiana on Tuesday.
The abandoned sister who were adopted by the SGB Children’s Home in Talwandi Dham near Ludhiana on Tuesday. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, October 26
Two sisters, who were abandoned near a temple located in New Aggar Nagar near Barewal, about two days ago, were adopted by an NGO here today. Both girls were taken by members of an orphanage in Talwandi Dham near Mullanpur.

The matter came to light when Satwir Shamra, a resident of New Aggar Nagar, spotted the two girls sitting near the temple’s door.

The girls, identified as Puja (eight) and Aarti (six), claimed that they had been abandoned by their father.

Sharma enquired about the parents from the girls. Meanwhile, the Barrewal police reached the spot and started locating the girls’ kin. The elder girl told the police that her father’s name was Mohanto, a rickshaw puller by profession, who hails from Bihar.

She further told the police that her mother identified as Urmi had eloped with a man recently, following which their father was looking after them.

She told the police that her father took her and his younger daughter Aarti on the pretext of visiting a market. On reaching near a temple he told both of them to alight from the rickshaw and left them on the pretext of buying an ice cream. He did not return.

However, they could not tell the exact location where they were living. The police tried to locate the abandoned girls parents, but to no avail, following which they informed the district administration about the incident. The district administration further informed the activists of Talwandi Dham who took the girls in their custody.


Finally, MC finds a shelter for stray cattle
Signs agreement with Govind Godham
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 26
The Municipal Corporation has finally signed an agreement with an NGO for providing a shelter to abandoned bovines.

The civic body today reached an agreement with Govind Godham located at the Hambran road in this regard. The NGO would start catching the cattle and house them at Govind Godham with immediate effect.


n Govind Godham to maintain stray cattle
n Rs. 30 per day, per cow, the maintenance charges
n Lifting of animals gaushala’s responsibility
n MC to keep a check on cruelty against animals
n Gaushala to inform MC before lifting cattle
n Gaushala to maintain register

‘‘Negotiations with a few gaushalas were going on since long as the menace of the stray cattle reached an alarming proportion. Govind Godham has agreed to shelter and take care of these animals after accepting maintenance cost of Rs 30 per day per cow/bull from the corporation. On an average, about Rs 900 will be spent on maintenance of each cow per month,” said AK Sinha, Municipal Commissioner.

The Municipal Corporation has constituted a 10-member committee to ensure that the project turns out to be successful. Four representatives of the Municipal Corporation led by Senior Deputy Mayor Parveen Bansal, Assistant Commissioner AS Sekhon, Medical Officer Charanjit Uppal and Chief Sanitary Inspector (Zone A) Surinder Dhiman will ensure that no cruelty on animals was being done while lifting cows from roads. The gaushala authorities have been directed to tag the cattle before catching them so that the Municipal Corporation has a record of all stray cattle sheltered by the NGO.

A survey conducted by the corporation states that there are nearly 500 stray cattle roaming in the city roads. The Municipal Corporation was forced to take action when two persons died after being attacked by stray bull in different part of the city. 



Karva Chauth celebrations go hi-tech
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 26
As the times are changing, so are the rituals and with the advancement of technology, the methods of celebrating Karva Chauth are also evolving. The hi-tech “bahus” whose spouses are settled abroad found an innovative way to break their fast.

A majority of women were logging on to Skype and Yahoo Messenger since morning and were busy chatting with their soul mates.

They said after seeing the moon they would chat with their husband and then would break their daylong fast.

Manju Mehan, a sexagenarian, who was keeping fast for her husband’s long life for the last 35 years, was helped by her daughter-in-law to do video conferencing.

Manju, who is an American resident, is visiting India for the “mundan” ceremony of her grandson.

“Since the time I got married, I always broke my fast after seeing my husband. This time I was worried about the fact that I had to break my fast without seeing my husband. But my daughter-in-law solved my problem. She called my daughter in America and made arrangements for video conferencing. I am chatting with my husband since morning and would break my fast after seeing my husband,” said Manju.

Mandeep Kaur Bhullar, who got engaged earlier this year, was also excited about Karva Chauth.

“My fiancé lives is Australia. So we decided to see each other through video conferencing. He is also keeping fast for me. We would break our fast after seeing the moon and each others’ faces this evening. Really technology has made a difference in my life,” said Mandeep Kaur.

The hi-tech wives were also seen checking the time of the appearance of the moon on the Internet.



Rly freight contractors’ strike ends
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 26
The two-day old strike by railway handling and transport contractors at the city train station’s goods shed ended today. Loading and unloading of freight wagons resumed early this morning after an extended late evening meeting of district and Northern Railway (NR) officials with representatives of the striking contractors’ Union.

As the meeting, convened by additional deputy commissioner Kuldeep Singh and also attended by senior railway officials including divisional traffic manager GP Singh and Ludhiana station superintendent RK Sharma, remained inconclusive, deputy commissioner Rahul Tiwari joined in and persuaded the freight loading contractors to resume work.

He assured them the administration would take up the matter with divisional railway officials for remission of heavy demurrage and wharfage for delay in unloading of wagons on October 22 and 23. NR officials said they were in “constant touch” with the divisional officials who were “earnestly” looking into the matter.

Initially, the representatives of the striking contractors stood their ground saying they would resume work only after the penalty imposed on them was “remitted forthwith, or at least a written undertaking to this effect was given to them” by NR officials. However, they later relented and resumed work today morning.

Rajesh Kumar, president of the Handling & Transportation Contractors Union, said both district and Northern Railway officials had given an assurance to take up the case for remission of demurrage and/or wharfage with the NR divisional headquarters, adding “a satisfactory outcome was expected”.

"In view of the congestion likely to occur at the goods shed due to disruption of loading and unloading, we’ve resumed work this morning. Hopefully, in a day or so normal movement of railway rakes will be restored”, Kumar stated.

Sharma told The Tribune divisional railway officials were kept posted with the development. “According to the assurance given to the striking contractors, a strong case for remission of penalty has been made and forwarded to the NR divisional headquarters for immediate disposal. Meanwhile, normal functioning at the train station’s goods shed had been restored”, he added.



Two-yr jail in cheque-bounce case
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 26
Judicial Magistrate Rajvinder Singh has convicted Des Raj of Bharwain tehsil, Una district, Himachal Pradesh, in a cheque-bounce case of Rs 4 lakh.

He was sentenced to undergo two years of imprisonment. The court also ordered the accused to make the payment of Rs 5,000 as a fine.

The court pronounced the orders while deciding on a complaint moved by Anil Kumar of Waitgang, Ludhiana. The complainant had stated before the court that in November 2006, the accused had approached him for financial assistance. In view of their earlier relations, he gave him Rs 4 lakh.

In order to make the payment, the accused issued a cheque of Rs 4 lakh in February 2007. It was assured at the time of handing over the cheque that the same would be encashed on its presentation to the bank.

But when the cheque was presented to his banker for encashment, it was dishonoured on March 24, 2007 with the remarks “funds insufficient”. A legal notice was sent to the accused calling upon him to make the payment of dishonoured cheque. But he failed to make the payment.

However, the accused pleaded not guilty.



Karva Chauth celebrated with religious fervour
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 26
Karva Chauth- fast kept for the well-being and long life of husbands by women- was celebrated with religious fervour in the city. Women dressed in bright coloured clothes with reds and pinks dominating the scene celebrated the festival with great enthusiasm.

In the wee hours today, women ate sargi. Some of them were accompanied by their mother-in-laws and kids, while others enjoyed sargi with their better halves. To keep themselves busy till evening, they made several programmes, which included playing of games like tambola, cards, etc.

Even many unmarried girls kept the fast to get “good and understanding” husband. On asking, a college student, Dikshita said, “This is for the first time, I am keeping the fast. My grandmother asked me to keep the fast if I wanted to get an understanding husband.”

At around 4 pm, thali exchange functions were held where priests were called for katha. Women exchanged thalis and sang particular song meant for the occasion.

Sutlej Club

Women had a gala time at the Sutlej Club here last evening, as they were given free coupons for mehandi and bangles. An attractive cultural programme was also organised for club members. Dandia remained the main attraction and women dressed in Indian outfits played dandia to various Hindi tunes. Officials, including club president Rahul Tewari, MC Commissioner AK Sinha and Prem Chand accompanied their better halves to enjoy the programme.



Addiction to cough syrups on the rise
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 26
Cough syrups are not only being used as suppressant by those suffering from chronic bronchitis and other upper respiratory tract infections, but are being also used by the youth as neurological opiates as they contain codeine, an alkaloid of opium.

Thousands of youths have fallen prey to the addiction of cough syrups. Thus, serving standard syrups is fast emerging as a fashion during celebrations.

Time is not far when youngsters of flourishing families will impress upon their parents to organise stalls serving bottles of cough syrups during marriage celebrations too.

Though authorities, responsible for checking abuse of the pharmaceutical, denied bulk sale of cough syrups, empty bottles of popular brands-‘opiate’-near educational institutes, public places, hostels and canals contradicts their claim.

Increase in the abuse of cough syrup by youth had virtually made it unavailable for being used as suppressant. Corex, Rexcoff and Phensdyl, which are frequently prescribed as suppressants by the physicians, are either not available to genuine patients or they had to pay premium price for the same. Reason behind this tendency is that the addicts are ready to pay double and triple price for purchasing these brands.

Unlike earlier trend when the youth used to gulp the syrup hurriedly without being noticed, groups of youths relish the narcotic in leisure time. These youths can be seen enjoying near bridges, banks of canals and other picnic spots.

A wholesaler dealing in medicines disclosed that youths had been approaching him for supplying standard brands of cough syrups in bulk. These were to be served to young guests during birthdays and marriage anniversaries.

Choked sewerages, empty bottles floating on surface of water bodies and rag pickers separating empty plastic and glass bottles substantiate the findings.

Drowsiness, initial euphoria, papillary constriction, apathy or dysphoria, slurred speech, impaired judgment, slow respiration, impaired performance, slow pulse, psycho-motor agitation, impaired attention, pupillary and memory dilation (anoxic), illusions or hallucinations were cited as manifestations of the prolonged use of cough syrups.

Showing concern over the increase in abuse of the codeine containing preparations, Dr Bhupinder Singh Bedi, former district Ayurvedic officer, said the prolonged abuse might lead to impotency in males and other reproductive physiological disorders in females.

Sources in the police disclosed that majority of the suspects in criminal cases registered during past months, had committed crime after consuming cough syrup. 



Classical music dominates youth fest
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 26
Drama dominated the scene while histrionics, orchestra, folk instruments, fine arts items, including collage making, cartooning, still life drawing and rangoli, went side by side on the third day of Panjab University Inter-Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival, being organised at Guru Nanak National College, Doraha.

Avinash Rai Khanna, member, Rajya Sabha, was the chief guest.

Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu, principal of the college, welcomed the guests and participants.

The results:

Shabad/bhajan: Code-G (Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, Ludhiana)-1, Code-L (Govt College, Hoshiarpur)-2, Code-I (DAV College, Sec-10, Chandigarh)-3.

Individual: Kirandeep Kaur (DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur)-1, Neelam Kaur (GGS Khalsa College for Women, Jhar Sahib)-2, Gurpreet Kaur (SD College for Women, Moga)-3.

Group song: Code G (MTS College for Women, Ludhiana)-1, Code D (GNN College, Doraha)-2, Code C (SGG Janta Girls College, Raikot), Code J (MCM DAV College, Sec-36, Chandigarh)-3.

Individual: Mandeep Kaur (MTS Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana)-1, Shauki (GNN College, Doraha)-2, Jaspinder Kaur (MCM DAV College, Sec-36, Chandigarh)-3.

Classical music (vocal): Harvinder Singh (Panjab University Campus)-1, Santa Singh (GNN College, Doraha), Ravneet Kaur (MTS Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana)-2, Satninder Singh (Govt College,


Percussion: Harjeet Singh (GCCBA, Sec-42, Chandigarh)-1, Jayant Patnayak (SCD Govt College, Ludhiana)-2, Manvir Singh (Govt College, Hoshiarpur)-3.

Non-Percussion: Isher Singh (GNN College, Doraha)-1, Sargam (Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana)-2, Gurdial Singh (Panjab University Campus)-3.

Geet/ghazal: Tanvir Thapar (DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur)-1, Lovedeep Kaur (Govt College, Hoshiarpur), Bhuvan (PGGC, Sec 11, Chandigarh)-2, Satwinder Kaur (PGGCG, Sec-42, Chandigarh)-3.

Folk song: Mandeep Kaur (MTS Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana)-1, Navdeep Mohammed (GPC, Alour), Manjit Singh (Govt College, Hoshiarpur)-2, Mohan Lal (Postgraduate Govt College, Sec-46,

Chandigarh), Jaswinder Romana (MCM DAV College, Chandigarh)-3.

Debate: Rohit Kapoor (SCD Govt College, Ludhiana)-1, Prachi Priyanka (Gopichand Arya Mahila College, Abohar)-2, Tanya (Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sec-26, Chandigarh)-3.

Elocution: Swati Thapar (Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce & Management, Ludhiana)-1, Leena Saini (MTS Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana)-2, Manpreet Kaur (Guru Nanak College, Moga)-3.

Poem recitation: Payal Rana (Panjab University Campus)-1, Ramanpreet Kaur (Guru Nanak College, Moga)-2, Tavleen Suman (GPC Alour, Khanna)-3.

Phulkari - Bagh: Jaspal Kaur (SDS College of Education for Women, Lopon)-1, Amandeep Kaur (Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana)-2, Daljit Kaur (Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur City)-3.

Dasuti or cross stitch: Gurmeet Kaur (Satyam College of Education, Ghall Kalan, Moga)-1, Manpreet Kaur (National College for Women, Machhiwara)-2, Susham Rani (Bhag Singh Hayer Khalsa College for Women, Kala Tibba)-3.

Pakkhi making: Seema Rani (Bhag Singh Hayer Khalsa College for Women, Kala Tibba)-1, Harpreet Kaur (Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, Ludhiana)-2, Harpreet Kaur (LLRM College of Education, Dhudike, Moga)-3.

Crochet work: Charankamal Kaur (GNN College, Doraha)-1, Manita (DAV College of Education, Abohar)-2, Navpreet Kaur (Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, Ludhiana)-3.

Knitting: Sukhbans Kaur (Bhag Singh Hayer Khalsa College for Women, Kala Tibba)-1, Priyanka (Surjeet Memorial College of Education, Ferozepur)-2, Harpreet Kaur (Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur City)-3.

Mehndi: Neha (BCM College of Education, Ludhiana)- 1, Rupali (Arya College, Ludhiana)-2, Silky Khurana (GHG Khalsa College, Gurusar, Sadhar)-3.



Harbhajan Mann enthrals audience
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 26
Enthused students, peppy Punjabi numbers and smiling faces of faculty marked the day at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, the venue of live performance by noted singer Harbhajan Mann.

Clad in his conventional kurta, Mann was at his modest best as a singer. Obliging each one of his fans, the singer not only sang their preferred numbers but also signed their autograph books.

The number from his latest album “Waari Waari: Call Jalandhar ton” was an instant hit with the students. Not to miss the uproar in the audience, as he went on to sing “galan gorian” and “mirza”.

The singer-turned actor has become a “youth icon” after his successful sprint in the movies, including “Jee Aayan Nu”, “Asa Nu Mann Watna Da”, “Heer Ranjha” and “Jag Jeodeyan De Mele”, to which Sarabjit, a student at GNDEC said, “Despite being an engineering student, I respect Mann for making Punjabis proud by getting global recognition for Punjabi cinema.”

Mann said it was enjoyable yet difficult performing before the youth. “It is not just about entertainment but it is about controlling the youth and performing in a college is always a pleasure for me, as the effervescent college crowds adds to your strength.”

The singer further said inborn talent, ability, training from gurus and most importantly being a good live performer was the mantra for success in contemporary times.

“A good singer and a performer should do his/her homework on the audience, as the music aficionados differ from region to region and it is important to know about their taste and preference in terms of melody,” said the artiste.



Last day of receiving objections extended
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 26
The Gurdwara Election Commission has extended the last date for receiving objections in the SGPC voters’ list by 15 days.

This was stated by Justice HS Brar, Gurdwara Election Commissioner, who was in the city today. Earlier, the last date for receiving the objections was October 28.

He said the SGPC voters’ list were pasted in the offices of the deputy commissioners, returning officers, notified gurdwaras and patwarkahanas in all districts so that the Sikh voters were able to register their objections and claims.

Brar said names of at least 56.03 lakh Sikh voters were included in the lists from Punjab, Haryana, Union Territory of Chandigarh out of which 52.36 lakh were from Punjab alone.

Brar met the deputy commissioners and the additional deputy commissioners of 13 districts and reviewed the arrangements. 



Centre to be blamed: Dhanda 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 26
Punjab Chief Parliamentary Secretary Harish Rai Dhanda has blamed the discriminatory policies of the Central government for deteriorating financial condition of the state.

“Only a small portion of taxes collected from the state are returned by the Centre, which is not adequate for development with the result that state has to borrow heavily and the debt burden keeps increasing,” he remarked while addressing the annual general meeting of the Auto Parts Manufacturers Association here last evening.

Responding to problems being faced by the auto parts sector, he assured them that all points raised in the memorandum, would be discussed with the Chief Minister and other ministers and officials concerned.

GS Kahlon, president of the association, urged the government to address issues like the delay in VAT refund, quarterly submission of Central sales tax C forms, octroi on electricity, high prices and non-availability of raw material for the auto parts sector.

Ranjodh Singh, secretary of the association, said the working conditions of the auto parts units were hard. Even though there was a boom in the market, the local units would only be able to take advantage of it if the Centre as well as the state governments adopted a supportive attitude and formulate policies that would boost production for domestic market and exports. There was a dire need to set up new focal points and evolve a mechanism to ensure priority treatment by government agencies/ departments for exporters.



63 donate blood
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, October 26
Under the campaign launched by the National AIDS Control Board and Central Health Welfare Department to control the spread of HIV/AIDS across the country, Red Ribbon Express was given a warm welcome by MLA Didar Singh Bhatti, district planning board chairperson Bibi Satwinder Kaur Dhaliwal, Punjab Youth Development Board chairman Gurpreet Singh Rajju Khanna, Amloh market committee chairman Randhir Singh Bhambri, SAD district chief Jagdeep Singh Cheema, ADV (general) Dharam Pal Gupta, National AIDS Control Board field chairman Daman Ahuja, additional project director Punjab State AIDS Control Society, Dr NM Sharma and SDM Poonamdeep Kaur yesterday.

Deputy Commissioner Yashveer Mahajan visited the exhibition showcased in Red Ribbon Express today at the local railway station and inaugurated the blood donation camp. As many as 63 volunteers donated blood and were awarded certificates by Mahajan.



Cong men hail Amarinder’s appointment
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 26
Celebrations broke in the Congress camp as soon as the news of Captain Amarinder Singh being appointed as the president of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee reached the city.

His supporters broke into revelry and danced to the tunes of bhangra, besides distributing ladoos in bulk as an expression of their happiness.

Reacting on the development, All-India Congress Committee spokesperson-cum-MP Manish Tiwari, PPCC general secretary Pawan Diwan, former chief parliamentary secretary Surinder Dawar, leader of opposition in Municipal Corporation Hem Raj Aggarwal said the announcement of appointment had spread a wave of enthusiasm among party workers.

District Youth Congress president Dimple Rana and youth workers distributed ladoos at the Congress Bhawan. It would certainly help in strengthening the party, claimed Rana.

Members of the Congress and residents from Dugri area (Ward No 60) gathered at the office of Dr Ajay Shahi, secretary, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, to share their joyous moment. 



World Bank team reviews water supply projects
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 26
World Bank team headed by Shyamal Sarkar, Piyush Dogra and Kiran Negi visited Ludhiana to review the ongoing water supply and sanitation projects here today.

Mohd Ishfaq, DSP-cum-executive engineer, District Programme Management Committee, gave a power-point presentation on the ongoing works in the district.

After reviewing, Shyamal Sarkar said the team was satisfied with the targets achieved by Ludhiana district.

Speaking on the occasion, AK Soni, district programme director-cum-superintending engineer, water supply and sanitation circle, Ludhiana, informed that the work on pond renovation in the district had been speeded up and presently in 42 villages, the pond renovation work was going on and in another 25 villages, it will be started shortly.

He urged the World Bank team to give more funds for the pond renovation work in Ludhiana district.

While welcoming the World Bank team, Soni informed that the water supply scheme work was going in 160 villages in the district and all villages will be provided safe and clean drinking water up to 2012.

The World Bank team visited Dewatwal, Jodhan and Narangwal villages to review the ongoing works. The team interacted with the village people and villagers appreciated the work done by the water supply and sanitation department. Others present on the occasion were Jaswinder Singh Chahal, NP Singh, Harinder Singh, Amritpal Singh and World Bank SDE Mandeep Singh Uppal.



Irregularities’ in Indira Awas Yojana
Tewari for CBI probe
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 26
Ludhiana Member of Parliament and the national spokesperson of the All India Congress Committee Manish Tewari today demanded a CBI inquiry into the alleged financial irregularities in the Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) in Ludhiana.

He also sought central audit for all centrally sponsored schemes in the Ludhiana parliamentary constituency.

Tewari, who met Union Minister for Rural Development CP Joshi yesterday in New Delhi and submitted a letter to him, said it was highly condemnable that Rs 1.33 crore, meant for providing housing to Dalits and downtrodden, was siphoned off through a criminal conspiracy between corrupt officials ant their subordinate staff. He regretted that the state government was not doing anything about it, which only indicated its complicity in the dubious dealings.

Demanding a special central audit for all centrally sponsored schemes in Ludhiana, Tewari said the financial aspect must be looked into as to how much money had been received, what part of it had been spent and whether the funds had been spent properly.

Tewari reminded Joshi about his concern about the financial bungling in the IAY, during the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting, which he had attended. He said the funds meant for constructing houses for Dalits were misappropriated by officials and the state government had failed to take any concrete action.

The Congress MP pointed out that the state government had sought 20 days' time during the meeting held on September 28 to complete the investigation, but nothing had come up till now. Hence, he added, it was important that the facts be established and the culprits be brought to book and not rewarded.

Tewari urged the minister for urgent action to stop the wanton loot of public money by some unscrupulous officials under the patronage of the state government.



Gatka team honoured
Tribune News Service

Members of the gatka team strike a pose in Ludhiana on Tuesday.
Members of the gatka team strike a pose in Ludhiana on Tuesday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, October 26
The gatka team winning third position in the recently held India Got Talent competition was warmly welcomed and honoured by the Akal Market Shopkeepers’ Association here today.

On reaching Ghanta Ghar, the team was given a floral welcome by all shopkeepers. A jubilant procession took the gatka team members to the Akal market where a function in the team’s honour was organised.

Association chairman Gurdeep Singh Gosha said due to the martial arts (gatka) taught by Guru Gobind Singh, the Sikh community was recognised worldwide. He said the state government must spend money to promote this art.

Team’s coach Kanwaljeet Singh said it was unfortunate that a little was being done for the game in the state. If financial assistance was provided, this art will become world famous. “There is a need to do something for the game started by the Guru,” he stressed.



300 boxes of firecrackers seized
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, October 26
The police today stopped a Canter coming from Khanna near the Lal Batti Chowk today. On being searched, 300 boxes of firecrackers worth Rs 3.13 lakh was found to be loaded on it.

The SHO said the truck had been impounded and Gurpreet Singh, a resident of Sahnewal Khurd, and Balbir Singh, a resident of Tharar (Ludhiana), booked under Sections 285,286 and 188 of the IPC.



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