L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Now, property details a click away
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
Ludhiana would soon become the first city in the region where people could get entire information related to property with a single click of the mouse. The municipal corporation and the remote sensing centre of the Punjab Agriculture University has started collecting data for conducting survey of the properties in the city.

After the survey, in which the modern tools like remote sensing, Global Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) are being used by the centre to collect the imagery within the city’s municipal limits, a 17-digit unique ID would be provided to the owners of the property.

The entire municipal limit has been divided into four zones. Even the limits of various police stations have been demarcated. Similarly, municipal officials are conducting house-to- house survey for collecting the details. Subsequently, the entire information would be uploaded in the civic body’s website. After it, any citizen could access the information regarding it.

Though the work of the survey has already been started by the civic body and the centre in the localities falling in zone D that is expected to be over within four months. But the survey for the rest of the city would be completed in the next year after which the residents could use them.

Talking about the benefits of this survey the MC Commissioner AK Sinha said that apart fro streamlining the record of the properties in the city the survey would help in demarking the area, which are deficient of the civic utilities in the city. Similarly he said that it would help the city residents by providing them the facility of online payment of their taxes and would also ensure a balanced and sustainable growth in the city. He also asserted that as they would update the imagery regularly after 3 months so another secondary benefit of the programme would be that it would help the civic body in keeping a tab over the illegal encroachments in the city. “This is a step towards e-governance which apart from benefiting the common people would largely benefit us” Sinha added.


Wait ain’t over yet
PAU board to meet again to fill posts
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
The Board of Management of Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) did not grant its approval to the candidates selected for the posts of Dean, Postgraduate Studies, and Director, Research, during its meeting in Chandigarh today.

According to information, another meeting would be convened in the near future for approval to and announcement of the candidates selected.

One of the members of the board, on condition of anonymity, disclosed that the meeting started about an hour behind scheduled as the bureaucrats were late.

“Though the approval of names was one of the main issues on the agenda, it could not take place as many members were late. Only routine matters were discussed. Another meeting will be held, which may take a few days. The board will seek time from the Financial Commissioner, Development, for the purpose,” said the member.

Interviews for the two posts were held at Mohali on October 31. Many candidates with a lot of experience had applied for the two posts.

A senior professor with the College of Basic Sciences said, “We were waiting since the morning to know who was selected. It was just a formality. I fail to understand why it is taking so long to announce the names.”



Diwali Special
Rs 20 cr up in flames!
Ludhianvis go overboard bursting crackers
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 3
The hue and cry over the worst form of pollution, caused by crackers, burst during Diwali each year notwithstanding, the people in the industrial capital of Punjab go overboard in burning millions of rupees every year during the festival of lights.

While conservative estimates put the sale of crackers during the festival at not more than Rs 10 crore during the three weeks that wholesale cracker shops remain operative before Diwali, environmentalists claim that the figure stands at anything from Rs 15 crore to Rs 20 crore, or even more.

Unlike previous years, the work for allotment of wholesale and retail cracker shops was carried out by the Police Commissionerate in place of the district administration this year.

Through draw of lots, 72 wholesale dealers were allotted shops at the Grain Market while 200-odd retail traders were allowed to put up temporary sheds at half a dozen places, designated in different parts of the city.

Many wholesale cracker dealers the Ludhiana Tribune spoke to rubbished the propaganda that crackers worth Rs 50 crore had been sold last year.

“The figure is grossly exaggerated and it is not more than Rs 7 crore by any stretch of imagination. A majority of wholesalers put up stocks worth about Rs 5 lakh initially. Even if all of them sell the entire stock before Diwali, which is rare, and replenish themselves, the total turnover does not go beyond a little more than Rs 7 crore,” asserts a wholesale trader in the business for last over 25 years.

Though trade circles declined to discuss the margin of profit, discreet enquiries made by the Ludhiana Tribune revealed that there was a huge gap between actual purchase price of crackers and the maximum retail price (MRP) printed on the packing.

While offering crackers, even those of known brands, for between 40 and 65 per cent less than the MRP was common, trade circles said retailers get crackers for even between 80 and 90 per cent less than the MRP, which was a pointer to the high stakes involved.

Though residents were thronging both wholesale and retail cracker markets, traders rued that sales this festive season were down by at least 20 per cent while the overall prices of crackers had gone up, keeping a majority of buyers away.

“About 20 per cent of the cost of crackers is paid as Central and state taxes like CST and VAT. The excise and taxation department has raised the lumpsum tax for wholesalers to Rs 25,000 and retailers to Rs 10,000,” said Ashok Thapar, a wholesaler.

According to Akhil Gupta, chairman of the Ludhiana Fireworks Association, it was not only high prices of crackers, but also the increasing awareness, even among children, about the ill-effects of crackers on the environment, that had led to a decline in sales.



Fire dept has its own tale
Funds, staff, infrastructure are all inadequate
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
In a city where, on an average, more than 100 incidents of fire take place every Diwali, the fire department, which is entrusted with the job of controlling fires, remains miserably ill-equipped. Tall claims of the state government of providing Rs 6 crore for improving infrastructure of the department is mere lip service as funds are still awaited, though more than a year has passed.

As per the data available from the department, more than 1,000 incidents of fire are reported every year, of which around 100 are on Diwali.

To tackle it, the department here is being run with only 62 personnel, as against the sanctioned staff strength of 134, with 72 posts lying vacant.

To aggravate the situation the department does not have an adequate number of fire tenders to carry water for extinguishing fires.

The municipal corporation has 33 fire tenders, of which five have been abandoned. The corporation has only 13 drivers to run these 28 fire tenders.

Due to congestion and narrow lanes, fire tenders cannot enter inner bazars of the city, which are more vulnerable to fire.

After local councillors took up the issue with the higher authorities, Local Bodies Minister Manoranjan Kalia announced on August 12 last year that Rs 6 crore would be given for the enhancement of infrastructure.

The Minister had also said a small fire tender, along with a hydraulic ladder, would be given to the corporation for inner areas and newly built highrise malls and buildings. These announcements were yet to materialise.

Amarjeet Singh, Assistant Divisional Fire Officer, said they had not got any funds for infrastructure and they were working at risk in the absence of proper machinery and adequate manpower.



Specially abled, beyond doubt
Children without vision light up others’ lives
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
Their world may be shrouded in darkness, but that does not deter them from lighting up others’ lives. Visually challenged students of the Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre for Disabled know that they will not be able to enjoy the festival of lights.

Perhaps that is why they have filled all their love, dreams and good wishes in the colourful candles they have prepared for those who can enjoy it.

Their exquisite creations are marvellous pieces and by the look of those, it is hard to believe that those have been made by persons who lead a life of darkness. From red and pink to yellow and white, one will find candles of all hues.

From the conventional colourful wax sticks in different sizes to spiralled ones, from teddy bear to trees and other figures, these students know how to mould wax into mesmerising candles.

“I love Diwali. There is so much gaiety all around during this time. Since I know that my candles will illuminate several homes, I feel more special. There can be no better way to celebrate the festival,” smiles Dumeera Kumari, who is pursuing a diploma at the institute after Class XII.

Like Dumeera, Annpurna, too, takes immense pride in the fact that her art will brighten up many homes. “I do not know how a candle looks, neither in original form nor after being lit, but I know that it has the ability to take away darkness from many lives,” says Annpurna, who hails from Mandi and is pursuing a diploma in English typing.

For Basanti, Sapna and Sunita, too, making candles is not a vocation. It is their passion. “If given a chance, I do not think I will want to do anything else. Nothing can give me more satisfaction than lighting up lives. I feel blessed when I am told that my candle looks beautiful,” says a coy Basanti.

It is, indeed, incredible and equally heartening that not once do the students complain about their disability. “I believe that by giving us the art to make candles, God has made us capable of giving light to others, which is a bigger blessing than vision,” says a confident Sapna, in a boastful tone.

The students talk, giggle and share their dreams while their hands are furiously engaged in giving shape to the wax. In between, they discuss their plans for Diwali. While a number of their friends have returned home to celebrate the festival with their families, many of them are staying back.

On Diwali, their school organises a fireworks display in the evening, preceded by a host of fun activities during the day. The talk of fireworks excites everyone. “We light phuljharis,” remark the gleeful girls in unison.

“I love chakris and anars, though madam (director of the centre) constantly warns me about those,” chuckles Dumeera in childlike anticipation. Contented and proud, executive director of the centre, Sara Johnson, chips in, “Somewhere in this darkness, there is light.”



Hockey players come to blows
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
Unruly scenes were witnessed during the semifinal encounter between Punjab and Sind Bank, Jalandhar, and Army-XI, Delhi, on the fifth day of seventh edition of the All-India Guru Gobind Singh Gold Cup Hockey Tournament at Prithipal Singh Hockey Stadium, Punjab Agricultural University, here today.

It was free for all, when both the groups came to blows and hit each other with hockey sticks. The trouble started when umpire pulled up Davinder Singh of Punjab and Sind Bank for deliberately stopping the ball.

This angered Davinder. Initially, he argued with the umpire and later he allegedly slapped one of the Armi-XI players.

The sudden spat led to trouble, as both the teams allegedly exchanged blows. Organisers immediately intervened. Davinder was penalised and was shown the red card. Punjab and Sind Bank were down to 10 men. The match was resumed, but in the absence of their key mid-fielder, the team lost the match 2-1.

Following the match, the enthusiastic Army-XI started teasing the Sind Bank team, which again resulted in a fight.

Organisers again intervened and pacified the players.

While downplaying the episode, Jagroop Singh, one of the organisers said it was a minor spat and the issue was resolved. A case has not been registered so far.



Bandh fails to dampen Diwali spirit in city
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Serpentine queues of vehicles on the road leading to the Jagraon bridge in Ludhiana on Wednesday
Serpentine queues of vehicles on the road leading to the Jagraon bridge in Ludhiana on Wednesday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, November 3
Bandh fails to dampen the festive spirit as markets and shops remained open as usual. With two days left for Diwali, the bandh call given by the riot victims had no effect and people were seen shopping for the coming festival in full spirits.

Usually roads wear a deserted look on the bandh day and shopkeepers close down their shops in fear but contrary to this all the markets were open and commuters faced traffic jams and took hours to pass through the busy markets today.

Huge rush was witnessed at all the crockery shops due to “Dhanteras”. Since buying utensils is considered auspicious people were seen buying kitchen articles at all the leading markets of the city.

“Since we deal in steel and brass utensils we decided to open the shop due to Dhanteras. This is one day in the whole year when we do brisk business all throughout the day. Bandh calls should not be given at least during the festival days,” said Sushil Arora, a shopkeeper at Model Town market.

A senior citizen, Jasbir Singh said such calls should not be given during the festival days. “Diwali is the most important festival of the entire country and is celebrated by all religions. There is no point in giving a bandh call when Diwali is just tow days away,” he said.

Business activity was carried out normally at all the city big and small markets, malls and banks. Every resident was seen enthusiastically shopping for the festival, buying clothes, gifts, sweets and exchanging greetings and gifts among each other.



Bandh by riot victims fizzles out
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
Though the bandh call given by riot victims failed to draw people’s support, they laid a siege on all major city roads like the Bharat Nagar Chowk, Jalandhar bypass, Jamalpur road and Jagroan bridge. This not only put thousands of commuters to inconvenience but also made the traffic go haywire. Commuters were stuck in traffic jam for almost two hours at Domoria bridge alone.

The municipal corporation also added to the woes of the commuters as a section of the road was blocked due to the ongoing road repair work.

After a bandh call given by the Danga Peerit Welfare Society long-route buses cancelled early in the morning. Even government buses were seen ferrying a few commuters.

Heavy police posse was posted at Bharat Nagar and Jagron Bridge to tackle any kind of eventuality. But the cops remained a mute spectator and did not interfere in the protest.

The traffic came to a halt when nearly 70 families of the riot victims led by Surjit Singh, president, Danga Peerit Welfare Society, staged a dharna at the Baharat Nagar Chowk.

Though the traffic police tired to divert the vehicle but to no avail as the riot victims created a human chain and even squatted on the road to stop the traffic flow. Most of them were carrying effigies of Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler.

Later, they burnt their effigies and raised slogans against the Congress.

The angry protest of the victim left scores of commuters high and dry.

A few commuters, who had got stuck in a cloud of dust and smoke, were seen requesting the riot victims to give some space for their vehicles to pass.

“I am stuck here for over an hour, but there has been no respite from traffic jam. I requested the protesters, but they refused to budge,” said Paramjit Singh, a cloth merchant, who was stuck up in traffic jam for over an hour near the Jagraon Bridge.

On the other hand Surjit Singh, President, Danga Peerit Welfare Society, Punjab, said, “We are suffering since 1984, what if the people had to suffer for a few minutes. It is almost 26 years, still nothing has been done to rehabilitate thousands riot victims. Our protest is against the Centre which is protecting the culprits.”

While the commuters complained that the city has been offering all kind of support to the riot victims, but why they are paying the price of the riot that took place in Delhi 26- year- ago.

“Ludhiana has become the epicenter of all political activities.

Angry protests were witnessed, when a guru of a sect was shot dead in Vienna. Similarly, tension gripped in the city when a church was damaged at Malerkotla,” said Vaibhav Gupta whose car broke down near the Bharat Nagar Chowk.



Mixed response to bandh in district
Educational institutions, govt offices remain open
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh/Mullanpur Dakha, November 3
The call for a statewide bandh, given by certain Sikh organisations and splinter Akali groups, evoked a mixed response at Mandi Ahmedgarh here on Monday. Commercial establishments, including liquor vends and shops, remained closed for about three to four hours in the morning, but by noon most of them opened.

Activists of protesting organisations toured the markets and asked shopkeepers to shut down their establishments in certain pockets. However, there were no reports of forced closures or violence anywhere in the area.

Schools and colleges opened normally and so did all government offices, banks and other commercial establishments. There were no traffic snarls anywhere in the region, as a few students reached their schools today. Private schools and colleges did not send buses to fetch students from their houses.

Vehicular traffic on the highways in this region was thin due to the withdrawal of some private buses.

Meanwhile, activists of Lok Bhalai Party led by Balwant Singh Ramoowalia and Avtar Singh Mullanpuri blocked highways.

LBP activists burnt an effigy of the Union government to protest “discrimination” against the border state.

Accusing the Congress party of ignoring interests of Punjabis in general and farmers in particular, Ramoowalia and Mullanpuri stated that the Congress leaders were distributing sweets after Capt Amarinder Singh became president, while farmers were being harassed in grain markets.



1984 Riots: His tryst with destiny seems unending
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
On this day, 26-year-ago, the key eyewitness of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, who was rendered homeless, is still awaiting justice. Surinder Singh (61), who was forced to trim his hair by a group of rioters, claimed that he saw Sajjan Kumar provoking a few people in the S- Block of the Mongolpuri area in Delhi.

Recounting the horrifying days Surinder Singh said: “I was returning home after closing my cycling parts manufacturing unit, when a groups of rioters surrounded me. Fortunately, one of the protesters, who was known to my father-in-law, saved me. But, they trimmed my hair. I was devastated. I could not sleep that night. The next day, when I saw Sajjan Kumar inciting a group of people in the S- block of the Mongolpuri.”

Surinder claimed that he suffered a loss of Rs 30,000 and even reported the matter to the Mongolpuri police station about it. “There was total lawlessness. The police refused to take action against the miscreants. Property of my near and dear ones was either ransacked or torched. I was disappointed and left the city” rued Surinder and added that it is almost 26 years but culprits are roaming freely at the behest of the ruling Congress government.



Burden of the past
Unfinished tasks welcome new LIT chairman
Our Correspondent

MM VyasLudhiana, November 3
With the nomination of MM Vyas as the new chairman of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) all speculations over the replacement of Ashok Juneja, who had put in his papers last month on health grounds after having met with a road accident, have been put to rest. It will be second term for the prominent industrialist and an RSS activist, who has earlier served in the same post from 1999 to 2001.

Tough Tasks Ahead

  • LIT has been in the headless for the past five months. Except for disposing of date-bound court cases, all other work have come to a standstill.
  • Numerous projects conceptualised in the last year-and-half are yet to see the light of the day.
  • The ambitious 8.8-acre residential complex in Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar is still on the drawing board. Another mega residential complex in Sukhdev Enclave is yet to given final touches.
  • Proposed development works in most of LIT colonies are yet to be executed. 

Much water has flown down since the previous term of the new incumbent and during the past few years, the LIT has remained in the eye of the storm for one reason or the other. That it will be tough going for Vyas during his second inning, will be an understatement. “Unfinished tasks, slow pace or lack of development works in colonies carved out by the LIT, pending files of suspect nature coupled with huge number of court cases, including those related to infamous City Centre, will turn out be an uphill task for the new chairman,” sources in the LIT said.

“Known to be a no-nonsense person, Vyas will have to go many a miles to withstand a lot of political and bureaucratic pressure for works relating to the Trust properties which his predecessor could not do; and this factor weighed heavily in taking a hard decision to quit although, on the face of it, health grounds were cited in the resignation letter,” a senior BJP leader said.

The LIT has been headless (without a chairman) practically for the past five months ever since Juneja met with an accident and was advised rest by the doctors. Except for the disposal of date-bound court cases, all other work had come to a standstill. Even a full-time executive officer to handle routine day-to-day working is not there and the incumbent is holding additional charge along with the Improvement Trust, Khanna.

Numerous major projects, conceptualized during the past-one-and-a-half year, have still to see the light of the day.

“The ambitious 8.8 acre residential complex in Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar is still on the drawing board, another mega residential complex in Sukhdev Enclave is still to be given final touches before possession could be given to allottees of more than 500 LIG, MIG and HIG flats, proposed development works in most of the LIT colonies are yet to be executed; and hundreds, if not thousands of court cases in different courts and consumer forum will daunt the new chairman who will have to do a lot of tight rope walking,” the sources said.



Skin problems up on Diwali, says expert
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 3
Many people with skin problems normally find their problems doubling up during the festive season. There are many reasons for this, including food, drinks and crackers. Says Dr Alka Dogra, professor and head of the skin and VD department at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital here, excessive air and noise pollution can cause high blood pressure, hearing loss, headache, sleep disturbance, asthma, skin allergies and respiratory problems.

She lays emphasis on the importance of protecting the skin during the festive season. Food habits during festival days normally increase pimples and acne.

Oily food, cakes, sweets, confectionery and other fatty foods can affect people with pimples and acne. Though many acne-hit youngsters stay away from cakes, sweets and confectionery, there is a large number of people who consume these items without worry

Dr Dogra advises people not to wear synthetic clothes while going near crackers and protect the eyes and mucous membranes like nose and mouth as these are delicate.

“In case of skin burn, do not panic. Wash the portion affected in running water and apply mupirocin, an antibiotic ointment, immediately thereafter. Go to a hospital as private doctors are not available at that time,” she elaborates.

She says people ought to keep crackers away from the flame and inflammable material and burst crackers in the open, away from electricity cables, with a bucket filled with water kept nearby.

“Prevention is always better than cure. Do not forget to protect the burnt area from the sun by applying sunscreen lotions the next day,” she adds.



Yellow metal out of bounds
People go in for silver coins, steelware on Dhanteras
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
Five-day Diwali celebrations commenced today with Dhanteras. Dhanteras is celebrated two days prior to Diwali to honour Dhanyantari, an incarnation of Vishnu. Decorated clay idols/posters of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are bought from the market and these are worshipped on Diwali. Since buying gold and silver ornaments, copper, steel or brass utensils is considered auspicious, a large number of people flock crockery stores on this particular day.

Due to skyrocketing prices of gold, some people avoid buying the yellow metal.

Ram Parkash, a jeweller at Ghuman Mandi, said “Earlier, we used to do a brisk business on this day, but this year we hardly got any customer. With the hike in gold prices, people prefer to buy silver coins and utensils.”

While jewellery stores wore a deserted look, crockery shops received customers never than before. “Buying utensils today is considered auspicious. I had bought steel and brass utensils for my home and prayed for the wellbeing of my family,” said Megha, a resident of Ghumar Mandi.

Even though it is a Hindu festival, people from different communities could be seen buying utensils and silver on the day.

“Although I will not be performing puja, considering it auspicious, I bought some kitchenware,” said Daljeet Kaur, a city resident.

Ashok Jain from a crockery store at Civil Lines said people in large numbers flocked the store and the number was expected to swell by late evening. Apart from buying utensils, some were going in for steel puja thalis, he added.



Spare critters from Diwali din
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
Even the most ferocious of dogs and other pets can be seen trembling during Diwali celebrations. Since animals have a far more acute sense of hearing than humans, the noise of crackers has a terrifying effect on them.

With a little extra care, pets can be made to feel comfortable and be helped to wade through the festival of lights with ease.

If your pet is shaking, trembling, barking more than usual, howling, drooling excessively, refusing to eat or hiding when fireworks are being set off; be sure it is under tremendous stress and is scared.

Some animals may lose bladder or bowel control and experience temporary diarrhea from prolonged stress.

It is important to understand your pet peeves. Contrary to popular belief, animals cannot be forced to get used to the noise by making them face it. They may never get used to it and the exercise may prove extremely harmful.

During festivals like Diwali, it always helps to take the dog for a walk during daytime, when crackers are not being set off.

Evening time, before the celebrations start, can be utilised playing with the pet indoor and feeding it amply.

Experts say it is easier for a tired and well-fed pet to fall asleep at night, hence lesser anxiety.

Easiest and the most simple precaution is to be with your pet when the fireworks are on outdoors. Make sure the animal is indoor and kept at a place that is secure and safe, preferably, in a corner of the house least disturbed by outdoor noise.

Keeping doors and windows shut with curtains down will save the pet from the outdoor noises and lighting.

Switching on the television or playing some music, which the pet is generally fond of, is another great trick to curtail the outdoor noise.

If comfortable, the pet can be left alone for a while, as one enjoys the festival with family and friends.

If the pet runs for cover into a closet or beneath a piece of furniture, allow it to retreat. Soothing it will not be of much help, while the crackers are bursting outside.

In the worst of cases, or if the pet is suffering from old age or heart ailment, veterinarian can be consulted well before the festival.

The doctor may prescribe a light sedative for the animal to be given at an appropriate time. Sedatives should be strictly given under expert supervision and only on vet’s prescription.

Help the strays

If your beloved pet is so scared of fireworks even indoors, think of those on the road. This Diwali, be sensitive to stray animals and help them.

Create awareness among neighbours, especially young children, to leave stray animals alone and out of Diwali celebrations. Tell them gently, but firmly, that bursting crackers near animals is harmful and can evoke punishment. See that no fireworks are set off near trees. Leave food and water for stray dogs, cats and cattle in your vicinity.

See if they can be kept at a safe place in the colony park or on a vacant piece of land in the area.

Take action immediately or inform the police if you spot someone mistreating or harming the animals with crackers.

If you see any wounded animal or bird, give first-aid before calling for a doctor.



Vet scientists awarded
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
Scientists and postgraduate students of the department of veterinary anatomy, College of Veterinary Scientist, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), attended the XXVth Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists at Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Puducherry, from October 27 to 29 and presented various research papers.

Dr Opinder Singh, associate professor, was awarded Dr KS Roy award and a medal for best paper presentation in histoenzymology and immunohistochemistry for his research paper “Histogenesis of liver of buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis)” authored by Opinder Singh, KS Roy, RS Sethi and Anoop Kumar.

Dr RS Sethi, associate professor, presented a paper on “Role of pulmonary intravascular macrophages in lung inflammation in domestic animals”. Dr Sethi was also on the judgement panel. Dr Opinder Singh and Dr Sethi also acted as rapporteurs in different scientific sessions.

Dr Devendra Pathak, assistant scientist, was given Dr C Vijayaragavan Memorial Silver Jubilee award and a medal for best paper in developmental anatomy for his research paper “Development and differentiation of Mullerian duct into oviduct of buffalo” authored by Devendra Pathak and Neelam Bansal. Dr Pathak was also awarded IAVA Silver Jubilee award and a medal for his research paper on “An ultrastructural investigation of spermatogenesis in the ram” authored by Devendra Pathak and Neelam Bansal.



Rayat college wins fine arts contest
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, November 3
An inter-college competition on “Societal Issues: Concerns and measures” was organised at RIMT-College of Education here today. Themes for the competition were female foeticide, dowry, pollution, health and hygiene, poverty, population, unemployment, beggary and women empowerment.

Students gave presentations and documentaries were also screened. Around 28 teams from various colleges participated in the competition.


Rayat and Bahra College of Education, Sahauran, bagged the first position in fine arts competition. In multimedia presentation, Surjit Memorial College of Education, Ferozepur, emerged victorious, while in literary competition and sketch making, Jasdev Singh Sandhu College of Education, Kauli, and Sant Darbara Singh College of Education, Lopon, emerged winners, respectively.



Mehak first in rangoli making
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
De Samar Academy celebrated Diwali today. Students lit diyas and made rangolis. Students used flower petals, colours, mirrors, beads, fabric swatches, metallic wires and buttons to design distinct rangoli patterns.

In rangoli, kolam and alpana, a magnificent piece of art displaying figures or patterns with beautiful colour combinations is made, said one of the students, who had made a beautiful rangoli using flower petals and diyas.

Directors of the institute Rima Kathpalia and Samarjeet Singh gave away prizes.

Mehak and Inderjeet were given the first prize, while Anju received the second prize.



800-kg poppy husk seized
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 3
In the biggest haul before Diwali, the city police nabbed a drug peddler and seized 800 kg of poppy husk from a Ramlila ground near Shimlapuri here this evening. While one of the accused, Amrik Singh, was nabbed, his accomplice, Lakhvir Singh of Phillaur, escaped from the spot.

They were ferrying the contraband in a truck. A police team, led by SHO Balwinder Singh, received a tip-off and intercepted the truck.

The police was filing a case at the time of filing of this report. The price of the contraband was pegged at over Rs 20 lakh in the international market.



Spring Dale clinch overall trophy
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, November 3
The hosts, Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School, won the overall trophy in the Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Complex (LSSC) Central Zone Volleyball Tournament which concluded here today.

In the final (boys U-19), Spring Dale Senior Secondary School faced a challenge from CFC School 25-7, 25-11 and 25-10, while GMT Public School secured the third position. In the boys U-17 final, Spring Dale Senior Secondary School spikers overwhelmed DCM Presidency School, whom they beat 25-8, 25-4. BCM Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh road, stood third. In the boys U-14 final, DAV School, Pakhowal road, defeated DCM Presidency School to lift the trophy and hosts Spring Dale Senior Secondary School finished third.

In the girls’ section, Nankana Public School, along with CFC School and DCM Presidency School, won the top honours in the U-19, U-17 and U-14 categories, respectively. In the girls U-19 category, Spring Dale Senior Secondary School finished as runners-up, while DCM Presidency School bagged the third position. DCM Presidency School and Nankana Sahib Public School secured the second and third positions, respectively, in the girls U-17 category.



Punjab cagers arrive as champs
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 3
Punjab emerged champions in the boys’ section in the 61st Junior National Basketball Championship held from October 24 to 31 at Vashi in Navi Mumbai. The members of the Punjab squad were accorded a warm welcome on their arrival here yesterday.

Office-bearers of the Punjab Basketball Association led by its general secretary, along with district sports officer Sat Pal Singh, chief coach Dr S Subramanian and other coaches were present at Guru Nanak Stadium to receive the players.

Punjab cagers edged past Tamil Nadu 75-70 to lay their hands on the winner’s trophy. They also pocketed a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.

Bikramjot Singh and Kamaldeep netted 22 and 18 points for Punjab to steer their team to the title.

They were assisted by Amjyot and Jimmy Joy who contributed 12 and eight points, respectively.

Gur Iqbal Singh and Komalpreet chipped in with six and four points each. For the losing side, Carmel Joseph and KS Prasanna scored 25 and 17 points, respectively.

Earlier, in the league encounters, Punjab lost to Tamil Nadu 69-73; defeated Delhi 58-39; beat Uttar Pradesh 60-44 and beat Rajashtan 79-57 to top their pool.

In the quarterfinal, Punjab lads outclassed Chhattisgarh 60-32 and in the semifinal they pipped Madhya Pradesh 68-67 to secure a berth in the final. Punjab had earlier won the championship in 2004 at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.



Bittu bats for CWG medallists

Khanna, November 3
Punjab Youth Congress president Ravneet Singh Bittu has said it is a matter of shame that Punjab’s medallists at the recent Commonwealth Games (CWG), who are preparing for the Asian Games, are planning to migrate to Haryana due to lack of facilities.

He was talking to mediapersons at Bhari, near here, during his ‘padyatra’ today. He said not providing facilities on a par with Haryana was failure of the state government.

He stated that if sportspersons who won laurels for the state and the country were not given proper facilities, it would have an adverse impaact on all sportspersons of the state and they would be discouraged.

The state government should take immediate steps to stop them from migrating to Haryana, he asserted. He flayed the proposal of the state government to hike bus fares in Punjab and said the people were already facing rising prices. Bittu rued that Punjab had slipped to 14th place among states in the country due to the policies of the state government. He claimed that Punjab was under a debt of Rs 72,000 crore and was paying Rs 20 crore as interest everyday.

He said all sections of society were facing difficulties during the current regime. He added that the main purpose of his ‘padyatra’ was to get to know the problems of the people at the grassroots level.



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