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Cop gets death in triple murder case
Parents awarded RI for life
Rajneesh Lakhanpal
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 17
A local court today sentenced a Punjab police constable to death in a triple murder case involving two brothers and a vegetable vendor. The murders had shook the city six years ago. Jarnail Singh of New Shakti Nagar, Basti Jodhewal, was sentenced by the court of Additional Sessions Judge Manjinder Singh.

His father, Sadhu Singh (retired subedar) and mother Paramjit Kaur were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for life in the case. His brother, Kulwinder Singh, had already been declared proclaimed offender.

Jarnail Singh, a constable of Punjab Police, had shot Beant Singh and Bhagwant Singh, both brothers running a salon, from his service weapon on July 4, 2004. During the firing, a vegetable vendor, Kalinder, had also sustained injuries and succumbed to these later.

A case under Sections 302 and 307, IPC, and Sections 27, 28, 54 and 59 of the Arms Act was registered against him at the Basti Jodhewal police station following the statement of Harbans Singh, father of the victims.

The complainant had told the police that the accused was staying in their neighbourhood. Over a year before the murder, Jarnail Singh had an altercation with one of his sons, and the matter was sorted out with the intervention of elders.

On July 4, 2004, he along with one of his relatives had gone to the salon of Bhagwant Singh. When they reached the salon, the constable came from behind and hit his bicycle with a motorcycle. Due to this, an altercation took place. The complainant returned home after leaving a message for his son to come back to the house.

At about 3 pm the same day, all the accused came to their house and threatened them with dire consequences. At about 9 pm, his sons went to a grocer and the cop, along with his brother, came there and started firing at his sons. They died on the spot. The vegetable vendor was also shot. Two others also sustained bullet injuries.

The accused pleaded not guilty, but convinced with the submissions of the Additional Public Prosecutor and testimonies of 13 prosecution witnesses, the court found the accused guilty.


‘Justice done’
Rajneesh Lakhanpal

Ludhiana, November 17
“Justice has been done to us after a legal battle for six years. The verdict awarding death penalty to the guilty has given us some solace, but the void that my sons have left will never be filled,” said Harbans Singh of Basti Jodhewal whose two young sons, Beant Singh and Bhagwant Singh, were killed by the constable with his service weapon.

“He ruined our family and also his own. I had only two sons and both are no more. One of my sons, Bhagwant Singh, was yet to be married,” he said, talking to The Tribune in court complex after the pronouncement of the verdict.



Detonation exercise
Pregnant women, newborns face risks
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Haider Nagar/Selkiana, November 17
The Army’s ongoing operation to detonate explosives is set to be a tough test of endurance for women who are expecting and newly born children in Sekehwal, Haider Nagar, Kalewal and Selkiana villages.

A couple from Haider Nagar, Roshan Singh, 24, and Ranjit Kaur, 22, who have been camping in Selkiana since the exercise began, are keeping their fingers crossed these days. Ranjit is eight months pregnant and had lost her first baby last year due to medical complications. Concern is writ large on the face of Roshan, who works as a “cutter master” in a garments factory near Shivpuri in Ludhiana. Every time he hears an explosion he rushes towards his wife to check if everything is fine.

Ranjit is equally concerned and fears she may suffer a miscarriage due to the explosions. Her parents are financially hard up and her father-in-law, Jarnail Singh, does not want to overburden them. She gets terrified and even breaks into tears whenever there are tremors due to the explosives being detonated. “I’m scared - I don’t want to lose my child. I’m poor and can’t afford to live on rent. God is testing our patience,” said Roshan.

Similar is the situation of 25-day-old Sunny, who begins crying whenever an explosion occurs. According to his mother, Kamaljit Kaur, he is not taking feed since morning and is scared of her touch also and cries whenever she holds him. “It’s only when he’s sleeping that I can take him in my lap. And as soon as bomb explodes he starts crying profusely,” she said.

Sunny’s father, Balbir Singh, a resident of Selkiana, intends to leave the village. “I plan to take my wife and kid to my in-laws’ house. I came to know the explosion would continue for another two months and I don’t want to put the life of my child at risk”, he averred.



Wedding plans go awry
Mohit Khanna/TNS

Haider Nagar, November 17
Though the Army had decided not to detonate any explosives for two days in November and four days in December due to weddings scheduled in Haider Nagar, Sekhewal and Kalewal villages during these days, the ongoing exercise appears to have dashed the plans of prospective grooms.

Relatives of the grooms are complaining parents of girls have expressed their apprehension over getting their daughters married during the operation.

Lt Col Vinod Bhatt, commanding officer of the 202 bomb disposal unit, said no detonation of explosives would take place on the days when any wedding was scheduled.

On the other hand parents argued a one-day break was not enough for family members of prospective brides and grooms to make wedding arrangements.

Malkit Singh, the wedding of whose youngest son, Ram, has been planned for November 21, flayed the district administration for ruining the wedding celebrations of his family. "My house is being whitewashed for the occasion but the newlywed couple is unlikely to stay there. “What’s the point of staying in the house - I don’t want that my daughter-in-law should hear the sound of explosions on the very first day after getting married. So I’ve decided that the couple would stay at another house located in Patiala till the time the explosions are over. The girl’s family requested me to postpone the marriage, but I told them that I had already got the invitation cards printed and had invited all my relatives. I assured them the girl would not stay in the village till the time the diffusion of explosives is in process.”

The prospective brides and grooms from Sekhewal, Kalewal and Haider Nagar are all set for their marriage, but the army exercise have put their marriage plans in limbo.

Pritam Singh, a prospective groom from Kalewal village who has postponed his wedding, said: “There’s no point in getting married now. I don’t want my wife to spend her days after wedding in a jungle with all sorts of animals around”.

It was a double blow for the residents of Sekhewal village, who had earlier postponed the marriage due to fear of floods few months ago and now they have to postpone the wedding again due to the on going explosive detonating exercise.

Partap Singh, whose daughter is due to get married on November, 26 said: “It’s sad there will be no celebrations on my daughter’s wedding day, but what can I do? I’m poor and there’s no one to voice my resentment. Had the administration told us about the detonation of explosives in the area we’d have scheduled the marriages accordingly.”

The ‘sarpanch’ of Kalewal village echoed the same sentiment. “Though we plan to solemnize marriages of girls the wedding plans for boys are likely to be postponed for next two months till the time army exercise is over. The parents of the girls are scared and have refused marry off their daughters due to the explosions,” the ‘sarpanch’ added.



Day 2: 100 explosives detonated
Entire job done by 4.10 pm; villagers thank the Army
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Haider Nagar/Selkiana village, November 17
More than 100 explosives were defused on the second day today. The Army plans to detonated 17,000 explosives weighing 200 quintals near the Mattewara forest area. Tremors of the four explosives that were detonated were felt at Bourree village, which is located five kilometers away from the site.

The police and the Army personnel had sealed the entire area before the exercise began.

Those residing at Sekhewal, Kalewal and Haider Nagar villages were evacuated in the wee hours. The villagers were directed to move to temporary shelters on the bed of the Sutlej near Selkiana and Borreh villages.

The first explosion took place at 9.40am and the second at 10.30 am. The third explosion took place at 11.40 am, followed by forth at 12.40 pm, fifth at 1.30 pm, sixth at 2.20 pm, seventh at 3 pm and eighth at 4.10 pm.

“Our objective is to make people enter their homes safely during the day time. Yesterday, we came to know that residents of three villages faced difficulty while returning home as the Sun had set when we ended our exercise,” said Lt Col Vinod Bhatt, Commanding Officer, 202 Bomb Disposal Unit.

The residents of the three villages thanked the Army for finishing the job early. “We are camping in jungle with our kids and it get really difficult for us to return home in the dark,” said Karnail Singh of Kalewal village.



Residents of three villages feel Army pinch
Mohit Khanna/TNS

Sekhewal (Ludhiana), November 17
Life is taking one test after another of the residents of Sekhewal, Haider Nagar and Kalewal villages. The residents, who are heavily dependent on livestock and dairy produce, are suffering heavy losses due to the detonation of explosives in the Mattewara forest area.

The residents complain that they have not been able to sell milk to dairy owners for the last three days after vacating the area in the wee hours.

The entire area has been sealed and no outsider is allowed to enter the village throughout the day.

Residents of Sekhewal village are the worst hit. With no land for farming, a majority of them are dependent on daily wages and livestock.

“We sell milk to dairy owners in the city and eke out a living. Due to the ongoing exercise, we have not sold milk for the last three days,” said Sher Singh of Sekhewal.

Mukhtiar Singh, another resident, said, “Neither can dairy owners come to us, nor can we go to them. Where can we sell the produce? We are poor, do not owe allegiance to any politician and do not live in a big city.”

Jarnail Singh, sarpanch of Selkiana village, said, “It is only in the evenings that animals get fodder. Those cannot be taken out of grazing and the Army has cordoned off the entire area. As animals remain hungry, productivity has dropped considerably.”

They stated that if the administration did not take measures for their rehabilitation quickly, they would suffer further financial losses. “Some curse seems to have befallen our village. Two months ago, the danger of floods was lurking and residents had to spend nights in the open. The administration plugged the breach in the dhussi bundh. Just when residents were heaving a sigh of relief, the Army initiated this exercise. We have again been forced to leave our houses,” said Pritam Singh, another resident.



Nursing college declared illegal
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

MS Clarifies

“The nursing college is accredited by the Punjab Nursing Council and the Nursing Council of India. We had taken consent of doctors for their empanelment. Some names were carried by mistake due to a printing error. The allegations pertaining to the misuse of the grant for the post-partum unit and a single employee drawing salary against two posts are false.”

— Dr Waheguru Pal Singh, Medical Superintendent, Dr BL Kapur Memorial Hospital

One person, two posts?

Preeti has been designated as nursing tutor in the nursing school and at the same time been shown as lady heath visitor (LHV) at Dr BL Kapur Memorial Hospital. In violation of the requisite qualification of the nursing tutor, she was appointed on October 10, 2007, whereas she completed her BSc (nursing) in December 2007. Kamal, a plus two student, has been shown as a computer teacher and computer instructor at two places, as is evident from separate appointment letters issued in his name.

Notices issued

Advocate HC Arora has served a legal notice on the Principal Secretary, Medical Education, Punjab; Secretary Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi; and Punjab Nursing Council on behalf of Balbir Aggarwal, joint secretary, RTI Activists Federation Punjab. The notice alleges the School of Nursing is being run without permission at the hospital and the non-existing faculty as mentioned in the panel of doctors attached to the nursing school. The number of nurses shown is 73 whereas the actual number is only 20 and most of the nurses are under-qualified.

Ludhiana, November 17
With the Punjab revenue and rehabilitation department declaring the nursing college at Dr BL Kapur Memorial Hospital as unauthorised and unapproved, the role of the hospital authorities has come under scanner once again.

The land revenue branch of the revenue and rehabilitation department has pointed out in its inquiry report that the managing society of the hospital had taken the land on lease in 1950 for 30 years, but had failed to forward a request for the renewal of the lease after 1980.

Also, the department has asked the hospital management to give proof of the approval of the nursing college’s plan from the “authorised organisation” concerned.

Balbir Aggarwal, president of the National Consumer Awareness Group, Ludhiana, had sought this information from the department under the Right to Information Act.

The hospital authorities had also been charged with gross misuse of grant-in-aid given by the department of health and family welfare, Punjab, for the accredited post-partum unit functional on the hospital premises.

The health department had initiated an inquiry against the senior staff and the medical superintendent of the hospital.

The grant given to the post-partum centre of the hospital till 2007 varied between Rs 15 lakh and Rs 35 lakh. However, the hospital does not have separate staff for it. Doctors, an auxiliary midwife nurse, a woman health visitor and an accounts officer shown in the records of the centre have “changed identities” as they are already working as regular employees at the memorial hospital.

The hospital authorities are allegedly charging people for vaccines, including BCG, DPT and OPV procured free of cost from the Civil Surgeon’s office. As a result, the supply of these vaccines to the hospital has been suspended.



Rise in female smokers alarms health experts
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ads target women

A new World Health Organization (WHO) report points to evidence that tobacco companies are increasingly targeting women in their advertisements. Their aggressive campaigns have resulted in about seven percent of adolescent girls taking to cigarettes as compared to12 percent of boys, according to health statistics

Ludhiana, November 17
That smoking among girls and women is steadily increasing is evident from the spurt in the incidence of oral and lung cancer and respiratory problems reported by them. Physicians in both private and public medical institutions in the city expressed concern over the growing number of female smokers showing at their clinics and hospitals with multiple problems that have been triggered by chewing or smoking tobacco.

Said a senior gynaecologist: "Women who smoke reach menopause two to three years earlier as compared to nonsmokers and are also more prone to osteoporosis. But what is worst is that chemicals in female smokers’ bloodstream can cross placental barriers and even newborn babies are known to suffer from withdrawal symptoms”. Dr Rajinder Gulati, a noted city pediatrician, further pointed out: “Infants of mothers who smoke weigh 200 grams less than those born to nonsmokers and the chances of premature birth also increase. Also, babies born to smokers are at increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome”.

Smokers tend to lose their teeth very early in life as compared to nonsmokers. Adds Dr Pradeep Sharma, a dental surgeon at Mahavira Civil Hospital: "Conditioning of gums results in early loss of teeth and female smokers are more prone to it than male counterparts."

Women who smoke are 12 times more at risk of contracting lung cancer than nonsmokers, say health experts. They are prone to osteoporosis and chemicals in the blood stream of smoker women cross placental barriers and even newborn babies are known to suffer from withdrawal symptoms, the experts opine.

A few years ago only nine percent of women worldwide were reported to smoke as compared to 40 percent of men but today it is estimated there are over a billion smokers including 200 million women. Of the five million people who die every year of smoking 1.5 million are women.



Higher input costs hit apparel makers hard
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
The steep rise in raw cotton prices and the resultant spurt in prices of cotton and polyester yarns have begun affecting the garment manufacturing sector. Though cotton farmers and growers may be rejoicing, factories making cotton and woollen apparel, hit by higher raw material costs and under pressure from global competition to keep the production costs low, are facing a squeeze.

Consumers should be prepared to shell out a fortune on both woollen and cotton readymade garments this winter as prices of cotton and polyester yarns have skyrocketed. Retail prices have already jumped 15 to 20 percent.

Industry sources said if current prices of inputs were maintained they would be compelled to down shutters soon. “Apparel manufacturers have no other choice but to raise prices of their products. With yarns becoming costlier we’re left with no other option but to hike the prices of woolen garments. It’s not possible to sell them at the previous prices," said Geeta Wadhwa, managing director of Wadhwa Woollens.

"Since raw cotton prices of cotton have gone up and this has led to a significant rise in the prices of cotton clothes. Manufacturers have begun mixing polyester with cotton which in turn had resulted in polyester yarn prices going up. Our manufacturing costs have jumped and, as a result, consumers will also have to pay more”, averred SG Sood, another local garment manufacturer.

Prices of woollens have shot up by 20 to 25 percent over those prevailing last year.

"Higher prices of yarns have resulted in garments becoming costlier. I had to revise my budget for winter shopping this year. Last year the cardigan I had bought for Rs 1,200 is now priced at Rs 2,500”, rued Sakshi, a city resident.



Beautification of Ferozepur Road
Callous MC, contractor fail to install caution boards
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Accident-prone site

The Municipal Corporation has uprooted big cement blocks for replacing them with new ones. But the contractor, to whom the work of beautifying the central verge of the Ferozepur road has been assigned, has place these blocks in the middle of the road which can cause accidents on this busy road.

Ludhiana, November 17
The apathy of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation towards the safety of the common man could be well judged from the fact that its officials have not even bothered to install caution signs on the busy Ferozepur Road, where the work of beautifying the central verge could lead to major accident.

The municipal corporation has uprooted the existing big cement blocks for replacing it with the new ones. But the negligent contractor, to whom the beautification work has been handed over, has kept the big blocks in the middle of the road. Thus, mishaps could take place at any time as heavy load of traffic passes on the road throughout the day.

The apathy of the municipal officials and the contractor could well be judged from the fact both of them have not even bothered to install caution boards for avoiding any mishap while driving. The chaos prevails on the road throughout the day. Meanwhile, sources revealed that in order to avoid mishap its mandatory for the authorities to install the cautious signs on such busy places whenever the construction work takes place. However, the authorities and the contractors hardly bother to adhere to it, the sources added.

Commenting on it, Sanjay Goel, executive member, Chandigarh- Punjab Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects, said the contractors and municipal officials were equally responsible for this mess as they flout the norms at the cost of others. He asserted that these irresponsible people pose serious threat to the life of the residents for which the officials must be sacked.

Congress councillor Parminder Mehta said it seems that the contractor and the municipal staff were waiting for some major mishap to take place on road before installing the caution signboard.

“We will raise this matter of severe negligence by the MC staff with the top authorities” he added.

Municipal Joint Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi, who is also the in charge of the building and roads, said he would look into the matter.



Parleys over bus service end on happy note
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Technical bids

Technical bids for purchasing low floor non-AC buses and low floor semi-AC buses have been opened. Leading bus providers like Ashoka Leyland, Tata and Volvo have applied for the bid. The process has been set in motion so that the bus service could start by January 2011

Ludhiana, November 17
There is good news for residents, who have been facing a lot of inconvenience due to traffic congestion, as some serious efforts are being made for starting two main public transport systems- the monorail and the bus service-in the city.

Officials of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, state government and the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal met in New Delhi and held series of parleys with representatives of the Tata Consultancy firm for starting the monorail project in the city. In Patiala, the decision to authorise the director of the Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) for purchasing fleet buses for starting the city bus service revived the hope of starting it from January onwards.

The municipal corporation officials, Sukhbir Badal and the officials of the Tata decided that the project would be based on built, operate and transfer (BOT) basis on the routes other then that of the Metro. It was also decided that the company after study the entire project would submit a preliminary report to the state government within a few weeks. Though the company officials had already declared that the feasibility of the work is already there in the city, but during the survey they would look into the other technical aspects of the project.

During parleys between the state government officials and those of the municipal corporation in Patiala it was decided that 200 fleet of buses would be launched in the city in the first phase (January). Manvesh Singh Sidhu, PRTC director, was authorised for purchasing the buses. Similarly the technical bids for purchasing the low floor non-AC buses and low floor semi-AC buses were also opened for which the leading bus providers like Ashoka Leyland, Tata and Volvo had applied. It was also decided to expedite the process so that the bus service could start by January 2011.



Metro, a boon in disguise for city
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
For residents of the city jostling with air, water and noise pollution as well as traffic congestion, the Ludhiana metro rail project will come as a big respite as it would solve most of these problems.

The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) had identified two corridors based on the traffic studies. While first corridor, 15.80 km long would run from the Ayali Chowk to BBMB Power House; the second corridor from the Gill Chowk to the Rahon Road would be 13.03 km long. It would act as the lifeline of the city once it gets connected with one end to another. But more then this, the metro would provide a large number of other benefits to the city residents.

Presentations given by the DMRC officials to Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal on Tuesday would help in minimising the traffic congestion. It would also help in checking the air and noise pollution once it starts catering to city residents. It would carry five lanes of bus traffic each way, which would obviously help in reducing the traffic congestion. It would also help in saving the fuel, as the metro needs 1/5th of energy per passenger compared to the road-based system.

It would also help in reducing road accidents and reduce the travel time up to 50 and 70 per cent.



LIT gets into auction mode
24 commercial sites, 4 plots to go on the block on Nov 30
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 17
The newly appointed chairman of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT), MM Vyas, it seems is getting down to the daunting task of putting the institution back on track.

After making it clear that procedures will have to be followed in the tendering process for development works, and rejecting some bids that were submitted in violation of conditions yesterday, he has set the process in motion for the sale of 24 commercial sites and built-up properties, along with four residential plots, through a public auction on November 30.

This will be the first-ever sale of LIT properties in the last more than five years. The LIT had made an offer for the sale of 22 commercial properties on July 7 when Ashok Juneja was the chairman, but the auction was postponed at the last minute.

The LIT had tried to sell an upmarket commercial complex at a reserve price of Rs 197 crore, but no buyers turned up and the auction had to be put off. Other than this, non-productive bid, no commercial sites or built-up properties have been sold by the LIT for a long time.

The properties proposed to be sold at the auction include 10 built-up booths on Ring Road and in the D-block of Model Town Extension scheme, four double-storey built-up shops at Rajguru Nagar, three shop-cum-flat sites at Mahrishi Valmiki Nagar, two built-up booths and two booth sites in the same scheme, and three built-up booths at Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar (Block F) scheme.

Sources in the real estate market say the announcement of the sale of sites and built-up properties has evoked a flurry of activity among buyers, investors and property dealers, who are waiting for the auction.

“Enquiries are pouring in from buyers and investors. The sale price of each of the site or built-up property will set a benchmark for the prevailing prices of the real estate and also indicate whether the real estate market is set to go north,” a property dealer stated.



Last molars useful in tooth transplant: Dentist
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
Referred to as “back benchers”, wisdom teeth are the last molars that usually surface around 18 years of age. Appropriate to their reference of back benchers, wisdom teeth face the typical problems of no place to sit and then they tend to create elbow’s space, thereby creating trouble for the adjoining teeth.

Dentists working in private health care services come across large populace with missing wisdom teeth which is another cause of concern for surgeons, as the capsule surrounding these teeth have a high potential for transformation into pathological entities like dentigerous cysts and ameloblastomas.

However, Dr Pradeep Kumar, dental surgeon at Lord Mahavira Civil Hospital, while pointing towards the commercial angle involved in the “removal of wisdom teeth”, stated that wisdom teeth removal had attained the size of multibillion industry worldwide.

In order to curtail the arbitrary removal of the wisdom teeth, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, an audit body of the UK, has issued guidelines for the removal of these.

Also, the authorised dental organisations have made guidelines for dental surgeons asking them to refrain from removing teeth that do not cause pain. They should be considered for removal only after two painful episodes.

Dr Pradeep said, “In the absence of fully developed medical insurance system in India, we are more realistic and ethical on the issue of wisdom teeth sacrifice. We go in for removal of wisdom teeth after an extremely painful episode and with locking of the jaws.”

Dr Pradeep stated that the dental department at Civil Hospital was observing a dental fortnight from November 15, wherein patients were being educated about dental care.

Making an interesting revelation, the dental surgeon said in some cases, wisdom teeth could lend themselves as excellent candidates for tooth transplant in place of mandibular first molars. First molars are one of the early arrivals and most susceptible to decay. Troubling wisdom teeth can find their appreciable role in years to come amid strong opposition from the commercial implant industry.



‘Organ transplant a life saving surgery’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
World Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation will be celebrated on November 20 by GLODAS (Gift of Life and Organ Donation Awareness Society) in collaboration with the DMCH at KVM School, Civil lines, Ludhiana.

Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh, professor urology, and head, transplant unit, said organ transplant was a life saving surgery.

A deceased donor can donate eyes, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, heart, intestinal organs and a living donor can give a kidney, or a part of liver, lung, intestine or pancreas. “Donated tissues like skin, bone and heart valves can improve the quality of life and even save lives,” said Dr Aulakh.

Dr Aulakh further said people erroneously believed that a person could recover from “Brain Death”, while some believed that doctors might not save their lives, if they knew about their wish to be a donor.

“Also the belief that the dead body without vital organs is incomplete and the dead person will not “rest in peace”, refrain many people from volunteering for organ donation,” said Dr Aulakh.



Trade union protests exploitation of workers
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 17
The FCI Workers Palledar Union and Punjab Palledar Union yesterday staged a protest against exploitation of workers through black laws and lock outs at the Deputy Commissioner’s office in mini secretariat here.

A presidium comprising Lachman Singh Chanarthal, Balwinder Singh, Nahar Singh Jagraon, Karnail Singh Nathowal and Shingara Singh Sawaddi led the protest.

All-India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) state secretary Bant Singh Brar warned the government to ensure that workers were given stipulated wages and other facilities while also formulating such policies that would ameliorate working people. State secretary of the union Amar Singh Bhattian made a strong plea for scrapping contractual labour system in the state procurement agencies on the pattern of the FCI. He also wanted deducted EPF of workers to be deposited in the accounts of employees.

The trade uni on leaders called upon the FCI management to give effect to notification issued with regard to 60 depots (including 31 in Punjab) without any further delay and revival of 31 closed FCI depots under the direct payment system.

Slamming the Centre and state government for their failure to make proper and timely arrangements for movement of food grain, they alleged that grain worth crores of rupees was rotting due to lack of adequate storage space and slow pace of movement. Coming down heavily upon the Punjab government for its indifference and apathy towards farmers and workers, the trade union leaders said the government had utterly failed to make arrangements for procurement and storage of paddy due to which farmers and workers were facing harassment in the mandis.

Other demands raised by the union included reinstatement of retrenched workers at 14 depots of the FCI, contractual labour at Nabha rail head be replaced with the regular FCI labour, time for loading food grain special be extended from 7 am to 8 pm, loading rates of trucks in mandis be increased to Rs 3.50 and the FCI should reject the Malhotra committee’s report forthwith.



Emphasis laid on teachers’ role
Our Correspondent

Doraha, November 17
Dr Vandana Sharma, department of psychology, Punjabi University, Patiala, yesterday spoke on the “Role of Self System in Teacher Effectiveness” during the 13th refresher course on environmental studies being held on the university campus.

She said a teacher could only be judged by way of self-introspection. “The role of a teacher as a facilitator, guide, classroom manager, counsellor, organiser and self-evaluator is significantly important,” she added.

“A teacher should be able to deliver, explain, demonstrate and inspire all at one time. A teacher’s private self, public self, collective self and possible self, all have to be in harmony in order to avoid pathological implications arising from any sort of misappropriation on any of the parts,” she said.

The resource person said the self was determined by one’s emotions, feelings, thinking, behaviour and habits. “The problem is our perspective of looking at things. We have to introspect as we have engraved ourselves in the self defeating vicious circle of self attribution, depression, low expectations, low goals, less effort and failure.”

“A person having self-respect is respected by all,” she said. Citing Kiran Bedi’s example, she said positive non-verbal actions like maintaining eye contact, smiling and showing interest should be made part of one’s teaching style.



From Schools & Colleges


An inter-house Hindi paper-reading contest was organised by the Sub-Junior Humanities Forum for students of the primary section today at Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines. The contest aimed at providing students with a chance to use the language proficiently with correct expression. The topics “Padne Ka Anand”, “Aao Pedh Ki Sune” and “Bharat Main Badta Bhrashtachar” were quite informative and interesting.

The budding orators expressed their views in an impressive and confident manner. There were class presentations. A group dance by Class IV-B, group songs by Class V-D and Class IV-E were enjoyed by all. Sarita Maini and Kiran Kapoor, Hindi teachers from city campus, were the judges. They appreciated the performance of students. The function was presided over by Annu Sehra, in charge, primary section. She appreciated the prize winners for their excellent performance and gave away the prizes. She motivated the students to read more and come forward to take part in such competitions.

Gaurika Loomba of Class IV-D from Patel House won the first prize. The second and third prizes were bagged by Chahat Bhandari of Class V-A from Nehru House and Bhavya Khurana of Class V-E from Gandhi House, respectively. Tanya Miglani of Class IV-D from Gandhi House and Aditi Tangri of Class IV-D from Nehru House received the consolation prizes.


Students of BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School perform at the school’s annual function in Ludhiana
Students of BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School perform at the school’s annual function in Ludhiana on Wednesday. A Tribune photograph

BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School held its annual function. Song, music and dances were an amalgam which formed the theme of the day. The function started with lighting of the lamp by chief guest Shivani Bajwa followed by a welcome song. Children won the heart of audience with their story enactment of the scenes of "Jumanji". The script, costumes and choreography were all praise worthy.

Principal Paramjit Kaur made a humble beginning by a warm and heartfelt welcome speech. Addressing the audience, she commended the exalted standards of the institution.

Tiny tots of the school showcased their talent through their performances in “Pied Pipers”, “Arabian dance”, “Cartoon Land And Items” and "Soldiers of the Borders". The cultural evening ended with modelling which comprised five rounds and surprised the charged viewers with its glitter and glamour.

Placement drive

A placement drive was held at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College recently. GAMMON India visited the college. The company is the largest (civil) engineering construction giant and the only Indian construction company to have been accredited with the ISO 9001 certification for all fields of civil engineering. Gammon has made concrete contributions by designing and constructing bridges, ports, harbours, thermal and nuclear power stations. Around 120 students from mechanical and civil engineering took the test. The selection procedure included a group discussion followed by a personal interview round. Prof KS Mann said, “Successful placement drives provide an opportunity to a large number of students to pursue a career of their choice.”


Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GNIMT) has bagged the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Best Chapter Award 2010 in Punjab, Chandigarh, HP and J&K. The award consists of a medal and a citation. Around 400 engineering and technical institutes in Punjab, Chandigarh, HP and J&K were considered for the award. The award was announced by the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) on November 4, 2010, and will be given to the institute during the inaugural function of the 40th annual convention of the ISTE on December 2 at Mepco Schienk Engineering College, Sivakasi (TN). The award has been won by the GNIMT for the sixth consecutive year.


Nearly 70 NSS volunteers were taken to the Traffic Park, Atam Nagar, where they were apprised of road-safety rules. Jagmail Singh, head constable, traffic police, and Sham Sunder Juneja threw light on various traffic rules. They stressed on the importance of zebra-crossing. Students were also given demonstrations on mandatory, cautionary and informatory signs. Road sign brochures were also distributed among volunteers. Besides, students were told about various reasons behind traffic jams, traffic snarls and traffic chaos.


A 10-day camp for NCC volunteers concluded at SCD Government College here recently. Chief guest Jasbir Kaur Makkar was welcomed by Col GPS Sawney, group Commander. Camp report was read out by training officer Chander Sharma during a one-hour cultural programme. Various competitions were organised. Talented students were given prizes. Jasbir Makkar appreciated the efforts of camp Commander Lt Col S Sehgal and administrative officer Lt Krishan Dubey. — TNS



DCC reshuffle on cards, lobbying intensifies
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 17
Lobbying has intensified for the post of the president of the District Congress Committee (Urban) as the new chief of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), Capt Amarinder Singh, is expected to take in hand the task of the reorganisation of district units of the party.

Sources reveal that Manish Tewari, MP, has forwarded a panel of seven names-Surinder Dawer, Ashok Prashar Pappi, Gurpreet Gogi, Ashwani Sharma, Pawan Dewan, Satish Sharma and Ramesh Joshi-without any specific recommendation to the PPCC president.

While it was being believed that if Tewari did not choose the DCC president, he will at least have a say in the matter, but it now seems that the MP has left it to the PPCC chief.

The sources maintained that Tewari had undertaken an exhaustive exercise before short-listing the aspirants.

He reportedly solicited the opinion of various party leaders and held meetings with the contenders. The party sources said the entire organisational set-up would be recast at the earliest.



MC order passed, not enforced
Vehicles yet to bear phone numbers
Manvinder Singh/TNS

Ludhiana, November 17
The municipal corporation (MC) authorities hardly pay any heed to issues raised by its own elected members. A testimony to this fact is that despite directions during the general house, officials of the civic body are yet to write phone numbers on its vehicles for facilitating residents to complain about rash driving by MC staff.

The issue of rash driving by MC staff was raised in the general house last month. The councillors had raised the issue of the death of a person on the Tajpur road here due to the alleged rash driving of a garbage collection vehicle.

The councillors had observed that guilty drivers escaped punishment as most of these vehicles did not bear contact numbers, causing resentment among the people.

BJP councillor Gurdeep Singh Neetu had mooted the proposal that the MC should write the driver’s name, the route, the branch and the vehicle’s number on the front mirror and the side of the vehicle for identification.

It was also proposed that a number for complaints should be written on the back of the vehicle so that residents could call it up to complain in case of rash driving. The house had unanimously approved the proposal but, like any other matter of public interest, this proposal had lingered on.

Though MC officials had written the name of driver, along with number of vehicle, on a few vehicles to escape action by their top bosses, no number for lodging complaints with the MC staff was mentioned. Neetu rued that the MC had not provided any number for lodging complaints despite directions by the house. “This cannot be tolerated as it is the insult of the whole house,” he asserted.

On the other hand, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal said the number would be written on the back of vehicles. Asked about the delay, he said they had written the name of driver on front mirror and side of vehicles. The contact number of the civic body would be written on the back of vehicles soon, he added.



Immigration official sexually assaulted, 2 held
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, November 17
Two waiters and a manager of a local hotel have allegedly sexually assaulted a verification officer of a Chandigarh-based Germany Immigration Office. The trio even tried to rape her, the woman alleged.

In a complaint lodged with the local police, the victim alleged that she along with her driver, Jagjit Singh, was going to Nawanshahar in her Indica car (CH-01AD-2782) from Nakodar after a verification drive.

She decided to spend night in the local hotel on the Railway road. She asked hotel’s manager, Vipin Kumar, to provide a room for night halt.

She added that the manager sent two waiters, Budhi Singh and Deepak, to show the room. She asked one of the waiters to check the geyser in the bathroom. The waiter switched on the geyser and asked her to check it. As soon as she entered the bathroom, one of the waiters locked the room from inside and attempted to rape her.

She, however, managed to free herself from the clutches of the waiter and ran downstairs. The bank manager and the second waiter, too, misbehaved and tried to sexually assault her. Jaswinderpal Singh, SHO, said yesterday that all three accused had been arrested and a case registered against them.



School Games: Club road is a mess
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
Poor disposal of contaminated water and rotten food during the Punjab school games left a mess on the club road, inconveniencing commuters. The house of the Municipal Corporation Commissioner is also situated on the same road.

Guru Nanak Stadium hosted the rural games and the open area adjoining gate number two of the stadium was used for cooking food for players. However, the organisers did not ensure proper disposal of food and water being used for washing utensils. Foul smell caused by rotting food emanated from the road.

Sushant, an employee with a private company, said it had became difficult for pedestrians to walk on the road. “It seems that the authorities do not bother about the problems being faced by residents,” he said.

Amit, an executive at a bank, said the mess on the road was an indicator of the poor civic amenities in the city. He said the organisers of the games should be penalised.

Satpal Singh, District Sports Officer, said they had made adequate arrangements for the proper disposal of water and food during the games. When asked about the mess on the road, he said he would look into the matter.



Tarn Taran eves overall champs
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
Tarn Taran athletes secured 18 points to bag the overall trophy in the Punjab State Rural Games for Girls (U-16), organised by the Punjab Sports Department and the Sports Authority of India, which concluded at Guru Nanak Stadium here today.

Hosts Ludhiana accumulated 13.5 points to finish runners-up while Amritsar collected 12.5 points to secure the third position.

In the boxing finals, Gurdaspur eves got 23 points and emerged champions, followed by Bathinda and Sangrur, who scored 18 and 8 points, respectively, to secure the second and third position, respectively.

In kabaddi, Bathinda trounced Hoshiarpur 43-11 to grab the gold medal. Sangrur finished at third place.

In table tennis, Ropar survived a scare from Nawanshahr before emerging champions 3-2. Patiala and Amritsar were jointly declared third.

In baskteball, Amritsar defeated Mansa 61-52 to win top honours. Gurdaspur outplayed Sangrur 67-57 to secure third place.



Ramandeep, Pardeep declared fastest cyclists
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 17
Pardeep Singh and Ramandeep Kaur of Government Senior Secondary School Guram emerged the fastest cyclists during the annual sports fair that concluded on the school premises on Wednesday.

The meet was inaugurated by Kaur Singh, sarpanch, while Amarjit Kaur, principal, presided over the prize distribution function.

Various speakers, including Jatinder Pal Singh, Amarjit Kaur and Kaur Singh, exhorted students to take part in co-curricular activities. Role of teachers in preparing various teams was appreciated.

Jatinder Pal Singh, convener of the programme, said more than 200 students had participated in various events.

In kabaddi, boys of Class XII beat Class XI students by five points. In the junior category, Class VII beat Class VIII by two points.

Results: Cycling: Pardeep Singh 1, Manpreet Singh 2 and Harvinder Singh 3; junior category: Lakhwinder Singh 1, Harjinder Singh 2 and Kamaljit Singh 3; Girls: Ramandeep Kaur 1, Jashanpreet Kaur 2 and Amarjit Kaur 3; slow cycle race: Lakhwinder Singh 1, Harman Singh 2 and Lakhvir Singh 3; chatti race: Ramandeep Kaur 1 and Jaspreet Kaur 2. Kiranjot Kaur, Prabhjot Kaur, Harjot Kaur, Hardeep Kaur and Virpal Kaur were declared winners in rangoli making.



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