L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Three buses pile up on ferozepur road
Over 30 hurt, three bus drivers critically injured
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Three bus drivers were critically hurt and more than 30 passengers, including 10 women, sustained minor injuries following a headon collision between three buses on Ferozepur Road near Baddowal village near here Friday morning.

The accident site were the three vehicles piled up on the Ferozepur road; (centre) the badly damaged buses; and (right) an injured Jagjit Singh lying in a hospital in Ludhiana on Friday. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan.

The three buses, including one of the Lal Lagpat Rai Polytechnic College, Jagraon, a privately operated bus belonging to Orbit Transport and a state-owned PRTC bus were ferrying nearly 100 passengers between them.

The incident took place at around 8:30 am when the overspeeding college bus carrying 30 students and headed for Jagraon attempted to overtake a vehicle, according to an eyewitness. Due to dense fog the bus driver could not locate the approaching vehicle and collided headon with the PRTC bus.

The driver of the private bus that was coming right behind the PRTC bus failed to apply the breaks on time and rammed into the bus ahead. The impact was so strong that the steering wheels of all three vehicles were displaced and the front seats smashed.

Confirming the accident, the Mullahpur police station SHO stated the drivers of the three buses and a female passenger sustained injuries and were rushed to Medi City for treatment. The condition of the drivers, later identified as Harbans Singh, Charanjit Singh and Gurnam Singh, who reportedly suffered multiple-fractures, is stated to be serious and they are currently undergoing surgery. However, the injured woman was sent home after receiving treatment.


Distressed kin protest outside nursing home
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Distressed over the sudden death of his 35 year old wife Sunita, who breathed her last on Thursday, her husband Shambhu along with his relatives and friends staged a protest outside the Raja Nursing Home.He has also given a complaint against the doctor at the division number 3 police station.

Alleging Dr. Jasbir, the gynaecologist at Raja Nursing Home, Islamia road for the death of his wife, Shambhu said that the doctor failed to operate his wife successfully, thus referred her to Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH).

Shambhu alleged that on January 27, he had taken his wife to Raja Nursing Home with excessive bleeding from the tumour in her Uterus. Dr Jasbir immediately operated upon her and then she was kept under observation.

But on February 2, her blood pressure fell down and the doctor referred her to CMCH. " The doctors at CMCH could not do anything as she died before she could get any further treatment," alleged Shambhu.He then took his wife’s dead body to the Lord Mahavira civil hospital for post mortem and registered a complaint against Dr Jasbir at the police station.

The Sub-inspector of Division Number 3, Raj Kumar said that he had received a complaint from Shambhu and the postmortem of the deceased would be performed tomorrow morning at the Civil Hospital followed by further investigations.

A senior health official on the other hand said that the case of nagligence against the doctor can only be ascertained after an “inquiry” by a team of medical experts.

Her husband wasted time: Doc

The patient was absolutely fine after her operation. She was very week when she came here and needed an immediate operation. But looking at her falling blood pressure I referred her to CMCH. Her husband instead of taking her to CMCH wasted time by taking her to other doctors. As a result her condition deteriorated. He is blackmailing me and is asking me for money.

— Dr Jasbir of Raja Nursing Home



They are no ordinary bullocks!
These ‘athletes’ are more than kids: they are a pampered lot fed on dry fruits and kept in AC rooms
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Kila Raipur, February 4
“We treat them more than our sons. We may not feed our children dry fruits, desi ghee and milk in this era of inflation but our bullock “athletes” cannot do without it,” says Gurbachan Singh of Dhandari Kalan village, whose pair of bullocks worth Rs17 lakh remained a cynosure of all eyes during the Kila Raipur festival underway here.

He spent Rs 10 lakh and Rs 7 lakh respectively on buying best bullocks of the region from Kainaur village near Morinda and Kakh village near Raikot, so that he could train them to become athletes.After spending Rs 17 lakh on buying the pair, he did not bother about the money that was spent on pampering and nutritious diet. “These are fed on grams, five litres of milk everyday supplemented with protein granules, besides a dry fruit punch of almonds and raisins. Then, these are made to drink three kgs of desi ghee in 4-5 days. Only then they can run”, he claimed.

The pair is given a bath with best of shampoos, special masseurs are engaged to give them a desi ghee massage, he added. Gurbachan is not exaggerating. The farmers, especially in this region known for rural games, pay special attention to their bullocks, they are given special treatment. Besides consulting nutritionists for preparing menu for their bullocks they even engage veterinary physicians for monitoring their health.

Owing to popularity of rural sports, the farmers have developed a special flare for rearing bullocks. While air-conditioned and germfree dwellings are maintained for comfortable stay of the bullocks, sufficient stocks of nutritious diet are arranged in advance. Another farmer, Shingra Singh of Sihar village says, “I consult a team of dieticians and veterinarians for them. We monitor the temperature in their room. They are made to exercise everyday.” Hardeep Deepa of Lohgarh village claimed that he never compromised with sumptuousness and necessities of his bullocks. Each bullock was massaged and bathed occasionally and provided sufficient and nutritious diet.

Platform for rural youths to join Army
Mahesh Sharma

Kila Raipur, February 4
Illustrations by a team of Army personnel during an awareness camp organised near the Grewal Sports Stadium here, the venue for the Kila Raipur Rural Sports, have inspired a large number of village youths to appear for the Army recruitment scheduled for next month in Ludhiana.

Enthusiasts include activists of the Unemployed Teachers’ Union and final year students of degree colleges and senior secondary schools of the area.

The Kila Raipur Sports, also known as the Mini Olympics, turned out to be Army recruitment rally for the youth of the area, who were persuaded by the officials during the camp to join the Army.

“After waiting for appointment as a teacher for long, I have decided to serve the nation by joining the Army,” said Sukhwant Singh of Dehlon village.

Being the only son in his family, Sukhwant had no intention to join Army till morning when he along with his friends came here to participate in the event.

Hadeep Singh, a resident of Jartoli, Sukhvir Singh, a resident of Pohir, and Suresh Verma, a resident of Malaudh, showed interest in joining Army.

Lakhwinder Singh, a resident of Kutba village, the only son of his widow mother, also decided to join Territorial Army.

“Though I wish to join Army, I can’t do that as my mother is all alone. When I was told that I can come home for a few months every year, I immediately decided to join Territorial Army,” said Lakhwinder.

The organisers of the camp had displayed details, including eligibility, pay and perks and standard of physical fitness for recruitment in the Army. Organisers claimed that more than 1,000 aspirants visited the stall on the first day of the sports fair.



Huffing oxen attract crowd
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Kila Raipur, February 4
Bullock cart races remained the main crowd puller. For, soon after the event finished, the villagers were seen leaving the stadium.The organisers were seen attracting the spectators for the daredevils stunt performance but found only a few takers.

“It is the huffing Oxen, which attracts us here. The bullock cart race is the soul of rural Olympics. Thereis no fun if the bullock cart race is not organisedd,” said young Jaswinder Singh, a resident of Sangrur.

Even the national game hockey was seen loosing ground as residents did not show much interest in the countries indigenous sport.

Gurmail Singh, to Faridakot said, “My Friend it is the age of television. You get to see these rear feat while sitting at home, but not bullock cart race. So I travel all the way from Faridkot just to see the race.”

Nearly 2000 of strong crowd made a quick exit, soon after the race got over.

However, a few bullock cart jockeys were hurt, but fortunately none of them sustained major injures during the event.

“If we are ridding an ox we are bound to get injured. It is part of the profession and that is the thrill about the game. Last year I sustained sever injuries on my leg and was hospitalised too, but that did no discourage me to sit on the cart again. This time I came with a point that I have to win the event,” sexagenarian Gurnam Singh, jockey of a bullock cart.

Hi-tech marvels
Mohit Khanan /TNS

Kila Raipur, February 4
The rural Olympics which in the past has been thriving on raw talent has ushered in an age of science and technology. The day witnessed some scientific marvels. Bhupinder Singh Ghaloti, a resident of Karnal, came flying on a giant paraglider and stole the show. Further technological exhibitions on the stall put up by some of the major automobiles companies also caught the fancy of many people living in the dusty villages.

Said Gurnam Singh, a retired government school teacher, “Earlier kabaddi, horse ridding, wrestling and bullock cart race used to be the only attraction. But over the years tractor race and dare devils on motor cycle have brought science in the rural fair. Soon you will even get to see a toy plane flying”. Technology savvy organisers have put up projectors and massive loud speakers to entertain the crowd. “We are also welcoming the constant changes,” said the organisers. 

Bookies pocketed money

While cops were glued to viewing the bullockcart race, gamblers had a gala time betting over the race. People chose their jockeys to bet. Sources said the highest bet was of Rs 10,000. Money exchanged hands at the stadium.

Journalists become kill joy

The village nursed a grouse against photo journalists who had gathered in strength to cover the daredevil events. As a result, people found it difficult to see the real action.

Organisers are planning to install the giant screen on the games venue so that people could watch the action on screen.

Vendors mint moolah

Fresh fruit juice maker, peanut seller and Pakorra seller minted moolah as people thronged to their stalls to quench their hunger.

Ram Sharan, who is visit the Kila Raipur for last 10- years, said every year he earns good chunk of money due the sports festival.

Time for bhangra and tequila

Soon after the festal was ended for the day, people converged on the stadium to listen to a live concert of Punjabi folk songs. Liquor also flowed and people were seen dancing to the tune of music.

“It is our time now. During the day we enjoy the festival and latter during the night, when women and children return to their home, we drink and dance,” said Saketar Singh Grewal, of Kila Raipur.

Weather plays spoilsport

Tersem Singh, famous kite flyer from Samrala, could not fly kite owing to bed weather. He would fly 300 kites with one string.

Bhupinder Singh aka Ghaloti, who manufactured the first indigenous Paraglider with a giant propellor attached to it, also thrilled it the crowd. He zoomed past the ecstatic crowd and distributed sweets among the children while hovering over the Kila Raipur stadium. Gousu Khan of Jaisalmer, who made the camel dance to his tunes also received the huge accolades from the spectator. 



Feats at Kila Raipur

Sahib Singh, a resident of Jalandhar, breaks a chain.
Sahib Singh, a resident of Jalandhar, breaks a chain.

Sahib Singh (29): Breaking iron chains without any cutter is his forte. A 29-year-old from Jalandhar ties an iron chain around his body and pulls it to break it. What looked impossible after his claim turned out to be reality during the games. It took not more than two minutes for Sahib to break the chain. It broke like a rope.

“I started with ropes when I was only five years old. Nearly 15 years ago, I graduated to iron chains. 

I can do it with not much difficulty though I practise it for two hours everyday,” he said.

Feeding on almonds and milk to get strength, Sahib is a vegetarian and a votary of vegetarianism too. 

“I have never had non-vegetarian food in my life. And see I can actually break shackles,” he grins.

Balbir Singh lifts a plough with his teeth.
Balbir Singh lifts a plough with his teeth.

Balbir Singh Mirza (50): A regular for the past 29 years, Balbir Singh Mirza, from Hoshiarpur lifts a plough with his teeth. 

Being able to balance it for five minutes, Balbir Singh, lives only for his passion.

Whatever he gets in return after performing, he sustains on it.

 He travels with his plough on a bus. “I keep it atop the bus and reach wherever I want to, “ he says.

Dead against toothpastes, Babir cleans his teeth with a ‘datoon’ every morning. 

“Had I used toothpaste, I wouldn’t have been able to perform this feat, “” he says,

Muscle Power

Major Singh lifts 1.5 quintals of weight at Kila Raipur Games in Ludhiana on Friday.Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Major Singh (33): Lifting 1.5 quintals of iron roller of wells of yore, Major Singh (33) of Khanna left the audience spellbound today.

A regular in all sports melas in the state, Major Singh started lifting weights when he was 20. Seeing performers in Kila Raipur games 13 years ago, he decided to do it himself.

Practicing made him master of the art of lifting and he now performs every year. “I owe this passion to this land only.

I will come here every year as long as I am alive,” he says. A votary of butter and desi ghee, like other performers, he too consumes a lot of dairy products. 

“If you pump iron, butter doesn’t say anything to you,” he says.

Meeri Peeri Gattka Akhara fights against social evils
Mahesh Sharma

Kila Raipur , February 4
All present in the Grewal Sports Stadium were forced to hold breath when Atma Singh, leader of a group of 35 Nihang Sikhs, with his eyes closed with a bandage, not only cut a banana placed on another member of troupe but inserted carbon black in his eyes with sharp edge of a sword.

Each one of the group from the International Meeri Peeri Gattka Akhara, Machhiwara exhibited martial art in a manners that was appreciated by all present.

The performers including 4 year old Rajvir Singh appealed all those present to launch a coordinated movement against social evils including drug addiction and female feticide through bangs of Gatkas , chakkars, spears , swords and shields which continued for over half an hour in front of the main stage at the stadium.

Regretting that office bearers of various Sikh religious organizations had failed to persuade youths to obey ideals of the Sikhism in their lives, Atma Singh claimed his organization had launched a movement to educate masses about consequences of deviation from the religion.

The movement, besides strengthening the Sikh Panth would save the youth from falling prey to evils including drug addiction, maintained Atma Singh.

Asserting that all members of his group were either fulltime employees or students, Atma Singh said the group had to practice for three hours a day in routine.

Every member of the group is taught to take care of lives of spectators while in action.

“As the practicing martial art is always risk prone we have take care of all those who are present nearby. At times we have to suffer injuries to protect others,” said Atma Singh showing a mark of injury on his left hand. Convincing parents to send their wards to the Akhara was also a tedious job, concluded Singh.



Mini Olympics clouds rural sports
Bullock cart racers to get attractive prizes
Lovleen Bains

Sahnewal, February 4
Strange it may sound, but the Rural Olympics at Kila Raipur is getting a ‘lukewarm’ response as far as the bullock cart racers are concerned.It’s the Mini Olympics of this small town is the main attraction among participants this time. The over enthusiastic participants are infact waiting for their turn while the organisers are having tough time accommodating all and that, too, before the sun set.

“Till 3 pm we had a total of 80 bullock cart jockeys. Some more are still pouring in and we have to decide as to how many we can accommodate till the end of the day,” said Randhir Singh Dheera, president of the Sports Club, Sahnewal.

Talking to a number of bullock cart racers, who had readily opted to participate in the Mni Olympics f Sahnewal it was felt that the facilities provided to them at Sahnewal outnumber the ones being given at Kila Raipur.

They maintained that the ground and the organised track is one of the main reasons for their participation in these games.

“Besides, the prizes being awarded by the Sahnewal sports club are far more attractive than the ones being given at Kila Raipur,” said one of the participants.

“It is for the past one month that we are preparing a special track for these races. The winner of bullock cart will be gifted a motorcycle while the second one shall be given a cash prize of Rs 11, 000, third Rs 10, 000, fourth Rs 9,000. We are giving a total of 70 prizes,” said Krishna Pal Sandhu, chairman of the Sports Club, Sahnewal.

Even if we are not able to win a place in the race, but the place which the organisers have tried to make in our hearts by giving us our due, awarding us with prizes and catering to our needs, is what has forced us to participate in the rural sports of Sahnewal,” said a participant.



Festivities mark Day II
Mahesh Sharma

Kila Raipur, February 4
Festivities marked the second day of the Platinum Jubilee Edition of the Kila Raipur Sports Festival that continued at the Grewal Sports Stadium here today.The mega event was formally inaugurated by Adesh Partap Singh, Minister for Food Supply, Punjab. Adesh Partam Singh called upon the youths of the area to adopt sportsmanship as an element of lifestyle.

He felicitated the outstanding performers of various events today. Various sports enthusiasts savoured the feats performed by various individuals and teams from across the world.

Motorcycle gymnastics, horse pegging and other equestrian events fascinated the spectators on the first day while heats of bullock cart (groups of four) races and dog races were held from time to time. In athletics, Gopi Chand of Jalandhar and Harpal Kaur of Sunam emerged as fastest runners by winning 100m in their respective categories followed by Karandeep Singh of Jalandhar and Kulwinder Kaur of Jakhepal.

Yeshu Raj of Chandigarh and Naini Bala of Ludhiana stood third in the event.


200m boys’ U-19: 1st Karandeep Singh Jalandhar, 2nd Gopi Chand Jalandhar and 3rd Gurmit Singh Jalandhar.

200m girls’ U-19: 1st Harpal Kaur Sunam, 2nd Anupama Sriwastava of Lucknow and 3rd Naini Bala of Ludhiana.

400m girls’ U-19: 1st Anupama Sriwastava of Lucknow, 2nd Harpal Kaur Sunam and 3rd Naini Bala of Ludhiana.

600m girls’ U-14: 1st Amandeep Kaur Mahilpur, 2nd Manpreet Kaur of Mahilpur and 3rd Ekta of Chakaur Sahib.

600m boys’ U-14: 1st Gauarav Sharma Ludhiana, 2nd Sandeep Kumar Sharma and 3rd Arvinder Singh of Sangrur.

Khushdeep Kaur of Ludhiana and Gaurav Sharma of Ludhiana won first positions in 100m U-14 category by dragging Kulwinder Kaur of Kahepal and Hastrat Ali of Patiala to second position.

Bhagwant Gold Cup

Jarkhar bt Gurdaspur (1-0)

Kila Raipur bt Anandpur Sahib (2-0)

Boys’ U-14 six-a-side:

Jarkhar bt Bathinda (8-4)

Malwa School, Ludhiana, bt Sudhar (10-3)

U-17 boys’ six-a-side: Malwa School, Ludhiana, bt Sudhar (5-4)

Kila Raipur bt Bathinda (6-3).



Hospital under govt lens for underpaying staff
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Having failed to ensure payment of daily wages to the housekeeping staff at ESIC Model Hospital, its officials have come under the central labour & employment ministry’s scanner. After deputy chief labour commissioner (central) AA Gilani marked an inquiry into the matter to the deputy chief labour commissioner, Chandigarh a team of senior officials from the latter’s office visited the hospital twice last month and inspected all records on disbursement of salaries.

Requesting anonymity, one of the officials stated there were “anomalies” in the records that have been listed in the team’s final report, which he added would be sent shortly to the to the deputy chief labour commissioner, (central) at the labour & employment ministry, New Delhi.

A contractor appointed by hospital officials has reportedly not been paying the prescribed daily wages to almost 50 members of the housekeeping staff in blatant violation of labour laws. The staff’s repeated reminders on unpaid wages sent to the hospital’s medical superintendent, Dr Suresh Kohli have been ignored. On October 10 a group of employees submitted a written complaint to Kohli but to no avail.

Thereafter the employees brought the matter to the notice of a local NGO, Anti-Corruption & Crime Investigation Cell, which, after looking into the hospital's alleged violation of labour laws, filed a complaint with the labour & employment ministry. Rohit Sabharwal, the NGO's president, has also forwarded copies of the complaint to the ESIC director general and the chief labour commissioner in New Delhi.

However, the hospital’s deputy medical superintendent, Parmanand, claimed the housekeeping staff had already been paid their wages till October and the remaining amount would be disbursed in the coming week.

Employees shortchanged

In its order passed in March 2010, the Central Labour and Employment Ministry had fixed the variable dearness allowance (VDA) for the sweeping and cleaning staff. The ministry has divided the country’s cities into 'A', 'B' and 'C' categories with Ludhiana falling in ‘B’ category. The VDA for contractual employees working as sweeping and cleaning staff in the city is ` 36 per day which, when added to their daily wages of ` 150, becomes ` 186 per day. However, the housekeeping staff at ESIC Model Hospital was paid a lot less than the prescribed wages. 



National Youth Fest
GNIMT bhangra team adjudged third
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The folk dance team (bhangra) of GNIMT having represented Punjab Technical University (PTU) at the national youth festival at Vankateshwara University, Tirupati, AP, was adjudged third and declared as the “national team” for 2011.A total of 419 universities had taken part in the zonal and national youth festival and the PTU team was awarded the bronze medal.

Dr (Col) HS Singha, director of GNIMT, shared, “The national folk dance (bhangra) team may be called upon to perform at the national or international festivals during the year. It is the first time that any team event has been won by the PTU in the inter-university national youth festival.”

The members of the bhangra team, on the other hand, stated that this feat could be possible only with the encouragement, guidance and personal interest of Dr Rajneesh Arora, Vice-Chancellor PTU; Dr AP Singh, dean students’ affairs; and S Jaspal Singh, joint Registrar and in charge cultural affairs.

The team members have been awarded the “university colours”.



From schools

LUDHIANA: The final of JCI Eloquent Minds 2010 was held at BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, in which students of BCM Senior Secondary School, Sector 32 A, Chandigarh road, excelled in English and Hindi/Punjabi categories and brought laurels to the school. Twenty participants from different city schools were participating in the contest.

Pooja Sharma of Class X-D stood first in the English category. She was given a winner’s trophy, along with a Hero bicycle, Reebok sunglasses, warmer, pullover, a pass for Fun City, two books and a pack of chocolates. In Punjabi category, Ravneet Kaur won a special appreciation prize, which included a trophy, warmer, pullover, a pass for Fun City, two books and a pack of chocolates. Principal DP Guleria congratulated the students.

Basant Panchami

Maple Bear Canadian Play Way and Nursery School celebrated Basant Panchami with great enthusiasm here today. The event commenced with the invocation of Goddess Saraswati, which is also considered to be an inevitable aspect of Basant celebrations. Tiny tots danced to the tunes of “Aayea jhoom ke Basant, jhumo sang sang mein”, along with their teachers. Food, sweets and fruits were distributed to the children and staff. Principal Veena Aggarwal wished the children on the occasion.

Spelling contest

Winners of the spelling competition proudly display their prizes at Government High School in Ludhiana on Friday.
Winners of the spelling competition proudly display their prizes at Government High School in Ludhiana on Friday.A Tribune photograph

A spelling competition under English and SSTproject was held at Government High School, Dewatwal. The contest was conducted under the supervision of English master trainer Amandeep Singh. All VI toVIII students participated in the competition. The motive was to create students’ interest in English. Amandeep Singh shared some methods of improving vocabulary with the students. School headmaster Surjeet Singh, along with Amandeep Singh and SSt teacher Sukhjeevan Singh gave away prizes to the winners.

The school headmaster thanked Amandeep Singh for his valuable support in conducting the competition.


Students of Classes III-IV of Bal Bharati Public School got an opportunity to visit the museum at Punjab Agricultural University today. The main aim of the visit was to acquaint the students with the culture and lifestyle of Punjab and to enhance their skill of creative writing. The relics of old Punjabi village life attracted the students. The large store bins for grains, charkha, things made with leaves of date, traditional chullahs, paraat and pictures of village belles kneading the dough for langar surprised the students. The students asked many questions regarding the lifestyle of people of Punjab. Teachers explained how people in the old days tilled their fields with large wooden plough displayed in the museum. The students were full of enthusiasm and excitement to see the things. They jotted down points to prepare their write up on “Punjabi Culture and Tradition”.


Hero Mindmine Institute organised a two-day skill-building workshop at St Thomas School, Brown Road, here today. The workshop aimed at augmenting the language and aptitude skills among the students of Classes VIII-IX. A total of 200 students participated in the workshop. Activities like extempore, spelling contests and brainteasers were an integral part of the workshop. Paarth Ashok Narang from Hero Mindmine Institute was the workshop trainer. He facilitated the event with a blend of humour and elevated the levels of exuberance. Brainteasers, public speaking, spelling contests and confidence-building activities transformed the levels of students’ energy during the workshop and the students responded to the same with great enthusiasm.


Shri Atma Nand Jain School committee held an education committee meeting in which the plan for the next academic session was discussed. Speaking on the occasion, committee president Ashwani Jain laid stress on quality education in all three schools and two colleges being run as a part of the chain of the institutions.

He also announced that deserving and unprivileged students would be given fee exemption. General secretary Sanjiv Jain also announced the plan of the committee for weaker students in the form of free extra classes. Lalit Jain, manager, and Chander Mohan Jain, administrative secretary, discussed the budget for the coming academic session. Administrator SK Goswami, administrative officer Anil Jain, principals of the institutes, Dr Anuradha Malhotra, Sunita Jain, Rajnish and Kriti Jain, were also present. — TNS

Akansha excels in declamation contest

Doraha: Akansha Puri of Class VIII and Navpreet Kaur of Class IX of Green Grove Public School participated in a district-level declamation contest on the topic “Eloquent minds” organised by the JCI Elite Group held at BCM, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana, recently.Akansha bagged the second prize in the English category in the final. — OC



Commissioner raids government offices

Phillaur, February 4
Commissioner (Jalandhar division) SR Ladhar yesterday raided government offices like the Goraya market committee and Goraya sub-tehsil in the Phillaur subdivision to check the presence of the staff with an aim to increase the efficiency in the government offices.

The commissioner said 50 per cent of the market committee, including its secretary, accountant and auction supervisor, was found absent after 11 am. He, however, was satisfied with presence of staff in the sub-tehsil offices.

Ladhar admitted that the Phagwara sub-jail was overcrowded. Its capacity was to house only 20 prisoners. The deputy superintendent of the jail was not wearing his uniform and Jasjit Singh, a constable, was found absent, he added. The commissioner added that new jails were being constructed near Kapurthala and Mansa to fulfill the requirement. He disclosed that all district headquarters had been connected with the state headquarters with videoconferencing facilities. But, only a few districts were reaping the benefits of this facility.



Mobile thieves back in action
Decamp with 42 cell phones
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
After committing thefts at a mobile store in Ishmeet Chowk, Ghumar Mandi, and Ferozepur Road, the hi-tech thieves struck again and decamped with 42 cell phones from a mobile shop at Feroze Gandhi Market.

With this incident, the count of stolen mobiles has crossed 200. The incident came to light when the store manager Ricky reached the spot and was shocked to see the shutter of the shop uprooted.

“The entire store was ransacked. The thieves took the mobile phones leaving the boxes,” said Ricky. Nearly 42 mobile phones were stole from the shop, he added.

On Friday the thieves first struck at a mobile store at Ishmeet Chowk near Model Town and stole 70 mobile phones and cash worth Rs 50,000.

In the second incident on Sunday, the thieves struck at two mobile stores in Ghumar Mandi and Ferozepure Road, respectively, and fled with 92 mobile phones.

In all the incidents the thieves took the mobiles and left the boxes.



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