L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Industrial effluents increasing infertility
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
Laxity in enforcing rules on disposal of effluent wastes from industrial units is taking a heavy toll on city residents by emerging as a major factor in contributing to rising infertility in both men and women. Confirming this, Dr Sujoy K Guha, a noted scientist, referred to a study conducted in 2004 by N Kala and Kusum Soni in Ludhiana and Chandigarh, which found cadmium, lead, styrene vapours, chromium and endosulfan to be causative factors behind the “abnormal spermatozoa” in the city’s male population. The hazardous elements in industrial waste were also one of the major factors in the rising incidence of impotence and erectile dysfunction among males, the researchers said.

Guha and Kala, who is professor and head of the biotechnology department at the Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology, were at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital to attend the 16th national congress of andrology & reproductive medicine (Androcon 2011).

A team of experts headed by Kala and Soni collected samples of spermatozoa of males living in areas that had come in direct contact with effluent wastes from the city’s factories. “Much to our shock over 90 percent of the samples tested in labs indicated abnormality. Also, there were glaring abnormalities in the blood samples of the subjects,” Kala stated.

Referring to a study conducted in villages around Chandigarh, Kala said: “Farmers involved in spraying pesticides in their fields had a low sperm count as well as various other abnormalities. Immediately after compiling the report we forwarded a copy to the Punjab principal health & family welfare secretary”.

Another senior physician, while reviewing the present situation in the city, said: “Neither the state’s health department nor the pollution control board has taken any initiative to safeguard the interests of residents affected by toxic waste discharged by industries in the city”.

Meanwhile, at Friday’s conference another senior scientist referred to the use of endosulfan, a chemical used in paints and varnishing materials, which has emerged as a major cause of infertility in men as well as women. Though its use was banned in Kerala after its ill effects on human health were determined, it is still being used indiscriminately in Punjab.

Another study conducted by a group of scientists working with Guha found fumes rising from welding gases caused impotence in males. The study recommended welders working in the open to cover their faces with a mask.


Nitrate levels in well water unsafe

Another study, this time by a British scientist, Reyes Tirado, conducted in 50 villages of Muktsar, Bhatinda and Ludhiana district showed that one-fifth of all water samples taken from wells had nitrate levels above the standard fixed by the World Health Organisation. In Ludhiana, main culprits are the cluster of industrial units and households that discharge chemical effluents and domestic waste into canals. Surveys of the Budha nullah have found heavy concentrations of metals, including even uranium, in the polluted water.


Cellphone radiation another culprit
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
The cellular phone, which undoubtedly is one of the most significant technologies invented during the last century, has now emerged as a factor contributing to reproductive infertility in males according to medical research. Following various studies conducted in other countries, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has set up a committee to carry out a detailed study on the damage caused by radiation emitted from mobile handsets and cellular towers.

Excessive usage of cellphones or living close to a cell tower have been shown to also have an adverse effect on women's reproductive and neurological health, according to data collated in varied studies. Radiation exposure up to minus 30 decibels (db) a day is considered to be the safety limit for humans, but the meter reads (-)12 or (-)10 even at a distance of almost 50 meters away from a cell tower.

While deliberating on various factors causing infertility, scientists and physicians attending the 16th national congress of andrology & reproductive medicine (Androcon 2011), being held here, referred to various incidences wherein the ill effects of radiation from mobile phones on human health had been established the world over.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sujoy K Guha stated” “It’s impossible to do away with mobile phones. We’ve to evolve a mechanism so as to convert possible technological hazards into benefits, which is an ideal solution to the problem.”



Jail inmates set to watch World Cup matches
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
Not only stadiums but the four walls of the city’s central jail will also reverberate with cheers whenever a cricket ball is hit towards the boundary. With almost the entire city expected to be glued to TV sets to watch the World Cup matches, the prison inmates too will not miss the cricket action.

The central jail has - perhaps for the first time in the country - made special arrangements for its roughly 2,575 inmates to watch their favourite cricketers in action. For this purpose the central jail department has installed television sets in each of the prison’s 25 barracks.

The initiative, a brainchild of Punjab jails minister Hira Singh Gabria, has drawn appreciation not only from prisoners but from the jail officials as well.

There has been a drastic change in the behaviour of the inmates ever since the minister gave the nod for satellite TV channels to be shown on TVs installed at the prison, according to jail officials. Earlier the jail used to have a centralized television set and only the state-run Doordarshan channels were shown on it.

nearly a month ago Gabria had TV sets installed in every barrack of the central jail in phases. Initially the jail department provided DVDs of the latest movies to inmates.

Seeing the inmates remaining glued to TV and not creating any ruckus the department went ahead and began showing cable channels.

“The experiment has borne fruit. The convicts spend the entire day watching TV programmes and follow discipline of the jail,” said central jail superintendent SP Khanna.

The inmates can view programmes on TV from 9 in the morning till 9 in the evening. “One inmate has been given the charge of the TV remote and it’ll be his discretion as to what channel would be shown,” Khanna added. Even the inmates are excited over Gabria’s latest initiative.

Parshant Mung, who is undergoing a prison term for attempted murder, was particularly happy. A former cricketer, he has represented the city in various age groups. “Finally I’ll be able to watch Sachin Tendulkar playing on his last world Cup. I missed his double century against South Africa last year, but now I could seem hi playing. I pray that he scores many more double hundreds in the World Cup. I am thankful to the jail minister for making special arrangement for inmates.”

Happy, another inmate, who is facing murder charges, also expressed his elation. “The stating of satellite channels has helped the jail authorities in maintaining law and order in jail.

However, there is one thing that appears to be worrying the inmates. They fear they would miss the action of the day and night matches as the jail department does not give permission to watch TV after 9 pm.


Cable TV in women’s jail soon

Upbeat over the new initiative, Punjab jails minister Hira Singh Gabria said cable TV would be available in the women’s jail in the city so that inmates could watch their favourite soaps every day. “After a few months satellite channels would be available in prisons located all over the state”, he added.



Sisters give new lease of life to brother
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Samrala, February 18
Although the desire to have sons has gripped people of Punjab and sex ratio is declining rapidly, girls are proving better on all fronts and even playing the role of life saviours.

In a case of its type at Chak Sarai village, five sisters came in front to help their ailing brother with two of them donating their kidneys to their brother one after other.

Lakhwinder Singh, a resident of Chak Sarai village, was suffering from renal failure. Doctors advised family members of Lakhwinder to arrange a kidney for him to transplant. When the sisters came to know about the condition of their brother, they offered their kidneys to him. The elder sister told she would give her kidney, as she was the eldest. While the younger sister was of the view that she loves her brother dearly and it was her duty to donate kidney.

As all five were eager to donate the kidney, the sisters’ names were written on small papers and a toss was held. As a result of the toss, Paramjit Kaur donated her kidney to her brother.

Now, after five years, the kidney transplanted to Lakhwinder Singh was damaged again and the doctors told them to arrange another kidney for transplant.

Now, it is Harjinder Kaur, who will donate kidney to save the life of her brother.



Woman booked for fraud
Had forged brother’s will to usurp his land
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
The police has booked a woman who was reportedly in the process of illegally acquiring nearly 20 acres of land valued at Rs 4 crore by forging her brother’s will. Though she managed to give the cops a slip her accomplice was nabbed by the Sadar police on Friday.

The suspect, identified as Balwinder Kaur, a resident of Jhamat village near Payal, along with her accomplice, Malkit Singh and other associates forged the will made by her brother, Tara Singh, in order to grab nearly 20 acres of the latter’s land in Gill and Ladwa villages in Kurukshetra district in Haryana.

Tara’s son, Simarjeet Singh, 20, who currently resides in Bhallar village in Haryana, stated: “I was shocked to know my aunt hatched a plan to grab my father’s property. I was 19 when he died and I had to marry off my two sisters. But little did I know that my paternal aunt was scheming to usurp my land”.

He added as his father had not been keeping well the latter prepared a registered will on August 7- 2009. According to the will Tara made Simarjeet the legal heir to his property. A few days later Tara suffered a cardiac arrest and died on September 3, 2009. However, the will did not go down well with Balwinder who along with Malkit hatched a conspiracy to grab the land. She forged Tara’s will on August 25, 2009 while the latter was admitted to a hospital in a critical condition. Soon after her brother’s death she staked her claim on his property. However, Balwinder landed in trouble as the will submitted by her on June 1, 2010 to the revenue department to enter the mutation was found to be false.

An inquiry was initiated following which Simarjeet appeared before the ‘tehsildar’ cum subdivisional magistrate and presented the registered will. During the probe the will was found out to be false following which the Sadar police booked her and her accomplices, including Malkit, on charges of criminal conspiracy.The police later presented Malkit before the court that sent him to remand.



Ludhiana a Dy(e)ing City
Ludhiana has earned notoriety for being the most-polluted city of the state. Polluting industrial units and ever-increasing number of vehicles emit toxic fumes into the air. While the Punjab Pollution Control Board claims everything is right, several dyeing units located in different parts of the city continue to billow thick smoke. Tribune photographer Inderjeet Verma found a few chimneys flouting the emission rules framed by the Board.

(1) A chimney of a dyeing unit emits smoke on the GT road.
(2) A dyeing unit near Ashok Nagar pollutes the city’s skyline
(3) A chimney of a dyeing unit emits thick smoke located near the Jassian road, Jalandhar bypass.
(4) A chimney of a dyeing unit opposite Greenland School on the Jalandhar road emits thick smoke



Guest house owner breaks seal
MC says it allowed to open parking area seal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
Residents of the Krishna Nagar locality while questioning the functioning of Municipal Corporation authorities have alleged that the owner of illegal building, which was sealed by the civic authorities on Thursday, has broken the seal as soon as they left. The civic officials are, however, claiming that they have allowed the owner to open seal of the parking lot.

OS Nagi, Sushil Kapoor, Arshi Jindal, Waheguru Pal Singh, Jaswant Singh, Anil Abrol and Rajinder Kaur, all residents of Krishna Nagar, while taking to media today alleged that a person had been illegally running the guest house in this locality since long. They said the owners had violated the building bylaws by constructing the guest house illegally. This forced them to lodge a complaint with Municipal Commissioner. The commissioner, on his behalf, had asked the officials of the building branch to seal the building on Thursday. Though the building was sealed at around 1 pm on Thursday, but the owner allegedly broke open the seal of the parking area in the evening and made the guest house operational, they alleged.

Though the municipal officials were called to look into the matter, nothing happened afterwards. The residents alleged that as owner was very influential so he had been openly violating the law and threatening the residents of dire consequences. They also rued that from last some years he had been creating nuisance in area by conducting commercial activities in area. They said the sewerage system of area had collapsed due to the presence of a mall and added that haphazard parking of vehicles during functions results in traffic chaos.

Similarly, people openly drink liquor during functions, which is creating problems for them. The residents also complained about noise pollution in the area due to blaring music and fire works. The owner plans to install two mobile towers atop the building. This would prove detrimental for residents’ health. They demanded an immediate action against the guest house owner. The Municipal Corporation must act tough and get an FIR registered against the guest house owner.

Assistant Town Planner of the Municipal Corporation’s building branch, SS Bindra, though admitted that building was illegal, added that the owner had broken the seal with their permission. Though the building is still sealed, one from parking area was removed as vehicles of the owner were stuck inside it. 






Cable operators play spoilsport
Cricket fans fear to miss action
Tribune News Service

Jagraon, February 18
A huge resentment prevails among cricket lovers in the city due to the non-telecast of sports channels offering live broadcast of the World Cup matches by cable TV operators. Cricket lovers in the city, who subscribe to the cable TV network, are a disappointed lot, as they will not be able to catch the action during the World Cup, starting tomorrow. All the World Cup matches will be broadcasted on sports channels-ESPN, Star Sports and Star Cricket, but the cable operators have been depriving the cricket buffs of a chance to watch live telecast of cricket matches due to certain reasons.

Though World Cup matches will also be telecast on Doordarshan, but the cricket fans are not happy, as they feel the picture quality on Doordarshan will not be as good as on the other channels. Besides, they will also not able to participate in various cricket related contests to be offered by the TV channels during the World Cup.

Cricket lovers feel they are being deprived of enjoying their favourite sport by cable operators. Their dejection further deepened yesterday when they failed to enjoy the live telecast of the opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Dhaka.

“It is quite depressing that the World Cup events have started taking place and the sports channels are not being telecast on the cable network,” rued Deepak Jain, a cricket lover. As sports channels telecasting the World Cup are not being run on the cable TV network, people are shifting to DTH service. “As sports channels that will show the cricket matches live are not being telecast on the cable TV network, my cricket-crazy son is forcing me to go for the DTH service,” said Jolly Sharma, a school teacher. Cricket fans have appealed the cable TV operators to resolve the issue and start the telecast of these sports channels as early as possible. “I have requested cable operators a number of times, but all in vain,” said Dheeraj Gupta, a budding cricketer. The first match of the World Cup will be held on Saturday between India and Bangladesh and as the sports channels are off the air, the cricket lovers fear to miss the action. “There will be nothing bad than this for me if the cable operators don’t start telecasting the channels,” said Amandeep Singh Sidhu, a college student.



Cops on toes to check betting
Tribune News Service

Jagraon, February 18
With the Cricket World Cup around the corner, the Ludhiana (rural) police has pulled up socks to keep a check on the betting during the World Cup matches starting from Saturday.

To keep a tab on the betting, Ludhiana (rural) SSP Gursharan Singh Sandhu has instructed all police officials in the district to be on alert during the World Cup. Ludhiana (rural) DSP (D) Bakhshish Singh also held a meeting with the dealers as well as distributors of various telecom companies today and issued instructions to them. Officials of various telecom companies as well as a large number of retailers were present during the meeting.

According to Sandhu, as people involved in betting use different mobile numbers and change their numbers frequently to dodge the police, the SSP has instructed the dealers and the retailers to keep a proper record of new mobile numbers. “Dealers were instructed to take all the required documents from the customer and verify them properly before issuing any number,” said the SSP. Dealers and retailers were also asked to provide all records of the new numbers to be issued during the World Cup on daily basis to the police. During the meeting, the phone number of some police officials and an e-mail ID dpo.ldhr.police@punjab.gov.in was also given to the dealers, so that they can inform the police when needed.



Development works reviewed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
A team of Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO), which has recently approved a loan of Rs 150 crore to the Municipal Corporation (MC) for carrying on development works, visited site of various ongoing works in the city.

After getting guarantee from the state government regarding the loan, officials of HUDCO, including Jasbir Singh and Harjeet Singh, had recently finalised the terms and conditions giving loan of Rs 150 crore to the MC a few days back.

The loan is vital for the civic body, as it hopes to complete its pending projects by spending the money got from the loan.

After finalising the terms and conditions of the loan, two key officials of HUDCO, along with officials of MC and Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board (PWSSB) visited the sites where the funds are to be utilised.

The officials, along with the MC officials went to sites where underpasses are to be built in the city. While at one site near the District Administrative Complex, the work has already been started, but on other site at Aggar Nagar, the work is yet to be initiated.

Later on, the team went at the Lakkar Bridge railway overbridge (ROB) site where the work is going on at a fast pace.

Similarly, the team visited Partap Chowk and reviewed the work of under-construction flyover, which is expected to give relief to residents from traffic congestion.

Later on, the team inspected the roads, along with Buddha Nullah, which are also to be constructed.

They also visited the site of laying down of sewerage line that is to be conducted under the Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JJNURM) at the cost of Rs 240 crore.

When asked to comment on it, MC Additional Commissioner Kanwalpreet Kaur Brar termed the visit as a routine visit with an aim to reviewing the pace of work.



Designer clothing on display
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
After the overwhelming response in New Delhi, Sonil Jain, CEO, Ozel Clothing India, today came here with the company's first exhibition-cum-sale.

International designers like Mawi, Marchesa, Bodyamr, Mary Frances and Sass and Bide, will bring fashion that has been adorned by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Rihanna, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Shilpa Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha, to name a few.

With an array of international brands being showcased, the promoters of Ozel aim at bringing the luxury connoisseurs of Ludhiana on a common platform to interact and appreciate luxury in its truest form.

According to Sonil Jain, CEO, Ozel Clothing India, “India is a peculiar market and the dynamics here are unique compared to the rest of the world. Luxury buyers, especially in India, are not just limited to the metros and have a much wider range of receptive audience. Therefore, we are organising such an event in a 'B' segment city after gaining popularity in New Delhi.”

Jain added that Ludhiana is a promising market for luxury brands and services. “It’s home to majority of the NRI audience, who are more aware of the international brands and their flamboyant lifestyle makes them perfect audience. Also, unlike the other metros, they don't have these brands available in the city, and hence, they shop only when they travel abroad, or they come to metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc. Hence, we thought it will be a great to present select brands and their trends for the season exclusively at one place, to help the brands in reaching their prospective buyers,” he said.



Sufi extravaganza today

Ludhiana, February 18
The Punjab Cultural Society is organising a cultural extravaganza “Colours of Sufi” and “Folk 2011” tomorrow at Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan at 6 pm.

Society president Ravinder Ranguwal said, “Singers like Labh Janjua, Babu Khan, Manpreet Akhtar, Suhesh Yamla and Rajinder Malhar will be present on the occasion. It is for the first time that Sufi and folk singers and singers from Bollywood would be sharing a common platform.”

Prof Gurbhajan Gill, president of Punjabi Sahit Akademi, will be honoured with the Bulle Shah Award. — TNS



Sugar-free treat for ice-cream lovers
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
When it comes to calorie count, health freaks in the city are very watchful. They don’t want to put on that extra flab and count calories in every bite.

This is the reason why health foods and drinks and sugar-free products are found on the shelf of every departmental store.

Looking at this obsession with sugar-free products, Basant ice-cream parlour in city has come up sugar-free ice-creams.

Almost all flavors, including traditional stick kulfi, ghare wali kulfi and milk badam are available in sugar-free variety.

Kawalpreet Singh Basant and Charanjeet Singh Basant from Basant Ice-creams said daily they get a number of customers asking for sugar-free ice-creams. “Considering the growing demand for sugar-free food items we thought of introducing sugar free ice-creams in our outlet. People specially come to savour our kulfi, fruit ice-cream and milk badam. All these traditional flavours are also available in sugar-free,” he added.

Going down the memory lane, Rajinder Singh Basant, managing director of Basant Ice-Cream, said his father Lal Singh founded Basant kulfi in 1955. "Popularly known as “Lalji ki kulfi”, he used to sell kulfi on his hand cart in various schools. Later, in 1965 he opened a rented outlet at Field Gunj. After that there was no looking back.

In the early 70's I joined my father in his kulfi business and made some innovations like fruit ice-cream, gharey wali kulfi and milk badam,” he said.

Besides introducing sugar free ice-creams, they today also launched their venture Basant Bakers.

At Basant Bakers they will be providing hundred types of cakes, pasteries, breads, and many more like whole wheat bread, chocolate doughnut, butter almond, choco walnut, coffee walnut, choco marbel, choco chip, plain butter coffee, choco chiffon, patties and crosents in different flavours, garlic bread and many more delicacies to offer in the platter.



From Colleges

LUDHIANA: The Punjab College of Technical Education has received DNA and Stars of Industries Innovative leadership B-school award. PCTE also received fifth Indy's Best B-School Award for excellence in marketing communication and advertisement.

Dr KNS Kang, director general, PCTE Group of Institutes, while congratulating the staff, faculty members and students of the institute, said these awards were recognition of good work the institute has done.

Dr Kang further said DNA and Stars of Industries and its team have done extensive survey in which views of the recruiters and students of the institutes were taken and institutes rated best by the students and recruiters were given awards. He added that PCTE had received many accolades in the past such as DNA and Stars of Industries Award for leadership and innovation in business, Asia Best Emerging B-School award, Dewand Mehta award for best innovative curriculum etc.

Music society

The postgraduate department of music (Instrumental), Government College for Women, Ludhiana, organised its annual “Music Society” here today. Gagandeep of BA (III) and president of the society welcomed the chief guest. Gurminder Kaur, college principal, said music was an integral part of life and it played an important role in the development of physical and mental health.


A blood donation camp was organised at Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College in cooperation with the Civil Hospital here on Thursday. The camp started at 10.30 am. Seventy units of blood were collected in the camp. — TNS



From Schools
Ravidas Jayanti celebrated

LUDHIANA: Sat Guru Ravidas Jayanti was celebrated at Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar bypass, with fervour. School students sang shabads to pay obeisance to the great saint. “The hymns penned down by Guru Ravidas inspire us to have a secular outlook where there is no high or low, rich or poor,” said chairman of chain of Green Land Schools, Rajesh Rudhra. He exhorted the students to imbibe the great thoughts and teachings of Guru Ravidas to lead a meaningful life. The school principal felicitated everyone and implored the students to follow the path shown by the great Guru.

Educational trip

Guru Gobind Singh Public School organised an educational tour to PAU to visit the soil sciences department, particularly Uppal Museum, where students of Classes IX and X were shown the model of northwestern Himalayas. The lecture was delivered by Dr BD Sharma. He disseminated information about northwest boundaries of India i.e. Pakistan, China, Siachin Border, USSR and mountains like K2 Nanga Parbat. All soils, their features, use and how they are formed were also described.

Prize distribution

A three-day prize distribution function was organised in DAV DRV Public School, Phillaur. Students from Classes LKG to IV were given prizes. Students from various classes presented dances and enthralled audience. On the first day of the function, Ashwani Kumar, vice-chairman, was the chief guest. On the second day, BB Puri, senior manager of Punjab National Bank, and Dr Sukhpal Singh Sharma, senior economist, Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, were the chief guests. While on the third day, Dr Prem Duggal was the chief guest. All guests appreciated the efforts of students and teachers. School principal Yogesh Gambhir extended his gratitude to the guests and congratulated the parents.

Ad show

DAV Public School organised a TV Ad show presented by LKG students. Nearly 250 students of LKG participated in this colourful and mesmerising show. The aim of the function was to give them a platform to enhance their skills and display their talent on stage. The parents of the children were spellbound to see their wards presenting TV advertisements of Dettol handwash, Save Tiger campaign, Pears soap, Bournvita, Dairy Milk chocolate, Knoor soups, etc.


A grand farewell was accorded to the students of class XII by the management, staff and students of Green Land Senior Secondary Public School. The show was beautifully anchored by the students of class XI. Emotional speeches were delivered by the outgoing students who shared the golden moments spent in the school and expressed their gratitude to their teachers. The chairman-cum-director of the school, Rajesh Rudhra, and principal Baldeep Pandher congratulated the students and wished them good luck. Mouth-watering snacks and a delicious cuisine for lunch was a great treat for the students.

Space school

Inizio Edutech organised a “space school programme” for the students of classes VII and VIII on the premises of BCM Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh road. Dhruv Kalia, resource person, explained what National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) was and how things were carried out in NASA.

The motive behind this was to enhance the knowledge of space science among the students. He also acquainted them with space activities, how to perform stimulated space mission, work on robotics and rocket projects.

Declamation contest

The pre-primary wing of Guru Nanak International Senior Secondary Public School organised an inter-section English declamation contest for the students of class II. Three students from each section took part.

They spoke on the topics like ‘Importance of healthy food’, ‘Trees are green friends’ and ‘Need of moral values’.

Principal G Gill, headmistress C Paul and co-ordinator Abhineet Sarna appreciated the efforts of the kids and congratulated the winners.

The winners were: Khushmeet Kaur 1st, Abhinoor Kaur 2nd, Navnoor Kaur 2nd, Sandeep Singh 3rd; consolation awards went to Manjot Kaur Grewal and Varundeep Shah Singh.

Story telling

KVM School, Civil Lines, held a story-telling competition in its junior wing. Children took active part in the competition and stories they presented were unique and told with a lot of enthusiasm. In the UKG category, Pranika Jain of UKG-A got the first prize in the Hindi category. Her story “Jeevan Darshan” was very enthralling.

Samridh Sharma, also of UKG-A, got the first prize in the English category. The title of his story was “The Grasshopper and the Ant” where one gets to know the importance of hard work.

In the LKG section Anirudh Gupta of LKG-B got the first prize in the English story, while Aayan Kasrija of LKG-C won the first prize in the Hindi category. The in charge of KG section, Ranjana Dhanda, appreciated the efforts made by the children and the teachers. — TNS



Training course on radiology

Ludhiana, February 18
The department of surgery and radiology, GADVASU, has started a national-level advanced refresher training course on “Diagnostic and Surgical procedures in Veterinary Patients” under the aegis of Centre of Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT), ICAR, here. The training course will be held for 21 days.

Dr NS Saini, director, CAFT, and professor-cum-head of the department, informed that the CAFT, which earlier was known as Centre of Advanced Studies, was established in the department in 1994. Till date the department had conducted 22 training courses on various topics and over 240 surgeons/clinicians from various state veterinary universities/state agricultural universities/ICAR Institutes have been trained.

The training was inaugurated by Dr PD Juyal, registrar of the university, who was the chief guest on the occasion. According to Dr Saini, 34 applications were received from all over India for this training course out of which 25 candidates were selected, who represented 11 states.

Demonstrations for various ultrasonographic procedures for large and small animal patients and ultrasound guided biopsy for various abdominal organs in small animals will be conducted. — TNS



Mohali youth nabbed for stealing pistol
Had used it for firing celebratory shots
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
A Mohali-based engineering student, who stole a pistol of his maternal uncle for firing celebratory shots in the air during the marriage ceremony of his close friend, landed in trouble after he gave the cops a slip at a check post near the Bhai Bala chowk late last night.

According to Division No 4 SHO Sandeep Wadhera, the accused identified as Harsimran Singh, a resident of Sector 68, Mohali, was travelling in Tata Safari (CH- 04-C- 7109).

As the windshield of the vehicle was tinted, it drew the attention of the cops stationed at the Bhai Bala Chowk. The cops signaled Harsimran to stop the vehicle.

Instead of stopping it, he sped away. The cops gave him a chase and intercepted him near the Bharat Nagar chowk.

The cops asked Harsimran to show vehicle’s documents, but the latter failed to show them. The vehicle was searched and a .22 bore pistol and 40 live cartridges were found inside it.

He was arrested and taken to the Division No 5 police station. During investigation, the youth said he was student of an engineering college in Kharar and had come to the city to attend a marriage of his close friend.

He further added he stolen the pistol of his maternal uncle so that he could boast in front of his peer group during the wedding ceremony. He reportedly fired 20 shots in the air during the ceremony.

He was produced before the court and remanded in the police custody for two days.

The police is probing whether the accused stole the pistol to fire celebratory shots in the wedding or he was part of some gang and was using it for committing some crime.

The maternal uncle of the accused was also taken to task for negligence. Police sources said it was one of the friends of Harsimran, who tipped the police that the latter was carrying an unlicensed weapon and firing shots in the air.



Charanjeet adjudged best athlete
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 18
Charanjeet Kaur bagged the best athlete award and Mother Teresa House was adjudged the best house during the annual athletics meet at the DD Jain College of Education that concluded here today.

Chief guest chief parliamentary secretary Harish Rai Dhanda, Punjab, hoisted the flag and declared the athletics meet open. Various events of the meet were 100m race, 200m race, 400m race, sack race, spoon and potato race, shot put, discus throw, three-legged race, obstacle race, chatti race, javelin throw, tug of war and musical chair for teachers and management members.

Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. SS Jain Girls’ School committee president Nand Kumar Jain and Dr Vijay Laxmi, principal of the host college, accorded welcome to chief guest Harish Rai Dhanda for the morning session and to Surinder Kaur, district kho-kho coach, guest of honour for the evening session.


100m race: Charanjeet Kaur, Damanjeet Kaur, Amandeep Kaur.

200m race: Charanjeet Kaur, Prerna, Amandeep Kaur.

400m race: Charanjeet Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Damanjeet Kaur.

400m relay race: Kalpna Chawla House, Sarojini House, Kiran Bedi House.

200X400m (relay): Sarojini House, Kalpana Chawla House, Kiran Bedi House.

Sack Race: Poonam, Damanjeet Kaur and 
Bavleen Kaur.

Potato Race: Prerna, Pushpdeep Kaur, Alka.

Shot put: Charanjeet Kaur, Rekha, Manjeet Kaur. Discus throw: Charanjeet Kaur, Rekha, Manjeet Kaur.

Three-legged race: Damanjeet Kaur, Pushpdeep Kaur, Alka, Kritika, Pooja, Preeti.

Chatti race: Charanjeet Kaur, Jyoti, Mamta.

Long jump: Charanjeet Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Gurpreet Kaur.

Tug of war: Kalpana Chawla House.

Musical chair: Rajeev Jain.



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