Cricket, the man and the mind
A peep into the other side of combative and fierce cricketer ‘Haydos’
Reviewed by Uttam Sengupta
Standing my Ground
By Matthew Hayden.
HarperCollins. Pages 398. Rs 599.

champion surfer, a great cook who is also the author of three books on cooking, an outdoor man but not a very nice man to know. That is Matthew Hayden for many contemporary cricketers, as Andrew Flintoff of England readily acknowledges in a generous foreword.


Tea without masala
Reviewed by Aradhika Sharma
Chai for Beginners ... A Novel
By Jane Ainslie.
Pages 194. Rs 195.
SITA Sinclair is in quest for friends, love and spirituality. She’s been dumped by a boyfriend and needs a new life, and what’s more, she goes and gets it. In the process, she finds new friends and has fresh, unexpected experiences that set her on a path of self-realisation.

Varied shades of life
Reviewed by Harbir K. Singh
By Margaret Chatterjee.
Promilla & Co. Publishers in Association with Bibliophile South Asia.
Pages 65. Rs 125.
INDIAN women poets writing in English, from Toru Dutt to Kamla Das and from Sarojani Naidu to Suniti Nam Joshi, reveal the variety of themes and styles that poetry is capable of offering. The present generation of women poets have made their poetic language chiseled, sharp, pithy and effortless.

Empowering the excluded
Reviewed by P. K. Vasudeva
Challenging the Injustice of Poverty: Agendas for Inclusive Development in South Asia
By Rehman Sobhan. 
Pages 486. Rs 895.
THIS volume discusses issues relating to poverty in South Asia by focusing on injustice created and perpetuated by the unjust nature of social order and provides concrete suggestions about how policymakers may move to rectify this injustice.

Czar of comics
Quaid Najmi
Anant 'Uncle' Pai popularised Indian culture through the Amar Chitra Katha series
nANT V. Pai, a chemical engineer who taught Indian culture, tradition and ethos through the Amar Chitra Katha comics to millions of his countrymen, passed away recently. Popularly known as 'Uncle Pai', he is survived by his wife Lalitha and elder sister Sumati Prabhu.

Perceptual artist
Nonika Singh
EW would expect petite young artist Sumakshi Singh to make profound assertions about perception, reality and art. But Delhi-based Sumakshi, who feels, "Today virtual has become our lever of negotiating with reality," not only explores what is real and how we recognise it but also translates her artistic statement into engaging art works dabbling in several mediums, from sculptures to site specific works to installations.

Short Takes
Of terrorism, love and relationships
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
Kasab: The Face of 26/11 
by Rommel Rodrigues
Pages xii+276. Rs 299.

  • The Dreamer
    By Rajeev Balasubramanyam.
    Pages 314. Rs 299.

  • All and Nothing
    By Raksha Bharadia.
    Pages: ix+223. Rs 95.