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UPA’s image affected by WikiLeaks

I share The Tribune’s impression that the recent WikiLeaks disclosures about the payment of a huge amount to the four MPs belonging to the Rashtriya Lok Dal in 2008 to save the Congress government at the Centre has added to the ruling coalition’s cup of woes (editorial , Resurrecting old ghosts, Mar 19).The country is aware that the UPA-II government is already beleaguered by massive scams and shameless plundering of the national exchequer. According to an estimate, the country has lost nearly Rs 4 lakh crore because of the greed and graft of some irresponsible ruling politicians and bureaucrats. The Central government seems to have lost its credibility and become a suspect in the eyes of the common people. Though Dr Manmohan Singh has rejected the charge of bribery during the trust vote yet this defensive argument may not cut much ice with the common people.

As an honest individual with impeccable credentials, he has certainly the benefit of doubt. but very few people would be ready to believe the theory that money did not bail out the UPA government at the time of no-confidence motion. I agree with the perception that even Pranab Mukherjee’s remark that neither can he confirm nor deny the allegation has not helped the UPA-II government in refurbishing its battered image.

As per the revelations of WikiLeaks, the American rulers seem to be keen on knowing as to who is going to be the Finance Minister of India and who is not. I would like to appreciate the wisdom of the Left parties, which inspired them to oppose the dubious interest of the US in the internal matters of India. As the days and months continue rolling by, the UPA-II government seems to be steadily losing the trust of the common people.



Pranab Mukherjee’s statements vis-à-vis WikiLeaks’ disclosure of cash for votes is almost like admitting the disclosures. When the parliamentary panel appointed during the 14th Lok Sabha to investigate bribery charges had suggested ‘deeper investigation’, it would have been better for the UPA government to order appropriate investigation instead of burying the same under the carpet.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s assertion that the Congress won the elections and trounced the Opposition in 2009 doesn’t behove a person of impeccable integrity and character. Just as he has admitted his error of judgment in the case of Thomas’ appointment as the Central Vigilance Commissioner, he should have owned his government’s failure to further investigate the issue. It is never too late to mend. So, it would be most appropriate that the government revisit the issue and order an enquiry by a sitting Supreme Court Judge to ferret out the truth and restore the faith of the public.


Third alternative

The editorial Elected for walkouts? (Mar 18) has rightly observed that the Punjab politicians get fat perks yet abstain from the Assembly sessions. Certainly, this is not in the interest of the state choked by whopping debt.

Mere walkouts, or boycotts, simply amount to abdication of responsibility by the Opposition. People are fed up with the gimmicks of both the major political parties and it is time the electorate made up their minds about whom to vote and whom not, and explore the third alternative as both have failed the expectations of Punjabis.


Tibetans in India

To the letter “Extended hospitality” (Mar 16), I would like to add that no doubt we Indians are good at hospitality but it cannot be extended for a long span of time. It could also be a security threat to our country because Chinese spies might be living among the Tibetan people.

AJIT SINGH, Hoshiarpur

Let Libyans decide

The French intervention, under the UN- mandated military intervention supported by the British, the US and Canada in the name of protecting civilians from attack by Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces is altogether unwarranted. As a matter of fact it is for the people of Libya to decide how to resolve their internal problems and what type of political system they want to have in their country. 

No country including NATO countries, has the right whatsoever to violate the sovereignty of Libya in the name of humanitarian intervention.

Earlier the US invaded Iraq under the garb of weapons of mass destruction (WMC), which later on proved altogether untrue. 

Actually, the western powers are interested mainly in the oil wealth of Libya and seek to utilise the revolt of the people there against the Gaddafi regime to pursue their own interests.

Due to the attack of the US, Iraq has remained unstable. If the intervention of these big powers is not checked right now, they will continue to interfere in other countries like Yemen, Bahrain, etc where people are fighting for change of their regime.

 S K KHOSLA, Chandigarh

Mourn for Japan 

All countries should declare one day mourning for what happened in Japan. Our earth is a very tiny spec of matter in this whole universe with the number of galaxies and stars that it has. It happens to be a chance that the environmental factors became appropriate for life to start on it and propagate itself in such a manner that led to the formation of us — the intelligent human beings.

Human beings started living on this earth in a most haphazard manner in early times, started colonising in different locations, and became possessive about their properties and portions of earth that they occupy which ultimately took the shape of different countries. The colour and other outwardly variations in appearance of various human beings is possibly because of generations living in different climatic conditions. Some of the countries now have developed more than others dividing the earth into developed and underdeveloped countries.

Natural calamities can affect all of us at any time. There is a law of science called entropy, which means that world will always try to be more disordered as the time passes. We as human beings should not think of ourselves as isolated countries or isolated races. We must face these tragedies collectively.




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