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4-yr-old abducted boy found in his locality
Returns after 30 hours of ‘captivity’ Cops detain several suspects Handiwork of ‘insider’
Mohit Khanna/TNS

Ludhiana, April 28
More than 30 hours after Abhijeet, a four-year-old son of a local businessman, was allegedly kidnapped from his house in Harkartar Colony near Hargobind Nagar here yesterday, he was found safe in his locality late this evening.

Kiran Singh mother of the four-year-old Manthan, grieves at her home.
Kiran Singh mother of the four-year-old Manthan, grieves at her home. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Abhijeet aka Manthan, was allegedly kidnapped, with the suspects reportedly wanting to “settle scores” with his father. He was released by them in the evening after police rounded up several suspects.

ADCP-I, Harsh Bansal, said the abduction was definitely the handiwork of an insider. “We are investigating. The case will be cracked soon. We are glad the boy returned safe with no harm done to him.”

Sources said several residents saw Manthan walking on the street and they reported the matter to the police. The police took the boy into custody and are investigating.
Ajit Singh, father of Abhijeet (manthan), narrates the incident in Ludhiana on Thursday
Ajit Singh, father of Abhijeet (manthan), narrates the incident in Ludhiana on Thursday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

The young boy was crying profusely and the police were unable to make out what he was trying to say. “We are taking the help of his father to comprehend what he wants to divulge,” said a police officer.

Nearly 24 hours after he could not be located after he went missing on Wednesday afternoon, the police filed a case of abduction against three people, including a woman, on Thursday afternoon.

The child, a nursery student at MD Bhatt Public School, was said to be riding a bicycle outside his home at the time when he was abducted. His father, Ajit Singh (32), a native of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, runs a knitting unit in Meharban.

The boy’s mother, Kiran, said, ‘‘After having lunch around 2.30 pm on Wednesday, Manthan went outside the house to try out his new bicycle. When I went out a few minutes later, I was shocked to find him missing. I searched for him in the locality and found his bicycle lying on the next street. Suspecting something was wrong, I immediately called up my husband,” she said.


w Manthan returns home from school at 1 pm; has food and goes out to play at 2:30 pmon Wednesday, April 27
At 2:45 pm Kiran search for her son
At 3:15 pm she informs Ajit about incident
At 4pm Ajit arrives home and begins search for his son
At 5:30 pm family goes to the cops
At 5:45 pm police files daily diary report and begins investigations
At 9 pm police files case against suspects and launches massive search operation
At 11 pm Ajit voices suspicion about involvement of another neighbour
Boy recovered from Hargobind Nagar at 8: 30 p.mon Thursday.

“Initially we kept looking for him in surrounding areas. It was late in the evening that we informed the police and lodged a complaint of abduction,” said Ajit.

The police soon swung into action and picked up four former neighbours of the family as well as filed a case of abduction. The suspects, later identified as Rajinder, Sonu, Raju and Surinder Kaur, were detained for questioning, were formerly living as tenants in the neighbourhood and had developed some differences with the boy's parents.

Several area residents claimed a youth wearing a blue T-shirt took the boy along with him. The police suspects personal enmity as the motive as the boy’s parents did not receive any ransom call. “It doesn’t look like the child was abducted for ransom as his parents aren’t financially sound enough to pay up a huge sum of money. Rather it appears to be a case of personal enmity,” said a cop on condition of anonymity.

Former tenant under suspicion

A former tenant is suspected to be involved in the kidnapping of the four-year-old boy. Rajinder, Sonu, Raju and Surinder Kaur, Ajit Singh’s next door neighbours, were evicted by the house owner a few days ago. Ajit claimed they were asked to leave after they picked up a fight with him and abused him. “The houseowner came to know about it and told them to leave. They vacated the house the day before yesterday and while leaving they threatened me with dire consequences. I didn’t know they would abduct my child to settle scores,” he said. The police also picked up another former tenant in connection with the kidnapping on Thursday afternoon. The suspect was reportedly beaten up a few months ago for allegedly peeping into Ajit’s house when the latter was not around. Later he was forced to leave the locality but while going he had reportedly threatened Ajit with dire consequences. It is not yet clear who had actually abducted the child. 


Parents seek astrologers’ help
Mohit Khanna/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
Bogged down by helplessness for not being able to find their beloved son till the evening, the parents of Manthan were devastated and parents were seen rushing to astrologers earlier in the day. Both the boy’s father, Ajit Singh, 32, a native of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh who runs a knitting unit in Meharban, and his mother, Kiran, were well aware they are running out of time.

After failing to get any word about Manthan till evening his parents visited astrologers, hoping the latter would give them some clue about their child. “What shall we do - it has been more than 24 hours and there’s still no clue about our child. Someone in the locality told me about an astrologer who can tell the location of a missing child. Without wasting any more time I visited him and he told me my son was being kept in a house located in a southeasterly direction. I wish my child is safe,” Ajit had said before the boy was located.

The couple also has a seven-year-old daughter, Archna. Kiran, who was being consoled by the residents, said her daughter was not having food and since the time her son was abducted. Both of them last met yesterday morning. When Manthan went missing Archna was still in school. “She saw me searching for Manthan and started crying. I picked her up in my lap and consoled her but inside my heart I was feeling terrified, and I needed to be strong,” said Archna.

Residents extend helping hand

Residents of Harkartar colony extended a helping hand to the Singh family and volunteered to search for Manthan. Said Rubbal, who heaed a search party comprising youth, “We had formed four groups of six youths each and went around various localities in the vicinity. We gave out our cell numbers to residents, requesting them if they get any clue about the child they should inform us immediately. The child has been recovered now. We are relieved”



Work on disassembling historic bridge begins
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
Northern Railway engineers on Thursday began the daunting task of dismantling the century-old Lakkar Bridge underneath which lie overhead high tension power cables for locomotive traction. The much awaited exercise will clear the way for construction of a rail overbridge at the site to ease traffic congestion in the city.

As the operation is fraught with risk the entire area was cordoned off to keep out people. All the major branches of the railways’ engineering wing, especially that dealing with overhead wires, were involved in the task. An overhead high voltage power cable that was connected with the bridge was first removed and shifted to poles.

Later, executive engineer William Jeet Singh, who is supervising the operation, asked representatives of the firm awarded the contract to build the rail overbridge to deploy their staff for cutting the old bridge’s iron bars with gas cutters.

In view of the magnitude of the task railway officials had asked executive engineer Pradeep Puri, who was involved with the project till 2009, to be present at the site. Northern Railway deputy chief engineer SK Sharma was also present to monitor the operation.

Railway officials also kept an accident relief train on standby to be used if required.

At around noon after cutting the iron bars with gas cutters a crane lifted a span of the bridge on the side of the yard. However when the crane lifted the whole span balance of it was shifted on one side due to which part of span touched the overhead power cables passing below.

However, acting swiftly railway officials deployed some more men at the other side to pull the other side of the bridge span with ropes and finally it was successfully lifted from the high voltage wires and placed on the ground.

The officials then turned their attention to working out a strategy for removing the other three crucial bridge spans, two of which lie above the Amritsar-Delhi trunk rail line on which over 150 trains pass every day. Sharma expressed hope the whole operation would be completed successfully and in time.



Onlookers throng site
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
The exercise of dismantling the century-old bridge grasped public attention as a large number of residents thronged the site where the massive exercise of dismantling the bridge was going on.

With expressions of nostalgia, curiosity and surprise on their faces, the onlookers stood through the entire exercise, giving a tough time to the personnel of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) deployed at the site of the Lakkar Bridge in tackling the crowd.

As their was a lot of risk involved in the whole exercise, the Railways officials had cordoned off the whole area and personnel, including women constables, were deputed at the site to avoid any sort of intrusion of public. Security arrangements were so tight that even representatives of media faced a lot of trouble in going to site for the coverage of the event.

Even then a large number of them peeped through gaps in the wall or barricading and railings installed near the site to get a glance of the whole exercise. Lajpat Rai Thapar, a resident of a nearby house, sat for the whole day on his window pane looking at the drive. Similarly, his other family members also showed curiosity for the ongoing exercise. In the same manner, Gaurav Sabharwal, Dev Bhushan Aggarwal, Ajay Kumar had specially come to see the drive from Namak Mandi and Karta Ram Gali localities.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, Gaurav said the Railway Over Bridge to be constructed would be a boon for traffic of the city. But there are a lot of memories of all of them associated with Lakkar Pull, so they were here to see the exercise. Even passengers at the city railway station also showed keen interest in the exercise. Such was the enthusiasm among the people that some of them were catching the moments in their cell phones.

(Top left) Seeking Divine Blessings: Executive engineers Pradeep Puri and William Jeet Singh (in white turban) crack a coconut, (Top right) employees of the Railways and construction company place the dismantalled span on the ground, (below right) People peep through barricade erected by the Railways; and Youngsters click pictures of the ongoing dismantalling exercise of the Lakkar bridge. Photos: Inderjeet Verma
(Top left) Seeking Divine Blessings: Executive engineers Pradeep Puri and William Jeet Singh (in white turban) crack a coconut, (Top right) employees of the Railways and construction company place the dismantalled span on the ground, (below right) People peep through barricade erected by the Railways; and Youngsters click pictures of the ongoing dismantalling exercise of the Lakkar bridge. Photos: Inderjeet Verma 



Operation to be videographed
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
Knowing well that dissembling a bridge underneath which lie overhead high tension power cables for locomotive traction is a daunting job that is rarely performed, Northern Railway is getting the entire operation recorded on video for use in training officials and engineers in future.

The importance of the exercise can be judged from the fact that it took over a decade for railway officials to evolve a strategy on dismantling the Lakkar Bridge, that has been the main hindrance in construction of a rail overbridge. The reason is simple: The century-old bridge is built above the high voltage electric train wires. “It’s definitely a reason for delay as we cannot afford the inconvenience to general public due to disruption of vehicular traffic" said Northern Railway deputy chief engineer SK Sharma.

Now when the department has started the dismantling exercise it is certainly a historic moment for the officers. It is due to it only that they have hired a professional videographer to record every minute of dismantling.

Sources in Northern Railway said as the job is very tough officials wanted to ensure future engineers and officers of the department learn a lesson from the exercise. The officials also feel there is always scope for improvement in every work so they want to learn from the mistakes that they make in executing the process. It is due to these reasons that the operation is being recorded on video.

Asked to comment on the matter, Sharma said: “Since this exercise is rare it is being videotaped for being included in training given to new engineers.”



Green Land students protest liquor vend near school
As per the ruling of the Supreme Court, liquor vends and tobacco shops cannot be opened within 100 metres of educational institutions and religious places
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
Taking up the cudgels while the authorities concerned sleep, students of Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar Bye Pass, protested against the setting up of a liquor vend in the school's vicinity here this morning.

Students of Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar byepass, protest against setting up of a liquor vend in the school’s vicinity in Ludhiana on Thursday.
Students of Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar byepass, protest against setting up of a liquor vend in the school’s vicinity in Ludhiana on Thursday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

The liquor vend, that has come up at a distance of merely 100 feet from the premises of Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, is illegal. As per the ruling of the Supreme Court, liquor vends and tobacco shops cannot be opened within 100 meters of educational institutions and religious places.

The students of the school took a serious note of the fact even as the district administration has been sleeping over the grave issue. The children took to the roads to protest against the vend and shake the authorities out of their deep slumber. They carried placards with slogans "Down With Liquor Vend Near School Premises", "School Ke Paas Se Sharab Ka Theka Hatao", "Hame Nahi Chahiye Madiralay, Hume Chahiye Vidyalay".

The students of the school also tried to block traffic on G.T. Road but on the assurance by the administration that the vend would be closed and with the intervention of principal Baldeep Pandher, the dharna was lifted.

Giving details, Pandher said, "A complaint in this regard was registered 10 days ago with the Deputy Commissioner, Police Commissioner, and Excise Commissioner of Ludhiana. A letter in this connection was also dispatched to the Punjab Chief Minister but no action had been taken till date. It is appalling that such a serious issue has been ignored by the administration."

She added that despite repeated requests, the authorities had failed to take any concrete steps to curb the illegal activity, the children decided to take it upon themselves to protest against it.

Pandher also informed that the students had warned the district administration that if the vend was not closed within the next seven days, they, along with the students of other schools would be forced to hold extensive agitation and resort to chakka jam on the G.T. Road.



MC auctions scrap, earns Rs 62 lakh
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
It was a good day for the cash-strapped Municipal Corporation (MC) as it earned ` 62 lakh from the auction of scrap of the operation and maintenance (O&M) branch, while the reserve price of the scrap was just ` 32 lakh.

It was after a decade that the MC officials had decided to hold the auction for the scrap of the O&M branch, which comprised largely worn-out generators and other commodities of pipe fitting.

The auction was conducted at Moti Nagar godown of the branch and senior MC officials, including Additional Commissioner Kanwalpreet Kaur Brar, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal, Superintendent Engineer (SE) VP Singh, Executive Engineers (XEN) Kamlesh Bansal and Manjit Singh were there to monitor the auction. Despite the fact that the MC had kept a high reserve price of ` 32 lakh for the auction, more than 50 bidders from various districts of the state took part in the auction. When contacted Kanwalpreet Kaur Brar said it was wrong that the MC was facing any shortage of funds, adding that they were having enough funds for getting the works done. But she said funds would certainly prove beneficial to them.



Rise in mercury makes farmers happy
Wheat arrival picks up in grain markets, harvesting to end by May 5
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
Arrival of wheat in grain markets of the district has reached its peak with sky becoming clear and rise in day temperature. Out of 8.48 lakh metric tonnes expected, about 6.32 lakh metric tonnes has already arrived in the different grain markets. Officials maintain that the harvesting season was expected end by May 5 in the Ludhiana district.

About 60,000 metric tonnes of wheat was reaching different grain markets of the district daily. Talking to The Tribune, district mandi officer Rajpal Singh Dhaliwal said wheat was arriving in bulk and being lifted from grain markets these days. “Employees/inspectors from different procurement agencies ensure that the farmers are paid within 48 hours. In Khanna alone, 82,000 metric tonnes of wheat out of expected 92,000 metric tonnes has already arrived. We will get the entire produce within four to five days,” he added.

While the soaring temperature has made farmers happy, city residents have started feeling “uncomfortable” due to onset of peak summer season and power cuts. Dr KK Gill, assistant agro-meteorologist, Punjab Agriculture University (PAU), said the rise in temperature is normal. Last year, maximum temperature rose to 40°C in the third week of April. This year, April was cooler as compared to the last year, he added.

“This time, temperature rose to 40°C for just a day. Today, maximum temperature has been recorded at 38.6°C. Minimum temperature has increased by 2 to 3°C. Last night, minimum temperature was recorded 25.6°C. But, April remained cooler as compared to 2010. There is no forecast for rain and temperature will hover around 40°C till May 2. This is the best time for harvesting and threshing,” Dr Gill added.

Homemakers have, however, expressed concern over their wards going to schools and colleges during peak summer. They hope that authorities will declare summer vacations in schools and colleges earlier if temperature kept on increasing in coming days. 



Sabha seeks hike in wages
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 28
The Punjab Khet Mazdoor Sabha has made a fervent plea to the Union Government to hike the wages under the Centrally-funded Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MANREGA) scheme from Rs 123 to Rs 200 per day.

The low wages being paid to villagers employed under the scheme is creating hurdle in earnestly implementing the scheme and providing desired benefit to intended beneficiaries in Punjab.

Presiding over the state working committee meeting of the sabha here yesterday, Sarwan Singh Nagoke said on May 1 (World Labour Day), all district units of the body would focus on the pending demands of workers and farm labourers so as to make the government to provide relief to these sections.

Gulzar Goria, secretary of the Sabha, said members urged the government to undertake a fresh survey of those living below the poverty line (BPL) in the state.

The sabha also demanded hike in old-age and widow pension by Rs 1,000 per month, subsidised food grain to workers under the food security scheme, Rs 3-lakh grant for constructing houses for the homeless and Rs 10,000 minimum wages to unskilled workers.



Left seeks comprehensive anti-corruption law
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 28
Extending its full support to Anna Hazare in order to effectively deal with corruption at various levels, the Marxist Communist Party of India - United (MCPI-U) has urged the Jan-Lokpal Bill drafting committee to effectively chalk out a comprehensive Bill that will cover all key offices of the executive, legislature and judiciary.

The party’s state committee, which met here yesterday under the presidentship of Kiranjit Singh Sekhon, stated that people had spontaneously responded to the call given by Anna Hazare.

This made the government relent and constitute a drafting committee for the Jan-Lokpal Bill.

Kuldip Singh, secretary, state unit of the party, said there was a need to build a mass movement for putting an end to corruption, which had virtually become a part a parcel of the prevailing system of governance. “The system has to be replaced with more favourable people-oriented system of governance,” the party asserted.

While welcoming the initial action taken for seeing the anti-corruption Jan-Lokpal Bill through, the MCPI criticised a few corrupt elements, both inside and outside the government, for creating hurdles in drafting of the Bill as well as the movement against corruption.

The party called upon all trade unions and working classes to observe International Labour Day (May 1) as a “protest day” against rising prices, unemployment, rampant corruption, while also focusing on other local issues and demands of the workers and peasantry. 



Bains lobbies against mayor, MC chief
Meets Deputy Chief Minister
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
Factionalism within the SAD once again come to the fore with rebel Akali councillor, Simerjeet Singh Bains, openly lobbying against municipal officials and mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura.

Bains, who’s room in the C-zone office was allegedly closed at the behest of the mayor, met Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal at his residence in New Delhi and apprised him of the entire incident.

Talking to The Tribune on phone he alleged that the room, which they had opened during the tenure of the Congress government for resolving difficulties of people, has been shut during the Akali’s regime. This is unjustified. He alleged that the mayor with the help of a few municipal officials and unions had hatched a plot to defame him after the arrest of Zonal Commissioner in the graft case.

Bains also urged the Deputy Chief Minister to the top brass of the municipal corporation removed. He alleged that the top brass was hand in glove with the mayor. Targeting the municipal commissioner for siding with the politician, Bains said, “ Such officials should remain neutral.”

This is not for the first time that the firebrand Akali councillor has been up in arms against top brass of the civic body. Earlier, he had accused former municipal commissioner, Vikas Pratap, of taking Rs 25 lakh bribe for allotting the Gill Chowk project. His name had also figured in an attack on a sub-registrar. Now, he has been blamed for getting Zonal Commissioner AS Sekhon arrested in the graft case. Meanwhile, there was a talk of municipal commissioner AK Sinha’s being transferred from the city. 



DGP opens police post

Budhewal (Samrala), April 28
Setting aside all speculations about he joining active politics, Punjab DGP Paramdeep Singh Gill has said that he is fully devoted to the coveted post and will continue to work for modernizing the Punjab police. He said this while inaugurating a new police post at Budhewal.

Later on, he also inaugurated a first aid post at the Ramgarh police post and planted a few saplings. — OC



World Veterinary Day celebrated at GADVASU
‘50,000 persons die of rabies worldwide every year’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
"Rabies is fatal, protect your pets and yourself", this was the conclusion that emerged out of a lecture and discussion on rabies held at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, which was organised in view of the World Veterinary Day celebrations here today.

The College of Veterinary Science, GADVASU, celebrated the extended "World Veterinary Day" from April 21to 28. The day is celebrated all over the world on the last Saturday of April.

Every year, the World Veterinary Association proposes a theme for this day and "Rabies" is the chosen topic for this year. It is a vaccine-preventable disease, however, it kills more than 50,000 persons worldwide every year, mostly children. 99 per cent of all human cases are caused by bites from infected dogs. Vaccination in animals reduces the incidence of the disease, eliminates suffering and avoids recourse to mass culling while also saving human lives.

On the closing of the World Veterinary Day on Thursday, a function was organised where Dr BS Sandhu, associate professor, shared his views while speaking on rabies and Dr SS Rath, professor of parasitology, talked about the parasitic infestations of the pets and their control measures. Dr PD Juyal, registrar, GADVASU, talked about the role of veterinarians to safeguard the human health along with treating the animal disease. Also as a member of the World Veterinary Association, Juyal said that rabies was a dreadful disease and vaccination against this disease was mandatory for pet dogs to safeguard the family members and human population. The function was also attended by Dr SPS Sangha, dean, College of Dairy Sciences and Technology and controller of examination of GADVASU. Dr S Prabhakar, head, Department of the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, said that during the free anti-rabies vaccination and deworming camp organised during the week for pet dogs, a total of 140 pets were given anti-rabies shots and 108 pets were dewormed.



GNG college students bring laurels
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
The declaration of PG diploma in personnel management and labour welfare 1st semester result by Panjab University, Chandigarh, was a matter of pride for Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, as the college achieved 100 per cent pass percentage. All the students got first division.

Paramjit Kaur brought laurels to the college by standing first in the university and first in the college , Rajwinder Kaur stood second in the university and second in the college, Navpreet Kaur stood third in the university and third in the college, Sapreet Kaur stood fifth in the university and Ramandeep Kaur stood eighth in PU. Dr Charanjit Mahal congratulated the staff and students for their outstanding performance and wished them luck in future as well. 



‘Ban on plastic bags a welcome step’
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 28
The Rising Youth Association, a city-based NGO, while welcoming the ban imposed on polythene bags in the state from May 1, has demanded scrupulous implementation of the orders in the wake of havoc being wrecked by polythene bags on the environment.

Addressing the general body meeting of RYA, president Gurinder Chahal said since many of the neighbouring states of Punjab, including Himachal Pradesh, UT Chandigarh and the national capital had already imposed the ban on polythene bags, it was high time that Punjab followed suit. "But the intended purpose will be solved only when the provisions of the Punjab Plastic Bags (Manufacture and Disposal) Control Act are earnestly implemented; and the usage polythene bags, which have a thickness of not less than 30 micron, is completely banned."

Chahal stressed the need for creating awareness against use of plastic bags so as to make the people shun the non-biodegradable material in the larger public interest. In the absence of voluntary support from the public, the ban on polythene bags was also bound to meet the fate of similar bans imposed on child labour, smoking at public places and noise over and above a permissible decibel level.



Appalling turn of events

In a bizarre incident, a 30-year-old man, whose feet were amputated 10 days ago following an accident, today left everybody shocked when he crawled from the second floor of the Ludhiana Civil Hospital, where he was admitted in a ward and left the hospital as the staff remained a mute spectator. Inderjeet Verma clicked him crawling from the staircase. The patient hid his face and even removed his shirt to cover his face so that he could not be identified.




Namodar was mentally upset. He tried several times to leave the hospital in the past. He was taken back to his ward. This morning, he bit several staff members of the hospital when they tried to stop him. — Dr US Sooch, Senior Medical Officer of Civil Hospital



Fake Farm Council Scam
Health department comes under scanner
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 28
Turning a blind eye to the repeated complaints against Vipin Kumar Saini working as lab technician at the government dispensary at Purian in Sidhwan Bet block, who was recently arrested in the multi crore fake farm council scam, the working of the department of health and family welfare, Punjab, has once again come under scanner.

The crime branch arrested Vipin Saini on Monday for misappropriation of government funds and public money under his fake firm.

Subhash Katty, a resident of Urban Estate, Chandigarh Road, had given a written complaint to the director, Health And Family Welfare, Punjab, against the "illegal business" Saini, who despite his government job was fearlessly carrying on with his bogus business under the nose of the bosses in the health department.

Facts ignored

The crime branch had arrested Vipin Saini on April 25 for misappropriation of government funds and public money under his fake firm Agricare Organic Farm. Kumar was using the prefix of "Dr" before his name while doing business under his firm. Also, he had a registered office at 8FF Madhok Complex, Ferozepur Road, but all the above facts were ignored by the senior health officials in Ludhiana and Chandigarh

The complaints against the corrupt lab technician had also been given to the local health authorities in 2010 following which he was transferred to Muktsar in November 2010 but he managed to come back to Purian in January 2011.

The health department in the information given to Subhash Katty under the RTI admitted that he had not taken any permission to carry out his business or job at the Agricare Organic Firm.

But what is more interesting is the fact that Vipin Kumar was using the prefix of "Dr" before his name while doing business under Agricare Organic Farm. Also, he had a registered office at 8FF Madhok Complex, Ferozepur Road, but all the above facts were ignored by the senior health officials in Ludhiana and Chandigarh.

The delinquent duped people by making false claims that he had done PhD after completing his MSc agriculture as the health department denied about his leave or permission to pursue his degree under the RTI.

So much so that the offender also got away with the caste-based derogatory remarks made for an employee at the dispensary and was declared innocent in all the inquiries conducted by the senior medical officer (SMO) and sub divisional magistrate (SDM) concerned despite the versions given against him by the witnesses. 

‘We just send the report’
We had received several complaints against Vipin Kumar Saini and inquiries were conducted by some senior officials. However, action has to be taken by the departmental authorities as we just send the report to the head office.— — Dr Yashpal Mehta, Assistant Civil Surgeon



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