The Mr Green of Chandigarh
Nek Chand, the creator of Rock Garden, was honoured by the Chandigarh chapter of IMTECH on Saturday
Vandana Shukla

Chandigarh's ecology is incomplete without Nek Chand. Rock Garden, the landmark creation of his imagination that has become synonymous with the town, grows organically like trees planted amid the rocks in his garden. If you took an aerial view of the garden, only green appears, overshadowing all those marvels created out of recycled waste under its canopy.

The entire 40 acre stretch of imagination has come out of a simple man's vision of a 'divine kingdom' that he was creating in the silence of nights under faint light of his bicycle lamp, away from public gaze for eighteen years. Today, the world class tourist attraction, that generates an income of about Rs 50,000 per day on an average, and is almost maintenance free, offers lessons in creative waste management and environmental science to experts in architecture, engineering, landscaping and art. All the water-falls in the garden are run by managing flow of the water collected during rains, and the labyrinthine alleys of the garden reveal only one spectacle at a time, like a day in a life, or, a page in a book.

But, when Nek Chand began making those signature figurines of his in 1951, by collecting left over bangle pieces after Mansa Devi and Nada Saheb fairs had packed their tents, or, went about town in search of cheap cement, which he finally found outside the factories that make hume pipes, he had no clue it would lead to actualising a vision. "I worked like a labour, because this was my temperament from the childhood, I like to soil my hands, I observed how houses were made in my village, they were all kuchcha houses, and, I liked to remodel things." So, how did the first design of figurine come to his mind, in the absence of any formal training? "In the village we used to clutch the clay in our hands, and this was the shape it would take, the same I tried to create with waste and used cement to give it life."

When Chandigarh was being built according to Le Corbusier's plan, Nek Chand was a road inspector in PWD and worked on this unplanned 'hobby' after his working hours. Which meant, only nights were available to indulge in his search for waste to satisfy his creative urge. As objects grew in his imagination, so did the need for variety of waste. To shape a round, he took discarded bicycle wheels, broken ceramic tiles became a means of embellishment, a kind of lustrous skin to cover the ugly waste.

From creating figurines to conceptualising a breathtaking landscape where he places them and lending grandeur to a vast space that was given in instalments by the administration, and inter connecting all these spaces without disturbing the ecology of design, is a work of creative genius. But, Nek Chand would like to use simple words, "It is not mine, it belongs to people because people love it, it was mine as long as it was in my mind, and till no one had access to my work. Now, people own it so how can I claim credit for it." He adds, had it not been for the visionary support of people like T N Chaturvedi, chief commissioner of Chandigarh and Siddhartha Shankar Ray, governor Punjab, the scale at which it stands today wouldn't have been possible.

The road to reality from the caves of a vision is full of roadblocks and challenges, and the trajectory of Rock Garden is no different. But, all that is past. Today, with US and UK based Nek Chand Foundation, and formation of Rock Garden Society, Nek Chand and his creation has nothing to worry. He is busy with his next alteration of the plan, creating one-way route for the entire garden, which will translate into opening new doors and visions.

Books authored on the Rockman-

  • Nek Chand's outsider art: the rock garden of Chandigarh, by Lucienne Peiry, John Maizels, Philippe Lespinasse, Nek Chand. Published by Flammarion, 2006.
  • The Collection, the Ruin and the Theatre: Architecture, sculpture and landscape in Nek Chand's Rock Garden, by Soumyen Bandyopadhyay and Iain Jackson. Liverpool University Press, 2007.

Out of your mind!
Can you guess the most common disease afflicting out telly stars? Surprisingly, it’s amnesia…
Ashima Sehajpal

Mahie in LaAgi Tujhse Lagan
Lost world: Mahie in LaAgi Tujhse Lagan

The threat of amnesia has scaled such heights that even a minor ‘head bump’ between two people on screen can lead to memory loss. Going by how our TV actors are losing their memories, we suspect it will soon become an epidemic!

Ishaan, played by Jai Soni, in Sasuraal Genda Phool is the latest victim; Nakusha (Mahie) of Lagi Tujhse Lagan is fighting the battle, thankfully, Rudra, played by Iqbal Khan in Sangini, has just recovered! Statistics also prove that most of the Indian TV soaps have had characters who suffered from amnesia. So, what makes amnesia a favourite subject of soap producers? How does it help spin the falling TRPs? And for how long will we have characters who suffer from the disease?

Ragini Khanna, who plays the character of Suhana, Ishaan’s wife in Sasuraal Genda Phool, says, “Memory loss makes for an interesting twist in the story. Two people in love, everything’s running smooth and suddenly one of them meets with an accident, resulting in memory loss, further resulting in a twist in the story and more TRPs.”

Amnesia was the trademark element of Ekta Kapoor’s soaps. Mihir Virani (Amar Upadhyay) suffered from it, then did his wife Tulsi Virani (Smriti Irani) in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Om Aggarwal (Kiran Karmarkar) forgot everything about himself and even his loving wife, Parvati (Sakshi Tanwar) Cut to Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Ronit Roy (Mr Bajaj) had a brainwash exactly when Prerna’s (Shweta Tiwari) heart is brimming with love for him.

Manav Gohil, who played the character of Vikram in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, finds it extremely amusing that no character who has suffered from a serious accident has ever suffered a fracture. “The only ailment they suffer from is amnesia.” Recalling his experience on the sets of the show, when Om lost his memory, he says, “Kiran used to play an amnesic patient with full conviction. The switch from Om to a lost person was funny, as he used to forget that he is amnesic.” Manav terms amnesia as TV’s favourite syndrome.

It’s not that our films have not used the ailment to their advantage. The first popular Ghajini was Rishi Kapoor in the film Henna. Never seen before, amnesia almost led to a war between India and Pakistan in the film. Second in the list is Aamir Khan in Andaz Apna Apna, which, in fact, was just his trick to win over Raveena Tandon’s character. Vidya Balan lost her memory in Saalam-e Ishq. Vivek Oberoi couldn’t figure anything about his past in the film Prince. But, it was Ghajini by Aamir Khan that came up with the interesting concept of short term memory loss and his performance got registered in audiences’ mind. Cut to the times when memory loss wasn’t an integral part of TV soaps, when a serial like Hum Log did well without any amnesic patient. Abhinav Chaturvedi, who played the role of Nanhe in Hum Log, opines, “Amnesia has become a prop for TV soaps; you show the protagonist suffering from it and gross TRPs.” He was shown suffering from Cancer in Hum Log, “We got letters from Tata Memorial Hospital requesting us to alter the story line because the patients were getting demoralised. We then realised that’s its imperative to be extremely cautious while projecting any such problem on the tube.” Hope the serial-makers will keep this in mind before they ask another actor to say ‘Main Kaun Hoon, Main Kahan Hoon’!

Dress rehearsal for life
With changing times, brides today are seeking perfection before stepping into a married life
Vasudha Gupta

Marriage is a small, but life-changing word. This holds true for the couple and particularly for the bride-to-be. All the jitters and the butterflies in the stomach are evident in the glow on the face! All preparations are taking time, the trousseau is not ready and suddenly you realise that you haven't learnt your fiancés favourite Mexican dishes. So, young, beautiful brides-to-be, if you are dreaming for the monsoon wedding this year, read on.

In these times where women are struggling to make a mark in their careers, several aspects of raising a family are not being taught. Looking at conditions like these, Deeba Arif, owner of Bride, is set to launch an 'institute that guides one on how to be a perfect wife.' “The idea just did not come in a moment to me; I am witness to the changing concept of prioritising work than families,” she says.

The institute will be one of the very few that will have specialised programmes on attitude development and sessions with experts in the field of nutrition, first-aid, beauty and a psychologist. “These days, women have a very casual approach towards a marriage. These classes will focus on changing attitude and arming women with the right personality to tackle a life after marriage,” she says.

Now that most brides are more conscious, professionals are beginning to step in to provide the much-needed help about assistance for the tired bride! Grooming and etiquette consultant, Harleen Sekhon is constantly dealing with the worried brides-to-be and regularly counsels them. “Personal training for young brides tends to dispel the fear of facing new family members. We guide them to put their best foot forward and place them in a position where they feel empowered,” she says.

Harleen is successfully running the Grace Finishing School, which provides a host of training programmes like fine-dining, polishing communication skills and increasing the level of confidence. “All courses incorporate various details that need attention from the view point of a young bride.”

One famous writing on the wall all women live with is 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.' No matter who you are or where you come from, till the time you are not able to cook, forget about getting your husband to pay any attention. Keeping this in mind, cooking classes are also popular. Rohini Walia, running a cooking institute in the same name, shares the kitchen's side of the story. “Women these days prefer to learn nutritious and healthy food. You can improvise and turn a basic dal into a fancy party dish. Brides-to-be are learning,” she says.

A woman's world does not begin and end in the kitchen. She has to learn and balance the endless dinner invites as well. Although they don't come in a silver tray with the formal invites, yet the new bride is expected to carry herself with grace and flawless details. The hair, the make-up and the seven yards of fabric wrapped around her waist has to be perfect. This is where beauty parlours take the cake. “We have programmes where we teach basic grooming techniques in hair and skincare, apart from sari tying and draping. Post wedding, it becomes difficult to hide the skin problems and a course helps brides to retain the glow,” says Salochna, who runs a beauty parlour by the same name.”

But not all feel the dire need to undergo the trouble of taking lessons. Puneet Sidhu, a bride-to-be, feels that when women get into wedlock after a few years of working experience, things do not have to be learnt.

Back to SCHOOL
All set for a walk down memory lane, Parminder raises the curtains off his upcoming show
Vasudha Gupta

He is a man of assorted interests. From composing Punjabi songs to working in a radio channel, Parminder is busy exploring his capabilities further and has now landed himself as the host for ETC's brand new show 'Sadda School'.

Talking about the programme, which will go on air on June 3, Parminder tells us about his affinity to children and how it all translates on to the screen. “People love connecting with the youth; we are going a step ahead and taking them to school,” he smiles.

The show consists of three segments - cultural activities, sports round and the teachers versus kids round. “The most intriguing will be the teachers Vs kids round. We put the kids face-to-face with teachers and have them interact in a more personal way,” he says.

With schools getting increasingly hi-tech, the show will also focus on the achievements of the various schools they approach. And it will be a learning experience for the young host as well. A jack of all trades, Parminder has completed his graduation in Indian classical music with a specialisation in Tabla from Pracheen Kala Kendra. After this he ventured into radio and worked for Al-Khaleel radio channel before making his grand entry on the small screen.

“I have also composed the music for two Punjabi albums, which should be ready for release soon.” His credentials do not stop at this. Parminder will also be playing a Canada-returned character in an upcoming show on Colors. Unfortunately, after 10 episodes, they kill me,” he bursts into a laugh. Thank God for his stars, he won't be suffering from amnesia like all other popular television actors! He also will be hosting a local singing talent show.

Talking about his future plans, he shares, “I hope I can be a music director some day. That is the only reason I will ever go to Mumbai.”

Yes, mate!
Workplace romance may find you a partner for life, but be ready to face some professional challenges

Jasleen, 26, fell for this co-worker of hers who talked the least and gave the best work. Working on assignments together, they grew from friends to lovers and it was not long before that they tied the knot!

If one goes by the number of people getting hooked to co-workers, it looks like office romance is in the air. ISpending most of the time at work and socialising more with co-workers, there are some obvious advantages of being in a relationship (dating or marrying) with someone from work. Most important of them being the background check! Working together gives one a fairly good idea of the other person. Being in the same profession ensures you empathise as well. You understand what probably a spouse from a different profession would find difficult - late hours, office retreats or even long, unending official tours. And, most importantly you can carpool and save 'precious' petrol!

It's not all that rosy though. Just like a glass half-empty or full, even workplace romances have some inherent drawbacks. To start with, there is the human resource policy. Check out your office guidelines lest a fling costs you dear. Then the whole situation that keeps two individuals together, 24/7 leaves no 'me time'. Be it a subordinate or boss that you are in a relationship with, always be ready to face the allegations of favouritism.

Says Jasleen, “We were lucky that soon after our wedding, my guy took a new posting. Office politics could have ruined our relationship. It just wasn't possible to work as a man and wife in a team.”

Aisha and Anirudh are facing a similar situation. Everything is cool between the two of them, but their colleagues don't think so. Six months of fiercely guarded dating, they have started to think it would have been better if they didn't share office. “There is always a fear lurking that views of co-workers might affect the relationship,” says Anirudh. “On the plus side, the presence of the loved one around makes the day,” shares Aisha.

All's well as long as the relationship is going good. An argument is enough to sabotage a day.

Even worse, a break up! Suhasini changed her job soon after her guy dumped her, not much to her advantage. “I couldn't bear to be in his presence once he was no longer with me. Most difficult were the early days after we parted ways. I exhausted all my leaves. A day in office when work demanded interaction was enough to kill me. I resigned and I still feel bitter. It was not a great professional move,” she says.

Well, all good things come at a price. If workplace romance blooms, be ready to resign from work!

(Some of the names have been changed on request)

Keep it as professional as possible

  • Don't play favourites
  • Stick to regular routine
  • Don't bring your arguments to work
  • No public display of affection please
  • Wait a little before you share it with co-workers
  • Be ready to make a choice between your career and companion

Sonu back with X Factor

Superstar singer Sonu Nigam is back on television with a brand new music reality show Sony’s X Factor. Sonu who has judged many music shows calls X Factor one of its kind and cherishes the fact that he won't have to get involved in fake fights with co-judges or contestants for TRPs. Sonu explains why he chose the show, what is special about it and what one can expect from X Factor.

What made you chose X Factor?

X Factor is the world's biggest music show and has been adapted by several countries successfully. I don't call it a reality show because, according to me, most reality shows are staged. X Factor is a true show of music.

What is your take on reality shows on TV?

Today, there are so many music shows that it has become a routine. X Factor is a big show which I loved on face value and now I truly am connected with the idea.

Why only a few make it big after winning at these shows?

The question is valid but there have been singers like Shreya, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala, Shekhar and many others who have got huge success in life post their reality show win. You can’t expect the show or the channel to support their artists forever. They have to work hard and struggle in life to grow.

What is the USP of X Factor?

X Factor is a superb concept where after choosing 124 contestants, the three judges are mentors for contestants.

How was your rapport with your co-judges?

Truly fantastic. We create a magical atmosphere. We are all positive souls on the show. I feel proud to share the judging panel with Shreya.

Will any of you be as nasty as Simon Cowell?

No, we don't intend to do anything like that or copy him. It is unfair to compare two people.

Have you set any standards for judging?

Not really. The three of us really respect each other and we always hear each other out.

Why have you worked with Sony for most part?

Yes, I have loved working with Sony. We worked and wrapped up on time. The experience has been professional. — HRM

Evergreen Fashion

Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Style is individualistic and that conviction warrants a second glance, feels six feet tall Anmol Soin. He is president of Havard Model United Nations a World Student Programme, shares his ideas on style:

Your sense of style is …..

I like timelessness. Clothes, which never go out of fashion, are more my style. I don't like funky ideas. Style for me is what stands the test of time.

Latest addition to your wardrobe

My classic new black rimmed spectacles.

Brand crazy or street pick ups?


Your style icon would be…….

Richard Brandson who looks casual and formal in all attires.

Who is the worst dressed celebrity?

Sidharth Mallya. I think he borrows his clothes from Deepika for they are feminine.

Which look do you prefer - sporty, chic or glamorous

I think the "executive"

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension…..

Floral shorts and harem pants for men

Your take on accessories?

Should be classic only.

What boosts your confidence level……..

The capability to walk into any place and hold my own.

(As told to Poonam Bindra)

Route to fitness
A German fitness expert, Katja Wollenweber brings yoga of the West ‘Pilates’ to Chandigarh

Katja Wollenweber
She’s got the move: Katja Wollenweber

Katja Wollenweber, a German fitness expert with mastery over Pilates, yoga and ballet, keeps coming to India again and again. "I can't explain why, but I guess there is some strange, special connection that makes me visit this fascinating country," shares Katja in a press meet to announce her classes in Chandigarh.

Katja, quite fond of Chandigarh, has travelled India from the North to South. And she aims to introduce Pilates, which she has been practicing for last 20 years everywhere. Pilates is like a moving yoga, an interesting combination of exercises that strengthens the core deep muscles. "Pilates focuses on the abdomen and the back, developing a longer muscle, which keeps one younger for longer," says Katja, with a body to envy at 42, flat abdomen and all the muscles!

And her fitness regimen? "I alternate between the three. Ballet when I am happy and want to dance around, Pilates when I am low and need a power dose of strength and yoga is for all the times. It not only calms me down but also helps me regain balance in life," shares Katja, who fascinated by yoga learnt it from Shivananda Yoga Centre at Bad Hewberg.

Katja is here to offer the fitness knowledge that she has collected over the years, but it's not by choice that she happens to be in this vocation. "Soon after education I got in touch with my mentor who had five fitness schools. Inspired by my German mentor, I took up this as my profession," shares Katja.

Her classes, a mix of Pilates, yoga and ballet, will be on from June 1 to 30 at The British School, Sector 44, Chandigarh. "I am hopeful that people like Pilates and I am able to come back again," says Katja.

High Spirits
Bahama Mama
Vineet Mishra

A perfect drink for summer that is very popular and a crowd pleaser. Also called the national cocktail drink of the Bahamas.


  • 1/2 oz Havana Club aged white rum
  • 1/2 oz Coconut liqueur
  • 1/4 oz Coffee liqueur
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 4 oz pineapple juice

Garnish: Strawberry or cherry


Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled Tom Collins glass. Fill it with lots of ice. Garnish with a strawberry or cherry.

Cocktail Facts: The very first cocktail party ever thrown was given by Julius S. Walsh from St Louis in May of 1917. Walsh opened her home on a Sunday for a luncheon, serving 'cocktails' to her guests for one hour before lunch was served.

(Mishra is the director

Are you date worthy?

You may think that your success in the dating world may lie in your honesty, humour, and so on, but a new study has revealed these may have little to do with what your date may actually like. Certain personality traits contribute to being a good judge of whether someone else thinks you're worth meeting again, according to the study.

In 17 groups, a total of 190 men and 192 women met members of the opposite sex-basically the standard speed dating routine with psychologists collecting a lot of data. They were asked if they thought the other person would want to meet them. On the whole, people were very bad at guessing how many of the other persons would want to meet them. Some people had no clue at all. But others did better. Success was correlated with particular traits that are stereotypically associated with the sexes: Men who have a more promiscuous orientation were better at guessing if a woman would want to meet them, and women whose personality was very agreeable were better at guessing if a man would meet them. — ANI

Marriage suits Hilary

Hollywood star Hilary Duff has said that her life has changed a lot since she married hockey player Mike Comrie.

The 23-year-old singer and actress, who married the Canadian NHL player last August, said she is delighted at how much more time they have spent together since they became man and wife.

"It's changed a lot, being married is a different thing. It's really exciting, we spent a lot of time together this year which was nice.

"He was in Pittsburgh playing hockey so I was back-and-forth all the time, It's another year where a lot of big changes happened," the Lizzie McGuire star.

As well as enjoying one another's company, Duff and Comrie have been busy working and building a home together. "I wrote two books, and we're remodelling a house right now," she added.

She also offered some advice to Kim Kardashian, who this week announced that she is engaged to basketball star Kris Humphries after six months of dating.

On being told the news, Hilary said, "Congratulations! Everybody told me when I got engaged to enjoy the moment and make the most of it." The 'Lizzie McGuire' star also said that she wants to take her marriage to the next level and start a family.

"We talk about it. Yes, we're excited to do that, but I want to work a little bit more. I'm tossing around the idea of making another record.We want it, we're excited for it, but I think it can wait just a little while longer," Duff said.


Beautiful mind

Katrina Kaif is known for her sexy avatar, but this actress remains grounded. She says, “The audience love me and that’s my biggest asset. I have learnt in life that one should always stay grounded and never let success go to your head. One day it’s there, the next day it’s gone. I believe in working hard. The people who were with me will always stay with me- from my friends, to hair dresser, to spot boy and driver. They were with me from my initial days and are going to be with me unless and until they quit the job for some reason”. In her next Yash Raj film, Ek Tha Tiger she will be seen sharing screen space with Salman Khan. Katrina gets candid…

Beautiful memories...

I was not the good looking girl in my class and my classmates never used to look at me. So when people call me hot, I find it funny because at that time none of my classmates ever proposed to me. Apart from this I was very quiet kid. My mom was always there with me so I was never alone.

When do you feel beautiful?

When I am in my own skin, surrounded by my loved ones, without any make-up and while having a blast. When I am comfortable or taking it easy is when I can look my best, when I don’t care how I look.

Which part of your body you like the most?

My hair! They are same since childhood, I have always loved my hair. I always liked long black shiny hair. I have maintained them and I don’t cut them short but only trim it or style it. I believe hair is every woman’s beauty.

When people say you are one of the sexiest women, how does it feel?

It feels great but I don’t agree because I see other beautiful girls every day. And being a woman I really adore other woman too. I am glad that I was born as a woman. As I told you earlier, in my childhood and teenage years, no one looked at me so when they call me sexy or beautiful I have a doubt (laughs). I don’t take it seriously. I am glad that my mother is beautiful and I have inherited her beauty.

There were reports that you will not apply any make up in Ek Tha Tiger, are you confident to face the camera without make up?

Kabir Khan is an experienced director and there are some reasons behind it. I play the girl next door in the film, so it’s very important to get into the character. Today’s technology has developed a lot so I am sure it will make me look good (laughs).

Are you excited about working with Salman Khan?

Yes, I am. He is one of the best actors and a friend till date and fun to be with. He is doing really well, I loved him in Dabangg and Wanted and I am eagerly waiting to watch Ready. Soon we will start shooting for Ek Tha Tiger and it will be fun.

What tips would you give to your fans on how to beat the heat?

Drink lot of water. Don’t eat outside, especially junk food. Wear sunscreen when you are leaving your house and also carry your glares.


Bloom in The Hobbit

Orlando Bloom is reuniting with his Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson for The Hobbit, the much hyped adaptation of JRR Tolkien's original novel. Jackson says he is thrilled to work again with Bloom, who played elf Legolas in the 'Rings' series. But the actor will appear in a different role in the new movie, the Hollywood Reporter said.

"Ten years ago, Orlando Bloom created an iconic character with his portrayal of Legolas. I'm excited to announce today that we'll be revisiting Middle Earth with him once more. I'm thrilled to be working with Orlando again," Jackson said in a Facebook post. The director is currently directing the two-movie adaptation in New Zealand.



Hema MaliniWild encounter

A leopard has entered Hema Malini’s bungalow in Malad and been there since last night. Fortunately, nobody stays there and animal welfare authorities are trying to get the cat out.

Cat call: Hema Malini

Friend in need…

Ajay DevgnSalman Khan and Ajay Devgn are good friends. They have never competed with each other. We have heard Ajay Devgn has asked Sallu bhai to attach the Singham promo with Ready which releases on June 3. Salman then personally called up his producer Bhushan Kumar and asked him to do the needful.

Helping hand: Ajay Devgn

Family support

Tussha Kapoor is plain lucky to have Jeetendra for a father and the influential Ekta Kapoor for a sister. He has neither the talent nor the looks to sustain himself in the industry. His career has survived solely because of his sister’s magnanimity as she gives him a role in almost all her productions.

Watch out for Ayesha

They did Dor together in which Ayesha gave her best performance. Now, we hear that Ayesha has once again signed Nagesh Kukunoor’s project Keeping Watch, which is an official remake of the Taiwanese horror film, Keeping Watch.

Neetu ChandraSpotted: Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra was spotted at the Dinner with Friends show at Prithvi Theatre in Juhu recently. She wore a beige spaghetti, no make-up and had her hair tied in a bun. Also spotted were Farooque Shaikh with his wife and model-cum-actor Nakuul Mehta.

Dinner date: Neetu Chandra

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina KaifSizzling hot

The new song from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is the one shot at the Tomato festival. It features the entire cast of the film and also focuses on the romance blossoming between Hrithik and Katrina. The romance portion was really sizzling and has been toned down for the promos that will air on television.
Red Alert: Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif

SRK’s tips on dental hygiene

Shah Rukh Khan spoke about the importance of brushing one's teeth twice a day at the shoot of a toothpaste ad in which he educates kids about the benefits of brushing. Children love him and they just might listen to him.

Being grateful?

Sonakshi Sinha can be seen everywhere and all thanks to Dabangg and Khan parivaar. Sonakshi is so thankful to Salman Khan that wherever she goes she wears a Being Human t-shirt. Wearing Being Human t-shirts is fine but we don’t like the slippers and frayed jeans at all.

Cozy equation

Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez get along fabulously and have sizzling chemistry.

They did not know each other when they started shooting for Murder 2 but are very comfortable with each other now and that works for the film.

Zoya AkhtarEditing woes

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is stuck in editing. Two well-known editors have already left and that has postponed the release of the film. Farhan Akhtar has decided to supervise the editing of his sister’s film.

Sister Act: Zoya Akhtar

chatter box

A still from Rishton Se Badi PrathaRishton Se Badi Pratha

Color’s Rishton Se Badi Pratha based on caste system and honour killing, failed to create impact from the word go even with its bold theme. It was under the scanner from the Information and Broadcast Ministry for violent scenes too. There were plans for Pratha to take a leap but when the existing cast didn’t agree, the channel and the production house decided to wrap up the show. It will have a happy ending to make space for Hamari Saas Leela a Gujarati family show from May 30, at 7 pm on Colors.
love bond: A still from Rishton Se Badi Pratha


Yashraj production’s launched Kismat and Khote Sikkey both aimed at appeasing the youth. Launched on February 14, Kismat will go off air this week. It will be replaced by Ekta Kapoor’s romantic tale Bade Achhe Laggte Hai… Yeh Dharti, Yeh Nadiya, Yeh Rainna Aur Tum starring Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor which starts May 30 at 10.30 pm on Sony.

Sanjog Se Bani Sangini

Zee TV’s Sanjog Se Bani Sangini marked the return of Iqbal Khan and Aditi Gupta and was hyped as the debut Dance India Dance’s Binny Sharma. But due to dismal TRPs the show will wrap up in first week of June. Sangini began on August 16, 2010, but soon the ratings dropped and rumours were that the channel put the show under scanner in March.

Ganga Ki Dheej

Sahara One’s Ganga Kii Dheej, which premiered on November 15, 2010, will end soon. The show never picked up on TRPs and will be replaced by on-air show Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji…Niyati which was aired at 8 pm. SaharaOne will also launch Jai Jai Bajranj Bali at the 8 pm slot.

Nivedita TiwariBhagonwali

Zee’s Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer premiered on December 6, 2010, but never really did register with the audiences. It will be replaced by a light hearted family drama called Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyein starring Ashiesh Roy and Vibha Chibber.

lady luck: Nivedita Tiwari

Gunaho Ka Devta

Imagine’s Gunaho Ka Devta was launched on September 20, 2010, will now be replaced by Swayamvar 3- Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine.

Kitani Mohabbat Hai

Imagine’s Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2, a second season of the popular serial Kitani Mohabbat Hai didn’t fair as well as expected. Launched on November 1, 2010, the show will be replaced by Swayamvar 3-Ratan Ka Rishtafrom May 30 at 8pm on Imagine.

Jhansi Ki Rani

Zee TV's Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani...Jhansi Ki Rani is a super hit historical TV series created by Contiloe Telefilms will be replaced with Shobha Somanth Ki starring Yash Tonk and Amrita Raichand and is tale of Gujarat's Rani Shobhana.

astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Friendly vibes and thoughts of romance bade well for singles in the dating game. Internet dating might be the way to go. You will be in a mood to find fault with people who are dear to you; curb this habit. Don't follow others. Tarot message: A positive and caring attitude heals old wounds. Lucky colour: Grey. Magic number: 46

TAURUS: No matter how much you love your partner, do not compromise those things that are important to you. Relationships are based on give-and-take. Teamwork is the key. Home life will be pleasant. Check your car before you set out on long journey. Tarot message: Watch your best interests. Lucky colour: Coffee brown. Magic number: 50

GEMINI: A business proposition might appeal to you. Acknowledge it from an unbiased perspective. Relatives will be sensitive and difficult to get along with. Do not get involved in any land deal. In the evening there is an exchange of ideas with someone who means much to you. Tarot message: Take limited risks with money. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 63

CANCER: Gossip in the workplace can cause unexpected problems and upsets. In case of language barrier at workplace, be careful of misunderstandings. Take what is useful and discard the rest. Those in love will have slightest sign of trouble. Watch your temper and health. Tarot message: You find within yourself a fountainhead of a will power. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 59

LEO: Think wisely before you start spending your extra cash. Take a positive approach and plan for a hectic day. Politicians draw flak. Do not avoid responsibility. Keep travel plans off. Romantic life takes upswing. Children will be a source of happiness and joy in the evening party. Tarot Message: Don't let anyone take advantage of you. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 48

VIRGO: Matter of way! You enjoy love making more than staring romantically into your partner's eyes over a candle-light dinner. Try your luck in speculative deals. The employed will be burdened with additional responsibility without incentive. Domestic compulsions will make your life uneasy. Tarot message: You need to cultivate understanding & humility. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 36

LIBRA: Social events will be a positive stimulus for you. At trip is likely to take you away from your lover. Expectant mothers are assured safe delivery. Those in love will have an exciting day. Hobbies and extra-curricular activities will gain extra momentum. Look within for answers to your dilemmas. Tarot message: Resolve conflicts through discussion. Lucky colour: Skin. Magic number: 29

SCORPIO: Jealousy, possessiveness and control all suggest issues of code pungency. So this is a perfect time to start practicing independence and letting go. Girls should join a hobby class. Circumstances take a turn in your favour. Tarot message: Keep a close watch on any niggling health problems. Lucky colour: Copper. Magic number: 34

SAGITTARIUS: Think twice before you start spending your cash on a whim. You may meet an interesting person today. Teenagers: love stars twinkle. Don't disturb jointly held fund without partner's consent. Your efforts bear fruit. An Aquarian friend is supportive. Tarot message: Boost your confidence with positive thinking. Lucky colour: Maroon. Magic number: 33

CAPRICORN: Honour yourself first. Your plans for the day can be changed by others. Promotion is likely. The spotlight is on the sale or purchase of property. Family outing brings surprise. Smooth sailing at home. Stay clear from sycophants. Tarot Message: Wait and watch. Impatience will lead to failure. Lucky colour: Blue. Magic number: 30

AQUARIUS: The most tiring day at work. Change your behaviour. Think of the positive and not the negatives, and you will finish the day with a smile on your face. Women: you may be feeling rather insecure. Romance boosts your spirits. Evening is pleasant. Don’t overeact. Tarot message: Rivalry pushes you to do your best. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 44

PISCES: You feel inspired today. So calm your thoughts long enough to it. An issue that is niggling at the back of your mind should be addressed. Love life sparkles. Health is fine. If you have been thinking of buying a pet this is a favourable day for getting one. Tarot message: Cut away the frills. Lucky colour: purple. Magic number: 32

the year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is May 29...

This number 2, basic digit of the date is governed by the Moon making you highly imaginative, idealistic and dreamy in nature. You are naturally charming and can attract people towards you. You are intelligent and a deep thinker. You worry yourself into depression often. June is a gainful period and health will be great. July makes you socially an active. In August you experience pressure in money matters. Don't be egoistic in September. October turns you positive and cheerful. In November, family matters disturb you. Be careful while travelling in December. Stop opening your wallet every time you are asked to. Sooner or later, these fund raisers will look elsewhere for aid. You shouldn't be their sole source of support. In March 2012, you reach a turning point in career. Your friend will have an impact on your love life and you rediscover someone who is very close to your heart. Professional activities will have some acceleration to keep up with the rapidly changing life. Intellectual work in the first half of 2012 will be more effective. During this period, your thinking, memory and imagination will improve significantly.

Melanie Janine BrownMelanie Janine Brown (May 29, 1975-Rochester, Minnesota, USA), better known as Mel B, is an English pop singer-songwriter, actress, author and television presenter. She is best known as Scary Spice, one of the members of the all girl pop group Spice Girls. Her reality show aired on the Style Channel called "Mel B: It's a Scary World". She now wants to promote her music career with a reality show about her life. In November, 2010, Get Fit with Mel B, a fitness programme was released in North America and Europe.

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