C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


A first: Police Authority for action against DSP
Accused of callousness and bias in a criminal trespass case
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
The Police Complaint Authority (PCA), in an order issued today, requested the Inspector General of Police PK Srivastava to consider taking suitable disciplinary action against Deputy Superintendent of Police Vijay Kumar for alleged “callousness” and “bias” in a case of criminal trespass.

The PCA came to the rescue of a Wing Commander (retired) whose flat was allegedly trespassed by his tenant and he faced a harrowing time as a note prepared by the DSP rejected his plea without any reason. This is the first time ever since its inception in September last year that the PCA has held a DSP-rank officer responsible for mishandling a case.

“The complainant and his daughter have been running from pillar to post against the trespasser since December 2009. They have suffered irreparable loss and immense physical and mental distress for the last 18 months before they ultimately got their property back,” states the order. Wing Commander AS Dhillon (retd) had complained to the PCA alleging inaction on part of the police in a case of criminal trespass of one-room of his flat given on rent.

Acting on his complaint in 2009, the investigating officer had prepared a report stating that offence under Sections 380 and 448 of the IPC was made out. The report was submitted to the then Deputy Superintendent of Police (South) Vijay Kumar, stating that it was a clear case of criminal trespass as a rent deed was executed by the landlord.

However, contrary to the findings of report, DSP Vijay Kumar in his note on August 25, 2010, wrote that he is fully convinced that Vikas Thakur (who was infact the accused tenant) is in possession of the whole flat from the day of tenancy. Since it is a landlord-tenant dispute, no further action is warranted,” he wrote.

The PCA observed that the note written by Vijay Kumar was unwarranted and biased. “It was a case of criminal trespass so far as the third bedroom in the flat was concerned as is evident from the rent deed. A trespasser was given the benefit of his false plea.”

In his reply to the PCA, Vijay Kumar justified his view on grounds of personal hearing of both parties.

After the complainant met the IG, a fresh inquiry was initiated into the matter in March this year.

What was the complaint?

AS Dhillon’s daughter had rented out a flat in Sector 51 to one Vikas Thakur, a Kangra resident. One room of the flat was kept locked by her and a rent deed was also executed. After some time on visit to the house, the complainant and his daughter found that Vikas Thakur had, after breaking the lock, occupied the locked room of the flat that had also been sub-let by him to another person at a rent of Rs 5,000 per month. As it was a totally unauthorised and illegal possession, the complainant Wing Commander Dhillon lodged a complaint with the police.



Meanwhile, senior cops slow to act against inspector
Case involving abuse of power
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
The police top brass seems to have a soft corner for inspector Udey Pal Singh, embroiled in many controversies, including negligent handling of the Khushpreet kidnapping for ransom case.

While the reinstatement of the inspector yesterday within five months of his suspension for negligence in handling the Khushpreet case has come in for criticism, the police is also dragging its feet in implementing an order passed last month by the Police Complaint Authority (PCA) recommending the suspension of the inspector for “gross misuse of power” in a separate case. With his reinstatement yesterday, the PCA order has been made non-operational.

“We received the PCA order last month ordering the suspension of inspector Udey Pal Singh, but that time he was already suspended in the Khushpreet case. A departmental inquiry has been marked into the case,” said UT SSP Naunihal Singh.

“It’s surprising that inspector Udey Pal has still been reinstated when he has been held guilty in mishandling two different cases and in both cases, departmental inquiries are pending. It shows bias by the senior officers, who do not seem to be bent in punishing him despite the order,” said Sukhdev Sharma, complainant in the PCA case.

The PCA which is hearing five complaints against Inspector Udey Pal had, besides ordering his suspension, also ordered a disciplinary action against inspector Udey Pal Singh for his mishandling in a separate case finding him guilty of detaining three persons, including a father-son duo behind bars by ‘misusing his power’. The order was passed on May 20.

In its order, the PCA had said, “The unlawful, arbitrary and mala fide detention of the complainant Sukhdev, his son Mohit and friend Narender at the police station for more than 24 hours is found to be in the nature of gross misuse of power and an act of mala fide and a misconduct by Uday Pal Singh.”

In his complaint to the PCA, Sukhdev Sharma disclosed that he had purchased a house in the Sector 44 in the name of his wife, Kamal Sharma. However, a matrimonial dispute arose between Sukhdev and his wife. Sukhdev filed a civil suit, claiming that he was the actual owner of the house which he had purchased from his resources. He also sought permanent and mandatory injunction to the effect that his wife be restrained from transferring the house,” Sukhdev said in his complaint.

Sukhdev told the PCA that his wife gave a statement in the court, saying she will not sell the property till the tendency of the suit and will also not restrain his the entry in case he come there as his husband.

“However, trouble began when his wife objected to the entry of her husband, son and his friend, when in 2010, the complainant along with his son and his friend reached the house and Kamal Sharma objected to this. The police was called and she also filed a false complaint against the three in Sector 34 police station,” he said.

On January 8, Sukhdev received a call from the police station and was asked to appear along with son Mohit and son’s friend the next morning. All three reached the police station on January 9 at 10.30 am where his wife was also present along with three four local politicians and relatives. Here SHO Uday Pal Singh allegedly used filthy and abusive language against the three. Sukhdev tried to explain the SHO about the suit. The SHO as per Sukhdev ordered his staff to take away the mobile phones of all three and even tore the papers. The SHO did not even allow the complainant to talk to his lawyer and detained him in a room at the police station where there was no CCTV either. The SHO later left the police station,” the PCA said.

“The SHO returned again and threatened Sukhdev to withdraw the civil suit or else face a criminal case involving offences of attempt to murder. The SHO later asked his staff to register a criminal case against the three and another FIR was registered,” he added.

And when the SHO returned again, he threatened Sukhdev to withdraw the civil suit or else face a criminal case involving offences of attempt to murder. The SHO later asked his staff to register a criminal case against the three and another FIR was registered. All the three were arrested and were produced before the duty magistrate the next day and remanded to judicial custody. No bail was granted as it was Sunday. They were released on bail on Monday.”



CHB flats
Admn fails to refund applicants
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB), monopolistic construction arm of the Chandigarh administration, has been sitting over crores of rupees of the unsuccessful applicants of the UT Employees Housing Scheme for the past over seven months.

Even as around 3,000 employees, who were unsuccessful in the draw of lots held in November last year, wait for the refund of their money, the CHB is laughing its way to the bank and earning interest on the huge amount estimated to be several lakhs of rupees since the draw of lots.

In fact, the unsuccessful employees were caught in a catch-22 situation, with reported move of the UT administration considering the allotment of houses to the unsuccessful applicants. In the wake of these reports, a majority of the unsuccessful applicants gave an undertaking that they did not want the refund of their money.

However, with the administration dragging its feet on a clear-cut decision on the allotment of flats to the unsuccessful applicants, the wait for the refund of money seems to be unending.

Each of the employees applying for the dwelling units ranging from one bedroom flat to three bedroom flat had deposited an amount ranging from Rs 70,000 to Rs 1.75 with the CHB.

“Besides paying monthly interest to the bank which had financed the earnest money, we are losing interest on our money,” lamented a middle-level official of the UT administration, adding that the administration should take a final call whether to consider the unsuccessful applicants for allotments.

Over 7,600 UT employees, including senior officials, had applied for the housing scheme launched by the CHB in Sectors 52, 53 and 56 in March, 2008. Initially, the CHB dragged its feet on holding the draw of lots, which was finally held in November, 2010.

Though the draw of lots had been held a few months back, construction on the site is yet to begin. In fact, similar is the fate of the construction of flats for the general category in Sector 63 here.



PU charging fee for correcting its own mistakes
Students told to pay Rs 400, apply for duplicate degrees
Neha Miglani
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
Panjab University (PU) is charging fee from students for correcting its own mistakes.

Students whose names and parents’ names were printed incorrectly on their degrees were today told by the university’s staff to shell out Rs 400 and apply for duplicate degrees.

Three such students were spotted running from pillar to post at the university’s administrative block in a bid to get spellings corrected in their original degrees. There are reports of more such cases where erroneous proof reading and printing by the university’s examination branch employees is causing havoc to students.

“There was a spelling error in my degree, although correct name was mentioned in the detailed marks sheet (DMC) and registration form of the previous class. I was asked to apply for a duplicate degree,” said Smriti, an MSc student. Incidentally, in the two other cases also, correct names were mentioned on their DMCs, but varsity employees, while printing them on degrees, committed errors.

Misinformed by certain university employees, two students had even filled the duplicate degree issuance form.

“I was told that the original degree and duplicate degrees look alike so I must pay for a duplicate degree. The degrees were distributed in April and six months had not lapsed as per the rules. But an employee insisted on checking the date of issuance of the degree, which was November last year. If the degrees reached the department late, was it my fault?” questioned Smriti, a resident of Himachal Pradesh (HP), who had come to the PU to get a correction done.

In yet another case, the father’s name of a B.Com student of SGGS College, Sector 26, was replaced by a fictitious name. “My father’s name is written as Man Mohan Singh, but on the DMC, his correct name has been mentioned. Due to the PU’s fault, I faced a tough time. Now I have now been told to return after a week to collect the degree,” said an infuriated Varun. Another resident of HP, who is also a student of MSc at the PU, had come to get her mother’s name corrected. “My mother’s name is Sumna. The employees may have found it awkward and they changed it to Suman on their own, which sounded more familiar and logical,” she said on the condition of anonymity.

The matter was later reported to PU Controller of Examination AK Bhandari and he directed the Assistant Registrar of the sections concerned to caution the employees. “ The PU issues 2.5 lakh degrees each year and human errors are inevitable. However, the issue of misleading the students to get duplicate degrees issued when the original can be rectified in case of the university’s error is serious. I will direct the staff to be more vigilant. Students, on the other hand, must be careful while mentioning the names on registration forms,” said Bhandari.



MC HQ sans power back-up
Generator out of order for over a year
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
It seems that the municipal corporation (MC) authorities are least bothered about providing a proper working environment to their staff at the headquarters in Sector 17 here.

A classic example of this is that a generator installed 11 years ago in the basement of the building has been lying non-functional for the past more than one year due to a technical fault. As a result, there is blackout in the building in case of a power cut. For the past one week, there have been routine power cuts for an hour in the building.

The General House meeting was delayed by 10 minutes yesterday as there was no electricity. MC Superintending Engineer (B&R) Mukesh Anand said he was unaware of the non-functional generator as he took charge three days ago.

An official of the electricity wing stated that there was a technical fault in the generator, which the staff was trying to rectify. Sources in the MC said there was no technical fault in the generator.

Instead of connecting select electricity wires, the load of the whole building had been put on the generator, they said. Another reason was that technical staff to operate it had not been appointed in the past 11 years, they added.

In 2008, the maintenance of the generator was shifted from the public health wing to the electricity wing as the former had no technical staff to get it repaired.

An employee said on the condition of anonymity that officials were least bothered to get the generator repaired as all senior officials had direct power supply to their rooms even if there was a power cut in the building.


13 councillors complain against Mayor
Approval of agenda items without discussion
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
Thirteen nominated and opposition councillors of the municipal corporation today formally complained to Additional Commissioner II Lalit Siwach against Mayor Ravinder Pal Singh for violating the Punjab Municipal Act and approving agenda items in the House meeting yesterday.

Councillors raised objection to the way the agenda items were tabled and approved by the six councillors and passed by the Mayor in the House yesterday. The councillors demanded that all agenda items, which were approved, should be cancelled and re-tabled in the next meeting for discussion.

Councillors pointed out that as per the Act, two-third of the majority was required for getting the approval on any issue in the House, whereas out of the 22 councillors, nine opposition and six nominated councillors were opposing the way the secretary tabled the agenda and the Mayor approved it. When contacted, Lalit Siwach said their complaint had been sent for seeking legal opinion and action would be taken after receiving the reply.



MC tows away 30 cars, 10 motorcycles
Anti-encroachment drive at Sector-48 motor market
Tribune News Service

The enforcement wing of the municipal corporation carries out an anti-encroachment drive at the Sector-48 motor market.Chandigarh, June 24
In an anti-encroachment drive today, the municipal corporation lifted 30 cars, 10 motorcycles and scooters from the motor market in Sector 48 here. Hydraulic jacks and spare parts were also seized. Encroachments were removed from corridors and public places.

The drive was carried out under the directions of Additional Commissioner-II Lalit Siwach and enforcement inspector Kashmira Singh.

The enforcement wing of the municipal corporation carries out an anti-encroachment drive at the Sector-48 motor market. Tribune photos: Manoj Mahajan



Another cave-in scares I-T staff
Dept holds high-level meeting with CPWD
Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
Even as the income tax (I-T) department held a high-level meeting with CPWD today and decided to jointly inspect and assess shortcomings in the newly built office complex, Aaykar Bhawan, the false ceiling of another room caved in this afternoon, causing panic among staff members.

The series of false ceiling collapses prompted I-T officials to take up the matter with the Union Urban Development Ministry. The latest mishap, second in the past three days, happened on the fourth floor, room number 413, in the afternoon, with at least four persons inside.

Sources said though the false ceiling did not fall to the ground, there was a loud noise, after which the ceiling caved in and hung dangerously. “The staff rushed out and thanked their stars,” said an official.

The incident renewed fears among the staff and most felt that no corrective steps were taken since Tuesday, when false ceilings collapsed in at least half a dozen rooms spread across the newly inaugurated multi-storeyed building.

The sources revealed that the meeting, chaired by the acting Chief Commissioner, North-West Region, GS Randhawa, and attended by commissioners, additional commissioner and senior functionaries, both civil and electrical, of the CPWD, concluded that a joint team would inspect the entire building over the weekend.

They would then jointly decide on Monday whether the building was safe enough for the remaining staff to shift there or some major repair work was to be undertaken prior to that, they added.

The sources revealed that during the meeting, CPWD officials admitted that the mishaps were a result of “poor and improper coordination” between its civil and electrical wings. The admission lent credence to initial speculation that the false ceiling collapse could have occurred due to “heavy” electrical fittings used by the electrical wing.

This would mean that electrical fittings might have to be changed or the false ceilings further strengthened to endure the weight, said officials.

The sources revealed that the department would send a detailed report to the Union ministry, asking it to conduct an inquiry to fix responsibility. Video clippings of the rooms affected would also be sent to the ministry, they added.



Rain brings relief
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
City residents woke up to a pleasant morning today as light showers brought down the temperature after several days of sweltering heat.

According to the Met department, the city received 32.4 mm rainfall. The minimum temperature today came down to 25.8 degrees Celsius, almost four degrees lower than Thursday’s temperature, which was 30.4 degrees C. The maximum was recorded at 35.6 degrees Celsius, one degree below normal. Weathermen said the rain and the drop in temperature in the city were due to western disturbances prevailing over Pakistan and adjoining areas like western Rajasthan. More rain/thundershowers accompanied by squall can occur in some parts of the state during the next 24 hours, they added.



Waterlogging, stench dog Sector 17 residents
Sanjay Bumbroo
Tribune News Service

A “kutcha” road in a residential area at Sector 17 in Panchkula.
A “kutcha” road in a residential area at Sector 17 in Panchkula. Tribune photos: Nitin Mittal

Panchkula, June 24
Fear of epidemic looms large on the residents of Sector 17 extension in the town, which is surrounded by slum colonies from two sides, as the Municipal Council has failed to take note of the unhygienic and filthy conditions prevailing in the area.

Foul smell emanates from the waterlogged vacant plots in the area and water gets accumulated in deep potholes on the “katcha” roads. Even pigs and stray cattle, owned by the slum dwellers of Rajeev Colony and Budhanpur Colony, could be seen moving around in the area.

About 80 families have shifted to their new houses while 80 houses are under construction in the area. The road in front of these houses gets waterlogged and it becomes difficult for the residents to move out of their houses during heavy rain.

One of the area residents, Yogesh Kashyap, while talking to The Tribune, said: “The whole area plunges into darkness during nights as the slum children from the neighbouring slums break the tubelights with stones using catapults.” He said even though the electricity department had replaced the same many times, the miscreants keep damaging them.

Kashyap said they had even constructed boundary walls of the vacant plots with their own funds to check the entry of these children who have become nuisance for the residents. He said the miscreants also took away steel and other valuable construction material from their plots during nights, increasing the construction cost of the house.

Another resident SC Goyal said the children in their locality could not play in the park located in the area as anti-social elements and drug addicts visited the park in the evening.

Demanding the construction of a protection wall to separate the slum colonies from their area the residents said police patrolling should be intensified in the area during nights to secure the life and property of people living in the area. They further demanded that the council should immediately fill the deep pits in the vacant plots to avoid waterlogging in the area.

Area councilor VK Kapoor said garbage was being dumped on the banks of the nullah passing through the slums, which could cause blockage of the same. He said recently he had invited Ravinder Rawal, president, Municipal Council, to inspect the area and urged him to take immediate remedial measures. He warned that if no attention was given to the issue there was a danger of epidemic, which could spread in the area.



DC inspects repair work of Ghaggar
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, June 24
Mohali Deputy Commissioner Varun Roojam today inspected the ongoing repair work of the Ghaggar at Rampur Kalan and the surrounding areas. He also asked the drainage officials to complete the work before arrival of monsoon.

Giving information, SDM, Dera Bassi, Puneet Goyal stated that last year the town had witnessed flood like situation due to heavy rains. He said to avoid any untoward incident during the monsoon the repair work of bridges was in progress and would be completed soon.

He added that the administration would take strict action against the violators who disrupted the natural flow of the Ghaggar.



6 mini-buses for Morni flagged off
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 24
The residents of the Morni block in this district have a reason to cheer as the Haryana Roadways has started a new mini bus service in the area keeping in view the hilly terrain. The Shivalik Vikas Board, at a cost of Rs 63 lakh, has provided six buses to the transport department.

Inaugurating the service from the inter-state bus terminus at Sector 5 here today, Divisional Commissioner, Ambala, Anil Kumar said if need be more such buses could started for the people in the area.

He said there were many blind curves on the Panchkula-Morni-Tikkar Tal stretch and it was difficult for drivers to negotiate these even during the day. Giving further details, Deputy Commissioner Ashima Brar said these buses would ply on difficult terrain like Morni to Tikkar Tal, Morni to Khatia, Badisher, and Morni to Thapli.

She said construction work on the Nalagarh-Samlotha road was going on a fast pace and the bus service would also be started on this route, which would benefit the area residents.

She said a recently a joint survey had been conducted by the transport department and the public works department in the Morni area and roads were found safe and in working condition.

Speaking on the occasion, general manager Chaudhary Bhanwarjit Singh said a fleet of 800 new buses was being added and the transport department under the scheme was recruiting 5,700 drivers.

He said the distance between Morni and Badisher was about 14 km and Rs 9 had been fixed as fare for one side trip. Similarly, the distance between Morni and Tikkar Tal was around 12 km and the fare had been fixed at Rs 8.



Follow road safety measures, police tells bus operators
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
The bus tragedy that claimed three lives in Sector 28 a few days ago has sounded an alarm for need to follow traffic rules, especially by bus operators, for safety of passengers.

Following spurt on number of road accidents involving buses in Chandigarh, the Traffic Police has written to all bus operators in the city to adopt road safety measures. Negligent driving by bus drivers has resulted in over 26 fatal accidents in city this year.

The Chandigarh Traffic Police has written to the CTU, Punjab Roadways, Haryana Roadways and PEPSU asking them to urge their drivers to adopt road safety measures and to follow lane driving.

“Most often, it is seen that buses stop at undesignated bus stops and lack road sense. All bus operators have been asked to urge their drivers to follow lane driving and to halt at designated bus stops only,” said DSP (Traffic) Vijay Kumar.

Last Saturday, three persons, including a woman and a 12-year-old boy was killed after a rashly driven bus hit their scooter and injured seven members of a religious procession in Sector 28.



Draw of lots for plots held
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 24
A numbering draw of lots for residential plots was held for residents of Lambian village by the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) here today.

Estate officer Balbir Singh said allottees were given 30 days to take possession of plots allotted to them and vacate the area in the village. The draw of lots was held for 10 plots today.

GMADA had earlier held a draw for 66 plots. The allottees had been issued notices, in which it was stated that they should take possession of their plots within the stipulated time and vacate the area in the village.

He said a survey was held about 10 years back, in which 77 persons were found eligible for plots, of which 76 had been given plots.

The case of one person was pending as he had approached court. Those having houses had been allotted residential plots. Those who were running shops had been given sites for booths.



Tricity Scan

Workshop on prosthetic surgery

The department of urology at the PGI organised a one-day “CME-cum-live operative workshop on prosthetic surgery and male urinary incontinence”. It was conducted by Prof Drogo K Montague, director of genitourinary reconstruction at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio (USA). Management of two common urological problems of men-erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence were discussed through lectures and interactive discussions.

Implantation of inflatable penile prosthesis (AMS-700) was demonstrated by Professor Montague, along with Dr Ravimohan SM, assistant professor of urology at the PGI. The workshop was attended by 35 urologists from the region. Prof A K Mandal, chairman of the department of urology, said such theme-based workshops had been the tradition of the department over the past several years. The idea has been to educate and encourage
the urology community for practising ethical contemporary urology.

Addressing a gathering of Lobana Community at Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Bhavan, former president of Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Foundation, Bhagat Singh IAS (retd) said, “For the welfare and development of the community it was necessary that we should collectively come forward in support of Pritam Singh Norangpur and elect him as the new president of the foundation.” He said Narangpur had contributed and served the community selflessly since the very beginning.

Mayor fails to turn up in court

Ravinder Pal Singh Palli, Mayor, did not turn up in the court of Deputy Commissioner today for his cross-examination in a hearing of the case filed by Jagjit Singh Kang, challenging the validity of the election of Palli as Mayor of the municipal corporation. The court has fixed June 29 as the next date for his appearance and his cross-examination by the other side.

JS Kang had challenged the election on the ground that PK Bansal, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister, had asked Congress councillors to carry mobile phones with them at the time of casting their vote, click the photo of the ballot paper and later show it to him, which violated the principle of secrecy.

Tips on healthy living given

As part of its commitment towards ensuring employee health and well being of its employees, Bharti Airtel under its employee engagement initiative, today organised an ‘Employee Health Scan’ camp on its Technology Park Campus. The camp was held in association with Make Me Healthy, a Corporate Wellness Organisation. More than 125 employees availed the benefit of the camp that involved comprehensive medical check-ups to assess the overall lifestyle health risk of each employee. The employees were given tips on healthy living based on their tests.

New INTUC vice-president

Ajay Ojha has been appointed vice-president of the local unit of the Indian Trade Union Congress (INTUC). He said he would work on resolving differences between different trade unions working under the banner of INTUC.

Foreign medical graduate exam

Aahuti Sharma, a Panchkula resident, has cleared foreign medical graduate examination-2011, conducted by the National Board of Exam, New Delhi, prescribed by the Medical Council of India. She secured the first position with 191 marks. Aahuti completed her MBBS from Gomel State Medical University Gomel, Belarus.

Scholar hunt

An online ‘Young Scholar Hunt’ has been announced by a company-Aviva Life Insurance. Five winners will get an opportunity to meet Sachin Tendulkar in the UK and visit the prestigious Oxford University with their parents. To participate one has to log on to www.pogo.tv or www.avivaindia.com and answer questions based on an experiment and write a slogan.

Album relased

A new album “Diwani da karezi” of folk singer Fauji Rajpuri was today released by Congress MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu. This is the 21st album of Rajpuri and contains nine songs.

Sidhu said singers should stay away from vulgarity and try to contribute in a positive way to the Punjabi culture. He asked the Punjab government to frame strict laws to check vulgarity and also ensure that these were implemented seriously.

Sec-71 residents meet MLA

A deputation of various residents welfare associations met Congress MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu and apprised him of various problems being faced by residents of Sector 71. The deputation was led by former municipal councillor Amrik Singh Somal. He told the MLA that the sector did not have any primary health centre or a post office. Even the storm water drainage system was not working properly. The community centre in the area was in the possession of the police ever since the building was completed. He demanded that the community centre be vacated at the earliest so that residents could avail the facility. — Tribune Reporters



Unscheduled power cuts make life miserable for residents
Sanjay Bumbroo
Tribune News service

Panchkula, June 24
Scheduled and unscheduled power cuts, besides low voltage during late-night hours have made life miserable for residents of this town during the past few days.

Even though the electricity department was in the process of installing feeders in Sector 12 to beef up the power supply, power cuts for short durations and that too for five to six times a day had made the life of residents miserable in these sweltering conditions.

The most-affected areas include Sector 12, 12-A, 14, 10, 11, Industrial Area Phase I and II. Executive Engineer Maneesh Dhaliwal said the low voltage was due to overloading and they had already launched a campaign to check the power load of each household. He said they had started the new feeder installed in Sector 12, which would help in improving the power supply in Sector 11, 12 and 12-A.

Sanjay Juneja, a resident of 11, said power cuts had added to their woes in the humid conditions. He said gadgets like refrigerators and fans don’t function properly during late-night hours in view of the low voltage supply. He said even the inverters had stopped working as they were not getting the required power supply.

SK Nayyar, chairman, Citizens Welfare Association, said unscheduled power cuts had become a routine affair in the town. He said the residents were facing hardships in view of the power cuts for five to six times in a day.

According to senior officials of Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited (HVPNL), the supply was irregular, as they were not getting the full share of electricity due to damaged Pinjore-Ropar 132 kv power line. Out of the 50 kv share, they were getting only 25 kv power. “We are in contact with Punjab electricity officials, who have assured us that the problem would be solved within the next few days as they needed some time to rectify the fault,” they added.



Protest by accident victims’ family
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 24
Family members and others staged a protest outside the police station at Phase XI here today against the failure of the police to register a case against the person allegedly involved in an accident which led to the death of a Mohali resident.

According to reports, Manvir Singh (31), a resident of Sector 66, and his father Jasbir Singh were coming back home on a scooter around 9.30 pm after closing their shop in Chandigarh. When they reached near Sector 66 a Tavera car allegedly hit the scooter from behind. While Manvir Singh died on the spot, his father sustained serious injuries.

Relatives of Manvir (right), who died in an accident on Thursday night, protest outside the police station in Phase XI, Mohali, on Friday.

It is alleged that a PCR vehicle patrolling that area helped the occupants of the Tavera car to flee from there. Another person was “planted” as the driver of the car involved in the accident by the police. This created annoyance among the victims’ family members and those close to them. They gathered outside the police station in Phase XI and raised slogans against the police. Protesters demanded that a case should be registered against the owner of the car or the person who was driving the vehicle at that time.

The protest was withdrawn after the police gave an assurance that the needful would be done. A case was then registered against Ravinder Singh, a resident of Chapparchiri, under Sections 279, 338, 427 and 304-A of the IPC in this regard.



Minor surgeries at PGI’s new OPD block
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
Come July and patients visiting OPDs at the PGI will have some relief from shuttling between Nehru Hospital and the New OPD Block for the minor surgeries.

The authorities have decided to start the facility minor surgeries at the operation theatres on the fifth floor of the New OPD Block. Earlier, this floor was occupied by the department of ophthalmology before it was shifted to the new building of the Advanced Eye Centre in 2006.

Even as the OPD services were shifted from Nehru Hospital to the New OPD Block a decade ago in 2001, many minor surgeries were being carried out at the operation theatres of Nehru Hospital. For this, the patients had to get a date fixed for the procedure and had to revisit the hospital on the date of appointment. However, with six more operation theatres at the disposal of doctors at the New OPD Block, a majority of such surgeries operations will be carried out the same day.



NCC cadets visit Rock Garden

Chandigarh, June 24
As many as 65 NCC cadets from all over the country attending the national integration camp at Naya Nangal visited the Rock Garden here today and interacted with its creator Nek Chand.

Speaking on the occasion, Additional Director General, NCC, Maj Gen MS Virk stressed upon the need to inculcate a sense of harmony and brotherhood amongst each other to make India a strong and peaceful country. He added that the spirit of the the camp provided an opportunity of community living and creating a sense of communal and religious harmony.

The camp, being run from June 17 to June 28, includes various activities like sports, debate, quiz, and essay writing competitions. The cadets also visited places like Anandpur Sahib, Naina Devi, the Bhakra Dam, Suhkna Lake and the Rose Garden. — TNS



Akali minister, Mohali SSP harassing me: Gurgaon resident
Saurabh Malik/TNS

Chandigarh, June 24
In what could turn out to be an embarrassment for the Punjab Government, a Gurgaon resident has not only accused a former minister and Mohali SSP of harassing him, but also threatening him with implication.

Acting on Gurbinder Singh’s plea for protection, the Punjab and Haryana HC has already directed the State of Punjab, SSP and the SHO to give seven days’ prior notice to the petitioner in case he is wanted for investigation in any criminal case.

In his petition placed before Justice Ritu Bahri, Gurbinder Singh claimed the registration of a false criminal case of breach of trust, dowry harassment and criminal intimidation against him and his relatives was due to the fact that his wife’s grandfather was former industry minister Jagir Singh Bhullar in “the earlier Akali Government” and the Mohali SSP was related to his wife and her parents.

Blaming the local police for helping them, Gurbinder Singh claimed the FIR was “a consequence of the same”. Gurbinder Singh added he was getting anonymous threats on the phone. “The respondents also used to visit the petitioner’s house in Gurgaon with fire arms to terrorise the petitioner,” the petition reads.

Quoting an example, the petitioner claimed that on March 25, his in-laws, along with 5-6 persons with deadly weapons, forcefully entered his parental house in Mohali, manhandled his father, mother and sister and damaged property.

He added that his parents were locked from outside. “At about 1 am, they also tried breaking the lock of a room on the first floor. Then, my sister sent emails to the state DGP, CM and the HC.”

Bringing the functioning of the Punjab police under scanner, he said the respondents, with the help of the Mohali police, forcibly took his car.



PU announces admission, interview schedule 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
Panjab University has released admission, interview and counselling schedule for certain departments.

Department of philosophy

Interview for admission to MA first semester (philosophy) is on July 12, 2011, at 10 am in the committee room of the department of philosophy, Arts Block IV, PU. “No separate interview letters are being issued,” said Dr HP Sah, chairperson of the department.

Centre for human rights and duties Admission schedule for admission to MA (human rights and duties) for the session 2011-12:

n A tentative merit list for interview/counselling (of all categories) will be displayed on July 11 by 1 pm.

n Objections to merit list should be submitted in writing by July 11, 4.30 pm.

n Reporting time of candidates for interview- July 12 at 9.45 am.

Counselling schedule

n Date/time for interview/ counselling- July 12 from 10 am to 1 pm.

n Display of final provisional merit list for admission-July 16 by 3 pm (of all categories selected and waiting list) duly approved by the DUI.

n Deposition of fee for admission- July 18 till 5 pm (all selected candidates of all categories) and July 19 by 3 pm

n List of vacant seats will be displayed on July 19 at 4.30 pm

Vacant seats will be filled from the waiting list on July 20 from 10 am onwards.

Venue for admission/interview- Institute of Emerging Areas in Social Sciences at New Emerging Areas Building, adjoining the botany department, PU. The physical presence of the candidate at the time of interview/counselling and depositing of fee is a must.

University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development, PU, will conduct aptitude test for admission to BSc (fashion and lifestyle technology) first semester on July 12 at 10 am and counselling for the same will be held on July 13 at 10 am in the office of the institute.

Aptitude test for admission to MSc (fashion and lifestyle technology) first semester will be held on July 14 and counselling will be held on July 15 at 10 am in the office of the institute. For further information, candidates may contact the office of the institute between 9 am to 5 pm on any working day. The last date for submission of application forms in the institute is July 4, 2011. 



Students seek reduction in cost of prospectus
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
Highlighting the issue of high cost of prospectus at Panjab University, the Indian National Students Organisation (INSO) submitted a memorandum to the Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Students Welfare, demanding a cut in the cost of prospectus fee of PhD, MBA and other courses .

INSO president Anil Ghanghas and party supporters met the officials. They said Rs 1,800 per PhD prospectus was being charged by the university.

Ghanghas said when all other universities were giving prospectus at nominal rates (MDU, Rohtak-Rs 500, Kurukshetra-Rs 500), why PU was charging such a whopping amount? He added that while other universities were encouraging research students by awarding them scholarships, PU had been increasing the prospectus fee by Rs 200 every year.

Former PUCSC vice-president Vibha Sethi said the authorities were discouraging students.



Schedule for admission to BCom
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 24
As a number of queries related to admission to BCom-I is pouring in, Panjab University today released details.

The university has received 9,135 online applications for BCom in Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Hoshiarpur colleges and all users have been assigned user IDs and passwords. PU applicants can check the status of their applications by signing in.

The university is carrying out verification of documents. Deficiency in forms is being pointed out and can be seen by candidates in their login area and they are required to submit the deficient document immediately.

A tentative merit list for Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Hoshiarpur colleges will be displayed on the website bcomadmissions.puchd.ac.in on June 28, 2011. Objections, if any, should be reported at bcomadmissions@pu.ac.in by June 30, 2011 (3 pm) or to AK Vashisht, coordinator, BCom admission. Revision of marks due to re-valuation/ re-checking should also be reported latest by June 30, 2011. The final merit list will be displayed on or after July 2, 2011, on the website bcomadmissions.puchd.ac.in . No separate letters for counselling/admission will be issued. “The merit list, admission schedule, along with the venue for depositing fee, will be displayed on the website,” said Dr Tankeshwar Kumar, director, computer centre, Panjab University.

Only “selected candidates” should attend the admission process in person and on the given date(s), timing(s) and venue. Candidates should bring with them ‘original’ documents and photocopies as well.

Admission will be based on a merit-cum-preference basis. No change in preferences is allowed at any stage after one has locked information. “Candidates are advised to check news and updates available on bcomadmissions.puchd.ac.in website,” said Kumar.



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