Turbulent times
A succinct account of how India got caught in a cleft stick during the regime of Lankan President Premadasa who continued to engage in a deadly game of political brinkmanship
My Days in Sri Lanka
By Lakhan Mehrotra.
Har-Anand Publications. 
Pages 254. Rs 595.
Reviewed by SJS Chhatwal

former High Commissioner of India in Sri Lanka, the author comprehensively deals with the unfortunate discrimination against Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1956 and the long, peaceful but unsuccessful struggle of Tamil political parties to get equal rights. The trouble right from the beginning was that the Sri Lankan government never conceded anything worthwhile to Tamil parties struggling peacefully with which they could take back to their constituents and give them confidence that their struggle would succeed one day.

Tale of strong-willed women
Three Parts Desire
By Shailaja Bajpai.
Pages 416. Rs 399.
Reviewed by Aradhika Sharma
I have always been an avid reader of Shailaja Bajpai’s columns that she writes regularly on television for a national daily — pithy, caustic, humorous and tongue-in-the-cheek write-ups, which are truthful and no-nonsense. I was, thus, on the lookout for her first book Three Parts Desire.

Spiritual journey
Japuji Sahib: Prayer of the Soul 
By Ranjodh Singh.
Wisdom Collection, Ludhiana. Pages 96. Rs 995.
Reviewed by Roopinder Singh
JAPUJI Sahib remains Guru Nanak Dev’s most popular composition which has a unique position in the minds of millions of Sikhs as well as the world at large.

Great musical genius
K. L. Saigal: The Definitive Biography
By Pran Nevile.
Pages 218. Rs 299.
Reviewed by Kanchan Mehta

LEGENDARY artiste K. L. Saigal reached the pinnacle of his career without any formal training. He is a shining example of how talent, passion and ceaseless practice are essential ingredients for success in singing career. This book pays a tribute to him, highlighting his many accomplishments and valuable contributions.

Legacy of excellence
Basant Kumar & Sarala Birla: Life has no Full Stops
By Rashme Sehgal.
Pages 252. Rs 495.
Reviewed by Balwinder Kaur
HE business world is founded on partnerships and success depends on the strength of these partnerships. The most profitable of all affiliations are the ones that are long lasting. The most significant partnership anyone can undertake is no doubt marriage; it is the ultimate joint venture.

Runner’s read
Amit Khanna
As Turbaned Tornado, the first official biography of half marathon runner Fauja Singh, is set for release, here’s a look at the life and legacy of the ‘Sikh Superman’
E does not regret many things. That’s not in his DNA basically. But, of late, there has been one thing that has been teasing the world’s oldest half marathon runner, Fauja Singh. "I want to actually read (the book). It would have been better had I paid heed to my elder’s advice and done some schooling, too.

Bold and (b)right
Nonika Singh
IS pen is bold and his vision clear. In the world of Punjabi rangmanch, where few tread the path less travelled, well-known dramatist Pali Bhupinder Singh comes across as a breath of fresh air. Yet, the man hailed as the different voice of Punjabi theatre disagrees with the select club that believes it isn’t good enough.

Short Takes
Breaking the mould
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
Qurratulain Hyder & The River of Fire
Edited by Rakhshanda Jalil.
Aakar Books.
Pages 248. Rs 595.

  • The Body in the Back Seat
    By Salil Desai.
    Gyaana Books.
    Pages 254. Rs 250.

  • Local Democracy and Good Governance
    Edited by Ranbir Singh & Surat Singh.
    Deep & Deep.
    Pages xx+288. Rs 1,280.

Calming words for the panic-stricken
Choke: The Secret to Performing
Under Pressure
By Sian Beilock.
Pages 322. £8.99.
Reviewed by Lisa Gee
HOKING is the failure to perform at your best in high-pressure situations — on the sports pitch, in exams, on-stage, during a business presentation, wherever. Sian Beilock's fascinating book outlines where and why people do it (causes can vary), why some are more liable to crack than others, and how to minimise the risk that you'll be among them.