FLIRTING with change
Ashima Sehajpal

Ever since, it has been the privilege of men - to say whatever they thought about a woman's eyes, hair, smile… to express their feelings, to put their emotions into words…men always had the right to take the initiative…in short, to flirt.

The term flirting has come a long way And has become the stepping stone for a healthy relationship

Our cinema has also reflected this — three married men out to impress girls (Masti, No Entry and Thank You are some of the movies on these themes). But then nothing is forever and so the rules of flirting have also changed. First things first, in the 21st century flirting is not an indecent practice. It is the stepping stone to building a relationship. It's no more about a few cheeky lines. "It's a different ball-game altogether. Flirting is the medium to know a person better. It helps break the ice," comes from Ashmit Patel, who will mentor 13 boys and guide them as to how to flirt in the new reality show — Super Stud.

Even girls get to play their part. Ashmit acknowledges the fact. But he has a point to make, "If the girl is not responding, the boy should immediately put a full stop because then it would be termed as harassment and not flirting." The most important rule of flirting as per him is understanding the term's significance. According to the dictionary, flirting means trying to know a person better through humour and romance. Only, if one flirts with an open mind, one can gradually develop compatibility.

One rule of flirting, he says, that will never change is, "Women have to be given special treatment. And so the women will always love to have flowers, chocolates, designer outfits, diamonds, cars etc. Gifts pamper the best."

As the meaning of flirting has changed, so have the ways. VJ Andy, the host of Date My Folks, suggests the modern way, "Flirt on the Internet. Flirt on chat messages. A boy or a girl need not even write love letters to each other these days, message the heart sign and it says it all." Flirting has now become extremely casual. It's not pronounced before it is done and at times, it just borders on being friendly. Andy adds that flirting has so much become a part of our daily interaction that it's not distinctly noticeable. "It's harmless, which means it doesn't affect relationships." He adds that now it is girls who excel at the art. "A girl can get anything she wants just by flirting with the boy."

Fan club: VJ Andy (L)

The connotation of flirting has changed dramatically over the years - from negative to positive. Rajesh Gill, a city-based sociologist, says that people now use the term very casually. "Earlier, it used to indicate someone's indecent behaviour, now it means being very friendly. But still, it's only the youth that uses the term without any hang-ups." She says its usage is similar to using the word 'sexy' for a compliment. "It's the biggest compliment for a girl now unlike earlier times, when sexy meant that the girl is not appropriately dressed up." The use of these terms also indicates that society is becoming liberal.

Luv Ranjan, director of the movie Pyaar Ka Punchnama, a film on relationships, couldn't agree less. He says that flirting has become playful and friendly. "The term, healthy flirting was coined probably because the social scientists realised that flirting might cross the line of decency." The biggest change is that flirting is less gushy and direct. "The present generation doesn't weave praise into verse but prefers to say it direct."

As for the punch lines of flirting, he adds that clichés would work. "If a girl has beautiful eyes, the compliment has to begin the conversation." But the most important rule of flirting comes from Ashmit. He adds, "Be straightforward. Don't mince words; nobody has time to decode love language. Direct words give better and faster output." Well, justifies why he is the flirt guru in Super Stud!

ROCK solid

Music mix: Members of the band Them Clones

Whosoever says Chandigarh does not have a rock culture, members of Them Clones, Delhi-based rock band with almost all national competitions to their credit, do not agree. In Chandigarh to perform at Peddlers-35 on Wednesday, Dev, the drummer shares, "The rock scene in the city is buzzing right now. It's our tenth visit here."

It's the warm reception that the band gets from fans, which brings them back time and again! On their 11-city singles tour, Them Clones is a band brought together by their passion for music. Their very name, says it all. Unlike their 'boring day' avatars (all the five members have their regular day jobs), in the band they come alive! "It's like that we are not the same when performing, but clones of our real-world selves," says Gucci.

Supporters of different genres, this band blends together different influences to create their kind of music. With Dev on drums, Prithwish on vocals, Joseph and Gucci on guitar and Clarence on bass, the band feels fortunate to be living every adolescent's dream to have this kind of a rocking life.

"This band is the outlet to the real me, the only one that I have," says Prithwish, who works in a corporate firm. For Clarence, Them Clones is an arranged marriage. "Slowly and slowly, it's finding its way in life and becoming a steady part of life." For Joseph, the quietest member (he is employed with Mizoram government, it is the band that makes him 'special'. "Life has much more meaning after we got together," he says.

Elated at winning BIG IMA Awards March, this year, for My Life, in the best rock song category, the band is concentrating at writing, creating music. "We have participated at every known competition in India, and won most," shares Dev. Apart from numerous concerts, they were the chosen ones at Channel [V] LaunchPad in 2005 and also got voted as the 'Best Band' at Jack Daniel's Rock Awards twice in row in 2006 and 2007, along with the emphatic win as 2nd runners up at the Channel [V] AMP Big Break All Asia.

Together for the last 10 years, they released their debut album Love.Hate.Heroes in October 2009 and are touring the country for their latest singles 'All about a heartbreak' and 'Jealousy'.

And two hours before the performance when we caught up with them, they were busy carefully taking down the equipment down the flight of stairs, adjusting lights, doing sound check. All support to this euphoric bunch is Vipul Dua, proprietor, Peddlers. "My endeavour is to create a pub and rock culture in Chandigarh in sync with all other modern cities across the country. We try having as many as four to five live gigs in a month," he shares.

As for Them Clones, it's a world tour that they aspire for!

Playing baddie!
Vasudha Gupta

With the entire industry focused on positive characters, there are very few who actually plan on making it big playing shades of gray! One such 28-year-old is Kartaar Cheema. Ready to play the bad boy in Yaar Anmule, he is excited about his rich, handsome and good-looking role in the Punjabi flick.

Coming from a humble background, he is bent on ensuring he manages to make his parents proud. Kartar completed his Masters in Theatre and Television from Patiala University and knew this was the right field for him. “I have always been inspired by absurd theatre. Fortunately, my professor, Parminder Singhji, constantly motivated me,” he says. Now living in the hub of the entertainment world, he is trying hard to ensure Mumbai grows on him.

Focusing on negative roles in Hindi cinema, he is upbeat about signing his first movie in B-Town. “When it comes to shades of gray, it’s really not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a lot of guts,” he says. He adds, “Hindi cinema is such that you have to be par excellence to be able to survive. When playing shades of gray, the probability of survival is longer,” he clarifies.

Kartar has 200 Punjabi videos to his credit and has worked in six Punjabi movies. Since firsts are always special, for Kartar it’s been his first Punjabi video. “It was Yaar Jattan de munde. My first movie, Kabbadi-Ek Mohabbat is also very dear to me,” he shares. Elaborating about Siyasat, where he played the lead role, he says, “The one word used by my character in the movie Daaneya, has now become a popular takiya kalam,” he laughs.

With a dream project based on Bhagat Singh in his mind, he is certain to open his production house. Talking about his fascination with the young freedom fighter, he says, “Bhagat Singh started a huge revolution with a harmless bomb. To have such a level of maturity in thoughts at such a young age is rare.”

Love for theatre is something that Kartar hopes to sustain in his life. “Theatre is something that has an impact on people. It is usually based on a social message. I hope to come back at a point where I have the capability to attract the audience and ensure my message in conceived in the right way,” he says. A multifaceted personality, Kartar has always found inspiration in Punjabi literature. Talking about Punjabi cinema, he feels NRIs are playing a big role. “Cinema undergoes a change when concepts stop attracting an audience base; this is where changes happen. The problems arise when budgets are less. Sikh culture has overwhelming number of warriors, the stories of whom can make for good scripts,” he opines.

Why is Farah Khan nervous?

Farah Khan has done it all! She started as a choreographer, shot to the top, became a film director to reckon with, and has two blockbusters under her name. The mother-of-three has judged reality shows and even done cameos in films. Now, she has her first leading role opposite Boman Irani in Bela Sehgal's Shirin-Farhad. She shares her views and feelings on the same.

Director's actor: Farah Khan

Under training

Shirin-Farhad is the love story of an older couple who have crossed the marriageable age. I am playing a Parsi woman in the film, and that too opposite brilliant actor Boman Irani. I need immense training to be cast opposite him. I am quite nervous about this. In fact, this is the most nervous I have ever been in life!

On co-star

Though I am half-Parsi myself, I am unable to get that accent, whereas Boman is quick with it. I need time to perfect the accent. Boman has promised to do rehearsals with me. I am spending a lot of time with lots of Parsis, trying to catch their accent, observing the way they dress, walk, talk, and interact. My Parsi side is strong in my emotional personality, my behaviour, and quirks, but no one in my family speaks Gujarati. We all married into non-Parsi communities, so it's taking a little long to get into that skin.

Bela - the director

Oh! She is wonderful and very co-operative. I wouldn't have agreed to do the film if Bela and Sanjay were not there, as they have been very supportive. Bela is helping me in getting the body language of a Parsi woman right. We are now attending workshops. I am a director's actor, so I will do whatever she wants.

Romantic tale

Shirin-Farhad is a totally different story of two persons who didn't get married and aren't into it, but feel that they could live together forever, when they meet and spend time with each other. There is a comic and emotional touch to this romantic film. Let me finish shooting, and I will tell you more.

Just Dance

Currently, I am enjoying judging Just Dance. It's so amazing to see how many talented people we have in our own country. Each and every single contestant is a gem.

Ongoing projects

Joker is almost complete, and only the post-production work is left. I will soon start shooting for Shirin-Farhad which will release next year, and then, I will take a break to spend time with my children.

Children's cinematic tour

Chillar Party releases this week. Sadly, a good film about, of, and for children comes along rarely in Bollywood. We evaluate some recent releases and tell you the films you could watch.

Toonpur Ka Superhero: This movie was very similar to Space Jam and starred Kajol and Ajay Devgn in the lead roles. The children were very annoying so we do not remember their names. The animation-cum-live action film was very boring and is completely avoidable. What a pity! The music was awful!

Stanley Ka Dabba: This is the most delightful and endearing film about children we have seen since Taare Zameen Par. Amole Gupte finally got a chance to prove his mettle. His son Partho plays the protagonist beautifully. The film captures the nuances of childhood and school life wonderfully. It is a must-see!

We Are Family: This was an ultra boring film from Dharma Productions. The official remake of Stepmom lacked the emotional connect of the original. The music was bad. There were three children of different ages in the film and the teenaged girl was unbelievably annoying. The younger ones were cute. The movie starring Kareena, Kajol, and Arjun is a wasted opportunity.

Paathshala: We only remember Shahid Kapur's smile and lovely locks from the film. The children were pretty cute too. The first half was passable but the second half was an utter drag with an implausible premise. This movie is not worth watching!

Chillar Party: We adore the item song and Ranbir Kapoor's dance moves in it. The film is being promoted via the item song and the fact that Salman Khan was impressed by it and decided to attach his name to it. The movie is about a group of children and the way they stand up for each other and deal with certain problems. We hope it is good.

Zameen Par: This film is relatively older than the others on the list but it is a landmark film and we could not have compiled such a list without including it. Aamir's directorial debut was absolutely flawless and very touching. You can watch it over and over again. The performances were superb. 

Keep personal and professional lives apart

WORKING TOGETHER: Preeti Jhangiani with Parvin Dabbas 

Bollywood actress Preeti Jhangiani, who donned the producer's hat for her husband Parvin Dabbas's directorial debut Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande, says they never took their personal life to the sets.

"It can't be a husband-wife relationship on the sets. More than me, it was Parvin who was very particular about this thing that on the sets we should always be very professional," says the 30-year-old.

"We didn't discuss anything on the sets that would lead to an argument or difference of opinion. We did all that before hand and planned everything in advance. On the sets, it was a very professional producer-director thing rather than a husband-wife thing," she added.

Coming out Aug 19, Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande is an action comedy about four wrong guys trying to do the right job. Apart from Parvin, who has also written the film, it stars Anupam Kher and Sharat Saxena.

When asked what made her take a plunge into production, Preeti, who acted in films like Mohabbatein, Awara Paagal Deewana, LOC Kargil and Aan: Men at Work, said: There are times you — IANS

Zoya: Hrithik is my favourite actor

The critical success of Zoya Akhtar's debut venture, Luck By Chance was unprecedented. She was disappointed that the film did not do well commercially. She hopes to balance things out with her second film, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Farhan's sister talks about the concept of the film and its cast.

Male bonding

I have many friends and more guy friends than female friends. All of us go on road trips but from my experience, I can say that guys make better company for road trips. So the thought of making a film on three guys who take a road trip floated into my mind.

A film on women

I may make a film on women and their interpersonal relationships but I don't have a story yet. Rang De Basanti, Rock On!, and Dil Chahta Hai were films about boys. In all these films, women were an integral part of the story. So, women do play an important part in every film. Even ZNMD has Katrina Kaif and Kalki Koechlin as important characters.

Road trips

I have been on numerous road trips. That's when the thought of making a film on the same came to my mind. Reema Kagti, my co-writer, is also my friend and we wrote the film in a span of three months.

Adoring actors

Hrithik Roshan is my favourite actor. Even if I make any small budget film he will be the first one whom I will approach because I adore him. Farhan is too intelligent and so is Abhay with his own imagination. Believe me, all these actors are experts in their field. Everyone has more than 150 ideas at a time but we had to choose what worked for us. When it came to casting the girls, for the character of Laila, I was looking for someone with an accent and the willingness to go scuba diving and ride a bike. I didn't know Katrina personally but I saw her at a party and knew that she was going to be Laila. — HRM

Aamir's philanthropic dream


When Aamir Khan is not busy acting. producing, directing, or promoting his movies, he devotes his time to socially relevant causes. He is going to be the face of a campaign against malnutrition in children. The socially responsible actor discusses his plan-of-action for the same.


We are launching this campaign against child malnutrition with the aim of reaching each and every child in the country. I will be the face of the campaign. I will strongly promote the campaign.


There are four very important steps that we are going to cover in this campaign. We will start right from the time when the baby is in the womb of the mother, where the feeding of the mother is the most important. We will cover the stages till the time the child's feeding includes not only breast feeding, but also natural food.


Being Indians, we should not keep complaining about our politicians, because we choose them. It's our duty too to take some initiative towards improving our country. Whatever we can do, we should do. I am an entertainer when I am acting in a film, and I am a socially aware citizen when I am associated with an issue like this.

Creative team

Along with Prasoon Joshi, I have made a campaign which we showed to the Child Development Minister, Krishna Tirath, and his team, and they liked it. The campaign is about creating or raising awareness among people about the ill effects of malnutrition and saving children from its trap.


I strongly believe that today's children should be shown the right path - whether it's about health or education or anything else. Every person should start an awareness campaign. When I travel, I see so many children begging, which is so wrong. They ought to be playing. Even my films have angles about children. We all can make a difference in our own ways. —HRM

Gaultier creates a fashion spectacle

Jean-Paul Gaultier turned models into movie stars on Tuesday in a theatrical display for his fall-winter haute couture collection, proving he has lostnone of his taste for fun since the sale of his brand.

Fashionistas packed the benches at Gaultier's Right Bank headquarters to see if the irreverent French designer had altered his approach since May, when Hermes sold a controlling stake in his brand to Spanish fashion group Puig.

But any doubts were laid to rest from the outset of the show, which kicked off with a 30-minute delay, as a statuesque model emerged onto the runway in a bold, pinstripe pant-suit.

Drawing on his alternate persona as a costume designer for the movies, Gaultier sent out every model in cinematic style with a shifting musical score, atmospheric touches, and plenty of Hollywood glamour.

Except for a black evening dress that drew a peal of applause, the show was vintage Gaultier, with few concessions to mass market appeal in spite of a new paymaster who promises to make the struggling brand profitable by 2016.

"Gaultier is one of my closest, dearest, oldest friends and I am just so excited to support him at such a momentous time in his career," said Milla Jovovich, a Ukrainian-born actress and model who starred in Luc Besson's 1997 film, "The Fifth Element," for which Gaultier designed the costumes.

Gaultier emerged as one of the leading young talents in French fashion during the early 1980s, shaking up the establishment with wild designs drawn from street culture and punk. — Reuters

Winsome twosome
Vasudha Gupta

Golden stars: Madhav and Tanayaa

Madhav and Tanayaa are not just another brother-sister duo. They believe in pursuing their passion. They recently bagged a gold medal in a Latin dance competition organised by the All-India Dance Sports Federation.

The event had nine states taking part. Among the 80 couples, which competed, the duo danced their way to victory.

Their mother Shobha Ginoria says, “Madhav showed a keen interest in dancing and acting at a very young age. He was barely six months old when the film Taal was released and he loved the title track.”

His interest in dance and music is evident from the fact that he got enrolled in dance classes.

Madhav has also taken up acting lessons under the likes of Anupam Kher and Jaspal Bhatti.

Madhav is also into radio jockeying. He says, “I recently anchored a show in a leading Mumbai radio station. The RJ there encouraged and motivated me a lot.”

Ready to take his agility ahead in the field of dancing, he is perfecting his moves in rhumba and jazz. “I want to learn new things,” Madhav says.

“Recently, I enrolled in cooking lessons as well and love testing my culinary skills," he laughs. Leave aside small-time dance experts, the kid has also enrolled in Saroj Khan and Shaimak Davar's dancing lessons. “I am also taking lessons from Remo Fernandes,” he updates us. A set of great acting, dancing and talking skills, the icing on the cake is that he is also learning golf, swimming, skating and horse riding.

“My children keep me on my toes. So many times I am exhausted from all the running around, but, they are so keen that I can't refuse anything,” she says.

On Tanayaa, she says, “Oh, she is the apple of my eye. Initially she wasn't very keen. With time her interest in the field of dancing is growing.” She is learning Kathak and also enjoys making chocolate. “I hope to be a model one day,” says the girl who wants to be a Miss Universe one day.

“They are young and full of beans. I am just trying to channel their energy in the right direction, the rest is up to God,” Shobha says.

Master Chef
Apricot avatar
Kandla Nijhowne

The fragrant apricot has an orange hued flesh and can be used in many culinary avatars. They are perfect to make jams, chutneys, crumbles, cheesecakes, salads and in grilled dishes. They make a very brief appearance on the shelves, so make the best of the luscious, juicy fruit! Apricots are lovely, eaten fresh. For such apricot lovers, here is a sweetened avatar that is guaranteed to delight!

Sunshine apricot cake

8 fresh apricots

3 tbsp butter

¾ cup grain sugar

1½ cups all-purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp salt

¾ cup butter

¾ cup grain-sugar

1 tbsp vanilla extract

2 eggs

¾ cup milk

Heat oven to 375° Celsius. Heat 3 tbsp butter until it foams. Lower the heat and add sugar. Cook it without disturbing it for three minutes. Arrange apricot halves, rounded side down, in a greased tin with the syrup. Sift together flour, baking powder, soda and salt. Beat butter, sugar, and vanilla together until pale and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time. Beat briefly. Add milk and flour alternately and continue mixing. Gently spoon batter over apricots and spread evenly. Bake 25-35 minutes. Put a plate over the pan and flip the cake out of the pan. Top it with a tablespoonful of warm honey.

(Kandla is a Chandigarh-based cookery expert)

The ‘in’ side
Paper, paper on my wall!

Paper view: An elegant wallpaper can enhance the beauty of any room

Wallpapers are back and better than ever! Wallpaper is highly decorative and useful to cover any blemish on the walls. It creates an interesting environment and its patterns and variety cannot be matched by paint. Wallpaper is a quick decorating element that creates a visual interest and prevents a space from looking monotonous.

While selecting wallpaper keep in mind that it does not clash with the furniture or the colours used. The textural and colour equilibrium must not be violated.

Light pale prints and patterns in pastels look very feminine and graceful. You can use heavy furniture with them and play with colour.

Dark printed wallpaper is thicker and due to its bold nature, it attracts a lot of attention. Rooms with such wallpaper must have very simple and sleek furniture with a hint of minimalism. The furniture should act as a frame for the beauty of the wallpaper.

Floral prints can be used on accent walls. Remember too many flowers will reduce visual space.

Striped wallpaper can be used vertically to make the ceiling height seem higher or horizontally to make a room look wider.

You can get a layered look by using neutral wallpaper across all the walls in the room and follow up with a second pattern in a matching colour half way up from the floor.

Besides using wallpaper on the walls you can also use it in innovative ways as follows-

l Use textured wallpaper on the ceiling.

l Use it to cover the white mats in picture frames to give a vibrant look.

l Pep up plain doors by using wallpaper panels in the centre.

l Cover your headboards to give them an innovative look.

l Cut out your favourite wallpaper and frame it to use as artwork.

l Use wallpaper on cabinet doors and also on old furniture to give them a makeover.

l Create beautiful lampshades by covering them with wallpaper.

l Laminate pieces of wallpaper and use them as mats.

There is so much more you can do with them, so let your imagination loose and get creative!!

(Sukhmani is a Chandigarh-based

landscape and interior designer)

Twist of health
Anil juneja

Ardha Matsyendrasana (The half spinal twist) is one of the best twisting postures. The entire spine gets rotated around its axis. Moreover, the entire length of the spine receives a lateral twist in both directions-first to the left and then to the right. It increases flexibility in each vertebrae of the spine, from the base of the spine through the neck. This yogic asana improves liver efficiency and removes debility of kidney. It is very useful in constipation and dyspepsia too. One of the major benefits of Ardha Matsyendrasana is that it is very useful in diabetes.

The half spinal twist begins from the sitting resting position. Sit extending both the legs together in front, hands by the side, palms resting on the ground. Fold the right leg at knee. Slowly set the right heel at the perineum. Now folding the left leg, bringing it from above the right knee, place it by its side on the ground. The knee of the left leg should remain towards the sky. Now bring the right hand on the left side of the left knee. The left knee should remain on the left side of the right armpit. Now straighten the right hand and hold the toe or ankle of the left leg. Twisting the body to the left side, look backwards, place the left hand bringing it from the back on the right thigh.

Gaze should be towards back while returning to the original position first release the hand from the thigh and turn head forward. Now bring the back to normal position after loosening the right hand. Bring the left leg in original position. Now bring the right leg also to original position. Repeat it from the other side by folding the left leg first.

It is very beneficial for the shoulder muscles as well as the back but those suffering from stiffness of the spine should practice it very carefully.

(Juneja is a Chandigarh-based yoga expert)

Monsoon platter
Megha Bharadwaj

Cool monsoon breeze may bring a welcome respite from the heat but it may also lower our immune system and expose us to various diseases. The reasons are food and water. It's time to take precautions to make our body disease resistant.

"Monsoon foods are sweeter and more citric than normal and packed with a lot of essential nutrients that provide comfort and relief. During this time vegetables too can be consumed raw against the belief that they should be cooked. Raw or lightly cooked vegetables bring out the actual taste and are good for health. Some of the best monsoon fruits are cherry, litchi, peach and the mangoes that come during summer and end after the monsoon," says Dr Ravikant, homeopathic doctor from Panchkula.

According to Ayurveda, the humidity level is high in the monsoon and combined with heat it affects our body. All this affects our digestive system. So when the people eat something unhygienic it leaves your stomach in trouble.

"Prefer light nutritious diet during monsoon like cereals and cook vegetables in minimum oil. Oily food is difficult to digest. Vegetables like bitter gourd, turmeric, pointed gourd (parwal), cluster beans, apple gourd (tinda) and fenugreek are the most preferable nutrition diet food during monsoon. Avoid oils which are made of mustard, peanut and sesame seeds. Avoid excessive coffee and tea as it dehydrates the body. One can add ginger powder or mint leaves in the tea to change the taste and stay healthy too. Kheer is recommended as a beneficial sweetdish for this season along with a maximum use of cow ghee in the food items," says Dr Madan Gulati, Sr Ayurvedic consultant, Indra Holiday Home, Sector-24, Chandigarh. Don’t eat food which is tough to digest. Eat dry food. Avoid fried food as they tax your digestive system. Avoid oily, spicy and salty food because these promote bloating and water retention. Rice, curd, bread, biscuits are needed to be shun away as consumption of curd causes joint pain and asthmatic problems.

Foods like corn, nuts, etc are recommended for this season. "Street food, chopped fruits and vegetables are a big no-no for this season. Non-vegetarian like pastries, cakes, etc must be avoided. More of fibre diet like green vegetables and fruits and liquid are recommended as we are less active in this season. Cold breeze can cause cough and fever. Hot soups are recommended," says Nalani a Chandigarh-based dietician.

The weaves of India

An exhibition of handloom fabric going on at Lajpat Rai Bhawan has brought the works of master craftsmen directly to the consumers. NGO Rashtriya Sanskriti Samaj Avom Sabhayata, New Delhi, has provided a platform to the poor artisans through the exhibition.

Printed fabric, cotton and silk-Saganeri, Bagru, Dabu, Gamthi, Gujari, Bagh, Kalamkari, Batik, Ajarks etc are up for grabs here.

Weaved fabric in cotton and silks like Bhagalpur, Champa, Banarsi, Baluchari, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Chirala, Kota Doriya, Mangalgiri, Pochampally, Ikkat, Puna, Tangail fabrics are also the main attraction.

Home furnishing-Kalamkari rugs, Gudari, Punja durries, table cloths, printed and weaved bed cover, curtains, etc are also available at discounted prices. Embroidered fabric such as chikan embroidery from Mumbai, Lucknow, Kantha, Gujarati, Phulkari, applique etc are also on display here. — TNS

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Mental and physical energy can be successfully combined today. Your sensitivity and empathy for others will increase. Poetry and art, will appeal greatly. Tarot Message: Do not divest assets or transact in uncertain matters.

Lucky color: Sky Blue.

Magic Number: 48.

TAURUS: This day will be just what the doctor ordered. Your power of concentration is in top form. Try not to criticize those close to you. recognize your living space for peak efficiency. Tarot Message: Be articulate to prevent people from making their own conclusions.

Lucky color: Yellow.

Magic Number: 39. 

GEMINI: This is a good business day. This Venus transit is quite favorable for financial negotiations and borrowing money won’t be a problem. Health may be detrimentally affected while traveling. Tarot Message: Don't be dismissive of advice from youthful origin. Lucky color: Pink.

Magic Number: 25.

CANCER: There is a chaotic energy in the celestial sphere this morning. Think before you act and this time should pass without too much trouble. Relationships are on your mind. Your partner will be most helpful today.Tarot Message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power. Lucky color: Deep Red. Magic Number: 46.

LEO: Your card "Ace of Pentacles" suggests tension in your personal and professional relationships. Stay detached. A good rapport with your associates can be to your advantage. Tarot Message: Set the unpleasant set of events into motion. Lucky color: Sea Green. Magic Number: 35.

VIRGO: Your spouse might be feeling a little emotional and overly sentimental. This is a good day for studying art, religion, poetry, music and spiritual or occult subjects. Tarot Message: Must learn to accept responsibility for self and others. Lucky color: Silver Grey.

Magic Number: 44.

LIBRA: Communicative Mercury joins loving Venus, so there is likely to be cooperation in all personal; and professional dealings. It is a perfect time to approach your partner about a subject that rankles. Tarot Message: Your determination to succeed will pay dividends. Lucky color: Saffron. Magic Number: 50.

SCORPIO: Be delicate when handling other people's money. You are in a romantic mood. People will be more in tone with you. Tarot Message: Yet work could pose certain minor difficulties but don't worry. Lucky color: Rainbow Pestles. Magic Number: 30.

SAGITTARIUS: A political gathering could attract your attention. Good luck on domestic front cheers you up. Long journeys might be delayed. Students: new friends can be made. Tarot Message: Plan your life to avoid the in build delays that comes your way. Lucky color: Peach. Magic Number: 27.

CAPRICORN: Arguments will become serious. Think about others before you put yourself in a position to drink and drive.

Tarot Message: Don't forsake a new learning opportunity because of pride. Lucky color: Turquoise. Magic Number: 56.

AQUARIUS: Do not let ego clashes spoil your family life. You will have to watch your emotions. Operate today with the future in mind. This is not a day to take advice. Do your own research on any speculative ventures. Tarot Message: Emphasis on spiritual needs. Lucky color: Metallic Grey. Magic Number: 28.

PISCES: You could be feeling a little irritable early in the day, so leave other people alone until you start to relax and warm up. Long distance travels are favourable. Tarot Message: Balance in all aspects is recommended. Lucky color: Peacock Green. Magic Number: 63.

Chatter box
Leading roles

Filmy ways: Iqbal Khan

Hottie Iqbal Khan has been taking a break since his Zee TV show Sanjog Se Bani Sangini ended. Now we hear that he has signed a feature film and will start shooting by next month.

The romantic film will have two new girls and will be shot in Ireland. It is directed and produced by Arshad Khan. It is interesting that Iqbal started his career with films like Fun2shh, Bullet, Kucch Dil Ne Kaha etc but became a household name after his TV debut Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai. After a cool stint on TV, Iqbal is trying his luck in films again. Hopefully, this time he will be more successful than before.

Wearing producer’s cap

Role reversal: Smiriti Irani

After producing serials, actor turned politician Smriti Irani will try her hand at producing films. Though she always claimed that her priorities are her family and party, it seem the lure of limelight can't keep her away.

Smriti has not been able to replicate the success of her character Tulsi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Maybe films might fulfill her quest.

Gravity plays havoc

Playing safe: Nandish Sandhu 

Nandish Sandhu aka Veer of Uttaran was seen sporting a helmet in his makeup room. The reason behind it is that few days ago, the ceiling of his green room fell and thankfully no one was in the room. His wife Rashmi Desai aka Tapasya normally spends time in the makeup room and had barely left the room when the ceiling fell. Though her stuff got drenched in water, no one was harmed. Now as a precaution, Nandish wears a helmet!!

Increasing popularity

Fan meter: Shakti Mohan

After being showered with praises and affection in the show DID, Shakti Mohan is certainly climbing up on the fan meter with each passing day. After DID, Shakti bagged Channel V's Dil, Dostii, Dance and since then her fan following has grown by leaps and bounds. Recently, one of her fans changed her name to Shakti to express love and appreciation. Shakti is amazed and she still can't believe that someone would change her name and identity for her. She is certainly on cloud nine after the incident and is thoroughly enjoying her new found success.

Sara's loss

Sara Khan is bereaved. She is sad these days as she has suffered a loss. Her maternal grandpa, who wasn't well for a while now, passed away. Sara had recently gone to Bhopal to visit him as she was close to him.

Moving around

ROAD TRIP: Mohit Sehgal

Chocolate boys Mohit Sehgal and Arjun Bijlani will soon be back on television. The Miley Jab Hum Tum stars have been approached for a travel based reality show on a popular channel, called Jeele Zindagi.

Apparently even Rati Pandey who was a part of MJHT might join them on the show.

But all three actors claim to be considering the project and have not finalised anything yet. The show will be a road trip with numerous celeb contestants who will have to do tasks to reach the next level. 

Chocolate lover

SWEET TOOTH: Soumya Seth

Soumya Seth aka Navya of Star Plus, loves chocolates so much that everyone on the sets knows about her chocolate treats. The unit loves to tease her about her love for chocolates and even treat her when she gives a good shot.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is July 8...

Born on 8th July, you have a special gift for business, as you can conceive and plan on a grand scale. You have good executive skills and you are a good judge of values. 8 is the number of wealth, success, leadership and effective organisation. Earth is the element for the number 8 people and they have a red aura. August is a lucky month. Thursdays are big days and you will find good luck on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 17th and 26th of each month.Career: your imagination will be stimulated so expect the right conditions for lucky initiatives and for encounters; these will lead to important friendships for the future. Youngsters will be particularly audacious when undertaking new initiatives at work. They will be dynamic and professional. Education: You will touch a great height. Family: Becoming the target of someone's misinterpretation is likely. Plans may include weddings, parties, family gatherings and celebrations. Finance: If you desire to work overseas, you may soon get an opportunity to travel. Lucky Colours: Gold, Lime. Lucky Days: Wednesday and Saturday.

You may feel overjoyed knowing Neetu Singh (Peviously Sonia Singh now Neetu Kapoor, born on July 8, 1958 in New Delhi) was also born on this date. She worked as a child actor under the name Baby Sonia, she played as ‘Roopa’ (child actress) in Dus Lakh.

She also played dual roles in the hit film Do Kaliyan. Other notable films were Waris, Pavitra and Paapi. Neetu Singh made her debut as a heroine in 1972 with Rikshawala. She acted with the top stars of her day, especially Rishi Kapoor.

New release

Murder 2

Director: Mohit Suri

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Jacqueline Fernandes, Prashant Narayan, Sulagana Panigrahi, Sudhanshu Pande

There is something about Mahesh Bhatt's latest offering that will haunt you once the picture starts. Murder 2 is touted as a sequel to hit Murder, but minus Anurag Basu and Mallika Sherawat. Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandes pairs up with serial kisser Emraan Hashmi who has pumped muscle for this film and sports six-pack abs. The movie is directed by Mohit Suri.

Trade pundits say, Murder 2 has been based on the cases of some of the most notorious serial killers. Set in Goa, the sequel is much bigger, hotter and thrilling than Murder that released in 2004. Yana Gupta's item number has already created curiosity among the viewers".

Rest assured, Murder 2, packs in enough twists and turns to keep you glued to your seat. We are holding our breath.

Chillar Party

Director: Vikas Behl, Nitesh Tiwari

Debutant directors Vikas Behl and Nitesh Tiwari's small budget film Chillar Party tells that if you are on the right side, you should take a stand no matter how powerful the wrong guy is. The film has much-hyped item number by Ranbir Kapoor who has done a good job as a dancer. It is based on the film's entertainment quotient as well as the several emotional levels. UTV Motion Picture's Chillar Party co-produced by Salman Khan should be worth the wait.

—Dharam Pal

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