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City fast emerging as state’s prostitution hub
In a changing trend, more Punjabi girls entering flesh trade
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
Punjab’s industrial and financial capital is swiftly becoming a centre for trafficking of women and prostitution with girls entering the flesh trade for paltry amounts of money. According to data available with the local police, apart from migrant females from other states an ever increasing number of Punjabi girls are being lured into selling their bodies by the easy money. However, most of the women arrested for prostitution maintain "circumstances" forced them to get into this line.

According to police records for the last three months (April, May, June), of the 33 females apprehended for prostitution, 21 were from Punjab and the rest 12 from Nepal, West-Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. During this period the cops filed about a dozen FIRs (first information reports) on trafficking of women and prostitution at various police stations.

A senior police official, who provided details on prostitution in the city to the Ludhiana Tribune, said: “The trend of Punjabi girls and women entering the flesh trade is very shocking as our earlier records show most of those involved in prostitution were migrant females. Sadly, young girls have taken selling their bodies for only Rs 100-300 and, though in a very few cases, the most they get is Rs 500. Most of the money is pocketed by the pimps who are exploiting the girls”.

The flesh trade has been thriving in the city and in several areas it appears to be to be run in a systematic manner. The more experienced pimps involved in organized prostitution use rented accommodation and cheap hotels and motels to pander to their customers. Though the police has conducted several raids at these joints and many pimps and women as well their, customers have been arrested for in indulging in “immoral” trafficking, there is no putting a stop to the lucrative business.

Cases of prostitution have been filed at the Focal Point, Industrial Area, Daba Road, Dugri, Thana Sadar, Kotwali, Salem Tabri, Subdivision no 7 and other police stations. Most of the customers against whom cases have been registered belong to lower-income groups - factory workers, streetcart vendors, drug addicts and jobless young men.

Though all the FIRs filed by the police show the age of women arrested between 18 and 45, girls as young as 15-17 are also involved in prostitution, according to sources. The latter added pimps or “middlemen” give "instructions" to the girls to state their age as above 18 years to avoid charges of statutory rape against the pimps and their customers. Police officials maintain though the real age of some of the girls was less than 18 years but to prove that point, long, tedious processes were involved. But in doubtful cases, police adopted this measure, too.

Many hookers on drugs

The police,-which has been accompanying officials on raids to check commercialized vice, revealed some of the Punjabi girls involved in prostitution were addicted to psychotropic substances. To get a fast “kick” many depended on cough syrups like Phenesidyl, Corex and Benedryll and found the flesh trade "attractive" as it enabled them to earn easy money for the drugs.

Conviction rate virtually zero

The conviction rate in cases involving prostitution is nil. Said an official on condition of anonymity: “It’s a tedious process to prove the crime in a court of law. Blood and semen samples have to be sent to forensic labs for testing and by the time the hearing of a case nears its end either the prosecuting officials concerned are transferred or a ‘compromise’ is struck”. Meanwhile, the police admitted the raids only acted as a “deterrent”.


Now, liquor vend comes up on footpath!
MC reluctant to remove vend ‘patronised’ by Akali leader
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Encroachments galore at Chawni Mohalla in Ludhiana.
Encroachments galore at Chawni Mohalla in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, July 12
While residents of BRS Nagar got a liquor vend removed from a public park recently, another vend has come up on a footpath near the Chawni Mohalla area here. The vend was constructed after the auction of liquor vends this year.

Sources in the MC claimed that the owner of the vend was being patronised by a senior Akali leader of the city, who was associated with the Municipal Corporation (MC).

When MC officials went to remove encroachments in Chawni Mohalla on July 6, they were embarrassed when the area residents pointed towards the liquor vend. They had said until the vend was demolished, they would not let the MC carry out an anti-encroachment drive in their area.

Area councillor Satish Nagar is adamant that the vend should be razed if the MC wants to carry out the drive in Chawni Mohalla. “If they come to demolish houses here, they will have to face our protest. The law should be the same for all. But the MC is not taking any action against the liquor vend, which I have come to know is being patronised by a senior politician in the MC,” he claimed.

In August last year, the MC officials had granted two-month time to residents of Chawni Mohalla to remove encroachments on their own. The councillor had got an extension of 10 days and had given an assurance that the residents would demolish the encroachments themselves. The MC then gave an extension till July 11.

But a visit to the area reveals that not even a single person has demolished any encroachment.

Highly placed sources in the MC informed that though orders for taking action against the liquor vend had been passed by senior MC officials, a senior politician who had a share in the vend ordered the action to be cancelled.

Illegal structures

The Chawni Mohalla area has 19 illegal structures having encroachments of a minimum of 6 feet and maximum of 12 feet. Assistant Town Planner Kamaljit Kaur had informed that in 2003 and again in 2007, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had directed that these encroachments should be removed.



Pug snatchers were kabaddi players
Wanted money for performance boosting drugs
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
It is now learnt the two young men who are suspected to have abducted a pug dog four days ago are ‘kabaddi players who want to make some money to buy performance enhancing supplements ahead of an upcoming series of matches.

The suspects - Surinder Singh, 21, a resident of Rouni village in Jagraon, and Balwinder Singh, 22, of Mollahpur are said to be ‘kabaddi’ players. While Surinder is an orphan, Balwinder's father, Rajinder Singh, is a farmer. According to sources the duo, which was nabbed by the police following a raid on Tuesday afternoon, confessed they stole the dog to sell it.

The police officer investigating the case, Manjeet Singh, said the two had no prior criminal record and used to visit the city frequently.

The three-year-old pug was recovered by the local police following raids at the suspects’ house in Mullanpur Dakha here on Monday night. On Tuesday afternoon the cops received a tipoff and arrested the two suspects. The dog was handed over to its owner, Raju Sharma, at the Kocchar Market police station the next morning.

The development took place due to the continuous pressure being mounted on the family members of snatcher. Ever since the incident took place the police were conducting raids at the hideouts of suspects.

According to the sources, it was last evening that the family members the snatchers informed police about the dog. Following the information the police again raided the house and took the dog in their possession. However, both the cops and the dog’s downer remained tightlipped about the development.

The sources said even the cops were shocked when they came to know that the snatcher were none other than noted ‘kabaddi’ players.

Meanwhile, police station house officer Naveen Kumar claim: "We’re close to cracking the case and it won’t be appropriate to comment on anything concerning it right now”.

The sources said after an unsuccessful ‘kabaddi’ season last year Surinder began taking drugs. The police claimed he and Balwinder were behind some recent snatching incidents in the city. Family members of one of the suspects said the youths sensed trouble after they came to know a cellphone belonging to one of them had fallen on the street while fleeing the scene.

Ever since the incident took place the youths were on the run. On Monday Balwinder established contact with his parents, the latter informed him about the raid following which he left the dog in the house and fled the scene. Before fleeing the scene they told the family to inform the cops and hand over the dog to them. Balwinder's parents had reportedly requested the police to be lenient on their children.


n July 8: Mamta Sharma, a resident of Gurdev Nagar, takes Sugar, the pug dog, along on her morning walk in a park. Soon, two youths snatch the dog and flee the scene. The cellphone of one of them falls on the street and Mamta later hands it over to the cops
n July 9: Police begins investigations, zeroes in on the two suspects. Conducts raid in Mullanpur Dakha and files an FIR
n July 10: Cops again conduct raid with no success
n July 11: Suspects families inform police about the dog
n July 12: Police party arrives in Mullanpur Dhaka, takes possession of dog and hands it over to Sharma family. Balwinder and Surinder, both ‘kabaddi’ players, arrested



Burglars make clean sweep of house
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
Burglars struck at a house in the city’s Sant Vihar locality in Salem Tabri and decamped with gold jewellery and expensive home appliances while the house owner had gone to Phagwara to see his newborn son.

The incident came to light on Tuesday morning when Shamsher Singh returned home and was shocked to see the house ransacked. “The thieves laid their hands on almost everything - from cooking gas cylinders to gold rings - and took away virtually everything”, he said.

Meanwhile, the police has filed a case of theft. The officer investigating the incident has not ruled out the involvement of an “insider”.

"The thieves might’ve known Shamsher had gone out of town and wouldn’t return soon. They committed the theft with ease and took away almost everything," said a relative of Shamsher.



Dowry Death
Husband, father-in-law get 10-year RI
Rajneesh Lakhanpal
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 12
The Court of Additional Sessions Judge Mandeep Pannu has convicted Sonu Mittal and his father Prem Singh in a dowry death case. They have been ordered to undergo rigorous imprisonment for 10 years each.

They have also been ordered to pay a fine of Rs 2,000 each. However, the court acquitted Sheela Rani, mother-in-law of the victim Monika of Patiala, and Ashok Kumar, owner of a marriage bureau in Mansa.

Monika had died just two months after her marriage. A case under Sections 304-B, 498-A, 120-B and 406 of the IPC was registered against the accused at the Division No. 5 police station following the statement of the father of the deceased Sat Parkash Singla.

The complainant had told the police that the marriage of his daughter was solemnised with Sonu Mittal in 2007. Her in-laws would harass her for more dowry. They wanted Rs 3 lakh. He paid Rs 1 lakh. But even then his daughter was ill-treated. They even refused to allow them to meet her until they paid the money.

On May 3, 2007, he got a call from Monika in the morning, saying that she was being beaten up by her husband and mother-in-law. Her father-in-law snatched her mobile phone as she was talking and repeatedly demanded the remaining Rs 2 lakh.

The complainant said he arranged for the money and planned to visit his daughter the next day. But before he could go, he got a call that Monika had slipped from the stairs and had received head injury. “I was told that she was being taken to the DMCH. We went there, but she was not there. Later, her body was found at home. They killed her,” the complainant had said.

However, the accused pleaded not guilty and denied the allegations. Her husband stated before the court that he along with his father had gone to Rakh Bagh for a morning walk when his wife fell from the stairs and died.



Endless wait for death, birth certificates
Backlog of work at Ludhiana Civil Surgeon’s office
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
The Civil Surgeon’s office continues to be in a mess as far as the issuance of birth and death certificates is concerned. If one submits an application, there is no chance of getting a certificate before four months even though the waiting period is 15 days.

Showing the worn-out receipt of his application, Balbeer Singh of Rasheen village near Mandi Ahmedgarh said: “It was issued on April 1 and I was asked to collect the birth certificate of my son after 15 days. I have visited the office six times to collect the certificate, but always returned empty handed. Every time, I am asked to come after 15 days. Today again I have been told to return next week since the officer concerned is yet to sign it.”

“The health department should issue instructions to applicants to get the receipts laminated as the delay of months wears off the paper. I should get it laminated to save my proof of application,” he remarked.

Harjinder Singh Sekhon of Nurpur Bet village said: “I applied for a death certificate of my aunt on June 1, but have not got it yet. On June 13, I applied for the birth certificate of my son. I came to collect it today but there has been no progress. I was told it hasn’t been signed. It is very difficult for keep coming back again and again. We are farmers and have to leave all our work to collect this important document. It is time consuming.”

Standing in a long queue, Sukhdeep Kaur and her mother said: “We have to fly to Malaysia. But we cannot go due to the delay in the availability of this document. We applied on June 24, but it has not been issued to us to date.”

Sources said the former Chief Medical Officer of Ludhiana, Dr Satwant Kaur Bhalla, remained on leave most of the time due to which the work suffered.

‘Work has piled up’

I took over only a month ago. A lot of work was piled up and I am trying my best to clear it. Today alone I issued 3,000 certificates. I hope to clear the backlog before July 25. It is a time-consuming process as we have to verify facts and figures.

Dr HS Bali, Chief Medical Officer, Ludhiana

No shade

Applicants have to stand in a queue in the scorching sun in the absence of any shade. An elderly man stated: “I hope to get the birth certificate of my grandson before I die in this hot weather. The government should make arrangements for shade here.”



Doc accused of wrong treatment
Relatives hold protest outside nursing home, seek action
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
Relatives of a 38-year-old patient, Avtar Singh, today held a protest against Dr Rajiv Khosla of Khosla Nursing Home, Model Town, alleging wrong treatment.

Talking to The Tribune, Mahender Singh, nephew of Avtar Singh, alleged: “Dr Rajiv Khosla operated upon my maternal uncle on October 26, 2010, for stones in kidney and urethra. During the surgery, two stunts were incorporated in his body, one on his left kidney and the second on the right side of the urethra. After 22 days, the stunt on the right side was removed. After some days, my uncle started experiencing problem due to infection on the left side. He also consulted Dr Rajiv two-three times but the doctor did not tell him about the left side stunt, which was not removed. The infection kept on increasing. Finally, my uncle approached Dr Drashan Singh at Preet Hospital and he removed the stunt."

Mahender alleged: “We approached Dr Khosla and asked him as why he did not remove the stunt, but he refused to admit his mistake. Today, when we held a protest in front of his hospital, he called up the police. We will file a complaint with the police and demand an action against Dr Rajiv Khosla."

‘Patient to blame’

Denying the allegations, Dr Rajiv Khosla said: “Before the surgery, I told Avtar Singh about the stunts being incorporated for smooth functioning of his kidneys. I told the patient to get these stunts removed after some time, but he approached me after four-and-a-half months. I gave him the right treatment at the right time, it was his fault as he failed to come to me for getting the stunts removed.”



MC to relocate owners of demolished shops
To get land opposite bus stand; draw of lots on Thursday
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has decided to relocate the owners of shops and booths, which were demolished by the civic body from Jawahar Nagar Camp area in January last year.

The MC would carry out a draw of lots for owners of 66 shops and booths. This draw would be carried out at the Zone D office of the civic body on Thursday and the shop owners would be provided land for setting up their shops under the overbridge opposite the bus stand.

“We have prepared a list of 66 such persons who would be provided land under the overbridge opposite the bus stand. The shop and booth owners would have to pay the price of land as decided by the MC," said MC Additional Commissioner Kanwalpreet Brar.

Following the directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the MC on January 21, 2010, had demolished 53 booths, each measuring 8 feet by 10 feet, and shops 4 feet by 10 feet, in the Jawahar Nagar Camp area.

After the demolition drive, the MC had decided that the affected shopkeepers would be relocated under the overbridge opposite the bus stand.

Additional Commissioner Brar said the process would be conducted in a transparent manner. "We hope that the shop and booth owners also abide by the rules so that the process gets completed soon. Once the process of draw of lots is completed, we would mark their spaces and all of them would be issued letters."

Encroachments since 1947

Being a sensitive area, encroachments were never removed in the Jawahar Nagar Camp area. Encroachments had mushroomed here since 1947, when the area was designated as a camp base for homeless. As a result, a 60 feet wide road was reduced to 30 feet. The MC had tried to demolish these structures many times, but had to face tough resistance from the residents of the area. However, acting on the directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the MC had demolished illegal structures on January 21 last year.



Health Insurance Scheme
ANMs provided age-old list of residents
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune New Service

Ludhiana, July 12
The auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs), who were being given training for making pink cards under the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, a Central government scheme, today rued that they were given lists with old addresses.

The below poverty line (BPL) families are being provided with the health insurance scheme under which any five members of the family can avail the benefit of up to Rs 30,000. For this, pink cards are being made for such families.

Requesting anonymity, an ANM said: “We have been given the age-old lists which are wrong. Moreover, we are not being assisted by ASHA workers and anganwadi workers. Contrary to it in rural areas, each ANM has been assigned to cover 3,000 residents and three ANMs and the equal number of ASHA workers have been attached with an ANM. Each ANM in the city has been assigned to cover 10,000 to 20,000 residents.”

Lists based on 2001 Census

Deputy Medical Commissioner, Ludhiana, Dr AK Handa said: “The list of residents which we have received from the office of the Deputy Commissioner is based on the 2001 Census. The recent list based on the 2011 Census is yet to come. So, we have given the same list to the ANMs. We will soon call a meeting of MC councillors and ask them to provide us the lists of the BPL families residing in their respective areas. We will also hold a meeting of anganwadi workers and ask them to assist the ANMs in preparing the pink cards.”




Kisan Sabha seeks remunerative prices for farm produce, subsidies
Wants linking of agricultural produce prices with the wholesale price index
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 12
Activists of the Punjab Kisan Sabha today called for remunerative prices for farm produce, rollback in hike of prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas as also more subsidies to offset the increased cost of diesel consumption.

In a memorandum submitted to the Centre and the state governments through the Deputy Commissioner in the course of state-wide agitation, the sabha made a strong case for linking prices of agricultural produce with the wholesale price index which will make production of food grain an economically viable proposition.

The Sabha urged the government to fix the farm produce prices as per the recommendation of Dr Swaminathan Committee while making provisions for assured purchase at a premium of 50 per cent over the total cost of cultivation. “The government should set up a price stability fund in order to check the fluctuation in food grain prices,” members of the Kisan Sabha said.

Activists of the Kisan Sabha slammed the recent hike in the prices of diesel and cooking gas, which had upset the domestic budget of the common man. Farmers were the worst sufferers with diesel prices going up as there was no mechanism in place to compensate for the increased cost of major farm input. Calling for an immediate rollback of increase in prices of diesel and cooking gas, farmers demanded adequate subsidy on diesel and uninterrupted power supply during the paddy season.

Among others, Kartar Singh Bowani, secretary, Punjab Kisan Sabha, Tarloschan Singh, Baldev Singh Latala, Gurdev Singh, Kehar Singh, Jang Singh, Jagdish Rai and Rajinder Singh Cheema addressed the rally.



Man ‘poisoned’ by in-laws, survives
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
A 35-year-old man had a providential escape after allegedly being poisoned by his in-laws yesterday. The victim was identified as Ashwani Kumar, a resident of the Tibba road. He allegedly fell unconscious after consuming a poison laced tea offered by his in-laws.

The doctor attending to him confirmed that the man had consumed a poisonous substance. “He was unconscious when he was brought to the hospital,” he said.

Ashwani went to the house of his wife Minakshi to settle a marital dispute, said Babbu, victim’s brother.

During the discussion Bhushan Kumar, father-in-law of Ashwani and Cheena Rani, his mother-in-law, offered him a poisoned tea.

After consuming the tea Ashwani fell sick and called up his brother Babbu for help, who took him to a hospital.

According to the police, Ashwani was not in a condition to record his statement.



Conservation agriculture answer to agri problems
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
The Ludhiana chapter of the Indian Society of Agronomy (LCISA), PAU department of agronomy, organised a seminar on “Global status of conservation agriculture”.

The programme saw the participation of the members of ISA, heads of various departments of the PAU and the postgraduate students.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest, Dr SS Gosal, director of research, PAU, stressed the need for conservation agriculture practices in Punjab where degradation of the natural resources like soil and water have already reached an alarming level. He said: “In the state, 20 million tonnes of rice residue is burnt creating pollution and depriving soil of huge quantities of plant nutrients. In view of this, conservation agriculture is the need of the hour to protect the environment.”

Dr Patrick C Wall, director, Global Conservation Agriculture Project, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), Mexico, presented the global scenario of conservation agriculture for sustainable and economically viable system, safeguarding the environment. Revealing that conservation agriculture picked up in the early 90s, he said that globally, about 105.9 million hectares area was under conservation tillage and is continuously increasing in many countries.



School encourages students to learn games
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
For keeping their students physically fit, BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, has taken the help of a private company ‘EduSports’.

Disclosing this Paramjit Kaur, principal of the school, said: “The company has provided us with four trained assistants or ‘residents’ who enable physical education teachers in improving the skills of students in different games.

These residents remain available in the ground whenever there is any period of physical education of any class. Along with their kits for different games, they encourage children to learn different games.”

Meenu Sharma, a resident, said: “We help teachers in games like basketball, volleyball, cricket, athletics, football etc and indoor games also. We have many options for playing games in rainy season too through which we develop team work among the students. For instance, a leader student is blindfolded and his friends are asked to help him to draw an elephant on the black board. The students are guided as how can they help their leader the best way.”

Helpful in CCE pattern

All modules of the EduSports programme are well structured and hence they make the best possible use of resources available (time, space, people) to cover all children. EduSports assessment module adheres to the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) guidelines stipulated by the CBSE and helps the school meet the regulatory norms.

— Vikramjit Saini, delivery lad of EduSat in Punjab



Academic session starts at B-School
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
University Business School initiated the new academic session on July 11 by organising a two-day induction programme for the new batch of the MBA students. Experts from industry and allied areas visited the campus and interacted with the students.

Dr Deepak Kapur, director, Panjab University regional centre, said the purpose of conducting induction programme was to extend welcome to the new comers, familiarise them with the set-up and style of functioning of the B-School. Dr Ravi Inder Singh, resident coordinator, apprised the students of the achievements of the B-School and also told the students about their expected role and responsibilities during their two-year stay on the campus. Vishal Jain, managing director, Neva Garments, highlighted the role of self-management in becoming effective business leaders. Sumit Mahajan from the Art of Living spoke on stress management. Pooja Kohli, executive director, Ludhiana Stock Exchange, gave an overview on the functioning of stock markets.

MBA, BBA courses

AVAGMAH, the continuing education initiative from 24x7 Learning, announced the launch of AVAGMAH Business School in Ludhiana on Tuesday. The school will offer BBA and MBA courses. The MBA specialisation courses media and entertainment and international business. Arvind Gupta, director, AVAGMAH, said the programme comes with a dual certification MBA (global) offering domain knowledge and post-graduate programme (PGP) improved student's employability quotient. "The course content for PGP has been provided by Harvard Business Publishing (US) wherein students will get exposure to expert talks and live-projects,” said Mona Lall, joint director of the institute.



Save dairy animals from hyperthermia: Experts
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July12
Hyperthermia is one of the commonly encountered diseases among dairy animals in Punjab. The disease is more prevalent in exotic and crossbred animals, but has been observed in indigenous cows and buffaloes. The condition results due to high environmental temperature and humidity, said Dr SS Randhawa, director of research, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU).

He added that under such conditions, heat load increases and thermal steady state of the body cannot be maintained which leads to rise in body temperature and onset of hyperthermia.

Marked increase in respiration rate and marked decrease in appetite and major loss of milk production are the common manifestations, he said.

This condition also occurs as an after-effect of foot and mouth disease in cattle. This condition is non-responsive to conventional antipyretic and antibiotics treatment regimen. Hyperthermia is mostly observed during months of July to September. However, sporadic cases have also been recorded during months of May and June.

A study conducted by Dr SS Randhawa, Dr Sushma Chhabra, scientist, and Dr Rakesh Sharma, associate professor (veterinary extension) on these animals during a research work of over three years revealed that subcutaneous administration of 2 ml iodized oil, containing 375 mg/ml of elemental iodine, for three consecutive days was highly effective treatment of hyperthermia. More than 95 per cent of the hyperthermic dairy animals recovered with this therapeutic regimen and no relapse was recorded during the post treatment period of two months. The response of the treatment was ascribed to increase in the thyroxine levels. Thyroxine, being an inhibitory hormone of thyroid loop, had a negative feedback effect on thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) that suppresses heat-regulating centre in brain of hyperthermic animals. A veterinary doctor should be consulted for proper treatment. Quackery may be harmful for animals.



With pets being targeted, locals stop walking their dogs
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
Morning and evening walkers have started avoiding taking their pets to gardens and public parks after a pug was abducted by two snatchers from a homemaker while she went for a morning stroll in the Gurdev Nagar locality of the city.

Said Shobhna, a self-confessed dog lover: “Snatchers can’t go for ferocious dog breeds as they are aggressive by nature, but soft dog breeds like pugs, Labradors and Pomeranians are easy targets as they don’t bite or bark. Snatchers can take them away without any problem”.

"A pug costs about Rs 10,000 while a good Pomeranian breed pup doesn’t come for anything less than Rs 4,000. Besides, we treat them as our small children. They’re pampered in the family and their loss becomes irreparable. I used to take my pup for a stroll but after the recent incident in Gurdev Nagar I prefer to leave it behind at home”, she added.

Raju Sharma, whose pet dog Shugar, was abducted some time back, said he had asked his wife Mamta not to wear jewellery while going for her morning walk. “But I never thought some one would snatch our pet dog,” he rued.



Ludhiana scan
Saplings planted

Rotary Club Ludhiana Greater planted saplings at Satguru Ram Singh Women Polytechnic, Rishi Nagar, on Tuesday. About 100 saplings were planted by the club members along with college staff and students. Dr Kulwant Singh, IMA president, inaugurated the drive by planting a sapling.

Dr Sanjeev Uppal, president of the club and professor and head of the plastic surgery department of the DMCH, made an appeal to all those present there to make environment clean and green. DR Bishav Mohan, professor of cardiology, DMCH, and Dr Mohinder Pal Singh, principal of the college, were also present.

Rainwater harvesting

The Rising Youth Association (RYA) organised a lecture to create awareness on rainwater harvesting at Dugri, Phase II, here on Tuesday. Vijay Danav, the newly appointed chairman of the Dalit Vikas Board and Safai Karamchari Welfare Board, Punjab, was the chief guest.

The RYA president, Gurinder Chahal, explained that rainwater harvesting was the simple collection or storing of water through scientific techniques, which was the best way to conserve water and awaken society towards the importance of water.

School uniforms for students

School uniforms and notebooks were distributed among the students of Government Girls High School on the Kamran road here at a function. District science supervisor Dr Shashi Trehan was the chief guest. The uniforms were provided with the assistance of Yog and Sewa Parivar while the notebooks were sponsored by area councillor Sanjay Talwar.

Headmistress of the school Balwinder Kaur extended a warm welcome to the chief guest and other dignitaries. While reading the annual report, she motivated the students to proceed ahead in life. Langar was served to students and guests during the conclusion of the function.


The students of SDP Senior Secondary School observed World Population Day and ‘vanmahotsav’ in the school premises.

Enlightening lectures were delivered by teachers and students on population explosion and eco-friendly environment. Principal of the school Teena Gulati exhorted the students to contribute towards adding green cover on the school campus and also spread the message of small and planned families.

Awareness camp

Central Labour Education Board under the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment held a two-day awareness camp for parents of child workers at the NCPL School No 9 in Ambedkar Nagar here.

The programme officer at the camp, Karnail Singh, explained in detail the problems of child labour and its impact on the victims, social evils like foeticide, population growth, elementary education while also focusing on various welfare schemes of the central government. — Tribune Reporters



2 women booked for forcible possession of house
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 12
High drama was witnessed in Shivpuri today after two women locked themselves in a house and poured kerosene on themselves and threatened self-immolation. However, after an hour-long drama policewomen succeeded in persuading them to come out of the house and booked them in a land grab case.

The incident came to light this morning when Aarti Sharma, a widow, reported the matter to the police stating that her mother-in-law Kanta Rani and Kusum Lata had barged into the her house in Shivpuri.

Aarti Sharma claimed that the incident took place in her absence and said the watchman told her that last night 12 persons, led by one Ram Lobhaya, broke into her house.

After breaking the locks they fled from the scene and Kanta Rani and Kusum Lata took possession of the house.

After receiving information Brij Mohan, SHO, division number 4, reached the spot along with the policewomen. On seeing the police the women latched the door from inside and poured kerosene on themselves. Kanta Rani claimed that she was the legal occupant of the house as the property belonged to her son.

It was after an hour that the both the women came out of the house. Both of them were immediately detained. In the meantime the police has also registered a case under Section 148, 149, 448, 427, 506 and 511 of the IPC for taking forcible possession of the house.



4 arrested for robbery
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, July 12
The Phillaur Police claimed to have busted a gang of robbers and arrested four of its members under Sections 382, 397 and 341 of the IPC. SHO Sarwan Singh Bal said the arrested robbers were identified as Vijay Kumar, Kuldip Kumar, Harish Kumar and Sukhpreet Singh.

The police has recovered two stolen motorcycles, four mobile phones and sharp-edged weapons from the accused who were reportedly involved in more than 10 criminal cases.



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