Sunday, July 17, 2011, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Suitable Match B.Tech./IIM/Business/ Industrialist vegetarian boy between 24 to 28 years of age from NCR/Haryana/ Punjab for PQ, convent educated, extremely beautiful, very fair, 5-4 girl from respectable family. Contact:  C1-43748

Khatri parents seek suitable alliance for their beautiful Doctor girl, 33/5'-4", green card in process, fellowship completed & working in a reputed university program. Brief marriage annulled after 6 months, no issues. Highly educated family. Girl is simple and down to earth. Caste no bar.  or call 425-939-6987, (USA). Box 2836F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Only Tricity based educated, highly settled Manglik businessman match for very high status Reputed Chandigarh based Hindu Business family's only daughter (Manglik) convent educated, very fair, sober, beautiful 24/5'-4", MBA, Mass Comm. Send details, kundli & snap. E-mail:  C1-44274

In/Around Chandigarh match for Anshik Manglik fair Khatri vegetarian girl, 5'-4", M.A., B.Ed., 24.4.1981/6 p.m./Chandigarh. Presently doing ETT. Contact after matching kundli. 84272-02530. Box 2913F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-reputed Jatt Sikh family requires suitable match for very beautiful, fair, 5'-4", Dec. 1978 born daughter Asstt. Prof. Physics. Contact at Email:  05944-244092. M: 089796-53652. C1- 42705

Professionally qualified suitable match for fair MBA, Fashion Designer Ramdasia weaver girl, Anshik Manglik, 5'-2", 25.03.1981/6:00 p.m./Mohali. Working in SBI, Chandigarh. Email :,  Box 2867F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable qualified Gursikh match for fair, beautiful Sikh girl, 5'-2"/1983, B.A., B.Ed., Postgraduate Diploma in Annimation & Multimedia. Status family. Upper caste no bar. 094182-19838. Email:  Box 2884F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, Sikh girl Bank Manager 23.2.83/5'-3", 8 p.m., looking professionally qualified well-settled Businessman, services. Preference Tricity. E-mail:  0172-3053229, Chandigarh. C1-44094

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Kamboj Sikh girl 24/ 5'-4", done B.Sc. Nursing from Australia. Further doing Advance Diploma in Cardio Therocic Surgery in Australia. Upper caste no bar. Australian TR/PR can also contact e-mail.  98159- 64151. C1-44133

Professionally qualified match for Kamboj Sikh girl, 29/5'-2", MCA, CCNA. Working Gurgaon, Drawing 4.5 lac. Gurgaon NCR preferred. Caste no bar. 0172-5076770. Email :  C1-44524 

Suitable medico Ramdasia Sikh Weaver intelligent, smart girl, 28 yrs, 5'-4", doing MD Medicine Final yr. Father retd. gazetted officer. 98156-43551. E-mail:  C1-44756

Tricity match for fair, beautiful, smart M.A., M.Phil English, B.Ed., attractive personality Ramdasia, August 1982, convent English Lecturer. Father former Deputy Chief Engineer, mother Govt. officer, Chandigarh. Contact: 98885-86356.  C1-44776

Well established/reputed Sikh Parjapat family requires match for 1986/ 5'-5", very beautiful M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed., M.Ed. girl. Employee/well established businessman preferred. Contact: 95309-63059. NA1-30149B

Ramdasia Sikh 40/5'-2", divorcee, issueless, contract based job near Chandigarh. Require well settled boy. 86992-64811. NA1-31481

Suitable match for beautiful, educated Jatt Sikh girl, 40, 5'-4.5", Masters Engineering. Great regard for family values, belongs to well educated and well settled family. Divorced, no issue. Canadian Citizen since sixteen years, professionally well settled in USA. No bar. Mobile: +1 6138834143 or email:  C1-25785

US based Jat Sikh Doctor Dental Sutgeon Engineer for 5'-3"/ 80 born, beautiful convent educated BDS MPH girl, doing D.D.S. NY University. Family of Doctors.  C1-34098

Canadian Jat Sikh family former Executive Officials Punjab, well connected and established in Punjab, Canada, seeks Doctor MD match for their extremely intelligent, beautiful, slim 31/5'-5" Doctor MD Haematologist daughter, born in Canada, raised both in Canada and India well-versed in both cultures, she has been honour student all throughout her education years. Family integrity and compassionate boy are the main considerations. Our preference will be boys already settled or willing to settle in Vancouver. In your communication please do tell us city you are from and your future plans. Contact with Tel., Email:  C1-37978

Australia based family seeks vegetarian, teetotaller, professional Jat Sikh boy 27-31 year old, with good family background for 27 year old girl, 5'-2", very beautiful, slim, holding good permanent job, from well- educated, professional family with mixture of Punjabi & Western values & very well-connected in Punjab. Serious enquiries only with photo & CV at:  Dowry seekers please excuse. C1-38344B

Jat Sikh family from Canada seeking a suitable match for their Canadian born daughter, 31 yrs/5'-7" tall, professionally employed in Medical Field as a Doctor of Optometry (OD). She is a Green Card holder and practicing in USA. The boy should be from a Jat Sikh family and professionally employed. Send bio-data and recent photos to:  C1-39812

Jatt Sikh parents welcome alliance of MBBS/BDS boy for their beautiful girl, 24 yrs, 5'-2". Girl is permanent resident of Australia. B.Sc Nursing from reputed Australian University. Brother well settle In Australia. Father, mother in Indian Govt. Service. Contact +61469166463 Email:  C1-41498B

Suitable match for a smart, beautiful and convent educated Jat Sikh girl, IT professional, 164 cms, 1977 born, settled in Toronto. Looking for a highly professional, tall, handsome, cleanshaven, teetotaller boy preferably settled in Toronto. Email:  C1-42460

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for PR Canada 1976/5'-5", slim, beautiful, sober girl, BDS(India), M.S. Dentistry (Canada), now doing DMD (Doctor of Medicine & Dentistry) in USA. Father Retd. Class-I officer. Respectable Jat Sikh family. E-mail:  Ph. 94650-95424, 0172-2218524. C1- 42717

South Delhi-based, well-settled Jat Sikh parents seek alliance for their very fair, beautiful, slim, highly cultured with sound family values daughter 42/5'-6" convent educated, never married. Looking for educated qualified, well-settled in service/business match from status Jat Sikh family. Reply to email:  and Box 2866F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-qualified match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, submissive girl, Dec.77/ 5'-5", M.Sc.Physics (Hons.), NET, JRF and Ph.D.(IISc), working Assistant Professor in University with global exposure and having U/R property. Educated, respectable family. Father SE (retd.). Email:,  09417875245, 09815619771. C1-43670

Match for Jat Sikh girl, June 83 born, 5'-4", MCA, working as Computer Teacher in Govt. School on regular basis. Mohali based family. Contact: 98555-15644. E- mail:-  C1-43678B

Australian well settled Jat Sikh family, looking a handsome Jat Sikh boy with BDS or MBBS qualification, willing to settle in Australia for their daughter 24 yr, 5'-2", Bio Medical professional job in Australia. Please send latest photo with family details to email  C1-43778B

Match for Dhillon 29/5'-3" Senior Software Professional MCA Topper from Prestigious Institute. Working top MNC Delhi, Package 9.5 LPA. Status Defence Officers family. Email:  C1-43790

US Jatt Sikh family seeks a handsome Jatt Sikh Doctor/Dentist/Lawyer match for their beautiful fair- skinned daughter. She is 26/5'-5" and has a Masters Degree. The boy should be at least 5'-10". Please send photo and complete details to:  C1- 43802

Beautiful Gill Jat-Sikh girl April/82, 161 cms, M.A. (Psy), MBA heading HR unit at premium Tata concern. Father retired Defence Officer. Email:  Box 2876F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Charming, slim Gill Jat Sikh girl, April 1982/160 cms, MBA, employed AM Nationalised Bank. Father retired Defence Officer. E-mail:  Box 2877F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh slim, beautiful 33/5'-2", MBBS, USSR, Canadian Immigrant divorcee girl. Contact No. 78372-72005. C1- 44150

US based Jat Sikh parents seeks Medico match for their MD daughter 28-5'-4" born and raised in USA East West blend boy should be MBBS MD only. Preferred in USA please respond with details and recent photos by Email  C1-44382

Professional match for US MBA Computer Science Engineer 29, 5'-7", beautiful Jat Sikh girl, working in MNC. Contact:  C1-44522

Chandigarh/Mohali based Jat Sikh family seeks suitable qualified match for their slim, wheatish complexioned daughter, 28+/5'-5", B.Sc., pursuing M.Sc Biotechnology. Contact:;  9876668784. C1-44910

Business class family invite an alliance for their 37, 5'-3",  divorced beautiful daughter. Well educated working in London. Seeking proposals from well-settled high status Jat Sikh family. Preferably IAS/IFS or working in finance sector based in India or UK. Contact: 09917179955. mehrishi or -  C1-45000

21 June 79, 165cm, slim, pretty girl, TV Journalist (Delhi), 7.5 LPA. Army background, seeking compatible match.;  0172-3241349. C1-45100

Match for smart, active, beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 27/5'-3", MA (English), B.Ed., appearing M.Ed., Lecturer Engineering college near Jalandhar. Privious brief marriage legally annulled. Upper caste welcome. Educated family. Contact: 98148-28879. C1-45130

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl 27/5'- 3", convent educated, doing MDS (II year) with traditional and modern values, from well-educated, reputed urban-based agriculturists family.  94175-92429. NA1-26757

Wanted professionally qualified match for Jatt Sikh Samra girl 5'-1", 1986, MCA, B.Ed. Send biodata and photograph. Preferred Sikh turbaned boy. 98763-98632. Mail:  NA1-30277

Sandhu girl 1985, 5'-3", MBA, doing MA English, Amritsar. 99159-19527, 97797-20092.  NA1-30636

Jat Sikh parents seeking professionally qualified match form India/abroad for their 81 born, 5'-4", beautiful, humble, slim daughter M.Sc. (Chem.), B.Ed. from well- established educated family. 98886-20937, 98723-39702.  NA1-31103

Australian citizen Jattsikh Dhanoa beautiful girl 26, 5'-4", working at good banking position seek matching Jattsikh family. Preference MBBS, BDS. 98881-99409.  NA1-31496

Doctor/professional/IIT Jat Sikh match for very fair, extremely beautiful, slim, 29/5'-9", Doctor girl from high status family of professionals.  NA1-31811

Match for beautiful Hindu Saini girl 24/5'-4" B.Tech. E&C. Working in MNC. Father, mother in Govt. job. Box 2854F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Hindu Saini girl, 30/5'-2", B.Tech. (Computer), employed PGT Computer Science, regular Kendriya Vidyalaya near Chandigarh. Salary 36000/- p.m. Caste no bar. 97795-83404, 94171-67083.  C1-44478

Cleanshaven match for beautiful Saini girl, 27/5'-2", Master of Science in Nursing from P.U., Lecturer, 40,000/- p.m.. Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. NRI excuse. 092565-47213.  C1-44538

Wanted Engineer/Doctor Jat Sikh match for Toranto based IT professional slim, beautiful, 1975/5'-3", Canadian citizen, Fedral Job pursuing Management course. E-mail:  A1-41882-OL

MBBS/BDS/MDS/B.Pharma/M.Pharma groom 30-34 wanted for Hindu Punjabi (B.Pharma) Canadian Citizen 5'-1", born 1980, visiting India soon. Email:  C1-42983B

Educated preferably Australia based match for Sydney based Australian citizen girlish looking Punjabi Khatri 39/5'-3" M.A., B.Ed., MBA. Govt. job never married girl.  C1-43475

PQm 9 Jan, 83, 5' girl, based in Sydney, running own business, ID SH01668960.  C1-44376

Match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, September 1978/5'- 4", MA, PGDCA, Diploma Hotel Management, resides in USA California green card holder. Father Cheema, mother Dhaliwal. Caste no bar. Email:  Box 2906F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Christian unmarried girl, 40/5'-5", (looks 30), graduate. Caste no bar. 98720-40711. Email:  NA1-30146

Seeking suitable handsome match from value based educated family for their beautiful daughter fair complexion, 30 years, 5' height, pursuing Ph.D. Civil Services Officer preferred. Parents Punjabi and father retired as IAS Officer. Contact with full particulars alongwith photo. Caste no bar. Contact Mobile 98723- 13412 & 099660-51767. Box 2837F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Nai girl (NP), 36/5'-5", Graduate, Computer. Caste no bar. Simple early marriage. 93165-27278. C1- 44430B

Suitable Hindu match for Mair Rajput Swarankar BA, JBT 5'-5", 10 pm, 28.6.87, Anshik Manglik, homely, vegetarian girl. Well-settled educated family. Khatri/Arora welcome.  Box 2682F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Preferably Tricity match for professionally qualified beautiful, slim girl, 5'-3", 21.04.84, 9:25 pm, Chandigarh, M.Pharma, job MNC IT Park. Contact after matching horoscpes. 9780272269, E-mail:  C1-42661

Match for Rajput girl 3.11.81, Ambala, 5'-2", B.A. Staff Nurse (Pvt). 094162-02088, 099967-33776. C1-43063

Well-settled match for Thakur Rajput v.fair, slim, beautifuil girl 12.6.1986, 01:05 a.m., 5'-3", B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Sc. (Biotechnology). Parents Govt. employee. Contact: 0172-2650317, 094184-52794. C1-43866

Match for Himachali Rajput girl 5'/26.1.1985, M.Com., MBA, working Financial Associates in MNC, NCR Delhi. Parents settled in Chandigarh. Box 2916F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Defence Brahmin parents invite alliance for Manglik daughter, Jan.78, 5'-7", Chief Manager (Audit) Bank Mumbai. Parents of well settled minimum 5'-9" 34-36 years Engineers, MBAs, Defence Officers may contact: 99995-17647.  C1-37112

Tricity settled match for Mohyal Brahmin girl, B.Tech. fair, slim, beautiful, 5'-4", Manglik, 22.01.1985, 10 a.m., Chandigarh, working Consellor. Father Engineer. Status Chandigarh family. E-mail:  Box 2860F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Saraswat Brahmin fair, slim, beautiful girl, 5'-5", 17 Oct. 1982, 2 pm, Jalandhar, M.Sc. IT, working bank Deputy manager. 098889-27137, 0181-2211038. E- mail:  C1-43335

Well-qualified/professional match for very beautiful Sarswat N/M girl vegetarian 5'-2", 21.6.1985, 10:30 am (Beas), B.Sc., B.Ed., Skin Faculty in VLCC Institute. Contact matching kundli. 81460-00131. Email:  C1-43357

Alliance invited for Brahmin Manglik fair, smart girl, 5'-4", (15 July, 1984/ 12:40 a.m./Nabha). Working as a HR Manager in IT Company, Chandigarh. Seeks good Professionally qualified well settled boy. Tricity preferred. Decent marriage. Respond with BHP to :,  098153-44199. C1-43570

Lecturer Brahmin girl, 07.07.84/5'-4"/7:53 p.m./Bhiwani (Haryana). B.Arch. In/Around Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali. Send BHP :,  097962-73757. C1-44088

Suitable vegetarian, teetotaler, non-smoker match for Manglik 25/5'-2", fair, beautiful, convent educated girl, B.E. Electronics, MNC employed, cultured educated Saraswat Brahmin religious family of Punjab at Chandigarh. 76968-08438, 98886-91239.  C1-44280

Educated, well-settled businessman/serviceman preferably belonging to Punjab from settled family for slim, Saraswat Brahmin girl 27/5'-5", BA, Computer course, B.Ed. well-settled business class family. 0161- 3251374.   NA1-30579

Match for slim, beautiful Khatri girl 5'-1", 15.3.86, 5.25 am, Gurgaon, M.A. English, MBA. Preferred Haryana, Chandigarh. Email:  094162- 95553. C1-43904

Qualified match for beautiful Khatri 5'-5", B.A., LL.B. girl, 05.09.1984/ 10:20 a.m./Chandigarh. Practicing in High Court, Chandigarh. 087802-40724, 097799-23474. email :  C1-44110

MDS/MD Manglik/Non-Manglik match for Punjabi Hindu Khatri girl Oct. 1980/ 5'-4", MDS. Doing job. Around Chandigarh preferred. 94646-88061. C1-44608

Professionally qualified match for Khatri girl 01.09.1979, 9:30 pm (Haridwar), 5'-2", Govt. job in PGI, Chandigarh. E-mail:-  Contact: 098371-55874. Box 2902F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for fair, beautiful, 5'-3", Punjabi Khatri girl, 27-6-1980, 4.55 pm, Delhi, M.Sc. (Hons. school), Botany, B.Ed., PGDCA, working as PGT teacher. Father retired senior class-I officer (Central Government). 084271-41769. E-mail:  C1-44760

PQM 4 Canada born Hindu Punjabi Khatri girl (MBA), 27/5'-6", slim, beautiful. Only Canada based match preferred.  C1-45190

Well-educated, well-settled businessman/well-paid serviceman for Manglik, slim, Hindu Khatri girl 25/5', Master in Physiotherapy. Educated, small, well-settled family. 0161-3269074.  NA1-30580

A well established Punjabi Khatri Hindu Amritsar based business family seeks alliance for their slim, very fair, beautiful daughter 17th November 85 at 1:15 a.m. born, 5'-4", education 4 year degree in Multimedia professional Advance course one year in USA, presently Professor in Amritsar College with traditional values. Qualified businessman or well placed professional Caste no bar. Contact:,  Phone: 98144-57170. NA1-31958

Handsome match for B.Arch., Architect working Arora girl, 26/5'-6".  09463838047. C1- 43101

Suitable match for Jalandhar-based Ramgarhia Sikh fair, slim, partially Manglik girl, 24.06.1981, 5'-2", BA, 2 years Art & Craft and 1 year Commercial Art Diploma, Pvt. Teacher. Send biodata and photo at:  099710-03720, 95920-26946. C1-43600B

Suitable well-qualified match for professional good looking Dhiman Girl from Chandigarh 5'-2"/35 years old. Working as Computer Interior Designer. Well educated and cultured. Never married. Brother in US. Early and decent marriage. E-mail:  Ph: 92164-64120. C1-44148

Professionally Qualified match for beautiful , slim, Sikh Khatri, 30.11.1986, 7 p.m. Chandigarh born, 5,-5" , M.Com. , MBA ( Finance), working as Finance Manager in MNC. Preparing for Bank PO. Mohali based well settled family. Seeking for NT/ND Sikh Khatri boy, preferably Chandigarh, Mohali settled. E.mail:  Box 2834F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking well-settled business/Air Force/Army Officer match for Sikh Khatri girl, 1987/5'-1", B.Sc., M.Ed. Teacher in reputed Institution. Father's own business.  95416-31578. C1-42715

Match for Bindra Sikh girl 31/5'-3", Graduate homely girl. Chandigarh preferred. E-mail:  Mob. No.93161-31893. C1-43037

Professionally qualified match for smart, beautiful girl, 5'-3"/11.12.82, 7:30 p.m., Chandigarh, M.Sc., B.Ed. employed Chandigarh based Company 10 LPA. Educated family. Caste no bar.  94652-25909. C1-42599

Suitable match for HP Schedule Caste girl, June 1980/5'-2", Graduate, Job in MNC. Send biodata & Photograph on  Contact 0172- 3054434. C1-42667

Suitable match for Chamar girl 1980, 5'-3", MA Eng., B.Ed., LL.B. final, innocent divorcee. In/around Chandigarh/NRI contact. 89686-05553. Box 2864F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for SC (Mazbi Sikh) beautiful, slim girl, age 27/5'-5", B.E. (IT), employed as Software Engineer in MNC. Father Gazetted Officer, only brother in USA. Email bio-data alongwith Photo.  Mobile: 099880-49600. C1-45042

Canadian cleanshaven match for Ahluwalia beautiful, fair, MBA (Finance) girl, 21 July 1985, 3.30 pm/5'-8", working as Bank Officer. Brothers settled in Canada, America. Boy should be well educated from Sikh family. Email:  C1-40650

Manglik match preferably Electronics/Software/Mechanical Engineer H1, H2 Visa holder for Manglik beautiful Khatri girl 35/5'-3", Graduate settled in America. 97812-13006. Box 2844F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable manglik match for working fair Brahmin girl MBA, 5'-4", Oct. 1982. Caste no bar. Contact: 098760- 44061. E-mail:-  C1-42799

Well-settled match for Manglik Arora girl 1985 born, Graduate, NTT, 5'-1", Ludhiana-based family looking for business/service match. E-mail:  C1-42831

Match for very beautiful Govt. employee Kamboj girl, innocent divorcee, 35/ 5'-4" (looks younger). Cleanshaven Govt. employee preferred. Caste no bar. Email:  Box 2761F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted well placed Sikh Hindu match in and around Sydney (Australia) from a decent cultured family for abeautiful, fair, slim,162 cm, Khatri/Arora, studying B.Sc. Nursing 2nd year in Australia. Family highly placed. Respond to  C1-42985

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Kamboj Sikh girl 24/ 5'-4", done B.Sc. Nursing from Australia. Further doing Advance Diploma in Cardio Therocic Surgery in Australia. Upper caste no bar. Australian TR/PR can also contact e-mail.  98159- 64151. C1-44124


RUNNING LIQUOR FACTORY FOR SALECountry Liquor & IMFL manufacturing (5000 boxes per day) with 4 conveyer belts. Unit spread in 5000 sq. yds. in Himachal (near Hry. / Chandigarh border) for Immediate Sale. Owner going abroad. Contact: 98159-69490 C1-45373

Panchkula Freehold SCO site, Sector-5, Three Storey, Prime Location, Ample Parking. Contact: Roshan: 9814008940 C1-44762

Mohali: 6 Bay showrooms fully built up with best located 50,000 sq.ft.
Area. Best investment. Only one property in Mohali. Pardeep 91-97797-82299.  C1-45272

32 acres Agriculture Fertile Land, two tubewells near Shambu, G.T. Road,
Punjab. 94652-23265, 78372-72005. C1-44120B

Zirakpur: 6.5 Acre land, Main entry point Chandigarh, 9680 sq. commercial plot next to Chandigarh Hotel Zirakpur. Chandigarh next to bridge, 10.5 Acre 5 Star Hotel site Opp. Nabha Sahib Gurdwara, Zirakpur-Banur Highway, 10,000 Five Star Hotel site, Opp. Big Bazaar. 91-97797-82299.  www.anacindia-  C1-45279

Chandigarh: Nayagoan 27 Acre approved Society land with all sanitation, approvals. Pardeep Sharma 91-97797- 82299. C1-45281

Derabassi: 34 Acre with 1.5 Acre frontage Industrial Zone Land on 40 ft. Road. Land/Village Behra - Best for Large Industry. Only land left. Pardeep Sharma 91- 97797-82299.  www.anacindia- C1-45287

Seeking assistance of highly result oriented person with proven exposure
for introducing us to trade with European Union countries and others. Highly rewarding terms offered. Email:  Mobile: 093156-20751. C1-43914

Goa: Casino with 48 crores yeary earning, 43 rooms, Spa. Pardeep 91-97797-82299.  C1-45277 

Copy Editor for news release website, work from home. Must have, own
computer, internet connection, very good English, two years or more newspaper experience, bachelors or masters degree. Journalism degree added advantage. 4 to 6 hours daily, Monday to Friday. Resume  C1-44416

Spectra Computech Pvt. Ltd. Business Partner for IBM, HP, EMC, Cisco, SAP,
Microsoft among others Requires Marketing Executives (B.Com./Diploma in Engg. with 2 years of experience or MBA with 1 year of Sales experience in IT). Hardware Engineer (2 year experience in Printers) and Software Engineers (B.Sc. IT/CS with 2 year experience in C# ASP.NET) at Chandigarh. Mail your Resume at SCO 2923-24, IInd Floor, Sector 22-C, Chandigarh.  C1-44898


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