Sunday, July 17, 2011, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

US citizen, Jatt Sikh family looking for a beautiful well educated bride from a compatible Punjabi family background for their son 25, 5-9, h'some, graduated with Business Magmt. currently working as Bank Manager in States. Family well settled in the states over 15 years with their own business. Caste no bar. Send Bio-data and photo at Boy will be in India, month of August. C1-43291B

Looking For Slim, Extremely Beautiful Non-Manglik girl; for 1980-born, 5-8, handsome Lawyer with well-established practice along with high-income profile, from high status family. Caste no bar, no dowry. Send photo, biodata at: Phone: 75087-37400. C1-44484

Thakur boy Govt. Teacher M.Sc., B.Ed., 30.5.1983, 9:15 a.m., Dasuya. Looking for well educated girl. Preference to M.Sc., M.A. Eng. 95920-98108, 94644-19163. C1-42446

Suitable employed beautiful, slim match for Mair Rajput Sikh customer support Engineer in Punjab 26+/5'-7", 4 LPA. Box 3343M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified employed Mair Rajput beautiful match for handsome B.Tech. Sr. Engineer in MNC, 1985 born, 5'-11". Own Kothi in Chandigarh. Parents Govt. employee. Contact: 99883-41502. C1-43167

Suitable beautiful match for Una Manglik Brahmin, 5'-9", MBA, Manager ICICI Bank Udaipur, 6 LPA. Transferable, divorcee after few days. 31.12.77 (Vizag) 20:35. E-mail: Box 3338M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Himachali Brahmin boy (B.Tech.) working with MNC in USA 6'-2"/ 28. Preferred Himachali Brahmin girl (B.Tech., MCA). Contact:, 07837043059. C1-43067

Match for Brahmin boy, 1981 born, 5'-10", working Sr. Software Engineer in MNC. E-mail: Box 3348M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy 35/5'-7", BA Swedish Citizen, well settled, earning six figures. Caste no bar. Contact with bio data and photo. Call 099996-09169. Box 3358M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for smart Saraswat Brahmin boy 25.11.81, 5'-5", 7.20 am Chandigarh (Non-Manglik), four year Degree in Hotel Management, working in MNC, Mohali, 3 lac p.a. Having urban property 10-marla house built-up three storied in Panchkula. Contact after matching kundli. 98154-90047. C1-43612

Beautiful match for C.A., C.S., LL.B. Gaur Brahmin boy 26/5'-4", decent family. 093101-79787, 098101-79787, C1-43650

Amritsar based Sarswat Brahmin manglik only son smart, handsome Government Computer teacher M.Sc 5'-10'', 21.11.84, 11.50 am. Parents in Government job. Employed preferred 98788-68787. C1-44128

SM 4 Delhi based Pb. Saraswat Brahmin boy 5'-9", 04.07.82, 09:35 pm, veg., TT, MBA, 11 LPA. Seeks well- qualified veg wrkng girl. 097115-95149, C1-44196B

Wanted beautiful, slim, Graduate homely cultured, Arora/Khatri girl for handsome, cleanshaven Sikh Arora boy 28/5'-10", well settled in New Zealand. Coming from educated and status background. 098768-61250. A1-42789-OL

Professionally qualified employed match for NM 1983 born, 5'-10", 
handsome Engineer boy, Chandigarh employed. 5.80 LPA. # 94177-62995. C1-42094

Suitable Arora Khatri Professional match for Khatri boy, 26 years, 5'-10", born at Abohar Punjab on 05.02.1985 at 6:45 pm, Computer Engineer doing MBA Employed IBM Delhi package 8.5 LPA. Contact: 092164-51001, E-mail: Box 3336M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome, 30 yrs, 5'-7'' Doctor boy. Working in Haryana Civil Medical Services, cleared all USMLE steps, ECFMG Certified done rotations in many hospitals across USA. Contact at 97295- 42027. C1-43804B

Suitable match for Chandigarh based handsome Arora/Khatri boy MBA (HR) from UBS, B.Tech (Mech), working as HR Manager in a reputed firm in Mohali, 5'-9"/19-Feb. 1983/12:05 pm Chandigarh. Contact with bio-data and photo. Email: Mobile: 081468-39203, 090238-10098. C1-43938

Suitable match for vegetarian, teetotaller, handsome boy 8.5.1984 
(10.50 p.m.) Chandigarh, 5'-8". B.Com./Diploma in Aviation. MNC Gurgaon, 4 lac p.a. Own house in Chandigarh. Tricity preferred. 99159-99001, C1-44050

Match for Sikh Boy American citizen 6'-2"/30, Graduate/very Handsome/smart, having luxury business, yearly revenues exceeding 10 million dollars. Belongs to highly educated family of doctors, engineers and established businesses in US. Younger sister doctor and married to Doctor. Seeking beautiful, slim, and charming girl from high official or business family background. Caste/Religion no bar. Please correspond with picture. Contact: Phone: 0013012529588 C1-36851

Beautiful, professionally qualified girl for 1981, 5'-10", Lubana Sikh cleanshaven Engr./MBA in USA. Upper caste no bar. E-mail: C1-43193

Really beautiful slim Sikh girl, 5'-4", 25 years for handsome Gursikh boy, 6'-1", 29 years. Transport business, Income One lac per month. Early marriage. Box 3362M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for 39/6'-1" cultured, accomplished Sikh doctcr. Family well-settled in Canada for over 35 years. Issueless divorce. Please respond with full details. Email: C1-44366

Professionally qualified beautiful girl for Sikh Tonk-Kashatriya boy (Cutsurd), B.Tech., 5'-6", 4 Jan. 1980, MNC Hyderabad, 12 LPA. Caste no bar. Send photo & biodata. E-mail: C1-44496

Dowry givers excuse. Handsome cleanshave 32/6', BE India, Software MS USA $ 120000/yr. Couple will get Green Card in few months. Parents Chandigarh-based. Father retired CEO of large company. 94174-41170. A1-42616-OL

Jat Sikh parents seek MD/Dentist match for their US born Doctor son, 28, 6'-3", tall, doing his 3rd year Residency in California. Email biodata and picture to: C1-19548

Jat Sikh family well established in US are looking for a girl for our intelligent and handsome son (MD degree), 27 year old, 6'-3", USA citizen, doing residency. Looking for tall (at least 5'-4"), slim, beautiful girl who is goal oriented and has strong cultural/family values. Serious inquiries from US or Canada with recent photo. Contact at: C1-29331

City based smart, slim, beautiful, friendly girl 24-28, above 5'-3" for a 32, 5'-9", well placed independent Jat Sikh Officer in shipping industry. Mail details & photo. C1-36576

Canadian immigrant, educated Jat Sikh Bains family of an Army Officer based in Victoria-BC since 2008, seeks SM for their son, smart, 26+/5'-10"+, well built fair complexion clean shaven, BE from Mumbai University, Master's in Engineering from University of Victoria, BC, working in High Tech Company. Family living in own house + having a well-developed agricultural farm in Punjab, two brothers, younger one pursuing Degree in Psychiatry in Canada, looking for matching girl M.Sc./M.Tech., grown up with Indian cultural values, from well educated status family. Box 3170M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh boy 24 yrs, 6 feet 4 inches IT officer in an MNC in Sydney. Family well established having their own business in Sydney. Send your photo and details to my email C1-39950

Suitable match for 29 yrs old Jatt Sikh clean-shaven boy 5'-9", vegetarian, non-drinker. Issueless divorce after few months, resident of U.S.A. for the last ten years, studied at a reputed public school in India and completed college education in US. Self employed. Serious inquiries from US or Canada with recent photo. Contact at: C1-40520

Jat Sikh B.Tech, Senior Officer Central Govt. Department, 47/6ft above Rs 1.1 lac PM, Divorced, No issue. Good status. No bars. Contact: 94171-74015. C1-42851

Canadian resident Jat Sikh 35 yrs issueless divorcee, 5'-11", Federal Govt. job, earning 70,000 $ yr, seeks professionally qualified match. Contact: 98142-28902 or C1-42973

Jat Sikh Maan/Bhangu boy, 6' tall, 82 born, Software Engineer (M.Tech., MCA), having UK Teir 1 visa, earning 75K GBP p.a. Very intelligent, handsome, turban bearing, down to earth. Owns commercial, urban, agricultural land in Punjab. Parents and sister also settled in UK. Looking for beautiful, well educated, honest, down to earth, intelligent & confident Jat Sikh girl. Girl's merit only consideration. Please send biodata & photographs on or contact 0044-7894996582. C1-42977B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Sandhu boy 6'-1"/28 yrs; Dental Surgeon. Father retired Army Officer. Only elder brother Doctor in Paramilitary. Having rural property. Kindly B.D.S./M.D.S. contact if above particular suits at: or Contact Mobile: 98726-25586. C1-43079

Professionally qualified match for handsome, cleanshaven, 5'-11"/May 77, B.Tech/MBA from prestigious institute. Working in top MNC at 45 LPA. Rural/Urban property. Highly professional educated status family. Email bio-data and photograph at: C1-43321

US based Jat Sikh parents seek suitable match for their Graduate son 6'-0"/ 29, currently doing Masters in Biomedical Sciences. Girl should be beautiful, professional (BDS, MBBS, B.Tech. preferred) & apsiring to settle abroad. Send picture and biodata at email: Contact at 98789-06066. C1-43810

Well settled US Jatt Sikh family looking for a beautiful Jatt Sikh educated match for their 34/5'-11", handsome US citizen son. He has a Bachelor's degree. Girl should be at least 5'4". Please send bio-data to: C1-43858

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 31/5'-10", handsome cleanshaven cultured boy only son MS Electical Engg. from USA, working as Enginer in USA. Father class-I retired officer. Send details. Email: C1-43984

Well settled Jatt Sikh Sidhu family looking for a beautiful Jatt Sikh, professionally qualified (preferably B.Tech, MCA or MBA) match for their son 27/5'-4", working in a MNC in Gurgaon as a Software professional with handsome salary. Email biodata with recent photos at or call at 95010- 85815. C1-44121B

Beautiful, from status family match for cleanshaven Jat Sikh 26/5'-11", G.N.M., working in Hospital. GNA, equal qualified preferred. 98763-38991, 95924-01020. C1-44182B

Handsome, intelligent, 28/6'-1", cleanshaven, Punjabi Jatt Sikh boy, 
working as Senior Business Development Manager in San Francisco. Father retired Govt. Officer, mother Lecturer, brother MGMT Consultant in London. Looking for decent, well educated, gentle, homely girl (min 5'-6") from cultured and sophisticated family. Contact: C1-44442

Suitable match for turbaned Jat Sikh vegetarian boy 5'-9''/30/M.Tech 14 lpa working Gurgaon educated family from Amritsar. Early marriage reply only with photograph. 9653422118. C1-44954

Suitable match above 5'-6" for professionally qualified with top university position & very well-settled Jat Sikh 1984/6'-3" Australian citizen boy. Affluent status with sound business alongwith sufficient urban property & agriculture land. Contact with biodata & photographs. E-mail: NA1-30550

Suitable US citizen match for Jatt Sikh Veterinarian BVSC, 28/5'-11", employed in Punjab Govt. 98157-06303 (Moga). NA1-30709

Jat Sikh family well-established in England looking for Gursikh, 
well-educated slim, beautiful girl for intelligent, Amritdhari, handsome, 32/5'-8", UK born divorcee, working as Company Director (Excellent income). Brief marriage. Send biodata, photo: 00442085714074. NA1-31503

UK based Ramgarhia Sikh parents are looking for a suitable match for their UK born son 26, 5'-9", Graduate in Computer Science, vegetarian, non-drinker, turban and uncut beard. Email: C1-43299B

Mohali based Sikh status family seeks alliance for their working, handsome, cleanshaven son, having Canadian Citizenship, 5'-7"/1975, B.Tech (India), MBA (Canada). Girl should be tall, good looking and professionally qualified with creative mind. Early marriage. No dowry. 98151-56259. Email: C1-43924

PQM invited for Sikh cleanshaven boy 27.12.80, 5'-7", handsome, 
teetotaller, family is well-educated & established business, good U/R property, boy is B.Tech. (ECE) and MBA from reputed Australian University working full time as business consultant in Sydney girl from Australia, NZ preferred. (No dowry). Reply +61433790189, 94171-50084. C1-44156

Professionally qualified, well educated, suitable match for 32/5'-8", Hindu, Saini boy, Doctor, vegetarian, settled in UK, family from Himachal. Caste no bar. Respond with details to C1-44158B

Match for fair, smart Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy, 28/6', M.S. (ECE) USA, Pursuing Ph.D at USA. Girl should be tall, beautiful, working or studying in USA. Kundli & Photo must. Email: C1-44450

SM for handsome Kashyap Rajput boy 7.2.82, 5'-8", 10:40 am Delhi, B.Tech (Mech), M.Tech from USA. Now working in USA. Upper caste no bar. NRI preferred. Mob. 98960-33735, Email: C1-44780

Well-to-do family having rural, urban property looking for exceptionally beautiful, tall girl for handsome, smart, educated, USA citizen, running flourishing business there for the last many years, Saini Sikh turbaned, 5'-11", 37 years, looking quite younger than age; never married boy. Girl is only consideration. No dowry. Upper caste no bar. Mail particulars with recent photograph to: Mob: 97792-41412. C1-44992

SM4 status Delhi family youth, highly presentable, handsome, Sept. 84, only child, MBA, earning 8 LPA, world travelled, own property. Photo with profile must. 98104-88705. Em: C1-40090

Required tall beautiful, working girl from respectable family for Punjabi 
Khatri handsome, 5'-11", 4.12.84, 5:55 a.m., Chandigarh, American Express Gurgaon. 9872859386. C1-42541

SM4 B.Tech. working MNC Noida 4 lac. Khatri boy 164 cms, DOB 11.1.1985, 1.10 pm, Panchkula. Contact: 0172-2574861. Email: C1-42891

Only Medico match for Khatri Passi boy 28/6'-0"/Dental Surgeon, own clinic. 98887-27216. C1-43083

Well educated, non-manglik, homely, cultured, tall, fair girl for CA, Dubai based boy, Bank employee, 20 LPA, 6', 30.04.1980. 12:35 PM, Shimla. Horoscope macthing must. Send biodata, photo. , 99883-70828. C1-43311

Chandigarh based highly reputed, Punjabi Khatri family seeks suitable 
match for their, son, LL.M., doing practice, 20.5.1984, 6:30 p.m., 5'-3". Contact: 98142-32907. C1-44058

Working B.Tech or Post Graduate girl for Punjabi Hindu Handsome Khatri Non Manglik boy, B.Tech, MBA, 28, 5'-8". Working Top Telcome Company, Gurgaon, 7 LPA. Status family, Panchkula. Contact: , 098159-17248. C1-44384

Qualified match for handsome Ramgarhia boy 26/5'-7", US Citizen, doing MBA. No bar. Contact: 94173-36292. E- mail: C1-43221

Educated girl from Gursikh family for Gursikh Ramgarhia, 27/5'-7", Network Engg, package 3 lac PA, residing in own house at Delhi. Father Govt. service. Brothers Engineer. 09416201386. Box 3359M Tribune, Chandigarh.

DDS Dentist US citizen New Jersy cleanshven Khatri Sikh 5'-11"/1980 seeks Sikh tall, beautiful professional match. Contact: +91-81463-30835 C1-44036

Professionally qualified, beautiful match for smart, turbaned Ad-dharmi (S/C) Sikh boy, convent educated, B.E. Mech. Officer in Merchant Navy, 1984/5'-10". From respectable and highly qualified family. Father Class-I Officer. Doaba based family. Contact Ph. No.78371-11223. Email: C1-44564

Chandigarh based Mair Rajput (Widower), looks young, 52/5'-10", Businessman, own Urban property, Twelve lakh per annum. Divorced/widow (without issue) can also apply. Box 3279M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated beautiful match for handsome Jaiswal 22.9.1980, 5.55 pm 
Ambala, Lawyer. Father businessman. Caste no bar. 98120-76115. C1-43540

Suitable match for Sikh Tonk-Kashatriya boy, 33, 5'-8", Postgraduate in Defence Studies & International studies. University job 6.50 lac p.a. Email: 98883-16824. C1-44016

Well educated beautiful girl for fair Tonk Kshtriya boy, 26/6'-1", B.Com., MBA, working with reputed company at Ludhiana. Upper caste no bar. 98880-03674. NA1-30582

Suitable match for handsome boy 25, 5'-11", B.Tech Civil Engg., employed, very good Govt. service, father Govt. gazetted officer, very well settled family at Jalandhar, Two son only very sober, polite, non-drinker boy. Pagri optional. Caste no bar. E-mail: Mob. No. 98767-86063. Box 3350M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated, homely or teacher/lecturer girl from well-settled family for Sikh Khatri boy 27/5'-11", convent educated, B.Com., well-established business. Only son of affluent, landlord family residing in posh locality. 0161-6545074. NA1-30581

Religious sober educated match for vegetarian handsome Religious sober Singla boy, 08-01-1982/5'-6", 7:35 a.m., Samana (Patiala), own independent well settled family business. No demand. Contact 97804-45244. C1- 42597

Professionally qualified match preferably working in/around Tricity for Asstt. Manager SBI, 6:00 lac p.a. 5'-9", fair, B.Tech., MBA, Bansal boy 4.1.1985 at 2.35 am Chandigarh. 98150-34776, 0172-2682192, C1-42897

Professionally qualified, beautiful, slim, Non-manglik girl for handsome Garg boy, B.Tech M.Tech(IIT Delhi), Jan.1984/5'-8", high package. 98728-18372. E-mail: Box 3395M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Garg handsome 26.3.85/7:55 am, Ambala, 5'-8", B.Tech., 
pursuing MBA, working MNC Gurgaon, pkg. 9 Lacs NCR. Employed preferred. 094160-86477. C1-44724

Professionally qualified match for sikh Arora turbaned boy M.Pharma, 1980/5'-10", working in MNC, Chandigarh. E-mail: C1-43189

Sikh Arora boy MBBS (MS), 42 yrs, 5'-11", innocent divorcee Govt. service (Himachal), salary 70000+. Require well educated, homely 30 to 38 girl. No. caste no bar. Issueless, divorcee considerable. 99140-14200. NA1-30707

Kamboj Sikh parents seek Professionally qualified beautiful match for their handsome son (clean-shaven), Oct. 79, 5'-4", B.Tech. (IIT), MS & Ph.D. (USA), working MNC California, with handsome package. Small and simple educated family. Email biodata, photo: Mobile: 092177-99810. C1-42561

Australian citizen Gursikh boy 27 (5'-9") looking for a professionally 
qualified match. 096712-65100, C1-42927

Educated Jat Sikh family seeks suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, 
cleanshaven, born in 1984 height 5'-10". He is currently based in the UK on a student visa. We are looking for an educated Jat Sikh girl preferably based in the UK, age 23-26. Please reply with details to C1-45361


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