L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Admn fails to bag Rs 50 lakh for beggars’ home
y With 200 NGOs around, none willing to run it
Hemdeep Kaur

Ludhiana, August 8
In a city where about 200 NGOs are active, not a single organisation has come forward to administration in setting up a home for beggars thereby making it to lose Rs 50-lakh grant to be provided by the Union government.

Despite inserting advertisements thrice, all that the administration got in response was a proposal floated by a Malout-based NGO. It, too, proposed to spend 70 per cent of the grant on employees’ salary. The administration was left with no choice other than turning down the offer.

‘‘I am surprised that out of 200-odd NGOs active in the city, none turned up. The grant has lapsed, as we could not use it. But I can write again to the Union government if any NGO is interested,” said Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari.

The Union government had announced a home for beggars a year ago. It had released Rs 50 lakh for the project. At least 50 beggars were to be provided shelter, food and rehabilitated after vocational education. But the project could never take off.

“As per the guidelines, we were to rope in an NGO that had to rent out a building and prepare for the rehabilitation of 50 beggars. The Rs 50- lakh grant was to be used annually. But except for the Malout-based NGO nobody turned up. For the single response, it seemed they too wanted it to be a money-minting exercise,” the Deputy Commissioner added.

He added the administration could not have run the project without the support of an NGO. ‘‘So the project will remain a non-starter till we get somebody to run it.”

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Pardeep Aggarwal stated, “I am handling the project of Beggars’ Home, but I am quite surprised that not a single NGO is coming forward to run it. I am trying at my level best to have a beggars’ home in this city.”


Punjabis break gender divide as girls outnumber boys in higher studies
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana, August 8
It may sound incredible, but sex ratio in higher classes of various colleges breaks the stereotype that Punjabis deprive their daughters from higher education.

The large number of girls enrolled in different postgraduation courses in various city colleges is enough to prove that girls of the city exceed boys in higher education.

SCD Government College is known as boys’ college in the city, but girls are in a majority in higher classes there. Girls of the city prove their capability by occupying top positions in various courses in the perceived boys’ college.

SCD College has seven postgraduation degree courses. The courses, which exclusively qualify to be meant for girls are MCom first year and MA Hindi first year courses.

In MCom first year, out of total 32 seats, only three are boys, whereas in MA Hindi, out of 80 seats, 75 are girls and five are boys.

Story of other courses is also the same. From the total 40 students, only nine boys can be seen in MCom business innovation course. MA economic first year has 127 students, but girls hit the century.

With 102 girl students in English department, only 18 are boys, geography first year has only 15 boys among 40 students.

The proportion of boys and girls is amazing in higher studies. Professional colleges have different trend but the academic colleges almost follow the same trend. Girls, who passed their graduation from all girl colleges, do not find anything different from their previous colleges.

“I passed my graduation from the Government College for Women. I was excited to study in a co-education college but my dream was shattered when I saw only three boys in my classroom,” said Shikha, a MCom first year student.

“Boys are not serious when it comes to studying, on the other hand, girls are hardworking and serious about their career,” said principal Jasbir Kaur Makar.



Open manholes blow lid off errant PAU staff
Class IV drug-addict staff steal lids for a kick
Shivani Bhakoo and Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 8
Unable to arrange money for getting their daily dose of drugs, a few Class IV employees in connivance with security guards manning the gates of Punjab Agriculture University, are stealing lids of manholes for collecting “enough” money for a few days’ dose by selling the scrap (lid) in the market. As per rough estimate, each lid, which weighs around 200 to 230 kilograms, is easily sold for Rs 4,000 in the scrap market.

About six out of 10 manholes of buildings near Students’ Home are lying open. This came to light when authorities asked gardeners for mowing the grass/weeds to avoid snakes during the rainy season.

A gardener, who works at the lawns of the varsity disclosed, “We would have never come to know that lids of manholes were disappearing. It was only when we were cutting the weeds and grass, we saw these open manholes. But these are pretty dangerous at an educational institution which remains abuzz with activity.”

Avtar Singh, SDO at the farm varsity, admitted that the lids had been stolen from the campus. When asked whether it was the work of insiders, the official could not provide a satisfactory reply. “We are trying to find out who could have done this,” he added. PAU VC BS Dhillon said: “I am going to get the details from the department concerned and will ensure that it is not repeated. We will try to install lids that cannot be stolen. If this is not possible, we will arrange some grills/or boundaries so that lids are not stolen.” 



Akhilesh’s death: Police accused of double standard
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 8
Booking of a few unidentified persons for staging a dharna at the Samrala Chowk following the death of Akhilesh (18), who was mowed down by a truck belonging to the municipal Corporation, has snowballed into a major controversy with the Congress accusing the city police of double standard.

The Congress leaders alleged that the city police has different yardstick for SAD-BJP workers and common man. They were referring to August 4 incident when Mani and Honey Bedi, both sons of a BJP MLA, along with their supporters had staged a dharna at the Jodhewal Chowk and blocked the traffic for nearly 30 minutes after one of their men was challaned by traffic policemen.

An NGO had even taken up the matter with the police and demanded strict action against MLA’s sons for blocking the National Highway No. I. But no action has been taken so far against them. Leader of the Congress (women’s wing) Leena Tapria along with her supporters had also staged a dharna at the Samrala Chowk for demanding strict action against erring truck driver who mowed down Akhilesh on August 6.

But, the police treaded cautiously and booked unidentified persons for blocking the traffic. This had rattled the Congressmen, who alleged that the SAD was deliberately trying to throttle their voice.

Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) president Pawan Dewan said, “ It reflects double standard adopted by the police. While the SAD- BJP men were allowed to stage a protest against earring Municipal Corporation’s driver who mowed down the boy, another person who does so is booked. Leena Tapria was protesting for a cause. She didn’t commit any crime.”

District Youth Congress president Dimple Rana went a step further and said, “It is a murder of democracy. The law and order situation is getting worsening day by day. The police wants to throttle the voice of Congressmen before the election.”

Commissioner of Police Dr SS Chauhan said the police had registered a case against unidentified persons and was investigating the case.

Sources said the Congress leaders might have to eat a humble pie as two SAD councillors were also protesting along with Congress leader Leena Tapria on August 6.



Family refuses Rs 2 lakh compensation 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 8
The family of Akhilesh (18), who was crushed to death by the tipper belonging to the municipal corporation at Guru Arjan Dev Nagar on Saturday, has refused to accept compensation offered by it.

Slamming reports of civic authorities having compensated the family of the victim, Lokesh, father of Akhilesh, said, “Why do we need compensation for? Our child was priceless. The municipal authorities should keep their money with them and teach their drivers some driving skills to prevent similar incidents.”

Taking a jibe at Additional Municipal Commissioner MS Jaggi, he said “Jaggi is giving statement in the media about compensation, but he did not even bother to meet me following the incident. In fact, none of the municipal authorities visited us after the death of my son to apologies for their mistake that has ruined my life forever.”

The family met Police Commissioner Dr SS Chauhan today and demanded strict action against the tipper driver.

“Look at the system, the killer is roaming freely after furnishing a bail bond in a police station. The municipal corporation washes its hand by announcing compensation. No one took pains to know way the truck driver was plying the vehicle from the route, which is banned by it. No action has been taken against the driver for violating the rules,” he added.



Dance teachers bowled over by Indian culture, groove to bhangra beats
Gurvinder Singh

Ludhiana, August 8
Dance trainers from different parts of the world have picked up some steps of bhangra during their stay here. “Bhangra is fun! It is less technical, but is a lot of fun,” says Janina Takkinan, a dance teacher from Finland. Mention bhangra to Anna Kvelde from Latvia and she would stop and perform a step for you.

Interactions between teachers and students for International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts, starting tomorrow evening at Guru Nanak Bhawan, are giving way to cultural exchange.

Clapping to the tunes of Finnish music, with more than hundred friendship bands on her wrists, Janina Takkinan shouts “1,2,3,4” -- instructing steps as her students follow her passionately. “Listen, you have to be quicker,” she shouts in Finnish accent.

Janina is one of the several dance trainers teaching dance genres to more than 3,000 students from Ryan International School.

Dance trainers from countries like Finland, Austria, Sri Lanka, Germany, Jordan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Vietnam and the USA have come to the city.

Like Janina most of the dance teachers have their wrists full of friendship bands in the wake of Friendship Day yesterday, speaking volumes about the camaraderie and comfort these students are enjoying with the teachers from different cultures. “They are really warm and friendly. We got so many (friendship) bands,” says Anna showing friendship bands on her wrists. Although the kids are a little shy to begin with, they have really opened up in the week-long dance training, says Mara from Austria.

These dance classes are giving way to cultural exchange and the children are learning about various cultures. “We are learning traditional Finnish dance. We have come to know about several things about Finland from Janina ma’am and also learnt some Finnish words,” says Bhavik Jain of Class VI.

Most of the trainers are girls in their early 20s and have been learning dance for more than 10 years. Mara Losch from Austria is an exponent of contemporary dance. She also teaches hip-hop and jazz. It is the freedom contemporary genre provides that excites her. There is ample scope for improvisation in the form -- the independence to use space and floor gives her the fillip.

Upekha Daniel from Colombo loves the mix of “Kandyan” genre with the contemporary. Although she teaches English and social studies back home, she has been learning dance for the past 10 years from Visha School of Dance in the Sri Lankan capital.

Janina is an expert in traditional Finnish dance forms, but she likes to delve into myriad genres like ballet, classical, salsa and even Bollywood. Apart from the traditional Latvian dance, the element of sensuality and romance of ballroom dances enchants Anna.

The dance gurus admire the diversity and colour in India and are enjoying their stay in India. “People here wear colourful dresses as compared to Europe, where it is mostly grey and black,” says Mara.

They also relish the Indian food. For Upekha the food is less spicy than they eat in Sri Lanka, but she likes the taste.

Talking about the city, Anna says: “Ludhiana is noisy and dirty. But the people are friendly and have a clean soul.”

Comparing life in this region to Europe Anna says, “In Europe, every day is one step in the future, but here people enjoy each day. That is what I love about being here.” Mara also loved her stay in India and she promises to come back.



Stray dog bites into poor man’s pocket
Civil hospital refuses to inject vaccine for free
Hemdeep Kaur

Ludhiana, August 8
For 20-year-old Santosh, who was bitten by a stray dog near a well-known sweets shop on the Ferozepur Road here today, getting vaccinated against rabies would leave him under a debt of Rs 1,500.

Santosh, who works at the sweets shop and earns Rs 2,500 per month, cannot afford to buy a set of anti-rabies vaccine, which costs Rs 1,500. He will have to borrow money from his employer, as the Civil Hospital here refused to vaccinate him free of cost.

Santosh, a native of Uttar Pradesh, came to the city to earn his livelihood. “I am hardly able to save any money as I have to afford three meals during the day and send Rs 1,500 back home to support my family,” he rued.

"I cannot afford to pay for the vaccines. It is very difficult for me to spend Rs 1,500 Rs on injections and medicines. I did not get any support from the Civil Hospital as well from an NGO,” said Santosh.

When contacted, Dr Subash Batta, senior medical officer, Civil Hospital, said: “We have 1,400 vaccines in the hospital. I don’t know where the victim went.”

On the stray dog menace, Senior Deputy Mayor Parveen Bansal said: “We have hired an agency for sterilisation of stray dogs and we are planning to hire one more agency. It is difficult to solve the problem in a day. It will take time and efforts are on the check this menace." 

y Santosh, who works at the sweets shop and earns Rs 2,500 per month, cannot afford to buy a set of anti-rabies vaccine, which costs Rs 1,500. He will have to borrow money from his employer, as the Civil Hospital here refused to vaccinate him free of cost.



District scan

Arrangements reviewed:
Additional Deputy Commissioner SR Kler on Monday reviewed preparations for the Independence Day, which will be celebrated at the Government College for Boys here. Presiding over a meeting of government officials, he said Rehearsing for I-Day Students of a government school at Punjab Agricultural University rehearse for Independence Day celebrations in Ludhiana rehearsal for cultural events had commenced from today with a final and full dress rehearsal slated for August 14. He told officials concerned to complete their assigned tasks in time. The two-hour long celebrations will comprise a parade by contingents of the police, traffic police and home guards. NCC, air wing, ex-servicemen, scouts and girl guides followed by a bonanza of cultural events.
Rehearsing for I-Day Students of a government school at Punjab Agricultural University rehearse for Independence Day celebrations in Ludhiana on Monday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Roads in pathetic condition: Alleging that tall claims of development being made by the SAD-BJP government were false, former president of District Congress Committee Krishan Kumar Bawa said the condition of most of the city roads was pathetic. Addressing a meeting in the course of mass contact programme in ward numbers 47 and 66 under Atam Nagar segment, he said ill maintained roads, non-functional streetlights, inadequate sewerage system and chaotic traffic conditions in the city had made lives of people miserable. He said the administration was being oblivious to the suffering of the masses to the extent that a facility of unique identification number (UID) was being politicised by most of the councillors.

Residents stage protest: Residents of Gehlewal village in ward number 4 protested against the municipal corporation over poor quality of drinking water supply. Alleging that for the last 10 days, the water supplied through taps was getting contaminated with sewerage discharge, the affected residents also sent a water sample from the locality to the MC authorities. BSP leader Ramanjit Lally, who led the protest, said frequent complaints against unsafe water supply had failed to evoke any response from the administration or the area councillor.

Pepsu staff hold rally: Led by activists of the Contract PRTC Workers Union, employees of Pepsu Road Transport Corporation held a gate rally, which was addressed by state president Jasmer Singh. He said the union had put off its agitation on July 20 after an assurance by the Chief Minister and other senior officials on acceptance of pending demands. However, pending issues like scrapping contract system, fixation of pay salaries, reinstatement of sacked workers and revocation of illegal deductions were still dragging. Serving an ultimatum to the government and PRTC management to sort out all pending demands by August 9, the agitating workers said they would be forced to go on strike from August 10.

Cong attacks Sukhbir Badal: District Congress Committee Ludhiana (urban) president Pawan Dewan said the Shiromani Akali Dal led by Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal was like the East India Company, which had exploited Indians. He said the only difference, however, was that the people of the state were getting a raw deal from a party, which professed to be the champion of the cause of Punjab and its people. Addressing a public meeting as a part of the party’s mass mobilisation programme in Ward 50 in Jawahar Nagar, Dewan asked the government as to what had happened to its promises made four-and-a-half years ago. Rather making Punjab self-sufficient in power and giving metro to the city, the ruling alliance had resorted to grabbing business of sand mining, cable network, liquor and transport. — Tribune Reporters



DC takes lax health, MC officials to task
Directs them to improve sanitation, maintain record of preventive steps taken
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, August 8
As the city residents face grave threat of outbreak of seasonal diseases, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rahul Tiwari today rapped the officials of the urban local bodies (ULBs) and the health department on the knuckles for the general condition of sanitation, which remains dismal and half-hearted approach to awareness drive and preventive steps.

Presiding over a meeting of officials of the health department, MC and other ULBs in the district here, he explicitly directed them to improve sanitation level in their respective areas, arrange for immediate removal of garbage and dusting of methyl powder at garbage dumping sites every third day. The health and civic staff was asked to spray kerosene oil over stagnant water and also to maintain proper record of all preventive action taken against outbreak of diseases.

Making it clear that he was not satisfied with the work being done in this regard, Tiwari issued instructions to officials to constitute teams of civic and health officials to carry out daily inspection for proper sanitation and garbage removal and submit their reports at the next meeting with photographs of the inspections at different places.

Officials were also directed to ensure that garbage and waste was not dumped in the residential localities and commercial hubs. Besides, they were told to get the potholes filled up so that water does not accumulate in vacant plots.

The officials of the MC and the health department were told to keep an eye on those areas which were vulnerable to waterlogging during rains as well as those localities which had a previous history of outbreak of diseases. "Such sensitive areas need special attention as far as preventive steps are concerned,” said the DC.

Stressing the need to educate people and make them aware with prevention against seasonal diseases, the Deputy Commissioner said the departments concerned would run a continuous awareness drive against vector-borne and water-borne diseases. “The awareness drive against malaria, dengue, encephalitis, gastroenteritis, cholera, jaundice and typhoid should continue relentlessly till the monsoon is over,” he added.

Among others present at the meeting were Additional Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Aggarwal, Civil Surgeon Dr HS Bali, SDM (East) Ajay Sood, SDM (West) Kuljit Pal Singh Mahi, SDM, Samrala, Jasvir Singh, SDM, Payal, Neeru Katyal, District Health Officer Dr Kulwinder Singh and MC Assistant Commissioner Amarjit Singh Sekhon.



Right to Services Act: Delay to cost officials, staff dear
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, August 8
Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari today asked all heads of the government departments to pull up their socks to prepare for the Right to Services Act (RTS) which is expected to be notified soon.

Once the notification is issued, many government departments will have to deliver several notified services in a time-bound manner.

In a strategic meeting with district officials here, the DC cautioned them that the RTS would make it statutory for officials and employees to complete the services within a stipulated time frame failing which they would be held accountable, made to pay penalty and even be chargesheeted.

Giving details, Tiwari told officials that 67 different kind of services had been brought under the purview of the RTS which relate to departments of revenue, health, transport, food and civil supplies, housing and urban development, improvement trust, rural water supply and sanitation, social security, home affairs and police.

He said a total of 20 public dealing works of police department and 47 of other government departments would be covered under the new Act after the notification was issued. A provision of appellate authority has also been made in the Act to deal with the complaints with an officer of the rank of the DSP or the SP to be the one for works related to police and the SDM for other government departments.

Tiwari said once the RTS comes into force, documents like certified copies of jamabandi, girdawri and mutation would have to be made available to applicants in one working day, the registration certificates of vehicles would have to be issued within seven working days and verification of passport applications would have to be completed within 21 days.



Increase bus stands, flyovers to tackle traffic problems: Experts 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 8
Architects from the Indian Institute of Architects, Ludhiana centre, gave some solutions to traffic problems of Ludhiana in a penal discussion held at Gulmohar Hotel.

It was observed that wrong location of bus stand in the congested area of the city was the cause of many problems. The experts said that many flyovers were being constructed to decongest the roads. “The bus stand must be set up at two to three places the way it has been done in Chandigarh region, branching out two bus stands in Chandigarh, one in Panchkula and another in Mohali,” they added.

Movement of buses in and out of the city bus stand was creating a lot of traffic problems, noise pollution and air pollution.

It was observed that travelling to neighbouring cities in buses took lesser time than travelling within the city. The present bus stand could be converted into local bus stand for local buses, due to its centralised location. The panel observed that the government was responsible for delay in local bus service, which could easily be started to solve traffic problems.

Many unplanned projects going on at the same time without any fix completion time frame are causing maximum troubles to heavy, medium and light vehicles. It was observed that all the ongoing road projects must be completed at the earliest for the convenience of public and new projects of roads must be started in a planned and phased manner after consulting senior town planners, traffic experts, architects etc.

Trees, electrical and telephone poles in the middle of roads are the cause of traffic chaos. Due to the lack of coordination among the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, Traffic Police, Forest Department, Electricity Board, BSNL, PWSSB, PWD (B&R), GLADA, LIT, PSIEC, NHAI, India Railways etc, and ever increasing interference of politicians, city residents were facing maximum traffic problems.

Flyovers must be constructed immediately at railway crossings at the Pakhowal road and Shastri Nagar to save valuable time and traffic congestion. The panel observed that construction of elevated roads above roads at many places was unnecessary.

It was observed that the Metro train project must be planned properly in advance at a fast pace. Entry of heavy vehicles must be banned strictly in the city during peak hours.

There should not be any open manholes and stray animals in the city. The panel observed that the strength of the Traffic Police must be increased and there should be strict implementation of traffic rules the way it was in Chandigarh and Delhi.



MNREGA a failure in district
Less people demand jobs; meagre wages, favouritism to blame
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana, August 8
Political observers have rated the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) as one of the major achievements that helped the UPA government retain power for the second term. However, the data available on the official website of the government suggests that rural people in Ludhiana district have lost faith in the scheme.

Of the 56,225 job cards this fiscal in the district, only 9,290 are in demand and of these only 23 rural families have got 100 days guaranteed work.

Ground realities also support these figures. Describing the reasons behind this trend, district president of the Dihati Majdoor Sabha Harbans Singh Lohatbadi said: “No one wants to work for meagre wages, which is one of the main failures of the scheme. A healthy daily-wage earner gets Rs 250 per day, but under MNREGA, the daily wage is only Rs 153.”

Bant Singh of Lohatbadi village, who has worked under MNREGA, complained: "Initially we were positive about the scheme but now it’s adverse. We need our wages after work, but MNREGA officials delay the same for months. So it’s better to work on any construction than under MNREGA.”

"It's comfortable for women as they don’t prefer going out of the village for work. They can compromise with less wages,” said Harbans Singh.

“Data and statistics are to befool people. The authorities issue job cards to people close to Aklali leaders and village heads. The real beneficiaries are yet to benefit from the scheme,” said Gurnam Singh Dau, state secretary of the Dihati Majdoor Union.

When contacted, ADC (Development) Pardip Aggarwal said: “We give employment to all who are eligible. I cannot comment why a few people demanded work under MNREGA.”

When asked why job cards were not issued in the Raikot block, he said: “Maybe the website is not updated. Sometimes we cannot update the website due to technical problems.” 



‘Sham-e-Jashan’ on August 20
Our Correspondent

Khanna, August 8
Aadhar Foundation, Mission Club and Trans Services have jointly decided to hold a cultural function “Sham-e-Jashan” here on August 20.

The main aim of the function is to make people aware about female foeticide and to collect money for hearing and speaking impaired children.

Stating this in a press conference, representatives of these organisations informed that Punjabi-Bollywood singer Labh Janjua will enthrall audience on the occasion. The entry will be free for all.



Poisoning case takes a new turn
Councillor claims her husband was not robbed by women in Bangkok
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 8
A day after a city resident died and a local councillor's husband was found unconscious after consuming poison-laced liquor allegedly offered by some unidentified women at a pub in Bangkok, the councillor of Ward No. 37, Poonam Ratra, claimed her husband was robbed by a man and not by a women.

However, her husband Om Parkash showed signs of recovery and regained consciousness today. The deceased, Jaspreet Singh, aka Raju, a resident of Amar Pura, is a close relative of president of a gurdwara.

“The robbers were not woman," said Poonam Ratra. The family maintained that Om Parkash was still on life support system and could record his statement to the police. The post-mortem of Jaspreet Singh Raju was conducted today, but police has not yet received the reports.

Councillor Gurdeep Singh Nittu said four persons had flown to Bangkok to quicken the legal process so the body of Jaspreet Singh Raju could be brought back to India.

"We have established contact with the Punjabi community in Bangkok. We have requested them to help us in nabbing the suspect. The entire story would be clear after recording the statement of Om Parkash," said Nittu.

Harminder Singh and Paramjit Singh, both relatives of Raju have not yet divulged any details about the incident. They have stated that they were sleeping in a different room, while Raju and Om Parkash were in another room.

The group of four left for Bangkok on July 30 to meet their friends in Pratunam and was scheduled to return on August 9.

Om Parkash and Raju entered a pub where they reportedly met a group of young women who befriended them and allegedly offered them liquor laced with poison. Both fell unconscious and were robbed.

BJP councillor Gurdeep Singh Nittu said a Bangkok-based NRI, Gurmeet Singh, broke the news to the family. 



From colleges
Desh Bhagat college eves shine in BBA
Tribune Reporters

Mandi Gobindgarh, August 8
Girl students of the Desh Bhagat Institute of Management and Computer Sciences have bagged top positions in the college in BBA final year result, declared by Punjabi University, Patiala.

Kirti Sharma bagged the first position by securing 82.65 per cent marks; the second position was grabbed by Tushmit Kaur with 82.03 per cent marks the third position was cornered by Mandeep Kaur with 81.75 per cent marks. The overall result of the college is 100 per cent.

Desh Bhagat Group chairman, Dr Zora Singh, vice-chairperson Tejinder Kaur and director general Dr Shalini Gupta while congratulating meritorious students conveyed best wishes for their bright future. The students said they had been able to make this achievement due to the hard work and right guidance of their teachers. They hoped that they would work harder in the future and bring glory to their parents and their institution.

Students win laurels
Ludhiana: The students of Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Vocational Studies (GGNIVS) have once again proved their excellence and have brought laurels to the institute by coming out with flying colours and securing top positions in the university examinations.

Prina Jain, a student of MBA, has secured first position in the university by securing 82.68 per cent marks.

Neha and Kamalpreet Singh Arora have bagged first and second position, respectively, in MSc in mass communications, advertising and journalism in the university. Kuldip Singh, director of the institute, congratulated the staff and students for their outstanding performance and wished them good luck for their future. 



Pau notes
Scheme launched for EWS families, sportspersons 
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 8
The Tara Group of Industries and the Pioneer Group of Educational Institutes, Gajjan Majra, have launched a unique scheme for the welfare of poor families and sportspersons of 107 villages and towns in Amargarh assembly segment.

While each girl of these localities, irrespective of her caste and creed, would be given Rs 5,100 as “shagun” on her marriage, sportspersons enrolled with village-level units would be given sports kits, including cricket kits.

In comparison to complicated system of claiming funds under the government “shagun” scheme, parents of the girl will have to submit a simple application with the unit of their village only.

Jaswant Singh Gajjanmajra, an SAD leader and the chairman of the groups, said his family had earmarked an endowment fund for the welfare of members of weaker sections of society, including general category poor families.

‘Rain expected in 2 days’LUDHIANA: The meteorological data recorded in the PAU observatory indicated that a rain of 7.6 mm was received on Monday. The total rainfall received since August 1 was 66 mm, which is below normal. PAU meteorologist, Dr KK Gill said in July, the rainfall was 114 mm as against the normal of 232 mm. However, in June, the rainfall was 351 mm, much above the normal 66 mm. Discussing about temperature, she said the minimum temperature was 27.6 degrees Celsius, which was slightly above a normal of 25 degrees Celsius, while the maximum being 31 degrees Celsius, as against the normal of 33 degrees Celsius. The weather indicates that light to moderate rainfall can be expected in the coming two days. The conditions are good for crops, including paddy, vegetables, cotton, etc. The expert said in the nursery and basins of fruit trees excessive water should not be allowed to stagnate.

Stress on benefits of breastfeeding" Faculty and students of the department of food and nutrition, PAU, celebrated the World Breastfeeding Week in villages, namely Sunet, Barewal, Ayali Khurd and Haibowal. The event involved participation of young girls, pregnant women, lactating mothers, elderly women, aanganwari workers and supervisors of the respective areas. Dr Kiran Grover, coordinator, extension activities, made participants aware about the benefits of breastfeeding. She laid emphasis on the initiation of breastfeeding within an hour of birth, exclusive breastfeeding for six months and starting of complimentary foods after six months, along with breastfeeding and family diet when the child was one-year old. No child should be deprived of colostrum - mother’s first milk, she said adding that the mothers should breastfeed their children for at least two years to prevent frequent attack of diarrhoea and upper respiratory infections, which are the immediate causes of malnutrition. — TNS



Education notes

Teej celebrated
LUDHIANA: Teej was celebrated at Ram Lal Bhasin School here on Monday. Schoolchildren performed bhangra and giddha. Students at Green Land Public School also celebrated the festival singing folk songs and dancing to the tunes of folk numbers. They were served malpuas and kheer. The festival was also celebrated in traditional colours at GNI Public School, BRS Nagar. At Guru Gobind Singh Pubic School, students performed a dance sequence on the song “Khedan de din Chaar”.

Visit: A total of 185 students of Guru Nanak Public School, Model Town extension, visited the Children’s Traffic Training Park here on Monday. They were familiarised with various traffic symbols, road signs and made them aware about the use of subways, footpaths, overbridges and zebra crossings.

Tiny tots of Guru Gobind Public School sashay down the ramp to mark Teej celebrations in Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph

Declamation contest: Hindi declamation contest was held at Saraswati Modern School by Ved Prachar Mandal here on Monday. Students expressed their views on different topics. Trophies were given to position holders.

Rhyme show: Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day was celebrated at pre-KG section of DAV Public School, Pakhowal Road, with a rhyme show here on Monday. Rhymes like “Aaya rakhi ka tyohar” and “Jhanda ooncha rahe hamara” were sung.

Poster-making contest: Students of Green Land Public School will pay tributes to freedom fighters and martyrs for a week. Students from Classes VI to XII made posters on the theme of patriotism, liberty, fraternity and brotherhood.

Students of Atam Devki Niketan School celebrate ‘Megh Malhar’ week in Ludhiana‘Megh Malhar’ week: Students at Atam Devki Niketan celebrated “Megh Malhar” week, dancing on rain songs while wearing raincoats.

Students of Atam Devki Niketan School celebrate ‘Megh Malhar’ week in Ludhiana on Monday.  A Tribune photograph 

Induction programme: The PIFT-Pinnacle Institute of Fashion Technology organised a three-day induction programme for the new batch of students of the academic session 2011-12. The programme concluded here on Monday. The objective of the induction programme organised by staff and management of the institute was to familiarise the new students with the team of academics, operations, management and the college infrastructure facilities. The students had hands-on experience on different games and fun activities organised for them. — TNS



Free education for girls puts schools in tight spot
Our Correspondent

Doraha, August 8
Even as the Punjab government, in order to keep a tab on the school drop-out rate of girls, has decided to provide free education to all girl students studying in Classes IX to XII in all government and state-aided schools, the principals and staff of the government girls schools and some of the co-eds are feeling ill at ease -- the reason being financial crunch.

“As we have been directed not to charge any fee or fund, including the admission fee, re-admission fee, amalgamated fund, PTA fund, sports fund, information and computer technology fund, geography, fine arts, physics, chemistry and biology fee from any girl student, we are in a fix,” said the principal of a local government school, refusing to be named.

“We strongly support the government’s decision to make education free for girls as this would enable the parents, especially of the lower economic strata, to send their daughters to acquire education. As the society is becoming more and more demanding, the education of girls has become all the more significant,” said the principal.

“The girls have to be professionally equipped to face the competitive world boldly. In majority of the cases, especially the rural girls, either due to lack of awareness or due to economic reasons, continue to remain aloof from education. This policy of the government shall surely come to the rescue of many such girls. But before making such a declaration the government should have thought twice,” the principal added.

“Had it not been for the funds and fees collected from the girl students from time to time, many of the girls schools would have closed down. The day-to-day expenditure and expenses of the school are met with the fees collected from the girl students. How will the strength of more than a hundred students in a class study without electricity? How will the computer labs run and how can students do without the supply of clean drinking water? We pay the electricity and water bills out of the PTA fund. When a post is vacated, it takes months and sometimes years to reappoint a teacher. At such times the PTA fund comes to our rescue. A number of teachers have been appointed from the PTA fund. Even gardeners and clerks are appointed from the PTA fund,” said another head of a government girl’s school.

“The fee collected from the girl students is a nominal one and the parents also never complain about it. The school, on the other hand, is able to manage its day-to-day expenses with the help of this fee. But with such a declaration the government has literally bound our hands,” opined a senior faculty member.

“Admissions generally suffer in our schools as the building and infrastructures are in a dilapidated state. Students have to sit in the open and tolerate all sorts of inclement weather. In such a situation, whatever meagre funds we are collecting from the girl students, in the form of fees, if stopped, shall put us surely in a tight spot” expressed a school head.



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