Television may be experimenting with many aspects, but hair is certainly not one of them. Mrs Kaushik’s bahu Rubina Shergill on the long and short of it…
Jasmine Singh

We assume you know that television means loads of pancake, metres of Kanjeevaram, weird bindi styles (remember Kamolika?) and gallons of glycerin. Now, here are some revelations, television also means binding to a contract and least experimentation with hair styles. Confused? Okay here it is.

Television actor Rubina Shergil, one of the bahus from Zee TV’s Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein, who was in Chandigarh for the inauguration of Tressed Up-10, shares some new aspects of telly that are new to us. We take it one by one.

As Tressed Up promises to offer the latest hair styles and cuts straight out from Bollywood, we ask Rubina if she is game for the scissor work? She runs her hand through her long hair, smiles and answers, “My mother has worked really hard on my hair. Thankfully, I have long hair and I wouldn’t want to cut them. Besides, while working for television, I cannot experiment much with hair because certain roles demand a particular style. Anyway, we use varied products on hair, I wouldn’t want to colour or do anything else,” says Rubina. And we thought it was the writer who calls the shots in television industry! Did we know the hair dresser on the sets is an equally important personality?

Moving on with telly tales, Rubina didn’t have to struggle hard to get into television. She visited a friend in Mumbai, met a few people and got work. So far so good! Nevertheless, there is one thing that the TVwallas are too happy about—being under a contract.

Rubina takes a while to open up to this one. “It has its own negative and positive points. Being under a contract means guaranteed work, but it also says that we cannot work anywhere else till a particular contract with a show is complete,” says this Chandigarh-bred girl who almost jumps from her seat on the mention of Punjabi movies. “I would love to act in Punjabi cinema. Given a chance this is the first thing I would want to do. Why not? It is really a happening industry these days.”

Punjabi film industry is a stepping stone for many television actors. Currently it is TV for Rubina, but she dreams of more. “I would eventually do movies. TV is pretty good and it is also moving towards an experimental phase. For an actor though big screen is the final destination,” she curls up in her seat.

Biographies often catch the fancy of book lovers. So, what makes a biographer a good biographer or rather how difficult it is for a writer to keep his or her objectivity while writing a biography?
Parbina Rashid

“There are thousands of books on Mahatma Gandhi and there would be thousands more on him because he was a person about whom Albert Einstein had said ‘that generations to come would scarcely believe that such a person existed on this earth’,” says a critic on Pulitzer-winner Joseph Lelyveld’s book Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India.

Small wonder that the book, which is biographical only in a limited sense, generated enough excitement to prompt the Gujarat Assembly to demand a ban on it on the ground that the author used the word ‘homosexual’ to describe Gandhi’s relationship with German “lifetime bachelor” and bodybuilder Hermann Kallenbach, which in fact, was not factually correct. But then, that’s another story.

The excitement about Great Soul has hardly died down, when Bihar-born, London-bred Frank Huzur’s biography Imran Vs Imran —The Untold Story hit the bookstores the world over. Though it is yet to reach the booksellers in the city, it has already created ripples with Huzur claiming to have captured the hidden side of the Pakistani cricketer-turned politician. And to add further to the controversy, Imran Khan has claimed in recent interviews that Imran Vs Imran was not his official biography.

So what’s about biographies that catch the fancy of book lovers? The answer is simple—everybody wants to know about great people and the elements that go into making them great. Here comes the tough one—what makes a biographer a good biographer or rather how difficult it is for a writer to keep his objectivity while writing a biography. For, one’s judgment can easily get clouded when one is dealing with another human being—whether one worships his subject or loathes him!

Chandigarh-based author Khushwant Singh tries to give us a perspective from his experience of writing two biographies—Sikhs Unlimited and Turbaned Tornado, his recent biography of Fauja Singh. “It was easy for me to remain objective as a biographer because in my first book I picked up 14 different people, so there was no question of getting attached or detached with anybody. The second book was about celebrating the human spirit, so again it was easy for me to tread on a neutral ground.”

“One cannot afford to ignore one’s negative points but then that does not mean you pull down the person completely in the public eye. With my journalistic background, I could maintain the neutrality while capturing their essence,” he adds.

City-based author Nirupama Dutt, whose biography of Dalit leader Bant Singh, The Ballad of Bant Singh, will be out soon, however, differs, “Objectivity that is required for journalism is not required while writing a biography. In case of a great person the chronology of events are already available in the public domain. As a biographer, you have to find the reasons behind those events, both psychological and sociological. And biographies should not be written when the person is alive as it may get tainted in such a case,” she says.

Then, again, is it not that the sensational bits contribute towards the commercial success of a book? Apparently it is, if Ajay Arora of Capital Book Depot is to be taken seriously, “Great Soul did a good job when the talk about banning the book was afloat. But now that people know it is easily available, the demand has dipped.”

“That’s not true. If your subject is interesting enough, you do not need sensational elements to sell your book,” says Aradhika Sharma who has co-authored Sunita Williams: Astronaut Extraordinaire along with Capt. S Seshadri. “As the achievements of Sunita Williams are so great, we refrained ourselves from getting carried away and made a conscious effort to present her in the true light,” she adds.

Kudos to the biographers, who value professionalism over emotion, and have done a decent job of capturing the humane spirit of their heroes and heroines! But then, for every Aradhika Sharma, there is a Nandita Puri (Unlikely Hero: Om Puri). And as long as there are Sankarshan Thakurs (The Making of Laloo Yadav and the Unmaking of Bihar) and Patrick Frenchs (The World is What it is) biographies will continue to generate controversy. After all, these days there are no Samuel Johnsons to write about and no James Boswells to write the great biographies!

‘If you do it, do it from the heart’

Architect SD Sharma is a known name in the Chandigarh circle. Sharma has been part of many landmark projects in the city—Rose Garden with its special bridge, oblisces, water fountains, commemorating cubes; Emergency block, Advanced Paediatric Centre at PGI; the Government Museum and Art Gallery; Pracheen Kala Kendra — and other prestigious ones spread across the nation.

Active at 80, Sharma has been part of the team of architects when Chandigarh was being created out of a desolate land. He recalls the beginning, “I wasn’t sure if it was architecture I wanted to pursue as a profession. I knew big names like Le Corbusier with a team would be coming to Chandigarh and saw it as a great learning opportunity.” The work interested him. He was with the team from 1963 to 1973. “That was the time when architecture, as a profession, got a fillip in India,” says Sharma.

His next stint was as the chief architect in the Department of Space, Government of India. With a territory spread over from Srinagar to Andaman Nicobar, Sharma recalls this time as significant as it gave him the freedom to put all his creativity and potential to use. Sharma started his private practice in 1980 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Premier projects, honours, accolades have poured in. Apart from designing houses, hotels, institutes and city centres, Sharma has been writing as well. He shares his mantras of success…

Basic character: What you become in life has a lot to do with values that one has inculcated during the growing- up years. Let not the trials and tribulations of life deviate you from the right path.

Total involvement: It’s the total involvement that matters. What you are trying to achieve should come from the heart and not forced from outside forces.

Keep learning: If you are looking for success, it has to be a lifetime of learning. Be a student throughout. ‘Lot yet to do’ should be the approach.

Evolve with time: It’s not only the material success that counts. But also mental and spiritual. Being in harmony with one’s physical, mental and spiritual success is a true indicator of achievement.

Pass it on: It’s one’s duty to pass on the knowledge and skills acquired with time to the coming generation. Just like one learns from the experiences of the last generation, it’s also one’s responsibility to be part of youth’s learning process!

The source of Fashion
Jasmine Singh

Popular fashion and style, one follows the other. What takes precedence depends on the individual. At fashion weeks you see both moves in togetherness to create what we call an impression. Falling in line with this 120 INIFD student designers across pan India are all set to showcase their designer garments at 'The Source' at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2011 along other famous designers.

Creativity could be challenging and quite an experience too. Designs, patterns, colours the students of INIFD are all set to let fashionistas take a good look at their creativity. The designer garments which are to be displayed by INIFD at 'The Source' at Lakme Fashion Week were showcased by the INIFD student designers on Monday at the institute in Chandigarh.

Aditya Khandelwal, INIFD student, who will showcase his designs at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011 feels it is his chance to exhibit his talent. at Talent Box at 'The Source'. "This is very important and prestigious for upcoming designers. Mini showing area is a concept that is popular internationally. At Lakme Fashion Week, I am getting a similar activity. Imagine the kind of exposure and recognition I would get," he adds.

INIFD is the Official Knowledge Partner with India's premier fashion and lifestyle event - Lakme Fashion Week. As per Rajnish another fashion designing student looks forward to exposure both national and international level. "Watching and trying to understand the garment through a fashion show is a different thing, but experiencing it is an altogether different feel." INIFD students will roll out some of the best creations by its students at 'The Source' at Lakme Fashion Week from August 17 to 21 at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai where the buyers, top international and national media, film stars and celebrities can recognise and appreciate the designing caliber of budding INIFD designers.

The garments presented at LFW are contributions from INIFD centres pan India and will depict the grandeur and aesthetics of India. The designer garments are the creativity of the students of INIFD - Chandigarh, Nagpur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, New Delhi, Pune, Lucknow, Jammu, Surat, Mumbai, Gurgaon and many more. “We want to reinvent traditional forms and cater to modern women," says Ritu Kochhar, director, INIFD Corporate.

Woman of many talents
Poonam Bindra

TUNING PASSION: Jasmit Kaur Kukreja — Photo: Himanshu Mahajan
TUNING PASSION: Jasmit Kaur Kukreja — Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

The quest for a soul satisfying vocation may take a lifetime. Those who can realise it in time to direct their energy towards it are lucky. Jasmit Kaur Kukreja is one such example. A petite person with a winsome attitude, Jasmit Kaur Kukreja, a prolific writer and lyricist, has also earned the name of 'the lady with the golden voice'.

Her soul-stirring folk and classical melodies have won hearts all over. While delving into the realm of music Jasmit realised that it is the rendering of Sufi kalaam and devotional songs, which answer the need of her soul. Going a step further Jasmit has got a release of a CD of shabads to her credit titled "Har Jiyo Kirpa Kero", which has been a tremendous hit with people fond of devotional numbers.

Being a sensitive artist, Jasmit has penned her thoughts in verses and many of the numbers sung by her are her own compilations.

With certain societal issues weighing on her mind, she has written many short stories which have brought her rave reviews and have been published in a few newspapers.

Her short stories are readable and deal with women and the difficulties faced by them in today's world. A compilation of 14 stories found its way to the reader through 'Chetna Parkashan" Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana. Titled "Ek Chithi apnayan de na" deals with offbeat issues like surrogate motherhood, mental problems due to circumstances, illusions and realities of a marital home and of course the burning topic of female foeticide.

Simple to read and yet thought provoking in content this book in Punjabi becomes a tableau of a typical Punjabi woman's life. When asked about her favourite story she tells us.

"I like all but 'Aparjita" Is close to my heart It is the story of how a music teacher interacts with a grief stricken girl in a mental hospital. My aim is to convert negativity to positivity."

Jasmit has allied herself with many welfare organisations like Little Happiness Foundation, Viklang Kendra, Ek Prayas, and is always exhorting friend to send their cast off objects of any kind which is sorted out and distributed further.

She also has the earnest desire to use the means of today's communication like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the young girls and women to help to empower them selves to face today's fast moving world. She was among the six ladies in the country to be honoured by Byculla Giant Award in Mumbai for holistic achievement recently.

The rendering of Sufi Kalam and penning down thoughts has a therauptic effect on her and listeners and readers.


With sawan in full swing, it's time to think traditional. No wonder, the Karigari exhibition organised by Akhil Bhartiya Dastkar Samiti, at Nehru Sidhant Kendra in Ludhiana comes at just the right time.

Traditional artifacts, wooden furniture, costume jewellery, cotton and silk dress material - the stalls at the exhibition offer a nice insight into the cultures of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

The exhibition is a delight for women shoppers. They can shop for Chanderi silk sarees and dress material and also bandhni suits with traditional motifs.

Cotton suits and sarees with kalamkari designs in zari thread are much in demand, says Abrar Ahmed from Madhya Pradesh, as he shows us some of the popular designs.

There's more for women - wooden and resham bangles, kundan, polki and jarkan jewellery. Mamta Kaura, one of the visitors, says the costume jewellery available at the exhibition is easy on the pocket and it's beautifully designed.

There's an array of gift items like beaded keyrings in jhumar style, purses, jewellery boxes. Velvet potlis have made a comeback, says Pritam, who's manning the Gujarati stall. These potlis can be flaunted during the festive season, he adds.

Other attractive items at the exhibition include cushion covers with patchwork, embroidered wall hangings, bangle stands, wooden massagers, intricately-designed sofas from Saharanpur and terracotta items from Rajasthan.

In case you want to decorate your house the traditional way, you have a variety of latkans, tohrans, jhoomars to choose from. (On till August 14) — TNS

River of love

The person diligently painting on the canvas in yellow, orange and green at Open Sculpture Park, Kalagram, is a known name from Kashmir. A graphic designer, visualiser, photographer and painter, Noushad H Gayoor is painting a series of paintings of the mesmerising Dal Lake in Srinagar.

Most of his paintings have a glowing atmosphere that arouses one's curiosity, inviting for a closer and deeper introspection. "The blurred forms and intense colours that I project are an attempt to represent the meaning through my work," says Naushad, giving a break to his brush.

Born in Dalgate, Srinagar, Naushad's works are also an attempt to save this very own pristine lake to its original glory. "I remember the times when we would jump into the lake right after coming back from school. It hurts to see everyone trying to use it for personal gain now," he shares.

Recipient of umpteenth awards and scholarships, Naushad is in Chandigarh on the invite of North Zone Cultural Centre (NZCC) for a 15-day workshop.

He inherits his art from his father Gayoor Hassan, a leading sculptor. He paints realistic landscapes of the motherland. "My paintings are a rebellion against the concrete civilisation that's ruining natural beauty," says Naushad.

His paintings at Kalagram portray autumn season in Srinagar. "Autumn is the season that was very close to late prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi. It's indeed beautiful when Chinar trees glow in varied hues," he says.

A proud Kashmiri, he is happy with the art scene in his home state. He admits there are problems but says artistes like him are doing the needful. "Artists are doing prolific work but sadly there are not enough art galleries," he shares.

On his own he's happy displaying works wherever he finds place…be it a corner in some college or a coffee shop. "Art should reach out to people and bring happiness in their lives." Probably that's why one can see more of yellows and oranges on his canvas…

Keep a tab on your biological clock

For the first time, scientists have developed a simple hormone test that could measure how fast a woman's biological clock is ticking, a move they say could revolutionise family planning by predicting when a woman is likely to start the menopause.

The test devised by a team from St Andrews University in Scotland allowed the researchers to successfully chart levels of a vital fertility hormone in women of different ages.

It could also show how long a woman can delay motherhood and save couples expensive from opting in vitro fertilisation treatments by predicting their chances of successful conception, the researchers said.

Tom Kelsey, who helped the research, said it was already known that high levels of the fertility hormone were good for conception "but we could not back that up statistically".

"This study now provides us with the level you would expect to find in a normal, healthy woman," he was quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph.

In the study, the scientists compared the levels of anti-Mullerian hormones (AMH) -- reflects ovarian activity and give an estimate of remaining egg supply -- in 3,200 healthy women to show accurately how the range changed with age.

Doctors claim they will be able to use the results as a benchmark against which to measure others, indicating when they are likely to go through the menopause and how long they will remain fertile.

According to researchers, women are born with a finite supply of eggs -- on average between one and two million -- which are shed as part of the monthly cycle until menopause.

A woman's ability to conceive declines substantially after her mid-30s, although the speed varies. Richard Anderson, professor of reproductive medicine at Edinburgh University, said: “Predicting how long you might remain fertile can be very important. AMH helps.” — PTI

Par Excellence
Short Game - Finding the bottom of the arc
Jesse Grewal

Good impact comes from the ability of catching the ball at the bottom of the arc in pitching and slightly on the downswing or before the bottom of the arc in chipping. To establish the correct ball position of both these shots we have to understand the scientific reasons for the bottom of the arc of the swing.

Physically there are two forces on the club - centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the body, which throws the club head outwards and gravity which pulls the club to the ground. The job of the arms in the swing is to lift the club upwards in the backswing and allow the club to drop to the ground on the downswing. All good players state that they have soft arms in the swing especially in the short game. This is to allow gravity to drop the club to the ground. The bottom of the arc of the swing is the combination of the downward action of the arms and the turning action of the body. On the backswing we turn our shoulders back, which shifts the weight a little to the right side. The arms lift the clubs and the wrists too make an upward action (wrist cock).

If we drop the club freely from this position it will hit the ground near the right foot (for right-handed players). The bottom of the arc is always under the centre of gravity. If we turn the hips towards the target the weight shifts to the left and the bottom of the arc comes more in the centre. The faster the hips turn the more the bottom of the arc shifts towards the left foot. Try this exercise without a ball.

Make a swing without hip turn and notice where the divot forms. On the next swing turn the hips as you start the downswing and you will notice the divot forming more on the left side.

Duffed shots happen when we hit down with the arms and do not turn our hips or shift our weight to the left. The lack of turn will make the club hit the ground before the ball as the centre of gravity remains on the right side.

Topped shots happen when we do not let the club drop down to the ground with the arms. Instead we try to scoop the ball or lift it up in the air with the upward action of the arms in the follow through.

If you happen to face any of these problems try hitting some pitch shots with your eyes closed. Loosen your arms and only focus on turning the body back and forward. As you relax your arms you will find that the club bottoms out at the right place automatically as both forces - gravity and centrifugal force bring the club to the correct point repeatedly. The same principles apply to the long game too.

(Grewal has coached several national champions and professionals apart from being coach of the Indian golf team for the Eisenhower Cup (World Cup) in 2008. He is currently Director, National Golf Academy of India and CGA Hero Honda Golf Academy. If you have any queries get in touch with him at

Stand up for yourself
Parvesh Rana

I work as a technical advisor for a MNC. Everything is good except for a nagging colleague who has made my life hell in the office. He is always spreading rumours about me and my boss also takes him seriously. What do I do?

Vikrant Parashar, Panchkula

The best thing is top ignore such people. If you think he is crossing his limit bring him to task by complaining him to higher authorities. Don't get into any cat fight with them. Tell him what you don't like about his behaviour and be curt.

Feel special

I am a 24-year-old girl, working as a private tutor. I suffer from low self esteem. Though I am good looking, I can’t interact with people. Do you think I need to take classes?

Anu, Mohali

You can but try to understand that unless you respect yourself, no one will. Be confident and face the world upfront. You are special in your own way.

Santosh Rawat

Also known as burnt cream, vanilla custard topped with caramelised sugar (hard caramel) comes from the West. It's ideal to be served after a gourmet continental meal.

Crème Brulee

  • Cream cooking - 1000 ml
  • Castor sugar - 100 gram
  • Egg - 240 gram
  • Sugar castor - 100 gram
  • Vanilla bean - 1 each


Combine yolk, sugar and vanilla bean together and leave it aside.

Boil the cream, fold in 1/3 of the cream to egg mix and mix well.

Fold back the egg and cream to the remaining cream and mix well.

Pour into a mould and bake at 150* F on double bath for 45 minutes.

Remove from the oven and place in fridge for a couple hours.

To serve top with thin layer of sugar and brown with a cooking torch to create a hard glass like top on the custard.

(Chef Santosh Rawat is pastry chef with hotel JW Marriot, Chandigarh)

The chosen ones…

Taylor Swift Country sensation Taylor Swift and actress/singer Selena Gomez caught major waves at the Teen Choice awards on Sunday, with Swift scooping up six surfboard trophies, including one for Ultimate Teen Choice.

Selena GomezSwift, who soared to popularity in 2006 at age 16 with her self-titled debut album, was named the favourite female artiste, country singer and red carpet fashion icon. She also scored with best country single for her song Mean and choice breakup song Back to December.

Accepting her Ultimate Teen Choice surfboard onstage, Swift, 21, thanked her fans and joked that "it's been a long time since I was a teenager, like two years."

Justin BieberThe Teen Choice Awards are an annual stop on Hollywood's award circuit and give actors, musicians and other artistes who are popular with kids the chance to thank their fans.

Gomez, who performed her hit single I Love You Like a Love Song with her band The Scene, won choice TV actress in a drama for her role in Wizards of Waverly Place. She was also named choice "hottie," and The Scene scored the award for top band and for single of the year with their song Who Says.

The 19-year-old Gomez also saw her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, scoop up surfboards for being the top "hottie" as well as the choice "twit." Bieber, 17, was named top male artiste and earned an acting award for his recent work on television. — Reuters

Kick and tell

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt A new book has claimed that Jennifer Aniston had kicked her then husband Brad Pitt out of their home after coming to know about his affair with Angelina Jolie while the movie Mr And Mrs Smith was still in the making.

The film's co-producer Arnon Milchan revealed in the book Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan, that Pitt kept the matter hush-hush and stayed with him at his Malibu mansion.

"At first, Jen didn't believe he was involved with Angelina," says the book. "She started asking around but no one would tell her anything because they were loyal to Brad, so she asked him point blank. He denied it, then eventually admitted he was in love with Angelina. "Jen was furious and threw him out," he stated. — ANI

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

New home, new dreams

Layer Cake actress Sienna Miller has bought a 2.9 million pounds house and she has asked her new boyfriend to move in with her. Miller, 29, is keen to take her four-month relationship with up-and-coming actor Tom Sturridge, 25, to the next level.

"This is her dream home and she really can't wait to move in," said a friend of Miller's.

"People may think that four months isn't a very long time for a couple to be together, but Sienna wears her heart on her sleeve," the friend added.

She is hoping to get the paperwork on the five-bedroom townhouse in North London signed off in the next few weeks.

The pair was first linked in April, which is two months after her split from Alfie co-star Jude Law. — ANI

Kalam likes I AM KALAM

Our former president Abdul Kalam has every reason to smile. I Am Kalam, a movie based on his life, has become an iconic film. "While watching the film, some thoughts went in my mind...The movie made me realise that every person can make a change to society."

Amitabh Bachchan too was impressed with this little bundle of talent-Harsh Mayar. " Harsh a confident alert and most vocal little fellow has won the National Award this year as the best child artiste," he blogged.

Jennifer is now size zero

SLIM LOOK: Jennifer Hudson
SLIM LOOK: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson's determination to loose weight seems to be still on as the actress reportedly fits into a size zero now. The 29-year-old singer-actress shed 80lbs and went down a massive five dress sizes in recent years but has managed to shrink down even more.

Talk show presenter Joy Behar who accidentally met Hudson on a shopping trip, said she overheard a salesperson tell the Dreamgirls star that she was a size zero.

Behar later asked Hudson how it felt to be the much coveted but controversially small size. "I feel like they're talking to someone else," she replied.

The Oscar winning actress became a spokesman for 'Weight Watchers' in April 2010, eight months after giving birth to her son David Jr.

She initially dropped from size 16 to a size four through diet and regular workout sessions with personal trainer Harley Pasternak.

"Instead of saying I lost this or that, I feel like I gained 10 years of my youth back. I look 10 years younger.

People say to me, 'You have Jennifer Hudson's face. Are you her little sister?," Hudson had said earlier. However, keeping the weight off is still a battle for her.

"Being skinny, it's a job. It's not easy. I feel this responsibility to the world now - people are watching, so I have to keep going in the right direction in terms of my weight loss," she said. — PTI

Liz teases Shane

Model-actress Elizabeth Hurley has taken to Twitter to poke fun at rumours that she is the one behind her cricketer beau Shane Warne's dramatic make-over. The 46-year-old beauty took to her Twitter account to post a series of tweets in a sarcastic tone.

"I've decided to take full responsibility for Shane Warne's remarkable weight loss and will be publishing my secret, possibly evil, regime shortly. Please buy multiple copies to benefit my retirement fund (laughs)," she tweeted.

With her tweets, the Austin Powers star was clearly in the mood to tease Warne.

"I am about to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - you may watch me as you slowly spoon up your thin and tasteless gruel. Then I'll sit on your back and make you do 200 one-armed press-ups. And perhaps pin you down and re-tattoo your eyeliner," she posted. — PTI


TESTING TIMES: Thom Evans and Kelly Brook
TESTING TIMES: Thom Evans and Kelly Brook

Model-turned-actress Kelly Brook says that her tragic miscarriage has brought her even closer to boyfriend Thom Evans who stood by her throughout. The 31-year-old former Playboy model, who lost her baby girl she when she was five months pregnant, described it as the hardest, most terrible time in her life.

Brook says she spent most of the past few months in her Kent home dealing with overwhelming moments of sadness, guilt and loss.

"The whole thing has been a huge journey. There are so many complex stages of bereavement that I'm still going through. You feel emptiness, sadness, guilt, loss. I take it one day at a time. One moment you don't even think about it, the next you're crying hysterically.

"There are moments of total sadness and devastation, and moments of relief too. But you also have to remember that it's life. Stuff like that happens," Brook said..

Brook says that such a tragedy might strain many relationships but she feels they are stronger than ever and would love to have kids soon. — PTI

Catherine quits smoking

After witnessing her husband, Michael Douglas, battle with throat cancer, Oscar winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has decided to quit smoking. The 41-year-old star's husband was diagnosed with the disease and he had blamed his ill health on years of drinking and smoking.

But after he was given the all-clear from the disease in January, Zeta-Jones embraced a new healthy lifestyle by quitting her bad.

Zeta-Jones was recently pictured puffing on an electronic cigarette during a family vacation in Europe and has reportedly been using the tobacco-free system for three months. — PTI

Celebrating life

Talent unlimited: Jayashree Soni Jayashree Soni is a known face on the small screen. This Jaipur-born actor is pretty and unassuming. For the lead character of Niyati, she lives on the sets of Creative Eye Ltd's family show Rishton Ke Bhanwar Mein Uljhi… Niyati, produced by Dheeraj Kumar and directed by Vijay Saini.

The show has already completed 100 episodes and has added one more family show to Jayashree's cap. Quite like the character she plays, she believes in celebrating each moment of life. This talented actor who knows her limitations talks about herself and the show which airs on Sahara One Television.

Why did you decide to take up this role?

I had met producer Dheeraj Kumar and I liked the emotional story of the girl. The producer thought I best suited the role of Niyati.

Describe your role in Niyati…?

I play Niyati who believes in family values and tries to keep everyone happy. She becomes a woman of substance in the course of life's roller coaster ride, with élan.

Tell us about your background?

I am from Jaipur. I started my career with the show Sunayna. I have done shows like Ek Safar Aisa…, Kabhie Socha Na Tha, Agnipareeksha-Jeeevan Ki Ganga.

Your experience of working with the Niyati team?

There is lot of positive energy on the sets. There is a great level of comfort even though you are working with a team of senior artistes. My co-star Alankar Kapoor, director Vijay Saini and the assigned producer Zuby Kochhar all are very supportive.

How close is Jayshree Soni to her character in the show?

I identify with many qualities of my character. Like her, I am very simple and God fearing.

Any message you want to give to your audience?

Sahara One's show Rishton Ki Bhanwar Mein Uljhi..Niyati" has this message that a daughter can also take the responsibility of a son. We should set an example for society. It is convincing and real and unlike other shows on air, viewers have realised that this story is very much similar to their lives and what is shown is a reality. My only message to the viewers is to keep watching this show. — Dharampal

Celina Jaitly Celina sizzles in Kollywood!

Sexy siren Celina Jaitly has been rocking in the South. The B town actress who's first Kannada movie Srimathi released last month has become the talk of the town.

Srimathi happens to be the remake of 2004 Bollywood hit film Aitraaz, starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Celina plays the role of Priyanka.

The actress who plays an all-out villainous character in the remake is been loved by the audiences there. Apparently every time she appears on screen, there's uproar in the auditorium and the audiences start whistling and clapping after her dialogues.

Fit ‘N’ fine: Victoria Beckham Victoria set to come back

Singer/fashion designer Victoria Beckham is all set to show off her post-baby body just two months after the birth of her daughter Harper Seven.

The 37-year-old star will unveil her new collection at New York Fashion Week on September 11.

"Victoria has locked herself away at her Malibu holiday home where she has imposed a strict food regime," a source said.

"She has instructed her chef to do a no-carb, no-sugar diet of just green vegetables and low-fat proteins," the source added. — ANI

Fit ‘N’ fine: Victoria Beckham

chatter box

Papa’s girl: Jeetendra & Ekta KapoorLucky one more time

Ekta Kapoor loves her luck charms and when she realised that her latest show Bade Acche Lagte Hain is a hit, she realised that her dad had promoted it. So she preferred to repeat it or perhaps as a sweet gesture she got dad Jeetendra to help her out again.

She got the title of his hit film Parichay directed by Gulzar for her new show on Colors. And she also repeated the multiple promo strategy and got the viewers hooked on to the show. Parichay starring Samir Soni is about a loser Kunal Chopra who is trying to get over his failures with the story being narrated in flashback- present format. Looks like she has another winner on her hands.

papa’s girl: Jeetendra & Ekta Kapoor

Star cast: Samir SoniA different story

Imagine's new show Dharampatni was popularised by the claim that it is loosely based on the love story of Gandhiji and his wife Kasturba.

But actor Harshad Chopra who is the lead Mohan Galla in the show says the serial has nothing to do with the life of Gandhi.

Actually, the lead character comes to India from abroad and gradually realises the important issues in our country.

He then follows his ideologies to bring about a change. Asiya Kazi plays the Indian wife rooted to her culture. Dharampatni airs on August 16.

Role call: Avdesh SinghSome loss, some gain

After playing the impressive and muscled Avdesh Singh in Gunaahon Ka Devta, Ashish Sharma is working hard on losing weight for the role of Chandragupta Maurya.

He had bulked up for Gunaahon Ka Devta and now is going lean for another role. He is sticking to grilled chicken and steamed fish.

Ashish has also been working out to get into shape. This 24-year-old talented actor aspires to direct as well and has signed up two films but he can't talk about them.

role call: Avdesh Singh

Sonali's slim chances

Sonali Bendre's svelte figure has always been a topic of discussion but recently she was spotted looking thinner than ever on the show. When we asked her if she is looking at losing more weight, she said, "I think I am fit but if I look back I have still not reached the weight I had before my pregnancy. Not that I want to lose more weight or be that thin but I would also say I am not slim enough. I have got a good metabolism, so I am made this way." Lucky girl.

Happy times: Meghna MalikKnot an issue

Ammaji (Meghna Malik) in Colors' Na Aana Iss Des Laado seem to be melting towards her grand daughter Dia (Simran Kaur) who comes to beg for forgiveness with her husband Shaurya (Varun Kapoor).

Though Bhanupratap (Aman Verma) accompanies them putting a damper on their visit, Ammaji who resented the marriage, accepts and forgives the duo.

With her own sons plotting against her behind her back, it seems Ammaji is getting her allies into position.

happy times: Meghna Malik

In shock: Tina DuttaTwist in the tale

Ichcha (Tina Dutta) is appalled to know the reality of Avinash in Colors' Uttaran who turns out to be Dadu's (Sudhir Pandey) son.

She will wonder if she should tell Dadu the reality or not.

Ultimately she will tell him and he will shock her by saying he knew the truth.

Later he will ask her help to solve Avinash's problems. But the mystery is, will Ichcha help?

in shock: Tina Dutta


For Big B's eyes only

For Big B's eyes only The Bachchan family is always given the royal treatment by Farhan Akhtar whenever the film is set to release. This time round, it is Don 2. The family was given a special screening of the film. But no one can deny that Amitabh Bachchan is the real Don.

P Khurrana

ARIES: A sudden encounter with an extraordinary character will leave a mark on your life. Work follows a familiar pattern. Family members will be quick tempered. Take care of your stomach. Tarot message: You gain by being practical; don't be emotional. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 25

TAURUS: Your lover may be insistent on your attention whether you are in a mood or not. Do your best to comply and satisfy them. Employment affairs may be somewhat unsettled. Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests. Lucky colour: Sky Blue. Magic number: 28

GEMINI: The cash should be flowing into your account today. Long-term projects and contracts can be paying off handsomely. Mental work will be stimulating. Be a little cautious about whom you get involved with. Tarot message: Focus on professional changes. Lucky colour: Deep Red. Magic number: 32

CANCER: The run of good business continues. Relationships move to closer intimacy, deepening love and fulfilling sexuality. Do not make the mistake of working late. Women: Keep a tight grip on purse strings. Tarot message: You have to push to succeed and your efforts will pay off. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 40

LEO: Turn on the charm and the world's your oyster. Be sure to take full advantage of the good opportunities. Singles are in luck, and those with partners are back in saddle. Enjoy an early dinner. Tarot message: By applying your mind, you can build great success. Lucky colour: Peacock green. Magic number: 51

VIRGO: A day is built for workaholics, which is great if you love your job and want to establish a powerful momentum of productivity. Do what you can to improve your mind. Friends and finance will not mix. Tarot message: Focus on the better to mitigate the bitter. Lucky colour: Forest Green. Magic number: 65

LIBRA: Make efforts to apply for a job you really want. Do not neglect the daily grind by focusing your attention on your partner. Club and social activities are not favoured. Warmth and joy can flow to you in romance. Tarot message: Put your terms and conditions in writing. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 61

SCORPIO: Get real about your daily routine and make it a happy one. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to concentrate on leisure activities. Imagination is important for artists and script writers. Tarot message: You find within yourself a fountainhead of a will power. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 47

SAGITTARIUS: Your card is "the Magician" so you are not likely to be taken unaware by surprise happenings. A better period for working in familiar surroundings. Consider alternative therapies for health. Tarot message: At work don't hold back anything from your employer. Lucky colour: Metallic grey. Magic number: 42

CAPRICORN: Spend this perfect day with your sweet-heart. Drop whatever you had scheduled and dedicate yourself to the one you love most. Exciting new contracts emerge from chance encounters. It is a social day. Tarot message: You must share responsibility with others before continuing. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 35

AQUARIUS: If you have recently taken on a new job make sure to negotiate. A greater work load is likely to be placed on your shoulders. Accept any sentences invitation to party and hang out with friends. Tarot message: Don't take impulsive decisions in personal relationship. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 40

PISCES: Today is a test of know how and competence in your profession. Your performance is on public view and those in change will be carefully watching your every move. Evening is comfortable in the company of family members. Tarot message: You gain by being practical. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 32

the year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is August 9...

Number nine is the teacher, a tolerant, somewhat impractical, and sympathetic vibration. Ruled by Mars, you may be jack of all trades, humanitarian, sympathetic, helpful, emotional, tolerant, active, determined. If expressed negatively: financially careless, moody, bullying, overly emotional, sullen, restless. Business: You have a powerful effect on people. Use your influence to make the world a better place. Try garment or hotel business. The moment has come for shrewd investments. Career:. It is time to lay the foundations for the future you have always dreamed of. Employees could have some issues with a superior and feel like a change. Education: Does it ever seem like you are going around in circles? Why do you complain that life is unfair when you hand over your destiny to others that want to control you? Will you ever learn your lessons and move on? Do you keep making promises that you know you cannot keep? Do you ever wonder why you always end up back at the starting line? Family: If someone is unmarried the matrimonial alliance is likely to mature before May 15, 2012.Spending escalates but it appears to be necessity. Finance: In career, you'll however gain some reputation. For some Leos, there will be a big change in career and financially you will be sound. As soon as you finish your study, you end up with totally a new life, which means career, responsibility and struggle. Friendship: Aries, Scorpio, Pisces pals 'in need' may come running for insight. You can do good networking this week with, Leo and Aries industry insiders. Advice may be as 'good as gold. Health: By gathering all of your fans together, you can beautify a neglected area of your neighbourhood. Love: You may feel lethargic in romance like a lion. Cheer up.

Hansika MotwaniOffer some nice return gift to your darling on Birthday today. Travel: The start of the month isn't quite your speed. Take this as a sign of God that you need to sit back and enjoy the sights on TV only. Mood: Focus on the practical. Compatible signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Libra. Lucky colours: Spring Green, Purple. Lucky days: Sunday. Lucky numbers: 5, 9, 15, 16, 59.

Hansika Motwani ( August 9, 1991,Mumbai) who shares her arrival day in this world appeared in many TV serials, like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee, Hum 2 Hai Na, Desh Me Nikla Hoga Chand, Shakalaka Boom Boom, Celebrity Fame Gurukool, and Tum Bin as a child artiste. She also appeared as such in several TV commercials (e.g. Pepsi, Samsung, Hyundai Santro TV, and Bournvita).

Her future in films as per stars does not seem to be very promising.

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